Ending ExplainedMysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained

Dear readers, are you curious about the ending of this Mysterious Lotus Casebook? Or do you wish to know the alternate ending for Li Lian Hua? Well, this post was written to help those who need some guidance. So, without further ado, let’s go!

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained

What Happened With Li Lian Hua/Li Xiang Yi?

Su Xiao Yong found Li Lian Hua unconscious outside the Lotus Tower and took care of him. He woke up three days later. Li Lian Hua managed to connect the dots between Wuyin Huai, Nanyin, karmic bugs, and Wansheng Clan.

After the showdown between the Sigu Sect and Jinyuan Alliance, it was the Wansheng Clan who reaped the most benefits. Li Lian Hua started to suspect that Shan Gudao was related to the Wansheng Clan because when he was young, Shang Gudao used a jade pendant with the shape of the Wangsheng Clan’s mark.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - What Happened With Li Lian Hua / Li Xiang Yi
Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained – What Happened With Li Lian Hua / Li Xiang Yi?

Li Lian Hua finally met Shan Gudao when he came to Fang Duo Bing. Shan Gudao wanted to persuade his son to join his side. Li Lian Hua saw him, Shan Gudao, alive and well. His eyes started to teary, not because he was happy to see him, but because of anger and disappointment. Li Lian Hua had been looking for Shan Gudao for ten years. And now Li Lian Hua had to face the fact that Shan Gudao had betrayed him, their sect, and their master.

Later on in their second meeting, Shan Gudao admitted that he killed their master, Qi Mushan. Shan Gudao also tricked Qi Mushan to cede his inner force to Shan Gudao. After the fight, Li Lian Hua embedded his Shaoshi sword on a cliff.

Li Lian Hua and Fang Duo Bing went to Di Fortress to see the ruined building and met the master who begged for help. From him, they learned that the karmic bugs existed at different levels and the mother bug could control other bugs.

Later Li Lian Huan and Fang Duo Bing investigate the death of He Xiao Feng’s husband. They found out it was related to the ice shard. Li Lian Hua and Fang Duo Bing continue with the investigation of the tattoo on Lianyi Xianzi’s body. They got help from Fang Duo Bing’s father who recognized the picture as the map of the imperial city a hundred years ago. Li Lian Hua asked for Minister Fang’s help to enter the capital city.

With the help of Princess Zhaoling, Li Lian Hua stayed at the palace so he could carry on the investigation. Because Li Lian Hua suspected that the mother bug was inside the royal palace. His suspicion was proven when he met the Demon Monk who already entered the palace as the benefactor of the Empress Dowager.

Although he was fast, Li Lian Hua was still a step late because Shan Gudao already entered the palace as one of the occult pagoda craftsmen. Shan Gudao had already found that the mother bug was hidden in the Pagoda of Bliss which had been missing for years.

However, Li Lian Hua and Fang Duo Bing managed to find the Pagoda and also unravel the big secret behind the mystery of the pagoda: the Emperor of Daxi was not a descendant of royal blood. Instead, he was the son of Nanyin’s sorcerer, Feng Ahlu, and Consort Ying. The secret shocked the Emperor who was there because the Demon Monk persuaded him to catch Li Lian Hua.

Later Jiao Li Qiao made a move to Li Lian Hua. She bewitched Yun Biqiu to kill Li Lian Hua. Yun Biqiu stabbed Li Lian Hua right in the chest. When Li Lian Hua woke up, he was already at Jiao Li Qiao’s lair. He spent several days there only accompanied by a pair of teenagers who guarding the dungeon.

With some trick, Li Lian Hua managed to get out of the dungeon and saved Di Fei Sheng who was imprisoned as well. They hide inside the wedding room and find a secret of destroying the mother Karmic bug.

