Ending ExplainedThe Romance of Tiger And Rose Ending Explained

The Romance of Tiger And Rose Ending Explained

Hi dear readers… I hope you already read my The Romance of Tiger and Rose drama review. This drama was another of Zhao Lu Si‘s works of art, that I watched on WeTV. And probably some of you still have some confusion or maybe you just want to skip most of the episodes because you were super curious about the ending and wanted to know in a flash. Fret not dear readers, I’ve come to the rescue. This is The Romance of Tiger and rose Ending Explained. Happy reading!

The Romance of Tiger and Rose Ending Explained

Chen Xiao Qian was worried because the story plot was changing. She wanted to save Han Shuo so he would not be killed by Chen Chu Chu. In the original story, Chen Xiao Qian wrote that after Han Shuo took over Huayuan City, he spared Chen Chu Chu’s life for the sake of the affection between them. However, Chen Chu Chu betrayed him. With the aid of Su Zi Ying, she came back to avenge the death of her mother, Chen Qian Qian, and Huayuan City. In the end, her sword stabbed Han Shuo’s chest and killed him.

Chen Qian Qian Plotted To Banish Han Shuo

Chen Qian Qian used Lu Peng’s death and Su Mu’s disappearance to pin a heinous crime on Han Shuo. The Criminal Minister found solid evidence of his crime: a footprint of Han Shuo’s special shoes made by Chen Qian Qian and his Xuanhu token that should be on Chen Qian Qian’s hand. Han Shuo started to feel that something was off. But before he could protest, he was drugged with a sleeping drug.

When he woke up he saw Pei Heng reading the city decree for him. Chen Qian Qian ordered him to be punished because he was killed out of jealousy. He should be beheaded, but because Chen Qian Qian valued their marriage, he would be banished from Huayuan City and never return. Chen Qian Qian also gave him a divorce letter. Han Shuo was panic-stricken when he saw the divorce letter. He immediately asked to meet Chen Qian Qian. Fortunately, she was willing to meet him.

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With red-rimmed eyes, Han Shuo met the cold and detached Chen Qian Qian. Totally different from Chen Qian Qian he knew that was cheeky and playful. She revealed that she already knew Xuanhu coveted the black stone mine of Huayuan City and they sent him to Huayuan for a marriage agreement. But in reality, Xuanhu was ready to attack Huayuan for the mine. Since Huayuan was weaker in terms of war resources, they could not meet at war.

Therefore, she used his trick and asked him to marry her. To earn his trust, Chen Qian Qian used the Dragon Bone to cure his health. Han Shuo looked dejected after he heard her words. He always thought that she fell in love with him at first sight and that she stole the Dragon Bone because she cared about his health more than anything else.

Chen Qian Qian said that as long as he lived, he was like a living amulet that kept Xuanhu City from stepping out of line and attacking Huayuan City. Chen Qian Qian also revealed that she still had her Kung fu. She pretended to be poisoned so he would feel guilty because of it. She demonstrated her Kung fu by throwing a bottle to a wall. Chen Qian Qian had chosen a place for him to go. And she would be the only person who knew his whereabouts.

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Han Shuo was angry, heartbroken, and disappointed. He forcefully took off the copper bracelet on her wrist. Han Shuo also told her that she was much more brilliant than him and that he could not see her through. He said that he used to view her as a rose with a thorn, but it turned out she was just a thorn. Han Shuo firmly ended their relationship that night and left.

Chen Chu Chu Saved Han Shuo And Striked A Deal

When Chen Chu Chu learned that Han Shuo had been banished, she sneaked out of her confinement. Together with Su Zi Ying, they disguised themselves and chased after Han Shuo. Chen Qian Qan had made a preparation beforehand. She used an empty carriage to trick people, but Su Zi Ying’s military knowledge enable him to see through the trick.

When Han Shuo arrived at a restaurant for a break, Chen Chu Chu drugged the guards and made them unconscious. Chen Chu Chu told him that he had saved her back then and this was her repayment. But Han Shuo knew that she hid something. Therefore, he frankly asked what she wanted from saving him. Che Chu Chu told him her intentions. She needed him to help her get back the power of the city guards.

