Drama RecapImmortal SamsaraImmortal Samsara (Episode 13-14 Recap)

Immortal Samsara (Episode 13-14 Recap)

  • Title: Immortal Samsara
  • Original Title: 沉香如屑(Chénxiāng rú xiè)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki

List of Recap:

In the previous Immortal Samsara episode recap, Zhixi was persuaded by Ying Deng to kill Yan Dan. While Ao Xuan was challenging Yumo into a fight. Let see how the episodes 13 and 14 develop.

Episode Recap

Episode 13

Zhao Lan tried to persuade Ao Xuan to stop attacking Yumo but Ao Xuan ignored her. Then Ao Xuan trapped Yumo with his Dragon Flame, intending to roast Yumo alive. But being from the Nine Fins Clan, this fire was nothing to him, nevertheless Yumo tried to hide his ability.

Zhao Lan then confronted Ao Xuan, shouting that she refused to marry someone so cruel. This made Ao Xuan immediately tried to coax and persuade Zhao Lan and ignored Yumo inside the Dragon Flame for the time being. Wang Haoxuan is a good-looking man, it’s too bad he always plays this type of annoying character (●__●)

Immortal Samsara ep 13 naughty Ao Xuan

While Ao Xuan was coaxing Zhao Lan, Zhao Lan seemed to see Yumo’s protective Nine Fin Clan’s fire surrounding his body. She began to suspect Yumo’s identity.
Sensing their commotion, Huo De stride out to the yard and extinguished the Dragon Flame with his spiritual power. Ao Xuan was livid when he saw Yumo was still alive and well after being tortured inside the flame. He then pointed out Yumo’s fishy identity for being able to withstand the Dragon Flame.

Yan Dan immediately helped to speak up for him in front of Huo De. She said that Yumo just ate the snow ling zhi she received from Zhixi. In the end, Huo De did not really care for all this commotion and scolded everyone. Yan Dan was commanded to scram, while Ao Xuan and Yumo were both punished to be confined in their rooms.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 angry Huo De

In Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Zhixi went to meet Ying Yuan. She was requesting for his favor to move Yan Dan back to Xuan Xin Cliff on the basis that she was a carefree spirit. But life in Yanxu Heavenly Palace has been tough on her, on top of that her good friend Yumo was also at Xuan Xin Cliff.

Ying Yuan only looked on coldly and asked if she had any personal favor for herself since she has helped him to cure the poison. Zhixi said she wanted him to teach her the Flying Spirits Art from the Imperial Zither.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 handsome Ying Yuan

Ying Yuan obligingly fulfilled her request and played the Flying Spirits for her while also thinking to himself that Zhixi was full of flies and did not seem to show any regret. He began to wonder how to expose her lies but without hurting Yan Dan’s feelings.

Their scene together in the yard was seen by Yan Dan. She felt sad but she also realized that Ying Yuan did not know the identity of the person who stayed by him at the hut. It was natural for him to believe it was Zhixi.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Yuan knows her lies

Sad Yan Dan went back to her room and was staring at the two crystal bottles filled with the heavenly blessings. After pondering for a while, she kept them in a safety box.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 sad Yan Dan

Back at Gou Dan Ju hut, Yan Dan came by the doorstep and saw the blue Dream Butterfly fluttering towards her as if in greeting. She walked inside the hut and picked up the wooden Lotus incense burner which Ying Yuan carved for her.

Holding onto the incense burner, a flood of memories flowed in her mind, and she began to cry. She turned the incense burner over, spilled out the ashes within, along with a lotus petal she once burnt for Ying Yuan. She then left the hut carrying the incense burner with her.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 incense burner

Turned out she went to the incinerator, thinking to dispose the wooden Lotus incense burner. She could not bear to see the incense burner to be burnt, but she steeled herself and walked away as the celestial attendant placed the incense burner in the incinerator.

