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Hidden Love Ending Explained

Dear readers… this is Hidden Love Ending Explained. I am sure that you might have guessed that the story ended with a happy ending. It surely did. But there were family issues that need to be addressed between Duan Jia Xu and Sang Zhi. And the presence of Jiang Ying also needs to be solved by Duan Jia Xu. So, let’s get started. Happy reading!

Hidden Love Ending Explained

What happened to Sang Zhi?

Since she took care of Duan Jia Xu, Sang Zhi felt he was somehow different. Duan Jia Xu always asked her many questions about her man preferences. She felt that he send signals as if he fall for her, which was something she believed would be impossible to happen. Her roommates encouraged her to be more proactive to find out about Duan Jia Xu’s feelings. They clearly see that he was attracted to her.

Hidden Love Ending Explained - What happened to Sang Zhi
Hidden Love Ending Explained – What happened to Sang Zhi?

Duan Jian Xu and Sang Zhi went on a date on her birthday. They watched a movie and went to his apartment afterward because Duan Jia Xu had prepared a surprise for her. Sang Zhi’s heart was full of happiness because she could celebrate her birthday with him for the first time.

After they blow out the candles and cut the cake, Duan Jia Xu and Sang Zhi had a small conversation while enjoying the breeze. Duan Jia Xu asked her again about his man’s preferences. Sang Zhi responded that the man should be handsome, tall, and had a good temper. Duan Jia Xu told her that he fit all the characteristics and asked whether he could pursue her. Sang Zhi was surprised to hear that.

Duan Jia Xu added that he did not want to be her older brother because he wanted to be her boyfriend. Sang Zhi returned to the dorm with happiness bubbling up inside her. They officially get together on Duan Jia Xu’s birthday after Sang Zhi prepared a surprise party and cooked him a longevity noodle. They had their first kiss that night as well.

Sang Zhi wanted to spend her summer break in Yihe, so she applied for an internship. But when she told Sang Yan about it, he was furious. Sang Yan thought she did not want to return home because of her boyfriend. So he secretly flew to Yihe and caught Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu holding hands while strolling at the campus.

Sang Zhi tried to calm her brother down. But in the end, Sang Yan settled the matter with Duan Jia Xu personally. And although it was hard for him, Sang Yan must accept that his precious sister and his best friend were inseparable.

Sang Zhi’s internship days were hard because her supervisor was Shi Xiao Yu who was Jiang Ying’s friend. Sang Zhi did not want anybody in her family worried about her, so she lied that her job was interesting, her co-workers were nice, and she was happy to be there. Since she knew that Duan Jia Xu might also be worried, she lied to him as well. Including the time when she encounters Jiang Ying at a company gathering.

Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu return to Nanwu for a short break. They also plan to tell Sang Zhi’s parents about their relationship. But before they could say anything, Mother Sang already saw them kissing in front of their house. Sang Zhi’s parent was concerned about their relationship. They knew very well about Duan Jia Xu’s family circumstances since they help Duan Jia Xu with his mother’s hospital bill. Although they knew that he was a good person, they were not willing their Sang Zhi to live a hard life.

When Sang Zhi was away, Father and Mother Sang invite Duan Jia Xu to their home. They expressed their objection to the relationship because of the age gap and family issues. Later that day, they told Sang Zhi the same. They even offered to talk to Duan Jia Xu if Sang Zhi was too afraid to break up the relationship. Sang Zhi knew that her parents means well. They wanted to protect her and give her a good life. But she could not help feeling disappointment towards them.

Sang Zhi called Duan Jia Xu that night to tell him that he was great and that he should not put what her parents said into his heart. Duan Jia Xu could not help but smile. Yet, he felt sour in his heart. He told Sang Zhi that he would return to Yihe the next day because he had to consider something. He did not let her follow him because the flight was early in the morning and she have not spent time with her parents.

Sang Zhi thought he was avoiding her and decided to catch up with him at Yihe the next day. Father and Mother Sang were worried Sang Zhi was upset with them. Sang Zhi explained that she knew that they mean well, but now she was an adult. And since she knew what she wanted then she would fight for it.

At Yihe airport, Sang Zhi told Duan Jia Xu about the secret feelings that she’s been hiding for years. Including her visit to Yihe when she was in 11th grade. Sang Zhi wanted Duan Jia Xu to know that he was a great person and begged him to let her stay with him forever. Before she return to Yihe, Sang Zhi thought that Duan Jia Xu was considering ending their relationship due to her parent’s words.

