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"Initially, Sword and Fairy had a good story and characterization. However, the way the story was delivered was confusing instead of interesting."

Sword and Fairy Drama Review

  • Title: Sword and Fairy
  • Also Known As: 祈今朝, Pray for the Present, The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6, Sword and Fairy 6, Chinese Paladin 6, Chinese Paladin Season 6
  • Director: Liu Guo Nan
  • Cast: Xu Kai, Yu Shu Xin
  • Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Date of Release: January 18, 2024 – February 5, 2024
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Viki, WeTV, Tencent Video

Hola readers! We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year 2024. May this Dragon Year bring prosperity and good fortune for all of us! This time, I will tell you my review of Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin’s newest drama, Sword and Fairy. This is their first collaboration. I have high hopes for this drama compared to Sword and Fairy 4. Are you curious to know what I think about Sword and Fairy? Well, here’s my review of the drama without any further ado. Happy reading!

Sword and Fairy Synopsis

Three years ago, Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao woke up in Wuyan Village with no memory of their identity or past. However, both displayed exceptional abilities: Yue Qi was adept at using inner power, while Yue Jin Zhao excelled in martial arts. This showed that they were not ordinary people.

From the moment they opened their eyes, Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao shared a strong connection and could resonate with each other, making them inseparable. However, Yue Qi always caught glimpses of a man whom she addressed as ‘master’ in her dream.

Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao ventured out together to find their past and memories. Along their journey, they met many people, including Luo Zhao Yan, the head of the Luo family, the demon wolf Xian Qing, the cold and indifferent Ming Xiu, as well as the gadget master Ju Shi Fang. These people eventually became their friends and companions throughout the journey.

The couple and their friends are involved in several mysterious events. While Yue Qi, Yue Jin Zhao, and Luo Zhao Yan were investigating the mysterious Qiyuan sect, they learned about the Qiyuan orbs, which contained human lives and their dark desires.

When the Qiyuan orbs made contact with Yue Qi, she saw a glimpse of her past. However, the connection between Yue Qi and the orbs led the Qiyuan sect members to believe that Yue Qi was their leader, Lord Ming. It was said that Lord Ming would bring chaos and destruction to the world.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao

Yue Jin Zhao tried hard to save Yue Qi from being misunderstood, because if people started to think that Yue Qi was Lord Ming, then her life would be in danger. It seemed that there was a deeper connection between Yue Qi and the Qiyuan Sect.

Yue Jin Zhao realized that his feelings for Yue Qi were no longer sibling-like. He was unsure when his feelings had shifted from familial love to romantic love, creating a dilemma for him. However, he vowed to always protect her.

The situation became complicated when they discovered a clue about Yue Qi’s identity and the powerful parent and clan behind her. Yue Jin Zhao was happy for her but upset that he was the only one who left without a memory.

Throughout their journey, Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao learned about love, friendship, and loyalty. Their once-empty lives started to flourish, and they began to experience what it’s like to be surrounded by those who care for them. Will Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao discover their true origin and purpose in life? Will they remain true to themselves and their feelings even though the truth is far from their expectations?

Sword and Fairy Drama Review

Hola readers! Have you seen the drama Sword and Fairy, also known as Chinese Paladin Season 6? Or are you here to find some information about it? Please read this review with a grain of salt, because my opinion is based on personal preference and may differ from yours. I’ll do my best to present the information properly and as honestly as possible.

The Sword and Fairy title was confusing. This January, two dramas with the same title were released on different streaming platforms. WeTV and Tencent Videos released Sword and Fairy, which starred Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin. Meanwhile, iQiyi released Sword and Fairy 4, which starred Chen Zhe Yuan, Ju Jing Yi, Mao Zi Jun, Mao Xiao Hui, and Wang Duo.

The dramas share the same title because they are adaptations of the RPG game The Legend of Sword and Fairy, also known as Sword and Fairy or Chinese Paladin. This game was extremely popular and has been adapted into various forms of media, including comic books, novels, web series, drama series, and even stage plays.

