Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 34-36 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 34-36 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Dear readers, an early release for the Love Like The Galaxy episode recap. But before we start, let meet a new character in these episodes 34-36 😉

New Characters Appearance

Qu Ling Jun (Madam Liang)

Love Like The Galaxy - Qu Ling Jun (Madam Liang)
Qu Ling Jun (Madam Liang)

Qu Ling Jun was the Crown Prince’s childhood sweetheart. Everybody thought that they would ended up together. However, out of filial piety the Crow Prince followed the Emperor’s arrangement and married to the Crown Princess.

Episode Recap

Episode 34

Shao Shang tends to the injury on Ling Bu Yi’s hand. He told her about the story of his parent’s divorce. He feared Shao Shang was afraid of his mother after she saw her breakdown state. But Shao Shang said that her mother was merely sick.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-1

Ling Bu Yi confessed his love to Shao Shang and asked her to get engaged three days later. Shao Shang agreed to his request. Shao Shang even told him that the banquet didn’t have to be grand. When she told him about her previous engagement, Ling Bu Yi stopped her by kissing her. Aahhh… Jealousy could be that sweet too…😍

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-2

Mother Cheng was surprised to hear about Shao Shang’s arrangement for the engagement. Even when Shao Shang said that Ling Bu Yi already prepared everything beforehand. Mother Cheng is still reluctant because they haven’t met Ling Bu Yi’s parents.

All of a sudden, Madam Chun Yu visited them. She praised Shao Shang for being pretty. But her praises are not sincere. Without further ado, Shao Shang started to attack her verbally. She said that Madam ChunYu was a shameless person who climbed up her cousin’s bed. Mother Cheng played along with Shao Shang. Together the mother and daughter smoothly attacked her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-3

Madam Chun Yu tried to gave her two beautiful maidservants. Shao Shang rejected them harshly and it made Madam Chun Yu angry. She threaten Shao Shang that she won’t be able to enter Ling’s residence at the engagement banquet, a few days later. But Shao Shang rebukes her. Madam Chun Yu left angrily.

On the banquet day, Madam Chun Yu visited Ling Bu Yi’s residence. The surrounding was quiet. There were no guests lined up at the closed gate, only Ling Qiu Fei and several soldiers guarding the gates. When she asked about the banquet, Ling Qiu Fei said that the banquet was held at Marquis Quling’s (Cheng Shi) residence. And only people with an invitation were able to enter the banquet.

Madam Chun Yu was confused because nobody tell her about the arrangement and asked an invitation. However, our dear Liang Qiu Fei snobbishly said that he was also confused why nobody informed her about such an important matter and he didn’t have any invitation left. Madam Chun Yu was angry and left after she heard Liang Qiu Fei’s answer.

It was soooo funny to see Liang Qu Fei in this episode. He often looked so foolish compared to Liang Qiu Qi. But today, I saw him in a different light. Way to go Qiu Fei!!!

At Cheng’s residence, Old Madam Cheng was very happy until someone asked her about Cheng Song and Wan Qi Qi’s relationship. Old Madam Cheng disagrees to let Cheng Song marry into the Wan family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-4

Shao Shang was rather worried because Ling Bu Yi hasn’t shown up. However. Lian Fang came to convey a message from Ling Bu Yi that he will arrive soon. He also said that she could scold or throw a tantrum if someone offended her or if something happened at the banquet. She didn’t have to be worried, because he’ll cover her.

Did Ling Bu Yi have a sixth sense? 🤔

Outside Cheng’s residence. There was someone who come although he hate those kinds of celebration. Yep, it was Yuan Shen…😆 His attendant asked why did he force himself to go to this kind of celebration.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-5

Yuan Shen answered that he used to be Shao Shang’s teacher. He was there, not because he wanted to celebrate the engagement but because he wanted to rescue his pupil from the suffering of marriage life. Then suddenly he saw Princess Ruyang and Madam Chun Yu forcefully enter the residence.

Everybody was startled to see the old royal family member. When Shao Shang meets her, Princess Ruyang immediately ordered her to kneel and admit her crime. Princess Ruyang said that she was not talented, virtuous, loyal, and filial. That was her crime.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-6

She also accused Shao Shang for being rude because she didn’t invite her future mother-in-law. Therefore, as an elder, she would punish Shao Shang to educate her. Mother Cheng immediately blocks maidservants who wanted to take Shao Shang away and questioned Princess Ruyang.

