Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 25-27 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 25-27 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Hi readers, this is the last recap for Love Like The Galaxy Part 1 (episode 25-27). I hope you enjoy it. But, let’s get to know new character before we started.

New Characters Appearance

Lord Ruyang

Love Like The Galaxy - Lord Ruyang
Lord Ruyang

Lord Ruyang, Wen Daniu, was the Emperor’s uncle. His marriage with Princess Ruyang was not harmonious, that’s why he choose to lived separated from her at Sancai Temple. Lord Ruyang was a kind person. He choose to succumb to his wife because he thought that was the best way to interact with her. His conversation with Shao Shang gave him some enlightment about his marriage.

Episode Recap

Episode 25

Ling Bu Yi accompanied his mother to pray for his brother, Huo Chong. He told her that he might find another clue about the massacre of Gu City. Her mother said that the culprit was still alive, and he must not let him go. Additionally, Ling Bu Yi tells her that he will be wedded soon, and their happiness is approaching.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-1

Marquis Cheng Yang, Ling Yi, had come and persuaded him to cancel the marriage. He wanted Ling Bu Yi to choose Princess Yuchang because she was the granddaughter of Lord Ruyang. His marriage with Princess Yuchang would give Ling Bu Yi more benefits than Shao Shang because Lord Ruyang held more power than Cheng Shi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-2

Ling Bu Yi refused the idea and kicked him out. But before he goes, Huo Junhua suddenly appears and beats him out.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-3

Ling Bu Yi took Han Wu to the altar room. Han Wu reported he had found the military physician who worked under Marquis Yue. The physician lived in Western Village and had changed his name. Han Wu would continue the secret investigation. Ling Bu Yi told him to be careful because it was dangerous.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-4

Shao Shang was playing the flute under the moonlight. Father and mother Cheng cannot sleep thinking about what happened at the palace. Mother Cheng regretted her words because they made her thousand times more terrible than Ling Bu Yi inside Shao Shang’s heart. She hoped Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang could be a loving couple and grow old together.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-5

Yuan Shen asked his mother about his marriage, but his mother told him to choose his bride himself. She did not have a slight worry at all. All this time, Yuan Shen’s mother was disappointed by her marriage. Therefore, she did not think Yuan Shen’s marriage was important too. Yuan Shen was sad to hear his mother’s answer and thought that his life was pathetic and ridiculous.

Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi went to Lou’s residence to attend He Zhao Jun and Lou Yao’s wedding. Shao Shang congratulated him and wished him a blissful and long-lasting marriage. Lou Yao also congratulated Shao Shang on her betrothal to Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-6

Yuan Shen caught her in sight and came to ridicule her because she easily succumbed to power. Do I smell spilled vinegar from him? 😆

He Zhao Jun took Shao Shang to the hall. But they stop in a corridor and talk for a while. He Zhao Jun offered her gratitude because Shao Shang returned Lou Yao to her. He Zhao Jun also said that because of her, Shao Shang had to marry a vicious, suspicious, and ruthless Ling Bu Yi. However, Shao Shang said it was not his nature. It was Ling Bu Yi’s killing intent. He might look vicious, but as a military general, Ling Bu Yi had displayed his viciousness in the right place.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-7

In the corridor, Yuan Shen told Ling Bu Yi that he was surprised that Shao Shang had betrothed to Ling Bu Yi. The irritated Ling Bu Yi offered his recommendation so Yuan Shen could be an official and stop bothering him or Shao Shang. However, Yuan Shen said his master had recommended him to be an official. Therefore, they will become fellow officials in the future.

Ling Bu Yi said he would invite him on his wedding day, but Yuan Shen rebuked him that nobody could be sure about marriage unless the wedding ceremony was over. Ling Bu Yi accused him of having improper thoughts about Shao Shang. But, of course, Yuan Shen would not admit that. He said that he didn’t have any improper thoughts about her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-8

The bickering stopped when Lou Yao said that he always thought Shao Shang was the best lady in the capital. Hearing that, Yuan Shen and Ling Bu Yi rebuked him…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-9

Poor Lou Yao. Didn’t they realize that between the three of them, the only person who was hand-picked by Shao Shang herself was Lou Yao? Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen didn’t have the honor. But still, they argue as if Shao Shang was a very critical state affair…🤣

At the banquet, Wang Lin and Lou Li were also present. As soon as they saw Shao Shang, they started to make humiliating remarks about her. Lou Li rebuked Shao Shang for accepting the betrothal and made Lou Yao heartbroken.

