Ending ExplainedLove Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

Dear readers, I haven’t moved on from this Love Between Fairy and Devil drama, and luckily, after the final episode, there were still extra episodes to quench my thirst. This article was an explanation of the ending for our main characters. A complete spoiler, ahem!… An ending explained for our favorite drama, Love Between Fairy and Devil.

Before we start, I just want tell you that I also wrote Love Between Fairy and Devil drama review and Love Between Fairy and Devil episode recap. You can read it if you want to know more detail about this drama.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

What Happened to Xiao Lan Hua and Her Other identity as Goddess of Xishan, Xi Yun?

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - What Happened to Xiao Lan Hua
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – What Happened to Xiao Lan Hua?

Xiao Lan Hua died in the Xuanxu realm. But Dongfang Qingcang and Changheng worked together to resurrect her. They come to Siming, who actually always knew what would happen to Xiao Lan Hua. Quietly, she guided Dongfang Qingcang and Changheng to come for her. Siming explained that when the Xilan clan was destroyed, Xi Yun’s clansmen sealed and turned her into a seed. They entrusted the seed to Siming. She couldn’t shake Xi Yun’s fate, so she could only turn her into an orchid.

Siming told them that they could resurrect her because Dongfang Qingcang had a remnant of Xiao Lan Hua’s primordial spirit attached to his. Together, Dongfang Qingcang and Changheng managed to turn Xiao Lan Hua’s spirit into a seed. Dongfang Qingcang nurtured the seed with great care. But when it transforms into a human, Xiao Lan Hua becomes Xi Yun, the Goddess of Xishan. And Xi Yun has forgotten her life as Xiao Lan Hua.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Xi Yun Married with Changheng
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Xi Yun Married with Changheng

Xi Yun insisted on continuing her marriage to Changheng. She told him that a long time ago, the founder of the realm, Lord Dong, made a marriage agreement with the Xilan clan with a purpose. The marriage will activate the supreme divine power in her blood that is essential to suppress and seal the Evil God Tai Sui.

Xi Yun also told him that she remembered everything in her two lives. However, she has chosen to be the Goddess of Xishan, and she must let go of her feelings and emotions as Xiao Lan Hua. But Xi Yun didn’t tell him that she had predicted that after Chidi Nüzi died, Tai Sui would target Dongfang Qingcang to be his immortal body. Xi Yun had to protect the people, but she also wanted to protect her loved one.

What happened to Dongfang Qingcang?

Dongfang Qingcang had tried many ways to atone for his regret of abandoning Xiao Lan Hua before the war in the Xuanxu realm. When Xiao Lan Hua reincarnates into Xi Yun, who forgets everything, he worked hard to remind her about her life as Xiao Lan Hua. However, none of them works.

The evil king realizes his final mission after Siming hands him Xiao Lan Hua’s destiny book. He knew that Xiao Lan Hua would sacrifice herself for him and the sake of the people in three realms. The evil king prepared everything beforehand.

He also predicted that Tai Sui would after him since he failed to acquire Chidi Nüzi’s immortal body. Dongfang Qingcang made himself a bait for Tai Sui, right on the wedding day of Xiao Lan Hua and Changheng. He let Tai Sui enter his mind and told him that Tai Sui could take his body and spirit. Tai Sui bit the bait and was trapped inside Dongfang Qingcang’s sea of heart. Dongfang Qingcang took him there because it was the place where Xiao Lan Hua left her power.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - What Happened to Dongfang Qingcang
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – What Happened to Dongfang Qingcang?

However, Tai Sui managed to find his weakness and possessed Dongfang Qingcang. He appeared in the three realms as a silver-haired man with a mass of black clouds surrounding him. Xiao Lan Hua entered his perimeter. To buy her time, Changheng and the Shuiyuntian’s immortals to aim their power at Dongfang Qingcang. But it was not enough.

Suddenly, Shang Que and the Moon tribe soldiers come to help. Shang Que said that the Moon Tribe would help the Shuiyuntian on the order of their Moon Supreme, Dongfang Qingcang. That was a move that Dongfang Qingcang prepared beforehand.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Dongfang Qingcang 2
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Dongfang Qingcang

Inside the perimeter. When Xiao Lan Hua kissed Dongfang Qingcang, her power activated the Glazed Fire in him. Glazed Fire is a fire of compassion that has been lost since ancient times. Only people with great love and compassion could master it. And nobody expected the great evil king who was feared by all to master this ancient skill.

The kiss brought back his consciousness. Dongfang Qingcang returned to his sea of heart, and Xiao Lan Hua followed him. Inside, he begs Xiao Lan Hua to kill him. Tai Sui and Dongfang Qingcang have merged their primordial spirits. For that reason, if she killed him, Tai Sui would also be dead. Xiao Lan Hua refused to do that.

