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"This I am Nobody drama is the most comprehensive review I have ever written."

I Am Nobody Drama Review

  • Title: I Am Nobody
  • Also Known As: 异人之下,I’m Nobody, The Outcast, Under One Person, Alien, Yi Ren Zhi
  • Director: Derek Hui
  • Cast: Peng Yu Chang, Hou Ming Hao, Wang Ying Lu, Bi Wen Jun, Julio Wan Yan, Wang Xue Qi
  • Genres: Wuxia, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Number of Episodes: 27
  • Date of Release: August 4, 2023
  • Where to Watch: Youku
  • Adapted from the web comic: “Under One Person” by Mi Er

Hola readers, I Am Nobody had been on my watch list for some time. I Am Nobody was a Chinese wuxia drama, released in August 2023 with total of 27 episodes. This drama was quite interesting to me as I rarely get interested in this kind of drama. The story was a bit complicated and mysterious, but it was really captivating. Let me tell you the reason why you can’t miss this drama in this post. Without further ado, let’s go!

I Am Nobody Synopsis

Zhang Chulan used to think that he was just an ordinary person. Odd, unlucky, and poor. He lives alone after his grandfather was murdered ten years ago. One day, he received a phone call from the village director. He said that somebody had stolen his grandfather’s body from the grave. Zhang Chu Lan returned to the village only to find an empty grave of his beloved old man.

Suddenly, a strange young woman appeared and claimed to be his sister. Her name is Feng Bao Bao. She was pretty but odd. Feng Bao Bao showed off her martial arts skills when she faced countless zombies that took Zhang Xilin’s body. This interaction brought Zhang Chu Lan into a new world that he had never imagined. The world of people with superpowers. And they were called the Outsiders.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - poster

Zhang Chu Lan learned that he and his grandfather were no ordinary people. There was a reason why they were always moving around and why he had to stay under the radar. It was because Zhang Xilin was an outsider who possessed a great power known as Qi Apotheosis. And now, because of the same martial arts technique, Zhang Chu Lan must face the same fate.

As he delves into the world of the Outsiders, Zhang Chu Lan discovers that there is a greater mystery behind his grandfather’s past. A mystery that affects many lives, and he was the only one who could unravel it. So he joined NDT, an organization that managed the world of the Outsiders. Zhang Chu Lan also learned that the party that hunted him and took Zhang Xili’s body was a notorious Outsider organization called the Quanxing Sect, which was skilled in manipulating people.

To find the answer, Zhang Chu Lan teamed up with Feng Bao Bao. They entered the Outsiders Martial Arts Competition, where Zhang Chu Lan met many outsiders, such as Zhang Ling Yu, who happened to be his martial uncle; Wang Ye, a Taoist from Wudang; and Zhuge Qing, a famous idol who was also a sorcerer. The competition opened up Zhang Chu Lan’s world and led him to the answer he’d been looking for, which was somehow connected to Feng Bao Bao’s mysterious past.

Zhang Chu Lan, Feng Bao Bao, and the other young outsiders worked side by side to overcome the challenges. They become close friends and watch each other’s backs. Together they move into the future, where the battle between good and evil awaits them.

I Am Nobody Review

I am Nobody or the Outcast was a drama that exceeded my expectations. As I always said, I am a romance junkie. The Wuxia genre always gives me a headache. But this one had me and I hereby declare that I Am Nobody is one of my favourite dramas in 2023.

This Chinese drama was premiered on August 2023. But only one day after the initial released on August 4, Youku announced that the drama was postponed due to quality problems. Some said that this drama did not pass the regulation of the Chinese government. However, no matter what the reason was, I Am Nobody was resumed a month later on September 6, 2023. And thank God, the drama was only postponed and not canceled.

I Am Nobody was an adaptation of a famous web comic titled Under One Person. The story was complicated and there were sooo many characters involved. Each of them seemed to carry a piece of information needed for the story. Therefore, you could not miss anyone, lest you miss a piece of information.

The story is somehow different from the webcomic. I did not read the whole webcomic, I just skimmed some chapters. And I came across the scene where Hu Jie killed his father out of rage. Meanwhile, in the drama, Hu Jie killed his own brother Hu Sheng. But the one thing that did not change was that both Hu Jie’s father and Hu Sheng were enamored with Xia He. So it was still a crime of passion.

