Ending ExplainedThe Legend of Anle Ending Explained

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained

Dear readers, were you curious about the ending of The Legend of Anle? After so many ups and downs, finally, Di Zi Yuan and Han Ye had a closure for their estranged relationship. However, will they be together again? Or will they put the country over everything? And dear readers, please be prepared for a tragic ending for some of our favorites character. Don’t forget to bring a bag of tissue because you’ll need it to wipe the tears off your eyes. Happy reading!

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained

What Happened to Ren Anle/Di Zi Yuan?

After Ren Anle revealed her identity at the court, everybody preset was shocked, including Di Cheng’en, the Emperor and Empress Dowager. She brought the secret letter and a scroll of Di soldier’s name list as evidence. The letter was written by the Emperor, but he refused to acknowledge it.

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained - What Happened to Ren Anle / Di Zi Yuan
The Legend of Anle Ending Explained – What Happened to Ren Anle / Di Zi Yuan?

Anning finally stood up and told everybody the secret she’s been hiding for a decade. It was the Empress Dowager who forged the letter. The Empress Dowager, however, deemed that her actions were justified because she saw the Di family as a threat to the throne. The case close after the Empress Dowager silently hangs herself at her palace.

The Emperor acknowledge his mistakes, and Han Ye went to the Qingnan Mountain on behalf of his father to bring peace to the restless souls of Di soldiers. After the matter settled, Ren Anle resumed her identity as Di Zi Yuan. While Di Cheng’en returned to her hometown accompanied by Mu Qing.

Di Zi Yuan, Han Ye, and Luo Mingxi went to Qingnan Mountain to welcome back the 80,000 restless souls of the Di Army. Di Zi Yuan felt an indescribable feeling when she held the memorial tablet in her hand. She finally cleared the name of her family and the soldiers. But she still feels heartache. Her relationship with Han Ye was irreconcilable, but she still loves him.

When Di Zi Yuan went to hunt, accompanied by Wen Shuo, they were attacked by a group of masked men. Han Ye hurried to help her and Luo Mingxi came later with a group of imperial soldiers. The assassin left a Plum Blossom token, a sign that they worked under the Emperor.

Di Zi Yuan and Luo Mingxi were furious, but Han Ye convinced them that the Emperor would not do that. Later, they analyze the situation and realized that there was another party who wanted to take advantage of the situation between the Han and Di families. And it was possibly the Northern Qin.

Di Zi Yuan planned to move back to Jingnan and asked Luo Mingxi to come with him. However, before she could go, Han Ye fall into trouble after he publicly kill Jiang Yu. Only after she saw Han Ye walk out of the prison, Di Zi Yuan could calm her mind. Di Zi Yuan return to Jingnan after Anning left for the Northwest. At Anle Abode, she lived the life of Ren Anle, the pirate. Until the day when a war report came.

Di Zi Yuan decided to support the country with her Anle Force. She could not let Anning fight alone. So she lead her army and prepared to join Han Ye at the border. Midway, she was ambushed. Han Ye and Luo Mingxi rushed to save her causing Anning without any reinforcement. Just they all realized that they had fallen into a trap.

When Bei Zheng came with a report that Qingnan had fallen and Anning died, the generals and soldiers were furious and blamed it on Luo Mingxi. They demanded Luo Mingxi to be executed. Di Zi Yuan pledged to Han Ye to let Luo Mingxi atone for his crime. Yet, Han Ye had no choice but to proceed with the punishment.

Anning left a heart-wrenching letter for her and Han Ye, wishing them to support each other in the future. The next day, Di Zi Yuan went to reclaim Qingnan City with her army. She hoped that after reclaiming Qingnan, Han Ye would reconsider the punishment for Luo Mingxi.

Near Qingnan City, Di Zi Yuan met Wen Shuo who also sneak out to find her. Di Zi Yuan launched a night attack on Qingnan City. She fought Leng Bei and demanded Anning’s body, but she was drugged and fell unconscious.

