Ending ExplainedSunshine By My Side Ending Explained

Sunshine By My Side Ending Explained

Dear readers, Sunshine By My Side was an urban drama about the relationship between Sheng Yang and Jian Bing. With the background of the advertising industry, this drama tells us about the hardships that 26-year-old Sheng Yang and 36-year-old Jian Bing must face. They had to deal with the never-ending work and family problems. At the same time, they had to keep their relationship alive. Did Jian Bing and Sheng Yang were able to make it to the end? We’ll find out in this post of Sunshine By My Side Ending Explained. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Sunshine By My Side Ending Explained

What Happened to Sheng Yang?

After Sheng Yang and Jian Bing got together, the first hurdle came from Luo Mei Juan. She asked Sheng Yang to move out of the house and tell him that she objected to his relationship. Luo Mei Jian did not want Sheng Yang to be Jian Bing’s boyfriend even though she liked Jian Bing so much.

Sunshine By My Side ending explained - What Happened to Sheng Yang?
Sunshine By My Side ending explained – What Happened to Sheng Yang?

In Luo Mei Juan’s perspective, Jian Bing was not the right person for him because she was too good. There was a huge gap between the two of them. Luo Mei Juan was afraid the proud Sheng Yang would be under too much pressure and exhaust himself just to be on par with Jian Bing. However, Sheng Yang was determined to walk on his own path and asked his parents to not to worry about him.

Sheng Yang left the house and did not come back for a month. During the first weekend, he was kicked out of Song Chen’s rented house by the landlady and stayed at an internet café. She reminded Song Chen not to tell Jian Bing about his sorry state. Unbeknownst to Sheng Yang, Jian Bing also hides her problem from him.

Things were getting better when Moses Advertisement found a decent place to be their office. Sheng Yang, Song Chen, and Pan Rou worked hard to make it a better place for them. Meanwhile, although they still did not reveal their problem to each other, the relationship between Jian Bing and Sheng Yang was getting better. Jian Bing gives him a digital camera. Sheng Yang always took it everywhere.

When he visited his house, Sheng Yang told his father that even though he and Jian Bing rarely met because they were busy, they cherished the time when they were together. This was the kind of relationship that he always wanted. Sheng Xiang Qian said that he had no objection to their relationship and told him not to worry about Luo Mei Juan.

When he was about to leave the building, Sheng Yang met Luo Mei Juan. She told him to visit Jian Bing’s house. When he went there, he saw Jian Bing quarreled with Jian Zhongde. Jian Bing was angry and chased him out after Sheng Yang lectured her about her attitude towards Jian Zhongde.

Sheng Yang returned home and could not fall asleep thinking about their situation. The next day, he showed up at Jian Bing’s front door. He offered himself to replace her in taking care of Jian Zhongde. It was hard at first, but Jian Zhongde slowly started to accept his presence and cooking. When Jian Zhongde sneaked out of the house, Sheng Yang followed him. It turned out he went out to visit Feng Shu Zhen’s graveyard. Sheng Yang took a video of him in front of the tomb.

Sheng Yang tried to help Jian Yi secretly. He asked one of his friends to apply for the art director position, while he worked behind the curtain with the design. But Jian Yi immediately recognized his design but pretended to be ignorant.

The public service advertising produced by Moses had been nominated for the award. Sheng Yang, Song Chen, and Pan Rou were ecstatic. Sheng Yang went to the ceremony awarding hand in hand with Jian Bing.

Moses and Jian Yi’s public service advertisement won the year’s Best Production Award. Jian Bing went to deliver her speech and invited Sheng Yang to the stage. After he expressed his gratitude, Sheng Yang decided to confess his feelings for Jian Bing on stage. He told her that his goal was to run to the end, with her. Jian Bing was speechless but she went up to him and hugged him tightly. The two of them were very happy.

What Happened to Jian Bing?

Jian Bing had to adapt to her new status as Sheng Yang’s girlfriend. However, she was not ready to completely open up to him. When her father, Jian Zhongde, suffered from a heart attack, Jian Bing did not tell Sheng Yang. It was Luo Mei Juan who found out that Jian Bing was taking care of Jian Zhongde and that their relationship was bad.

Sunshine By My Side ending explained - What Happened to Jian Bing?
Sunshine By My Side ending explained – What Happened to Jian Bing?

