Ending ExplainedUnshakable Faith Ending Explained

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained

Dear readers, have you watched Unshakable Faith drama? Are you still curious about the ending? No worries, I am here to present you with a long post of ending explained. So, let’s find out what happened to our beloved police officer Pang Hong Mei, the handsome mathematician Ji Dan Yang, and the despicable spy Bai Hui in the end? Well, without further ado, let’s get started!

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained

What Happened to Pang Hong Mei?

Pang Hong Mei and Chen Dong Sheng were suspicious of Bai Hui, but they kept it to themselves. Chen Dong Sheng discovered that Bai Hui and Luo Shan Shan’s participation in the airtight cabin experiment was planned in advance.

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained - What Happened to Pang Hong Mei?
Unshakable Faith Ending Explained – What Happened to Pang Hong Mei?

Chen Dong Sheng received a report that Li Pei Zhang had lost a titanium alloy sample. The investigation led to Han Yun Dong’s office and Lu Cheng’s involvement. However, the Task Force encountered another dead end when Lu Cheng was found dead in his room.

The Task Force released Luo Shan Shan to lure the real culprit. Bai Hui was shocked to see Luo Shan Shan at the hospital. Meanwhile, Pang Hong Mei and Jiang Shi Kui worked hard to uncover the secret behind the music book. They successfully deciphered the code and read the music score left by the spies. At the same time, Luo Shan Shan found Bai Hui’s music score. The music score was given to Pang Hong Mei as proof of Bai Hui’s innocence, but in fact, it revealed a connection to the spy.

Pang Hong Mei guessed that Bai Hui was the Flying Fox. Immediately, Chen Dong Sheng ordered Bai Hui to be arrested. At the hospital, they encountered Ge Yun, who informed them that Bai Hui had committed suicide and had already been transferred to the City Hospital. Chen Dong Sheng chased after her, only to find that the ambulance driver had been killed.

Pang Hong Mei went to Chu Huai Qiu’s office. They found out that someone had switched Chu Huai Qiu’s camera. Pang Hong Mei immediately recognized the brown camera as Li Qiu Chen’s. At the same time, somebody reported that Ji Dan Yang was missing after receiving a call from Bai Hui.

Pang Hong Mei went to Bai Ming Han’s house to arrest Bai Hui, but the house was empty. A box was found on the table. The items inside the box revealed Bai Ming Han’s identity as Ghost Owl. Additionally, he left a note beneath the box with only three characters written on it: Three Jump Gorge.

Pang Hong Mei, accompanied by Xu Chang Zheng, went to Three Jump Gorge and sent the other comrades to bring the box to Zhang Yan. With the help of Bai Ming Han’s signs, they went through the forest. The two of them were unaware that Zhang Yan had instructed Chen Dong Sheng to take a hundred police officers to search the mountain. Pang Hong Mei and Xu Chang Zheng found the cave after they heard gunshots. However, they only found the body of Liu Si Mao and 40Cents (this is a human, not a coin).

The next day, Pang Hong Mei and Xu Chang Zheng found Bai Ming Han under the cliff. He was injured by a gunshot. Bai Ming Han revealed to Pang Hong Mei that he was searching for Snow Wolf to avenge Pang Shi Zhao’s death.

After he died, Pang Hong Mei retrieved the camera from Bai Ming Han and gave it to Xu Chang Zheng. She instructed him to return to the factory, while she chased after Bai Hui, Ji Dan Yang, and Lin Ran Hai. Unfortunately, Ge Yun found him and shot Xu Chang Zheng to death before she took the camera.

Pang Hong Mei found Bai Hui quarreling with Ji Dan Yang and pointed her gun at Bai Hui. It was a coincidence that Lin Ran Hai returned and saw the situation. Lin Ran Hai aimed to shoot Pang Hong Mei. Ji Dan Yan saw it and tried to protect her. However, he ended up being taken hostage by Lin Ran Hai.

Lin Ran Hai threatened Bai Hui to hand over the negatives in exchange for Ji Dan Yang’s life. Bai Hui threw the negatives, but Ji Dan Yang managed to grab them. Lin Ran Hai saw this and shot Ji Dan Yang. Bai Hui and Pang Hong Mei shot and killed Lin Ran Hai before he could pull the trigger.

Ji Dan Yang did not want Bai Hui to take the negatives, so he destroyed them by exposing them to the sun. Bai Hui was furious because this was her only way out. She shot Ji Dan Yang, but Pang Hong Mei saved him. Pang Hong Mei fired back and fatally wounded Bai Hui. Bai Hui died in front of Pang Hong Mei and Ji Dan Yang. Despite being a dangerous spy, Pang Hong Mei considered her a friend and shed tears upon witnessing her death.

Ge Yun discovered that the negatives were not inside the camera. She then placed explosives inside the camera and went to Chu Huai Qiu’s office. However, Zhang Yang and the Task Force had already identified her as Snow Wolf.

