Ending ExplainedWrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained

Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained

Hola readers, Wrong Carriage Right Groom was a light-hearted drama about two young women who accidentally swapped identities. Li Yuhu and Du Bing Yan came from the same town and married on the same day. But fate brought them to a different husband. The story was super-duper light, and the ending was a happy ending. But did the girls swap back their identities? Or would they use the wrong name for the rest of their lives? Let’s find it out in this post of Ending Explained.

Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained

What happened to Li Yuhu and Qi Tian Lei?

Master Du and Young Master Du came to the Qi mansion and Li Yuhu was worried that her identity would be exposed. Her worries disappeared when she learned that the “Young Master Du” was Du Bing Yan disguised as a man.

Li Yuhu and Du Bing Yan expressed their gratitude to each other for concealing their identities which somehow led to their real love. Du Bing Yan also brought good news that Li Yuhu’s parents had learned about their situation and asked Du Bing Yan to relay a message to Li Yuhu. They wanted Li Yuhu to take good care of herself.

Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained - What happened to Li Yuhu and Qi Tian Lei
Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained – What happened to Li Yuhu and Qi Tian Lei

Grandma Qi wanted to take back the accounts of the Qi family business from Ke Shi Zhao. She also planned to let Qi Tian Lei and Ke Shi Zhao manage the Qi family’s shops. Qi Tian Lei refused because it was not the right time for him to manage the account.

Ke Shi Zhao was an intelligent man and Qi Tian Lei was sure he would notice their intentions. They must expose his crimes first before they can take the accounts. Qi Tian Lei reminded his grandma about the death of their family members. Grandma Qi knew they had to come up with another idea, but she needed time to think it over again.

Qi Tian Lei and Li Yuhu were saved from a deathly trap by Ke Shi Zhao thanks to Qi Yan Sheng. They were shocked and happy because Qi Yan Sheng could speak now. Qi Tian Lei and Li Yuhu showed the poisonous needle to Grandma Qi. She was furious when she realized that they had invited a wolf into their house and regretted herself being senile and old.

Qi Yan Sheng confessed to the grandma, Qi Tian Lei, Li Yuhu, and Liu Ruo Qian that she had been pretending that she could not talk. Three years ago, she saw Ke Shi Zhao and Wang Huzi put a snake inside the 2nd Young master’s room.

Qi Yan Shen was frightened to see it. She wanted to tell her grandma about it, but Fang Xiao Qiao saw her frantic state and reported it to Ke Shi Zhao who threatened Qi Yan Sheng. She was afraid Ke Shi Zhao would target her mother, so she followed his order and pretended that she could not speak.

Qi Tian Lei, Li Yuhu, and Grandma Qi made a trap to expose Ke Shi Zhao’s crime. The first thing they did was to make Ke Shi Zhao and Fang Xiao Qiao believe that there was a secret chamber in her room and that the only key to entering the room was Grandma Qi’s gold hairpin.

The second move was started when Grandma Qi suddenly fell ill. Ke Shi Zhao and Fang Xiao Qiao tried to spike her medicine. Well, of course, everything was just a farce. Grandma Qi was all right but pretended to have a stroke.

The first and second madam of the Qi family also joined the play. They managed to successfully fool Ke Shi Zhao and Fang Xiao Qiao and in the end, the officers from the Ministry of Justice arrested them.

Li Yuhu confessed to Grandma Qi that her identity was not Du Bing Yang but Li Yuhu. Everybody presents already knew about this matter, except Grandma Qi. And it made her angry. Just as she started to sulk, Li Yuhu felt nauseated. Grandma Qi asked her whether she was expecting, and Li Yuhu nodded.

Qi Tian Lei was happy and Grandma Qi’s eyes were glimmered. It was good news for everybody. Li Yuhu and Qi Tian Lei held a wedding ceremony at the Qi Mansion after they helped Yuan Buqu and Du Bing Yan. This time, Li Yuhu married Qi Tian Lei as herself.

What happened to Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu?

The relationship pf Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu was in jeopardy after the emperor’s edict came. The Queen saw how imposing. Yuan Buqu was decided to betroth her daughter, Princess Changping, to Yuan Buqu.

Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained - What happened to Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu
Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained – What happened to Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu

Regardless he was married or not. In the eyes of the imperial people, Yuan Buqu should marry Changping. And if he could not let go of Du Bing Yan, he could give her status as a concubine. It was an honor for her to share a husband with a princess.

These words were said by the eunuch who delivered the edict… don’t blame me for this chauvinist remark, ok?

However, the matter with Changping was easily settled when she accidentally met Sha Ping Wei and fell in love with him. But Yuan Buqu and Du Bing Lan still had to deal with the edict. They must make the emperor recall the edict himself.

So, they came up with the idea to scare Changping away by letting her witness the long-bearded Yuan Buqu mourning excessively for his deceased wives. The idea worked because Changping no longer wanted to marry Yuan Buqu.

