Ending ExplainedRomance of a Twin Flower Ending Explained

Romance of a Twin Flower Ending Explained

Dear readers, the drama is finally over and I am sure there would be people who always check on the ending first before they started to watch the drama. If you were one of them, I gave you my word that Romance of a Twin Flower had a happy ending for Ji Man and Ning Yu Xuan. I’m so happy for them.

Just a quick note, I also wrote Romance of a Twin Tower drama review, you can check it and I will appreciate it. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Romance of a Twin Flower Ending Explained

What Happened to Nie Sangyu/Ji Man?

Ji Man learned that Nie Sangyu was already dead when she fell off the cliff. When Ning Yu Xuan made Gui Bai reinvestigate Nie Sangyu’s incident, Gui Bai found a villager who claimed to see Nie Sangyu’s body. And out of kindness, the villager buried her.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Nie Sangyu / Ji Man
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Nie Sangyu / Ji Man

Gui Bai dug out the grave and found that the body wore the same clothes and had the same pendant as Nie Sangyu’s. However, Ning Yuxuan held the information because, at that time, he already fell in love with Ji Man and wanted her to stay at his side as Nie Sangyu.

However, there was a secret in Ji Man’s identity. It was Yuan Lang who revealed it on her wedding day. He told Ji Man that she and Nie Sangyu were twins. Their father was Cai Wen Zheng, the Tea Gang leader. Before Cai Wen Zheng died, he entrusted his daughters to Ji Ming. However, because Ji Ming could not take care of two children so he entrusted Nie Sangyu to Nie Xiang Yuan.

Ji Man learned that there was a blood feud between Ning Yu Xuan’s father and hers. Yuan Lang said that Cai Wen Zheng was the one who killed Ning Zhong Tian. And her father, Cai Wen Zheng was killed by Ning Zhong Tian’s subordinates. This piece of information was enough to stop her from marrying Ning Yu Xuan. Ji Man left him and started to focus on her business. However, her heart could not lie because she was suffering from a broken heart.

Her identity became another problem after Tao Si Wei learned that Nie Sangyu was dead. He revealed Ji Man’s identity to Ling Jian Xing. Ji Ming believed that Ji Man’s life was in danger and wanted to take Ji Man away from Haifang City. But she could not leave Ning Yu Xuan alone and decided to stay. They reconciled and got married that night.

At a banquet, Ji Man saw rashes on Wen Wan’s hand. She went to the Emperor and begged for a test because she suspected Wen Wan used mercury in her face cream. Ji Man was afraid that if the face cream was sold worldwide, it would hurt many people. Wen Wan panicked and in the critical time, Ling Jian Xing used the chance to present another proof of her identity: Nie Sangyu’s memorial tablet.

Suddenly everything became chaos. To protect Ning Yu Xuan and Nie Xiang Yuan, Ji Man admitted her real identity and she also revealed that Princess Ruyue was Wen Wan, Ning Yu Xuan’s concubine. Ji Man and Wen Wan were arrested because they had deceived the monarch.

After Prince Tan was arrested too, the Emperor went to her cell and told her that Ning Yu Xuan would be promoted to Prime Minister. Ji Man was stunned and immediately realized that she had to leave him. Her identity as Ji Man could jeopardize Ning Yu Xuan’s career and status and in the end, it would cause trouble for the Emperor.

Tao Si Wei took Ji Man from prison to punish her with death. They fell from the cliff and Ji Man managed to survive. However, when she returned to the Magistrate’s Residence, she missed Ning Yu Xuan who must return to the capital. Ji Man did not chase Ning Yu Xuan because she had to leave him. She went to Yunzhou, changes her name to Ma Hong Zhu, and opened a grain store.

They met again a year later when Haifang City suffered from flood and starvation. Ji Man came to donate food to the Haifang city people. The Emperor learned about her merit and granted her a gift: a marriage with Ning Yu Xuan.

What Happened to Ning Yuxuan?

Ning Yu Xuan was heartbroken when Ji Man decided to cancel the wedding. He was stunned when Ji Man confessed that her father was Cai Wen Zheng. The fact shattered his world. However, he could not forget her.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Ning Yuxuan
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Ning Yuxuan

Because of Ling Jian Xing’s presence and the Imperial Supplies Contest, Ji Man had to return to the Magistrate’s residence and lived with Ning Yu Xuan. They had to pretend that their relationship was on good terms because Ling Jian Xing was suspicious of them.

