Drama RecapLove Between Fairy and DevilLove Between Fairy and Devil (Episode 26-27 Recap)

Love Between Fairy and Devil (Episode 26-27 Recap)

  • Title: Love Between Fairy and Devil
  • Also Known As: 苍兰诀, Cang Lan Jue, Parting of Orchid and Demon king
  • Director: Yi Zheng
  • Screenwriter: Bai Jin Jin
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, XianXia, Comedy
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the novel “Cang Lan Jue” (苍兰诀) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

List of Recap:

Hi dear readers… Another Love Between Fairy and Devil episode recap for you. These episodes 26 and 27 full of ups and downs. I cried and laughed at the same time. Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua officially become a couple. Their kiss was sweet and hilarious at the same time. Well… what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Episode Recap

Episode 26

Xiao Lan Hua’s eyes were full of fear when she saw Chidi Nüzi’s cold and lifeless eyes. When the sword almost stabbed her heart, a powerful energy pushed Chid Nüzi away from her. Chidi Nüzi hit the heavy door several meters away from the little orchid. Her chest was stabbed by the hellfire sword.

Dongfang Qingcang stared at her, there was helplessness in his voice when he said that the hardship experience had failed. He could no longer free his comrades, but at that time he had to choose between Chidi Nüzi or Xiao Lan Hua. And his body and mind choose the latter.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-1

The evil spirit in Dongfang Qingcang’s body had severely injured him. Blood flowed from his lips and his legs no longer could support his body. Dongfang Qingcang fell to the floor. Xiao Lan Hua was panicked and ran to support him.

Dongfang Qingcang summoned his sword back, but it made the evil spirits leaked out from Chidi Nüzi’s body. The black masses gathered in the courtyard. When it attacked Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua, she instinctively raised her hand. A powerful green light radiated from her palm and protected them from the evil spirit.

Dongfang Qingcang was taken aback when he saw the green light. His mind connected the dots, Xiao Lan Hua’s mysterious origin, her unidentified identity, and the Xilan Holy Seal. He realized that Xiao Lan Hua’s real identity was the missing Goddes of Xishan.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-2

On the other side of them, Danyin saw it all. Astonished expressions were written all over her face. She recognized the power as the Goddess of Xishan. The green light purified all the evil spirits, most of them were gone, and small remnants were absorbed by Bone Orchid bracelet. Xiao Lan Hua fainted afterward.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-3

Danyin saw the lifeless body of Chidi Nüzi and remembered that Xiao Run also died. Her anger flared and she screamed that she would kill Dongfang Qingcang. Shang Que told Dongfang Qingcang to take Xiao Lan Hua away from there before he dealt with Danyin. However, Shang Que was stronger than her.

Shang Que could not waste his time there, he immediately chase his master. Rong Hao stopped Danyin from chasing Shang Que and went to the lifeless body of Chidi Nüzi. He told Danyin to take care of her remain and buried her properly. Danyin told him that Changheng had also gone and turned to dust.

But Rong Hao said that he did not fail in his hardship. Changheng’s fate was he should die to save the one he cared about. Rong Hao left with a sad expression followed by Danyin who also brought Chidi Nuzi’s mortal body with her. The once merry courtyard became a desolated one.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-4

Meanwhile, Changheng arrived at Shanshui hall. He recalled everything that happened back then in Luofeng City and remembered Xiao Lan Hua. Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua arrived at Memory Loss River when the Heavenly Emperor arrived with the Shuiyuntian army. Dongfang Qingcang used his power to shield them from the attack, but he could not use the hellfire.

Changheng arrived and stopped his brother. Xiao Lan Hua was surprised to see him because she thought he failed his mortal fate. Lord Yunzhong ordered Changheng to kill Dongfang Qingcang and then he would allow Xiao Lan Hua to return to Shuiyuntian. Changheng offered his hand to Xiao Lan Hua and asked her to return home with him. He reassured her that whether she returned to the Arbiter Hall or the Fountain palace, he would be there to protect her.

Dongfang Qingcang held her hand in desperation. He knew that the little orchid really missed her home. Xiao Lan Hua apologized to Changheng and used her power to move the boat. She had made her choice and it was Dongfang Qingcang.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-5

Lord Yunzhong saw everything. His anger flared up and commanded the army to kill them. Changheng used his power to counter the attack so Xiao Lan Hua could successfully run away from that place. He said that all this time he respected and obeyed his brother. But the experiences in Yunmeng lake opened his eyes.