At the apartment that night, Sang Zhi found Duan Jia Xu sitting alone in a low mood. She asked what happened and Duan Jia Xu answered that he felt he had treated her badly. Sang Zhi comforted him and said he always treat her nicely. And to her surprise, Duan Jia Xu told Sang Zhi that he love her. Sang Zhi was speechless when Duan Jia Xu promised that he would make up for his mistakes for the rest of their lives. The promises lead to an intense and intimate moment.

Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu made a plan for their future. She would stay at Yihe to finish her study while Duan Jia Xu return to Nanwu and built his own game development studio.

She busied herself by entering a design contest together with Yu Xin. She made an animation based on the story of Mr. Fox (Duan Jia Xu) and a little girl (Sang Zhi). She won the first place.

On graduation day, Sang Zhi and her friends went to the beach for a photo session. She and the others helped Chen Qiang to prepare a proposal for Ning Wei. Little did she know that the flowers were prepared for her own proposal. Sang Zhi was surprised when Duan Jia Xu came up to her with a very big rose bouquet and a ring. But when she saw her family was also there, Sang Zhi felt that her happiness was complete.

What Happened to Duan Jia Xu?

After Duan Jia Xu and Sang Zhi got together, he had been thinking about how to spill the relationship to Sang Yan. Qian Fei who had been helping him by encouraging him to pursue the girl got scared when he found out that the girl was Sang Zhi.

Hidden Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Duan Jia Xu
Hidden Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Duan Jia Xu?

Sang Yan caught them red-handed when they holding hands. Duan Jia Xu told him that it was he who pursue Sang Zhi. Sang Yan still finds it hard to accept that his best friend targeting his little sister. Duan Jia Xu let Sang Yan beat him up to vent his anger. After the anger subsided, Sang Yan admitted that he was relieved that Sang Zhi’s boyfriend was Duan Jia Xu.

After he got together with Sang Zhi, Duan Jia Xu always thought of how to make her life easier. So he rented a two-bedroom apartment near the university. He told her that the apartment was their home and Sang Zhi could rest there every time she felt tired.

Duan Jia Xu and Sang Zhi’s relationship encounter a stumbling block when Sang Zhi’s parents had objections towards him. They thought that he was too old for her and his family circumstances were too complicated. They did not want Sang Zhi to live a hard life with him.

Duan Jia Xu was feeling down. Yet he knew that he had to solve his family issues and make a thorough plan for their future if he want Sang Zhi’s parents to accept him. He decided to return to Yihe earlier than his plan. But he never thought that Sang Zhi would have some misunderstanding and followed him to Yihe.

Duan Jia Xu was stunned when he heard that Sang Zhi had been keeping her feelings for him since she was in high school. She proved it by giving him two origami stars with a secret she wrote inside them. Duan Jia Xu was touched by every word she said.

That night, Duan Jia Xu recalled what happened back then. Sang Zhi’s crying face and everything he said to her made him feel bad. Sang Zhi saw him in a low mood and asked what happened. Duan Jia Xu stare at her and confessed his love for her. He said he felt bad because he knew about her feeling for years.

After he saw her unwavering dedication, it made Duan Jia Xu realized that he was not good enough. But Duan Jia Xu was willing to make up for his shortcomings every day they spent together. Duan Jia Xu also promised that he would not make her regret her choice. The love confession leads them to another stage of their relationship.

Duan Jia Xu decided to resign from his job and start a new business in Nanwu. He wanted to do that because later after Sang Zhi graduated, she would return to her hometown. Therefore, he had to prepare for everything beforehand. Jiang Siyun gave him a better choice. Duan Jia Xu could apply to the headquarters to open a new studio in Nanwu. The headquarters could provide him with some technical support and follow-up opportunities. Duan Jia Xu agreed to follow her arrangement.

Happiness did not last long for Duan Jia Xu. The hospital called him and tell him that his father’s condition worsened and he might die. Duan Jia Xu went there and talked to his father about his feelings, the compensation, the debts, and the death of his mother. He finally was able to release all the pent-up emotions that had been spiraling inside him. Father Duan passed away right after he stopped talking.

Although he knew that day would come, Duan Jia Xu could not contain his sadness and cried profusely in Sang Zhi’s warm embrace. After the funeral, he took Sang Zhi to his mother’s grave to introduce her. Sang Zhi promised his mother that as long as Sang Zhi was there, she would not let anyone bully Duan Jia Xu. She would take care of him and protect him forever.

Duan Jia Xu started his business in Nanwu and it convinced Sang Zhi’s parents about his seriousness towards their daughter. He told them that he would be a completely different person if he had not met Sang Zhi. Father and Mother Sang are only concerned about Sang Zhi’s happiness. And if Duan Jia Xu could protect her, nothing else matter.