This drama was a perfect mix of good character building, a good plot, a good mystery, and a good amount of comedy. This is the first time that I watched a captivating Wuxia drama. I was glued to my seat and could not take my eyes off the screen.

However, the story was a bit complicated for me, so I had to rewatch some episodes (almost all of them, actually) to get a thorough understanding of Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao’s adventure. But don’t get me wrong, even though I spent many times in this drama, it was worth it.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - poster 5

The story was full of unexpected twists and turns. Many characters appear later, but they all have their part in the story. It was a bit difficult for me to remember them all. So I made a note about each of them to help me remember their roles. You could see it later in the character section. It was the longest character section I ever wrote.

Usually, I had no trouble finding my favorite scenes. But not with this drama. I found soooo many interesting scenes, mostly because the CGI was good or because it was touching or funny. So I could not decide which one attracted me the most.

This is my first time to see Derek Hui’s artwork. He did a very good job in this one. And I would definitely wait for the second season as there were many mysteries left unanswered in this drama.

The actors in I Am Nobody were amazing. They really made me feel like I was reading a web comic. The expression of each of them was great! And my favorite was Neo Hou or Hou Ming Hao and Wang Ying Lun who played Wang Ye and Feng Bao Bao.

But that did not make the other actors any less than them. Peng Yu Chang, Bi Wen Jun, Julio Wan Yan, and Wang Xue Qi also did a very good job. Especially Wang Xue Qi, he was already 77 years old, but his acting as Zhang Zhi Wei with his red sneaker and sunglasses was very good. It feels like he came out of the webcomic. Two thumbs up for the actors!!!!

The Cinematography

It took a lot of CGI to create the power of the Outsiders. For example, Zhang Chu Lan’s Gold Brilliant Spell. Whenever he used it, a gold aura appeared and surrounded his body. Or when Zhang Lingyu used his qi manipulation. He would create a huge arm made entirely of his golden aura.

You could enjoy the CGI in the Outsider Martial Arts Competition scenes. It was the time when people moved as fast as the wind and could create things out of nothing, like Wang Ye’s earth beast or Zhang Lingyu’s black water.

Another element I liked about this drama was that they incorporated animation for some scenes. For example, when Zhang Xilin/Zhang Huaiyi explained about the nature of Five Element Ying Lightning. The director used animation to explain the little monkey. I did not fully understand the explanation. But the thing I want to highlight is the good quality of animation in this episode. However, the style reminded me of the animation in the Long Ballad drama.

The Story

“When you’re at your unluckiest time, you must hang in there. It’s during this persistence that your luck often starts to rise”. Said Zhang Xilin to 8-year-old Zhang Chu Lan.

This is a story about people with superpowers. In historical wuxia dramas, there were many characters with amazing powers and abilities. They used to wield weapons like sabers or swords. When they fought, their bodies would move as light as a cat, or they could run like a cheetah, or they could fly like a bird.

This time it was the same, only the story background was different. The young people still wielded weapons, they still could run as fast as a cheetah, jump like a cat, or fly like a bird. But now they did it while wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt, waxed hair, or Kendal Jenner-colored sunglasses.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - poster 4

And these people with superpower abilities were called the Outsiders. They lived among ordinary people and were bound by the principle that they must not interfere with the lives of ordinary people, and they must take responsibility as superpowered people. It was just like Uncle Ben’s warning to Peter Parker aka Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

People thought Zhang Chu Lan was a strange and antisocial person because he never participated in social activities on his campus. But that was not the real problem because Zhang Chu Lan had to hide all his power and ability from others. However, the lonely life had taken its toll on him. He became socially awkward and had low self-esteem.

In the beginning, the insecurity increased after he met Feng Bao Bao. She was not someone who could filter all her words. When she says something, she means it. But later, when he decided to stop hiding his power, Zhang Chu Lan’s character grew. He was no longer a reckless person, and his self-confidence grew.

There were many secrets in I Am Nobody. It started with Zhang Xilin’s past and the mysterious power he possessed, the Qi Apotheosis. To find the answer, Zhang Chu Lan joined the NDT Express, an organization that managed the Outsider world. The ultimate purpose of the NDT was to maintain peace and harmony in the world. Therefore, one of the tasks of the NDT employees was to eliminate the evil forces within the Outsider World.

