Ending ExplainedMy Journey to You Ending Explained

My Journey to You Ending Explained

The story of My Journey to You drama was complicated and full of mystery. It did not end as I had expected. It was an open-ended ending that leaned more to the sad side. Too many mysteries were left unanswered and I’m itching to know the answer. And I bet you would feel the same way as I do.

My Journey to You Ending Explained

The Gong Family

What happened to Yun Wei Shan and Gong Zi Yu?

Gong Zi Yu was shocked to learn that his brother Gong Huan Yu was still alive. At the same time, Ming Wuji, whom he regarded as his mother, was badly injured and barely holding on. However, she managed to write a character on a piece of paper that revealed the identity of the killer.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What happened to Yun Wei Shan and Gong Zi Yu
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What happened to Yun Wei Shan and Gong Zi Yu?

Gong Huan Yu read it as “Ren”, while Gong Shang Jue read it as “Yun”. Ming Wuji’s identity was revealed as Anonymous, and she was given poisoned wine as punishment for killing the late swordsman.

Shangguan Qian revealed Yun Wei Shan’s identity as Wufeng’s assassin to Gong Shang Jue. Later, he waited for Yun Wei Qian to leave the mansion through the secret passage before arresting her. Elder Hua was about to execute Yun Wei Shan.

However, Gong Zi Yu stopped him. They had a fierce duel. Gong Zi Yu’s newly forged saber was able to break Elder Hua’s saber. This meant that Gong Zi Yu had passed the third trial and had legitimately become the Gong Family’s swordsman. However, this did not stop Yun Wei Shan from leaving.

After Gong Zi Yu became the Sword Wielder, the elders revealed the greatest secret of the Gong Family to him. it was about the Infinite Heat and the infidels who hide deep inside Back Hill. The power of Infinite Heat was so great that it could never be revealed to the world because the consequences would be too great. Therefore, Gong Zi Yu must abide by the rule of the ancestors.

Gong Zi Yu learned from Elder Yue that even if Yun Que stayed in the Gong family if Wufeng was still around, she would live in fear. So, Gong Zi Yu wanted to get rid of Wufeng once and for all so that he could be with Yun Wei Shan. Gong Zi Yu came up with a plan involving Yun Wei Shan and Gong Shang Jue. The plan was to lure Wufeng into attacking the Gong family. They used Shangguan Qian to relay information to Wufeng while Yun Wei Qian pretended to escape from the mansion.

The plan worked and Wufeng was wiped out. However, the Gong Family lost Elder Hua, Young Master Hua, and Young Master Xue. They also lost countless guards in the battle, and Gong Zi Yu was poisoned. Nevertheless, he gave up Chuyun Chonglian for Jin Fan. He did it for the sake of Jin Fan and Gong Zi Shan.

When she treated Gong Zi Yu with her inner power, Yun Wei Shan found out that their mental techniques could be combined and complement each other. Elder Xue found out that Yun Wei Shan’s Brocade Heart Sutra originally belonged to the Feng family, the fourth family of the Back Hill.

The Feng family had fallen apart a long time ago. Their saber-fighting techniques were auxiliary, usually learned by the Sword Wielder’s wife to assist the husband. However, how the Feng family turned into Wufeng was something Elder Xue could not decipher. Gong Zi Yu’s poison was cured after Gong Yuan Zhi gave him the last piece of Chuyun Chonglian. It once belonged to Gong Shang Jue, but he gave it to Gong Zi Yu.

Things were not over for everyone when they found out that the Infinite Heat blueprint had been stolen from the bottom of the Ice Pool in the Xue residence. With a broken heart, Gong Zi Yu has to accept the fact that Gong Huan Yu is not the same person he used to respect. Gong Huan Yu was the mastermind behind everything that happened in the Gong Residence.

After Gong Zi Yu and Yun Wei Shan defeated Gong Huan Yu and everything returned to normal, Yun Wei Shan found a new clue about her real identity. Hanya Si left her a letter and told her that she was the real daughter of the Yun family. That year, the Yun family had a twin daughter, and their faces were similar to each other.

Gong Zi Yu saw that Yun Wei Shan had packed some things and thought that she was going to leave him. But she only wanted to return to Lixi Town to see her real family. So, he let her go and waited for her to return. But after waiting for days, Yun Wei Shan never came back. Because Dianzhu and one of his Wufeng guards were waiting for her in her sister’s bedroom.

What Happened to Gong Shang Jue and Shangguan Qian?

When it was time to take Fortnight Flies, Shangguan Qian visited Yun Wei Shan in her room. At that time, Yun Wei Shan was imprisoned in the Yu residence. She gave Shangguan Qian a map of the secret passage of Gong Mansion. On a piece of paper, there was a drawing of the landscape of Gong Mansion, the location of the mechanism, and how to shut it down.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What Happened to Gong Shang Jue and Shangguan Qian
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What Happened to Gong Shang Jue and Shangguan Qian?

