Ending ExplainedThe Last Immortal Ending Explained

The Last Immortal Ending Explained

Have you watched The Last Immortal drama? Did you find it as exciting as I did? I hope you did. If you’re reading this post, it means you need explanation with the ending. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. The ending of this drama was happy ending, but Yuan Qi and Feng Yin had to go through many obstacles before they could live happily. Without further ado, let’s begin. Happy reading! 😉

The Last Immortal Ending Explained

What happened to Feng Yin?

Feng Yin still resented Yuan Qi for killing Ah Yin, even after she returned as Feng Yin. She treated him coldly, despite admitting to him that she was Ah Yin. However, her feelings for Yuan Qi remained strong and she could not erase them. She still remembered every memory of him. Subconsciously, Feng Yin’s heart began to soften at the sight of him.

The Last Immortal Ending Explained - What happened to Feng Yin?
The Last Immortal Ending Explained – What happened to Feng Yin?

When Yuan Qi robbed her of Hong Yi on their wedding day, Feng Yin could not protest and accepted the marriage. Yuan Qi was happy, but Feng Yin’s heart was in a mess. After Hong Chou explained to her the whole story of how Yuan Qi tried to save Ah Yin and also admitted her wrongdoing.

Feng Yin let go of her resentment and told Yuan Qi to forget the past. She proved her words with a kiss that left him stunned. Afterward, Yuan Qi and Feng Yin’s relationship improved. However, Feng Yin always felt that Yuan Qi was hiding something from her.

Qing Yi discovered the reincarnation of Xian Shan and brought him to Qingchi Palace. Since Yuan Qi was recovering from Heavenly Punishment, he instructed Feng Yin to assist Qing Yi in locating the remaining disciples. However, no one could recall the immortal’s appearance.

Feng Yin and Qing Yi went to the mortal realms to find the Daze Mountain disciples. All of them claimed that an immortal had visited them and declared that they had the destiny of an immortal. However, no one could recall the immortal’s face. Feng Yin suspected that the immortal referred to was Yuan Qi.

The proof was found after Feng Yin and Qing Yi saw Xian Zhu’s drawing of the immortal, which turned out to be Yuan Qi. Feng Yin realized that Yuan Qi had been searching for them a thousand years ago, but only gathered disciples now.

Something felt amiss, so she rushed back to Qingchi Palace, where she was shocked to see Yuan Qi’s transparent body. Feng Yin learned from Spirit Sword that Yuan Qi had used 90% of his power to revive Daze Mountain, all for her. She instantly regretted not understanding him before.

Feng Yin forced Chen Que to reveal how to save Yuan Qi. Cheng Que reluctantly said that Yuan Qi could be saved by her Fire Phoenix Core. So Feng Yin went to Yuan Qi with the intention of giving him her Core. But Yuan Qi refused because he could not bear to lose her again. when they argue about it, Hong Cho reveals to them the Primus Spiritual Crystal.

Feng Yin knew that Yuan Qi would not allow her to find it. Therefore, she tricked him into sleeping before going to the Nether World to find Xiu Yan. During their conversation, Yuan Qi appeared, having anticipated everything beforehand. Yuan Qi said that there was another way to open the prison, which was to use the Seal of the Supremes.

To obtain the Seal of Supremes of the Heavenly Realm, Feng Yin must participate in the Heavenly Realm ruler’s selection. If she becomes the next Heavenly Empress, she can acquire and utilize the seal.

There are four candidates in the selection: Feng Yin, Grandmaster Tianhe, The Master of Wanyi Island, and Yu Xiazi. Feng Yin suspects that one of them might be Hua Shu, who desires to become the Heavenly Empress. Her suspicions prove to be correct. Hua Shu stole the Illusion Veil belonging to the Master of Wanyi Island and used his identity to join the selection. She fought Feng Yin in Jianwu Hall.

When Hua Shu activated the Demon Gathering Banner under Hua Mo’s spell, Feng Yin flew to her to recover her consciousness. Hua Shu was not a real villain, she was just driven by her heartache and manipulated by Hua Mo. When she realized that the real culprit was her father, Hua Shu decided to do good and personally seal her father inside the Demon Gathering Banner.

As the new Heavenly Empress, Feng Yin was the only one qualified to punish Hua Shu. She agreed to Hua Shu’s request to guard the banner and pardoned the rest of the Peacock Clan. She also took them under her protection. However, after Hua Shu entered the Demon Gathering Banner, it flew to the ruins of Bainiao Island.

Feng Yin, Yuan Qi, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang immediately followed the banner and saw Ming Qi appear and absorb the banner and the devil energy that was suppressed in the surroundings. Feng Yin, Yuan Qi, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang attempted to suppress Xiu Yan. Then Ao Ge came to their aid.