He saw his brother’s artificial rules as something absurd and he refused to abide by them anymore. Blinded by anger, Lord Yunzhong saw Changheng’s determination as a traitorous act. He put a death sentence on his brother.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-6At the same time, Rong Hao and Die Yi arrived at a courtyard where he hid his master’s body. The gloomy aura around them has disappeared. Die Yi even congratulated him. It turned out that Chidi Nüzi had succeeded in her hardship experience. Rong Hao had followed Chidi Nüzi’s mortal fate for thousands of years.

He clearly knew that Chidi Nüzi must die at the hand of someone she loved. And it was Dongfang Qingcang. Rong Hao told his master that he had placed her spirit in a place where nobody knows. There was only one last step for her to complete before her resurrection.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-7

On the other side of the Memory Loss River, Xiao Lan Hua put the unconscious Dongfang Qingcang on a piece of wood. She fed him her blood so he could heal and regain consciousness. Xiao Lan Hua begged him to wake up, she promised that she would not be angry with him anymore as long as he did not leave her alone. Dongfang Qingcang opened his eyes to see the crying face of the little orchid.

When she saw that he was conscious, Xiao Lan Hua’s crying become louder and louder. Dongfang Qingcang coaxed her to stop crying. When he saw the wound on Xiao Lan Hua’s wrist he told her that she must not use her blood to save others anymore, including him. Xiao Lan Hua told him that for an unknown reason, her blood could bring the dead back to life and she was willing to help him.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-8

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-9

Dongfang Qingcang asked why she saved him since she always wanted to go home to Shuiyuntian. After she saved him, she really could not return to her home anymore. Xiao Lan Hua did not want to answer his question and found a reason to leave. But he pulled her to his embrace and kissed her.

The kiss did not last for long because two foolish people, Shang Que and Jieli, came and interrupted the intimate moment. Xiao Lan Hua and Dongfang QIngcang immediately parted away from each other with awkward expressions. Jieli dragged the stunned Shang Que away from them. While Xiao Lan Hua grumbled wanting to jump into the river.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-10

Changheng saw many broken spirits from those who were killed by the Lord of Haishi City. Their grievances were too deep that they could not rest in peace. Changheng wondered were the 3,000 Shuiyuntian souls were also killed by the Lord of Haishi City. He promised them that he would find a way to settle their grievances and end their suffering.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-11

Xunfeng was shocked when he learned that Dongfang Qingcang was badly injured. He was worried that if Dongfang Qingcang’s condition was known, it would lead to another rebellion by the Kings of Southern and Northern Youxian County. But Dongfang Qingcang reassured Xunfeng that even though he momentarily lost the ability to control the hellfire, it was still easy for him to kill them.

Xunfeng promised that he and Shang Que would keep his condition a secret since they were brothers. The Moon Supreme Lord smiled and pat his shoulder. However, Xunfeng’s face could not betray his feeling. Deep down inside he is still afraid of his brother…😅

Well, nobody would blame you for that, Xunfeng… We feel you, brother.😆

Outside the room, Xunfeng asked Shang Que, what happened that made his brother badly injured. Shang Que told him everything and it made Xunfeng angry. He blamed Xiao Lan Hua’s existence which created problems for his brother. Dongfang Xunfeng decided to kill her, but Dongfang Qingcang stopped him.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-12

He told him about the Heart Curse. If Xunfeng killed her, he would be dead too. Dongfang Qingcang told Xunfeng the secret because he trusted him. He appeased Xunfeng who was angry with Xiao Lan Hua. He told his brother that although Xiao Lan Hua was his biggest weakness, she was the one who helped him escaped from Haotian Tower. But Xunfeng still could not accept the fact that because of her, Dongfang Qingcang ruined the plan to unseal the 100,000 demon soldiers. Unbeknownst to them, Xiao Lan Hua overheard their conversation.

Her expression turned desolate when she heard Dongfang Qingcang blamed himself that he could not avenge the suffering of the Moon Tribe and their father. He also regretted that he could not welcome the 100,000 demon soldiers who were trapped in the Xuanxu realm. And now he was ashamed to face the people of the Moon Tribe.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-13

Xiao Lan Hua sat by herself at the pavilion. She felt guilty because she ruined everything. Chidi Nüzi failed to experience hardships and Dongfang Qingcang could not free the 100,000 demon soldiers. Dongfang Qingcang came to sit and talk with her. He reassured Xiao Lan Hua that he had chosen to kill Xie Wanqing. And his choices had nothing to do with Xiao Lan Hua.