There were many sects in the Outsider World. For example, the Tianshi ( Celestial Taoist ) sect, the All-encompassing Guild, the Wudang sect, the Tang clan, and many families such as the Zhuge family or the Wang family. And there was also the Quanxing (Sinister Pleasure) Sect. The most wicked sect in the Outsider World. The Quanxing Sect had no rules, and its members were skilled at manipulating others.

When Zhang Chu Lan began to delve into the mystery behind his grandfather’s past. He found out about the Eight Supremes. They were eight abilities imbued with immense power that tore apart the world of the Outsiders.

The Eight Supremes consisted of Qi Apotheosis, Invinite Heavenly Talisman, Dispatch of Detained Spirits, Qimen Manipulation, Double Quan Palm, Divine Forge, Daluo Dongguan, and Six Vault Immortal Thievery. The people who wielded these powers were also mysterious. Some of them and their powers could be easily located, but the rest were still a mystery.

The Eight Supremes were related to the incident that happened on the 7th day of the 2nd month in the year of Jiashen. The incident was known as the Jiashen Calamity. No one knows what happened that day, but the effects of that day changed the fates of many people.

Zhang Chu Lan wanted to find the truth because his grandfather was the key to the truth behind the Jiashen Calamity. During his journey, Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao learned that the Jiashen Calamity was also connected to Feng Bao Bao’s past. And to find the answer, Zhang Chu Lan must win the competition.

At the same time, the reason why Zhang Ziwei announced the Outsider Martial Arts Competition was that he wanted Zhang Chu Lan to enter the competition and compete for the position of Taoist Chief and inherit the title.

Zhang Zhi Wei was worried about the Jiashen disaster. Because it left too many lingering complications. Zhang Chu Lan was the key to the whole thing. However, without proper training, the task was too difficult for him.

Feng Bao Bao was the most mysterious character in this drama. She had no memory of her past, and her qi was colorless and transparent. This kind of qi only belongs to criminals who have had the white matter of their frontal lobes removed. It was a kind of punishment for them because they would forget who they were and what they had done.

Those criminals would lose their primordial power, dignity, and pride. But even though she lost her memory and had colorless qi, Feng Bao Bao did not lose her primordial power or dignity. She just became an apathetic person.

Quietly, the plot of the story changed from Zhang Chu Lan’s life to the journey of finding the truth behind Jiashen Calamity and Feng Bao Bao’s past.

The ending left me wanting more. Many questions were left unanswered. The Eight Supremes and Jiashen Calamity were still a mystery. Feng Bao Bao’s identity was revealed, but only part of it. I have wrote the ending in a separate post for those who are eager to know the ending, read it on I Am Nobody ending explained post.

As for the second season, I Googled it and the Internet said that the filming of the 2nd season would start this October. I was hoping that next year we could put the 2nd season into our watchlist.

The Characters

Zhang Chu Lan

Zhang Chu Lan (played by Peng Yu Chang) is not hero material. He was socially awkward, insecure, stubborn, shameless, and seemed to have no dignity at all. Thanks to his grandfather, who always taught him to endure all difficulties and never fight back no matter what, Zhang Chu Lan’s level of endurance and patience was high. He was trained to live under the radar.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Peng Yu Chang as Zhang Chu Lan
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Peng Yu Chang as Zhang Chu Lan

After his grandfather’s body became the target of the Quanxing Sect, he began to live as an Outsider. He no longer hides the fact that he has power. With the help of Feng Bao Bao, Zhang Chu Lan resumed his training, which had been stopped the moment Zhang Huaiyi died.

As a newcomer to the Outsider World, Zhang Chu Lan secretly rejoiced when he met another person who had the same ability as him. For years, he suppressed himself and avoided too much interaction with others. Therefore, Zhang Chu Lan did not have much confidence when he interacted with others, especially women. However, when he was with Feng Bao Bao, who was more rigid and apathetic, Zhang Chu Lan could be considered more humane.

One thing that made Zhang Chu Lan different from others was his uncorrupted soul. Zhang Chu Lan was protected from the ugly side of the Outsider World. He had no greed for power, even though he had the potential to be one of the strongest people in the world. Zhang Chu Lan could see the world much more clearly than others. His pure soul and clean heart were his strongest advantages in finding the truth.