After Ling Jian Xing no longer cared about their relationship, Ji Man returned to live on the Guihai ship and managed her own business. Ning Yu Xuan could not let go of his grudge, but he also could not let go of her. So, he told Gui Bai to keep a tab on Ji Man. Gui Bai happily went to protect Ji Man because he could see and also protect Shui Niang Zi.

When the Emperor came to Haifang City, Ling Jian Xin used Nie Sangyu’s memorial tablet to accuse him and Ji Man of a felony. Ji Man admitted her real identity and wanted to take responsibility alone, but Ning Yu Xuan could not let her do it. He followed her to kneel in front of the Emperor.

When the Emperor asked him, Ning Yu Xuan had no choice but to confess that Nie Sangyu had died, Ji Man was not Nie Sangyu. And he also admitted that Princess Ruyue’s real identity was Wen Wan, his concubine. Ji Man and Wen Wan were arrested and prisoned.

Ning Yu Xuan and Yuan Lang made a plan to trap the real culprit of the death of Ning Zhong Tian, Cai Wen Zheng, and the annihilation of the Tea gang. And the person was Prince Tan. When Ning Zhong Tian and the Tea gang were wiped out, the only person who would reap the benefits was Prince Tan. With a little trick, he and Yuan Lang trapped Prince Tan and made him admit his involvement in that case. Prince Tan was punished, and Ning Yu Xuan was promoted to Prime Minister.

After Ji Man fell off the cliff, Ning Yu Xuan returned to the capital. He was brokenhearted, but life must go on. A year later, Ning Yu Xuan went to Haifang City because the people suffered from a flood and starvation. He did not expect that when he was at the wharf to distribute food, he saw the person he yearned for the most, Ji Man.

When the Emperor granted him a marriage with the unknown Miss Dehui, he refused the Emperor’s decree. Yet, the Emperor still forced him. Ning Yu Xuan went back to his residence dejectedly. He was surprised that Miss Dehui was a new name that the Emperor bestowed on Ji Man.

Although the Emperor seemed cold, he actually tried to find a way so Ning Yu Xuan could marry his loved one. Ning Yu Xuan could not hide his happiness when he realized that his dream to live forever with Ji Man finally came true.

What Happened to Yuan Lang?

Yuan Lang reminded Ji Man that there was a blood feud between her father and Ning Yu Xuan’s father. Yuan Lang was afraid that Ning Yu Xuan would find out about the relationship between The Tea Gang and Ji Man after they got married.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Yuan Lang
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Yuan Lang

When Ling Jian Xing tried to make the Jiaolong Gang his accomplice, Yuan Lang refused him. Ling Jian Xing told Yuan Lang a secret that shook his world. It was his father, Yuan Ding Shan, who killed Ning Zhao Tian by pretending to be Cai Wen Zheng.

Yuan Lang investigated his father’s sin and found out that it was Prince Tan who released false news and deliberately sow discord between Yuan Ding Shan and Cai Wen Zheng, resulting in Cai Wen Zheng’s horrible death.

Yuan Lang and Ning Yu Xuan set up a trap to make Prince Tan admit his wrongdoings. After Prince Tan was arrested, Yuan Lang and Ning Yu Xuan became friends. Yet, he still told Ning Yu Xuan that if he bullied Ji Man, Yuan Lang would hold him responsible.

What Happened to Gui Bai and Shui Niang Zi?

Shui Niang Zi realized that she had fallen in love with Gui Bai. However, he was unconvinced by his own feelings. Gui Bai thought his status as a bodyguard would hinder him from marrying Shui Niang Zi. Gui Bai started to get jealous when Shui Niang Zi’s ex-boyfriend started to chase her again.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Gui Bai
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Gui Bai

Gui Bai finally decided to confess to Shui Niang Zi after he witnessed his master’s marriage. He rushed to find Shui Niang Zi and told her that he liked her, but he was too cowardly to admit his feelings. Shui Niang Zi’s smile bloomed when she heard his promise of living together for a lifetime.

Gui Bai did not follow Ning Yu Xuan back to the capital because he chose to stay at Haifang City and helped his wife, Shui Niang Zi, with Haoxue Cosmetics.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Shui Niang Zi
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Shui Niang Zi

What Happened to Ling Jian Xing?

