Ending ExplainedThe Legend of Zhuohua Ending Explained

The Legend of Zhuohua Ending Explained

Dear readers, I am sorry for the late The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained post. This drama story was about Mu Zhuohua who wanted to be a female official. She had guidance from the sickly God of War, Liu Yan. They slowly grew mutual feelings but had to keep it deep inside their heart due to the circumstances.

Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan also had to deal with Ruo Jia. The First Princess of the country looked harmless and kind on the outside but ruthless on the inside. The ending of their story was a happy ending. But the road to their happiness was long and thorny.

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The Legend of Zhuohua Ending Explained

What Happened to Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan/Prince Ding?

Mu Zhuohua was able to flee from a perilous situation during a Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet with the help of Liu Yan. In an instant, Liu Yan, Mu Zhuohua, and Liu Chen understood that it was Ruo Jia who set them up to drive a wedge between Liu Yan and Liu Chen.

Mu Zhuohua was accused of misconduct by the imperial censor according to Sun Yun Yun’s report. She accused Mu Zhuohua of having an illicit relationship with Liu Yan. However, the Emperor defended her, and Liu Yan also came to help her. Liu Yan did not hesitate to admit that he was Mu Zhuohua’s kept man.

The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained - What Happened to Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan/Prince Ding?
The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained – What Happened to Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan/Prince Ding?

Since Liu Chen likes Mu Zhuohua. When her relationship with Liu Yan was revealed, it caused a rift between her uncle and nephew. Liu Yan opposed Liu Chen when he planned to appoint Shen Jing Hong to be a minister.

Later, Liu Chen cut off the military funds for Liu Yan. The court official could sense that the relationship between the Prince Regent and the Emperor was different from what it used to be. The one who was happy to see it was Ruo Jia.

Ruo Jia started to make a move to bring down Liu Yan. While the person himself was lying down in his chaise after his illness flared up. It was Mu Zhuohua who took care of him and fed him medicine. Liu Yan told her to live well, even if he was gone.

The next day, a group of court officials accused Liu Yan of heavy crimes and a coup attempt. Mu Zhuohua stepped out to defend Liu Yan. But she lost to those court officials. Liu Chen who was enraged ordered Liu Yan to be taken to the dungeon to be questioned. Mu Zhuohua rushed to save him.

However, she was late and Liu Yan had been arrested. Ruo Jia instigated the Cangwu Army to charge into the capital to rescue their leader. Shen Jing Hong advised the Emperor to let Liu Yan talk to the army. His idea worked and after Liu Yan talked to the army, they left the city gate.

While Ruo Jia visited Liu Yan, Mu Zhuohua went to see the Elder Princess to ask for the Zhuxie Sword. She gave it to her and told Mu Zhuohua to save Liu Yan. She hurried to the prison, but all she saw was the dead body of Liu Yan.

Ruo Jia came to weeping Mu Zhuohua and saw the Zhuxie Sword. She sneered that even without the Zuxie sword, she was still the victor. Mu Zhuohua fell ill and did not wake up for three days. She was not the only one who was affected by the death of Liu Yan. Sun Yun Yun went crazy after she learned about the news.

Mu Zhuohua asked for a few days off and went to Liu Yan’s courtyard in the forest. On his desk, Mu Zhuohua found Liu Yan’s jade pendant. She thought that it must be a message that he was still alive. Mu Zhuohua went to the forest and found the living Liu Yan.

Back in the capital, Mu Zhuohua was able to discern that the real intention of Ruo Jia by plotting against Liu Yan, was the throne. She predicted that Ruo Jia was going to steal the imperial seal from Liu Chen. Mu Zhuohua told Zhijian to go to the barrack in the capital region while Zhimo was assigned to monitor Ruo Jia.

At the court session, Mu Zhuohua was shocked when she heard that Yemu Zhen’s body was found on a moat. The death of Yemu Zhen could cause a war between Southern Chen and Northern Liang. But it came earlier than they expected. Yemu Jing and Northern Liang’s army had already crossed the border and surrounded the Barrack of the Capital Region.

The thing was getting out of control when the scholars gathered at the palace gate. They shouted that the ruler was incompetent and the imperial seal was lost. Zhou Ci Shan asked Liu Chen to take out the imperial seal so it could appease the scholar. But the head eunuch suddenly asked for forgiveness. It only meant one thing, the seal was truly lost.

Meanwhile, outside the courtroom had were surrounded by the rebellious guards. Ruo Jia entered the courtroom. She donned a grand robe. A phoenix crown on her head. She held a sword and the imperial seal in her hands. Zhou Ci Shan immediately praised her as wise and capable. He stated that he was willing to support the princess as an Empress. Ruo Jia demanded Liu Chen to abdicate the throne.