Dongfang Qingcang said that there must be another way to free the demon soldiers. However, in all three realms, there was only one timid, crybaby orchid who liked to meddle in things and cause a lot of trouble, but cared and took care of him. The one that made him willingly regrow his Emotion Tree, laughed or cried with her. When Dongfang Qingcang almost reveal her true identity, someone came uninvited.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-14

It was Changheng!

And suddenly the sky turned dark with thunder and lightning… I wonder what the Moon Tribe people thought every time the sky turned black for a few minutes. And considering Dongfang Qingcang’s bad temper, it would happen several times a day. Will they say…”Oh, our Lord was having another fit…”. Okay, stop with the nonsense!

Changheng said that he came to take Xiao Lan Hua away. His words almost made the three realms fall into another great battle since both Dongfang Qingcang and Changheng unsheathed their swords. Xiao Lan Hua told them to stop and put away their swords. Thankfully they agreed to do it. And since Dongfang Qingcang suppressed the negative emotions, the sky turned bright again.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-15

Changheng told him about the situation of the broken spirits in the Memory Loss River. Both of them were angry because the people of Moon Tribe should have not suffered that kind of humiliation and the immortal soldiers should have had peace after their death. Changheng said that he had a way to appease and purify the spirits.

He took out a book titled “Spirit of Knowledge Book”. It contained a music score of a song composed by the first Goddess of Xishan. The song had the power to appease and purify spirits. Changheng came to ask Dongfang Qingcang’s cooperation to play the song since nobody in the three realms could master it.

Before Dongfang Qingcang could refuse his idea, Xiao Lan Hua already agree to the idea on his behalf.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-16

It was a nightmare to make two enemies cooperate with each other. Although both of them had a good reason to do it, it did not make them easily succumbed. Xiao Lan Hua wondered why did they could not form a good relationship just like in Lucheng City. Both of them disagree with her.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-17

The dispute continued to the point where they flipped the table to start another fight. Xiao Lan Hua threw the tray on her hand and rebuked them because they did not have any decency at all.

Dongfang Qingcang left the place in a fit of anger. Xiao Lan Hua also left the forest because she was disappointed with both of them. Changheng stood by himself with an unsightly expression.

Inside the forest, Dongfang Qingcang saw the womenfolk of the tribe gather around the sacred tree and prayed for their loved ones. All of them wished for their loved ones could return to the bottom of the Memory Loss River to rest. The old woman who saw Dongfang Qingcang, asked him whether he remembered her story back then. Dongfang Qingcang promised her that he would bring back the 100,000 demon soldiers from the Xuanxu Realm.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 26-18

Episode 27

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-1

Xiao Lan Hua found him standing alone and watched the womenfolk. It seemed that the prayers had touched his heart because Dongfang Qingcang was finally willing to cooperate with Changheng to play the music score at the Memory Loss River. One by one they purified the lost souls until everyone found peace. It was a very good cooperation between enemies.

At the shore, Changheng bid farewell to Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua. Well, you could not say it was a farewell considering there were many threats said between the Moon Supreme Lord and the Immortal’s God of War. But, let us pretend that it was a farewell between friends.😝 Before he go, Changheng asked Xiao Lan Hua for a private conversation. Dongfang Qingcang hesitated to permit her, but he could not resist the pleading in her eyes.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-2

Changheng asked whether she was happy back in Lucheng City. Xiao Lan Hua answered that her days in Lucheng City were full of happiness. Changheng felt the same way too. At Lucheng City, Xiao Run lived a carefree life. He dared to hate and love and he could follow his heart. As a God of War, he felt like walking on thin ice. He had to be very careful to avoid mistakes. He even could not protect the one he loved.

At Lucheng City, he finally realized what he really wanted. He told her that every promise Xiao Run said to her still counted. Xiao Lan Hua said to Changheng that when she was still a grass seed, her master accidentally ruined her immortal roots. But Changheng pleaded with her master to save her.

However, back then she was too green to realize there were many various feelings in this world. She thought the feelings she had for him were love. Now she understood that her affection for him was gratitude and appreciation. With these words, Xiao Lan Hua stated that she had chosen Dongfang Qingcang.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-3

She returned the Magical Firefly Stone to him and told him to give it to someone who was fated to be with him. Changheng accepted her decision and left. During the time Xiao Lan Hua and Changheng were engaged in conversation, Dongfang Qingcang was in a restless mood. He was curious (read: jealous..😆) about the conversation but was too proud to pry. Xiao Lan Hua whined that she had been standing for too long and it made her feet sore. Dongfang Qingcang pulled her hand and threw her on his back for a piggyback ride.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-4