Same but Also Different

For the drama itself there were several series, such as Chinese Paladin in 2005, starring Hu Ge (check him out in Nirvana in Fire drama review) and Liu Yi Fei (just go and watch Meet Yourself). Next is the Chinese Paladin 3 in 2009, starring Hu Ge, Yang Mi (her dramas were everywhere but check out The Legend of Fu Yao drama review and Novoland: Pearl Eclipse drama review), and Wallace Huo (he was a bad emperor in Ruyi’s Love in the Palace, but check the drama for stunning costumes).

Later they made Chinese Paladin 5 starring Elvis Han (looking good in Fake It Till You Make It drama) and Gulnezer Bextiyar (we got her in Snow Eagle Lord drama). This year there were two versions released, Sword and Fairy 4 starring Chen Zhe Yuan (have you missed the hype of Hidden Love drama?) and Ju Jing Yi (the beauty in Beauty in Resilience drama);

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - poster

And also this version of Sword and Fairy starring Xu Kai (I love him in She and Her Perfect Husband, you can read also She and Her Perfect Husband drama review, She and Her Perfect Husband ending explained, and She and Her Perfect Husband episodes recap) and Yu Shu Xin (My Journey to You and Love Between Fairy and Devil is a must watch, you can read these dramas review and ending explained that I also wrote at My Journey to You drama review, My Journey to You ending explained, Love Between Fairy and Devil drama review, Love Between Fairy and Devil ending explained, Love Between Fairy and Devil episodes recap).

These dramas have different stories because they were adapted from different versions of the game. The Sword and Fairy dramas were based on a series of nine Chinese mythologies. Therefore, you can enjoy each series as an individual drama. There’s no need to search the whole season on the internet because you think that if this drama is the 6th season, you should look for 5 prequels before you start the show.

By the way, did you talk about yourself? LOL

Since the beginning of this drama, I have been confused about some elements of the story. Unfortunately, the story did not provide enough explanation, so you will have to conduct your own research. Unlike other dramas that typically provide explanations at the beginning, Sword and Fairy slowly revealed answers in later episodes. This is a creative way of thinking that can provide a different perspective on the story.

However, I was not satisfied with it. In the fantasy genre, such as xianxia or xuanhuan, there are often many characters, different realms, magical beasts or weapons, different races, many sects, and various types of magic or special powers.

I prefer not to play guessing games with these elements. I would like to have a thorough explanation from the beginning so that I could understand the story and the emotions of the characters better. Although surprises like Yue Qi’s race and identity are welcome.

The story’s pace is fast and concise, requiring full attention to avoid missing any information due to its complexity. Especially when it related to Zhu Yu, Yue Qi, the Yu Clan, and the Hengdao Sect. In the end, the story was all about sacrificing some to save many.

The story focuses on the romance between Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao. However, their relationship feels lacking despite their significant roles in the drama. The romance between them is exaggerated, particularly with the pinching face gestures, which annoyed me as the story goes.

Additionally, the relationship between Yue Jin Zhao and Bian Luo Huan is somewhat complicated. Yue Jin Zhao was created by Bian Luo Huan to replace him in the future, as he knew he would have to sacrifice himself for the greater good. However, they were jealous of each other.

Bian Luo Huan could not let go of the past, and Yue Jin Zhao was envious because Bian Luo Huan used to be a part of Yue Qi’s past. Honestly, I thought this drama had good potential, but the way the story was presented was more confusing than interesting.

The characterization was clear and you could see the personality changes of each character. Such as Luo Zhao Yan. Previously she was unaware of the Luo family’s secret.

Nevertheless, Luo Zhao Yan trusted her brother, Luo Mai Ming, and at the same time, she felt guilty towards him. Luo Mai Ming was bound to their home, unable to leave the oasis due to his responsibility to guard Rehai. However, after joining Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao, her personality began to change.

The biggest change occurred when Luo Zhao Yan developed feelings for Xian Qing, the demon wolf. Luo Zhao Yan, who was once indifferent to romance, began to open up her heart and her feelings for Xian Qing were crystal clear. This caused Luo Mai Ming to become angry and jealous of Xian Qing.

Ju Shi Fang also underwent a significant personality change. At the beginning of the drama, I did not like his personality because he was weak and cowardly. Then he showed that he could match up with the rest of the group and even shine on his own light. In the end, I like his character more than anyone else.

My favorite couple in this drama was not the heroic Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao, but the calm and steady Luo Zhao Yan and Xian Qing. Amidst the chaotic journey, I found that their presence calmed the surroundings. They were both steady individuals with a strong bond.