Han Ye and his soldiers came just in time to help Di Zi Yuan. He got panicked when she fainted. Han Ye took care of her for days. When Di Zi Yuan woke up, it was time for Luo Mingxi’s punishment. She rushed to the execution ground but she was late. Luo Mingxi already drank the poisoned wine. Before he died, he told her to “Gather the Di Army and move forward”.

That night, Di Zi Yuan pondered the words and decided to do it. She made a thorough plan to gather the Di Army and became Han Ye’s vanguard. Han Ye disagree because it would put her in danger, but Di Zi Yuan was adamant.

After she gather the Di Army, Di Zi Yuan reclaimed the cities taken by Northern Qin. But her success was a thorn for the Emperor. He was afraid Di Zi Yuan planned to usurp the throne, so he ordered his Plum Blossom Agents to kill Di Zi Yuan. Han Ye and Luo Mingxi learned about this plan and do their utmost to protect her.

They succeeded, but Han Ye was missing after he jumped off the cliff. Di Zi Yuan regretted everything she said to him. She almost followed him in death, if Wen Shuo did not reveal his identity as Di Jinyan.

Di Zi Yuan returns to the capital with a sorrowful victory. After Di Jinyan showed her the pictures that Han Ye had drawn, Di Zi Yuan fainted and fell into a coma for days. When she woke up, her hair had turned white.

The Emperor was still wary of Di family, especially after Di Jinyan appeared. He ordered Di Jinyan to stay at the capital as a hostage while Di Zi Yuan should never set foot in the capital. Di Zi Yuan felt some irony. The Emperor always thought that the Di family was after the throne. So she bowed down and vowed that the Di family would remain loyal. But nobody should tell her or Di Jinyan where they should go. The Emperor was taken aback by the vow.

After the Emperor learns the truth from the head of Di family, Di Sheng Tian, he realized that he was blinded by his insecurity and suspicion. The Emperor apologized to Di Zi Yuan for he has let her and the Di family down.

Di Zi Yuan learned that Han Ye was in Fuling Mountain, she rushed there only to see Han Ye has lost his sight and refused to see her. She pretended to be a maidservant with a speech disability. Yet, Han Ye could guess it was her because she brew a bitter and terrible tea…😅

Han Ye tried to drive her away but failed. Until Di Zi Yuan could not take it anymore and asked Luo Mingxi to cooperate with her. They planned to get married in two weeks. Although he was shocked and heartbroken, Han Ye still refuse to come to her. Until Di Sheng Tian reminded him that he must not let the story repeat itself. Han Ye rides to Ren’s residence and snatches back his bride. After everything was settled, they got married.

Seven years later, Han Ye took Di Zi Yuan to a vast land full of the Flower of Longing that he plant using his own hand. They lead the prosperous Jing State for half of a century.

What Happened to Han Ye?

Han Ye went to Qingnan Mountain with Di Zi Yuan to bring peace to the 80,000 restless souls of Di soldiers. In front of the memorial tablet, Han Ye vowed that Jing State would be a nation of justice where law and order were upheld. And as long as he lived, he promised that the people would live in prosperity and harmony.

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained - What Happened to Han Ye
The Legend of Anle Ending Explained – What Happened to Han Ye?

After the incident with the assassins, Han Ye asked whether Di Zi Yuan would stay in the capital or not. When he heard that she would resign from her post and return to Jingnan, he was dejected. Before she left, Han Ye told Di Zi Yuan that he still wanted her to be by his side. But Di Zi Yuan refused him again. Han Ye looked at her departing figure in sadness.

At the capital, Han Ye was furious when he learned that Wen Shuo had been kidnapped by Jiang Yu. Han Ye went to confront Jiang Yu only to discover that the secret his been hiding for years was known by Jian Yu.

All this time, Han Ye had been hiding Di Jingyan, Di Zi Yuan’s little brother, and disguised him as Wen Shuo. He keep the secret from nobody, including Di Jingyan, because it was a crime of deceiving the monarch. Years ago, Han Ye managed to find out that Di Jingyan was among child beggars in Weiliu Street.

Because he could not take him openly, Han Ye devised a plan. He pretended to be saved by Di Jinyan, who was a toddler back then. Under the pretext of gratitude, Han Ye took Di Jinyan to be raised at Eastern Palace and gave him a new name, Wen Shuo.