Princess Changping was saved by Sha Ping Wei when a corrupt official tried to harm her. Her feelings for him become stronger and Changping decided to make Sha Ping Wei her royal consort. The emperor recalled the marriage edict and Sha Ping Wei was promoted to Deputy General for his meritorious deeds of saving Princess Changping.

After that, Yuan Buqu went to the capital to negotiate a peace treaty with foreign countries. He intended to bring Du Bing Yan with him, but they missed each other so he could only leave her a letter. After she read the letter, Du Bing Yan decided to follow suit. They reunited in happiness.

The problem with the royal palace was not over yet. The Queen suddenly announced that Changping would still marry Yuan Buqu instead of Sha Ping Wei at a royal banquet, regardless of Changping’s protest. The Queen told Changping that she was a noble princess, therefore she could not marry a commoner and ruined her life.

The Queen threatened Yuan Buqu. Still, Yuan Buqu refused and chose to drink the poisoned wine. Just as he was about to take the wine, Du Bing Yan rushed and slapped the wine cup. Du Bing Yan said that they had vowed to not fail each other in this lifetime. The Queen ordered the two of them to be arrested. Yuan Buqu and Du Bing Yan accepted the punishment and walked to the prison hand in hand.

The Queen’s bitter opinion about love and marriage stemmed from her youth. Back then, she also believed in love. But the man was unfaithful and abandoned her. The Queen’s decree was a test for both Yuan Buqu and Changping.

If Yuan Buqu chose to abandon Du Bing Yan and marry the princess, then his personality was bad. And a heartless man did not fit to hold the military power. The Queen also wanted to know whether Changping and Sha Ping Wei’s love was real.

To help Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu, Li Yuhu, Qi Tian Lei, and Liu Ruo Qian went to the capital. They wanted to enter the prison, but they needed the Emperor or Empress’s token to do that. Changping went secretly to the Queen’s chamber to steal the token. She had not found the token yet when the Queen came. Frantically, she hid behind a bookshelf.

Changping heard the Queen’s conversation with her servant. It revealed that the Queen was afraid Changping would be abandoned by a man if she married for love. The Queen remembered the time when she waited from dusk till dawn for the man she loved, but he never showed up.

Li Yuhu, Qi Tian Lei, and Changping visited Du Bing Yan and Yuan Buqu at the prison. Yuan Buqu asked Li Yuhu, Qi Tian Lei, and Changping to be a witness when he and Du Bing Yan completed the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, they thought about ways to bring Yuan Buqu and Du Bing Yan out of the prison.

Changping remembered the story of the Queen’s youth and told them. Du Bing Yan said that she used to see a half of gold lotus in Liu Ruo Qian’s hand and told them to ask him about it.

Liu Ruo Qian told them the story of his Senior Brother Feng who died because of being poisoned. Senior Brother Feng used his own body to test medicine in his attempt to cure a plague. The medicine was found, but his body could not hold on.

Before he died, Senior Brother Feng asked Liu Ruo Qian to find the woman he loved and told her that he failed her love and asked her to find another man. Feng was afraid if the girl knew his condition, she might want to die with him. But Liu Ruo Qian missed the time and could not find the girl.

Changping took the Queen for a walk into a small courtyard where she was shocked to see the tomb of Feng Che. Li Yuhu came and delivered the half of the gold lotus to her. Qi Tian Lei also told the queen that Feng Che was not an unfaithful man. He could not come because he sacrificed his life for the greater good. He also told the Queen that Feng Che would rather have her hate him than let her die with him.

The Queen finally made peace with her memories. Yuan Buqu and Du Bing Yan receive another edict from the emperor who releases them from prison, grants Yuan Buqu a tiger tally, and a wedding with Du Bing Yan.

Li Yuhu and Du Bing Yan went to the Fairy temple to pray and express their gratitude because they went into the wrong carriage but found the right groom. They held a wedding ceremony (again) at the Qi mansion together with Li Yuhu and Qi Tian Lei.

What Happened to Ke Shi Zhao?

Ke Shi Zhao wanted to expose Li Yuhu’s identity when Master Du and Young Master Du visited Qi Mansion. His subordinate, Wang Huzi, was already waiting at the front door with officers of the Ministry of Justice, ready to arrest Li Yuhu. His plan failed when the Dus recognized Li Yuhu as Du Bing Yan.

Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained - What Happened to Ke Shi Zhao
Wrong Carriage Right Groom Ending Explained – What Happened to Ke Shi Zhao

This is solid evidence that there was nothing wrong with her identity. Ke Shi Zhao could only vent his anger to Wang Huzi.

Because he always failed, Ke Shi Zhao decided to use a more vicious way to deal with Qi Tian Lei. He ordered Wang Huzi to plant poisonous needles on his bed. But his action was caught by Qi Yan Sheng who saw him secretly entering Qi Tian Lei and Li Yuhu’s bedroom.