The next day was supposed to be Jiao Li Qiao and Di Fei Sheng’s wedding day. Fang Duo Bing led the men from Sigu Sect to find Li Lian Hua. At this time, he already revealed that Li Lian Hua was Li Xiang Yi. They were restrained by Yun Biqiu’s mechanism, but after a chaotic fight, Di Fei Sheng killed Jiao Li Qiao. Meanwhile, Yun Biqiu was arrested by the men from Sigu Sect.

Li Lian Hua, Di Fei Sheng, and Fang Duo Bing led the men from the Sigu sect and Tianji Hall to help the Emperor. Fang Duo Bing went to find the Rama Vessel containing the Mother bug. Di Fei Sheng deals with Feng Qing and the Demon Monk.

Meanwhile, Li Lian Hua fights Shan Gudao to avenge his master. Although Shan Gudao had acquired their master’s inner force, he was not Li Lian Hua’s opponent. When Fang Duo Bing rushed to bring the Rama Vessel, Di Fei Sheng immediately cut Shan Gudao’s hand and dripped the blood to the mother bug.

The mother bug was raised by Consort Xuan’s blood and could only destroyed by her descendant’s blood. However, Fang Duo Bing and Shan Gudao’s blood could not destroy it. Feng Qing was shocked because it meant that Shan Gudao was not a descendant of the Nanyin Royal Family. But the shock had not ended yet.

The secret behind Li Lian Hua’s background is finally revealed when Madam Qi comes and uses Li Lian Hua’s blood to destroy the mother bug. It turned out that Li Lian Hua was the real descendant of Prince Fangji and Consort Xuan. Li Xiang Yi and his brother Li Xiang Xian were saved after their family was killed by bandits. They were found by Shan Gudao who helped the siblings.

Unfortunately, Li Xiang Xian died of illness. Before he died, Li Xian Xian gave his jade pendant to Shan Gudao and told him to take care of Li Xiang Yi. Qi Mushan found them and took them to Yunyin Mountain. Their master was Li Xiang Yi’s father’s friend. So he knew clearly about the origin of Li Xiang Yi. Meanwhile, Shan Gudao was only a beggar who did not remember much because of a fever.

Feng Qing failed to recognize his real master because he looked for him based on the jade pendant. At the end of the day, Shan Gudao died at the hands of Li Lian Hua.

Li Lian Hua gave the Styx Flower to the Emperor as a sign of his loyalty and to release the Fang family. Because Shan Gudao’s coup had implicated Fang Duo Bing’s family. After that Li Lian Hua reclaimed his identity as Li Xian Yi to save Yun Biqiu from execution. He knew that Yun Biqiu pretended to be bewitched by Jiao Li Qiao so she would lower her guard and quietly sabotage their plan. He also saved Yun Biqiu from Xueronghua’s poison with his last shard of inner power.

But it was not over (again). When Li Lian Hua decided to leave and face his death, Xiao Zijin found him. He accused Li Lian Hua of hiding Qiao Wan Mian and tried to kill him. Li Lian Hua explained that he had moved on from the past. To prove it, Li Lian Hua broke his Shaoshi sword and jumped into the river. Before he jumped, Li Lian Hua told Xiao Zijin that his suspicion and lack of trust disappointed Qiao Wan Mian.

Since he left, Fang Duo Bing never stopped looking for him until the day of the duel. Li Lian Hua knew that Di Fei Sheng and Fang Duo Bing would be waiting for him at the designated place, so he asked somebody to deliver a letter for them. To Di Fei Sheng, Li Lian Hua wrote that he admired him and regretted that he could not fulfill his promise. He said that Fang Duo Bing was a talented person and that one day he would surpass Li Xiang Yi. And when the time has come, he could challenge him. Yet, in Di Fei Sheng’s heart, nobody could replace Li Xiang Yi.

What Happened With Fang Duo Bing?