Xunfeng asked Shang Que whether he knew another way to lift the Heart Curse. Shang Que said that the curse could be lifted if they killed Xiao Lan Hua with the Changying sword, that unfortunately was incomplete because the last fragment of the sword had been missing for ages. Xunfeng seemed odd that was why Shang Que asked whether Xunfeng had already found the fragment. However, Xunfeng answered that he did not have the last fragment.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-5

Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lan Hua went on a date at the Cangyan Sea market. There were many love lock sellers since the Mountain and Moon festival was around the corner. The festival was held every thousand years. In the middle of the street, they meet Jieli and Shang Que. when Shang Que saluted his master, two love locks fell from his sleeve. According to Shang Que, when two lovers carved each other’s names the love locks, and hanged them on The Bridge of Love on the festival night, they would stay together forever.

The story sparked ideas in Xiao Lan Hua and Dongfang Qingcang, but both of them denied the idea and called them child’s play. Jieli begged Donfang Qingcang to lend her Shang Que on the festival and Dongfang Qingcang approved his leave. After that, all of them went to separate ways. While Xiao Lan Hua and Dongfang Qingcang secretly bought the love locks.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-6

It turned out, Jieli and Shang Que’s minds were not on the same wavelengths. Shang Que thought Jieli wanted to spend the festival night with him for a romantic reason. While Jieli asked him to accompany her that night so she could set up a stall and sell many items such as sharp gravers, rogues, cosmetics and other ornaments for a high price.

She already counted how much money she could earn on the festival night. Shang Que was disappointed and left her. But still, Jieli thought he was angry because she did not give him enough percentage on their profit…🤣

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-7

Xunfeng saw Dongfang Qingcang carved Xiao Lan Hua’s name on a love lock. Xunfeng told him that since Xiao Lan Hua was related to him, she must be strictly guarded. He also criticized Dongfang Qingcang because he indulged her. Dongfang Qingcang reassured him that as long as Xiao Lan Hua was with him, nothing could go wrong.

Xunfeng reminded him that sooner or later Xiao Lan Hua would bring disaster for him. He should reforge the Changying sword to kill her and get rid of the trouble as soon as possible. His words ignited Dongfang Qingcang’s anger. He stated that even if the last fragment of Changying’s sword was found, he would never kill his beloved.

Xunfeng was equally angry when he heard the word “beloved” from Dongfang Qingcang’s mouth. He reminded Dongfang Qingcang that he kept repeatedly saying that he was ashamed of the 100,000 soldiers in the Xuanxu realm. But in reality, he turned the culprit into his beloved one. Dongfang Qingcang said that since Chidi Nüzi’s primordial spirits were destroyed, he would find another way to free the demon soldiers.

Xunfeng promised that he would do his best to help him find the way, but he insisted that he and the Moon Tribe people would never agree if their Moon Supreme Lord decided to be together with a fairy who brought disaster to him.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-8

Changheng went back to Lucheng City. He recalled what Dongfang Qingcang said back on the river bank. Dongfang Qingcang said that the one who trapped him with evil spirits was Rong Hao, and he was closely related to the Lord of Haishi City. Xiao Lan Hua also told him that once Lord Haishi City also trapped her in the Thousand Dream, he built Arbiter Hall and imitated Changheng. He could fool her because Arbiter Hall and Changheng looked exactly like the real one. In the middle of the street, Changheng heard the sound of a flute. It was Rong Hao.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-9

They talked in Crane Pavilion restaurant. Rong Hao said that he had waited for Changheng for three days. He believed that Changheng would come and find him. Changheng asked him, which person had been waiting for him, the carefree and open-minded Rong Hao or the cunning manipulator, Lord of Haishi City.

Changheng stared at the silent Rong Hao. He demanded an explanation about the evil spirit that trapped Dongfang Qingcang and how the Lord of Haishi City could disguise himself as Changheng and create a fake Arbiter hall to fool Xiao Lan Hua.