Dongfang Qingcang told her, that this was the only way to alter her bitter destiny. In the end, Xiao Lan Hua aimed her power at him. Dongfang Qingcang took Tai Sui away to his death. The parting between the lovers was so sad. Xiao Lan Hua cried bitterly when he disappeared. Dongfang Qingcang only left her a memento, a crescent-shaped white jade.

Dongfang Qingcang wanted Xiao Lan Hua to keep on living. Consequently, he must die in her stead. This was the reason why Siming gave him Xiao Lan Hua’s Destiny book. Dongfang Qingcang was the only person in the three realms who could alter her fate.

Five hundred years later, under the nurture of Xiao Lan Hua’s Xishan power, Dongfang Qingcang was able to return. The first word he said was “I’m back” before he kissed Xiao Lan Hua passionately.

What Happened to Changheng?

Changheng had let go of his feelings towards Xiao Lan Hua back in the Cangyan sea when he saw how much Xiao Lan Hua loved Dongfang Qingcang. He was devastated when Xiao Lan Hua sacrificed herself in the Xuanxu realm. But he managed to survive the heartbreak. He even helped Dongfang Qingcang who was drowned in his sorrow. Changheng was the one who asked Dongfang Qingcang’s help to resurrect Xiao Lan Hua. His calm and composed nature helped him through many terrible times.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - What Happened to Changheng
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – What Happened to Changheng?

When Xiao Lan Hua reincarnates into Xi Yun, she remembers their marriage agreement. Instead of being happy, Changheng was sad. Therefore, he was angry when Dongfang Qingcang accused him of gloating because Xiao Lan Hua had forgotten him but remembered the engagement. He told Dongfang Qingcang that he had already entrusted Xiao Lan Hua to him.

All he wanted was for Xiao Lan Hua to come back again. Changheng was able to guess what would happen after their wedding. Therefore, he was hesitant because he didn’t want Xiao Lan Hua to perish.

Although he was hesitant to marry Xi Yun, in the end, Changheng resigned because he knew that to seal the Evil God Tai Su was a fate that was destined for every goddess in the three realms. They got married in front of all the immortals in Shuiyuntian. However, before they completed the nuptial, Dongfang Qingcang had already appeared as the silver-haired man. They stopped the ceremony and went to battle.

Changheng knew that the divine supreme power inside Xi Yun was not activated yet. Therefore, he tried to deter Xi Yun from entering Dongfang Qingcang’s perimeter. Because Xi Yun was adamant, all he could do was to buy her time by aiming all his power at Dongfang Qingcang. He hoped that would weaken him and help Xi Yun seal Tai Sui.

After Dongfang Qingcang and Tai Sui perished, the three realms were at peace again. Changheng resigned from his job as the God of War and decided to wander the world as an idle immortal under the guise of Xiao Run, his identity when he lived as a mortal in Luocheng City. He also developed a friendly relationship with Fairy Dan Yin, whom he expected to be the next Shuiyuntian’s God of War.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Luocheng City
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Luocheng City

What Happened to Rong Hao and Chidi Nüzi?

Let me remind you that Rong Hao was finally able to resurrect his master, Chidi Nüzi. But her mental state was deteriorating because of the evil spirit. She often had nightmares and killed people unconsciously. When she was in dire need of an evil spirit, her eyes turned red. Rong Hao took her out of Shuiyuntian and went to Yunmeng lake. They stay in a remote courtyard where they used to live in.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - What Happened to Chidi Nüzi
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – What Happened to Chidi Nüzi?

It is said that 30,000 years ago, Rong Hao was devastated after his master perished. In his desperation, Tai Sui appeared and persuaded him to listen to his advice. Tai Sui promised Rong Hao that he could resurrect Chidi Nüzi. But Rong Hao must provide evil spirits for him. Tai Sui also said that he must nourish Chidi Nüzi’s body with evil spirits to preserve her body. That was the reason why Rong Hao built the Soul Transformation Cauldron in Haishi City and killed many innocent people.

When Chidi Nüzi finally realized what was happening to her, she was in despair. All her life was spent to protect the people. However, right now she was doing the opposite. She was a danger to them. At the same time, Rong Hao realized that he had been plotted by Tai Sui for 30,000 years. Tai Sui’s only intention was to acquire the immortal body of Chidi Nüzi. When her spirit was fully replaced by the evil spirit, Chidi Nüzi would be nothing more than a monster that was worse than an animal.

Chidi Nüzi asked Rong Hao to kill her, but he refused to do so. Chidi Nüzi told him that his worldly desire was too strong and blinded him. Rong Hao answered that he used to be a mortal, and his only worldly desire was to see her alive. But Chidi Nüzi was born as a goddess, that’s why she wouldn’t understand his wishes.

Chidi Nüzi said that she used to have worldly desires. That is when she saw the young and blind Rong Hao playing the flute under the snow. When Rong Hao died, she took him to Siming and begged her to change his fate. Siming said that it would cost her doom. But Chidi Nüzi was willing to take the risk.

