Ending ExplainedI Am Nobody Ending Explained

I Am Nobody Ending Explained

The last episode of I Am Nobody drama left us with many unanswered questions. But don’t worry, the 2nd season is on its way. Let’s hope we’ll be lucky enough to see the story continue next year. For now, let me satiate your curiosity with this post of I Am Nobody Ending Explained. Happy reading!

I Am Nobody Ending Explained

What Happened to Zhang Chu Lan?

After Zhang Zhi Wei was confined in Longhu Mountain, Zhang Chu Lan went to visit him. Zhang Zhi Wei told him that he would leave the rest of the problem to Zhang Chu Lan. Before they parted, Zhang Chu Lan asked him to break the seal on his body. Zhang Zhi Wei agreed, and Zhang Chu Lan left the mountain looking disheveled after he was struck by lightning.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Chu Lan?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Chu Lan?

Zhang Chu Lan told Feng Bao Bao, Xu San, and Xu Si the reason why he refused to receive the Tianshidu. He said that if he took it, Zhang Zhi Wei would die, and Zhang Chu Lan did not want that to happen. Besides receiving the Tianshidu, means that Zhang Chu Lan would be the next secret keeper. He would find out the truth, including Feng Bao Bao’s past.

However, he could not tell anyone about it. Therefore, Zhang Chu Lan chose to be Feng Bao Bao’s slave instead of being the chief of Tiashi Sect.

Zhang Chu Lan almost found the answer he was looking for inside the phantasmagoria. However, it was still far from the truth. Later, Lv Liang called him and entrusted him with the memories. Meanwhile, NDT faced another problem. Someone hacked into their system to find out about the Eight Supremes. Another part-time employee helped him. Her name was Gao Er Zhuang.

To find out about the Eight Supremes, Zhang Chu Lan met Lu Jing to ask him about it. Lu Jing told him the whole story. It started with the 36 Thieves. The 36 Thieves were a group of 36 people created by Wu Gen Sheng, the leader of the Quanxing Sect. Zhang Chu Lan’s grandfather, Zhang Huaiyi, was also a member of this group of sworn brothers.

The sects in the Outsider World hunted down the members of this group. Only 9 people survived. They were Wu Geng Sheng and the 8 people who wield the Eight Supremes. Wu Geng Sheng was the only one who tried to invent his own Supreme. His skill at that time was incomprehensible. His technique was on par with the Eight Supremes.

These people obtained the Eight Supremes’ powers from a place called the Valley of 24 Terms. But no one knows where that place is. From the conversation with Lu Jing, Zhang Chu Lan found out that the Lv family was connected to the truth.

Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao went to the Lv mansion and found that all the members of the Lv family had turned into zombies, including Lv Ci. They saw the wine cellar and found a trace of Lv Liang’s blood and glasses. Meanwhile, Lv Lian proclaimed himself to be the new sect leader of the Quanxing sect and the mastermind behind the NDT system hacking.

Zhang Chu Lan went to visit Lv Liang and returned his memory. But Zhang Chu Lan deliberately kept the memory of Zhang Huaiyi. Lv Liang took the memory and remembered everything. He showed Zhang Chu Lan a piece of the memory about Duanmu Ying.

Zhang Chu Lan realized that Duanmu Ying must know everything about Feng Bao Bao, and they went to find her. With the help of Gao Er Zhuang, they managed to find Duanmu Ying. They met Lv Liang, and together they opened a portal to the Valley of 24 Terms, which was locked in Zhang Huaiyi’s memory.

Zhang Chu Lan, Feng Bao Bao, and Lv Liang ran to catch the Jiashen Train. They saw the wielder of the Eight Supremes and Wu Gen Sheng weeping in front of a coffin. Inside the coffin was the body of Feng Bao Bao.

Suddenly, they saw Duanmu Ying, who also entered the train in the body of Lv Huan. She took them to the Valley of 24 Terms, which was hard to find because it was located in another dimension. It could affect the past, present, and future. This place was the origin of superpowers and the true world of the Outsiders.

When Duanmu Ying extracted the memories of Feng Bao Bao and tried to take over her body. She lamented that while the Eight Supremes were standing in the valley to revive Feng Bao Bao, she was being tortured by the Lv family. Duanmu Ying believed that her comrades would save her, but none of them showed up. She was devastated.

After seeing Feng Bao Bao, Duanmu Ying believed that she alone deserved to possess Feng Bao Bao’s body. She wanted to be invincible, and Feng Bao Bao’s body was the right choice. Zhang Chu Lan realized that something was wrong when he saw Feng Bao Bao begging for help. However, no matter what he did, he could not break through the qi barrier.

