Ending ExplainedThe Blood of Youth Ending Explained

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained

This post features the explanation to the ending of The Blood of Youth Drama. Not to say that the plot portrayed was complicated and unclear, but in case there was something you missed. This drama had a happy ending, and I was glad of it. Hopefully this post may be of help to you.

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The Blood of Youth Ending Explained

The Ending Arc

Nearing the end of the story, Xiao Yu or Prince Chi was growing anxious and desperate. All his previous plots have been broken and outsmarted by Xiao Se. Now reduced with only few resources and reliable ally in his hands, he launched an all-out attack. This was meant to be an all or nothing move to destroy his opponents and finally obtain the kingdom in his hands.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xiao Yu
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Xiao Yu

Xiao Yu contacted his God father, Luo Qing Yang, the Lone Sword Deity of Mu Liang City, and asked him straightforwardly to kill Xiao Se. In exchange, Xiao Yu promised to help him take away his own mother, Consort Xuan. Consort Xuan was Xiao Yu’s and Wu Xin’s mother, but Xiao Yu has always thought his mother hated him and only loved Wu Xin.

Luo Qing Yang was Consort Xuan’s senior brother who has always loved her. Although the love was one sided, he has promised to always protect Consort Xuan and always be ready to help her. Consort Xuan could not stand to live in the palace and has long been wanting to leave. But she endured and remained in the palace instead, it was all actually as protection for Xiao Yu.

Luo Qing Yang’s martial arts has reached the undefeatable phase, hence it was not easy to bring him down. Xiao Se and the guardians of Tianqi City gave their all to fight him but they still were not able to shake Luo Qing Yang. In their critical moment, Tianzhan sword which was said to only appear for the future Emperor, flew to Xiao Se’s hands.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xiao Se
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Xiao Se

With all his remaining power, Xiao Se fought Luo Qing Yang alone. Although he was not able to defeat him, Xiao Se was able to significantly injure Luo Qing Yang with the help of Tianzhan sword. At this moment, Consort Xuan suddenly called and asked Luo Qing Yang to retreat. He agreed and let Xiao Se and the gang go.

However, Xiao Yu’s plot did not stop there. He planted a spy eunuch by the emperor’s side. Emperor Ming De whose health was failing and was at death’s door, was currently under the constant care of Hua Jin, the Divine Healer. Hua Jin did everything she could to stabilize the emperor’s condition. The emperor managed to pull through the night.

Suddenly, the spy eunuch ran to the door and shouted that the emperor has passed. The repercussion of his action was clear; chaos ensued in Tian Qi city. This was Xiao Yu’s plan all along which was to gain momentum through the mayhem created by this fake news. His goal was to snatch the throne while everyone was too busy to quell the commotion all over the city.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Eunuch
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Eunuch

Knowing that Xiao Se has depleted all his powers and was at his weakest state, Xiao Yu brought the poisoned and mind-controlled Wu Xin and attacked Xiao Se. Fortunately, Ji Xue, one of the guardians of Tian Qi City, has transferred all her powers to Xiao Se and helped him recover in time.

It was a fierce battle with Wu Xin. Xiao Se and Lei Wu Jie tried everything they could to subdue their best friend. The antidote they prepared was lost and Wu Xin was still not able to break free from the mind control placed by Xiao Yu.

But then Xiao Se thought of the two techniques that Wu Xin once taught to both of them: Freedom Formidable Fist and Abyssal Eye. He and Lei Wu Jie then decided to use those to bring Wu Xin’s consciousness back. The combination of the two techniques was able to break the manipulation in Wu Xin’s mind. He finally recognized his friends and was able to detoxify the poison in his system.

As it turned out, the reason Wu Xin taught them these two techniques in the first place was in case of such event. He needed his two best friends to bring him back.

Thus, Xiao Yu’s final attack was crushed.

So then, what happened to Xiao Yu/Prince Chi?

With his last plot now ruined, Xiao Yu seemed to become a bit deranged. His lifelong goal has always been to defeat Xiao Se, to become better than Xiao Se. In his mind, he thought by doing so, he will obtain the love of his father and the affection from his mother.

