Ending ExplainedBack From The Brink Ending Explained

Back From The Brink Ending Explained

Hola readers. This is the ending explained of Back From The Brink. It was quite long, but I hope this article would help you understand the ending. Don’t worry, it was a happy ending for (almost) everyone.

A quick note, I also wrote Back From The Brink drama review, you can check it if you like. Without further ado, let’s walk through the ending explained. Happy reading!

Back From The Brink Ending Explained

What Happened to Tianyao?

Tianyao and Yanhui return to Tongluo Village. They hoped that the journey could help him regain his memories. It turned out pretty well because Grandma Xiao’s old house helped him regain some memories.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Tianyao
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Tianyao?

Then Ling Xiao came. Through a fight, he taught Tianyao the fundamental practices so Tianyao could control his power. Because Tianyao wanted to help Qiyun, he asked Ling Xiao to teach him how to recover his power. After several days of training, Tianyao was able to defeat Ling Xiao.

Tianyao used his dragon power to dispel the Frost Blossom Spell on Qiyun but it backfired. When Qiyun regain consciousness, she immediately told Ling Xiao to save the dragon spirit. Qiyun almost lost her life if Yanhui did not save her by absorbing the dark aura within her.

Tianyao remembered that his Dragon Heart was located in the ice field of the Guanghan Sect. Ling Xiao asked for a tinder of the Dragon Fire. He had to return to Chengxin Mountain and reinforce the seal to contain the Dark Phantom.

Tianyao and Yanhui went to Guanghan Sect to help Lu Mu Sheng and Huang Xiaoyan. They fought Su Ying, but she died after Lu Mu Sheng stabbed him. Before she died, Su Ying returned the Dragon Heart to Tianyao’s body and his Dragon Fire exploded.

He woke up later in Qingqiu, but Yanhui’s whereabouts is nowhere to be found. When he remembered what happened, Tianyao guessed that the dark aura tried to save Yanhui from Dragon Fire. It sent her to a stronger place which was the Dark Phantom’s mind’s eye.

Tianyao planned to save Yanhui using Bai Xiao Sheng’s shadow technique. But when he saw him, Bai Xiao Sheng was under the influence of the Dark Phantom and Tianyao had to use Dragon Fire to vanquish the dark aura.

Bai Xiao Sheng took Tianyao to the Dark Phantom’s mind’s eye. Tianyao fought the Dark Phantom with his sword. It was a fierce battle, but Tianyao managed to stab the Dark Phantom. Yanhui helped by taking away the remaining shadow robe that protect the Dark Phantom. Tianyao and Yanhui immediately left through Bai Xiao Sheng’s portal after the mind’s eye collapsed.

After the Dark Phantom returned and released a dark aura into the world, Tianyao fought him tirelessly. Meanwhile, Yanhui was far away to find survivors and absorb every dark aura she met. Through the flower medallions, they were able to communicate and give support to each other.

Tianyao had been too tired and badly wounded. Yanhui came with the people from Luochuan Valley. Each of them held a wisp of flame in their hand. They all gathered around the wounded Tianyao and channeled the fire into him. Meanwhile, Yanhui blocked all the attacks from the Dark Phantom.

Yet, her hard work was futile. The dark aura engulfed everyone around them, turning them into charcoal statues. Tianyao saw the Dark Phantom take Yanhui away. Later, gold pillars of dragon fire suddenly emerged from the bottom of the Obsidian River. The fire clears up the sky from the dark aura and turns into gold dust that covers every living being in the world.

Yanhui appeared in front of Tianyao and hold him in her arm. She comforted him and they reminisced about the past. Tianyao realized that Yanhui would leave him for good. Yanhui said that she would be forever in his heart and when he roamed the world, he would see a part of her in everybody he met. Tianyao’s hair turned white after she disappeared into dust.

Fifteen years later, Tianyao still spread the Dragon Technique to all the people in the world. Everywhere he go, he would meet people who had a trace of Yanhui inside them. When he passed the town where he met Yanhui for the first time, he saw the baozi seller. However, when he tried to buy one, it was sold out to a young girl with a high ponytail.

