Ending ExplainedExclusive Fairytale Ending Explained

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained

Exclusive Fairytale was a trending youth drama after Hidden Love drama. The story was light-hearted and everything about Xiao Tu was hilarious. As predicted, the ending of Exclusive Fairytale drama was a happy ending. But, how did Ling Chao manage to get Mr. Xiao’s blessing to marry his daughter? Let’s find out. Happy reading!

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained

What Happened To Ling Chao?

After he graduated, Ling Chao worked in Ye Jun’s company. He could bring all his roommates to be his team member. As a computer genius, Ling Chao’s future was limitless. And all his friends still called him Master.

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained - What Happened To Ling Chao
Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained – What Happened To Ling Chao?

Ling Chao’s program Exclusive Fairytale managed to secure an investment, so he could buy a new car. However, he had a small setback because he lost in another project. Xiao Tu comforted him by saying that life was full of ups and down. Her consolation mean a lot to him since Ling Chao was always a winner in his life.

The relationship between them progressed after they slept on the same bed. Xiao Tu was nervous, but Ling Chao convinced her, that he aimed for their future and not just a physical connection between them.

Even though Ling Chao was cool when he said that, the truth was he was struggling to suppress his desire. Especially when Xiao Tu, who was relieved because of his words, hold him tightly and teased him.😅

When Xiao Tu invited Yin Yishan to her show, Ling Chao showed up at her workplace. He dressed up nicely and brought dessert for her colleagues. All of them were impressed by his presence and Xie Wei Wei was burned with jealousy. In the car, he told Xiao Tu that she could always talk to him when she face troubles in her workplace. Lin Chao did not know that Xiao Tu was in trouble and he feel useless.

The next morning, Ling Chao woke Xiao Tu up and called her “honey” (lǎopó, an endearment term used by the husband to call his wife). He told her that they were engaged because their parents already meet to talk about their relationship.

Mr. Xiao finally gave them his blessings when he agree to let Ling Chao marry Xiao Tu. And it all thanks to Mr. Ling who was able to make Mr. Xiao drunk and finally put some sense into him. The mothers recorded when Mr. Xiao finally admitted Ling Chao as his son-in-law. 🤣

After a hectic day because of Yin Zihan’s visit, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu spend the rest of the day romantically. And the next morning, Xiao Tu woke up and basked in the afterglow. She was shy, but it did not take long because Ling Chao teased her.

Ling Chao and Xiao Tu return to Yidong and went to Ling’s family’s house. His parents were busy cleaning up the house. Xiao Tu find an old photo album between the sorted goods. It was full of family photos and newspaper article clippings about Ling Chao. Xiao Tu guessed that the photo album was made when Mr.

Ling was away from his family. During the estranged time, he never forget Ling Chao and his mother. Seeing the photo album untie the last knot in Ling Chao’s heart. He finally could make peace with his own heart. They took family photos, this time, Xiao Tu also joined them.

Ling Chao proposed to Xiao Tu. No fancy roses, balloons, or candles. Only he and her were standing under the Sky Wheel. He told her that because they had to separate in the first year of college, he had to walk alone but he still wanted to come back to her. No matter where they go, Ling Chao still wanted to wait for Xiao Tu at the stairway near her house. He knew that as long as he wait for her, she would come.

Ling Chao and Xiao Tu finally got married. Their first child was a boy. Ling Chao was ecstatic about the baby, while Xiao Tu and Mrs. Ling hoped for a girl. Their son described his father as tolerant, brave, and filial. He also said that Ling Chao was the person who loves him the most.

What Happened To Xiao Tu?

Xiao Tu starts her internship at Yunhai TV Station. But it did not work well because her supervisor, Mrs. Jun, was biased toward Xiao Tu’s fellow intern named Xie Wei Wei. It was said that Xie Wei Wei had a connection while Xiao Tu only relied on herself. Xiao Tu was completely ignored by Mrs. Jun.

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained - What Happened To Xiao Tu
Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained – What Happened To Xiao Tu?

Her main job was to make coffees and deliver documents. While Xie Wei Wei managed to join the program, meet the guests, and learn many things about broadcasting.