After Li Lian Hua fought with Jiao Li Qiao and his men, Fang Duo Bing learned that Li Lian Hua’s real identity was Li Xiang Yi. He was disheartened and felt betrayed because he was the only one who was kept in the dark. He was also suspicious that Li Xiang Yi related to his father, Shan Gudao’s death. Fang Duo Bing went to Pudu Temple to find an explanation from Wuliao. However, Wuliao talked in a roundabout manner that left him more frustrated than before.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - What Happened With Fang Duo Bing
Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained – What Happened With Fang Duo Bing?

Baichuan Academy recognized A-Fei as Di Fei Sheng and they suspect his relationship with Li Lian Hua. In the end, they also suspect Li Lian Hua’s real identity. Fang Duo Bing could not tell the leaders that Li Lian Hua was Li Xiang Yi, their sect leader.

So everything he said to defend Li Lian Hua was easily broken by Yun Biqiu. In the end, he got a task to arrest and investigate Li Lian Hua. The Baichuan Academy must find out the real identity of Li Lian Hua and what was his motive for being involved in every matter of the martial arts world.

With the coercion by his mother, Fang Duo Bing slowly forgives Li Lian Hua. To get the last piece of ice shards, Shan Gudao and his men surrounded Tianji Hall at He Xiao Feng’s wedding. Shan Gudao also revealed Li Lian Hua’s real identity as Li Xiang Yi. The news shocked Tianji Hall’s members, including Fang Duo Bing’s mother and aunt. The only one who was not surprised at all was Zhan Yunfei, Li Xiang Yi’s old friend who stayed at Tianji Hall as a guard.

However, in the end, the ice shard still falls into the hands of Shan Gudao because Di Fei Sheng helped him. Fang Duo Bing was angry towards Di Fei Sheng, but Li Lian Hua calmed him down and said that Di Fei Sheng must have his own reason. When Fang Duo Bing and Li Lian Hua investigated the tattoos of Liangyi Xianzi, it was Fang Duo Bing’s father who recognized the picture. as the map of Imperial City 100 years ago.

Fang Duo Bing assisted Li Lian Hua in the investigation at the palace. However, things got complicated when the Emperor learned about the secret behind the Pagoda of Bliss. Fang Duo Bing’s family was in danger because of it. They split up because Fang Duo Bing had to protect his family while Li Lian Hua had to find Shan Gudao.

When Li Lian Hua was missing, Fang Duo Bing had to ask Baichuan Academy for help. He revealed that Li Lian Hua’s other identity was Li Xiang Yi. They managed to find Jiao Li Qiao’s lair and save Li Lian Hua. Later Fang Duo Bing also took part in eliminating Shan Gudao and his Wansheng Clan. He had to fight three martial artist master who was guarding the Rama Vessel.

When he thinks everything is over, the Emperor detains Fang Duo Bing’s father in the palace. Fang Duo Bing had to come and save his father. In front of the Emperor, he admitted that he was the son of Shan Gudao. He also tells the Emperor the real story of the Shan Gudao, Karmic bugs, and the Nanyin clan. Fang Duo Bing followed Li Lian Hua’s instruction to never mention the secret about the Emperor’s bloodline.

Later the Emperor releases the Fang family after Li Lian Hua gives him the Styx Flower. Li Lian Hua had decided to leave everything for Fang Duo Bing, including his Xiangyi Swordplay manual and his dog, Fox Spirit. Since then, Fang Duo Bing never stopped looking for him. He still firmly believed that Li Lian Hua would not die easily.

What Happened With Di Fei Sheng?

Di Fei Sheng pretended to lose his memories so he could make Jiao Li Qiao lower her guard. He wanted to know her plan before he destroyed her. The thing that Di Fei Sheng hated the most was the people who betrayed him, and Jiao Li Qiao definitely was a traitor. Later Di Fei Sheng caught her red-handed and imprisoned Jiao Li Qiao in a cave where she kept many martial artists after she made them her experiment subject.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - What Happened With Di Fei Sheng
Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained – What Happened With Di Fei Sheng?