Ling Jian Xing always held grudges against Ning Yu Xuan. He tried to use Ning Yu Xuan’s estranged relationship with Nie Sangyu but failed. Later, he made use of Wen Wan and with the help of Prince Tan, he gave Wen Wan another identity as Princess Ruyue. He ordered Wen Wan to win the Imperial Supplier Contest against Ji Man. However, it was not easy because Ji Man was a tough opponent.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Ling Jian Xing
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Ling Jian Xing

When Ling Jian Xing was stuck, Tao Si Wei came and told him that Nie Sangyu was dead, and the person beside Ning Yu Xuan was an imposter. He was happy because it gave him another chance to defeat Ning Yu Xuan.

Ling Jian Xing blackmailed Yuan Lang to help him sabotage Ji Man’s business. But she managed to solve the problem. So Ling Jian Xing had to find another way to defeat Ning Yu Xuan and Ji Man. He got the chance when one of his lackeys found a memorial tablet for Nie Sangyu which was made by Nie Xiang Yuan.

He presented the tablet in front of the Emperor, hoping that the Emperor would punish Ning Yu Xuan and Ji Man. But Wen Wan ruined the chance of revenge. And in this critical time, Prince Tan also wanted to wash his hands out of the problem. He accused Ling Jian Xing of a felony and ordered the guards to arrest him.

Prince Tan wanted to kill Ling Jian Xing, but Gui Bai came at the right time and saved him. Because of the murder attempt, Ling Jian Xing realized that Prince Tan used him as a chess piece and to get back at him, he was willing to be a witness to Prince Tan’s evil deeds. Ling Jian Xing managed to dodge the death sentence. But, Prince Tan could not.

What Happened to Wen Wan?

Wen Wan could be Princess Ruyue, because of Ling Jian Xing and Prince Tan. She came to Haifang to win the Imperial Supplies Contest. Wen Wan used a dirty trick and won the first round. To win the second round, Ling Jian Xing helped her sabotage the shipment of Ji Man’s cosmetic bottles. Wen Wan almost won but Ji Man managed to solve the problem and won the second round.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Wen Wan
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Wen Wan

In the third round, Wen Wan won again because she had Prince Tan and Ling Jian Xing to back her up. But at a banquet with the Emperor, Ji Man caught her using the hazardous chemical on her face cream. Wen Wan could not do anything when the Emperor annulled her victory.

When Ling Jian Xing accused Ji Man as an imposter, Wen Wan was eager to blame Ji Man. She testified that Ji Man was very different from Nie Sangyu, however, Wen Wan did not realize that her testimony also revealed her identity as Wen Wan, Ning Yu Xuan’s concubine. Wen Wan could not retort the accusation and begged help from Ling Jian Xing. When she almost revealed Prince Tan’s involvement, Tao Si Wei cut her words and ordered her to be arrested.

What Happened to Tao Si Wei?

Tao Si Wei never had any feelings for Nie Qing Yun because he already fell in love with Nie Sangyu. However, Nie Qing Yun loved him very much and Nie Sangyu wanted him to be with Nie Qing Yun. So Tao Si Wei yielded. He promised to marry Nie Qing Yun, treat her kindly, and would never take any concubine. Nie Qing Yun was very happy to hear his decision. Yet, Tao Si Wei’s expression was bleak.

Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained - Tao Si Wei
Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained – Tao Si Wei

After his engagement banquet, Tao Si Wei accidentally overheard when Ning Yu Xuan talked about the death of Nie Sangyu to Nie Xiang Yuan. He was shocked and in an instant, the shock turned into anger. Tao Si Wei went to Ling Jian Xing and told him the secret. Using the information, Ling Jian Xing prepared a plan to drag Ning Yu Xuan down. When Ling Jian Xing revealed that Ji Man was related to Tea Gang, Tao Si Wei used the chance to avenge Nie Sangyu’s death.

Nie Qin Yun found out that the one who Tao Si Wei liked was not her, but Nie Sangyu. She was heartbroken and decided to leave him. Tao Si Wei then took Ji Man away to a cliff. He got angry at her because the Emperor let her go without punishment while he thought that Ji Man deserved a death sentence.

Because in his heart, Tao Si Wei regarded Ji Man as Nie Sangyu’s murderer. When Ning Yu Xuan came to save Ji Man, Tao Si Wei took Ji Man and they fell from the cliff. Ji Man managed to survive, but Tao Si Wei died.

My Two Cents

Soooo, Dear Readers. How about the ending? Well, I hope you were happy and satisfied with this Romance of a Twin Flower ending explained I just gave you. In my opinion, I feel like this drama’s ending was too abrupt.

However, I just wanted to stop complaining about it. So, let’s move on to a new drama. Do you have any recommendations? If you do, please put your answer in the comment sections below. Have a good day!!

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