Ge Yun was cornered in the expert building, and her mission failed because Chu Huai Qiu had already taken the data to Beijing. Just as she was about to drop the bomb, Chen Dong Sheng was one step ahead of her. Ge Yun aka Snow Wolf was finally arrested.

What Happened to Ji Dan Yang?

After 20 days inside the sealed cave, the experiment finally ended. Chu Huai Qiu allowed Ji Dan Yang to announce the end. Ji Dan Yang delivered a short but powerful speech that touched everyone’s heart. When the door to the cave was opened, everyone expressed relief and hope.

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained - What Happened to Ji Dan Yang?
Unshakable Faith Ending Explained – What Happened to Ji Dan Yang?

The last person to be taken out was He Xi Wen. She stayed in the airtight cabin longer to collect the final data. Ji Dan Yang realized her whereabouts and went to see her. After giving the paper to Ji Dan Yang, He Xi Wen collapsed and had to be carried on a stretcher.

I swear, I thought He Xi Wen had died. Everybody in this scene had a grave expression when her stretcher passed them. Thankfully, she just fainted.

Chu Huai Qiu followed Chief Zhang’s suggestion and stored all project-related data in photos. He then secured the camera in a safe deposit box in his office.

Bai Hui called Ji Dan Yan and informed him that something had happened to He Xi Wen. Ji Dan Yang rushed to see her, but upon arrival, Bai Hui drugged him, causing him to lose consciousness. When he woke up, Ji Dan Yang was tied up in the mountain.

Bai Hui told him that she was grateful to him. Thus, she wanted to take him to Taiwan. However, Ji Dan Yang refused, stating that he would rather die than go to Taiwan. Bai Hui also confessed that she was the one who added an extra number to his calculation, resulting in He Xi Wen’s accident.

After Bai Ming Han and Lin Ran Hai joined them, Ji Dan Yang still tried to persuade Bai Hui to turn back, but it was in vain. Ji Dan Yang witnessed Bai Ming Han snatch the camera, and then he was shot by Mu Sen before falling off the cliff. He then looked at Bai Hui and told her how many people had to die because of her. However, Bai Hui remained determined to be the evil one, no matter what he said.

By the time they reached the riverbank, Ji Dan Yang had guessed that Bai Hui had already taken the negatives out of the camera. Ji Dan Yang declared that he would never follow her and would rather die. Even when Bai Hui pointed her gun at him, Ji Dan Yang remained unfazed.

When Pang Hong Mei arrived, and Lin Ran Hai was finally dead, Ji Dan Yang took the negatives and stood between Bai Hui and Pang Hong Mei. He decided to destroy the negatives and resigned to fate if Bai Hui were to kill him. However, he was mistaken. Pang Hong Mei had vowed to save him back in Hong Kong, and she saved him again at that moment. When Bai Hui lay on the ground, Ji Dan Yang and Pang Hong Mei stood by her side and watched her close her eyes for good.

After Ge Yun was arrested, the China submarine project continued until the year 1988.

What Happened to Bai Hui?

After the experiment ended, Bai Hui carried on with her work. Then one day she had an argument with Lu Cheng in the hospital. He approached her in a panic and accused her of being a spy and lying about her teacher. Bai Hui was shocked to learn that The Task Force had discovered the missing titanium alloy sample. She became enraged with Lu Cheng because he wanted her to confess her crime to the police.

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained - What Happened to Bai Hui?
Unshakable Faith Ending Explained – What Happened to Bai Hui?

Bai Hui slapped him and told him to leave. She was unaware that Ge Yun had witnessed their argument. Later that night, Lu Cheng wrote a confession letter to the police. However, someone entered his room, and the next day, Lu Cheng was discovered dead. Although it appeared to be a suicide due to a broken heart, the Task Force learned that his death was not that simple.

Following Lu Cheng’s death, Pang Hong Mei interrogated Bai Hui. She pretended to be surprised and said that she had told Lu Cheng to stay away from her because she did not have mutual feelings for him. After the interrogation, Bai Hui went to see Ge Yun. She told Ge Yun that she had guessed her identity as Snow Wolf and knew that Ge Yun had killed Lu Cheng using a barbiturate.

Bai Hui used the opportunity to deal with Ge Yun. Bai Hui said that she wanted to take Bai Ming Han with her or she would not carry out the last task. Ge Yun was not someone to be trifled with. She easily dodged Bai Hui’s threat. Ge Yun gave the barbiturate to Bai Hui and told her that her last task was waiting to be completed.

Bai Hui was in a slight panic when she realized that Luo Shan Shan had found her music score. However, she had a more important task to complete: stealing Chu Huai Qiu’s camera. She teamed up with Ge Yun. They managed to open the safe deposit box and took the camera. The next step was to kidnap Ji Dan Yang. Bai Hui lured him out of his office and drugged him. He was then taken outside the factory in an ambulance.