You could feel it after seeing Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao’s devoted relationship and Ming Xiu and Gu Han Jiang’s tragic relationship. Watching them was like watching an old couple who had been together for decades: calm, steady, strong, but peaceful.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - poster 3

The ending of Sword and Fairy is a happy but open one, which comes with a high price. Be prepared for a series of deaths near the end. I’ll be writing about the ending explained post of this drama. So don’t forget to drop by, dear readers…

Liu Guo Nan, the director of Sword and Fairy, has been directing historical and fantasy dramas since 2017. He directed The Glory of Tang Dynasty Seasons 1 and 2, starring Ren Jia Lun and Jing Tian, followed by Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi’s Stand By Me drama.

Xu Kai was quite busy these years. After closing 2023 with the drama Wonderland of Love and starting 2024 with this Sword and Fairy, he still has As Beautiful As You and Best Choice Ever right on the shelf. I was excited to watch As Beautiful As You, where Xu Kai acted alongside the cute Tan Song Yun.

Xu Kai always has good on-screen chemistry with his partners, and this drama was no exception. However, in my opinion, Xu Yu Shin’s chemistry was at its best when she acted in Love Between Fairy and Devil with Dylan Wang.

Although I enjoyed Xu Kai’s performance alongside Yang Mi in She and Her Perfect Husband, I recently rewatched Falling Into Your Smile (for no particular reason, just because the poster was on my WeTV front page) and I have to say that Xu Kai’s on-screen chemistry was at its best in that drama.

He did an excellent job portraying both the lively Yue Jin Zhao and the calm Bian Luo Huan, and their contrasting personalities were clearly shown. When Bian Luo Huan dead and Yue Jin Zhao took over his position, Yue Jin Zhao became a different person. He was still lively and cunning like Yue Jin Zhao, but more mature and steady like Bian Luo Huan.

Although Yu Shu Xin’s acting was great, I preferred her in My Journey to You. With her cute face and girly voice, Yu Shu Xin always nailed it when playing a spoiled and childish character. However, seeing her in the same roles repeatedly became boring.

I could not move on from her role as Yun Wei Shan in My Journey to You. Nevertheless, she did a good job in this Sword and Fairy drama and I had to praise her body movement, which was soooo smooth in the fight scenes.

The other actors, especially Wan Peng, also did a good job. I enjoyed seeing Luo Zhao Yan’s awkwardness when she realized her feelings for Xian Qing. This is my first time seeing her in a drama. And I am sure it wouldn’t be the last time.

Story and acting-wise, I think this drama could be a hit if the story was able to accommodate these great actors. However, the way the story was told was confusing, and in the end, I felt like it was a waste of such good resources. That was just my opinion, though, and I really respected those who worked hard behind this drama.

The Cinematography

Sword and Fairy’s cinematography aspects were not something I liked. The yellow tones at the beginning of the drama were painful to my eyes. It feels like watching an old movie from the 80s when the camera technology was not as advanced as it is today. Fortunately, the yellow tone faded in later episodes, making it easier for me to continue binge-watching this drama.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - poster 2

The CGI was a bit disappointing. I hoped they could improve the quality. And speaking about the CGI, Yue Qi may appear cute and childish, but she possesses great power.

Therefore, I was hoping that the director would make her flying whale body a bit fierce and intimidating since her mother is also a terrifying monster. It is difficult to believe that such a pink, smiling little whale could hold such power.

Additionally, the final battle between the Zhengwu Alliance and Yu Clan lacked the grandeur and tension it deserved. The number of people involved in the battle was too few, which made it difficult to believe. After the show ended, I felt that Sword and Fairy had the potential to be a great drama. Unfortunately, there were many factors that made it the opposite.

But of course there many thing that could be praised in this drama, such as the detailed sets and good lightning. And don’t forget the amazing magic stone (more like an island) that could took them anywhere like an aircraft.