Han Shuo agreed but he had a condition, that was Huayuan’s black water mine. Chen Chu Chu was quite surprised when she heard of the condition. She thought that Han Shuo would ask for her sister, Chen Qian Qian. Elated, she agreed to his request. When Chen Chu Chu left, Han Shuo told Bai Ji that he no longer believed in Huayuan’s women. In reality, he did not want the mine only. Han Shuo wanted the whole of Huayuan City to belong to him.

Chen Chu Chu Besieged The City

Huayuan City Ruler woke up from her coma when Chen Qian Qian attended to her. From her mother, Chen Qian Qian learned that Lu Peng had overheard her conversation with Chen Chu Chu. This fact made Qian Qian realize that the one who related to Lu Peng’s death must be Chen Chu Chu.

At that time, Chen Chu Chu and Han Shuo already entered the city. They killed the city guard and used their clothes and armor to disguise themselves. It was easy for them to take back control of Huayuan city.

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Chen Qian Qian came to confront Chen Chu Chu about Lu Peng’s death. Che Chu Chu realized that Han Shuo must be listening to her conversation, and she deliberately spoke about how Chen Qian Qian called musicians from the Music and Dance Company to play at her mansion. She also mentioned that Chen Qian Qian was the kind of girl who held Han Shuo in her right hand, while her left hand embraced Pei Heng.

Chen Chu Chu’s words hurt Chen Qian Qian because they made her remember Han Shuo. When she returned to her mansion, she drank to forget the sorrow. Pei Heng came to her mansion and comforted her. When Chen Qian Qian slept, he held her in his hand. Han Shuo secretly watched them from behind the wall.

In the morning, Chen Chu Chu’s guards surrounded the City Ruler’s mansion, while Han Shuo confined Chen Qian Qian at her mansion. Pei Heng rushed to her mansion but the guards stopped him. Driven by jealousy, Han Shuo forced himself on Chen Qian Qian but stopped when he saw her crying in fear.

Chen Chu Chu took the Ruler position and punished anybody who disagreed. However, the Ruler refused to give her the ruler’s seal. When they were in a heated argument, Su Zi Ying reported that Han Shuo’s army had surrounded the city. Su Zi Ying saved her when Han Shuo almost killed Chen Chu Chu during the fight. At this critical time, Pei Heng took control of the city guards. With the help of Meng Guo, he took over the city. The ruler ordered Chen Chu Chu and Han Shuo to be arrested. Pei Heng wanted to get revenge on Han Shuo, so he advised the Ruler to put all the blame on Han Shuo and execute him.

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Chen Qian Qian Saved Han Shuo

Chen Qian Qian wanted to save Han Shuo. But first, she had to make him trust her. Therefore, she came to prison and took the initiative to consummate their relationship to prove her love to him. Chen Qian Qian did that because she needed to get rid of the cinnabar dot on her arm. That was the only way to prove to her mother that Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo were a real couple.

On the execution day, Chen Qian Qian begged the City Ruler to let Han Shuo off. She showed her that she no longer had the cinnabar spot and told her mother that she really loved him. Chen Qian Qian said that she would let Chen Chu Chu be the crown princess, and with her mother’s guidance, she would be a good ruler for the city. Chen Qian Qian said if Han Shuo must die, she would die together with him. Her words angered the City Ruler because Chen Qian Qian would rather choose Han Shuo than her, so she refused her request.

When the guillotine almost killed Han Shuo, Chen Qian Qian ran to the platform and hugged him. She killed herself in front of everyone using a knife that she hid in her shoe. Pei Heng was frantic and run to stop her, but he failed. Chen Qian Qian died. Because of the death of Chen Qian Qian, the City Ruler freed Han Shuo and let him mourn for her.

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Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo Went to Xuanhu City

In the mourning hall, Pei Heng cried and cried. He regretted what he did that made her die. His desperation made Chen Qian Qian pity him. She woke up from her coffin and shocked Pei Heng. It turned out that she faked her death so she could go with Han Shuo. It was the perfect solution for everyone. If Chen Qian Qian died, Han Shuo would be saved, Chen Chu Chu would ascend as the crown princess and her mother would not worry about the power struggle between the sisters. In the end, Huayuan City would remain peaceful.