Di Fei Sheng helped Shan Gudao to take the last ice shards in Tianji Hall. Fang Duo Bing was angry when he saw him, but Li Lian Hua was calm. When Shan Gudao almost opened the Rama Vessel that contained the mother of the karmic bug, Di Fei Sheng took the vessel and left Wensheng Sect. However, before Di Fei Sheng went, Shan Gudao tempted him with the Styx Flower that could eliminate every poison in the world, including Bicha Poison.

As he took the vessel to the mountain, Di Fei Sheng released the bug inside the vessel that called for another bug inside his body. Di Fei Sheng recalled his childhood day when he was controlled by it when he was trained in Di Fortress. The leader of the Di Fortress had been using the bug to control the minds of the orphaned children.

So Di Fei Sheng went there to avenge himself. It did not take long before he destroyed all the master’s meridians and made him completely useless. Di Fei Sheng also releases all the bugs that control the minds of the children and guards. Di Fei Sheng released them and told them that they could live the life they wanted.

When he was about to leave, one of his underlings, King Xunming of Yama, came with a box containing Styx Flower. He planned to give the flower to Li Lian Hua. But Jiao Li Qiao appeared to take the box away and poisoned Di Fei Sheng. But it was not enough for Jiao Li Qiao. She cut Di Fei Sheng’s hands and legs tendons. Jiao Li Qiao imprisoned Di Fei Sheng in her lair and intended to marry him. It was Li Lian Hua who helped him run and restore his inner force with his Yangzhouman.

Di Fei Sheng helped Li Lian Hua to deal with Shan Gudao and his coup. After everything settled, Di Fei Sheng gave Li Lian Hua the Styx Flower. He also told Li Lian Hua that he would be waiting for another round of duel in a half month. However, Li Lian Hua never used the flower. And fifteen days later, Di Fei Sheng waited for him at the shore only greeted by a piece of letter from him.

What Happened to Jiao Li Qiao?

Jiao Li Qiao’s obsession with Di Fei Sheng never wavered, no matter how the Snow Master tried to remind her. She firmly believed that Di Fei Sheng’s nature was too proud and too arrogant to pretend that he was enchanted by her. She never realized that during the conversation, Di Fei Sheng stood outside the door eavesdropping her conversation with the Snow Master.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiao Li Qiao
Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiao Li Qiao?

Di Fei Sheng learned about Jiao Li Qiao’s betrayal and punished her. But she survived and returned to Shan Gudao’s side. Although Jiao Li Qiao despised Shan Gudao and wanted to kill him, at present, Jiao Li Qiao still needed him. With Shan Gudao’s help, she managed to arrest Di Fei Sheng.

In her place, Jiao Li Qiao made Di Fei Sheng kneel in front of her. She introduced him to her Yulongniuma Gang which she cultivated secretly. Jiao Li Qiao said that since the first time they met when Di Fei Sheng helped her, she had decided to marry him and even recognized him as her lord. And because their situation was different now, she would make Di Fei Sheng her wife.

Jiao Li Qiao met her demise after she arrested Li Lian Hua with the help of Yun Biqiu. She did it under the order of Shan Gudao and put the unconscious Li Lian Hua in the dungeon and got his hands and feet chained. From the pair of teenagers who worked as Jiao Li Qiao’s underling, Li Lian Hua learned that Di Fei Sheng was imprisoned in the same dungeon. Jiao Li Qiao went to visit him and told him that she would marry Di Fei Sheng in two days and also her plan to take over the world.

Li Lian Hua tricked the underlings and got out of the prison to find Di Fei Sheng. They hide in the wedding room and find Jiao Li Qiao’s secret of destroying the mother bug. On the wedding day, Jiao Li Qiao got Di Fei Sheng trapped inside the iron tower and fought against Li Lian Hua. In the end, Jiao Li Qiao died at the hands of Di Fei Sheng. But before she died, she still lamented why Di Fei Sheng never loved her. Di Fei Sheng told her that he never killed a woman, but she was the exception. Jiao Li Qiao died in her lair under the red fabric that symbolized happiness.

