Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 39-40 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 39-40 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Hola readers…. Another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you. These episodes 39-40 were quite interesting and we get some answers for some of our questions. Without further ado, let’s go! But, before that, let meet some new characters.

New Characters Appearance

The Liang family

Madam Liang

Love Like The Galaxy recap - Madam Liang
Madam Liang

Madam Liang rose from a concubine into the first wife position. She bore two sons, Liang Shang and Liang Xia. But only Liang Xia was recognized as the legitimate son because he was born after Master Liang elevated Madam Liang’s position. She was biased toward her two sons because she resented Liang Shang and only doted on Liang Xia. Madam Liang was a selfish and narrow-minded person. She always made a big deal out of something.

Madam Yuan

Love Like The Galaxy recap - Madam Yuan
Madam Yuan

Madam Yuan was Yuan Shen’s mother. She was the eldest daughter of the Liang family. She was married to Yuan Yu, before she married Yuan Shen’s father. Their marriage was for convenience reasons and was not a harmonious marriage because Yuan Shen’s father also had someone he loved dearly. After the death of her first husband, Madam Liang always wore plain clothes.

Liang Shang

Love Like The Galaxy recap - Liang Shang
Liang Shang

Liang Shang was a court official. He was the illegitimate son of late Master Liang. Liang Shang was married to Qu Ling Jun not long after the Crown Prince married the Crown Princess. Although Liang Shang was an illegitimate son of the Liang family, he rose to be the head of the family because of his rank.

Liang Xia

Love Like The Galaxy recap - Liang Xia
Liang Xia

Liang Xia was the third son of Master Liang. He was born after Madam Liang rose into the position of a wife. Therefore, he was the legitimate son of late Master Liang. Even so, because he ranked as the third son, he lost the position of the family head to his brother, Liang Shang.

Governor of Liang

Love Like The Galaxy recap - Governor of Liang
Governor of Liang

Governor of Liang, Liang Wuji was Master Liang’s adopted son. He was the first son of the Liang family. Master Liang recommended him to be a governor. As an official, Liang Wuji was an upright man and a visioner. He had a calm and composed nature. Even so, he was also a resolute man who didn’t afraid to make a decision.

Episode Recap

Episode 39

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-1

Marquis Yue was summoned to Xuanming Hall where the Emperor, the Crown Prince, and Ling Bu Yi were already waiting for him.

The Emperor called him to order him to hold the wedding of the 5th Princess and Marquis Yue’s youngest son as soon as possible. Marquis Yue was taken aback. He didn’t want the 5th Princess to be married to his family because of her bad reputation. He looked at Ling Bu Yi suspiciously to reckon whether this suggestion was made by him or not.

Marquis Yue was struggling to voice his objection to the marriage. He almost slipped to say that the marriage would harm his reputation but changed it into the princess’s reputation. The Emperor said that the marriage was intended to stop the rumors from spreading. Marquis Yue reluctantly agrees to the order.

Meanwhile, Shao Shang was looking for Official Liang and his wife when she met the Crown Princess and the 5th Princess Consort. And just right in time, Liang Shang and his wife Qu Ling Jun appeared nearby. Qu Ling Jun and her husband greeted them. The 5th Princess Consort invited her to stay, but Qu Ling Jun politely declined the invitation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-2

The Crown Princess provoked Qu Ling Jun by talking about Qu Ling Jun’s clever children and how the Crown Prince always talks about them. What’s more, the Crown Princess said that if only Qu Ling Jun were married to the royal family, they would not be worried about heirs. The Crown Princess’s words made Liang Shang’s face unsightly. She only stopped when Qu Ling Jun answered her words firmly by saying that the Crown Princess should stop talking about meaningless words. Liang Shang impatiently leaves the palace, and Qu Ling Jun hastily walked after him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-3

Liang Shang dragged his wife to the carriage when a eunuch from Eastern Palace stopped her. He bought her a farewell gift from the Crown Prince and coerced Qu Ling Jun to accept the gift. He said that the gift was to relieve the pain of separation. Liang Shang surprisingly accepted the gift on behalf of his wife. When he opened it, he saw a handkerchief inside it and angrily dashed into the carriage.

Qu Ling Jun reluctantly enters the carriage after him. Before she enter the carriage, her husband pulled her in. Soon after that, Liang Shang angrily scolded his wife and called her shameless. Qu Ling Jun cried and begged for him. At the palace wall, the Crown Princess stood alone and watched the carriage. She smirked when she heard the crying.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-4

A few days later, Ling Bu Yi came to report to the Empress that Qu Ling Jun had killed her husband. Everybody was shocked, especially the Crown Prince. Ling Bu Yi said the murder happened at noon. The Crown Prince said that Qu Ling Jun was innocent because when the murder happened, she was with him at Zigui Courtyard. The Crown Princess was stunned and accused him of having a tryst.