Chen Chu Chu was suspicious of Chen Qian Qian’s death. She came to the mourning hall and suggested changing Chen Qian Qian’s coffin into a better one, provided by her. She wanted the coffin to be sealed so that if Chen Qian Qian still lived, she would eventually die from suffocation. But the city Ruler, who was also suspicious about Chen Qian Qian’s death, saw through her trick.

She told everybody to leave the hall because she wanted to mourn her daughter’s death. She did it to protect Chen Qian Qian from Chen Chu Chu’s evil intention. While she cried, her hand banged the coffin and created an opening to let the air enter the coffin. The city Ruler understood that Chen Qian Qian faked her death for good reasons.

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Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo went to Xuanhu City. In the middle of the road, they were ambushed by Su Zi Ying. When he almost killed Chen Qian Qian, Lin Qi and her whip came to the rescue and saved her. They decided to take Su Zi Ying to Xuanhu city as a captive.

On their way to Xuanhu city, Chen Qian Qian met the 3 storytellers at an inn. They talked about the story plot, including the banana, orange, and apple. Han Shuo overheard the conversation. He was shocked that it was Chen Qian Qian that plotted everything and they lived inside her story.

Chen Qian Qian explained everything to him, including her true identity as Chen Xiao Qian. The story seemed unbelievable and he got angry at first. But later he managed to understand the story. Chen Xiao Qian told him the end of the story when the gate of heaven opened, she would be returning to her world. However, Chen Xiao Qian decided to stay inside the story because she loved Han Shuo and wanted to be with him.

Chen Xiao Qian’s Life in Xuanhu City

Chen Xiao Qian and Han Shuo arrived at Xuanhu city, and Chen Xiao Qian had a problem adapting in Xuanhu city. In contrast to Huayuan City, the women in Xuanhu City are regarded as inferior sex compared to men. They have to obey men and did not have the freedom to be themselves. Chen Xiao Qian almost run away from the city when Han Shuo came and coaxed her. He washed her feet, a taboo for every-men in Xuanhu city. Han Shuo also said that the men in Xuanhu City were superior to women, but in his heart, she would always be superior to him.

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The story of Han Shuo washing his wife’s feet spread like wildfire in Xuanhu city. They praised Chen Qian Qian as a woman who could tame her husband. The women from the noble families came to her doorstep and asked how she did it. They even wanted her to teach them. Chen Qian Qian taught the women of Xuanhu city how to live as modern and independent women. First of all, they have to learn how to manage and added value to themselves. Only then could they increase the value of their husband and in return, the husbands would respect and learn the importance of their wives. Unbeknownst to her, Han Shuo’s mother also listened to her lessons.

Han Shuo’s mother used to be a valiant woman. She disguised herself as a man and went to war on behalf of her ailing father (Hua Mulan, is that you? 😂). She liked Chen Qian Qian’s personality.

There was one person who felt miserable after Chen Xiao Qian came to Xuanhu City. It was Han Shuo’s father, the City Ruler. He always conducted himself as an alpha male, a superior being for his people and wife. But in reality, he was afraid of her wife because she was stronger and sharper than him…🤣

Chen Chu Chu Learned The Cold Hard Truth

The City Ruler of Huayuan City refused to see Chen Chu Chu. Every time Chen Chu Chu come to visit her, the guards always said that the Ruler was recuperating and did not allow anybody to visit her. Meanwhile, the Ruler also took precautions against Chen Chu Chu. She secretly removed Chen Chu Chu’s people and replaced them with her own people. Chen Chu Chu was alerted to the changes.

When the City Ruler finally allowed Chen Chu Chu to visit her, she already had solid evidence of Chen Chu Chu trying to kill Chen Qian Qian. She was angered because Chen Qian Qian had sacrificed herself and severed their family ties for Chen Chu Chu. But in return, she kept trying to kill Chen Qian Qian.

Chen Chu Chu protested that the Ruler was biased toward Chen Qian Qian. In her eyes, Chen Qian Qian would always be right, while Chen Chu Chu was always in the wrong. When the Ruler saw that she could not put some sense into Chen Chu Chu’s mind, she revealed that Chen Chu Chu was not her biological daughter.