Feng Yin, Hong Yi, and Ao Ge activated the Seal of Supremes. Ming Qi realized the situation was not in his favor and tempted Ao Ge to stop the process, so he could free Xiu Yan from prison. Ao Ge hesitated but ultimately stopped the process. Xiu Yan managed to leave the prison, but so did Ming Qi. Yuan Qi realized the danger and sacrificed his Chaos Origin to put Ming Qi back into the prison and seal it.

With a shaking body and tearful eyes, Feng Yin hugged the exhausted Yuan Qi. When he disappeared, she begged Feng Yuan and Bibo to help Yuan Qi, but no one could do it because Yuan Qi’s Chaos Origin was gone. 😭

Feng Yin tried many things to bring back Yuan Qi, even undergoing thunder tribulation when attempting to enter the God Realm. However, there was only one person who could help her, Ming Qi. His Devil Origin was capable of reshaping Yuan Qi’s godhood. With the help of Xiu Yan, Ming Qi was willing to help Yuan Qi.

But they needed some of Yuan Qi’s godly power to do it. Luckily, Yuan Qi had used his power to save Ah Yin, and it had been in Feng Yin’s body for years. Feng Yin did not realize it. With tears in her eyes, Feng Yin let go of the last part of Yuan Qi. It merged with Primus Spiritual Crystal and Ming Qi’s Devil Origin to become Yuan Qi’s newly transformed Chaos Origin, and then it flew to the God Realm to recuperate in the Spirit Pond.

To assist Yuan Qi in his reincarnation, Feng Yin must gather spiritual energy from all beings in the world. Feng Yin requested a favor from Xiu Yan. She returned the Heavenly Realm throne to Ao Ge so that Xiu Yan could become the Nether King once again.

Meanwhile, Feng Yin traveled around the world with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and absorbed a lot of spiritual energy. She witnessed the Three Realms become peaceful as immortals and demons lived together in harmony.

Feng Yin’s hard work paid off a thousand years later. On the wedding day of Hong Yi and Yan Shuang, the person she had yearned for finally returned to her under the peach blossom trees.

What Happened to Yuan Qi?

Yuan Qi did everything he could to bring back Ah Yin. He sustained her soul in the lotus flower with his godly power and hoped Ah Yin could pass the last tribulation safely.

The Last Immortal Ending Explained - What Happened to Yuan Qi?
The Last Immortal Ending Explained – What Happened to Yuan Qi?

When she returned as Feng Yin, Yuan Qi tried hard to appease her so that Feng Yin would not treat him coldly. He even went to great lengths to rob her on her wedding day. Only after Hong Chou explained everything to her, did Feng Yin let go of her resentment.

Yuan Qi never told Fen Ying that he had used 90% of his godly power to revive Daze Mountain and guide the disciples into reincarnation. However, it took a thousand years to complete the process. Yuan Qi hoped that when Daze Mountain was revived, Ah Yin would return.

This was his initial intention when he sentenced Ah Yin to confinement in Qingchi Palace until the day Daze Mountain was revived. Yuan Qi also never told her that he had taken the Heavenly Punishment in her place since the first day of their marriage. His life has been hanging by a thread ever since, relying on the power of the Spirit Sword to sustain him. Only Cheng Que and Spirit Sword knew about his condition.

When Feng Yin accidentally saw Spirit Sword transfer its power to Yuan Qi’s transparent body, she was shocked. Feng Yin was worried but Yuan Qi reassured her that he only wanted her to stay alive. He ordered Cheng Que to hide all ancient scriptures about gods, not wanting Feng Yin to know that the only way to save him was by using a fire phoenix’s core.

However, Feng Yin managed to find out about it. When they argued about it, Hong Chou arrived and informed them that there was an alternative to the core, the Primus Spiritual Crystal. Unfortunately, the only one left was in Abyssal Prison.

Yuan Qi knew of another way to enter the Abyssal Prison. It required three Seals of Supremes from the Heavenly, Demon, and Nether realms. Hong Yi and Ao Ge agreed easily. However, the Seal in Feng Yuan’s possession had been returned to the Nine Palace Tower, and it was Feng Yin’s mission to obtain it.

After Hua Mo and Hua Shu perished, Yuan Qi, Feng Yin, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang fought against Ming Qi. They almost succeeded, but Ao Ge was tempted by Ming Qi’s persuasion to stop the re-sealing process so that Xiu Yan could leave the prison.

When the true form of Ming Qi was finally released from the Abyssal Prison, Yuan Qi saw that there was no choice but to sacrifice his Chaos Origin to send Ming Qi back to the prison and seal it. However, a True God could not live without his Chaos Origin. Before he disappeared, Yuan Qi apologized to the trembling Feng Yin that he could no longer accompany her. 😭😭

Yuan Qi returned a thousand years later on the day of Hong Yi and Yan Shuang’s wedding.