Rong Hao told Changheng that he should already know the answer when he insisted to save Xiao Lan Hua in the Cangyan Sea. Back then when Rong Hao asked Changheng did he know what would Rong Hao do if he had the chance to save his master. Changheng firmly said that Rong Hao would fight to the death, even if it meant he would be betrayed by all people and go against the heaven’s laws.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-10

Rong Hao told him a story about a mortal child who was blind and had no parents. He onlyhad a flute to rely on. Once, he sat by the side of the road and kept blowing the flute. He had not eaten for three days and his fingers were freezing. Slowly, the child lost consciousness.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-11

When he woke up, he was surprised because his eyes could see. And the first thing he saw was a dazzling beautiful lady who looked sad. Rong Hao said that before he met his master, he lived in endless darkness. And when she died, she took away the brightness from him and left him as a hollow skin. To revive her, he became a hollow-minded person who only knew how to kill and fought. The carefree and easygoing Rong Hao was only a facade of the body.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-12

Rong Hao admitted that for 30,000 years, he built Haishi City and instigated internal strife in the Moon Tribe, so he could absorb plenty of spirits of the Moon Tribe people to support the primordial spirit of Chidi Nüzi. However, when Dongfang Qingcang returned to Cangyan Sea, he could not do it anymore. And he only could turn to Shuiyuntian and killed 3,000 soldiers of Shuiyuntian.

Changheng scolded Rong Hao and told him that Chidi Nüzi was an upright person, yet he as her disciple had killed many people to resurrect her. How sad would she be if she knew the truth? Rong Hao did not care at all. All he wanted was to see her again.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-13

Changheng felt that he was a foolish person who did not know his friend at all. But for Rong Hao, the only truthful thing that he did for the last 30,000 years was to befriend Changheng.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-14

Rong Hao has to face a trial in Shuiyuntian. The heavenly Emperor ordered Li Yuan to interrogate Rong Hao carefully because his sins related to the three realms. Before he left, Rong Hao took another glimpse of Changheng.

Changheng insisted that Xiao Lan Hua was not a traitor. He openly defied his brother’s authority. He said that he and their mother were only chess pieces for Lord Yunzhong. Back then in the Memory Loss River, Lord Yunzhong purposedly wanted to kill Changheng because he had to maintain his power. If Changheng died, he would be able to get rid of the shame of their mother’s sin, which has run away from Shuiyuntian. Changheng was ready to die this time.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-15

In the forest, Danyin looked grim. She felt sad because although Changheng completed his hardship and died because he saved her, the one he cared about was Qu Shui and not Danyin. Besides, right now Changheng did not know that Xiao Lan Hua might be the Goddess of Xishan. If he knew it, he definitely would marry her. But if she did not tell him about Xiao Lan Hua, nobody would know that she was the goddess.

Danyin also worried that Lord Yunzhong would punish Changheng severely because of the crime of collusion. Suddenly, a fairy reported that Changheng was sentenced to death by Lord Yunzhong.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-16

Meanwhile, Dongfang Qingcang still could not use his hellfire because his body was still injured. He was worried because they still have not found a way to free the demon soldiers. And if Dongfang Qingcang could not use hellfire he could not protect the Cangyan Sea.

Lord Li Yuan stared at a memento from his past. Back then he had a forbidden relationship and married a Moon Tribe woman, Xing Luo, who looked exactly like Jieli. At a crucial time when she had to give birth, a group of Shuiyuntian soldiers chased them.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-17

They met Rong Hao in the middle of the road. He hid them and saved them. But now, Li Yuan was worried that Rong Hao would reveal the secret during the interrogation. Li Yuan was afraid it would implicate Danyin.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-18

Danyin barged into the study to beg his father to help Changheng. Instead, she found his father hid a thing from the Moon Tribe. It was forbidden for the Shuiyuntian people to possess things from the Moon Tribe. She urged him to destroy the thing in his hand because she was afraid that Lord Yunzhong would find out about it. With a bleeding heart, Li Yuan destroyed the only thing left from Xing Luo.

Jieli carved Shang Que’s name on a love lock when somebody appeared before her. It was Die Yi. Jieli greeted her and call her Pavilion Master. Die Yi gave her a bottle of blood and ordered her to drop the blood into Xiao Lan Hua’s Bone Orchid bracelet.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 27-19

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  1. Great recap!
    I know Rong Hao is not one of the romantic leads but he is really a compelling character. I found him kind of interesting the first time, but on rewatching it, I am paying more attention to him and his storyline (maybe because I’m not as stressed about Orchid and Dongfeng – I had seen a reddit headline that someone said something about the ending being bad and sonI spent the whole show worried thar they would not end up together. The show writers really had me on edge the whole time, haha!)
    You have a good point about the thunderstorms everytime he gets mad! Maybe if it brings rain someone is in charge of iritating him during droughts? Haha!
    So happy they are finally together. And even though this is a rewatch I *still* find my instincts to be suspicious of his brother. I guess I really have a chip on my shoulder about him!

  2. Really surprised about the jieli look alike from moon tribe. Any chance she and danyin are twins? (But Wouldn’t that make her crush on danyin in the mortal realm super creepy?)


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