The Characters

Yue Qi (played by Yu Shu Xin)

Yue Qi may seem sweet, kind, childish, and naïve, but she possesses a very strong power. She often clings to and relies on Yue Jin Zhao, which may give the impression that she is a bit foolish. Yue Jin Zhao loves to tease and trick her, especially when it comes to food, as Yue Qi is a foodie and a glutton. She can eat 10 bowls of egg noodles without stopping.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Yue Qi (played by Yu Shu Xin)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Yue Qi (played by Yu Shu Xin)

Yue Qi always needing a cup of water because she easily gets thirsty. Yue Jin Zhao initially found this habit strange, but upon realizing that Yue Qi’s original form was a pink whale, he immediately understood why she needed water.

Since waking up, Yue Qi has been curious about her family. She wanted to learn about her family, particularly her mother. When she met Zhu Yu, she was overjoyed to have a loving mother.

There was a little difference between Qi and Yue Qi. Before she lost her memories, Qi lived in Yujie Hub and became the disciple of Bian Luo Huan. She was more mature and less foolish than Yue Qi who lost her memories and lived in the mortal world.

Compared to her life as Qi, Yue Qi lived a more sheltered life. She was always under the care and protection of Yue Jin Zhao. It was Gu Han Jing who helped her grow up and who told her to grow up. It was a good thing for Yue Qi to have met him.

Although Yue Qi seemed foolish and naive, she was actually smart, straightforward, and thoughtful. People loved her for her kindness and gentle nature. She valued human relationships, including friendships and kinship.

Yue Jin Zhao (Played by Xu Kai)

Yue Jin Zhao indeed looked like a big brother to Yue Qi. He always cared for Yue Qi and was very protective of her. However, there was never a day when he didn’t tease her. This is shown in the early episodes when Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi spent more time together and there weren’t many people around them.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Yue Jin Zhao (Played by Xu Kai)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Yue Jin Zhao (Played by Xu Kai)

Despite his mature, smart, and thoughtful personality, he still has some shortcomings. He was impulsive, stubborn, cunning, a little bit overly confident, and a jealous lover. But one thing that made him stand out among the group members is his selfless trait. Yue Jin Zhao would do anything to help others especially Yue Qi, even if it means putting his life on the line.

In contrast to the introverted and calm Bian Luo Huan, Yue Jin Zhao is more extroverted and enjoys being in a crowd. Although he thought he had concealed his love for Yue Qi, those around them could see it clearly.

His real identity may not be as grand as Yue Qi, but his purpose for being there is complicated. Yue Jin Zhao can see the future with his left eye.

Bian Luo Huan (Played by Xu Kai)

As the third elder of the Hengdao sect, Bian Luo Huan had one important mission in his life: to sharpen the sword that could end the life of Zhu Yu. And the sword is his disciple Qi.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Bian Luo Huan (Played by Xu Kai
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Bian Luo Huan (Played by Xu Kai

However, over time, Bian Luo Huan developed special feelings for her, and it really put him in a dilemma. He knew he shouldn’t get emotionally involved with her, but he couldn’t resist Qi’s charm.

Before he joined the Hengdao Sect, Bian Luo Huan had a bitter life. His father used to beat him all the time. The long scar on his face is evidence of his father’s cruelty. it was Ying Xu Wei who rescued him. Bian Luo Huan respected Ying Xu Wei as an elder as well as a friend.

Although they share the same face and features, Bian Luo Huan is different from Yue Jin Zhao. He is more mature, introverted, calm, and reserved. Yet, they share the same traits of being smart, calculative, and selfless.

Luo Zhao Yan (played by Wan Peng)

Luo Zhao Yan and Luo Mai Ming were born as twins. They were also burdened by the curse that fell on every twin in the Luo family. Luo Zhao Yan’s lifespan was fated to be short, as half of her time was taken by Luo Mai Ming. However, she was strong because she had Xian Qing’s demon power inside her body, thanks to her father who begged for it and exchanged his life to save Luo Zhao Yan.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Luo Zhao Yan (played by Wan Peng)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Luo Zhao Yan (played by Wan Peng)

Luo Zhao Yan’s relationship with Luo Mai Ming was complicated. Being someone who could freely go to the outside world, Luo Zhao Yan was more open-minded and wanted to make her short life meaningful.

Luo Mai Ming, on the other hand, was bound to the family and could not even step outside the Luo family’s land. He resented Luo Zhao Yan’s freedom and was envious of her, but at the same time, loved her dearly.