When Jiang Yu threatened to take down the Di family with him, Han Ye killed him in public. Resorting him to be imprisoned. Wen Shuo managed to escape from his kidnapper and went to seek help from Di Zi Yuan.

Luo Mingxi wanted to save Han Ye but he refused to say anything. He only hinted that Wen Shuo hide an important secret. Luo Mingxi managed to find the evidence that Jiang Yu was a spy from Northern Qin and presented it to the Emperor. Han Ye was freed from prison shortly after that.

Di Zi Yuan refused Han Ye once more after they had a farewell banquet for Anning. In the end, he just wished her health and happiness for every birthday.

Things escalated between Jin State and Northern Qin after Princess Mo Shuang died in a fire. Although the situation was suspicious, war was unavoidable. So Han Ye asked the Emperor for permission to lead the army. Di Zi Yuan and her Anle Abode’s soldier would join him later. While Luo Mingxi should assist Anning in Qingnan City.

Han Ye meet Di Zi Yuan earlier because she was ambushed. Luo Mingxi joined them later. But the three of them had fallen into Leng Bei’s scheme that lead to the fall of Qingnan City and the death of Anning. Luo Mingxi’s decision to help Di Zi Yuan was questioned. The general and soldiers were furious and demanded he be executed. Han Ye had to sort to the demand despite Di Zi Yuan’s pledge.

The death of Luo Mingxi made their estranged relationship tense again. Di Zi Yuan decided to gather the Di Army once more and become his vanguard. Han Ye had to agree because she was adamant about it. Later when the Emperor planned to kill Di Zi Yuan, Han Ye made a plan to protect her.

It turned out that Luo Mingxi is still alive. Han Ye learned that it was Anning who sacrifice herself so Luo Mingxi could protect Di Zi Yuan. It was the only thing that she could do to atone for her sin to the Di family.

Han Ye sent Luo Mingxi to assist Di Zi Yuan, while he prepared for a life-and-death battle in Qingnan Mountain. Although he managed to wipe out 30%of Leng Bei’s soldiers, Han Ye was still outnumbered. He was badly injured and lost his sight because Leng Bei used a drug during the fight.

To prevent himself from being used as a bargaining chip, Han Ye jumped off the cliff. Not long after, Di Zi Yuan and her army arrived. She was heartbroken and almost followed him if Di Jinyan did not stop him.

Han Ye was saved by Princess Mo Shuang who hide under the cliff. She took him to her retreat and take care of him. When the Emperor released the news that he was terminally ill, Han Ye knew that its time for him to return. At the capital, he met Jian Song who took him to Di Sheng Tian, the only person who could cure his eyes.

Han Ye realized that he could no longer protect Di Zi Yuan from his father. So every time he would refuse her. And even when Di Zi Yuan pretended to be his maidservant, he tried to make her leave him. Han Ye did not know that his father had changed his heart and was no longer wary of Di family.

When he heard the news of Di Zi Yuan’s marriage, Han Ye was heartbroken but still refuse to see her. Di Sheng Tian managed to cure his eyes after Luo Mingxi gave the blooming Flower of Longing to Han Ye. She also reminded Han Ye, that because of her selfishness, the tragedy befell the Han and Di families. Di Sheng Tian told Han Ye to not repeat the same mistake. Han Ye was enlightened and hurried back to the capital. He had to snatch his bride back.

Han Ye was shocked when he learned that the marriage between Luo Mingxi and Di Zi Yuan was only a scheme to make his return. And it was Di Jinyan and Yuan Qing’s marriage that he was attending. Han Ye and Di Zi Yuan get married after everything was settled. Unfortunately, Luo Mingxi had died by then. He rules Jing State with Di Zi Yuan and fulfills his promise of a prosperous and harmonious country.

What Happened to Luo Ming Xi?

Luo Mingxi wanted Di Zi Yuan to demand the power of the ruler to be returned to Di Family. Because from the beginning, the Di Family owned half of the country. However, he had to swallow the idea because Di Zi Yuan refused it. She said that even though Han Zhong Yuan was not a good ruler, Han Ye was a promising Crown Prince. Di Zi Yuan believed that Han Ye would bring Jing State into prosperity and harmony.

