Drama RecapImmortal SamsaraImmortal Samsara (Episode 7-8 Recap)

Immortal Samsara (Episode 7-8 Recap)

  • Title: Immortal Samsara
  • Original Title: 沉香如屑(Chénxiāng rú xiè)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki

List of Recap:

In the last Immortal Samsara episode recap, the Heavenly Realm was getting ready to go to war against the Demon Realm. Ying Yuan told Yan Dan that he will not be able to watch her play. And she must keep herself safe at this time. Now we shall continue the recap on episode 7-8.

Episode Recap

Episode 7

At Xuan Xin Cliff, Celestial Lord Beiming was saying goodbye to his attendant. He entrusted the palace and the beasts in the pond to the attendant. These included a pair of dragons and the little black fish that was Yumo.

The Supreme Majesty was sending off the troops, along with the Celestial and Sovereign Lords, to war. The atmosphere was both solemn and grand. Everyone was roaring out chants of victory.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Supreme Majesty send troops

At this moment, Ying Yuan suddenly thought of the North side having the weakest barrier. He separated himself from the troop and went to verify something.

Meanwhile Yan Dan and Yumo went inside the sacred temple to make a wish for the victory of the Heavenly army, while Luming keeping watch on the outside. Inside, they peeked at the other wishing plaques, hoping to find some ‘materials’ for their play.

However, they found plaques expressing wishes and admiration for Ying Yuan. Yan Dan was stunned by this and told Yumo that Ying Yuan has mediocre look, with boring personality. She was confused why any beautiful deity would like him. Turns out first impressions is hard to get over…

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Yan Dan badmouth Ying Yuan

While they were writing their own wishing plaques, suddenly the temple shook and the pillar that was connected to the Jade Pool began to show cracks. If the pillar toppled, there would be chaos in the Celestial Realm and the Mortal World.

As it turned out, this phenomenon was caused by the Demon King Xuan Xiang trying to break the barrier. He was unhappy with the way Celestial Clan treated the Demon Clan as if they were slaves, hence he wanted to revolt. Ying Yuan intercepted his assault to the barrier and challenged him.

With the aid of his serpent like beast, Xuan Xiang attacked Ying Yuan. But he was not able to subdue him, so he made an escape.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Xuan Xiang fought with Ying Yuan

At the sacred temple Yan Dan was transferring her power to uphold the pillar. But her power was not strong enough. Luming warned her not to use up all her power, otherwise she would die.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Yan Dan transfer her power

Worried for his friend, Yumo transferred his power to Yan Dan, declaring that he would disregard his life to repay her goodwill with kindness. Luming who was screaming at the top of his lungs to stop the two from risking their lives, was touched and in the end also transferred his power to Yan Dan.

Yan Dan then advised Yumo to do a reverse Xiaohuan scriptures technique to increase the spiritual power.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Yumo helped Yan Dan

At the battlefield in the Demon Realm, Huanqin’s troop was outnumbered, and they were almost overtaken. At the critical moment, Ying Yuan and the other Heavenly army came to the rescue.

Now the troops were evenly numbered. But suddenly, the Demon King Xuan Xiang took out his talisman, Eye Demon, and began to chant. Using his flesh as offering, he made the talisman increase the power of all the elders in the Demon Clan. When the two armies clashed, chaos ensued.

Xuan Xiang’s serpent like beast, Nine Tailed Hydra, also came into the fray and the Heavenly Realm army were helpless to defend themselves.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Nine Tailed Hydra

At some point during the battle, Huanqin was seen cornered by the Nine Tailed Hydra. So Ying Yuan flew to his side and helped him fight off the beast. Ying Yuan managed to kill it, but the splash from his poisonous blood seemed to trigger the demon inside him.

Seeing something going wrong with Ying Yuan, Huanqin took him to a safe place where Ying Yuan could calm himself down. Huanqin was seen a bit shaken seeing the state of Ying Yuan before he was able to get his demon under control. He advised Ying Yuan to leave the battlefield and seek treatment. But Ying Yuan refused.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Ying Yuan

Lord Beiming came at this time and reported that with the fall of Nine Tailed Hydra, the Heavenly Realm army was able to gain the upper hand. The Demon King Xuan Xiang has also been seen fleeing the battlefield. Ying Yuan then commanded the two to give chase.