Ruo Jia’s troops had defeated the imperial guards. But suddenly, a horse galloped in front of Xuanzheng Hall. The man on the horseback was the one and only, Liu Yan. He led the army to end the coup. In a flash, Ruo Jia’s troop was defeated. Liu Yan entered the hall in a grand manner. Ruo Jia and the court official were shocked to see him.

Liu Yan told everybody that he and the Emperor had set up a plan to lure the traitor out of the shadows. The rebels had been suppressed by the Cangwu Army. Zhijian had taken over the Barrack in the Capital Region. At the moment, Yemu Jing might be in a precarious situation as well.

To everyone’s surprise, the head eunuch carried the real imperial seal into the courtroom. With one order from Liu Yan, the soldiers took all the official who was loyal to Ruo Jia.

Ruo Jia then realized that Shen Jing Hong also partaking in the play. It was Mu Zhuohua who could persuade him to change his mind and act against Ruo Jia. Ruo Jia’s coup attempt ended with her and Shen Jing Hong’s death.

Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan resumed their normal life. Now his body has been healed, thanks to Mu Zhuohua who had experimented with a new method of acupuncture to heal him. Liu Yan resigned from his position as Regent Prince while Mu Zhuohua asked for a transfer to serve at the border. She wanted to live in Liu Yan’s fief.

Before they leave, Liu Chen grants a wedding for both of them. He also recalled the law that forbid female officials from marrying or they should give up on their positions.

What Happened to Liu Chen?

Liu Chen almost fell into Ruo Jia’s trap during the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet. She drugged him with an aphrodisiac and at the same time plotted Mu Zhuohuo to enter a chamber in the palace. They managed to get away from the plot after Liu Yan came. They agreed to put the blame on Liu Yan, so when the Empress Dowager and Ruo Jia entered the room, Liu Chen pretended to get angry with Liu Yan.

The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained - What Happened to Liu Chen
The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained – What Happened to Liu Chen

Despite his calm demeanor, Liu Chen was brokenhearted when he learned that Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan publicly announced their relationship. The relationship between him and Liu Yan starting to get cold.

After the officials led by Zhou Chi Shan accused Liu Yan of heavy crimes, Liu Chen was furious and ordered Liu Yan to be taken away to the dungeon. Later, because of the investigation of Zhou Chi Shan who demanded a death punishment for Liu Yan, Liu Chen had to comply with the punishment.

The death of Liu Yan made Liu Chen fall into a foul mood for days. He started to question his capability as an emperor. Shen Jing Hong could not suppress his distress when he saw the emperor was in a bad condition.

The trap for Ruo Jia had been set up since the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet when she plotted against Liu Chen and Mu Zhuohua. Liu Yan told his nephew that Ruo Jia was planning to usurp the throne. Liu Chen and Liu Yan staged a play as if they were in conflict.

Liu Yan also prepared a drug that could make him look dying to fool Ruo Jia. During his unconscious state, Liu Chen was always on his side.

The things that happened with Ruo Jia had left a scar in Liu Chen’s heart. He vowed to choose the right person for a job and rule the world in order. He did not wish to achieve great things but only wished to live up to the expectations of the people and the country.

What Happened to Princess Ruo Jia and Shen Jing Hong?

After Ruo Jia tried to set Liu Chen and Mu Zhuohua up at the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet, Shen Jing Hong started to feel disappointed in her. He did not agree with her methods considering that Mu Zhuohua was someone from a humble background but had a big dream for the country, just like him. And Shen Jing Hong respected her for that. He questioned Ruo Jia’s intention which seemed to drift away from their original goal.

The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained - What Happened to Princess Ruo Jia and Shen Jing Hong
The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained – What Happened to Princess Ruo Jia and Shen Jing Hong

Ruo Jia never admitted her feelings for Shen Jing Hong. But she always controlled him like a puppeteer. When she felt Shen Jing Hong had drifted away from her, Ruo Jia would come to kiss or hug or whisper sweet words in his ears. Shen Jing Hong could feel her action was artificial and it hurt his feelings. He started to drink his sorrow away.

Shen Jing Hong found out the truth about the tragedy of the Juma River from Yemu Zhen. She said that Ruo Jia always looked innocent and harmless. But she was a ruthless person. Yemu Zhen told him a secret that Ruo Jia was the killer of 30,000 soldiers.

Back then, Ruo Jia colluded with the 3rd Prince of Northern Liang, Yemu Jing. When Yemu Zhen realized that she just blurted a secret, she hastily left the room, leaving the stunned Shen Jing Hong.

After that night, Shen Jing Hong never looked for Ruo Jia anymore. So, Ruo Jia had to be the one who looked for him. She asked whether he was angry at her because she used Mu Zhuohua. Ruo Jia said that to slay a dragon, she had to sacrifice some of her pawns.

Shen Jing Hong no longer wanted to help Ruo Jia with the plan since she colluded with the Zhou family, hence he refused. Ruo Jia tried to persuade him, but no to avail.