The old lady scolded her, telling Mother Cheng was only a wife of general, whilst she was the aunt of the Emperor. It was a grace for Mother Cheng to have a Royal Aunt to educate her daughter. While Princess Ruyang scolded Shao Shang and her mother, Madam Chun Yu watched them with a smug face.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-7

Wan Qi Qi move quickly to block a maidservant who was going to slap Shao Shang, followed by Mother Cheng. Their actions angered the old princess. She screamed if someone dared to stop her. All of a sudden, the Empress appeared at the front door. Everybody was focused on the commotion and didn’t see her coming until Mother Cheng lead them to salute the Empress.

The Empress came for Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi’s engagement. Finding the situation distressing, she asked for a quiet place to talk with Princess Ruyang, Madam Chun Yu, and Shao Shang. Mother Cheng lead them to an empty hall. All guests watched them anxiously on the balcony.

Two male guests mocked Shao Shang and called her an unknowledgeable girl who loves to fight. But Yuan Shen scold and call them for gossiping like a woman on the street.

Inside the hall, Princess Ruyang continues to reprimand Shao Shang although the Empress has praised Shao Shang as a kind, courteous, benevolent, and open-minded person. Princess Ruyang adamantly called her unfilial. She even dared to criticize the Empress. Madam Zhai reminded her but instead, she also got scolded by Princess Ruyang. This old lady surely had a lot of energy today…😅

Everybody was fixated on the closed door of the hall when the Emperor and his entourage came. He also brought Noble Consort Yue, Lord Ruyang, and Ling Bu Yi. It was a grace for the Cheng family to have all the monarchs come to the Cheng residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-9

When Emperor entered the hall, Madam Chun Yu started to get panic.

Immediately after Princess Ruyang saw the Emperor, she complained about Shao Shang. Shao Shang rebuked her. She said that Princess Ruyang did not want to trouble the Emperor for a trivial matter, but now, she acted the opposite way. Shao Shang’s words angered Lady Ruyang who accused her of rebelling against the royalty. Noble Consort Yue is on the Shao Shang side and cornered the old lady.

Every time Princess Ruyang started another round of arguments with Noble Consort Yue, the Emperor would roll his eyes and pretend he was not there at the moment…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-10

The old lady questioned Shao Shang about how she had humiliated Madam Chun Yu a few days ago. Noble Consort Yue ordered Shao Shang to stand up and answer the question. The Emperor also nods at her as a supportive gesture. Therefore, Shao Shang would be in an equal position with the old lady and could answer her freely.

Shao Shang said that she never humiliated Madam Chun Yu. Instead, she only stated the truth. Shao Shang explained that she properly married Ling Bu Yi, unlike Madam Chun Yu’s marriage with Ling Yi. Madam Chun Yu had stayed under the protection of the Huo family and Huo Junhua for many years, only to replace her when she was unaware.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-11

Noble Consort Yue agrees with her words. She said that even though Huo Junhua’s attitude was atrocious, she was a good mother. Huo Junhua never went against the Ling family, supported them, and took good care of Ling Bu Yi. That is why Ling Bu Yi should not disappoint his mother by flattering Madam Chun Yu. In the end, Noble Consort Yue also banned Madam Chun Yu from entering the Palace unless she was invited.

If I was there, I would give Noble Consort a standing ovation for her speech. Bravo Ma’am…👏

Sensing her defeat, the old lady started to throw a tantrum. She wanted to threaten the Emperor for being unjust. But Lord Ruyang stepped up and told the Emperor that his wife was an unreasonable woman who throws tantrums when something doesn’t go her way. He also blamed the Emperor because he always prevented him from divorcing Princess Ruyang and even told him to live as a friar even though he didn’t like that.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-12

The Emperor was at a loss when his Royal Uncle kneeled and begged for a divorce. He hesitated because if Lord Ruyang divorced his wife it will ruin his reputation.

Noble Consort Yue came up with a brilliant idea; to send Princess Ruyang to Sancai Temple because she has to nurture her temperament. The Empress agreed, and Lord Ruyang winks his eyes at the Emperor.😉 Then the Emperor made a verbal decree to send Princess Ruyang to Sancai Temple. The old lady was crying profusely when she heard the decree. While Madam Chun Yu was punished by the Emperor to never left her residence.