But both Beiming and Huanqin were worried about Ying Yuan and had wanted to return with him so he could get help. Ying Yuan insisted, and they could only obey his command. After Huanqin and Beiming reluctantly left, Ying Yuan fainted. Fortunately, a group of Heavenly Army found him some time later.

Back in Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Zhixi came to collect some magical artifacts to help with the healing process for the Heavenly Army coming back from the war. Yan Dan was appointed to assist her. Throughout their task, Zhixi was cold and curt to Yan Dan. Even reprimanded her for any slight mistake.

Yan Dan felt sad, but she did not think anything was amiss.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Zhixi reprimanded

Suddenly a gong sounded. It was announced that the Heavenly Army won the war, but the casualties suffered were great. Ying Yuan was the only greater god who survived, they even lost Four Divine Artifacts.

As it turned out, after Ying Yuan commanded Huanqin and Beiming to give chase, the Demon King trapped them inside an illusion and killed them. Hearing this, Ying Yuan felt extreme guilt.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Ying Yuan felt guilty

Wrecked with immense grief and suffered from the Nine Tailed Hydra poison, Ying Yuan went berserk. He seemed to have also lost his vision.

The Supreme Majesty was called, but when he arrived at Ying Yuan’s room, he only found his message.

Ying Yuan was too ashamed for being the only survivor of the war and decided to leave the Heavenly Realms. With the poison in his body unable to be cured, his days were numbered.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 Ying Yuan's message

However, to avoid panic and to restore peace to the six realms, the Supreme Majesty decided to announce that: “Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan has been fully healed. But in his grief, he decided to go to the Mortal Realm to calm himself. He will return when he is done.”

The Supreme Majesty then went on to announce that the six realms now will be merged into three realms: Demon Realm, Heavenly Realm and the Mortal Realm (to be honest I’m also pretty confused with this point haha), and the Supreme Majesty will rule above all realms.

Immortal Samsara ep 7 The Supreme Majesty Rule

Episode 8

The attendants of the Yanxu Heavenly Palace were seen hanging bells all around the palace. It was a way for them to convey their well wishes to Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan. They were not told of Ying Yuan’s condition, hence they wondered when Ying Yuan will be back.

Yan Dan was upset that the Yanxu Palace did not even have qualification to know of his condition, or even to serve him during this time.

Meanwhile, Ying Yuan who was simply looking for a place to die, placed an invisibility spell on himself. Unexpectedly, he crossed paths with Yan Dan who was crying sadly for Ying Yuan. She was wishing for him to return soon.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 sad Yan Dan

Even so, Ying Yuan did not reveal himself for fear that Yan Dan would be even sadder when he dies.

Despite the decree from the Supreme Majesty, Yan Dan still went and begged to the Heavenly Hospital to be allowed to take care of Ying Yuan. Sadly, she was not taken seriously and was turned away. They told her that Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan has went down to earth to relax.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yan Dan beg physician

Yan Dan was not satisfied with this explanation, so she went to Xuan Xin Cliff thinking she could get more details on Ying Yuan’s injuries from Celestial Deity Bei Ming. However, when she arrived there, the scene in front of her eyes shocked her on the spot.

Beiming was currently fighting for his life, his body riddled with injuries and sinister poison. Disheveled looking Marshall Huo De who was also there said that all the physicians have given up on him, and basically everyone was just waiting for him to die.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Beiming dying

Beiming was in so much pain that he begged Marshall Huo De to kill him, but Huo De simply could not do it. The Celestial Attendant was also not resigned and still tried to find other ways to cure Beiming.

Yan Dan suddenly thought of the Resurrection Elixir. She rushed to feed some to Beiming, but Beiming who was in agony, pushed her away. Yumo who was in the form of the black fish in the pond, heard Beiming’s screams of pain. He transformed into human and flew inside the room.