But Shao Shang defended herself and said that she must break off the betrothal between herself and Lou Yao to fulfill General He’s dying wish, and not because the Cheng family was indebted to the Lous. Her statement was overheard by the female elders. When First Madam Lou wanted to interfere, Mother Cheng deterred her.

Wang Lin accused Shao Shang had enticed Ling Bu Yi with flirty advances and bewitching him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-10

Lou Li also accused her of having an affair beforehand. Wan Qi Qi tried to defend Shao Shang, but she forbade her. Wang Lin and Lou Li’s statements caused an uproar among the young ladies. Wang Yanji, who saw the scene, immediately gave hints to Ling Bu Yi that Shao Shang needed his help.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-11

Liang Qiu Qi and Qiu Fei brought some armored guards into the hall. They frighten all the guests, especially the young ladies. Ling Bu Yi didn’t stop right there. In front of everyone, he reprimanded Wang Lin and Lou Li for not having proper conduct as young ladies.

They talked about marriage matters as if they were shrews. Ling Bu Yi even goes as far as revealing that Wang Lin’s father and brother were enticed by beautiful ladies who were given to him by the 5th Prince. That was a great humiliation for Wang Lin.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-12

At the end of his anger, Ling Bu Yi invited everybody who was present to come to his wedding day.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 25-13

Episode 26

In the carriage, Ling Bu Yi asked her why she was quiet. Shao Shang tells him that she didn’t feel happy when Ling Bu Yi spoke up for her at the banquet. On the contrary, Shao Shang felt helpless. She tried to fend for herself, but it was for naught. Qi Qi helped her too, but it was useless. She was sure her mother would also do the same.

But Ling Bu Yi could stop their bullying with only several words. Shao Shang felt useless and there were signs of fear that one day she might lose her identity.

Ling Bu Yi didn’t understand her feelings. For him, husband and wife were one entity. What belongs to him would also belong to Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-1

Shao Shang became more unhappy when Ling Bu Yi stopped her from eating flatbread. Ling Bu Yi explained to her that eating at a late hour would cause indigestion, and being too full would make them less alert. Shao Shang put on a long face. She told him she hated being restricted, and he had to bear with her temperament.

Oooh… Their first quarrel as a couple. I like this kind of dynamic between couples. Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang are not engaged because of mutual feelings. Therefore, it would be natural to have some dispute.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-2

In the middle of the journey, suddenly, Liang Qiu Qi reported an emergency. Without a word, Ling Bu Yi jumped off the carriage and told Liang Qiu Fei to take Shao Sha to Cheng’s residence. Shao Shang was unhappy to be left alone just like that.

Liang Qiu Qi reported the situation in Western Village, where Han Wu investigated the military physician. Liang Qiu Qi was afraid that Han Wu was already dead. Ling Bu Yi decided to go to Western Village, but Liang Qiu Qi reminded him that he must deliver betrothal gifts tomorrow. Ling Bu Yi said that he had his arrangement for that.

The next day, nobody sent the betrothal gifts to the Cheng family because Madam Chun Yu was unwell. Of course, this is just Madam Chun Yu’s plot to delay the betrothal between our General Ling and Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-3
Old Madam Cheng was the only one who excited about Shao Shang’s bethrothal 😅

Madam Chun Yu, Princess Ruyang, and Princess Yuchang were having a conversation when a maid came. She reported that Ling Bu Yi asked the Emperor to help him deliver the betrothal gifts because he was fatherless and his mother was sick. The Emperor had appointed Lord Ruyang to do the job.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-4

Ling Bu Yi didn’t spare any thought for Marquis Chengyang and Madam Chun Yu. Good job, General!👏

Lady Ruyang vented her anger at Lord Ruyang. Lord Ruyang threatened to divorce her. Lady Ruyang screamed and, bringing up the past, said that she had sacrificed enough to help the Emperor and them. But her contribution was not appreciated at all.