What Happened to Hong Yi and Yan Shuang?

Hong Yi was slow to realize his own feelings for Yan Shuang. She had already changed her mind after Yan Shuang saw how happily Hong Yi prepared his wedding to Feng Yin. Although it was a fake wedding, his happiness was enough to make Yan Shuang decide to forget her feelings for Hong Yi.

The Last Immortal Ending Explained - What Happened to Hong Yi and Yan Shuang?
The Last Immortal Ending Explained – What Happened to Hong Yi and Yan Shuang?

However, when Hong Yi learned that Yan Shuang would be engaged to Lian Xi, he became restless. Especially when Yan Shuang started to draw a line between them and regarded him as an outsider. Hong Yi was jealous of Lian Xi, but he didn’t realize it yet.

Yan Shuang ascended to the position of Eagle Queen and replaced her old father. On her enthronement day, Hong Yi invited her for a drink, but Yan Shuang refused. Hong Yi was furious and went to the Eagle clan and found out that day was Yan Shuang’s enthronement day, but he was not invited. The two quarreled and parted ways. Yan Shuang sat on the throne with a tear rolling down her cheek while Hong Yi left with an empty heart. 💔

Yan Shuang was injured while trying to save Ah Yu from an attack by Hua Shu and Hua Mo. Hong Yi took her to the Demon Realm to heal her, but the poison was too strong. He could not bear to see her die, so Hong Yi used his tenth tail to save her. After cutting the tail, Hong Yi became weak and fortunately, Yuan Qi and Feng Yin arrived in time to help him.

Lian Xi learned about Hong Yi’s actions for Yan Shuang and realized that his love for her was only wishful thinking. He took the initiative to annul the engagement and told Yan Shuang that he still loved her, but her happiness was what mattered most to him. Yan Shuang was saddened, but she knew she could not give him what he wanted from her.

Hong Yi’s clansmen were dissatisfied because he used the tenth tail to save an immortal. They rebelled and attacked Hong Yi. In the dire situation, Yan Shuang came to help. She boldly announced that she was Hong Yi’s fiancée and that they should treat her as their queen. Hong Yi was shocked, but a wide smile appeared on his face.

Later, in front of Hong Yi, Yuan Qi, and Feng Yin, Yan Shuang revealed that the betrothal letter was only an empty threat to the rebels. Hong Yi took the opportunity to confess his feelings again and succeeded this time, and the two became a couple. Unfortunately, their intimate moments were ruined by Yuan Qi and Feng Yin. 🤣

A thousand years after the disappearance of Yuan Qi, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang finally held their wedding. Yan Shuang had been postponing the date because she was worried about making Feng Yin sad, but Hong Yi assured her that Feng Ying would be happy for her, and he was right. Feng Ying assisted Yan Shuang in preparing for her wedding.

Feng Ying’s face was brimming with happiness for her best friend. Yan Shuang and Hong Yi held an intimate wedding at Peach Blossom Cove in the Mortal Realm. They looked very happy, and the Eagle King looked even happier.

What Happened to Hua Shu?

Hua Shu was shocked when she heard Feng Yin openly admit that she used to be Ah Yin. She reported the matter to her father, Hua Mo. Hua Shu tortured Ah Yin in the past. Hua Mo is concerned that Feng Yin may seek revenge against Hua Shu. Hua Mo asked Hua Shu to absorb the core of a demon lord so that she could instantly increase her power to a demigod.

The Last Immortal Ending Explained - What Happened to Hua Shu?
The Last Immortal Ending Explained – What Happened to Hua Shu

Later on, Hua Shu and Hua Mo tried to attack Ah Yu to get her Water Divine Beast inner core for Lan Feng, but they failed and injured Yan Shuang. In the end, Lang Feng’s body could not hold on anymore and perished. Meanwhile, Yuan Qi was furious when he saw his friends badly wounded and destroyed Bainiao Island with his spirit sword. Hua Mo came to fight him but ended up being captured.

Hua Shu invaded Wanyi Island and killed the master. She took his illusion veil and disguised herself as Ling Feng’s father to join the Immortal Realm ruler selection. Hua Shu wanted to avenge Lan Feng’s death and was blinded by the obsession.

When Feng Ying and Yuan Qi told him that it was Hua Mo who killed Lan Feng, Hua Shu was shocked and looked at her father in disbelief. But Hua Mo still needed Hua Shu’s power to activate the Demon Gathering Banner. He used a spell to make Hua Shu obey his order.

Using the Demon Gathering Banner, Hua Shu transported the demon army to the Heavenly Palace. Feng Yin used her power to restore Hua Shu’s consciousness. Hua Shu then told her that if Feng Yin still respected Lan Feng, she should believe her. Using the banner, Hua Shu absorbed the devil’s energy from the demon army and sealed her father inside it. In the end, Hua Mo could not believe that his plan failed because of Hua Shu.