In Yuqing Palace, the Supreme Majesty received report that Lord Ying Yuan has indeed allowed Zhixi to stay at Yanxu Heavenly Palace. It was also reported that he has treated her nicely and taught her music and chess. The Supreme Majesty then decided to make a visit to Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Supreme Majesty receive report

The purpose of the Supreme Majesty’s visit was very straightforward; he wanted to test whether there were any romantic relationship developing between Ying Yuan and Zhixi. The Supreme Majesty even took out the Severing Cord to test whether there were any feelings of attachment between the two.

The Supreme Majesty declared he will punish the one who developed romantic feelings in secret. Ying Yuan was confident and assured the Supreme Majesty that it will not happen. Whereas Zhixi who claimed to only help Ying Yuan out of the sense of righteousness only drooped her head.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Yuan Zhixi rumor

The test was conducted, Ying Yuan looked confident while Zhixi looked nervous. And all my remaining doubt for Zhixi was blown out the window. Tsk tsk tsk Zhixi…hhh. The cord broke which meant there was no romantic attachment between the two.

The Supreme Majesty rejoiced and wanted to reward Zhixi for her deed. But Zhixi replied and ‘virtuously’ said that she did not expect to receive a reward and was only extending help willingly. The Supreme Majesty then mentioned Yan Dan and how even she requested a reward for her sake after winning the play competition at the Jade Pool Banquet. Ooww this is her sore point!

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Supreme Majesty mentioned Yan Dan

On the basis of sisterly love between them, the Supreme Majesty then decided to spare both Yan Dan and Zhixi from the trials of the Mortal Realms so they may spend more time with each other.

Walking the Supreme Majesty out of the Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Ying Yuan received another warning on the importance of the Love Abstinence Rule from the Supreme Majesty. Oh man, even I’m starting to get bored with this warning haha. Ying Yuan assured the Supreme Majesty one more time that he will not suffer the same fate.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Supreme Majesty warn Ying Yuan

But afterwards, Ying Yuan was confused on what to do with Yan Dan. Then he put away the Severing Cord that was scattered all over the floor.

Qingyun came at this time to report that the Supreme Majesty planned to hold a banquet by the Jade Pool as celebration for Ying Yuan’s recovery and they were in need of manpower from all palaces to help. Ying Yuan asked him to bring Yan Dan to help with the preparation.

The next scene shows Ying Yuan overlooking the Jade Pool and all the celestial attendants who were helping to collect the celestial dew from all the lotus flowers in the pond. Ying Deng this oddball came to approach Ying Yuan and invited him to enjoy the scenery together.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Deng approached Ying Yuan

But Ying Yuan flatly rejected her. And I’m laughing happily (^○^). At first, Ying Deng turned on her pitiful charm and asked why Ying Yuan treated her coldly. But Ying Yuan straight away replied to her by saying he knew of her evil intention of attaining celestial spirit through him.

He warned her to not have selfish desires and to follow Heavenly laws. Ying Deng then hatefully replied that it would be easy for her to do so, but it would be hard for Ying Yuan. Then she left.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Yuan berate Ying Deng

On the other side of the Jade Pool, Qingyun instructed Yan Dan to collect celestial dew from the lotus flowers from that row. As she was starting her work, Ying Yuan called her. But Yan Dan just ignored him and walked away.

Ying Yuan flew over and blocked her way. He said that the scent of lotus could help to heal injuries. Yan Dan said it should have been Zhixi who was sent here and not her. But Ying Yuan said that Zhixi was not from Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

He then continued to say that when he was blind and was staying at the hut, he smelled the fragrant of lotus that was 100 times more fragrant than the ones here. He also told her about the Supreme Majesty’s reward to Zhixi, which allowed Yan Dan not having to go to the Mortal Realms on her behalf.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Yuan spoke to Yan Dan

Ying Yuan then apologized for having missed her play. He asked if she could perform it again for him at Yanxu Heavenly Palace, but Yan Dan refused, saying that it was all in the past. Then she walked away. Aaahhh what is this dog blood drama….

Back in the Pavilion of Books, Yan Dan was drinking to drown her sorrows while pouring her heart out to Love Guru Luming. Yan Dan thought Ying Yuan must be happy knowing that Zhixi was the one who saved him.