Princess Yuchang, the drama queen, said she was born unlucky. She would rather be a nun who served deities at Sancai Temple if she could not marry Ling Bu Yi. Her words triggered Lady Ruyang to hit Lord Ruyang and plead to die at Sancai Temple. After that, she and Yuchang cried together. Therefore, to stop them Lord Ruyang agreed to interrupt Ling Bu Yi’s wedding. Immediately after he said those words, the crying session stopped.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-5
Can you hear her annoying voice? Because I did…🤪

Lord Ruyang realized that he was being tricked by his wife and granddaughter.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-6

At Cheng’s Residence. Shao Shang was disappointed because General Ling wasn’t there to deliver the gifts. She vents her anger by hammering a table. Lord Ruyang saw her and walked to her. Shao Shang told him that she was like the table because everybody could step on her head. After all, she has no power at all. Shao Shang tried to trick him to ruin the marriage. But Lord Ruyang could saw right through her intention.

Lord Ruyang found it interesting to talk to her. She wasn’t afraid of him, despite his status as the Emperor’s uncle. She even wanted to trick him to ruin the marriage. Even though she knew that her status and Ling Bu Yi’s were vastly different, Shao Shang was afraid to reject the marriage. She told Lord Ruyang that she was afraid of the power and consequences.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-7

Her words about power and consequences made him see a new light. Lord Ruyang happily said that he was hoping for their marriage to be successful before he left in a good mood.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-8

Princess Ruyang was angry because Lord Ruyang didn’t ruin the marriage. Lord Ruyang said that he had enough of Princess Ruyang. They have been married for 50 years, but they barely speak, and they always quarrel. Right now, he wanted to do something for himself, so he divorced her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-9

Princess Yuchang cried and wailed to hear that her grandfather refused to help her. She begged her grandfather to tell the Emperor she was willing to marry Ling Bu Yi together with Shao Shang.

Princess Yuchang also threatened to hang herself in front of the Emperor. Lord Ruyang was angry to hear her words, he slap her and reprimand her in a harsh way that rendered both grandmother-granddaughter speechless. He gave Princess Yuchang an ultimatum, whether to marry another man or become a nun.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-10

At the Western Village, the Liang duo didn’t find any clue about Han Wu. But Ling Bu Yi remembers that Han Wu used a secret way to communicate. After they dug the soil, they found a clue that said Han Wu was safe and would come and look for Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-11

Ling Bu Yi came early in the morning when the Chengs were having breakfast.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-12

He came to apologize for not delivering the dowries on time. Ling Bu Yi chose to join them at the table and tried to blend with the Chengs.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-13

He threw a joke that he learned from Liang Qiu Fei. But the joke was awful, and it made the atmosphere awkward. Things become weirder when Old Madam Cheng comes and even touches his face to compliment his appearance.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-14
I hate her at the beginning of this drama. But lately I find that Old Madam Cheng was quite adorable…

One day, after the Chengs went shopping, they were surprised to see Black Armor Guards at their gate. It turned out that Ling Bu Yi brought them there to guard Cheng’s residence and ensure their safety. Father Cheng and his children were speechless to hear his explanation.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 26-15

Episode 27

Early in the morning, Ling Bu Yi woke Shao Shang up. But she kept on sleeping. Therefore, he took her from the bed and carried her to the courtyard. What I meant by carrying, was literally putting her on his shoulder like a bag of potatoes.🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-1

Ling Bu Yi was excited about his relationship with Shao Shang. But the thing is, he didn’t know how to express his feelings because he was good at warfare and state affairs, but not at relationships. Let alone women and man relationships.

So, to express his feelings and to show that he cares about the Cheng family, Ling Bu Yi started his boot camp training on the account of keeping them healthy…😂😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-2

Little did he know that Shao Shang was a lazy bone and the Chengs, even though they were a military family, their training habits were waaayyy different from Ling Bu Yi and his special forces.