Zhang Chu Lan used all his strength to help Feng Bao Bao. He wanted to protect her just like she had protected him after Zhang Huaiyi died. However, he could only watch helplessly as Duanmu Ying destroyed all of Feng Bao Bao’s memories. Zhang Chu Lan fell into unconsciousness. Later, his qi called the power of Qi Apotheosis. It was an ability to absorb the power of the world into one’s body. Qi Apotheosis was the true definition of a superpower.

Zhang Chu Lan’s qi shone through dimensions and could be seen by the Outsiders. They could see the light and understood that it was Zhang Chu Lan’s determination to save the world. Lv Liang, Wang Ye, Zhang Ling Yu, and all the Outsiders channeled their qi to help him. One by one, they appeared and stood behind Zhang Chu Lan. The power peaked after Zhang Zhi Wei appeared, and the qi barrier finally broke.

Duanmu Ying saw this and panicked because she had not finished transferring her memories into Feng Bao Bao’s body. The unfinished process eventually killed her and she turned into scattered dust. But when Zhang Chu Lan turned his back, everyone was gone. He lost consciousness and woke up three months later. When he walked out the door, he saw all his friends waiting for him. They were ready to start their mission.

According to Feng Bao Bao, they are all in trouble because Zhang Chu Lan’s Qi Apotheosis has disrupted the entire Outsider world. And now they are running out of time.

What Happened to Feng Bao Bao?

Feng Bao Bao’s past was revealed by Duanmu Ying. It turned out that she was the daughter of Wu Geng Sheng. Back in the Jiashen Year, the train carried not only the Eight Supremes but also Wu Geng Sheng and a coffin. Inside the coffin was the body of Feng Bao Bao.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Feng Bao Bao?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Feng Bao Bao?

Duanmu Ying took Feng Bao Bao and Zhang Chu Lan to a hidden part of the valley. Feng Bao Bao saw a rock carved in the shape of her smiling face. It was made by her father, Wu Geng Sheng, who loved her very much. But then Feng Bao Bao had an accident and died.

Wu Geng Sheng gathered his friends and took them to the valley. However, Duanmu Ying, who was supposed to revive all of Feng Bao Bao’s memories, had already been captured by the Lv family. And all these years, Feng Bao Bao’s memories were still scattered inside the cave.

Duanmu Ying said that she wanted to return the memories to her. Feng Bao Bao was ecstatic. Zhang Chu Lan warned her, but Feng Bao Bao wanted to know about her father and her past. However, it turned out that Duanmu Ying had another plan.

Since Feng Bao Bao’s body was the home of all the power of the Eight Supremes, Duanmu Ying wanted to take over the body. Soon, Feng Bao Bao lost consciousness while Zhang Chu Lan tried to break through the qi barrier made by the Eight Supremes’ power.

After Duanmu Ying destroyed her memories, Feng Bao Bao lost all her memories. Including the memories of her life with the Xu family and Zhang Chu Lan. When Zhang Chu Lan was unconscious, she took care of him without knowing that they knew each other, and in front of Xu San and Xu Si, Feng Bao Bao asked Zhang Chu Lan to be her slave one more time.

What Happened to Wang Ye?

After using Qimen Manipulation at the competition, Wang Ye was expelled from the Wudang Sect. On his way home, Wang Ye met Feng Xing Tong. He was there to offer a position in the All-Encompassing Guild on behalf of his father.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Ye?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Ye?

Feng Xing Tong also offered him a huge amount of money for his salary. However, Feng Xing Tong withdrew all the offers when he realized that Wang Ye was a member of the Wang family of the Zhonghai Group.

Wang Ye found out a trace that someone had targeted his family because of his Qimen Manipulation. Wang Ye wanted to hire some Outsiders to protect his family, but unexpectedly, all the people who applied for the job were too weak. Some people also tried to attack him, but it turned out that they were Zhuge Qing’s friend who was unhappy with the result of their match.

Because of this unexpected trouble, Wang Ye and Zhuge Qing met again. Zhuge Qing gave him advice about the most reliable person to find the mastermind who had been bothering him and his family, Zhang Chu Lan, and Feng Bao Bao, So they visited Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao to talk about it. When Wang Ye asked about the price, Feng Bao Bao asked for one billion yuan. Zhang Chu Lan was shocked because he wanted to ask for 10,000 yuan, but she had preceded him.