Hearing Beiming miserable pleas to be released from his pain, Yumo could not bear it. He realized his power was not strong enough to heal Beiming so he could only agree to Beiming’s last request. But when he was about to give Beiming a fatal blow, Yan Dan stopped him.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 sad Yumo

Yan Dan assured him that she knew of a way, to at least let the two meets for a moment before Beiming dies. Yan Dan then transferred her power to Beiming. For a moment, his pain seemed to go away and Beiming was able to regain awareness of his surroundings.

He greeted Yan Dan, and for the first time, Yumo greeted Beiming as his master. He revealed that he has just regained his human form only lately. Beiming recognized him as the black fish from Nine Fins clan. The sweet reunion they shared was only for a moment, then Beiming dies. Such a sad moment, this one….

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yumo greets Beiming

In his sadness, Yumo gave Beiming a dragon scale from his body to be buried together.

The next scene was the burial ceremony for gods that died in the hands of the Demon Army; Sovereign Lord Zhao Sheng, Greater God of Heavenly Pole Zi Xu, Lord Wan Yue of Yu Ji Chi Yi, Ancient Lord Chang Sheng, Star Deity Ji Du Huanqin, and Celestial Deity Beiming.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Burial Ceremony

It was a gloomy scene, even Ying Deng looked less vile.

Yumo and Yan Dan, who were both mourning their loss, reminisced about how good Beiming had been to them. Then they both complained how the Heavenly Realm, though sacred and solemn, is in actuality both rigid and cold. With all the sacrifice he made to the Heavenly Realm, Beiming was only given an empty name of Greater God. But, in the days to come, Xuan Xin Cliff will be given a new owner. Thus erasing any traces of him.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yan Dan Yumo

Overcome by emotion, Yan Dan made rain fall in Xuan Xin Cliff, to signify the sadness the Xuan Xin Cliff suffered over the loss of its owner.

At this moment, these two friends made a promise to Beiming. Yan Dan promised to look after Yumo, while Yumo promised to grow stronger so that he will be able to protect the people he cared about in his life.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yan Dan promise to Beiming

Thinking of what had happened to Beiming, Ying Yuan prayed for Ying Yuan’s safe return.

The days after the burial ceremony, Yan Dan was covered in gloom. Luming could not stand the sight of her feeling down all the time. Hence, he took her to the Jade Pool Banquet, hoping for her to meet Earth Immortals.

Earth Immortals were not bound to the no love rule as that rule only applied to greater gods. So Luming was hoping for Yan Dan to meet someone and fell in love.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Luming took Yan Dan to Banquet

Suddenly, they announced the arrival of the East Dragon King. Yan Dan saw the East Dragon King brought many gifts. Luming told her that the Supreme Majesty also prepared many gifts for the Earth Immortals, they were currently piled in the Treasure Pavillion and will be distributed later on using the Heavenly River.

Thinking the Treasure Pavillion was currently unmanned and deserted, Yan Dan came up with an idea, which worried Luming. As it turned out, she wanted to sneak the Celestial Turtle to the Mortal Realm by hiding it within the treasure in the Treasure Pavillion.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yan Dan planning with Yumo

During the play rehearsal at Pixiang Hall, she shared her idea with Yumo. Afterwards, he passed him the invitation to watch her play. Yumo promised to come but seemed to hesitate after knowing the event will be held at noon.

Yumo’s spiritual power was depleted by a lot when he helped Yan Dan stabilized the pillar in the Sacred Temple. He was not sure he could still maintain his human form during the time of the play. With the play only three days away, he spent day and night to cultivate and train.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yumo cultivates

It was now 8 hours before the play. Yan Dan and the other attendants were busy preparing the stage. They were complaining about having to light the lantern one by one. It would save a lot of time if all the lanterns could be lit up all at once. But it would take a great amount of spiritual power and none of them were up to the task.

They knew Yan Dan has made a big improvement in her spiritual power lately, under the guidance of Ying Yuan. Hence, they asked Yan Dan to try lighting the lantern all at once. After failing several times, Yan Dan succeeded, surprising everyone and herself.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yan Dan lit up the Hall

She was so surprised that she fell off the ladder she was standing on. Luckily, Yumo caught her before she hit the ground. Uurrmm,….. what’s happening?