Shangguan Qian gave the copy of the paper to Hanya Qi. She told him about Gong Shang Jue’s weakness that she heard from Ming Wuji. Once a month, there was a time when Gong Shang Jue lost his internal ability. That period would last for four hours. When that time came, only Gong Yuan Zhi would guard Gong Shang Jue.

Shangguan Qian also told Hanya Qi that they would have a perfect time to attack the Gong family. She asked him to gather the elites for Gong Zi Yu’s ascension ceremony ten days later. Later, she gave the original map to Gong Shang Jue and told him that Yun Wei Shan was an assassin from Wufeng.

Shangguan Qian did not know that everything she did was part of Gong Zi Yu and Gong Shang Jue’s plan. They had been suspicious of her for a long time. Yun Wei Shan deliberately revealed her identity so that she could tell Gong Shang Jue that she was an assassin from Wufeng, just like Shangguan Qian.

Gong Zi Yu wanted to lure Wufeng and reveal Shangguan Qian’s identity, but he needed the help of Gong Shang Jue and Yun Wei Shan. Shangguan Qian was too scheming, so they had to come up with a complicated plan.

They had Shangguan Qian give Wufeng the information that Gong Zi Yu, who was weak, had become the Sword Wielder of the Gong family. This information made Wufeng relax his vigilance, as they believed that the Gong Family would be ruined under his leadership.

Meanwhile, inside the Gong Family, Gong Shang Jue and Gong Yuan Zhi were putting on a show that they had a bad friction with Gong Zi Yu. The conflict had torn the Gong family apart.

On D-Day, Shangguan Qian saw that Wufeng’s plan had failed. She continued with the task of stealing Chuyun Chonglian. But she never thought that Jin Fan would find her. Shangguan Qian and Hanya Qi fought against Jin Fan and Elder Yue. Hanya Qi died at the hands of Elder Yue, while Shangguan Qian escaped unscathed.

After the battle with Wufeng ended, Gong Huan Yu’s involvement in the chaos was revealed. Gong Shang Jue and Yun Wei Shan were engaged in a fight with him. They tried to take back the Infinite Heat Blueprint. When the blueprint fell out of Gong Huan Yu’s pocket, Shangguan Qian saw it and took it away.

Gong Shang Jue chased after her and intercepted Shangguan Qian as she was about to open the secret passage. They fought, but Shangguan Qian knew she couldn’t defeat him.

Shangguan Qian told him that she did everything to destroy Wufeng. She also told him that she suspected that Dianzhu was the leader of Wufeng. However, Gong Shang Jue no longer believed her, and that fact hurt Shangguan Qian. Deep in her heart, she had fallen in love with him. In the end, Gong Shang Jue let her go after Shangguan Qian told him that she was carrying the Gong family’s descendant.

Long after she was gone, Gong Shang Jue often found himself staring at azalea flowers and thinking about her. At the same time, Shangguan Qian lived in a small house and also planted azalea flowers in her garden.

What Happened to Gong Huan Yu?

Gong Huan Yu was the mastermind behind everything that happened at the Gong Residence. He took advantage of Wufeng’s grudge against the Gong family and used Wufeng as a pawn to achieve his ultimate goal: Infinite Heat.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What Happened to Gong Huan Yu
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What Happened to Gong Huan Yu?

Gong Zi Yu and Gong Shang Jue were suspicious of him, so they set a trap on the Infinite Heat blueprint that was hidden at the bottom of the Ice Pool. Gong Zi Yu used a phosphorus stone powder that glowed in the dark. He and Xue Chong Zi have it in their hands because they touched the iron box before. However, it did not explain how Gong Huan Yu had the powder on his hands.

Gong Zi Yu suspected Gong Huan Yu ever since he was found in the ancestral hall. Gong Shang Jue was also suspicious of him after Ming Wuji wrote the character that pointed to her murder. The character itself was read as “Yu”, but Gong Huan Yu deliberately misread it as “Ren”.

Gong Shang Jue immediately understood that something was wrong, and he intentionally read it as “yun”. Later, he told Gong Zi Yu about it because he did not want to alert Gong Huan Yu. After Gong Zi Shan woke up from her coma, she identified Gong Huan Yu as the one who killed Ming Wuji and blew up her lab.

Gong Huan Yu is also the one who bribed Housekeeper Jia to replace the late Sword Wielder’s herbal elixir. He did it because the late Sword Wielder refused to activate Infinite Heat to kill Wufeng. Gong Huan Yu only wanted to avenge the death of his parents using the Infinite Heat.