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained - What Happened to Luo Ming Xi
The Legend of Anle Ending Explained – What Happened to Luo Ming Xi?

Before he left for Jingnan with Di Zi Yuan, Luo Mingxi handed evidence of Jiang Yu’s involvement with Gu Yunnian to Han Ye. But then Han Ye killed Jiang Yu. During his investigation, Luo Mingxi found that Jiang Yu was a spy from Northern Qin. He also found out that Wen Shuo was Di Jinyan.

Luo Mingxi admired Han Ye’s smart and calculative strategy. Even more, Han Ye did it when he was only in his teenage years. It was something that Luo Mingxi was not able to do. Luo Mingxi did not tell Di Zi Yuan about this secret. Because he wanted her to return to Jingnan.

When Luo Mingxi was facing a death punishment for disobeying imperial order. He kept secret that it was Anning herself who asked him to protect Di Zi Yuan. Han Ye realized that something was hidden behind Luo Mingxi’s fault. They faked his death to appease and boost the morale of the soldiers. Luo Mingxi had an ulterior motive for faking his death. He wanted to ignite Di Zi Yuan’s fighting spirit and wanted her to gather the Di Army.

When Han Ye was missing, Luo Mingxi’s health was deteriorating. But he still asked Lin Lang to find Leng Bei’s whereabouts. When Di Zi Yuan planned to marry him, secretly Luo Mingxi was happy. It turned out that the red-white pendant that he always held was a love token from Di Yong Ning. He had betrothed his daughter, Di Zi Yuan, to Luo Mingxi on the day she was born. However, two years later the previous emperor left his last edict that conferred Di Zi Yuan as Han Ye’s crown princess.

Another person who was brokenhearted because of the marriage was Lin Lang. On the night she presented the last dance as a farewell gift for Luo Mingxi, Leng Bei attacked them and Lin Lang died protecting Luo Mingxi. Di Zi Yuan and he made a plan to trap Leng Bei in Anning’s mansion. Leng Bei fall straight to their trap and got caught. Luo Mingxi had planned deathly torture for Leng Bei to comfort Anning and Lin Lang’s spirits.

During the fake wedding, Luo Mingxi was stunned when he saw how beautiful Di Zi Yuan was. Yet, she was destined to never be with him. Luo Mingxi went home and saw Lin Lang’s traces everywhere. He was tired and could no longer conceal how bad his condition was. He went to his lounge chair on the balcony. The city was lit up and fireworks blooming in the night sky when a handsome man named Luo Mingxi closed his eyes forever.😭

What Happened to Princess Anning?

After what happened at the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet, Anning mood was down, but finally, her eyes showed tranquility. She was calmer and no longer the hot-tempered Anning. When Han Ye was in prison for killing Jiang Yu, Anning was restless but she had to be patient.

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained - What Happened to Princess Anning
The Legend of Anle Ending Explained – What Happened to Princess Anning?

After they found out that Northern Qin had infiltrated Jing State, Anning prepared to return to the Northwest. But the Emperor was reluctant to let her go since the situation was too dangerous. However in the end he has to grant her request.

Anning arrived at Qingnan City and immediately busied herself with so many military reports. She was assisted by one of her subordinates, Bai Zheng. One of the intelligence reports mentioned the assassination attempt at the new year’s Eve banquet. It made her recall several occasions when her intuition tells her that something was wrong with Leng Bei.

Including how close he was with Mo Shuang and how the assassin at the banquet use the same swordplay as him. Anning was suspicious of Leng Bei, so she ordered him to help Bei Zheng.

When he turned his back on her, Anning took her sword and fight Leng Bei. During the fight, Leng Bei admitted he was the assassin. Using some kind of drugs, Leng Bei defeated Anning and confined her to the bed.

Bei Zheng started to be suspicious after Leng Bei always obstruct him from meeting Anning. He started to investigate and found out that his instinct was right. Anning was confined by Leng Bei. He took a group of soldiers to confront Leng Bei. When they fought, Anning appeared at the door and ordered them to kill Leng Bei, the spy. Unfortunately, he managed to escape.