The long-distance relationship lasted for two years until Sang Zhi graduated. On the day Sang Zhi and her friends took graduation photos at the beach, Duan Jia Xu surprised her with a proposal. Sang Zhi was shocked but when she saw her parents and brother were there too, she was relieved. As he got down to his knees, Sang Zhi’s smile widened. They seal the proposal with a kiss.

What happened to Sang Yan?

Sang Yan was furious when he heard that Sang Zhi would not come home on a holiday. He thought that she purposely stay at Yihe for her so-called post-graduate boyfriend. So he secretly went to Yihe and caught Sang Zhi holding hands with her new boyfriend. Sang Yang was shocked when he found out the boyfriend was Duan Jia Xu.

Hidden Love Ending Explained - What happened to Sang Yan
Hidden Love Ending Explained – What happened to Sang Yan?

For Sang Yan, Sang Zhi was his most precious sister. He could not accept that his best friend took her away. Sang Zhi panicked and tried to calm him down but got scolded instead. After he forcefully sent Sang Zhi to her dorm, Sang Yan vent his anger by punching Duan Jia Xu.

Sang Yan lamented that he would accept if Duan Jia Xu dated a younger girl, but this was his precious little sister they talking about. He asked Duan Jia Xu whether he was really serious about her. And after he saw that Duan Ji Xu solemnly promised that he was serious and will treat her nicely, Sang Yan gave up.

Since he realized that Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu was inseparable, he become their supporters. Deep down inside Sang Yan was relieved that Sang Zhi’s boyfriend was Duan Jia Xu whom he knew well. Sang Yan was present to give emotional support when Duan Jia Xu went to see his parents and talk about his relationship with Sang Zhi. He was also present when Duan Jia Xu proposed to Sang Zhi.

What Happened to Jiang Ying?

Jiang Ying’s obsession with Duan Jia Xu had constantly annoyed him. She often come to his company to make a scene and the security guards had to drag her out. Shi Xiao Yu, Sang Zhi’s supervisor in her internship was Jiang Ying’s close friend.

Hidden Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiang Ying
Hidden Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiang Ying?

She recognized Sang Zhi at first glance as the girl who accompanied Duan Jia Xu. Shi Xiao Yu firmly believed that Sang Zhi had stolen Jiang Ying’s boyfriend and treated her harshly. Sang Zhi knew that Shi Xiao Yu maltreated her but she keep silent about it.

Shi Xiao Yu saw Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu inside his car in front of the company building. She called Jiang Ying to report it and she become distraught. Later that day, Jiang Ying found out that Shi Xiao Yu was going to a company gathering on a KTV longer. She followed her there and meet Sang Zhi.

Jiang Ying stopped Sang Zhi and told her that Duang Jia Xu’s father was a murderer, bedridden, and his hospital bill was 100.000 yuan per year. Jiang Ying thought she could convince Sang Zhi to leave Duan Jia Xu. But she was wrong because Sang Zhi could answer back calmly.

She said to Jiang Ying that she had time and money to waste on Duan Jia Xu. His father’s fault was not his and Duan Jia Xu had been trying to make it up for it. He was innocent and the accident was not an excuse for Jiang Ying to hurt Duan Jia Xu.

Jiang Ying was torn apart between anger and infatuation for Duan Jia Xu. She used the accident as a reason to guilt-tripped him. Sang Zhi never told Duan Jia Xu about the meeting, but one of his colleagues saw Sang Zhi talking to Jiang Ying. Duan Jia Xu got angry. He went to her nail salon with a letter from the police. He told Jiang Ying that if she ever harassed Sang Zhi again, he would call the police.

On the last day of her internship, Sang Zhi went to Shi Xiao Yu to thank her. She did not forget to reveal that she knew Shi Xiao Yu treated her harshly because she wanted to vent Jiang Ying’s anger. Sang Zhi told Shi Xiao Yu that she never steal anyone’s boyfriend. And if she had time, Shi Xiao Yu should take Jiang Ying to a psychologist because she need it.

My Musing

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Although the ending seemed to be hurried, I was quite satisfied with the story. I also was very amazed by Chen Zhe Yuan’s acting. It was not easy to be able on par with Zhao Lu Si’s acting. But he could pull it off perfectly. Kudos to him.

Well, readers, that was the ending of Hidden Love. If you want to read this drama review, you can check it on Hidden Love drama review post. I hope you’ll enjoy the drama as well as I am. I’ll see you in the next post. Ciao!

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  3. I am concerned why sang zhi said there story ended when she was 22 years old. What happened? Did they got separated? Did one of them died? Or Are we expecting a season 2 of it?


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