Tianyao chase her and she was not Yanhui. When he turned his head a hand with a baozi appeared in front of him. The owner of the hand was someone he had been yearning for years. Under the eyes of countless people, Tianyao smiled and kissed the girl.

What Happened to Yanhui?

Yanhui now has become a Lady of Dark Aura. She could control the dark aura and use it as her power. However, there was one big problem. Her power and Tianyao’s power were incompatible. Thus, every time she touched him, Yanhui would have a burned wound on her skin.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Yanhui
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Yanhui?

On the journey to Tongluo Village, Yanhui taught Tianyao the fundamental practices of spiritual energy. However, she was not a good teacher because she was not a good student either. Ling Xiao who was nearby, heard everything she said and could not help but sighed.😅

When Yanhui walked around Tongluo Village to check on the dark aura, she met Qiyun from Qiyun Monastery. But at the moment, she was a young woman with an unstable mind. It turned out she was the beloved woman of Ah Cha, the snake spirit. Yanhui took her back to Tongluo Village.

Ling Xiao recognized Qiyun and found that she was affected by Frost Blossom Technique. A spell that only the leader of Chenxing Mountain could do. And because Ling Xiao was not the leader of Chenxing Mountain 20 years ago, it must be Master Qing Guang who put the spell on her.

Tianyao said he could dispel the spell, but he did not have enough power. So Tianyao asked Ling Xiao to teach him how to recover his power. Because of this, Yanhui’s anger toward Ling Xiao was eased.

Yanhui, Tianyao, and Ling Xiao helped the villagers when they were attacked by other villagers whose infected by a dark aura. When Tianyao saw Yanhui was in danger, his sword suddenly appeared. Ling Xiao saw that Tianyao’s dragon power could counter the dark aura. So he told him to disperse the source using his sword. But after the source was gone, the dark aura inside the villagers still remained.

Ling Xiao uses his geomantic compass to absorb the aura. But it was not enough. Yanhui used her body to absorb the remaining dark aura from the villagers. Only then they realized that she could control the dark aura too.

The villagers were safe, but some of them were scared of Yanhui and wanted to kick her away from the village. Ling Xiao was angry and told the villager if she was a monster then the entire Chenxing Mountain would be a monster sect. And if they did not want her to protect them, Chenxing Mountain would stop protecting them. The villagers instantly regretted their words, but there was no turning back because the leader of Chenxing Mountain had spoken.

Yanhui had a good talk with Ling Xiao after the incident. She thought that Ling Xiao abandoned her after he whipped her at the Fallen Star Platform. Ling Xiao said that he divided 81 strikes into 9 days to save her life. He admitted that he wanted to have everything, the sect, the living beings, and also his relationship. He could not sacrifice one of them.

Yanhui then realized that Ling Xiao had too much burden on his shoulder. Over the years, Ling Xiao treated her as his own daughter. He watched her every move and was always proud of her because she was true to herself. Yanhui’s relationship with Ling Xiao was recovered after they learned the truth from Qiyun.

She was awkward at first but she tried to be friendlier to her master. When Ling Xiao return, Yanhui could not bring herself to call him master. So she made a promise to call Ling Xiao master when they meet again later.

Yanhui and Tianyao went to save Lu Mu Sheng and Huang Xiaoyan, but she ended up inside the Dark Phantom’s mind’s eye. She was able to escape from it with the help of Tainyao and Bai Xiao Sheng. After the situation was better, Tianyao and Yanhui returned to Chenxing Mountain.

Yanhui could feel that Ling Xiao had met a predicament. She returned to Chenxing Mountain only to see her fellow disciple’s sword scattered on the mountain. She went to Starhaven and met again with the Dark Phantom. Yanhui was ridden with guilt, anger, and sadness because of her regret toward Ling Xiao. She almost lost herself, until Tianyao came and calmed her down with his Dragon Spirit.