People thought that Zhang Huaiyi had imparted his Qi Apotheosis to Zhang Chu Lan. Even though he could use the Golden Brilliant Spell and the Five Element Yang Lightning, Zhang Chu Lan did not know what Qi Apotheosis was and how to use it. Zhang Huaiyi had protected him very well. He never revealed any information to Zhang Chu Lan, and he also put a powerful seal on his body. Only the head of the Celestial Taoists, Zhang Zhi Wei, could break the seal.

Feng Bao Bao

The closest thing I had in mind for Feng Bao Bao (played by Wang Ying Lu) was Data from the Star Trek series. She had a poker face and spoke in a monotonous voice. Aside from her terrible ability to communicate and interact with others, Feng Bao Bao could be described as an Outsider Expert. She was a special employee of NDT Express and had a good relationship with Xu Xiang and his sons, Xu San, and Xu Si.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Wang Ying Lu as Feng Bao Bao
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Wang Ying Lu as Feng Bao Bao

In a later episode, it was revealed that Feng Bao Bao was older than her appearance. She looked like an 18-year-old woman, but her age was older than Xu Xiang’s. Feng Bao Bao’s past was a mystery. She had lost her memories and could only remember her name.

Her past was revealed by Xu Xiang, who first met her when he was 6 years old, while Feng Bao Bao was already a young woman of 18 years old. At that time, it was Mother Xu who saved her from some thugs who tried to assault her. Feng Bao Bao was dressed nicely, and she clearly looked like a young woman from a wealthy family.

However, after some time, no one came looking for her. Mother Xu took pity on Feng Bao Bao and let her stay. Feng Bao Bao was always silent. She never spoke until Mother Xu taught her to speak. The Xu family thought that Feng Bao Bao must have lost her ability to speak due to trauma.

Feng Bao Bao’s strength was amazing, so the Xu family took her in because she could be a great help to Father Xu. Later, her martial arts skills were revealed when a group of ruffians raided their village. Feng Bao Bao was not there at that time. But when she arrived, her beautiful appearance attracted the ruffians.

Father Xu tried to help her by begging the leader, but he ended up dead. Mother Xu, who was hysterical, told Feng Bao Bao that she wanted all the ruffians to die. So Feng Bao Bao killed them. But things did not go as expected. The villagers saw her unusual strength and ability and regarded Feng Bao Bao as a monster.

The next day, Mother Xu took Xu Xiang and left Feng Bao Bao in her house. She told Feng Bao Bao to wait for her and Xu Xiang at home. So Feng Bao Bao waited for four decades.

Xu Xiang never stopped looking for Feng Bao Bao. Meanwhile, Feng Bao Bao herself always told people that she was looking for her family. A few years later, Xu Xiang found her in the hands of a human trafficker. He rescued Feng Bao Bao and brought her to NDT.

For Feng Bao Bao, Xu Xiang was the closest relative. Although she looked apathetic, Feng Bao Bao always wanted to know her past because she longed for a family.

Feng Bao Bao’s martial arts technique was unrecognizable. She never received any formal instruction, but she naturally knew how to dodge an attack and how to counterattack. Feng Bao Bao had another secret. All this time, she never had any injuries on her body, even though she often engaged in a battle. This was because her body could heal very quickly.

Wang Ye

Wang Ye (played by Hou Ming Hao) was a lazy Taoist from the Wudang sect. He was a laid-back, friendly, and easy-to-approach Taoist. He used Taichi as his martial arts technique. Not many people know that Wang Ye was one of the wielders of the Eight Supreme power, Qimen Manipulation. This technique was taught to him by Zhou Sheng with the help of one of his Wudang masters, Master Hong before he died.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Hou Ming Hao as Wang Ye
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Hou Ming Hao as Wang Ye

Wang Ye once saw Zhang Chu Lan in his phantasmagoria. He saw Zhang Chu Lan on a train full of dead people. Zhang Chu Lan was covered in blood, but his eyes gleamed with a gold color. Wang Ye knew that he had to stop Zhang Chu Lan from finding out the truth, for he was afraid that Zhang Chu Lan would start the Jianshen Calamity once more.

After exposing the Qimen Manipulation in the competition, Wang Ye was expelled from Wudang. So he stopped wearing Taoist clothes and returned to his family. Wang Ye came from a wealthy family. He was the third son of Wang Wei Guo of the Zhonghai Group.