Thus, Zhang Chu Lan, Feng Bao Bao, Wang Ye, and Zhuge Qing worked together to find the mastermind. However, even though they had captured all the henchmen, they still did not know the mastermind. Zhang Chu Lan has an idea to find the answer through phantasmagoria. Wang Ye and Zhuge Qing thought the idea was feasible. So they combined their qimen and the three of them entered the phantasmagoria while Feng Bao Bao guarded them.

Inside the phantasmagoria, Zhang Chu Lan, Wang Ye, and Zhuge Qing managed to find the answer. It was Chen Jinkui, one of the Ten Elders. But it was not the only answer they found. Because of Zhang Chu Lan’s question in his heart, they saw the Eye and the Jiashen Train. Zhang Chu Lan was sucked into the train, and he saw a coffin inside. Suddenly, a girl appeared. When she turned around, Zhang Chu Lan gasped because the girl was Feng Bao Bao.

The answer to Zhang Chu Lan’s question was too big for the three of them to handle, and it caused a disturbance in their qi. Fortunately, Feng Bao Bao saw the blood flowing out of their nose and felt that their qi was chaotic. She blocked their meridian and pulse, bringing them back from the Gate of Hell.

After they found out the answer, Zhang Chu Lan continued with the investigation. He went to Chen Jinkui and told him to withdraw his men from Wang Ye’s family. If Chen Jinkui wanted to deal with Wang Ye, it would be better if he did it one-on-one. There’s no need to involve his family, otherwise, Wang Ye would target his family as well.

Zhang Chu Lan then gave him a stack of photos of his, mother, wife and child. Chen Jinkui had no choice but to follow his words. To avoid more troubles for his family, Wagn Ye decided to leave them and hire Zhuge Ge Qing’s friends to protect his family.

All of this made the relationship between Wang Ye, Zhuge Qing, Zhang Chu Lan, and Feng Bao Bao become closer. However, after Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao left, Wang Ye realized that he had lost his sense of superiority. Now he realized that he realized that there was something he could not do alone, and this kind of vision enlightened him. He wanted to become a better man.

Meanwhile, Zhuge Qing said that he would not return to his hometown because he felt that it was somewhat interesting to be near Wang Ye. But in the end, Wang Ye left him, and Zhuge Qing only looked at him with admiring eyes.

What Happened to Zhang Ling Yu?

After the match with Zhang Chu Lan, Zhang Ling Yu had been pondering about his life. He was still unsure about his life after finally embracing his true self. However, he finally knew what he must do, and it was concerning Xia He. He was worried about her because he knew that his Grandmaster was hunting down the Quanxing sect member. And it was only a matter of time before she would have to face him.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Ling Yu?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Ling Yu?

So Zhang Ling Yu left the mountain, leaving Rongshan in tears, and arranged for Qianhe to handle everything. He went straight to Zhang Zhi Wei and begged him to spare Xia He’s life. Zhang Zhi Wei said nothing at first. He told Zhang Ling Yu that if a person wants to grow, he must have the courage to be honest with himself and be himself.

Zhang Zhi Wei was relieved that Zhang Ling Yu had finally made up his mind. He said that from that moment on, Zhang Ling Yu was no longer the disciple of the Tiansi Sect, and he was no longer Zhang Ling Yu’s master. Upon hearing these words, Zhang Ling Yu could not hold back his tears and wept. After kowtowing to Zhang Zhi Wei, Zhang Ling Yu went to find Xia He. They kissed and reconciled after the kiss.

Zhang Zhi Wei knew how important Xia He was to Zhang Ling Yu, so he had already spared her. But Zhang Zhi Wei knew that even if he was reluctant, at some point he would have to let Zhang Ling Yu go to find his own way.

What Happened to Lv Liang?

After the death of Gong Qing, the Quanxing Sect was disbanded. Lv Liang was hunted down by the Lv family. Lv Liang had no choice but to entrust the memories of the Eight Supremes and the Jiachen Calamity to Zhang Chu Lan. Lv Ci, his great-grandfather and a member of the Ten Elders, wanted to know about these secrets.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Lv Liang?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Lv Liang?

Lv Liang knew that, so he deliberately destroyed the memory beforehand. However, Lv Liang managed to realize that the Soul Whispering of their Lv family was the same as the Double Quan Palm of the Eight Supremes. And that was the biggest secret of the Lv family.

Years ago, Lv Ci captured Duanmu Ying and imprisoned her in the wine cellar. Whenever a child was born in the Lv family, Lv Ci would take the baby to the wine cellar for half an hour. He would replace all the blood in the baby with Duanmu Ying’s blood.