Xiao Tu was often feeling down about her situation, but she never told Ling Chao about it. After a hard day of being scolded by Mrs. Jun and getting her proposal rejected, Xiao Tu went to a restaurant with Ling Chao. She was expecting a proposal but it turned out only a regular dining. Their relationship had progressed and nowadays, they slept on the same bed. Nothing happened though…😆

Yunhai TV Station had an assessment for the interns. Xiao Tu and Xie Wei Wei have to make a show project. Whoever had the highest audience rating could continue to stay at the TV station. Xiao Tu worked hard on her show which presented Ye Jun as the guest. She got the highest rating, but Mrs. Jun told Xiao Tu that she got the highest rating because she got the upper hand on the schedule. Despite Xiao Tu’s protest, Mrs. Jun decided to redo the assessment and switch the schedule.

Xiao Tu has run out of ideas about her guest. But later, Xie Wei Wei gave her one when she mocked Xiao Tu by saying Xiao Tu needed a celebrity if she wanted to defeat her. Xiao Tu remembered Yin Zihan and asked him to be her guest. And he agrees to her request almost immediately.

On the taping day, everyone on Yunhai TV Station was excited to see Yin Zihan. The Chief director even went to see Yin Zihan. In front of them, Yin Zihan praised and called Xiao Tu his best friend. Mrs. Jun suddenly praised Xiao Tu in front of the Chief Director. She said that Xiao Tu was her intern who was reliable and capable with a strong hard-working spirit. 😜

With the help of Yin Zihan, Xiao Tu managed to secure her future at Yunhai TV Station. When Yin Zihan visited her apartment, Xiao Tu nervously asked whether he liked her. She had that thought because Yin Zihan said that he had a crush on a girl in high school during the interview. And the description was very much like her. Yin Zihan refuted her by saying that was a made-up story for his persona. Xiao Tu easily convinced and believe in his words.

After Yin Zihan visited their apartment, Xiao Tu and Ling Chao spend the night romantically. They reach another milestone in their relationship. They returned to Yidong shortly after that. Because they already had the parent’s blessings, Xiao Tu and Ling Chao’s relationship progressed at lightning speed.

Ling Chao proposed to Xiao Tu in a casual and simple manner under the Sky Wheel. He did it just like Mu Yehan did in the romance novel that Xiao Tu used to read when they were in high school. They got married and took photos in the merry-go-round, still in their wedding attires. Xiao Tu gave birth to a son who sounded more like Ling Chao rather than her.😅

What Happened to Yin Zihan?

Yin Zihan was happy because Xiao Tu asked him to be a guest in her show. He finally got the chance to show her how awesome he was. In the interview, the host asked Yin Zihan whether he had a girl crush in high school.

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained - What Happened to Yin Zihan
Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained – What Happened to Yin Zihan?

Yin Zihan told the host that when his crush was just an ordinary girl who likes to eat snacks, looked silly when she smiles, and was bad at math. But she was the first person who supported him and later she become an inspiration for him.

Even though Yin Zihan managed to convince Xiao Tu that everything he said in the interview was only for his persona, he really likes her. He even wrote a song about his first love, Xiao Tu.

Before he left, Yin Zihan challenged Ling Chao to compete in terms of career, since he was totally lost when it comes to romance. Ling Chao refused because they worked in a different field of job. When they talked happily, none of them realized that paparazzi secretly took their photos and made it a trending topic.

Xiao Tu was panicked, but Yin Zihan was happy and told his manager to keep the news for a while. He said it was a good thing to be a trending topic. His attitude managed to make Ling Chao feel another sense of crisis and forbid Xiao Tu to call or text Yin Zihan again…🤣

What Happened to Jiang Juan Juan and Jia Si Wen?

Jia Juan Juan was sad because she was waiting for Jia Si Wen to call her on her birthday. But the waiting was useless because he seemed to ignore her. Jiang Juan Juan could not take it anymore. So on her birthday, she decided to break up with Jia Si Wen. The feelings were awful that Jiang Juan Juan went into depression. It took a while before Jiang Juan Juan could stand up on her feet again.