Both ladies who arrived in grandeur, depart from the Cheng residence dragged by the black armored guards. All guests who were anxious about the result were dumbfounded to see that.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 34-13

After that, the monarch also left the Cheng residence for a drink to celebrate an auspicious day, for Lord Ruyang…😂

Episode 35

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-1

Yuan Shen saw all the commotion during the banquet. He remarked that Cheng Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi’s betrothal was barely a happy event. But Lord Ruyang seemed to be rejoicing. Shao Shang caught him red-handed and accused him to be jealous of her love life. After an argument that made him angered, Yuan Shen left her 🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-2

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-3

At the court assembly, General Wan came with good news, he defeated the bandits and saved General Wang Long. He reported that Wang Long left his post because he received military order from his father, Wang Chun. Marquis Yue demanded the Emperor punish the Wangs. However, the Crown Prince wanted an investigation. Minister Ji Zun of the Ministry of Justice offered to help with the investigations and also introduced Yuan Shen as the new promising member of the Ministry of Justice.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-4
Yuan Shen seemed to drink a lot of vinegar lately…😆

However, Ling Bu Yi was already a step ahead of them. His investigation of Wang Long’s letter proved the military order forged by Madam Wen Xiu, General Wang Chun’s wife. The Emperor was angered and punished her with a death sentence.

Ling Bu Yi reminded the Emperor that General Wang Chun was also guilty. Yuan Shen and the 3rd Prince also supported his remark. Yuan Shen said that General Wang Chun was incapable of managing his household. Therefore, how could he protect the capital and the country?

When the Emperor asked the Crown Prince’s opinion, he still wanted to defend General Wang Chun but the Emperor cut him off promptly.

At the Changqiu Palace, Madam Zhai and Luo Jitong tried to stop Wang Ling from entering the palace. Wang Ling was crying and screaming, asking the Empress to save her family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-7

The 5th Princess come and see Wang Ling. However, instead of helping her, she berated her harshly.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-8

Shao Shang reminded Wang Ling to stop wailing because her family issue was grave and involved many people. It was something that she or Shao Shang can not interfere with.

Shao Shang came to the royal study to deliver food for the Emperor. She came with a mission: to ease the Empress’s worries by asking for a lighter punishment for Madam Wen Xiu and Wang Ling. She speak in a roundabout manner, but the Emperor could read her and asked what she wanted.

After the Emperor heard her reasons, he agreed to give more dowries to Wang Ling, so she could have a good life after marrying Peng Kun. He also granted a house arrest, instead of a death sentence, to Madam Wen Xiu. The Emperor told her that Ling Bu Yi also said the same thing to him. Madam Wen Xiu and his brother were the only direct descendant of the late Lord Qian’an.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-9

Wang Ling came to bid farewell to her mother. She asked whether her mother realized what she had done. She let people take advantage of her and made their family fall apart. But Madam Wen Xiu was adamant. She keep telling her that all she did was for the Qian’an Royal family. She believes that the Qian’an royalty will flourish once again.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-10

Madam Wen Xiu even slapped Wang Ling when she tried to put some sense to her. Madam Wen Xiu had disregarded her husband and daughter’s feeling for the sake of Qian’an royalty and it made Wang Ling disappointed with her mother. She told her that her uncle has put all the blame on Madam Wen Xiu and the one who save her life was the Empress.

The 5th Princess persuades the Empress to let her manage The Empress’s birthday banquet. The Empress could see through her thought that she wanted to make some money from the budget to support her aides. The Empress scolded her and told her to dismiss her aides. But the 5th Princess refuses to do that.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-11

When they are conversing, the 5th Princess smells something. It turned out Shao Shang was making sugar for the Empress. Sugar was expensive, and the monarchs lived a frugal lifestyle. Therefore, Shao Shang found a way to produce sugar so the Empress could have her sweets at any time without worrying about expenditures.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-12

The Emperor came and asked what did she make this time. So Shao Shang gave him and Ling Bu Yi a bowl of red beans with simple syrup, that she made herself. Shao Shang totally ignored the 5th Princess who was standing there quietly while rolling her eyes.

Shao Shang’s bubbly nature has entertained the monarch. The Emperor rewarded Ling Bu Yi with handsome rewards. And the Empress said that she planned to let Shao Shang take care of the harem’s affair since Luo Jitong was going to married to the Northwest. The 5th Princess was surprised.

Managing the harem’s affairs mean that Shao Shang would hold some power inside the Palace, including the palace’s budget. Something that she’s been eyeing for a while. To vent her anger, she instigates Luo Jitong to sow discord between her and Shao Shang by mentioning Ling Bu Yi.

Later that night, Shao Shang asked the Empress why Ling Bu Yi was the one who get the reward for her sugar. The Empress told her that it was Ling Bu Yi who asked for her commendation letter before he went to war. He was worried that the Lou family would treat her bad. Shao Shang was surprised. The Empress taught her that she used to be alone and only thought about herself. Shao Shang had to learn about mediation before her marriage to Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-13

The Empress also said Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi could be a married couple, but at the same time, she could remain herself. Shao Shang concludes her teaching in simple words. If the husband is the scorching sun, the wife would be the stars. Just like the sun, the moon, and the stars in a galaxy. Nothing was superior or inferior because they coexist.