Poor Luming, he never experienced love so he could only accompany her drinking. He offered to make her a Love Forgetting Potion but Yan Dan refused. She would rather painfully reminisce the memories she had together with Ying Yuan in the hut at The Land Horizon Limit than to forget.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Luming the love guru

To this, naughty Luming suggested her to let go and be wild, and have another dream.

Drunk Yan Dan went back to Yanxu Heavenly Palace and disguised herself as Zhixi. She went to Ying Yuan’s room and sat by his bedside, watching him sleep. Turned out Zhixi was looking in through the window. Zhixi was worried that Yan Dan might lose her life if she kept falling in love deeper and breaking the Love Abstinence Rule.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Zhixi peeking

After Yan Dan got up to leave, Ying Yuan opened his eyes. He knew it was Yan Dan even though she disguised herself. Ying Yuan could only persevere with being indifferent in order to protect Yan Dan.

In Yuqing Palace, Ying Deng told the Supreme Majesty that she was poisoned by Lotus poison. The celestial attendant confirmed the incident and said that based on evidence provided, the poison was placed on her at midnight. The poison was a mixture of the roots of Four-Leaf Lotus with cinnabar.

The Supreme Majesty rolled his eyes and told her that the two Four Leaf Lotus descendants were being brought from the Yanxu Heavenly Palace. Lord Ying Yuan will fairly judge their innocence.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Ying Deng was poisoned

Ying Yuan vouched for the Lotus Twin’s kind nature but then Ying Deng showed the poison has spread in her body and damaged her artifact spirit and continued her slander.

Zhixi and Yan Dan were brought to Yuqing Palace and Ying Deng immediately asked for their whereabouts during the time of the poisoning. Zhixi said she was giving As You Wish potion to help Ying Yuan sleep and stayed in his room last night. Yan Dan was surprised when she heard this.

This led Ying Deng to accuse Yan Dan to be the culprit who poisoned her. Zhixi was shocked. When they came, Yan Dan and Zhixi did not know the reason why they were questioned in front for the Supreme Majesty in the first place.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Ying Deng was poisoned 2

Yan Dan wanted to clear her name, but she did not know what to say. Zhixi tried to defend her but Ying Deng told her there was no need for Zhixi to cover for Yan Dan. Yan Dan should be able to take the punishment because her heart is intact, different from Zhixi. Ah I see. So this scheming woman is trying to disclose Zhixi’s secret in front of the Supreme Majesty.

Zhixi pleaded the Supreme Majesty on her knees saying she was sure Yan Dan was not the culprit and requested for a thorough investigation. But the Supreme Majesty concluded that the evidence was clear and passed the punishment to be carried out by Ying Yuan.

Immortal Samsara ep 13 Ying Yuan and Yan Dan

Seeing Ying Yuan hesitated, Ying Deng instigated in front of the Supreme Majesty and accused Ying Yuan to play favoritism. Waa this old bat sure can talk.

The Supreme Majesty, who seemed dead set on not letting Ying Yuan be entangled with any woman, warned him that he should be an example for the entire realm and not be biased.

In the end, Ying Yuan punished her to be burnt in the Heavenly Fire within three days’ time. Yan Dan was crushed. Zhixi kept pleading for Yan Dan but was ignored. On normal days, this is where I would stop following the series and find something else to do in my life. But now, I feel a moral responsibility and feel challenged to finish this recap o(;Д;)p

Immortal Samsara ep 13 YIng Yuan punished Yan Dan

Episode 14

Zhixi chased after Ying Deng and told her that she broke the agreement. Turned out the poison case was orchestrated by both Zhixi and Ying Deng to get Yan Dan kicked out of the Yanxu Heavenly Palace. But now with Yan Dan being punished in the Heavenly Fire, Zhixi was panicking that Yan Dan might lose her life.