Meanwhile, there was a commotion in the Liang residence. Yuan Shen, who wanted to take Liang Shang’s body and Qu Ling Jun to the Ministry of Justice, was obstructed by Governor Liang, Liang Wuji.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-5

Governor Liang said that the murder case was the Liang family’s affair. Madam Liang yelled at Yuan Shen and forbade him to take Qu Ling Jun away because she wanted to punished Qu Ling Jun by herself. Madam Liang even made a commotion in public by crying and accusing the Ministry of Justice wanted to protect a murderer.

The Crown Princess stubbornly accused her husband of not forgetting Qu Ling Jun even after they were married. The Crown Prince tried to convince his wife, but it was pointless. The Crown Prince then revealed that for the past ten years, Liang Shang had abused his wife because she often received gifts sent under the Crown Prince’s name. But it was the Crown Princess who sent those gifts. She knew that Liang Shang would beat his wife every time Qu Ling Jun received a gift. Liang Shang was jealous of the Crown Prince and believed his wife cheated on him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-6

However, the Crown Princess didn’t feel any remorse for what she did. She even blamed the Crown Prince because he never cared about her feelings. The Crown Prince refuted her words. When they were married, he had sworn to spend the rest of his life with the Crown Princess and let go of his feeling for Qu Ling Jun. And all this time, he had endured his wife’s unreasonable jealousy. The Crown Princess finally admitted that she hated Qu Ling Jun and could not wait to see her die in the dungeon. The Crown Princess left the hall after she said those words.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-7

Madam Liang still made a commotion in the Liang residence. Yuan Shen lost his patience and told them that if they insisted on making the murder case a family affair, he would invite someone to be the judge.

Who was Yuan Shen referring to?

After Yuan Shen left, Madam Liang still blamed Qu Ling Jun. Liang Xia, Liang Shang’s brother, also said that he would bring this matter to the censorate. But Governor Liang told them to stop pursuing the issue. Liang Wuji said that he believed in Qu Ling Jun’s character and she would not have any tryst with the Crown Prince. And all this time, Qu Ling Jun supported the Liang family financially.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-8

Madam Liang was not satisfied with him. She started to vilify Liang Wuji and threatened to expel him and Qu Ling Jun from the Liang family.

At the Palace, the Emperor was fuming because the Crown Prince secretly met an official wife and now he wanted to prove Qu Ling Jun’s innocence. The Emperor scolded him and even threatened to depose him from his position, but the Crown Prince was unshakeable.

The Emperor was disappointed because the Crown Prince should act as an example for the people. However, the Crown Prince prioritized his feeling over his country. The Empress pleaded for the Crown Prince and asked the Emperor to believe in the Crown Prince’s words. The Emperor gave up and told Ling Bu Yi to investigate the matter.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-9

Outside the hall, Ling Bu Yi caught Shao Shang eavesdropping under the window. She asked him to take her to investigate the issue. Shao Shang said that she wanted to do it for the sake of the Empress and the Crown Prince. Ling Bu Yi told her that the Crown Prince made a wrong judgment and got himself involved in a bigger problem.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-10

Shao Shang told him that the Crown Prince had impressed her. For the first time, the Crown Prince was resolute about something. Shao Shang also said that the Crown Prince and Qu Ling Jun were good people. Therefore she wanted to help them. Shao Shang begged Ling Bu Yi to take her. He agrees to her request, but she must not cause any problems during the investigation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-11

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-12

How on earth did Ling Bu Yi know that Shao Shang was there?

At Liang’s residence, Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang accompanied by Governor Liang and Liang Xia entered the crime scene.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-13

Liang Xia narrates what happened when Liang Shang died. According to servants on duty, Qu Ling Jun delivered lunch to her husband at noon. Soon after, the servants hear Liang Shang’s shouting in rage and chase away Qu Ling Jun.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-14

At night, the servants who delivered the scrolls found Liang Shang dead on the floor. He was stabbed in the back. During that time, nobody went in or out of the room. Ling Bu Yi told Shao Shang to question Madam Liang because he had something to tell Governor Liang.