Because the dark aura had spread and hurt many people in the world, Yanhui and Tianyao must split apart. Yanhui went to find survivors while Tianyao returned to Luochuan Valley. In an empty town, she met his seniors Zichen and Ziyue. Her heavy burden was instantly lifted because Chenxing Mountain still existed. From Ziyue, Yunhai learned how Ling Xiao believed that she would move forward, strong and determined.

Yanhui returned to Luochuan Valley to inform the others about the situation outside the valley. People were touched by her sincerity and volunteered to help her. They left the valley with a wisp of flame in their hand and marched to Tianyao. The people channeled the flame onto Tianyao to help him recover from the wound. Meanwhile, Yanhui blocked all the attacks from the Dark Phantom. However, her power was too weak.

Soon the dark aura exploded around her. Yanhui could not do anything but saw everything turn into charcoal statues before the Dark Phantom took her away.

Yanhui woke up at the cold and dark Obsidian River. Her mind raced. Yanhui realized that she could refine the Heart Protecting Scale from her dark aura. The scale could be used to restrain the Dark Phantom. Then her power turned into gold pillars made from Dragon Fire that absorb the dark aura from the surrounding.

Yanhui went to capture the Dark Phantom. He was powerless because Yanhui absorb all his power. The Dark Phantom refused to acknowledge his defeat and tried to attack her before his body turn into dust.

Yanhui went to Tianyao and comforted him. She told him that she would be in his heart and in everyone he met. She held him dearly before she dissipate into golden dust.

They meet again fifteen years later.

What Happened to Bai Xiao Sheng?

Bai Xiao Sheng was prisoned inside the Dark Phantom’s mind’s eyes. The Dark Phantom used a Puppetry Technique to control Bai Xiao Sheng’s body. Only then Bai Xiao Sheng realized that the Dark Phantom had fused his primordial spirit with Bai Xiao Sheng’s true effigy. And he planned to use Bai Xiao Sheng’s true effigy to escape from the mind’s eye.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Bai Xiao Sheng
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Bai Xiao Sheng?

When Tianyao found Bai Xiao Sheng, he had turned into the Dark Phantom’s puppet. Tianyao used his Dragon Fire to cleanse the dark aura inside Bai Xiao Sheng and asked him to help Yanhui. Bai Xiao Sheng entered the mind’s eye at the right time when Yanhui was almost killed by the Dark Phantom. At that time, Yanhui had successfully taken back half of his shadow robe.

Bai Xiao Sheng then use the shadow robe to protect Yanhui and then brought Tianyao in. Using some tricks, Yanhui was able to retrieve the rest of the shadow robe. After the mind’s eye collapsed, Bai Xiaxo Sheng went with Tianyao and Yanhui by riding their shadow.

When the world was covered with a dark aura. Bai Xiao Sheng joined the rest of the survivors at the Luochuan Valley. They tried to vanquish the dark aura within their heart by voicing their biggest regret. And Bai Xiao Sheng’s biggest regret was to let someone he loved be with another man.

After the final battle with the Dark Phantom, Bai Xiao Sheng worked as a matchmaker. It seemed that matchmaking was his innate ability. However, although he succeeded to pair with others, he was still alone.

What Happened to Su Ying?

Bai Xiao Sheng (who was controlled by the Dark Phantom) came to Su Ying and told her that Lu Mu Sheng was still alive. So Su Ying went to Qing Qiu to take Lu Mu Sheng away. Her intention was intercepted by Chen Yi who was easily defeated because he had lost his mind’s eye. For the sake of his wife’s last wish, Chen Yi uses his last power to protect their child.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Su Ying
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Su Ying?

Su Ying took Lu Mu Sheng and Huang Xiaoyan with her. Su Ying used Huang Xiaoyan’s power to extract memories from Lu Mu Sheng because he was getting weaker and weaker. She planned to make Lu Mu Sheng immortal so they would not be separated by death.

Su Ying could defeat Tianyao and Yanhui using the formation that she used to trap him twenty years ago. While they were fighting, Zhu Li came and save Huang Xiaoyan and Lu Mu Sheng. However, Lu Mu Sheng refused. When Su Ying was occupied with Tianyao and Yanhui’s attacks, Lu Mu Sheng stabbed her from behind.