Duanmu Ying was the wielder of the Double Quan Palm, and Lv Ci believed that the secret was in her blood. Lv Ci did not know that besides him, there was another Lv family who knew her whereabouts, and she was Lv Huan.

Lv Huan was the most talented person in the family. She was Lv Liang’s younger sister and their relationship was very close. They often played together, and later Lv Huan would erase his memory, and this would cause an uproar in front of Lv Ci. He thought that Lv Liang was the one who could erase the memory, but in fact, it was Lv Huan who had the ability. And the one who taught her was a strange old lady in the wine cellar.

One day, Lv Liang had an idea about the Cola and Sprite theory. It was about replacing a memory inside a body. If that happened, then the body would belong to the one who has the memory. And that was what Duanmu Ying did to Lv Huan.

Duanmu Ying took Lv Huan’s body and left her body with only a slight memory that belonged to Lv Huan. Then she pretended to die by jumping off the cliff. But before that, she manipulated the memories of Lv Liang’s aunt and uncle. She made a memory of Lv Liang pushing her off the cliff.

Since then, no matter how much he denied it, the whole Lv family thought that Lv Liang had killed Lv Huan out of jealousy. Because his blood was too precious to the Lv family, Lv Ci imprisoned Lv Liang for ten years before he escaped. In order to find the truth and seek protection, he joined the Quanxing.

Everything that happened in Quanxing, from stealing the body of Zhang Huaiyi to killing Tian Jin Zhong, was all according to his plan. Lv Liang had speculated about the Lv family’s Soul Whisperer. And his speculation turned out to be true.

Back to the present. After revealing all the secrets to Lv Liang, Lv Ci cut off his four limbs. But one thing he never knew was that the Double Quan Palm could also regenerate the body of its wielder. So Lv Liang’s four limbs grew back and he became stronger. Later, after destroying the Lv family, he proclaimed himself the new leader of the Quanxing sect.

After kidnapping Duanmu Ying, Lv Liang learned that Duanmu Ying was just an empty shell consisting of a fragment of Lv Huan’s memory. The real Duanmu Ying has taken over Lv Huan’s body and left the Lv Mansion. He asks Zhang Chu Lan to work together to find out the truth.

Using the Double Quan Palm Technique, Lv Liang unlocked all of Zhang Huaiyi’s memories and opened a portal to the Valley of 24 Terms. When he saw Lv Huan, he cried. Lv Liang regretted that he had brought up the theory of Cola and Sprite. Later, he realized that he had become the person Lv Huan hated the most, and decided to surrender to NDT after everything was over.

What Happened to Zhang Zhi Wei?

After the death of Tian Jin Zhong, Zhang Zhi Wei made up his mind to hunt down Gong Qing. On the surface, he looked like a heartbroken friend who wanted to avenge the death of his best friend. However, there was a secret behind his actions. Ziang Zhi Wei went down the mountain with only one of his disciples. And it was not Ronghsan, because he wanted to leave the sect to him.

I Am Nobody Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Zhi Wei?
I Am Nobody Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Zhi Wei?

He chased all the members of the Quanxing sect down the street and attacked them with his lightning. No one was spared. All the members who were hit were still alive and would be arrested by the NDT. Zhang Zhi Wei only wanted to use them to get to know Gong Qing’s whereabouts.

When they finally met, Gong Qing said that Zhang Zhi Wei wanted the world to forget about the Jiashen Calamity. However, the one he should kill is Zhang Chu Lan because he was the grandson of Zhang Huaiyi who started the disaster. In other words, Gong Qing was saying that Zhang Chu Lan would be the harbinger of another disaster. Only when Qi Apotheosis disappears can peace be maintained.

The real secret that Zhang Zhi Wei wanted to protect from Tian Jin Zhong’s memory was the place where Wu Gen Sheng and the 8 wielders of the Eight Supremes received their enlightenment. However, Gong Qing was not the only one to see Tian Jin Zhong’s memories, Lv Liang also saw them.

On that day, Gong Qing died at the hands of Zhang Zhi Wei. A piece of a thin needle was stuck in his forehead. It was the same needle that killed Tian Jin Zhong. Because Zhang Zhi Wei had broken the rules of the Outsiders, he was punished by being locked up in Longhu Mountain forever and was not allowed to leave the vicinity.

My two cents

After all the twists and turns, we still did not know what happened on Jiashen Calamity, and Feng Bao Bao’s past was still unclear. Too many unanswered questions, but I was excited for the next season.

How about you, dear readers, how do you thing about I Am Nobody ending? Did you feel the same way I did? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that next year we get to see the story continue. But for now, I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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