Zhang Ling Yu

In terms of seniority, Zhang Ling Yu (played by Bi Wen Jun) was the martial uncle of Zhang Chu Lan. Zhang Ling Yu was easily recognizable because he had white hair and a red dot on his forehead. Combined with his white Taoist robes, Zhang Ling Yu’s beauty seemed ethereal. He was the last disciple of Zhang Zhi Wei of the Tianshi Sect (Celestial Taoist Sect).

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Bi Wen Jun as Zhang Ling Yu
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Bi Wen Jun as Zhang Ling Yu

Zhang Ling Yu was the most powerful disciple of the Tianshi Sect. He mastered the Five Element Yin Lightning and was able to form a huge golden arm from his qi. However, he was not satisfied with his technique. He wanted to master the Five Element Yang Lightning Technique, which he thought was the most perfect form of lightning technique.

However, he was unable to do so because in mastering this technique, he had to keep himself pure. Zhang Ling Yu was no longer pure after spending an intimate night with Quanxing’s Xia He. He regretted what he had done, but he had no one to blame. And this regret was the root of his resentment towards Zhang Chu Lan.

Although he lost to Zhang Chu Lan in the competition, Zhang Ling Yu still inherited the Infinite Heavenly Talisman from Lu Jing because Zhang Chu Lan refused it.

Zhang Zhi Wei knew about Zhang Ling Yu’s feelings. But he always keeps his cool and indifferent attitude. The Chief wanted Zhang Ling Yu to forget his regret and accept himself wholeheartedly. So when Zhang Ling Yu used his Black Lightning in front of the public, Zhang Zhi Wei felt relieved.

Zhang Ling Yu’s feelings for Xia He were clear. However, she joined the Quanxing Clan and they became enemies. But when she was in dire straits, Zhang Ling Yu did not hesitate to beg for her life.

Zhuge Qing

Zhuge Qing (played by Julio Wan Yan) came from the Zhuge family of Ludong. His ancestor was the famous Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Qing was tall, handsome, and famous. Not only because of his appearance and black and blue hair but also because of his occupation as an actor.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Julio Wan Yan as Zhuge Qing
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Julio Wan Yan as Zhuge Qing

Zhuge Qing was a powerful sorcerer. Even Zhang Zhi Wei acknowledged his skill. Zhuge Qing could create an array and predict his enemy’s movement. He was interested in Wang Ye because he could use Qimen’s Manipulation and defeat him completely. Later, the relationship between Zhuge Qing and Wang Ye changed. He no longer regarded Wang Ye as a rival and became Wang Ye’s admirer.

Zhang Zhi Wei

Zhang Zhi Wei (played by Wang Xue Qi) was an eccentric old man who wore Taoist robes and red sneakers. He enjoys gardening and playing mobile games. In his free time, Zhang Zhi Wei could be seen glued to his pink iPad or trimming his bonsai tree. He had only one last direct disciple, and that was Zhang Ling Yu.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Wang Xue Qi as Zhang Zhi Wei
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Wang Xue Qi as Zhang Zhi Wei

As the 99th chief of the Tianshi Sect ( Celestial Taoist Sect ), he was looking for someone to inherit his Tianshidu. He learned of Zhang Chu Lan’s presence, thus he held the Outsider Martial Arts Competition so that Zhang Chu Lan could join and fight for the position. Zhang Zhi Wei’s mind was unfathomable. He had so many secrets that he could not reveal to the world, so his way of thinking was different from others.

Not many people could understand him, the one who knew him very well was Master Tian Jin Zhong, his brother-in-arm. Zhang Zhi Wei tampered with Zhang Ling Yu’s breakfast before he went into battle. His intention was to make Zhang Ling Yu lose to Zhang Chu Lan and force him to use his Five Element Yin Lightning Technique.

NDT Express

Xu Xiang

Xu Xiang (played by Wang Yi Zhe) was the General Manager of the Northern Lu Region. He was the highest leader of NDT in the region. Although he was old, Xu Xian was a vigorous person. He was the father of Xu San and Xu Si. Xu Xiang had a special bond with Feng Bao Bao and regarded her as his sister. Xu Xiang died in the hand of Quanxing Sect.