When she fall, Su Ying dropped the memory bead. Lu Mu Sheng took it and crush the bead because he did not want her to control him. Su Ying tried to make him remember their past but Lu Mu Sheng said that the person from the past was dead. When he crushed the bead, memories flew away from it.

It turned out, Lu Mu Sheng did not forget their memories and had been lying to her. Lu Mu Sheng told Tianyao to burn him with the Dragon Fire. When his body scattered to the sky, Su Ying cried and shouted. She did not understand why Lu Mu Sheng choose to leave her. Yanhui told her that Lu Mu Sheng did not love her anymore.

Tianyao did not have any intention to kill Su Ying. He said that letting her live was the biggest punishment for Su Ying. But this spiteful woman thought otherwise. She took the Dragon Heart and pushed it into Tainyao’s body and said that he could use it to deal with the Dark Phantom.

Tianyao’s body exploded and released a Dragon Fire that could kill Yanhui. Su Ying told Tianyao that she wanted him to share her fate, to never be able with the one she loved. Su Ying died later on. Her last wish was to never meet Lu Mu Sheng in her life.

What Happened to Xian Ge and Feng Qiao Shan?

Xian Ge was pregnant and this was such good news for everybody in Qingqiu. At the moment, Xian Ge and Feng Qiao Shan stayed at the all-new Wangyu Tower. They did not feel the need to hide anymore because the situation had turned better.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Xian Ge
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Xian Ge?

Xian Ge and Feng Qiao Shan returned to Qingqiu after Chen Yi died. When the calamity strike the world once again, they assisted Zhu Li to gather the survivors of Qinqiu and took them to Luochuan Valley. Feng Qiao Shan gave a flower medallion to Tianyao when he was about to leave the valley to save the world.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Feng Qiao Shan
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Feng Qiao Shan?

Xiang Ge and Feng Qiao Shan meet Tianyao fifteen years after the great battle. They had a daughter and a son and lived happily in a blissful marriage.

What Happened to Ling Xiao?

Ling Xiao felt guilty toward Yanhui and wanted to make up for his fault. When Yanhui planned to return to Tongluo Village, Ling Xiao was worried and wanted to protect her but she refused. Ling Xiao watched them leave with a sad expression but still followed them.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened to Ling Xiao
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened to Ling Xiao?

At the Tongluo Village, Ling Xiao told Yanhui a story about her past. Ling Xiao found Yanhui outside the Luochuan Valley before he took her to Chenxing Mountain. Master Qing Guan sealed the power of the Heart Protection Scale. He told him that if someday the Scale showed an erratic movement, Ling Xiao must chase Yanhui out from the mountain. They realized that at that time, Master Qing Guan wanted the Spirit Dragon to find his Heart Protecting Scale and save the world.

Ling Xiao continued. He said that when Tianyao retrieve his power, the seal on the Heart Protecting Scale was broken. Ling Xiao sensed it and went to chase her, but he was trapped in the Misty Forest and accidentally entered the Dark Phantom Palace. He met Master Qing Guan who order him to destroy the scale. Ling Xiao realized that he had been used by the Dark Phantom. Ling Xiao apologized to Yanhui, but she said that she could not forgive him.

Ling Xiao and Yanhui learned the complete truth after Qiyun was saved. She told them that 15 years ago she followed the dark aura to Misty Forest and entered the mind’s eye of Dark Phantom. She saw Master Qing Guang struggling in a battle and helped him.

Qing Guang told her that the Dark Phantom had used his body and tricked Su Ying to kill the Spirit Dragon. He told Qiyun to assemble the Daoist clans, destroy Su Ying’s seal, and find the Spirit Dragon to eliminate the Dark Phantom. Because she was attacked by the dark aura, Qing Guan cast the Frost Blossom Spell on her.

The spell could drive away the impurities and seal her aura. She could run away after Master Qing Guang sacrificed himself.