Madam Liang chased Qu Ling Jun away and took her children. She also wanted to beat Qu Ling Jun to death. Shao Shang came at the right time to stop the beating. Although she declared herself as the representation of the Empress, Madam Liang did not believe her, she even accused the Emperor and the Empress of wanting to protect the Crown Prince.

However, somebody showed up unexpectedly. It was Yuan Shen and his mother.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-15

Madam Liang questioned why Yuan Shen’s mother was there. Madam Yuan was a married daughter and did not have the right to meddle with the Liang family affair. But just like her son, Madam Yuan had a sharp tongue. She said that she had the right to judge the family affairs because she was the eldest daughter of the Liang family, and Madam Liang was just a maidservant of her father. When she was about to leave, Madam Yuan was stunned to see her son staring and smiling at Cheng Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-16

Finally, Yuan Shen could make Cheng Shao Shang meet his mother. Do you remember when Shao Shang fought with Lou Li and Wang Lin at Princess Ruyang’s residence? After the incident, Yuan Shen actually wanted Shao Shang to meet his mother, but Shao Shang’s swollen face prevented her from doing so.

In the hall, the elders of the Liang family gathered. Madam Yuan had Madam Liang to be taken down in front of everyone. She stated that Madam Liang was a selfish, narrow-minded, and shallow person. Right now, she had made a huge commotion in public and dragged the Crown Prince. Therefore, none of the elders would take her side and offend the royal family.

Madam Yuan also said that if Madam Liang killed Qu Ling Jun, it would anger the Emperor. Although the Emperor would not make things hard for the Liang family, because they were a century-old noble family, it would end the clan’s career in officialdom. And in the end, Madam Yuan also said that whatever the result was, this was going to be the end of Madam Liang’s status as the widow of Master Liang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-17

Madam Yuan also questioned Qu Ling Jun and why she didn’t do anything about her failing marriage. Qu Ling Jun said she had asked for a divorce, but Liang Shang threatened her. Liang Shang said that he would spread rumors about Qu Ling Jun’s relationship with the Crown Prince and threaten her using their children.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-18

Ling Bu Yi gathered all the Liang family’s men inside a room. Liang Wuji protested because they were innocent. Ling Bu Yi demanded the Liang family to hand over the murderer, or else it would implicate the whole clan. Ling Bu Yi had concluded that the murderer was a man who was protected by someone with a high status, and he could step up to replace Liang Shang as the head of the family. Therefore, the murderer must be a man from the Liang family.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-19

I really like this episode. To see Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang cracking a mystery feels like I was watching a detective drama. Love Like a Galaxy is very entertaining to me. I never get bored watching this drama.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 39-20
Another bonus for you, dear readers…🥰

Episode 40

Qu Ling Jun narrated what was happening that day. Her maid, Youtong, disguised as her and delivered the lunch to her husband. Liang Shang could not recognize Youtong and drove her away. And later that night, the servants discovered the dead Liang Shang with a knife stabbed to his body. Qu Ling Jun pleads to madam Yuan that she was not the murderer.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-1

Madam Yuan reassured her that with General Ling and Yuan Shen in charge, they surely would crack the case. Shao Shang asked Madam Yuan to let her join the investigation. Madam Yuan only nodded her head. However, there was someone who could not hold back his tongue. It was Yuan Shen (I was literally smiling when I wrote this part, I love him and his foolishness).

Yuan Shen questioned Shao Shang’s ability to help with the case. Yuan Shen also said that Shao Shang was the most presumptuous and show-off girl in the capital. Shao Shang refused to pay attention to his remarks. She just stood up and bid goodbye to Madam Yuan. Yuan Shen was surprised to see her go. He hastily chased after her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-2

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-3
Madam Yuan smiled to see her son acting shamelessly

Yuan Shen and Shao Shang entered the crime scene. Shao Shang scrutinized him and said that Yuan Shen was very different from his mother. Yuan Shen explained that a family complements each other’s weaknesses. If he was as serious as his mother, their life would be boring.

Yuan Shen reminded her that this case involved the Crown Prince and many people. She might find too much if she digs too deep or vice versa. Yuan Shen praised Shao Shang because she appears much calmer now. Shao Shang answered that was because Ling Bu Yi treats her well.