Bai Hui and Liu Si Mao took Ji Dan Yang to Three Jumps Gorge. She met her father and told him that she would take him to Taiwan to live a happy life. Bai Ming Han was enraged when he heard that Bai Hui had worked as a spy for Kou Xue Song.

Bai Ming Han said that Kou Xue Song was the person who killed Bai Hui’s father. Bai Hui refused to believe it, even after Bai Ming Han said that her father was killed because he refused to take Bai Hui to the Kuomintang.

Bai Hui insisted on taking Bai Ming Han with her and even threatened to commit suicide by taking his poison pill in front of him. The argument escalated when Ji Dan Yang and Lu Si Mao arrived, but it only ended when Lin Ran Hai appeared with a gun.

Lin Ran Hai led them to an abandoned cave where Mu Sen and 40Cents (again, that’s someone’s code name) were already there. Bai Hui never imagined that her father could incite Liu Si Mao to rebel. Because of the sound of gunfire, they were forced to continue their journey. Bai Hui was startled when Bai Ming Han snatched the camera from her. She witnessed Mu Sen shoot her father and falling off the cliff along with the camera.

Bai Hui, Ji Dan Yang, and Lin Ran Hai proceed to the riverbank. Bai Hui admits to taking the negatives out of the camera but cannot bear to kill Ji Dan Yang. When Lin Ran Hai holds Ji Dan Yang hostage in exchange for the negatives, she and Pang Hong Mei shoot him dead.

Bai Hui’s hope for continuing her life shatters when Ji Dan Yang ruins the negatives. Unable to contain her anger, she shoots Ji Dan Yang, but Pang Hong Mei saves him and fires back at her. Bai Hui dies after telling Pang Hong Mei and Ji Dan Yang that she wishes to live their lives.

What Happened to Bai Ming Han?

Bai Ming Han lured Ding Jie to the tailor shop. However, unbeknownst to Bai Ming Han, Li Si Mao saw Ding Jie. In order to prevent the information from leaking, Liu Si Mao went to the shop and killed Miao Hui Lan.

Unshakable Faith Ending Explained - What Happened to Bai Ming Han?
Unshakable Faith Ending Explained – What Happened to Bai Ming Han?

Unfortunately, before he could take the data from her hand, the police arrived. A few days later, Pang Hong Mei visited Bai Ming Han and mentioned Miao Hui Lan’s role as a secret agent and her murder.

Pang Hong Mei also showed Bai Ming Han the key to the wine cellar and asked if he recognized it. Bai Ming Han pretended not to, but he was touched when Pang Hong Mei expressed gratitude for his help in finding her father’s remains. She also asked him to continue helping her in the future.

Later, Bai Ming Han decided to ask Bai Hui if she was hiding anything from him. Bai Hui refused to admit her guilt, so Bai Ming Han showed her the scorebook. Bai Hui was adamant in saying that she got the book from the library and she was learning how to play accordion.

Lin Ran Hai later informed Bai Ming Han that Bai Hui had taken one of his poison pills, which was intended for Chu Huai Qiu. Lin Ran Hai informed Bai Ming Han that Bai Hui was heading to Three Jump Gorge and that he should come if he wanted to save his daughter.

Bai Ming Han made the trip to the mountain and met Bai Hui, who told him that she wanted to take him to Taiwan. Bai Ming Han’s smile froze when he heard that. Bai Hui also confessed that she had followed the same path as him, breaking his heart. She then proceeded to tell him about the Nanshan Youth Class. She also told him that Kou Xue Song saved her life. However, Bai Ming Han refuted her and said that it was Kou Xue Song who killed Bai Hui’s father.

Upon Lin Ran Hai’s arrival, Bai Ming Shan was forced to follow Bai Hui. They entered a cave where Mu Sen and 40Cents (a man, not a coin) were waiting for them. Bai Ming Han realized that he and Liu Si Mao would be killed no matter how Bai Hui tried to protect him, so he incited Liu Si Mao to rebel and caused the death of Liu Si Mao and 40Cents.

The remaining members of the group continued their journey. Bai Ming Han thought of a way to snatch the camera from Bai Hui, hoping that Bai Hui would change his mind after he took the camera, but he was wrong. Even after falling from the cliff, Bai Hui continued on and referred to him as a muddle-headed father.

Bai Ming Han endured the injury until he saw Pang Hong Mei, he gave her the camera and told Pang Hong Mei that her father was the one who saved him. That is why he is looking for Snow Wolf to avenge his death. Bai Ming Han passed away shortly after telling Pang Hong Mei and Xu Chang Zheng about Bai Hui’s destination.

My Two Cents

The Unshakable Faith Ending ending left me unsatisfied, because I could not see whether Pang Hong Mei and Ji Dan Yang’s relationship improved and whether they stayed together in the next project.

However, the note after the ending surprised me because the project continued until 1988. It took a very long time to build a submarine.

Well, what do you think about this drama, dear readers? Do you like it as much as I do? Remember to leave your comments about Unshakable Faith drama and ending explained in the comment box. I’ll see you again next time. Bye!

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