However, Ying Deng said that it was her goal from the beginning to kill Yan Dan. She further suggested Zhixi to stay quiet on the matter if she wanted to keep her reputation. After all, the Supreme Majesty was paying close attention to the case.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Zhixi confronted Ying Deng

Yan Dan was escorted by the Heavenly Guard. When she passed by Yanxu Heavenly Palace, she saw her things being taken out by other palace attendants. She saw the cloak Ying Yuan gave her fell on the steps. She wanted to pick it up but was stopped by Ying Deng.

Then to add salt to injury, Ying Deng just spouted some more nonsense here to anger Yan Dan. Yan Dan then left towards the Heavenly Prison without picking up the cloak on the steps.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 YIng Deng stick her nose in

Zhixi went to visit Yan Dan in prison. Yan Dan asked her one more time why Zhixi treated her this way. The same question she asked when Zhixi stole her sacrifice for Ying Yuan.

Zhixi then told her of the plan she made with Ying Deng but was manipulated by her in the end. She said she did not want to see Yan Dan break the Love Abstinence Rule.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Yan Dan asked Zhixi

Zhixi then told her of all the grievances she suffered throughout the years. She explained to Yan Dan how everything she tried to do to help her made people laugh at Zhixi behind her back instead.

Yan Dan was shocked, she was sad that their relationship became like this, which was beyond her imagination. She then apologized to Zhixi. She also said that Zhixi must have hated her and will not be able to let go of her grudge, hence it was best that they never meet again.

Zhixi then left, leaving Yan Dan alone in prison.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Yan Dan to Zhixi

In Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Qingyun was begging Ying Yuan for Yan Dan. He believed she was innocent. Ying Yuan said that Yan Dan refused to speak up for herself to protect someone. So, he was planning to find another evidence to proof her innocence.

A palace attendant from Qian Yun Palace came at this time. He brought the wooden Lotus incense burner that Yan Dan asked him to burn in the incinerator. But he said he was not able to burn it no matter what he did. Therefore, he wanted to return the incense burner to Yan Dan.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Lotus incense burner

Ying Yuan understood that her wanting to destroy the incense burner meant that she was thoroughly disappointed with him. But he thought that leaving Yanxu Heavenly Palace was the best decision for Yan Dan.

In Xuan Xin Cliff, Yumo was in the middle of cultivation while being confined in his room. Luming suddenly informed him of Yan Dan’s predicament. Yumo wanted to help, but he could not break through the barrier placed by Marshall Huo De.

Zhao Lan saw that he was trying to get out of his room and tried to help Yan Dan too. So they both contemplated for a way to get to Yan Dan.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Yumo was notified

Meanwhile, Yan Dan who was in prison, sat in a daze. Luming’s spirit came to her and was shocked to see her pitiful appearance. Yan Dan tried to assure him that she was alright. But Luming was anxious. He begged Yan Dan to tell the truth, otherwise she will not be able to take on the punishment and will die. All her friends believed that it was Zhixi who poisoned Ying Deng.

Luming threatened to step forward to reveal the truth but Yan Dan stopped him. She said that Zhixi did this because she felt bitter towards her. Yan Dan only cared for her safety and was willing to pay with her life for it.

Seeing Luming’s devastated face, Yan Dan started to lie and said that Ying Yuan promised not to let her die and will send her to the Mortal Realms instead. Luming then tried to persuade Yan Dan to bring Yumo and live life together with him. Even at this point, Luming still tried to match make his friends haha.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Luming contacted Yan Dan

Naturally, Yan Dan did not agree to his request. She instead entrusted Luming to take care of Ying Yuan on her behalf.

In the Magical Artifact Pavilion, Ying Yuan seemed to have found a clue. Behind a pillar, Ying Deng was watching his every move.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Ying Yuan found a clue

The next scene showed Ying Yuan going back to the sacred tree and reminisced about Yan Dan. He was lost in his memories and was smiling.

He continued walking towards the hut and finally saw the name Gou Dan Ju. He was amused and understood that only Yan Dan would come up with a name like that. And only someone like her would be silly enough to stay by his side.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 YIng Yuan smiling

Ying Yuan entered the hut and looked at the surrounding interior. He found half burnt lotus petal among the incense ashes on the table. He finally realized Yan Dan was lying when she said there was a lotus pond near the hut. The scent of lotus was able to quell the demon inside him. But he always thought the lotus scent was from lotus flowers outside the hut.

