Ending ExplainedLove Like The Galaxy Ending Explained

Love Like The Galaxy Ending Explained

Hello dear readers, this time I wrote about Love Like The Galaxy Ending Explained. Some of you might curious for the ending explanation of this drama. I am also eager to know what will happen to our dearest couple, Cheng Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi. Before you started to read, let me remind you that this is a HUGE spoiler…😉. And I hope you all won’t mind if I tell you from the start, that this drama had a happy ending 😊.

Before we begin, just a slight notice, I also wrote Love Like The Galaxy drama review just in case you want to know how I thought about this drama, and Love Like The Galaxy episode recap too.

Love Like The Galaxy Ending Explained

What Happened to Cheng Shao Shang?

It has been five years since Ling Bu Yi revealed his identity as Huo Wu Shang, the son of the late General Huo Chong. He changed his name to Huo Bu Yi and went to the Northwest for atonement. It has also been five years since they cancelled the betrothal, and Shao Shang pledged loyalty to take care of the deposed Empress Xuan at Changqiu Palace.

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Shao Shang passed the time alone. Her broken heart never healed. She never returned to Cheng’s residence, and the only one who came and talked to her was Yuan Shen.

When Empress Xuan’s days were numbered, her only wish was to see Shao Shang get married and live a happy life. Yuan Shen asked her if they could marry and fulfilled the Empress’s wish. Shao Shang was in a dilemma. She remembered Empress Xuan’s words that the past would remain the past. So, Shao Shang must cherish her present and future. And if she wanted her future to be successful, she had to let go of her emotional entanglement. Therefore, Shao Shang said yes.

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On the day she was engaged with Yuan Shen, Huo Bu Yi returned to the capital. The couple met at the palace gate. It was an awkward meeting for the three of them. Yuan Shen was surprised, while Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi hesitated. And after a long scene of them looking at each other, Shao Shang jumped onto the nearest horse, and Huo Bu Yi once again helped her with the stirrup. Shao Shang told him that she was no longer the same Shao Shang from the past, and now she was able to ride a horse without a stirrup before she dashed out.

Luo Jitong bragged about her relationship with Huo Bu Yi in front of Empress Xuan and Shao Shang. But all of a sudden Madam Zhai came and told Luo Jitong that Huo Bu Yi had sent dowries and told the Luo family elders to find her a husband. A few days later, when Shao Shang opened her room door, she saw Luo Jitong kneeling in front of her and said that she would return to the Northwest. However, Luo Jitong wanted to find a cure for Empress Xuan before she left. So she asked Shao Shang to travel with her to a village.

Inside the carriage, Shao Shang felt something was off. It turned out the cure was only an excuse made up by Luo Jitong. She was jealous of Shao Shang and wanted to kill her. But her assassination attempt failed because Huo Bu Yi chased and saved Shao Shang. Luo Jitong fell from the cliff and died.

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When Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi arrived at the palace, Empress Xuan was dying. Her last wish for Shao Shang was that she would live for herself and not waste her life. Shao Shang was devastated and collapsed under the rain. Huo Bu Yi took her back to the Cheng residence.

When they prepared for the funeral, Shao Shang told Huo Bu Yi that she could never be sincere and trust him again. Her stance was clear. No matter what, Shao Shang would never reconcile with him. Her heart was broken, and it could never be mended.

Later, Shao Shang went to the mountains to scatter some of Empress Xuan’s ashes. She met Lou Li who invited her on behalf of Lou Yao to their residence for lunch. Shao Shang went with her alone. But it turned out that Lou Yao and He Zhao Jun never invited her. It was Lou Li’s plot to kill her.

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After she drove Lou Yao away, Lou Li tried to stab Shao Shang with a knife. Shao Shang and He Zhao Jun fell into a secret chamber. They met Yuan Shen who was injured and imprisoned there. Suddenly, someone jumped into the room. It was Huo Bu Yi who was looking for Shao Shang.