Qi Yan Sheng could not see clearly what Wang Huzi did with the bedding. But she knew that it must be something bad. She also saw him throw the box into the pond. Qi Yan Shen wanted to enter the room, but it was locked. So, she waited for a long time, but Qi Tian Lei and Li Yuhu did not show up.

Qi Yan Sheng could not wait any longer and decided to look for Qi Tian Lei and Li Yuhu at the pharmacy, but he missed him. So, she ran to find them again at their house. Qi Yan Sheng was frantic and screamed to stop Li Yuhu from lying down on the bed. Li Yuhu was surprised, but her nimble body managed to avoid the bed. When they opened the bed, it was full of poisonous needles.

Qi Tian Lei had a nightmare, and he woke up angry because his plan failed. He called Wang Huzi to vent his anger and told him to check Qi Tian Lei’s situation. Wang Huzi was terrified when he saw that Liu Ruo Qian led a group of servants looking for a box at the fishpond. When he saw they found the box, he panicked and accidentally fell into the pond.

After Wang Huzi exposed himself, Ke Shi Zhao become more anxious about his grand scheme. He told Fang Xiao Qiao that Grandma Qi should have a secret chamber in her bedroom where she put all her money and jewelry. He asked Fang Xiao Qiao to find the location of the room.

To expose it, Ke Shi Zhao took a lot of money and told the grandma that it was the profit of their business. Grandma Qi took the money and put it in her secret room behind the shrine while Fang Xiao Qiao peeked at the windowsill. The next day, Fang Xiao Qiao learned that Grandma Qi’s gold hairpin was the key to the secret chamber.

Ke Shi Zhao could not wait anymore so he hired a group of assassins to kill the member of the Qi family. when Fang Xiao Qiao came to report about the hairpin, Ke Shi Zhao asked her to drug Grandma Qi to death. Fang Xiao Qiao was afraid to do what she told to. But Ke Shi Zhao strongly reprimanded her and threatened her. Fang Xiao Qiao did not have a choice but to obey because she feared him.

The opportunity came when Grandma Qi suddenly fainted at a business meeting with the Qi family’s business partners. Everybody was panicked. The first and second madam take turns to watch over Grandma Qi.

Qi Yan Sheng and Xiao Xi were in charge of boiling medicine and delivering it to the room. And how about Li Yuhu? She hid behind the room divider with a sword in her hand, ready to strike everybody who harmed Grandma Qi. Fang Xiao Qiao could not find an opportunity to spike the medicine and took the hairpin because she was shunned everywhere.

After some time, she managed to send the second madam away and put the drug inside the bowl. The second madam quickly changed the bowl and fed Grandma Qi. Feng Qiao Xiao happily reported that to Ke Shi Zhao who ordered Wang Huzi to proceed with their plan.

Ke Shi Zhao went into Grandma Qi’s room. He thought that nobody was there, and Grandma Qi was unconscious. He sneered at Grandma Qi and said she had put her trust in the wrong person. Ke Shi Zhao found the golden hairpin. But when he wanted to take it, Grandma Qi opened her eyes and caught his hand.

Ke Shi Zhao was shocked because he thought Grandma Qi had drunk the drug. Grandma Qi confronted him and told him that he was an ungrateful kid. However, Grandma Qi truly cared for him because she shed tears when she talked to him.

Ke Shi Zhao tied Grandma Qi to the chair. Meanwhile, outside the house, Qi Tian Lei, Liu Ruo Qian and Shu Da Niang fought against a group of black-clad assassins led by Wang Huzi. Ke Shi Zhao almost forced Grandma Qi to drink poison but Li Yuhu thwarted his plan.

Ke Shi Zhao threatened to kill Grandma Qi, Li Yuhu had to retreat. he took the hairpin and opened the secret chamber. Suddenly Li Yuhu kicked him, and Ke Shi Zhao’s body hit the wall of the secret chamber. It turned out that the room was only a small empty room without any window or door.

Li Yuhu sneered and took out the hairpin and it automatically closed the door. Ke Shi Zhao learned that he had fallen into a trap and only could scream. Outside the door, Wang Huzi and the assassins were defeated.

Ke Shi Zhao was trapped inside the secret chamber, so the officers from the Ministry of Justice could easily arrest him. Fang Xiao Qiao was also arrested because she was his accomplice. And that was the end of the villains. Nothing good would happen to them.

My Musing

Well, as predicted. Wrong Carriage, Right Groom ended with a happy ending for everyone. And we could see a glimpse of a flashback to when they first met. It was a bit cliché and the scene of guessing the right bride was a bit too much.

So, dear readers. What do you think about this drama Wrong Carriage, Right Groom? Don’t forget to tell us about your opinion in the comment box below. Anyway I also wrote Wrong Carriage, Right Groom drama review, you can stop by to read it. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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