She also said that she might have regrets in life if she had not met him. Yuan Shen contemplated her words while staring at her. He hastily averted his eyes when Shao Shang looked at him. Shao Shang ruins the mood by saying that Yuan Shen should go for an arranged date and get himself a fiancee. Her words irked him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-4

Yuan Shen said he did not need a fiancee. Shao Shang explained that because he did not have someone he loved, Yuan Shen was annoyed every time he saw a loving couple like Ling Bu Yi and her. Shao Shang concluded, that deep down inside, Yuan Shen envied Ling Bu Yi for marrying an excellent lady like her. Shao Shang advised Yuan Shen to lower his standard because an excellent lady like her was hard to find…🤣.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-5

Yuan Shen struggled to hold back his emotions. He hurriedly refuted her words by stating that he was not envious but disgusted to see the lovey-dovey scene between Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi. Annoyed by the word ‘disgusted’, Shao Shang chased him away from the room.

Shao Shang found that the room measurements were not right. She counted that she needed 26 steps to walk from side to side on the outside, but only 20 steps when she was inside the room. After a series of wall knocks, Shao Shang found a secret room. When she pushed the wall, someone pulled her inside.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-6

Meanwhile, Ling Bu Yi still questioned Liang Wuji about Liang Shang and Liang Xia’s relationship. When Liang Wuji looked in Liang Xia’s direction, he was gone.

It was Liang Xia who pulled Shao Shang into the secret room and pointed a knife at her throat. Shao Shang questioned him about the murder. She told him her assumption about the murder. Liang Xia killed his brother and then hid inside the secret room.

Right now, he was there to destroy the evidence, which was his bloodied robe because he was afraid of Ling Bu Yi. Liang Xia assured her that nobody knew the secret room, but Shao Shang refuted him. If she could guess what had happened, then others might have guessed the same.

Liang Xia told her that Liang Shang was abandoning the Liang family’s business. While he, the legitimate son who was more ambitious, got nothing. Shao Shang could guess that someone had duped him to kill his brother. She offered an idea to get him out of the situation. But he refused.

Ling Bu Yi was angry because Shao Shang was missing. He ordered his soldiers to tear down the house despite Madam Liang’s cry and Governor Liang’s protest.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-7

Liang Xia panicked when he realized that Ling Bu Yi was tearing the house down. He dragged Shao Shang with a knife to her throat. Everybody was shocked. Madam Yuan held Yuan Shen, preventing him from making any move. Ling Bu Yi was furious. He orders the soldiers to surround the Liang family. If Liang Xia made a careless move, he would not spare the Liang family, including his mother.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-8

However, Liang Xia was unwavering. He did not care if Liang’s family life, including his mother. When Ling Bu Yi dragged her mother, Liang Xia refused to surrender. Ling Bu Yi threatened to cut his mother’s arm and at the same time, throw a knife at Liang Xia’s arm. Two soldiers shot his leg with arrows so he could not go anywhere.

Liang Xia confessed that he killed Liang Shang because he believed that Liang Shang was not fit to be the head of the clan. He also blamed his mother. But Madam Yuan said that Liang Xia was the one to blame. He did not have any ambitions, and his mother spoiled him to the point he became useless.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-9

When Ling Bu Yi wanted to take him away, an arrow killed him. It was Governor Liang who killed Liang Xia. He told Ling Bu Yi that he would go to the Palace to confess his crime.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-10

The Emperor scolded Governor Liang because he shot Liang Xia to death. And now, they could not clear the Crown Prince’s name because they lost the culprit. Liang Wuji talked in a roundabout manner, but in the end, he said that if they kept pursuing this matter, it would be bad for the bigger picture. The Emperor and Ling Bu Yi understand the meaning of his words. The Emperor let him go. But Ling Bu Yi told the Emperor that he must have known who was pulling the string.

In the Yongle Palace, Noble Consort Yue slapped her brother Marquis Yue. It turned out he was the one who arranged everything. The Crown Princess’s cousin, Sun Sheng, was the one who was responsible for Zigui Courtyard security. Naturally, he knew about the Crown Prince’s meeting with Qu Ling Jun. Sun Sheng had been bribed by Marquis Yue to steal the Crown Prince’s tiger seal previously. Now, he was the one who leaked the information about the meeting to Marquis Yue.

Marquis Yue said that he was not satisfied with the Emperor. He regretted that the Yue family helped the Wen family to revolt. Noble Consort Yue rebut his words because the Yue family had gained everything. She became a noble consort, while her brother was a marquis. They also lived a lavish life. But it didn’t make him satisfied.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-11

Marquis Yue blamed the Emperor for not exiling Ling Yi’s family and avenged Huo Junhua. Instead, he ordered Ling Bu Yi to reconcile with his father. Noble Consort Yue answered that the Emperor was always like that. He wanted everybody to live a harmonious life as a family. If The Emperor was not a benevolent man, Marquis Yue would have died several times.