Gong Hong Yu had prepared a document to appoint Gong Shang Jue as the heir to the position of Sword Wielder. However, if Gong Shang Jue became the Sword Wielder, it would hinder Gong Huan Yu’s plan. Therefore, he devised a plan to make Gong Zi Yu the next Sword Wielder. In his eyes, the least threatening person in the Gong family was Gong Zi Yu.

To create chaos in the family, Gong Huan Yu manipulated Ming Wuji. He also planned many things: the murder of Elder Yue, the bloody letter, the revelation of Anonymous’ identity, the cooperation between Shangguan Qian and Ming Wuji, and the confrontation between the Front and the Back Hills. Everything went as Gong Huan Yu wanted. He even tried to kill Yun Wei Shan to force Gong Zi Yu to activate the Infinite Heat.

Gong Huan Yu’s next move was to kill Ming Wuji, but Gong Zi Shan saw him, so he had to kill her as well and pin the blame on Gong Yuan Zhi. Gong Shang Jue also colluded with Sangguan Qian, revealing the location of the Sword Tomb to her so that Wufeng could break in and take the Infinite Heat blueprint.

The last move was to use Yun Wei Shan as a hostage to force Gong Zi Yu to activate the Infinite Heat. Because half of the blueprint was on his back. Yun Wei Shan fought him, but Gong Huan Yu was already at the peak of his martial arts skills.

To buy some time for Gong Zi Yu, Yun Wei Shan, Elder Yue, and Xue Chong Zi fought against Gong Huan Yu. Meanwhile, Jin Fan and Elder Xue transferred their internal skills to Gong Zi Yu.

Gong Zi Yu and Yun Wei Shan worked together by combining their internal technique to defeat Gong Huan Yu. In the end, Gong Zi Yu managed to destroy Gong Huan Yu’s martial arts skills and had him imprisoned.

What Happened with Gong Zi Shan and Jin Fan?

Gong Zi Shan learned from her father that Gong Zi Yu would have to sacrifice the life of his personal guardian, Jin Fan, in order to pass the third test. Gong Zi Shan was shocked and could not believe it. She asked Young Master Hua for a way to save Jin Fan.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What Happened with Gong Zi Shan and Jin Fan
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What Happened with Gong Zi Shan and Jin Fan

But the road she chose led Gong Zi Shan to witness Ming Wuji’s murder in front of the Gong Family Ancestral Hall. She saw a man dressed in black strangled Ming Wuji to death. Gong Zi Shan saw that the man had a red birthmark on his shoulder. And that man was Gong Huan Yu.

Gong Zi Shan’s laboratory was blown up, and she was severely injured and fell into a coma. Jin Fan stayed with her all the time and regretted the time when he was indifferent to her. He loves her, but he had promised that his main focus in this life would be Gong Zi Yu. Therefore he used all means to avoid Gong Zi Shang.

After days of crying and regretting, Jin Fan admitted that he missed her. And as long as she wakes up, he’ll listen to whatever she says. Gong Zi Shang replied that she wanted him to marry her. Jin Fan thought he was dreaming; he did not know that Gong Zi Sang had already woken up but was pretending to be asleep.

Jin Fan found out that Shangguan Qian was trying to steal the Chuyun Chonglian. He chased her to the bamboo forest where Hanya Qi was waiting for her. They fought before Elder Yue came to help him. Shangguan Qian almost took the Chuyun Chonglian after stabbing Jin Fan.

Fortunately, Gong Zi Shang came with a gun and attacked her. Meanwhile, Hanya Qi died at the hands of Elder Yue. Jin Fan was saved after Gong Zi Yu gave him Chuyun Chonglian. After everything was over, Jin Fan and Gong Zi Shang got married.


The Battle of the Gong Family and Wufeng?

After Yun Wei Shan left the mansion, the Four Wangs of Wufeng found her. They were planning to attack the Gong family at Gong Zi Yu’s ascension ceremony five days later. This was different from what Shangguan Qian asked Yun Wei Shan to tell Elder Yue, which was ten days later.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - The Battle of the Gong Family and Wufeng
My Journey to You Ending Explained – The Battle of the Gong Family and Wufeng

Yun Wei Shan asked for her freedom and a permanent antidote for the Fortnight Flies. However, the Wang clan forbid her to leave and ordered her to take part in the bride selection one more time. Yun Wei Shan could not refuse. Little did she know that she was not the only bride from Wufeng.

Situ Hong, Wang of the South, or known as Ziyi, and seven Chi and Mei assassins would also enter the selection. Meanwhile, the other Wangs would split up and attack the Back Hill. Yun Wei Shan sent a message to Gong Zi Yu to tell him about the plan through the braided bracelet seller.

Yun Wei Shan asked Hanya Si to leave Wufeng. Hanya Si also longed for freedom. But he had already given up and said that a Hanya had no choice. He let her go with a sad face. Yun Wei Shan told him, “No matter how long the night is, the sun will rise. As long as you are willing to wait, it will come.