Luo Mei Juan expressed her concern about Jian Bing and Sheng Yang’s relationship. The truth was she was not against them since she was an open-minded person. She was there to question how determined Jian Bing on her relationship.

Jian Bing told her that it was not easy for her to be in a relationship, but no matter what happened in the end, she would not hurt Sheng Yang. Luo Mei Juan also asked how Jian Bing took care of her father and told Jian Bing that she should ask for Sheng Yang’s help.

When Sheng Yang showed up at her front door, Jian Bing was surprised but she was touched by his words. Sheng Yang said that he would do anything he could to help her because he did not want her to shoulder all the burden alone.

Later, Jian Bing told Sheng Yang about what happened between her and Jian Zhongde. When Jian Bing was 12 years old, she caught Jian Zhongde on the bed with another woman. The shocked Jian Bing runs to find her mother and tell her everything. And since then, she never saw Feng Shu Zhen happy again. Feng Shu Zhen died when Jiang Shuang was in kindergarten. Jian Bing used to blame Jian Zhongde for it.

Jian Bing never told Jian Shuang about the incident, but she told Jian Shuang that their father was a bad man, and that she should not get too close to him. Later, as she grew up and got married, Jian Bing learned that there were many unspeakable secrets in marriage life. She then wondered that maybe Feng Shu Zhen might already know about Jian Zhongde’s affair.

However, she pretended to be unaware of it just to make sure that Jian Bing and Jian Shuang could have a complete family. This though made Jian Bing believe that she was the one who made her mother die. The guilt burdened her so much that she could not tell anyone about it, including Xue Yi Ming.

But now Jian Bing was able to talk about it to Sheng Yang who listened to her attentively. He said that all these years, Jian Bing had done a good job. So, she must not blame herself anymore. Jian Bing told him that she was grateful because he showed up and lit the light in her life.

On the operation day, Jian Bing was alone in the hospital. She watched a video from Sheng Yang. it was a compilation of beautiful moments that he captured using the camera that Jian Bing gave him. Jian Bing saw how her father cried in front of her mother’s tomb and her heart was moved. She called Jian Shuang to go to the hospital. They waited for Jian Zhongde outside the operation room. The operation was successful and after he was discharged, Jian Zhongde returned to Jian Bing’s house.

Jian Bing asked Sheng Yang about Yang Yang and the Sunshine Advertising Design team. He did not want to confess at first, but Jian Bing said that she recognized his design style. Sheng Yang had no choice but to admit it. He did it because he wanted to help Jian Bing but was afraid she would reject him if he used his own name.

At the award ceremony, Jian Bing’s advertisement won the award. She expressed her gratitude to Liang Shan Shan and Xue Yi Ming. Especially for Xue Yi Ming, she said that he had enough wandering around to find inspiration. It was the time for him to return to Jian Yi because they needed him.

When Jian Bing invited Sheng Yang to the stage, he expressed his feelings for her. His words about running together with her to the end move her. Jian Bing went up to him and hugged him tightly with a wide smile on her face. Even though she whispered that if she knew that Sheng Yang would say such words, she would not invite him on stage.

What Happened to Xue Yi Ming and Liang Shan Shan?

Xue Yi Ming and Liang Shan Shan had to cover for Jian Bing when she was busy with Jian Zhongde. However, Xue Yi Ming still did not know about Jian Zhongde’s illness and thought that she had been neglecting her job since she started dating. It was Liang Shan Shan who told him about it.

Sunshine By My Side ending explained - What Happened to Xue Yi Ming and Liang Shan Shan?
Sunshine By My Side ending explained – What Happened to Xue Yi Ming and Liang Shan Shan?

One day Jian Bing was doing her job shooting for a rude client. Sheng Yang who was there to visit Jian Bing, heard the client talk bad about her. He got angry and they had a heated argument. Xue Yi Ming approached them to calm them down, but when he heard the client insulting his subordinates and Jian Bing, he lost his calm and punched the client. A split second later, Sheng Yang followed him and hit the client as well. The set was in chaos instantly.

However, since the incident happened, Xue Yi Ming now become friendlier to Sheng Yang. His doubt about Sheng Yang’s motives vanished and he believed that he was sincere towards Jian Bing. The client used the incident to put much pressure on Jian Yi. As the only way, Xue Yi Ming decided to resign from his position in Jian Yi and relegated everything to Jian Bing.