There was no time for Anning to recuperate because Qingnan City was attacked by Northern Qin. The situation was not favorable for Jing State. Di Zi Yuan’s troops were ambushed midway. Both Han Ye and Luo Mingxi received a report about the ambush and went to help Di Zi Yuan. But the reports were intentional and they fall into Leng Bei’s trap.

Meanwhile, Princess Anning had to defend Qingnan City by herself. She was outnumbered and their situation was dire. However, Anning was a real heroine. She single-handedly fights the enemies. Her body was full of wounds and blood dripped everywhere. Under the sky of Qingnan City, Anning passed away.

What Happened to Leng Bei/Mo Bei?

After the Emperor issued a repentance decree, he couldn’t kill Di Zi Yuan. So, Leng Bei made a plan with the Left Grand Chancellor, Jiang Yu. They plan to kill Di Zi Yuan and blamed the Emperor. It would create a deeper wedge between Di Zi Yuan and Han Ye. Jiang Yu forged a plum blossom pendant and ordered several assassins to kill her in Qingnan Mountain.

The Legend of Anle Ending Explained - What Happened to Leng Bei / Mo Bei
The Legend of Anle Ending Explained – What Happened to Leng Bei / Mo Bei?

However, the plan failed. Di Zi Yuan, Han Ye, and Luo Mingxi did not fall into their trap. Han Ye believed that his father would not do it and convinced Di Zi Yuan and Luo Mingxi about it. In the end, they even managed to read, that there was someone who lurked in the dark and used Gu Yunnian.

Leng Bei and Jiang Yu made another plan. This time, they kidnapped Wen Shuo after Jiang Yu learned his secret identity as Di Jingyan. However, they failed to threaten Han Ye. He choose to kill Jiang Yu in public and went to prison. Meanwhile, Wen Shuo managed to escape. When every plan they made failed, Leng Bei had to resort to a bigger plan, the war between the two countries.

Leng Bei followed Anning to Qingnan City. Through an intelligence report, Anning found out that Leng Bei was a spy from Northern Qin. Using a drug, Leng Bei confined Anning to her bed. He keep asking where she hid the commander’s seal.

Leng Bei wanted to use the seal to forge military commands. Bei Zhen, one of Anning’s subordinates was suspicious of Leng Bei and found out that he was the spy. With his help, Anning managed to be free and Leng Bei fled from the city.

Leng Bei’s father, the Emperor of Northern Qin, sent a letter to rebuke him because he failed to kill the Crown Prince of Jing State. And this failure made him lose the opportunity to vie for the throne. Leng Bei’s real name was Mo Bei. He was an illegitimate son of the Emperor of Northern Qin. His mother was a palace servant, therefore Leng Bei’s status was low compared to another prince of Northern Qin.

Leng Bei suffered consecutive defeats when Di Zi Yuan managed to gather Di Army once again. He also failed to catch Han Ye alive. He intended to use Han Ye as a bargaining token for the Emperor of Jing State.

Because of this, his father demoted him to a commoner and banished him to the border. Leng Bei held a grudge against Di Zi Yuan and Luo Mingxi. So he tried to kill Luo Mingxi, but it was Lin Lang who died. Leng Bei fell into a trap and got caught by Di Zi Yuan and Luo Mingxi. I guess it was only death that wait for him at the prison.

My Musing

Ahhh… It was sooo heartbreaking for me to see Luo Mingxi dead. I wished he could have a happy ending. This The Legend of Anle drama ending seemed to be hurried. It took a very long time for the Di Zi Yuan to clear the name of Di family, but later everything seemed to move in a lightning speed, including the war. Probably because the production team has to cut the story short.

Anyway, I was quite satisfied with the The Legend of Anle happy ending. What about you, dear reader, did you feel the same as I did? Hope this The Legend of Anle ending explained post helps. If you want to read this drama review, just click on The Legend of Anle drama review. Don’t forget to write your thought on this ending in the comment box below. I’ll see you in another post. Ciao!

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