The Chengs had a gloomy breakfast because of Cheng Song and Wan Qi Qi’s issues. The Old Madam still refuses to agree for Cheng Song to marry into the Wan family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-14

Mother Cheng was sad because Shao Shang hasn’t come home for a few days. She said it must be because Shao Shang was unwilling to come home. But Father Cheng disagrees with her. In his opinion, Shao Shang was stopped from coming home by Ling Bu Yi.

Suddenly Ling Bu Yi showed up. He explained to the Chengs that Shao Shang would not be coming home for a while because she was busy managing the Empress’s birthday banquet. Ling Bu Yi also requested to take some items from Shao Shang’s room to make her less homesick.

The Old Madam and Father Cheng agree to his request. Ling Bu Yi told his black armored soldiers to take the items from Shao Shang’s room.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-15
Old Madam Cheng’s expression every time she met Ling Bu Yi…😅

When the Chengs visited Shao Shang’s room, their eyes were bulging because what Ling Bu Yi meant by some things was actually everything inside the room. There was nothing left, he took it all including the bedding and the wardrobe…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 35-16

Episode 36

Shao Shang presented a menu list to the Empress but it was too extravagant. The Empress intended to protest to the Emperor. But Shao Shang stopped her. Shao Shang teaches her how to file a protest to the Emperor in a flirty manner. The Empress was amused by her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-1

The 5th Princess comes and admits her mistakes and also tells the Empress her present for the Empress’ birthday. She would dance for her mother as filial piety. The Empress praised her. However, the Empress also asked her about ten thousand mus of land that she used as a private garden.

The princess shrugs it off by telling the Empress that she did it for the sake of the people. But she got rebuked because she wasn’t supposed to meddle with court affairs.The 5th Princess was jealous of the Empress’s attention to Shao Shang. She left the Empress’s room angrily.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-2

The Empress ordered Shao Shang and Luo Jitong to bring the noble girls that the 5th Princess brought in at the Changqiu Palace to the Yongle Palace.

On their way to the Yongle Palace. When they were across a bridge, one of the noble ladies pushes Shao Shang. She fell off the bridge into the water.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-3

The other noble ladies throw rocks at her. Luo Jitong tried to stop the princess because she was afraid Shao Shang might die, but the 5th Princess said that Shao Shang’s life was not a big deal. The 5th Princess asked Luo Jitong why she didn’t save Shao Shang herself. However, Luo Jitong hesitated to answer the question.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-4

The 5th Princess also throws snakes at Shao Shang. Frantically Shao Shang swims to avoid them. But a snake already bites her leg. With a great effort, Shao Shang manages to come out of the water. The princess threaten her that if Shao Shang didn’t behave in front of her, next time the snake would be the venomous one.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-5

One of the ladies asked the princess what would happen if Shao Shang filed a protest against them. The 5th Princess was sure nobody saw them, she also asked Luo Jitong and her maid whether they saw anything. Luo Jitong’s maid said they didn’t see anything.

The 5th Prince suddenly appeared The princess accuses him of meeting someone behind his wife’s back. He went quickly while saying that he didn’t see anything.

The 5th Princess held no regard for her 5th brother. Meeting him gave her another rotten idea to frame Shao Shang.

That night, madam Zhai wondered why her clothes were drenched. After she changed her clothes, somebody knock on her door. Shao Shang opens it to see Ling Bu Yi standing in front of her with a wide smile. He said that he misses her. Shao Shang turns her back to hide her cries. Ling Bu Yi was too excited to tell her that the whole court and the monarch praises her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-6

Ling Bu Yi finally saw the odd in her. He asked what was going on, but Shao Shang refused to tell him. She cried and cried, asking him to hold her tighter. She sobs and Ling Bu Yi tried to comfort her. He was worried for her. But Shao Shang said that she only misses home.And Ling Bu Yi believed in her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-7

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-8
This scenes were supposed o be romantic, but I had a good laugh when Shao Shang said that she cannot breath..😂

Ling Bu Yi thought that he was too busy with his matter and neglected her. So he taught her about ming men, the acupressure point of life. But Shao Shang asked for another lesson to avoid her being bullied by others. What should she do if someone shoved her from behind? Ling Bu Yi showed her some movement but it ended up hugging her. Shao Shang tried to retaliate, but she ended up in the bed, under him. Ling Bu Yi brought her hand to his ming men points and said that from today onwards, his life was hers.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-9

Ling Bu Yi still asked her what is happening, but Shao Shang still refuse to answer. She just asked him whether he could promise her something. Ling Bu Yi agreed.