He was envious of Xiao Se who seemed to have everything in the palm of his hands. Xiao Se was talented in everything, Xiao Se was father’s favorite, Xiao Se was also the best candidate to be the next emperor in the people’s heart, and now even Tianzhan sword has chosen him. Xiao Yu felt bitter. He was defeated the moment Wu Xin gained his consciousness. At this moment Consort Xuan and Luo Qing Yang also came.

Before Consort Xuan was able to beg mercy for Xiao Yu, Xiao Se exposed all the dirty deeds he has done, including the fact that he has been poisoning and mind controlling Consort Xuan all this time.

Consort Xuan was beyond disappointed, and Luo Qing Yang was livid. He can’t help to scold Xiao Yu and put some sense into him. He listed down all of Consort Xuan’s sacrifices for the sake of Xiao Yu’s safety. Xiao Yu, who was ready to dispute everything, was shocked as what he heard was beyond his wildest expectation. Only now did he realize how mistaken he had always been towards his mother. He had her love all along, but he has been hurting her all this time instead.

The shock and deep disappointment of himself was too much for him to bear. He was too angry with himself that he stabbed his own heart on the spot. He died in his mother’s arms.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xia Yu ending
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Xia Yu ending

What happened to Xiao Se?

The result of all Xiao Yu’s selfish plot for the throne, caused riots to break out all over Tian Qi City. Fortunately, Xiao Chong was able to put an end to all of them.

At this time, Emperor Ming De felt that he had not much time left to live. Hence, he prepared a decree and an extra copy of it declaring who will be the one who inherit the throne.

He called Xiao Se into the hall and gave him the decree scroll for him to read. It was clearly written that the throne will belong to Xiao Chong. When the emperor asked if he was satisfied, Xiao Se did not deny it. After all, Xiao Se never wanted to become the emperor. But what Xiao Se did not know was the other copy that was prepared has his name on it.

This other copy was given to Xiao Chong, so he believed that the next emperor would be Xiao Se. Hence both brothers were of the belief that each other was the next emperor.

Soon after the decree was given to Xiao Se, Emperor Ming De passed away, leaving behind the remorseful Xiao Se. At that moment he realized that he has always loved and respected his father.

Although the riots in Tian Qi City was curbed, the news of the emperor’s passing has broken to all over the country. Countless cities were burning in chaos, meanwhile Lang Ya army was not able to contain these forces. To stamp out the crisis at hand, Xiao Se led the imperial army to suppress the enemies on the battlefield.

Three months later, he victoriously returned to Tian Qi City. He marched straight to the imperial court and presented the decree which was left to him by Emperor Ming De. It was then clearly announced that Xiao Chong was to inherit the throne.

Not to mention Xiao Chong who was shocked out of his mind, some imperial officials were confused and felt dissatisfied since it was Xiao Se who was chosen by Tianzhan sword. However, all discontented whispers were roared down by Xiao Se. It was clear from his stance that he would protect the validity of the decree. At this time, Xiao Chong gathered his composure and received the decree. He thus became the new ruling Emperor of Beili.

Xiao Se’s true pursuit was never the throne, but it was to roam and explore the martial arts world with his friends. Needless to say, when Xiao Chong passed his copy of the decree to Xiao Se, it was destroyed by Xiao Se without hesitation.

Now that all his matters in Tian Qi City were settled, the carefree Xiao Se left with his friends to roam the world.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xiao Se to roam the world
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Xiao Se to roam the world

What happened to Wu Xin?

For several months Wu Xin became Xiao Yu’s test subject to create a lethal drug to create a powerful army. He was poisoned and lost his consciousness, helplessly became Xiao Yu’s puppet to do his evil bidding.

When Xiao Se and Lei Wu Jie were able to release him from the mind control poison, Wu Xin returned to his usual nonchalant, cheerful yet slightly narcissistic tendencies.

Wu Xin’s one obsession in the world has always been his mother. He was worried for her and also wanted her to always be safe. With Xia Yu now dead, there was no more reason for Consort Xuan to stay in the palace. So she left with Luo Qing Yang. This gave Wu Xin’s reassurance that she would always be safe and happy living her life freely.