What Happened to Shan Gudao?

Shan Gudao intended to usurp the throne of DaXi Kindom. He believed that he was the descendant of the Nanyin Royal Family and the present royal family. He was found by the descendant of Nanyin’s sorcerer from the Feng family who had been looking for the descendant of Prince Fangji and Consort Xuan of Nanyin.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - What Happened to Shan Gudao
Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained – What Happened to Shan Gudao?

He made an elaborate plan to get the Rama Vessels and its keys, the ice shards. The Rama Vessel contained mother Karmic bug that could control all the karmic bugs in the world. Shan Gudao finds it in the royal palace’s missing Pagoda. With the karmic bug, Shan Gudao controls the Imperial Palace’s royal commander, Xuanyuan Xiao. He poisoned the Emperor, imprisoned Princess Zhaoling and the high-ranking officials.

When Shan Gudao thought that he had succeeded, he had to deal with Li Lian Hua, Fang Duo Bing, and Di Fei Sheng who ruined his plan. But the thing that shocked him was the reality that Shan Gudao was not a real descendant of the Nanyin Royal Family. Madam Qi, his master’s wife, told him that he was only a beggar they took from the street. They find out the truth after Madam Qi uses Li Lian Hua’s blood to destroy the mother bug.

Shan Gudao felt that all he did was only a laughingstock. He charged to kill Li Lian Hua, but Li Lian Hua managed to shatter Shan Gudao’s meridian. But amid his lunacy, Shan Gudao’s body exploded and he died.

Bonus Episode

This is an alternate ending for the Mysterious Lotus Casebook. But still, it was an open ending. They never told us whether Li Lian Hua was alive or whether everything was Fang Duo Bing and Di Fei Sheng’s imagination.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook Ending Explained - poster

Fang Duo Bing never stopped looking for Li Lian Hua. He went to many places but nobody saw Li Lian Hua. In the capital, some of their friend also still looking for Li Lian Hua.

Three months later, Di Fei Sheng’s underling reported that they had been searching for Li Lian Hua in 36 cities of nine states, 16 rivers, and 28 mountains. But nobody saw him. Di Fei Sheng still keeps Li Xiang Yi’s Shaoshi sword with him. He could not accept that Li Xiang Yi might have died and ordered his underling to keep on searching.

Fang Duo Bing saw people celebrating the Qingming Festival and recalled their first past. Later Fox Spirit barked at a beggar who held a candy sachet that he said he found on a dead person. He told Fang Duo Bing that he found the dead person in the East Sea. So Fang Duo Bing rushed to there. At the same time, Di Fei Sheng also arrives. Both of them had shocked expressions when they saw a man clad in white staring at the sea.

My Two Cents

Aaarrrggghh! I hate open endings. I really hoped that Li Lian Hua was able to dodge death one more time. Regarding the Styx Flower, I believe that Di Fei Sheng did not give the flower only to fulfill his obsession with defeating Li Xiang Yi. I think he regarded Li Xiang Yi as his friend and wished he keep on living.

So, what do you think about this amazing drama? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about the Mysterious Lotus Casebook ending explained. If you want to read this drama review, you can check it on Mysterious Lotus Casebook drama review post. I’ll see you in another post. Ciao!

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  1. I think Li Xiangyi died in the bonus episode. The scene that showed LXY looking at the sea and DiFeiSheng + Fang Duo Bing were different time periods 🙁 The ending was beautifully done and poignant

  2. Where is the bonus episode? I watched all 40 episodes. Is it on a special DVD set?

    I seen the bonus episode online. Don’t think he died because his dog looked up and wagged his tail…meaning he was happy to see his owner. This scene means he came back alive and well somehow. Also, his clothing is new and elaborate (white as in rebirth) not simple like when he was on the boat….meaning he somehow is alive. Hoping for season 2.


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