The banquet day finally came. Shao Shang made exquisite 3D landscape miniatures of mountains and rivers completed with water and decoration for the Empress. The landscape miniature symbolizes her birthday wishes for the Empress. The Emperor praised her for her thoughtfulness.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-10

The banquet started with Ling Bu Yi playing the guqin for the monarch. Everyone was surprised because Ling Bu Yi playing guqin was a rare sight. And it turned out Ling Bu Yi could play the guqin so well.

The 3rd Prince discovered new mines inside his fief and presented the mine as a gift.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-11

The Crown Prince presented a pair of jade qilin as a gift. Before he was able to explain the meaning, the Crown Princess cut him off and said that they had spent a lot of money to find it and wished the Empress a long eternal love life.

Everybody conceal their laugh, even the Emperor was awkward. Everybody knew that the Emperor only love Noble Consort Yue, and the relationship between the Emperor and Empress was merely mutual respect. But of course, the Crown Princess was unaware of the fact.

Shao Shang comes to help to ease the awkward moment. She said that the jade qilin wasn’t the only present that the Crown Prince and Princess brought that day. She served the monarch and the guests a new freshly brew wine from a seed that the Crown Prince brought from the Western region.

The seeds bore fruits that she used as the source of the wine. The Emperor was delightful. He granted a handsome reward to the Crown Prince. All thanks for Shao Shang’s silver tongue.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-12

While others also praised the crown Prince, the 3rd Prince’s corner lips only slightly move.

From afar, the Crown Prince stared at a woman who sat next to her husband. She was Madam Liang, Qu Ling Jun. She was the one that everybody called the Crown Prince’s most beloved woman that he couldn’t get over her.

Well, it turned out that moving on was a hard thing to do for everyone, even for a Crown Prince…😅

The Crown Princess saw her husband staring at the woman. Her jealousy soared. But she was not the only one. Madam Liang’s husband was also jealous because of the stare.

The 5th Princess presented dance for The Empress. The 2nd Princess suddenly wanted to perform the music and song to accompany the dance. Noble Consort Yue who saw it, shake her head.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-13

The dance and song were beautiful until the 5th Princess formation fell apart and ruined the dance.

Shao Shang stepped forward to present a gift from Ling Bu Yi to the Empress. It was a scroll of poems belonging to the Empress’s late father. Shao Shang was elated to see the Empress was happy because of the gift. The Emperor praised their gift and the well-organized banquet.

At their seat, Ling Bu Yi tasted the wine. He said the wine was delicious and asked why Shao Shang didn’t drink the wine. Then to his surprise, Shao Shang drank the leftover wine from his wine cup. Ling Bu Yi stared at her in awe.

The mighty General Ling turned into a shy guy when Shao Shang said that drinking wine that she brewed from his cup was more delicious. Both of them finished the wine using the same wine cup. The intimate gesture irked two people who could only drink vinegar. Yuan Shen and Luo Jitong. 😆

Shao Shang saw the injuries on Ling Bu Yi’s fingers and remembered the promise he made that night. It turned out Ling Bu Yi promised her to play the guqin at the banquet. Happily, Shao Shang kissed his cheek lightly and dashed out. Ling Bu Yi smiled widely.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-14

5th Princess saw those and it gave her an idea when she saw her 5th brother was drunk. She calls one of her female aides and whispers something to her ear. The woman went to the 5th Prince and also whispered something. The 5th Prince was happy and went out. Luo Jitong’s maid saw the commotion and followed the prince.

At the bridge where Shao Shang fell, the drunken 5th Prince tried to tease Shao Shang. But Shao Shang dodged him easily and shoved him into the river. Luo Jitong’s maid saw them and sneakily left.

The 5th prince cannot swim, so Shao Shang tried to help him with a bamboo stick. But she didn’t actually want to save him. So the drunken 5th Prince swam across the river to the shore.

The Prince cried and accused her of bullying him. He also badmouthed Ling Bu Yi. The 5th Prince said that Ling Bu Yi was a villainous, cunning, petty, and scheming person. But then he whines that nobody treats him like they treat Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang put some sense into his head and ended up regarding him as a friend.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-15

At the hall, Luo Jitong tried her luck by offering a toast to Ling Bu Yi. Suddenly her maid come and reported about the 5th Prince and Shao Shang in a loud voice. Ling Bu Yi coldly looked at her. She reported that Shao Shang had a private meeting at Jingxin Lake.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 36-16

Ahhhhhh.. This is a very irritating cliffhanger…🤯

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