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yumo caught Yan Dan

During the banquet, the War of Genesis play was performed in front of everyone. The first part of the play was a success, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Except of course, Ying Deng, she still rolled her eyes at her table.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 The play

Meanwhile, Yan Dan was disappointed that Ying Yuan did not come to see her play. She thought he must have forgotten about her. Yumo, unexpectedly was also not able to make it. Needless to say, Yan Dan was feeling down.

The scene then showed Yumo trying to maintain his human form by the pond at Xuan Xin Cliff. But he seemed to be having problem with his power, as such he transformed back into the black fish.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Yumo staggered

At this time, the second part of the play was showing the end of the War of Genesis. The actors who portrayed Celestial Deity Beiming and Star Deity Huanqin lamented that the war was won at a grave price; the annihilation of 135 clans. This seemed like a critique towards the Supreme Majesty.

The last clan that was thought to be annihilated was Yan Dan and Zhixi’s Four Leaf Lotus Clan. But ‘Beiming’ found their last remaining descendant which was the lotus seed that became Zhixi and Yan Dan.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Lotus

Their budget is no joke.

The play ended successfully, and Yan Dan was praised by the Supreme Majesty. Zhixi was originally happy for her. But thanks to Ying Deng’s comment, Yan Dan’s success felt like a slap to Zhixi’s face.

However, in the middle of the Supreme Majesty’s praises for the play, Marshall Huo De stood up. Intoxicated and feeling indignant, he shouted at the Supreme Majesty, mocking him for having the guts to celebrate victory after just burying the many gods who have fallen in the war.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Huo De was angered

After everyone pleaded for the Supreme Majesty to quell his anger, the East Dragon King reprimanded Huo De’s behavior. The Supreme Majesty followed his comment by stripping Huo De from all his military power and appointing him as the new owner of Xuan Xin Cliff.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Huo De appointed as new owner of Xuan Xin Cliff

Huo De then disrespectfully lifted his sword with his pinky finger and threw it at the feet of the Supreme Majesty. A contemptuous act. Huo De walked out of the banquet leaving everyone bewildered.

Seeing the atmosphere turned sour, Yan Dan spoke up and wished for a chance to clarify her play. She said that learning from what Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan taught her, that the heroes went to war was for the sake of obtaining peace. Cherishing prosperity was commemorating the heroes.

Yan Dan’s words highlighted that both Huo De and the Supreme Majesty’s opinion was not wrong. The Supreme Majesty was happy to hear this and praised Yan Dan further. He even said her play deserved to win.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 the play was praised

The Supreme Majesty then asked Yan Dan, what she wished for since she had won the play competition. Yan Dan then said she wished to take Zhixi’s place to go to the Mortal Realm so that Zhixi could move up the Celestial rank.

All the immortals in attendance all commented how clever Yan Dan was. Yan Dan’s request fueled Ying Deng’s anger and caused her to ridicule Zhixi on the spot. This vile woman turned all of Yan Dan’s love and care for Zhixi into nothing but sinister deeds…. ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

Immortal Samsara ep 8 Ying Deng incite Zhixi

The Supreme Majesty agreed to Yan Dan’s request. Elated, Yan Dan also boldly requested the Supreme Majesty to bid farewell on her behalf to Ying Yuan who was currently not in the Heavenly Realm. She also passed Ying Yuan’s coat to the Supreme Majesty so he may give it back to Ying Yuan once he returned.

Joyfully, Yan Dan approached Zhixi after the event. She thought Zhixi would be happy with her request, but out of her expectation Zhixi was furious with her. Zhixi felt humiliated and belittled by Yan Dan’s action. She hit Yan Dan and challenged her to a fight. Yan Dan did not retaliate but only stared at her in shock.

Immortal Samsara ep 8 angry Zhixi

Ying Deng the viper then came by and told Zhixi she will not be able to win fighting Yan Dan. Yan Dan was able to even beat her, the Curator, by only several moves. Hearing this, Yan Dan was still trying to win over Zhixi. But Zhixi chose to leave with Ying Deng.

Hhhhh rivalry in sisters is actually a normal thing. I hope they can overcome their misunderstanding and get back together.

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