Xu San

Xu San (played by Wang Yi Zhe) was the Executive Secretary to the General Manager of the Northern Lu Region. He was a quiet and serious person. He always wore a suit and special glasses. Xu San was one of the first people to make contact with Zhang Chu Lan.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Wang Yi Zhe as Xu San
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Wang Yi Zhe as Xu San

Xu San’s primal desire was to dance. It was revealed when he was hit by Xia He’s attack. Xu San’s main power was his telekinetic ability.

Xu Si

Xu Si (played by Xu Yue) was the Assistant to the General Manager of Northern Lu. He was the son of Xu Xiang and the brother of Xu San. Unlike Xu San, Xu Si was a more easy-going person and had many girlfriends.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Xu Yue as Xu Si
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Xu Yue as Xu Si

Xu Si was the one who taught Feng Bao Bao how to attack an enemy from a distance by making her hit soda cans with her internal power.

Quanxing (Sinister Pleasure) Sect

Lv Liang/Lyu Liang

Lv Liang (played by Jing Yan Jun) was one of the Interim Chief of Sinister Pleasure. He looked childish and naive, but he was an evil person. As a member of the Lv family, Lv Liang could also use the Soul Whisperer. His expertise was to directly examine and inquire about someone’s original spirit. He could extract the memories of deceased people. That was how he learned about Zhang Huaiyi’s Qi Apotheosis and Zhang Chu Lan’s presence.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Jing Yan Jun as Lv Liang:Lyu Liang
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Jing Yan Jun as Lv Liang:Lyu Liang

Lv Liang’s relationship with the Lv family was not harmonious, as they regarded him as the one who killed Lv Huan, his younger sister. Lv Liang’s relationship with Lv Huan was very close, and he loved her very much.

Lv Huan was considered the most talented person in the Lv family. She died because Lv Liang pushed her off the cliff. However, Lv Liang himself did not remember doing it. To this day, Lv Liang is still looking for his dearest sister.

Xia He

Xia He, or Bone Scraper, was the most beautiful girl in the Quanxing Sect. She was easily recognized by her pink hair. Her main power was to awaken people’s primal desire and lead them into constant indulgence. Many people fell under her seduction. Including the Hu brothers. Xia He was one of the Four Crazies of Quanxing, the nickname for the four strongest members of the Quanxing Sect.

Although she had joined the Quanxing Sect, Xia He did not seem to be fully immersed in the Quanxing Sect. Her colleagues in the Four Craziest knew that she hated blood. And even though she was supposed to be an evil person, there was a part of her that longed to be with someone she loved, which was Zhang Ling Yu.

Dou Mei

Dou Mei or Intoxicator was the second member of the Four Craziest. She could intoxicate her victims and make them forget all their pain and sorrow. And while they were unconscious, she would attack them. Dou Mei looked like an ordinary psychiatrist, with a calm and friendly appearance.

Shen Chong

Sheng Chong was The Source of Malice. He unhinged people’s desire for possessions. He was known as the loan shark of the Quanxing Sect. But this loan business was not about money. Instead, he would lure people into borrowing qi from him. Later, the victim would have to get more qi, or else their qi would be sucked out by Shen Chong, and the victim would die.

Gao Ning

Gao Ning was the last member of the Four Craziest. He could amplify and manipulate the emotions of certain people. He did it by blocking certain meridians of his victim.

Tianshi/Celestial Taoist Sect

Zhang Huaiyi/Zhang Xilin

Zhang Huaiyi (played by Zhang Qi) was the grandfather of Zhang Chu Lan. He was one of the 8 people who wielded the Eight Supremes. His main power was Qi Apotheosis. And this secret technique was the one that people sought after even after his death.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Zhang Qi as Zhang Huaiyi:Zhang Xilin
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Zhang Qi as Zhang Huaiyi:Zhang Xilin

To keep his life a secret, Zhang Huaiyi changed his name to Zhang Xilin. As a grandfather, Zhang Huaiyi was a kind and gentle person. Even though he sometimes acted like a strict parent to young Zhang Chu Lan, Zhang Huaiyi’s love for his grandson was undeniable. They often move from place to place because he tries hard to keep their presence a secret.