So the Chengs start their day with hard physical training and spend the rest of the day with shaking limbs.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-3
Can you see the shaking knees?😂

All of them, including the most obedient, Cheng Yang, protested to her. But Shao Shang cannot do anything at all. Even if she wanted to break off the betrothal, Old Madam Cheng forbade her from doing that because she was afraid to lose the dowries…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-4

In the end, everybody, including Mother and Father Cheng also ran from training and told Shao Shang to entertain Ling Bu Yi herself when he came.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-5

That night, Shao Shang ran out of home by climbing the wall. She went to have a drinking party with Wan Qi Qi at a restaurant. The drunk Shao Shang tells Wan QiQi that her mother has stopped caring for her. But Wan Qi Qi said she was just anxious because she was getting married. Shao Shang felt controlled by Ling Bu Yi because he often told her what to do and forbade her from eating her favorite foods.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-6JPG

I guess Shao Shang’s imagination had become too wild because she thought that Ling Bu Yi tell stories for them was to threatened to kill her entire family if she did not marry him…🤦🏻‍♀️

When Shao Shang asked her what it is like to like somebody, Wan Qi Qi told her to close her eyes. If Shao Shang saw Ling Bu Yi’s figure while thinking of him, it meant she did like him.

Shao Shang followed her words. She closed her eyes and saw Ling Bu Yi. Did she liked him? For real?

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-7

Ling Bu Yi is for real. Because he was there…🤣

He took Shao Shang back to Cheng’s residence by piggybacking her. Mother Cheng and Cheng Song scolded Ling Bu Yi for being improper. Because although Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang were engaged, Ling Bu Yi should not take advantage of her. But it turned out that he did not hold Shao Shang. It was Shao Shang who was glued to his back. Shao Shang even acted like she was riding a horse, screaming and whipping him. Her action made the Chengs speechless. It was Shao Shang who took advantage of Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-8

Meanwhile, Cheng Song helps the drunken Wan Qi Qi inside the carriage. But he also gets caught by her. To stop her from screaming, Cheng Song kissed her… Ahhh, finally I could ship Song-Qi Qi couple…😁

Early morning, Ling Bu Yi had already prepared some hangover soup and herbal liquor. But Shao Shang rejected all the goods. Ling Bu Yi asked her whether she rejects the goods or if it was him.

Shao Shang said many things that she has been holding on to these days. About their unequal status, his oppression, and her feeling of being controlled by him. She also asked him to leave her and sever their ties. Ling Bu Yi said OK and left her. He seemed disappointed. Meanwhile, Shao Shang seemed dispirited.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-9

Ah, another lover’s quarrel…

Lian Fang told her that Ling Bu Yi helped clean her up when he vomited last night. He accompanied her all night and did not sleep at all. He took care of her when she was making a scene.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-10

Shao Shang ran to see her mother. Instead, she saw new phyton leather shoes made by Ling Bu Yi for her. She was stunned to see the shoes.

Father Cheng put some sense in her by saying everybody wanted to live life the way they wanted. Even if she married someone else, it didn’t mean she could live the life she imagined. Mother Cheng reprimanded her for hesitating about the marriage. She asked her if Shao Shang really did not like Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang could not answer her question. Father and Mother Cheng wanted her to think carefully about her decision.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-11

That night was a sleepless night for our couple. Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang contemplated their words back then. Shao Shang thought about her mother’s words. She also remembers everything he did for her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-12

Did it mean that Shao Shang started to realize her feelings?

In the end, she runs to her parents and announces her decision to marry Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-13

General Cheng choked and Mother Cheng was stunned…

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 27-14

This is the end of Part 1. Next, we will continue to Part 2. I was so excited. What will happen to our couple? Will they be able to solve all the knots in their heart?

It is so bittersweet to see them. Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang have their shortcomings, and none of them have experienced being in a relationship before. They also have many things hidden inside their heart. Will they overcome the differences between them?

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