The one who plotted them all was Wang Yanji, Lou Ben’s wife, who faked her death. She wanted to commit suicide and kill them all to avenge the death of her husband. Wang Yanji also said that there was kerosene planted in Guo village. Wang Yanji and her confidantes intended to burn the village.

Liang duo came and opened the secret room’s door. Huo Bu Yi managed to help He Zhao Jun, Yuan Shen, and Shao Shang to climb the rope. However, when it was his turn to climb the rope, Wang Yanji hindered him from escaping. And at the same time, the soldiers could not hold the door any longer.

Therefore, Huo Bu Yi told Liang Qiu Qi to take Shao Shang away. The chamber exploded not long after with Huo Bu Yi inside. All of them thought that he was dead. Shao Shang was frantic and desperately called Huo Bu Yi’s name and promised that she would forgive him.

But Huo Bu Yi wasn’t dead. He managed to escape from another door before the explosion. Huo Bu Yi was stunned when he saw Shao Shang crying loudly and calling his name. Every knot in his heart went loose when Shao Shang said she would forgive him. Seeing him alive, Shao Shang realized she could not bear to part from him. Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi reconciled there.

Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi must stop the lovey-dovey scene because Yuan Shen reminds them to help the Crown Prince. They parted at Hua County magistrate’s mansion. Cheng Shao Shang helped the Guo village while Huo Bu Yi rescued the Crown Prince.

Love Like The Galaxy ending explained - Cheng Shao Shang

The situation in Guo Village was quite severe. But Shao Shang managed to handle it. Her knowledge helped the villagers to put out the fire and prevent it from spreading. But she didn’t do it alone. The Cheng family came to help her.

They won the battle, the Guo village was saved.

What Happened to Ling Bu Yi?

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Ling Bu Yi or we are supposed to call him Huo Bu Yi, spent a hard life in the Northwest. He got injured many times in many battles. Including when he helped Yuan Shen’s father to rescue General Wan who was assassination by the remnants of Emperor Li. He also helped Cheng Song when he was ambushed in Shu. The Emperor asked Huo Bu Yi whether he did all that to get back to Shao Shang. However, Huo Bu Yi said he didn’t dare to ask Shao Shang’s forgiveness. The Emperor then disclosed the news of Shao Shang’s engagement with Yuan Shen.

During the hard time when Huo Bu Yi was injured in the Northwest, Luo Jitong helped take care of him. It turned out that her feeling for Huo Bu Yi was so strong, that she decided to take the risk of killing her husband for a chance to be with Huo Bu Yi. However, Huo Bu Yi was not attracted to her. When Huo Bu Yi returned to the capital, she followed the army. Luo Jitong also spread rumours that she would marry General Huo.

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When the Emperor and the 3rd Prince asked him about the rumours, Huo Bu Yi shut them all down by ordering Liang Qiu Fei to send some dowries to the Luo family and help them to find a husband for Luo Jitong. When this news reached Luo Jitong, she confronted him. Luo Jitong begged to be his concubine. But Huo Bu Yi told her that he never had any feelings for her. Huo Bu Yi also reveals that he knew that Luo Jitong killed Jia Qilang, her husband. His rejection angered Luo Jitong, this is the reason why she decided to kill Shao Shang.

Huo Bu Yi visited his foster mother, Empress Xuan. At that time, she had another relapse and couldn’t get off the bed. Huo Bu Yi always feel guilty after Empress Xuan and the Crown Prince was deposed. When he visited her, all the sadness were displayed all over his face. Empress Xuan taught Huo Bu Yi that if he wanted to love Shao Shang, he must make up for the love that she lost when she was young. He must understand her first, before they could walk side by side forever. She also said thet she wished in the next life, Huo Bu Yi and Shao Shang could be her biological children. Huo Bu Yi cried when he heard that.

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He used many chances to tell Shao Shang how much he regretted everything, including when they were hanging at the cliff after he rescue her from Luo Jitong’s assassination attempt. Huo Bu Yi said that he wouldn’t live without her, and he already regarded her as his wife. But regardless what he said, Shao Shang cannot be shaken.