Ruo Jia gave ample evidence of Liu Yan’s crimes to her supporters. At the next court session, many officials accused Liu Yan of heavy crimes such as embezzling military funds and annihilation. Shen Jing Hong and Mu Zhuohua were shocked to hear the accusations. Liu Yan was then imprisoned by the order of Liu Chen.

To complete her plan, Ruo Jia instigated the Cangwu Army to charge into the capital to rescue Liu Yan. Shen Jing Hong asked Liu Chen to let him persuade Liu Yan to talk to the army. His plan worked.

Liu Yan was able to appease the army and made them withdraw. He also reminded the army that it was the people of Southern Chen who fed them, and they should be fighting for the people and the country, not for him. Liu Yan’s words made Shen Jing Hong look at him in a different light.

The next day at the court, Shen Jing Hong tried to help Liu Yan get out of prison by saying his complexion was pale. The Emperor’s heart softened and almost let Liu Yan get out of the prison if Zhou Ci Shan had not interrupted by reminding Liu Chen about Liu Yan’s coup attempt. The emperor’s was provoked by his words and punished Liu Yan by death

Ruo Jia asked Liu Chen for permission to deliver the poisoned wine and bid the last farewell. That day every mystery during the tragedy of the Juma River was unveiled. Ruo Jia confessed that she was the one who intentionally told Xue Xiao Tang about the spy of Northern Liang.

Back then, the Empress Dowager wanted to kill Liu Yan and disregarded the lives of 30,000 soldiers. She sold Liu Yan’s military map to Northern Liang. Unexpectedly, the Empress Dowager failed to kill Liu Yan. Yet, Ruo Jia was thankful that he did not die. Since he helped her to get rid of the Empress Dowager.

Ruo Jia used the death of her mother and her hard time in exile as a reason for her revenge. Still, Liu Yan said that it was just an excuse to justify her greed and ambitions. Ruo Jia finally admitted that she wanted power before she forced Liu Yan to drink the wine.

Shen Jing Rong admits defeat to Ruo Jia and is willing to support her again. But he was still shocked when Ruo Jia said that she would cooperate with Yemu Jing to usurp the throne. Ruo Jian reassured him that everything was under her control.

Just like Mu Zhuohua predicted, Ruo Jia’s next move was to steal the imperial seal. A servant stole it from the palace and gave the seal to Shen Jing Hong. Ruo Jia also asked for the help of the Zhuo family. The next thing she did was kill Yemu Zhen. She did it with her own hand while Shen Jing Hong saw all it happened with his cold eyes.

Ruo Jia used the imperial seal to make a fake edict. The next day, a eunuch frantically said that they had found the body of Yemu Zhen inside a moat.

When the court was in chaos because the Northern Liang army had infiltrated their country, Ruo Jia entered the courtroom. She held a sword and the imperial seal in her hands.

But her plan failed miserably when Liu Yan appeared in the courtroom and the emperor revealed that the imperial seal on her hand was fake. It turned out, that Ruo Jia had fallen into the emperor and Liu Yan’s trap long ago.

Ruo Jia was furious when she realized that Shen Jing Hong also betrayed her. It was Mu Zhuohua who persuaded him to change sides. Shen Jing Hong could not forget the pained expression of Sun Yun Qian and Liu Zhen who fell into Ruo Jia’s trap. He also remembered how cold-blooded and ruthless Ruo Jia was when she killed Liu Yan and Yemu Zhen.

However, Ruo Jia always thought that she was against tyranny without realizing that she had turned into a tyrant as well. Shen Jing Hong saw his beloved woman turn into madness with a painful expression. When Ruo Jia charged to stab Liu Chen, he used his body as a shield.

To the shocked Ruo Jia, Shen Jing Hong said that he did it for her. shen Jing Hong told Mu Zhuohua that he would shoulder all the blame and use his blood to pay for the crime. Shen Jing Hong breathed his last breath on Ruo Jia’s arm.

Ruo Jia was not repentant at all. Mu Zhuohua asked why Ruo Jia deceived herself. There would never be someone who loved her more than Shen Jing Hong. He was willing to cooperate with Mu Zhuohua because she had hit his bottom line, the peace of Southern Chen.

However, he had one condition. Shen Jing Hong asked Mu Zhuohua to spare Ruo Jia’s life. Ruo Jia admitted that she had lost. She went to the platform and sat on the golden throne. Before she killed herself with a poison.

My Musing

The wedding of Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan was quite radical for the ancient time. It was Liu Yan who made a kowtow to Mu Zhuohua. Liu Yan was willing to admit that her position inside their household was higher than his. I was glad that they managed to get married since it was such a pity that Mu Zhuohua could not get married if she still wanted to serve as an official.

The Legend of Zhuohua ending explained - poster

Anyhow, dear readers… Let’s wrap up this post with a wish that the handsome Liu Chen would find a perfect woman for him to marry. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Bye, dear readers!

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