Zhang Huaiyi’s past was unraveled after the Quanxing Clan revealed his identity and also Zhang Chu Lan’s. His real identity was Zhang Huaiyi, one of the disciples of Tianshi Sect Chief Zhang Jing Qing. Later, Zhang Huaiyi joined the 36 Thieves group. Zhang Jingqing ordered Tian Jin Zhong and Zhang Zhi Wei to find him. But they failed. Years later, NDT found Zhang Huaiyi after he fought the Tang clan in Siguniang Mountain.

Tian Jin Zhong

Tian Jin Zhong (played by Wang Kui Rong) was one of Zhang Jing Qing’s disciples. He was the brother-in-arms of Zhang Huaiyi. Tian Jin Zhong lives in Longhu Mountain, he always had two young Taoists as his assistants because Tian Jin Zhong needed help in his daily life. Years ago, Tian Jin Zhong was tortured by people who wanted to find Zhang Huaiyi.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Wang Kui Rong as Tian Jin Zhong
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Wang Kui Rong as Tian Jin Zhong

Unfortunately, even though he said he did not know where Zhang Huaiyi was, Tian Jin Zhong still lost his four limbs. Tian Jin Zhong was a good man and a good friend of Zhang Zhi Wei. The two of them still often talk about Zhang Huaiyi and their past.

Gong Qing

Gong Qing (played by Xu Hao) was a young Taoist who had joined the sect three years ago. His main task was to look after Tian Jin Zhong’s daily life.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Xu Hao as Gong Qing
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Xu Hao as Gong Qing

Feng Family

Feng Zheng Hao

Feng Zheng Hao (played by Xiu Qing) was the founder and head of the All Encompassing Guild. The wealthiest sect in the Outsider World. He was a profit-driven businessman who believed that everything in this world had a price. It was just a matter of finding the right “price”. He was one of the members of the Ten Elders.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Xiu Qing as Feng Zheng Hao
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Xiu Qing as Feng Zheng Hao

Feng Zheng Hao was the wielder of the Dispatch of Detained Spirits, one of the Eight Supremes. He received the power after his father Feng Tian Yan taught him the technique.

Feng Sha Yan

Feng Sha Yan (played by Dai Si) was the daughter of Feng Zheng Hao. As the only female member of the Feng family, she was proud and eager to prove herself.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Dai Si as Feng Sha Yan
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Dai Si as Feng Sha Yan

Because her father felt that she was less valuable than her brother since she was the only one who could not use the Dispatch of the Detained Spirit. Feng Sha Yan was a beautiful and fashionable woman. After her fight with Jia Zheng Liang, Feng Sha Yan realized that they were attracted to each other.

Feng Xing Tong

Feng Xing Tong (played by Zhang Chen Xiao) was the brother of Feng Sha Yan. He was the one who could wield the Dispatch of the Detained Spirit aside from their father.

I Am Nobody Drama Review - Zhang Chen Xiao as Feng Xing Tong
I Am Nobody Drama Review – Zhang Chen Xiao as Feng Xing Tong

Feng Xing Tong lost to Wang Bing because he could also use the Dispatch of the Detained Spirit.

Lu Family

Lu Jin

Lu Jin (played by Shen Bao Ping) was a really old man, as his age was more than a century. But he was the most vigorous old man alive. Lu Jin had a close relationship with Zhang Zhi Wei. He was also one of the wielders of the Eight Supremes, the Infinite Heavenly Talisman.

I Am Nobody Drama ReviewI Am Nobody Drama Review - Shen Bao Ping as Lu Jin
I Am Nobody Drama ReviewI Am Nobody Drama Review – Shen Bao Ping as Lu Jin

On his day off, Lu Jin could be seen spending time with his granddaughter, Lu Ling Long. They would laze around or watch anime together.

The Conclusion

Dear readers, this I am Nobody drama is the most comprehensive review I have ever written, because there were so many characters that I had to explain. However, I assure you that this drama was something you should not miss.

Even if you were not a wuxia fan (like me), you could still enjoy the beautiful faces of Feng Bao Bao and the handsomeness of Wang Ye (and his bare top), Zhang Ling Yu, and Zhuge Qing. And if that does not work, I am sure you will be amused by Zhang Chu Lan’s silliness or Zhang Zhi Wei’s eccentric characters.

So make sure you have enough food by your side because once you sit on the couch and start the first episode, it would be hard for you to stop. Happy watching!

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