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiang Juan Juan and Jia Si Wen
Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiang Juan Juan and Jia Si Wen?

Meanwhile, Jia Si Wen was in a remote area where no signal was available. He went up to the mountain, but because the weather was bad, he returned to the campsite. He recorded a congratulatory video for Jiang Juan Juan right when the clock showed 00:00. He also told her that he was lucky to find her in his life. But everything he said was futile because, in the end, he still broke up with her.

Twenty months later, Jiang Juan Jua went to Beijing for an internship while Jia Si Wen went to Yunhai. He met Ling Chao and Xiao Tu. At first, Xiao Tu was angry at him. But Jia Si Wen explained that he did not intentionally ignore Jiang Juan Juan. At that time, his Exclusive Fairytale app could not be working because of bugs. He still could write the diary but Jiang Juan Juan could not read it.

However, when Ling Chao wanted to fix it, Jia Si Wen refused. He thought that he could not give Jiang Juan Juan a sense of security, so it did not matter anymore. Xiao Tu told him that the most important thing in a relationship was not the sense of security, but communication. After he thought it through, Jia Si Wen decided to pursue Jiang Juan Juan again and asked for advice from Ling Chao.

Jia Si Wen planned to confess his love again to Jiang Juan Juan. He prepared a special venue with many rose petals, balloons, and candles everywhere. Xiao Tu had a role to take Jiang Juan Juan there. But it did not work as planned. Jiang Juan Juan refused to listen to him.

But when Jian Si Wen started to dance like Junhui, Jiang Juan Juan could no longer hold the tears. Jia Si Wen hugged her but Jiang Juan Juan break out from his arm and he had to chase after her. Jiang Juan Juan could not give him any answer and asked for time to think it through. Jia Si Wen immediately agreed and gave her his coat.

When Jiang Juan Juan returns to the dorm room, she found Jia Si Wen’s old phone in his coat’s pocket. She unlocked it and saw their photos. They finally got back together, but Jiang Juan Juan still has some knots in her heart.

Jiang Juan Juan and her friends went to celebrate their graduation. When they talked about their future plan, Jiang Juan Juan said she would just be a Beijing Drifters. Jia Si Wen told Jiang Juan Juan that she would not be one because he would buy her a house. Fyi, Beijing Drifters was a term for people who come to work in Beijing but could not buy any house because they did not have a local household record.

Jiang Juan Juan got drunk that night. She asked why Jia Si Wen never told her his real thought and never say that he liked her. Realizing that Jiang Juan Juan had much uncertainty in her heart, Jia Si Wen finally dared to tell Jiang Juan Juan that he liked her. They ended up kissing in front of their friends.

What Happened to Xu Ling Long and Xiao Mo?

Xu Ling Long realized that she did not like Ling Chao anymore. Yet, she was obsessed with the feeling that she liked him. Xu Ling Long thought that if she admitted that she did not like him anymore, she would feel that the admiration she had for years would be futile. So she keeps on fangirling Ling Chao. 🤣

Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained - What Happened to Xu Ling Long and Xiao Mo
Exclusive Fairytale Ending Explained – What Happened to Xu Ling Long and Xiao Mo?

After she graduated, Xu Ling Long wanted to return to Yidong City and opened a dance class. She made up her mind and strives to be an entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, After Xu Ling Long fell from height and broke her feet, she no longer could dance for their graduation performance. Xu Ling Long urged Xiao Mo to replace her because she was not assured when others took her position as a lead dancer. So Xiao Mo went to replace her. And after the performance, she had been offered a position in a dance troupe in Shanghai.

My Two Cents

I laughed a lot when Xiao Tu’s imagination was running wild after they had their first night together. The scene when she caught daydreaming was so funny. And I had to admit that Jun was a real-born seducer. The proposal was simple but sweet and I hoped they had a happy marriage life. Although I am sure Xiao Tu and Ling Chao would bicker at every turn and their children would sigh on the sight of it.🤣

Anyhow, that’s all for today. I’ll see you in another ending explained drama post, dear readers. If you want to read this drama review, you can read it on Exclusive Fairytale drama review post. Ciao!!

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