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"Only For Love was a good drama if you came to admire the visuals."

Only For Love Drama Review

  • Title: Only For Love
  • Also Known As: 以爱为营, Cuo Liao, Yi Ai Wei Ying , Accidental Love
  • Director: Guo Hu
  • Cast: Bai Lu, Dylan Wang
  • Screenwriter: Yang Qian Zi
  • Genres: Romance
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Date of Release: November 3, 2023
  • Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, Viki, MGTV, Viu
  • Adapted from the web novel: “Accidental Love” by Qiao Yao

Dear readers, I apologize for the long delay in posting. My family and I were hit with covid which took some time to recover from. However, during my recovery, I managed to watch several dramas and will write the reviews about them as soon as possible. Only for Love was a Chinese romance drama, consist of 36 episodes with Dylan Wang and Bai Lu as the main casts. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Only For Love Synopsis

Zheng Shu Yi works as a journalist for a magazine called Financial Introduce. She is an intelligent and talented journalist. Her style of writing was sharp and her analysis was spot on. Added to her beautiful appearance, Zheng Shu Yi was confident in her ability to interview the most promising young CEO, Shi Yan, from Yunchuang Capital. Zheng Shu Yi believed that Shi Yan’s interview would help her get the front-page article.

Shi Yan is a sharp, cold, and straightforward person. Even though Shi Yan keeps a low profile, his name was already famous in the industry as the young CEO of a new emerging investment company.

Zheng Shu Yi’s professional and personal life collided when her boyfriend cheated on her with a girl who appeared to be Shi Yan’s niece. Zheng Shu Yi decided to pursue Shi Yan to avenge her ex-boyfriend, but as she got to know him, she found herself attracted to him.

Only For Love Drama Review - Shi Yan and Zheng Shu Yi
Only For Love Drama Review – Shi Yan and Zheng Shu Yi

The feeling was mutual, and they began a pursuing game. Will Zheng Shu Yi be able to realize that her feelings for Shi Yan were more than just an act of revenge?

Only For Love Review

I choose Only for Love because I loved seeing Dylan Wang and Bai Lu acted as a couple. Their visuals were top-notch. As someone who loves to see beautiful people, this drama was a must for me. After watching Dylan Wang in “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” “Unchained Love,” and “Youth in the Flame of War,” choosing his drama became an instinct for me.

Meanwhile, Bai Lu had just played in the sensational Story of Kunning Palace drama. I enjoyed her performance in the drama and decided to watch more of her work.

The drama tells a familiar story of a cold CEO and a bubbly girl, which is a common trope in Cdramaworld and Cnovelworld. There was nothing new with the story. Fortunately, Zheng Shu Yi was pictured as a smart and talented woman, even if her EQ was a bit low. If her character lacked these qualities, I would not have continued watching the drama.

Another thing that made me furrow my brow was the fact that Only for Love glorified working overtime and skipping meals. This was the first thought that came to my mind after watching the finale. I know it may sound vain, but how many employees enjoy working overtime? And how many employers actually want employees who like to work overtime? It is not cost-effective and it is certainly bad for your health.

However, in this type of business drama, the characters always seem to work overtime. Despite this, they still maintain a fresh appearance and have great relationships, like Dylan Wang’s character.

When I worked overtime, the only people who spoke to me affectionately were the food couriers. The CDrama world had raised my expectations, only to be crushed by reality.

Only for Love is an adaptation of the novel Accidental Love. I’ve read the novel a few years ago. I really enjoyed reading it. The story was light and entertaining, perfect for something to read while commuting. However, while watching the drama, I had the feeling that the story was a bit too long and dragged in the middle. I’m getting tired of watching this couple playing hard to get.

The relationship between Shi Yan-Zheng and Shu Yi was not the only thing that was torturous. The second couple, Shan Shan and Guan Ji, were equally annoying. They were so engrossed in their push-and-pull relationship that it became boring. Additionally, their characters did not seem to be well-developed, and their ending seemed too rushed.

The most entertaining couple was Qin Shi Yue and Yu You. Qin Shi Yue is younger than the other characters as she is Shi Yan’s niece. Although her train of thought might be a little childish, the way she pursued Yu You was more organized, even though it felt like bombarding Yu You with affection, but hey, it seemed to work.

The visual aspect of this drama was my favorite, particularly Dylan Wang’s dashing appearance in gold-rimmed glasses and dark suits. Bai Lu looked stunning in every outfit, giving the impression that this was a fashion drama rather than a business one. All characters were well-dressed, and their hair was always perfectly styled, regardless of the situation.

The chemistry between the main leads was amazing, with Dylan Wang and Bai Lu exchanging secret glances and sharing warm kisses. This is a romance drama, and I was happy to have my share of romantic scenes.

Only For Love Drama Review - poster
Only For Love Drama Review – poster

I watched Only For Love because I thought the story would be interesting, as I love the novel. However, I was a bit disappointed after watching it. The story was average, and the character development was vague. They were not well written and some of them were contradictory.