Ling Xiao could sense that Yanhui and Tianyao had succeeded in defeating the Dark Phantom. When he thought that everything had been settled, something happened to Dark Phantom’s seal at Starhaven. He entered the seal and found out that the Dark Phantom had many clones of himself. The Dark Phantom and Ling Xiao fought. Ling Xiao died to save the world. However, because he died, the seal was broken and the dark aura was freed.

What Happened Dark Phantom?

After Su Ying returned the Dragon Heart to Tianyao, Yanhui was accidentally thrown into the Dark Phantom’s mind’s eye and saw his past.

Back From The Brink Ending Explained - What Happened Dark Phantom
Back From The Brink Ending Explained – What Happened Dark Phantom?

Xuelin saved the Dark Phantom when he floated in the river. She told him that he was born out of the chaos. People feared him because they did not know him. She put him by her side because Xuelin wanted the Dark Phantom to be a good person. But she did not know that the Dark Phantom had a cruel nature and had developed an obsession with her.

When Xuelin falls in love with Chen Yi, The Dark Phantom fears that Xuelin would abandon him. In a fit of anger, the Dark Phantom attacked Cheng Yi and Xuelin. He flew from Qinqiu after his attack failed. The Dark Phantom spread his dark aura around the world and it made Xuelin ridden with guilt.

The Dark Phantom saw Tianyao and thought that he could boost his power with the dragon’s inner core. He attacked Tainyao but hurt his own body. When he saw the young Bai Xiao Sheng, the Dark Phantom thought that he could use him to repair his body. The Dark Phantom blackmailed the Shadow Clan leader to give Bai Xiao Sheng to him.

After a century, he fell into Xuelin’s trap. Xuelin had designed geomantic compasses to absorb his dark aura, while Chen Yi and Qing Guang fought him. But the Dark Phantom had grown stronger and Qin Guang had to seal the Dark Phantom inside his body. But somehow, he was able to control Qing Guan’s body and tricked Su Ying by using her feelings for Lu Mu Sheng.

He was the one who injured Lu Mu Sheng and then appeared in front of Su Ying and told her about the Heart Protective Scale that could help Lu Mu Sheng. He told her to pretend to love Tianyao before killing him on their wedding day. When he assists Su Ying, the Dragon Fire burned him so Qing Guan could regain some of his consciousness and seal himself in Starhaven.

The fire was able to eliminate the influence of the dark aura and let Qing Guan regain his consciousness momentarily. Thus Qing Guan was able to seal himself on the Starhaven Platform.

The Dark Phantom tried to kill Yanhui but failed because Bai Xiao Sheng and Tianyao entered his mind’s eye. They took away his shadow robe and managed to hurt him with the Dragon fire. However, he already prepared thousands of clone statues and each of them had a dark aura within. The Dark Phantom’s body had been destroyed by the Dragon Fire and he become a mass of dark clouds with a massive power.

The first one to notice the change was Ling Xiao. But, he died after he tried to defeat him. Then the Dark Phantom destroyed the Chenxing Mountain and killed countless disciples. He tried to manipulate Yanhui’s mind so she could submit to him just like Su Ying did. Yet, Tianyao came and ruined his plan.

The Dark Phantom spread his dark aura all over the world. He fought with Tianyao many times. When Yanhui showed up with the people, the Dark Phantom thought he could defeat her and Tianyao for the last time.

But he never imagined that Yanhui could come back stronger. She absorb all his power and turned it into Dragon Fire that cleanse the world. The Dark Phantom vanished into dust after Yanhui made him learn that Xuelin had given him a choice to live by. However, he never chooses the good side.

My Two Cents

The only thought I had after I watched this Back From The Brink drama was, if Xiang Ge and Feng Qiao Shan met Tianyao fifteen years later, weren’t they supposed to already have a teenager around them? But how could their children seem only ten years old? Did they leave the teenage kid at home?

What about you, dear readers, what do you think about Back From The Brink ending, and how do you think after you read this Back From The Brink Ending Explained? Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment box below. I’ll see you in another ending explained post. Ciao!

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