Jian Yi face a difficult situation right now. The client, Mr. Jia, had hired people to spread bad news about Jian Yi. Therefore, many of Jian Yi’s contract was canceled. Jian Bing and Liang Shan Shan strive hard to deal with the situation. Unbeknown to them, Sheng Yang asked his ex-boss to consider Jian Bing if they needed a director.

Xue Yi Ming was proud of Jian Bing when she talked to their workers. She asked him to stay at the company, but Xue Yi Ming declined the offer. He also told Jian Bing that after all that happened, Xue Yi Ming said that he could put his worried heart at ease because Sheng Yang was a reliable man. However, even though Xue Yi Ming tried to show that he was happy, Liang Shan Shan knew that he was still upset about the whole thing.

After he resigned, Xue Yi Ming bought a Harley Davidson and left for a holiday in Tibet. Liang Shan Shan showed that she was the perfect person for Xue Yi Ming. Although she claimed that being with Xue Yi Ming was more tiresome than being with younger men.

At the award ceremony, Xue Yi Ming arrived on his Harley-Davidson and leather jacket. Liang Shan Shan grumbled that his costume did not match hers. When Jian Bing was announced to be the winner, they were so happy with a big grin on their face. After Jian Bing and Sheng Yang showed their affection on stage, Xue Yi Ming also kissed Lian Shan Shan passionately.

What Happened to Song Chen and Pan Rou?

Song Chen felt bad when he accepted a client, but after the client did not pay for their design, and ran away. And at the same time, Sheng Yang lost his working laptop because somebody stole it. Pan Rou came and comforted him. She told Song Chen that he changed a lot and it’s called growth. At the moment things are not going well for them, but it was not time for them to give up.

Sunshine By My Side ending explained - What Happened to Song Chen and Pan Rou?
Sunshine By My Side ending explained – What Happened to Song Chen and Pan Rou?

Song Chen and Pan Rou finally get together after Song Chen decides to tell her that he loves her. When he asked Pan Rou whether she was willing to be his girlfriend. Pan Rou accepted his confession with a big smile on her face.

What Happened to Jian Shuang and Hao Junjie?

Jian Shuang did not know his father very well because it was Jian Bing who brought her up. So when Jian Zhongde was ill, she did not know what to do. Jian Bing always forbids her from seeing Jian Zhongde because Jian Bing hated him. However, Jian Shuang always thinks that Jian Zhongde is just an ordinary old man.

Sunshine By My Side ending explained - What Happened to Jian Shuang and Hao Junjie?
Sunshine By My Side ending explained – What Happened to Jian Shuang and Hao Junjie?

Jian Shuang did not know what the real reason why Jian Bing hated him. However according to Jian Bing, Jian Zhongde was like Xue Yi Ming, and he had angered their mother to death. But Jian Zhongde might feel differently from the girls. He set Jian Shuang’s phone number as his emergency contact number.

The day when Hao Junjie left to abroad was approaching. Jian Shuang was sad, but she pretended everything was fine. Hao Junjie was questioning his decision because he was unwilling to leave Jian Shuang. He asked his uncle, Fang Mu, about it. Fang Mu said that he could take a year’s break before he went abroad. Hao Junjie could decide for his own life and he, as an uncle, would help him bear the brunt.

On the departure day, Jian Shuang was disappointed because instead of saying sweet words to coax her, Hao Junjie gave her a stack of paper about long distance relationship manual. Before he entered the boarding gate, Hao Junjie hugged Jian Shuang tightly. But the proud Jian Shuang only cried after he was gone. However, when she was about to leave the airport, Jian Shuang was shocked to see Hao Junjie run toward her. He said that he decided not to leave her.

After that, everything went well for Jian Shuang. The relationship between Jian Shuang and her father was getting better. Jian Zhongde’s bad temper also eased a lot. Hao Junjie and Jian Shuang spend their time traveling across the country by motorbike.

My Two Cents

There you have it, Sunshine By My Side Ending Explained post. I was sooooo happy for all of them. Even Fang Mu seemed to have a good ending with the new teacher at school. I must say, I was very satisfied with all the happy ending. Even though we did not see any wedding, but this ending was quite realistic for Jian Bing and Sheng Yang.

So, dear readers, did you feel the same way as I did? Don’t forget to tell us about your opinion in the comment section below. If you wanna read this drama review, you can read it at Sunshine By My Side drama review post. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Bye!

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