When Huo Bu Yi brought Shao Shang back to the Cheng residence after Empress Xuan died, Father and Mother Cheng reprimanded him for everything that had happened in the past five years. Huo Bu Yi took all the blame. He even kowtowed in front of them and pleaded guilty.

When Shao Shang went to scatter Empress Xuan’s ashes, Huo Bu Yi also went to help the Crown Prince on behalf of Cheng Shi. They were ambushed in the middle of the road, but Huo Bu Yi was not an easy opponent. Huo Bu Yi’s investigation leads them to Hua County, where Shao Shang was trapped. There were many rebels in Hua County. Huo Bu Yi must fight his way out before finding the secret chamber and jumping in to save her.

Huo Bu Yi managed to get rid of Wang Yanji and find his way out before the chamber exploded. He was stunned when he saw Shao Shang crying loudly and calling his name. Every knot in his heart went loose when Shao Shang said she would forgive him.

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For the first time, Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi acted as confidants when they planned to save the Crown Prince/3rd Prince who was ambushed by Tian Shuo. Yep, he was the mastermind of every rebellion in the country. As the remnant of Emperor Li’s, he was the one who instigated Prince Xiao and Marquis Yue to commit sin. When the Crown Prince was in a dire state, Huo Bu Yi came to rescue him and killed Tian Shuo.

Love Like The Galaxy ending explained - Ling Bu Yi

Huo Bu Yi came late to save Shao Shang and Guo village. Fortunately, the Cheng family arrive before him. They helped Shao Shang and Liang Qiu Qi who were in a dire state. Everyone in the Cheng family, including Cheng Yang, Wan Qi Qi, and Ban Jia comes to the rescue. Shao Shang and Guo Village were saved.

In the ending scene, Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi kiss under the stars. Father and Mother Cheng saw them. Father Cheng told him that he had given his daughter to him. If he didn’t treat her right, all the Cheng family members would come to him with their weapons and demand justice for Shao Shang. Huo Bu Yi agrees with his words. Everybody, including Yuan Shen, join them for a sweet family reunion.

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But there was someone who was fuming when he heard that Huo Bu Yi and Shao Shang would get married in Hua County. It was the Emperor. Empress Yue tried to calm him down, but it was useless, so she left him alone in the middle of the night…🤣

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Well, this is the end of our dearest couple. Thankfully it was a happy ending for everyone, because it was such a tough journey for them… 🥰

I hope you like this Love Like The Galaxy ending explained. Anyway, I also wrote Love Like The Galaxy episode recap, feel free if you want to read it and know the detail of every episode 😊.

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  1. I just finished watching this. It was great. I laughed and cried. Was angry when I thought it was the end for them. Are any other shows related to the same characters of this show?

    • Hi Tina, thank you for the comment.

      Hahaha.. they had us fooled right, I thought they would not be together at the end. But thanks to the writer for giving us a happy ending. Well, if you still wanted to see Zhao Lu Si and Leo Wu work together, you might want to watch The Long Ballad.

      If you want to see Zhao Lusi, you might want to watch Who Rule The World, and I suggest you watch Nirvana in Fire to see younger Leo Wu. He was so adorable back then. We had that drama reviewed, you might want to check them on our site, to see whether they are worth watching.

      Happy hunting!😉

  2. It seems to me that the ending could have been longer comparing to the intensity and the length of the story.
    I would have made them date again just like at the beginning with more mature dialogs and have them interfere at the same time like happy people always trying to understand each other to the deepest, set up a few earliest scenes similar to their closeness now and him teasing her like before and her teasing him back
    Then bringing back her best friend she drinks again like old time sake with Cici with them inst we d of falling asleeep they would be dancing then Cici would stop to watch Shaoshang dance and would slowly approach Ling Bu Yi falling again for her.
    The next day with her still dancing in his mind he would ask if Lantern Festival is a good date to set up their wedding day


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