At home, Luo Zhao Yan was obedient to her brother, but outside she acted with righteousness. She was ruthless towards wrongdoers but kind to the weak.

Luo Zhao Yan was always focused on doing meritorious deeds for a better world. Love was something she never considered before. When she finally got a taste of love, Luo Zhao Yan was initially confused and tried to avoid the matter. Thankfully, the person who opened the door of love for Luo Zhao Yan was a stubborn person.

Xian Qing (played by Fu Xin Bo)

And that stubborn person is the elegant demon wolf, Xian Qing. He has lived for over a thousand years and has become numb to everything. He has no ambitions or goals, He simply enjoys a peaceful life and the company of his only friend, Gu Han Jiang. They often spend hours playing Go under the tree.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Xian Qing (played by Fu Xin Bo)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Xian Qing (played by Fu Xin Bo)

Xian Qing is a kind and easy-going person. He is calm, sensitive, and intelligent. He is willing to make sacrifices for those he loves the most. He has lived for a very long time, so Luo Zhao Yan might not be his only love interest, but she could be the only one after a long time has passed. If Xian Qing was willing to use his chance and pursue Luo Zhao Yan, then his feelings for her would be very strong.

Ming Xiu (played by Bai Bing Ke)

Ming Xiu is Gu Han Jiang’s disciple. He found her when her village was attacked by demons and her mother died. Gu Han Jiang sympathized with her and took her under his protection. This is why Ming Xiu hated demons so much.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Ming Xiu (played by Bai Bing Ke)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Ming Xiu (played by Bai Bing Ke)

Ming Xiu was only able to get along with Xian Qing because he was friends with Gu Han Jiang. To Ming Xiu, Gu Han Jiang was more than a savior. He was her teacher and her love as well. Unfortunately, even though Gu Han Jiang also had the same feelings for her, he never showed it and always dismissed her affection.

Throughout their journey, Ming Xiu demonstrated her ability to heal people and use inner power. Her personality may seem indifferent and cold, but deep down she is passionate, gentle, and polite.

Ju Shi Fang (played by Zhou Zhan)

Ju Shi Fang seemed to be the weakest and most cowardly person in the group. However, he had a talent for making gadgets and machines. It was something he inherited from his mother. Ju Shi Fang was a member of the Zhengwu Alliance responsible for creating machines and weapons.

Sword and Fairy Drama Review - Ju Shi Fang (played by Zhou Zhan)
Sword and Fairy Drama Review – Ju Shi Fang (played by Zhou Zhan)

As an orphan, he grew up being bullied by other sect members. Due to his childish, introverted, and timid personality, he did not have many friends. However, after meeting the gorgeous Shuo Xuan from the Yu Clan, Ju Shi Fang developed a dream of becoming a respected hero. After joining the group, Ju Shi Fang matured and revealed his creativity and bravery.

Ju Shi Fang always carries a wooden backpack everywhere he goes. The backpack itself was not an ordinary backpack. It could transform into a robot (just imagine the Transformer, but made from wood) named Dou Bao. It was the last creation of Ju Shi Fang’s mother.

The Conclusion

Initially, Sword and Fairy had a good story and characterization. However, the way the story was delivered was confusing instead of interesting. The actors did a good job portraying the characters.

You can see how timid Ju Shi Fang is and how brave and upright Luo Zhao Yan is. Xu Kai flawlessly portrayed Yue Jin Zhao and Bian Luo Huan, making him the main star of this drama. However, some aspects of the drama were disappointing, such as the CGI and the battle scenes.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed watching this drama. If you are interested in the fantasy genre, then you should not miss this one. Although Sword and Fairy are also known as Chinese Paladin 6, you do not have to watch all of the Chinese Paladin series because each drama has a different story.

You can watch this drama as your daily dose of entertainment. There is no need to watch it all at once, as it is better to savor it slowly. That way, you have more time to enjoy Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin’s romantic gestures throughout the drama.

If you have finished watching the drama, don’t forget to tell us what you think about it. You can simply write it in the comment box below. Thank you for reading this Sword and Fairy drama review. I will see you in another drama review post, dear readers. Bye!

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"Initially, Sword and Fairy had a good story and characterization. However, the way the story was delivered was confusing instead of interesting."Sword and Fairy Drama Review
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