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Chen Chu Chu was shocked to learn that she was not a Chen. Instead, she was a Pei. The daughter of Huayuan’s late minister of Defense and the sister of Pei Heng. After her mother’s death, the City Ruler adopted Chen Chu Chu and raised her as her own daughter. She also prepared Chen Chu Chu as her successor. But now, because of her own doing, Chen Chu Chu had been rejected by her people.

Chen Chu Chu realized that everything she dreamt of was a dream in reality. Therefore, she decided to let go of the position of the city Ruler but aimed to be a Minister of Defense. She did not need to be the ruler as long as she control the military power.

Chen Qian Qian’s New Backups: The Hans

Chen Chu Chu forced Pei Heng to give up the flower token that belonged to The Minister of Defense. Then she ordered to cease every mining trade with Xuanhu City. She would continue the trade if Xuanhu City handed her Chen Qian Qian. Xuanhu City Ruler ordered Chen Qian Qian to return to Huayuan city.

He said that the conflict happened because of her. Chen Qian Qian protested and during their arguments, Xuanhu City Ruler stated that only Pei Wujiang from Huayuan could earn the honor as the most impressive female. The other woman on the battlefield was just a joke. His words hurt Han Shuo’s mother. And for the first time, Madam Hua took the initiative to change her fate. She did not want to be looked down on anymore, especially by men. He asked for the Xuan token and resumed her position as Xuanhu Minister of Defense.

Her husband was angered because of her action and threatened to divorce her. Madam Hua laughed at him and take out a divorce letter from her sleeve. She said that she would divorce him first since she was tired of being his wife. The City Ruler could only weep. He said that his daughter-in-law made his wife leave him and destroyed the family. Huayuan women were indeed evil and dangerous…😂

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Chen Qian Qian prepared to go to war. The first thing she did was to free Su Zi Ying. She told him to stay in Xuanhu City because Huayuan was no longer like before. Men were more restricted than before. Su Zi Ying did not believe her words until he saw the announcement himself. Only at that time, Su Zi Ying realized that the Chen Chu Chu he served had become the old Chen Qian Qian he hated. He turned his loyalty to Chen Qian Qian.

Chen Yuan Yuan was able to escape from Chen Chu Chu’s confinement. She went to Chen Qian Qian. She reported that their mother and Pei Heng had been detained by Chen Chu Chu. Chen Qian Qian did not want the two cities to fall into war since it would make the citizen suffer. Su Zi Ying advised them to use hostage tactics. Nobody in Huayuan knew that he had changed his loyalty. Therefore, he could take her inside the city. And then they could find a way to capture Chen Chu Chu.

Su Zi Ying’s tactics worked. They were able to enter the city safely. Han Shuo, his parents, and several soldiers used Chen Yuan Yuan’s secret passageway. They managed to sneak into Chen Chu Chu’s mansion. Soon they engaged in a deadlock situation. The city guards who surrounded Chen Qian Qian hesitated to obey Chen Chu Chu’s order to kill Chen Qian Qian. In the middle of the dispute, Pei Heng came with the city guards. The soldiers pledge their loyalty to the Pei family under his command.

Chen Chu Chu saw the situation has turned unfavorable for her, then took action and charged in Chen Qian Qian’s direction with her sword. Han Shuo saw it and run to save his lover. He shielded Chen Qian Qian and get stabbed in his chest. Chen Qian Qian was frantic and shouted for a help. Chen Chu Chu was shocked when she realized that she just stabbed the person she loved.

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After the commotion, Chen Chu Chu was jailed and Han Shuo was brought to Chen Qian Qian’s mansion. Chen Yuan Yuan examined him, but unfortunately, the injury on his lung was too severe that he would not survive.

Han Shuo’s Decision

Nobody could put some sense on Chen Chu Chu. Her jealousy consumed her so much that she could not see the truth. Even in the prison, she still blamed Chen Qian Qian for everything. Therefore, Chen Qian Qian told her that there was another way to decide who should be the next Huayuan City Ruler.

According to the legend, when a wise and benevolent person walked down the flower path during the Succession Ceremony, an auspicious vision would appear in the sky. Chen Qian Qian said that she would tell their mother to let them walk down the path. The City Ruler heard their conversation. She then allowed all her daughters to walk down the flower path, including Chen Chu Chu.