On the D-Day, Ziyi fought hard with Gong Zi Yu and Yun Wei Shan. But the Gong family had made preparations. Bei Xu, Wang of the East, attacked the Hua residence to take the Infinite Heat. He killed Elder Hua but died at the hands of Young Master Hua, who sacrificed himself and blew up the Hua residence. Han Yike, Wang of the North, attacked Gong Shang Jue. He died at the hands of Gong Shang Jue and Gong Yuan Zhi.

Mo Ji’ai, Wang of the West, attacked the Xue residence. He killed Young Master Xue but died at the hands of Xue Chong Zi. Situ Hong died at the hand of Hanya Si, who came to help Yun Wei Shan. The poor Hanya Si finally found his freedom when he died facing the sunset.

What Happened to Yun Que?

Yun Que used to be sent to steal the Herbal Elixir belonging to the Gong Family. She managed to enter the mansion, but then Gong Yuan Zhi sensed her presence. He used poison smoke to catch her, but Yun Que fell into the hands of Elder Yue (who was Young Master Yue at that time). Elder Yue had never ventured outside the Back Hill, so he did not understand that Yun Que was an assassin.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What Happened to Yun Que
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What Happened to Yun Que?

Sword Wielder ordered Yun Que to be killed, but Elder Yue asked her to be his medicine tester to save her life. Yun Que stayed at Yue’s residence, and they got along very well. Yun Que told Elder Yue about the Fortnight Flies. It turned out to be a modified version of the Gong Family’s special medicine, Heart Devouring Moon. This meant that someone from the Gong Family had deliberately leaked the medicine.

Yun Que decided to return to Wufeng, or else Wufeng would continue to send assassins to find her. She did not want to bring disaster to Elder Yue, even though she was reluctant to leave.

Elder Yue came up with the idea to make Yun Que pretend to be dead and hang her at the city gate as a warning to Wufeng. She would feel nothing, and after three days they would put her down and she could live with another identity because Yun Que was “dead”. But on the third day, Yun Que’s body was missing.

Hanya Si brought Yun Que back to Wufeng, thinking that the Leader would give her a reward for completing the mission. He never thought that the leader would mercilessly kill Yun Que in front of him. The leader said that Hanya Si should tell Yun Wei Shan that it was the Gong family that killed Yun Que. Hanya Si could only take the lifeless Yun Que back to his place and cry bitterly.

What Happened to Lady Wuji?

Ming Wuji asked Shangguan Qian to kill Gong Shang Jue and told her about his weakness. Later, Shangguan Qian relay the information to Wufeng. Ming Wuji died at the hands of Gong Huan Yu. She was badly injured and could barely hold on. Because of her crime of killing the Sword Wielder, she was given poisoned wine. Before she died, Ming Wuji reminisced about her life.

My Journey to You Ending Explained - What Happened to Lady Wuji
My Journey to You Ending Explained – What Happened to Lady Wuji?

Ming Wuji’s father was the best weaponsmith, but he refused when Wufeng asked him to forge swords for them. They kidnapped him and Ming Wuji’s brother to work for them. Later Wufeng said that it was Gong Huan Yu who killed his brother. She then joined Wufeng and became one of Mei assassins. Ming Wuji was sent to the Gong Mansion for a mission.

Gong Hong Yu took her in and gave her a second chance because he believed that Ming Wuji was not a bad person. During her stay with the Gong Family, Ming Wuji sincerely loved Gong Hong Yu, regarded Madam Lan as her sister, and treated Gong Zi Yu as her own son. On the day she died, Gong Zi Yu and Gong Zi Shan were the ones who left with broken hearts.

My Two Cents

There were many mysteries that remained unanswered.
1. What happened to Yun Wei Shan? Don’t tell me she met the same fate as Yun Que.
2. Was Dianzhu the real leader of Wufeng?
3. How did the Feng family’s secret sword technique end up in Wufeng’s hands?
4. Who were the infidels at the Back Hill?
5. Why did Xue Chong Zi only show his adult face at the end of the drama?

We really need a second season! What do you think, dear readers? Do you agree with me?

Anyway, that was the end of My Journey to You drama. I hope it answers your curiosity. I’ll see you in the next post of Ending Explained. Bye!

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  1. As for point 5, it was actually explained in the drama.
    The martial arts that Xue Chong Zi is using will actually let him return to child form every few years sort of like delay his aging. However when that happens, all his previous memories will also be forgotten. So as Young Master Xue died, Xue Chong Zi wanted to remember him and so he abolished his martial arts and so he aged into his adult form. In the drama, Xue Chong Zi is actually a much elder to Young Master Xue.

  2. I just finished the ep 24 . I think yun wei san comeback with twin sisters?😅 but overall the ending is not what we expected.I keep thinking about Gong Xiyu happy ending with yun wei san


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