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Top 10 Reasons Why It is Hard To Move on From Love Like The Galaxy Drama

The story of Cheng Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi in Love Like The Galaxy drama has captivated many viewers and has left countless with withdrawals syndrome. Are you one of them? If so, then that explains why you are here haha😁. Today we give you  some reasons why it is hard to move past the Love Like The Galaxy Drama.

By the way, have you read this drama review and ending explained? If not, you can read it right here on Love Like The Galaxy drama review or Love Like The Galaxy ending explained post. Okay, enough with the chit chat, let’s get down to the business.

Top 10 Reasons Why It is Hard To Move on From Love Like The Galaxy Drama

1. The Casts

The pairing of Zhao Lu Si and Leo Wu Lei would sure to draw the attention of many viewers. This was one pairing that we did not know we needed.

With huge fanbases behind the two, the first episode garnered 200 million views, setting a record high.

Zhao Lu Si is an actress who always gives her all in her performances. While Wu Lei was gripping when we saw him in Nirvana in Fire drama and Battle Through the Heavens.

Fortunately, they made a powerful couple in Love Like The Galaxy. The chemistry was just incredible that it filled our heart to the brim.

The scene where Shao Shang realized how much she truly loved Ling Bu Yi/Zisheng, after she thought he had died in the explosion. Oh man, we cried with her.

2. The Chemistry

You can pair an actor and an actress who are known to have strong acting abilities. But chemistry is not a given and is not a something which comes up automatically. Cheng Shao Shang and Zisheng were portrayed beautifully here and their chemistry together was jumping out of the screen. The viewers can feel their tender and genuine love for each other.

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This leaves a long-lasting impact for many viewers, including myself. The romantic scenes were so sweet, we felt my heart almost beat out of my chest! Not necessarily hot and steamy type of scenes but simple scenes where they shared a kiss or a hug, were acted out so beautifully. We had the constant feeling of wanting to avert my eyes out of shyness haha.

Many fans hailed them as the best on screen couple.

3. The Twist And Turn Of The Plot

Chinese dramas are not short on unique and surprising plots and this drama is a perfect example of one such drama.

Although Love Like The Galaxy is a romance drama, but the political story line and the action scenes were thick. It was engaging to the very end. When you thought the mysteries were all revealed and the truth has been brought to light, another plot emerged. Viewers cannot guess the ending and was kept on edge.

But fret not for those of you who have not seen this drama, thankfully, the drama has a satisfying happy ending.

4. Colorful Characters

Shao Shang’s family members, Zisheng’s subordinates, and even including the Emperor and Consort all had characters that were fascinating, if not unheard of, that certainly added to the wonderful chaotic atmosphere. Many opportunities for comedic gold were found here.

One of the ending scenes which we still think about from time to time was how the Emperor was upset that Cheng Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi was finally married but the wedding was held in Hua County. So he complained to Consort Yue that the wedding did not count unless he was also present. He also demanded for Cheng Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi to come all the way to the capital to have another ceremony there.

Consort Fei felt it was too much, so she just left the Emperor to ramble on by himself and even closed the door on him, leaving him outside. That served as the last scene of the Imperial couple haha.

5. Beautiful Second and Third Male Leads

Li Yun Rui and Yu Cheng En played such different characters from each other; Yuan Shen and Lou Yao. But each with their own charms. Handsome features and agreeable demeanor cause the viewers to enjoy their pursuit for Shao Shang’s affection.

6. Wonderful Cinematography

We applaud the director for his impeccable ability to always capture the right atmosphere and emotions of each character. The detailed sets were arranged as such that viewers feel they were really transported into the Love Like The Galaxy world.

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He was also able to capture strong performances by the actors and actresses. So, everyone had their own moments to shine. In the end, the gorgeously shot drama was able to portray the story perfectly.

7. Depiction of Chinese Tradition

You might be thinking ‘Well, duh. This is a Chinese Drama’ haha. But let me elaborate. In the case of Love Like the Galaxy, many netizens appreciate that the drama opens to hand puppetry and it depicts the prose poetry culture. The drama also shows ancient Chinese society in its story telling; from the rituals, interaction between characters and also the marriage system.

The story itself was told from the traditional Chinese family relationships’ point of view. This gives the non-Chinese viewers a glimpse of the rich Chinese culture and winning the appreciation of the Chinese viewers at the same time.

8. Elegant Costumes

Based on the Qin and Han dynasties, the costumes were designed in simple style without so much intricate design, but they came out graceful and sophisticated. This also includes the design for the Imperial family.

Coupled with the carefully arranged sets, the show managed to pull together a cohesive and believable world.

9. Story Revolves Around Family

We think this one is a bit personal for us, but the difficult relationship between Cheng Shao Shang and her mother was the biggest draw of this drama for me. For all the daughters out there, who feel like we have been misunderstood by our mothers, we all can relate to Cheng Shao Shang.

When she found the mother figure she longed for in Empress Xuan Shen’An, it touches somewhere special within me which made her dramatic ending even more mournful.

Not to mention when Cheng Shao Shang’s entire family, even the money loving grandmother, all came together to defend her, it was so heart warming to see.

10. 56 Comprehensive Episodes

Dramas with numerous episodes may be a downside to viewers, but not when there is an amazing cooperation between director and scriptwriter. Such was the case with Love Like the Galaxy. Longer episodes when executed properly allow viewers to become more invested in the characters and more immersed in the world created within the drama.

Hence when the drama was finally over, viewers are left feeling bittersweet.

There you have it. These are our carefully curated reasons on why it is hard to move on from Love Like The Galaxy, but what about yours? Feel free to add in your thoughts down in the comment below.

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