Hua Shu kneeled before Feng Yuan and asked for punishment. She offered her immortal power to seal the devil inside the Demon Gathering Banner and herself to guard it. She begged the Empress to spare her clansmen. Feng Yuan left the decision to Feng Yin, the newly chosen Empress.

Feng Yin stated that the Peacock Clan’s sin was being redeemed by Hua Shu, and the Peacock Clan would be under Feng Yin’s protection. Hua Shu was relieved and vanished into the Demon Gathering Banner.

What Happened to Ao Ge and Xiu Yan?

Xiu Yan’s half-core inside the Abyssal Prison had exhausted his power to keep the seal intact. Xiu Yan decided to release his other half from Ao Ge’s body and merge the two halves. This was the only way to maintain the seal, and it was also Xiu Yan’s wish to leave Ao Ge’s body. He always felt guilty for occupying Ao Ge’s body and refusing to leave. This time, if he left, Ao Ge would be able to live the life he always wanted to live.

The Last Immortal Ending Explained - What Happened to Ao Ge and Xiu Yan?
The Last Immortal Ending Explained – What Happened to Ao Ge and Xiu Yan?

To prevent Ao Ge from searching for him, Xiu Yan erased Ao Ge’s memories of him and left the rest to the Three Lives Stone girl. He also instructed her to change the name of Xiu Yan Tower to Bell Watching Tower. Afterward, Xiu Yan left Ao Ge’s body and entered the Abyssal Prison. Ming Qi witnessed this and mocked him.

Ao Ge felt a sense of emptiness whenever he saw the Bell Watching Tower, which made him feel lonely. However, this feeling did not last long because Feng Ying restored Ao Ge’s memories of Xiu Yan. She needed Xiu Yan’s knowledge to save Yuan Qi’s life. They didn’t find any new information in Xiu Yan’s notebook, but when Yuan Qi arrived, he told them that they could use Seals of the Supremes from the Immortal, Demon, and Nether realms. When the power of the three were combined, they could create Chaos Energy to seal the Abyssal Prison.

On the day when Yuan Qi, Feng Yin, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang tried to stop Ming Qi from absorbing devil energy, Ao Ge came to help. However, when they activated the seal, Ming Qi tempted him to stop the re-sealing process for a moment so Xiu Yan could get out of the Abyssal Prison.

Ao Ge hesitated, and in a split second, the flow of power was disturbed. As a result, Xiu Yan was released from prison, but Ming Qi was also released, and it took Yuan Qi’s Chaos Origin to seal him back into the prison.

After Yuan Qi perished, Xiu Yan talked to Ming Qi, reminding Ming Qi that he had lost all his bets and that he had to honor them. Xiu Yan asked Ming Qi to help bring Yuan Qi back to life, as only his Devil Origin could reshape Yuan Qi’s godhood. Ming Qi was intrigued by Xiu Yan’s words about changing one’s fate and regaining freedom, so he agreed to help.

Using the last fragment of Yuan Qi’s godly spirit that was left inside Feng Yin’s body, Ming Qi reshaped Yuan Qi’s godhood. The newly reshaped Chaos Origin then flew to the Spirit Pond in the God Realm to recuperate.

Xiu Yan gave Feng Yin a Soul Suppressing Pagoda to absorb the spiritual energy of all beings in the world. Feng Yin asked Xiu Yan for a favor: she wanted him and Ao Ge to take back the throne of Heavenly Palace and the Netherworld as it was 10,000 years ago. Meanwhile, Feng Yin traveled through the three realms to absorb spiritual energy to assist Yuan Qi in his reincarnation.

What about Ming Qi? The Devil God asked Xiu Yan to bring him to a trial in the mortal realm because he wanted to try to change his fate. Although Xiu Yan had never guided a Devil God into a tribulation, he did not mind trying for an old friend.

On the wedding day of Hong Yi and Yan Shuang, Ao Ge came to congratulate them and accidentally held the Three Lives Stone girl. Afterward, Ao Ge noticed a red thread appearing on his right hand. The thread was connected to the Three Lives Stone girl. When he realized this, a corner of his lips moved slightly while the girl blushed. 🥰

My Two Cents

After rewatching this The Last Immortal ending for the n-th time, I realized that when Feng Yin finally let go of her resentment towards Yuan Qi and proved it with a kiss, Wang An Yu seemed to forget that he should act shocked when he accepted the kiss. For a split second, he closed his eyes before abruptly opening them. It was cute, though. If I were a gossip reporter, I could have used this scene as an idea to write a story about Wang An Yu secretly loving Zhao Lu Si. Fortunately, I am just a passionate reviewer…😂

Well, dear readers, I hope this post helps. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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