After he heard her story, Rong Hao laughed. He never knew that his master loved him very much. Rong Hao hugged her and stabbed her back with a knife to fulfilled her wish of death. Chidi Nüzi closed her eyes and smiled. She was finally free from suffering. Rong Hao entered his mind to meet Tai Sui. He planned to use his primordial spirit to seal him. But unfortunately, to seal Tai Sui, he’ll need the power of a goddess. Rong Hao died, but Tai Sui remained free.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Rong Hao and Chidi Nüzi
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Rong Hao and Chidi Nüzi

Changheng buried them side by side. Accompanied with Xi Yun and Dongfang Qingcang, he bid them farewell.

Extra Episodes

WeTV and iQiyi just released extra episode of Love Between Fairy and Devil. These extra episodes contain of 2 episodes.

Extra Episode 1

In extra episode 1, Dongfang Qingcang sat on his chair inside the Moon Palace. He said that recently people had inquired about his marriage life with Xiao Lan Hua.

After being married for 300 years, they live a very good life. They spend some years at Shuiyuntian’s Arbiter Hall, they stay at Cangyan Sea for some years, and they occasionally stay at Lucheng City, also for some years. Dongfang Qingcang said that the happiest time was when they stayed in Lucheng City and lived an ordinary life of a mortal.

Dongfang Qingcang said that he feels at ease with her by his side. No matter how many obstacles in the future, as long as they are still holding hands, they will not be afraid of anything.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua

Extra Episode 2

This extra episode 2 contain a beautiful montage of our characters. This extra episodes highlighted their fear, joy, sadness, despair, contempt, and anger.

It began with the God Xuanxu who talked to Xiao Lan Hua that every being in the world could have a thousand fates. But Xiao Lan Hua only has one. There was also Siming who said that the only one who could alter Xiao Lan Hua’s fate was Dongfang Qingcang.

The extra episode showed us many clips of their love journey, from Shuiyuntian to Cangyan Sea, to Xuanxu realm, and back to Shuiyuntian when they meet again after a long and painful parting.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Xiao Lan Hua
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Xiao Lan Hua

There were also clips about Changheng. It showed us how happy he was when he met Xiao Lan Hua for the first time, the pain that he felt when he let her go at Cangyan sea, or when he had to remove Xiao Lan Hua from the list of immortal examinations results. He did that to protect her from his brother.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Changheng 2

We also could see a glimpse of Rong Hao and Chidi Nüzi when they were happily practicing swordsmanship, Rong Hao’s happiness when he knew that his master loves him back, or his despair when he stabs the knife at Chidi Nüzi.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained - Extra Episodes
Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained – Extra Episodes

The montage not only showed us how intense their feeling was but also how human an immortal could be…😊

There you go, we just gave you Love Between Fairy and Devil ending explained from Cnovelholic.com. See you on another ending explained post!

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    • Hi Marie-Anne, thank you for visiting our website. I’m glad to read your comment, and I absolutely agree with you that Love Between Fairy and Devil was a beautiful drama. You could watch the two extra episodes on WeTV or iQiYi. I hope it helps you…🥰

      • I have IQIYI but I don’t see the 2 extra episodes. How are they labeled. I have VIP however, I only see 36 episodes. Does that include the 2 extras?

      • he no longer has hellfire, which is for those without an emotion tree. He was losing it once he regained those emotions which he got called out for. At the end he gained glazed fire, the fire of compassion after suffering.

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    • Hi Fyremonkey, thank you for the comment.

      I’m glad that you found my article helpful. If you like this kind of drama, you might want to watch The Blue Whisper. They also had beautiful visuals and the story was breathtaking.

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  3. I enjoyed your summary, but there’s one thing that needs to be corrected.
    It’s not a memento that Dongfang Qincang leaves with Xiao Lan Hua before he dies. It’s his primordial spirit/ energy encased in the moon-shaped jade. That’s why now that she’s a goddess with the power to restore life, she nurtures it and keeps giving it life energy for 500 years, which frees him and enables him to come back. She actually hints at that when she asks his brother if he believed in miracles, and also told him that love takes the longest to grow. She herself didn’t know how long it would take. Since he retained some of her power inside him, which helped him defeat the evil god forever, it also kept safe the part of his primordial spirit in the jade moon medallion. So when she nurtured it with more of her healing energy for 500 years, he had the strength to return.

    • Hi Tali, thank you for the comment.

      Wow… I found your comment helpful to me. Can I add your comment to my article above and put your name on it? So the ending explained will have more point of view.

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  4. watched this beautiful drama on netflix here in the US… and i appreciate you explaining the ending in epilogue along with the other two extra episodes that are not available. thank you very much and as some one already mentioned, i have a good picture of the endings with your excellent and detailed descriptions. -ker

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  8. the moon medallion is transformed from the blood of his his heart (that is what DongFang Qincang says in Ep 09 and Xiao LanHua in Ep 15, when he gives Xiao LanHua medallion, changing it into a bangle on her wrist). It is equivalent to him. So Bone Orchid is actually DongFang

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