For example, Shan Shan was supposed to be a relationship expert, but her advice was ultimately misleading and not very helpful. On the other hand, Qin Shi Yue, who may have seemed unreliable at first, actually proved to be quite dependable. She achieved her goals and found her purpose in life.

Despite the somewhat disappointing story, my initial intention of watching this drama for the plot shifted to simply admiring the beautiful faces of the actors.

The Story

Zheng Shu Yi: “Having tactics can only get you one interview, but competence can help you produce excellent articles.”

Meanwhile Shi Yan: “You are the catastrophe of my life”

The story of Only for Love revolves around Zheng Shu Yi and Shi Yan, along with three other couples who are closely connected to them. While the drama is engaging, their story is somewhat cliché. Additionally, the plot includes Shi Yan’s business struggles in the latter half of the drama.

The story begins with Zheng Shu Yi’s desire to obtain a front-page article for Financial Introduce. She is a good journalist. Her editor-in-chief, Tang Yi, believed she could get the spot if she was able to interview Shi Yan, the CEO of Yuanshang Capital. It was not easy for her to meet Shi Yan since he was so busy. However, her perseverance finally paid off when she was able to meet him after being stood up several times.

In fact, Shi Yan already knew her through her writings and admired her. However, due to his packed schedule, Zheng Shu Yi was unable to handle the situation herself. Fortunately, Shan Shan had a wider social circle than he did.

Additionally, Zheng Shu Yi’s personal and professional lives became intertwined due to Yue Xing Zhou’s affair with Qin Le Zhi. Zheng Shu Yi thought that Yue Xing Zhou would apologize to her for the affair, but she was shocked when he asked for a breakup because Qin Le Zhi’s uncle was someone with a high status who could help him elevate his career. Zheng Shu Yi was not lovestruck, so she agreed to the breakup.

However, she was not someone who did not have any feelings at all. So, amidst her anger and broken heart, she made a plan to pursue Shi Yan, whom she thought to be Qin Le Zhi’s uncle. It would be amusing if one day, Yue Xing Zhou and Qin Le Zhi would have to call her aunt. It was the best revenge plan that Zheng Shu Yi could think of at that time.

However, the story later shifts to Zheng Shu Yi’s guilt when she realizes that she has fallen in love with Shi Yan. She was afraid that Shi Yan would hate her for taking advantage of him.

Meanwhile, Shi Yan himself had truly fallen in love with Zheng Shu Yi since he first saw her. However, he was an arrogant and proud person. He may have looked annoyed by her, but he secretly cared for her. They started playing the pursuing game after Zheng Shu Yi bravely told Shi Yan that she would be pursuing him.

Only For Love Drama Review - poster 2

Since then, she has sent him many pick-up lines and stickers. Shi Yan rarely responds, but he secretly enjoys the attention. The game would have taken a longer time if Zheng Shu Yi’s mother had not set up a blind date for herself and Yu You.

At the beginning of their relationship, Shi Yan was the one who did most of the courting. Although Shi Yan did it with pride and arrogance, we could see how much he really cared for Zheng Shu Yi. On the contrary, Zheng Shu Yi was the one who always tried to open up the communication between them, but her actions did not seem sincere.

Especially because she only had two things on her mind regarding Shi Yang: her Yunchuang article project and her revenge. Even though she did many sweet things, it was clear who put their heart into the actions.

There were many couples in this drama, and I’m in the mood to talk about them all.

Our second couple is Bi Ruo Shan or Shan Shan and Guan Ji. They shared the same disposition, fear, and mutual feelings. However, whenever they tried to see each other, a third party always blocked them from being together. Sometimes a woman would call Guan Ji coquettishly, or a man would make Shan Shan laugh and feel happy.

However, their interactions were often filled with angst, which made me feel frustrated. Additionally, I was bothered by the fact that Guan Ji and Shan Shan seemed to lack confidence in their feelings, easily backing down when faced with challenges. They were afraid of rejection, which made them afraid to love. It was sad to see because they clearly liked each other.

However, the unhappiness of seeing Zheng Shu Yi-Shi Yan and Guan JI-Shan Shan was lessened every time I saw Yu You and Qin Shi Yue. Qin Shi Yue may be the youngest of them all, a little bit childish and unreliable, but she was a very positive person. Qin Shi Yue was persistent in pursuing Yu You, despite his rejections.

She believed that if she tried hard enough, he would eventually fall for her. Her actions were sweet and she even attended his lectures at the university, despite her dislike for school. Qin Shi Yue was determined but not a pushover. Like Shi Yan, Yu You eventually admitted his feelings after realizing he had a rival.

Before falling in love with Qin Shi Yue, Yu You was already attracted to Zheng Shu Yi since they met at Guan Ji’s banquet. There is no way he was not attracted to Zheng Shu Yi when he offered her hot water to drink her medicine. If he could see what she needed, then he was already paying attention to her long before that.