Marquis Yue also regretted that the 3rd Prince cannot be the Crown Prince because his mother was a concubine. Noble Consort Yue was fuming when she heard his words. She was not a concubine, but the first wife. She just didn’t want to be an empress. She stated that everything Marquis Yue did was for the sake of his grievances and not for his sister or nephew.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-12

Noble Consort Yue also mentioned that he was the one who came late to rescue the Huo family. She asked Marquis Yue whether he used the miasma as an excuse for Huo Chong’s death and why the scouts that were sent to investigate the miasma were dead while their horses were saved. But Marquis Yue denied the accusation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-13

Marquis Yue said that he did receive Huo Chong’s message asking for backup. When he was on his way to Gu city, somebody told him that there was a miasma in front of the city. The miasma was not poisonous. That was the same time when Lord Qian’an reinforcement came. Because the Yue clan didn’t have a good relationship with the Xuan clan, he schemed for Lord Qian’an so he could arrive late in Gu City. He wanted the delay Lord Qian’an so the Emperor would scold Empress Xuan. Therefore, to complete the scheme, Marquis Yue killed the scouts.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-14

Suddenly, Ling Bu Yi and the Emperor appear from behind the curtain. Marquis Yue was shocked and accused his sister of being so cruel as to set him up.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-15

The Emperor angrily asked who killed Lord Qian’an. Marquis Yue said that he knew about Lord Qian’an’s death from Lord Qian’an’s subordinate, Peng Kun. Peng Kun told him that Lord Qian’an was dead because of the miasma. Ling Bu Yi concluded that Peng Kun was the one who killed Lord Qian’an and snatched the Xuan family’s army.

The Emperor asked Marquis Yue why Gu City still fell when he arrived three days later. Ling Bu Yi answered the question. It was because of Lord Yong who switched armaments. Gu City was supposed to be able to hold on for ten days, but it fell for only two days.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-16

Marquis Yue pleads that he was not the one who killed Lord Qian’an or switch the armaments. The Emperor still blames him for Liang Shang’s death. However, Marquis Yue defended his life by saying that he only wanted to ruin Xuan’s family’s reputation. He didn’t expect that Liang Xia would use the opportunity to kill Liang Shang.

The Emperor said he would not kill Marquis Yue because Noble Consort Yue and his brother were the only ones left in the Yue family. Marquis Yue was stripped of his status and sent to the mausoleum to guard it. His decision disappointed Ling Bu Yi and Noble Consort Yue. But Marquis Yue hastily accepted the decision lest the Emperor change his mind. The Emperor assured Ling Bu Yi that he would investigate Peng Kun thoroughly.

Ling Bu Yi went to Changqiu Palace to see Shao Shang. Ling Bu Yi asked Shao Shang if someone had hurt her family, but she couldn’t punish that someone according to the law, what would she do about it? Shao Shang was stunned to hear the question. But she answered that she was a petty person and would return the pain 1,000 folds. Ling Bu Yi asked her again what would she do if taking revenge meant hurting someone she loved. Shao Shang answered that as a human, making choices were inevitable. Ling Bu Yi smiled at her and hugged her. But his expression was solemn.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-17

At the Yuan residence, Madam Yuan urged Yuan Shen to find a wife. Yuan Shen asked her why she suddenly mentioned marriage. Madam Yuan questioned him whether he had feelings for Cheng Shao Shang. Yuan Shen said that after he saw his parents’ unharmonious marriage because they missed their loved ones, he no longer wanted to get married and hurt the next generation. Madam Yuan regretted that her relationship with her husband had hurt him. Yuan Shen also stated that he delayed his wedding because none of the girls in the capital were like Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-18

Noble Consort Yue summoned Ling Bu Yi. She said the reason why she was willing to set Marquis Yue up was for the Huo family, Huo Chong, and him, Ling Bu Yi. She also said that if he was unsatisfied with the Emperor’s decision, he could kill Marquis Yue himself, or she would do it for him. Noble Consort Yuan and the Emperor only wanted him to let go of the past and get married without any worries. He should live a good life for the Huo family.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-19

Ling Bu Yi said that there was no Huo family’s blood on Marquis Yue’s hand. From today onward, he did not need the Yue family to make amends. Ling Bu Yi also thanked the Noble Consort Yue for her fair judgment. But he also said that some people’s crimes cannot be forgiven for a lifetime.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 40-20

Ahhh… This is quite a long episode. I was worried for Ling Bu Yi. Why did he ask such a question to Shao Shang? What did he have on his mind?

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