Chen Chu Chu was confident that she would make the vision appear. On the contrary, Che Xiao Qian was afraid if she walked down the path, the gate of heaven would open and she would return to the real world. Han Shuo wanted her to take part in the Succession Ceremony but she refused. She had decided to stay there and never return.

At the ceremony, after Chen Chu Chu walked down the path and lit the incense, black clouds suddenly appeared in the sky. The wind was strong and the thunder roared as if the storm was coming. The sky seemed to tell the people that if Chen Chu Chu ascended to the throne, she would bring disaster to the people. Chen Chu Chu saw the sky with an incredulous expression. She would never admit that she was in the wrong.

Chen Yuan Yuan never thought that she would be able to walk, nonetheless, on a flower path. With Su Mu’s aid, she moved her leg one by one to the offering table. The City Ruler was astonished to see her eldest daughter able to walk again. Chen Yuan Yuan was elated, that day she has proven that she could do things that people said she couldn’t. She looked at Su Mu and told him that she was able to walk again because he was by her side.

Chen Qian Qian refused to walk on the path. She said that a wise and benevolent ruler did not need an auspicious vision to rule a country. All she need was a kind and caring heart, so she could get respect and support from the people. The city Ruler smiled, and Chen Qian Quan lived up to her expectations.

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Suddenly Han Shuo appeared on the platform. He beckoned Chen Qian Qian to come to him. But she still refused until Han Shuo vomited blood and fell on the stairs. Chen Qian Qian panicked and ran to him unaware that she had walked on the flower path. When she arrived at his side, Han Shuo looked up to the sky and smiled. The auspicious vision appeared and the gate of heaven was opened. Chen Qian Qian looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. All of a sudden, she felt that everything blurred and suddenly there was nothing.

The End For The Orange And Banana

Chen Xiao Qian opened her eyes and saw a familiar ceiling and window. The time that passed in her story seemed forever but in reality, everything appeared the same as it was. She asked herself whether everything was really a dream. She cried when she realized that if it was a dream then Han Shuo never existed. When she called the drama director to ask for a time extension. He told her that the drama was postponed because Han Min Xing had a car accident the night before. He injured his lung and had to recuperate for three months.

Chen Xiao Qian was shocked to hear that. Her mind linked everything and she needed to confirm her suspicion. She immediately went to the hospital and visited Han Min Xing in his room. Han Ming Xin did not seem to recognize her but was surprised to see her. He said that he was fine thanks to modern technology. If his accident happened in ancient times, he would be dead for sure.

Chen Xiao Qian asked him whether he remembered playing fireworks on the Double Seventh Festival. Han Shuo replied that he was never allowed to play with fireworks. His answer saddened Chen Xiao Qian. She muttered that he was not Han Shuo. Han Min Xing teased her and called her Miss Orange. He said that she was too immersed in her story. Right now he was at the hospital and he did not want to discuss the script.

Chen Xiao Qian left the room dejectedly. But at the door she realized something. She never mentioned any orange in her script, so why did Han Min Xing call her Miss Orange? She returned to the room. Han Min Xing was shocked when she called him Banana. He told her to stay away from him. He was scared because suddenly something strange hit him and he had a long dream that made him confused between dream and reality.

And now his mind was full of her. Chen Xiao Qian smiled with red rimmed eyes. He was Han Shuo, and although he was a little bit silly, she was happy that she could meet him again. Han Min Xing saw her reaction and realized that Chen Xiao Qian was the orange in his dream. Chen Xiao Qian hugged him and they laughed together.

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Chen Xiao Qian changed her script. She wrote a good ending for everyone including Chen Chu Chu, who finally became the City Ruler. While Han Shuo and her ended up as a loving couple.

So, how was this The Romance of Tiger And Rose Ending Explained? Hope you find it helpful. It was a good thing that both of our leads were having the same experiences. But whether the experiences would bring them good or harm were something we could only guessed. But at least for now they would be in the same wavelength.

Therefore, I guess the problems would not present at the moment. Well, let’s just wait for the good news from the upcoming sequel, The Romance of Tiger And Rose 2…😊😊

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