Whereas Wu Xin’s desire has always been to stay at the temple and continue to be a monk. However, his identity as the leader of Tian Wai Tian did not allow him to do so at the moment.

He said goodbye to Xiao Se and the gang so he could sort out the matter of the sect first before he could be on his way to live his life as how he wishes. He reassured Xiao Se that they will meet again. This was a bittersweet goodbye as we can see the reluctance in their eyes.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xin Goodbye

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Wu Xin
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Wu Xin

What happened to Emperor Ming De?

Due to years of poisoning by his opponents, including Xiao Yu, and also the guilt that has burdened his heart for what he had done to Lord Lang Ya, Emperor Ming De’s health was deteriorating rapidly. Hua Jin gave her all to try and heal him, or at least to make him able to make it through the night. This was to avoid the country plunging into chaos during the imperial struggle between the princes that has reached critical point at that time.

In the end, Hua Jin who has exhausted all efforts, gave Emperor Ming De two choices: to live for another year but he may never be able to leave his bed or to live for only another 6 hours with enough energy to carry himself as normal.

Emperor Ming De chose the second option which would give him enough time to entrust the kingdom to his children, Xiao Se and Xiao Chong. He also used this opportunity as his chance to speak heart to heart one last time with Xiao Se. Xiao Se after all was dearest to him.

The moment his soul departed, it seemed that he saw his brother, Lord Lang Ya, calling out to him. Xiao Se was present when he closed his eyes.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Emperor Ming De
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Emperor Ming De

What happened to Xiao Chong?

Emperor Ming De gave the extra copy of the decree to the Head Eunuch, Jin Xuan. But he also warned Xiao Chong should Jin Xuan approached him to convince him to take the throne while Xiao Se was away.

True to his father’s prediction, Jin Xuan really came to Xiao Chong and told him that it was his name that was written on the copy of the decree which he saw.

He was not wrong, but the copy in his hand contained Xiao Se’s name. Instead of going along with his scheme, Xiao Chong revealed to him that Emperor Ming De has warned him of Jin Xuan’s plan. He also revealed that should Jin Xuan followed through with it, the punishment would be death.

So, the dumbfounded Jin Xuan was taken away to be executed. Now that the copy of the decree was in his hands, Xiao Chong opened it for him to see. It was written the throne will be passed down to Xiao Chu He (Xiao Se). He was not surprised, and he was ready to support Xiao Se to take the throne.

Needless to say, when Xiao Se’s copy of the decree was read and it announced his name as the next emperor, he was shocked beyond belief. But then he saw and understood the determination in Xiao Se’s eyes. He received the decree and rightfully took the throne in front of everyone.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - Xiao Chong
The Blood of Youth Ending Explained – Xiao Chong

Beili was blessed in peace and tranquillity under his ruling.

What Happened to the Guardians of Tianqi City?

Although the Guardians of Tian Qi City were first appointed by Lord Lang Ya to protect Xiao Se in his quest to find the truth of his death, and they could rightfully dismiss themselves when Xiao Se’s mission has succeeded, but they stayed to guard and protect Xiao Se.

Xiao Se’s mean and salty demeanor did not hide the fact that he was someone loyal, dependable, trustworthy and of upright character. Worthy of their friendship. Hence, Lei Wu Jie, Sikong Qianluo and Ji Xue continued to protect Xiao Se even during the royal fight to the throne.

Tang Lian who lost his life in his duty as one of the guardians, had his post taken over by Tang Ze. In this way, the Guardians of the Tian Qi City continued on.
After Xiao Chong took the throne, the Guardians went their separate ways but would remain loyal to Xiao Se. Lei Wu Jie planned to roam the world with Xiao Se, while also accompanied by his love, Ye Ruo Yi. While Sikong Qianluo would continue to pursue Xiao Se along their next adventures in the martial arts world.

The Blood of Youth Ending Explained - cover 2

The Blood of Youth has been a fantastic drama with many cool and heroic moments. I really hope Youku would make a sequel with the same casts because their chemistry was fire! I hope you like my explanation of this drama ending. What were your cool moments in the drama? Feel free to add them in the comments 😊.

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