He placed the half-burnt lotus petal inside the wooden incense burner.

Stepping outside of the hut, he then made a real lotus pond using his spiritual power. After that he imagined himself coming here to enjoy the view with Yan Dan. Aiyoh, such a sad couple. Don’t know what to say at this point.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 lotus petal

Suddenly the Dream Butterfly came flying towards Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan knew that only true love can transform a Dream Butterfly cocoon into a butterfly. He now realized that the lifetime he experienced with Yan Dan was not just a dream, but a dream shared and made together with the real Yan Dan.

With a heavy heart, he had wanted to destroy the Dream Butterfly. But in the end, he did not bear to do it.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Dream butterfly

Conniving woman Ying Deng turned out has been following Ying Yuan all this while. Ying Yuan turned around to face her. He then took out the evidence to show that Ying Deng poisoned herself. This may not be the right time to say this but, in all honesty, Vicky Xu who plays Ying Deng is actually a beautiful girl. I wish to see her as the devastatingly beautiful main female character.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 YIng Yuan evidence

Having seen how emotional Ying Yuan was towards his memories of Yan Dan, Ying Deng was resentful. She could not accept the fact that although she has stayed by Ying Yuan’s side for a millennium, he has never looked at her the way he looked at Yan Dan.

Ying Yuan then told her she knew of her motive, and she should have been grateful that he did not send her to the Heavenly Gallows back then. Ying Deng was shocked by Ying Yuan’s words. In frustration, she asked why Ying Yuan treated Yan Dan differently when Yan Dan was also guilty of falling in love.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 YIng Deng was devastated

She continued to say that Ying Yuan was so powerful, he may come out unscathed even if he broke the Love Abstinence Rule. But Yan Dan may die for her offense. Ying Deng then begged Ying Yuan not to expose her, otherwise the Supreme Majesty may suspect of his relationship with Yan Dan.

Ying Deng swore to keep quiet in exchange for Ying Yuan’s promise to cover for her. After all, the Heavenly Fire punishment was lighter than being executed for breaking the Love Abstinence Rule. This snake woman is quite smart!

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Ying Deng begged

Ying Yuan gave his word on the condition that she did not commit another mistake. Of course, she was not actually planning to turn a new leaf. She even came up with a new hateful plan already. Ying Yuan might be proficient as a Sovereign Lord. But he needs more experience in dealing with scheming women like Ying Deng.

Ying Yuan then went to Xuan Xin Cliff and asked for a favor from Marshall Huo De. In exchange for the chess manual that Huo De wanted so much, Ying Yuan asked him to give Letter of Immunity to help Yan Dan escape the Heavenly Fire punishment. He could not divulge many details for this, but he assured Huo De that Yan Dan was not evil and she was trapped in a complicated situation right now.

Huo De agreed as he believed in Ying Yuan’s judgment. Ying Yuan also asked Huo De to take in Yan Dan as his disciple and ensure him to guide her to have a bright future. Huo De agreed whole heartedly as he saw Yan Dan as someone who was witty, brave and sassy, worthy for being his disciple.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Huo De's help

Huo De also promised him to return the chess manual once he was done with it, but Ying Yuan gave it to him instead. He said that he will no longer play chess after this.

Meanwhile, Yumo and Zhao Lan were still pouring out their spiritual power to break the barrier placed by Huo De. Zhao Lan said she knew that Yumo was a descendant of the Nine Fins Clan, but she also promised not to tell anyone.

Having failed to break the barrier after so long, Zhao Lan suggested Yumo used her Heart Seeker Bell. Yumo agreed and transferred his spiritual power to it. The combination was able to smash the barrier. But it caused the Heart Seeker Bell to lose its ability to ring. Yumo promised to compensate for her after he rescued Yan Dan.

Immortal Samsara ep 14 Yumo and Zhao Lan

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