However, Yu You was a tad too slow. He was not an ambitious person, and therefore, he was unaware that there were many people who liked Zheng Shu Yi. Yu You silently retreated when he realized that Zheng Shu Yi was already interested in someone else. His feelings for her were not deep enough, perhaps in some way he only admired her beauty and talents.

The next couple was Tang Yi and Guan Xiang Chen. Tang Yi had a commitment phobia. Although they loved each other, Tang Yi was afraid of taking the next step in their relationship. She feared being recognized by Guan Xiang Chen’s relatives and colleagues, so she chose to remain a hidden lover.

Despite this, Guan Xiang Chen remained calm and did not get angry with her or force her to announce their relationship openly. He respected her opinion and decision without a doubt. I truly like Guan Xiang Chen. He was the only character that was written nicely.

However, the last couple, Yue Xing Zhou and Qin Le Zhi, were the most infuriating couple. Yue Xing Zhou was someone who would abandon his lover for someone with connections just because he did not want to do too much work. He wanted to cut corners and gain benefits easily. He was also a stingy person who gave Qin Le Zhi a used gold brooch that he had previously given to Zheng Shu Yi. And strangely enough, Qin Le Zhi was not suspicious at all.

The law of attraction says that we attract people who are similar to us. It’s no wonder Qin Le Zhi fell in love with someone like Yue Xiang Zhou, a shallow man who loves money and fame but doesn’t want to work hard to achieve them. Meanwhile, Qin Le Zhi was shameless enough to ruin other people’s relationships. Well, I have to say that Yue Xing Zhou was in the wrong as well, because he was also an incompetent person.

As for Qin Le Zhi, she was not afraid to make assumptions about Zheng Shu Yi because she wanted to get rid of her. Qin Le Zhi was feeling insecure, jealous, and worried that Yue Xing Zhou would still love Zheng Shu Yi.

The ending of Only For Love was clear. The opening scene foreshadowed a happy ending with marriage, but the path to happiness was not easy. Zheng Shu Yi must confront her guilt and the potential consequences of taking advantage of Shi Yan’s love. You can read about it more detail by visiting Only For Love ending explained post.

The Characters

Zheng Shu Yi

Zheng Shu Yi (played by Bai Lu) was born to be a journalist. She graduated from a famous university majoring in finance. However, she has a knack for writing, her analysis is accurate, and her stubbornness and persistence could conquer any tough opponent. She can even handle the most difficult interviewees, such as Shi Yan.

Only For Love Drama Review - Bai Lu as Zheng Shu Yi
Only For Love Drama Review – Bai Lu as Zheng Shu Yi

In addition to her sharp mind and hardworking attitude, Zheng Shu Yi is blessed with a beautiful appearance. This is an added bonus point that could make any interviewee regret rejecting her. Zheng Shu Yi has written many praiseworthy articles and won a journalism award.

People are starting to recognize her work. As a senior journalist at Financial Introduce, Zheng Shu Yi has become her superior’s right-hand woman. Tang Yi gives her the most exclusive spots in the magazine and the most challenging tasks to accomplish.

Zheng Shu Yi had a goal different from her colleagues: to run the digital magazine of Financial Introduce. To achieve this, she aimed to establish herself as the best journalist in the magazine. She attracted famous names in the industry with her proactive, daring, and positive attitude.

Zheng Shu Yi is an only child. Her parents, especially her mother, were eager for her to find a boyfriend and get married. Zheng Shu Yi and Yu You were set up on a blind date by their mothers, who know each other from their hometown. However, Zheng Shu Yi’s heart was already taken by Shi Yan.

Previously, Zheng Shu Yi had been in a relationship with Yue Xing Zhou, who had pursued her for years. Unfortunately, after they got together, Yue Xing Zhou cheated on her with a woman named Qin Le Zhi. Zhang Shu Yi believed that Qin Le Zhi was Shi Yan’s niece. Yue Xing Zhou and Qin Le Zhi were the main reasons why Zheng Shu Yi decided to pursue Shi Yan.

Shi Yan

Shi Yan (played by Dylan Wang) is a second-generation successful businessman. Instead of inheriting his father’s capital investment company, he decided to build his own company, Yunchuang. Thanks to his innate business talent, Yunchuang expanded rapidly and within three years became a major player in the industry. As a result, Shi Yan is now recognized as one of the most successful businessmen in the field.

Only For Love Drama Review - Dylan Wang as Shi Yan
Only For Love Drama Review – Dylan Wang as Shi Yan

Shi Yan is a decisive and responsible leader who is willing to take risks. He has a different approach to the industry compared to his father, Shi Wen Guang. But the old man respected his son’s decision Although many people were against Shi Yan.

Shi Yan has an older sister, Song Le Lan, who is a famous singer. Her husband, Qin Xiao Ming, took over the management of Mingyu Capital. Some people mistakenly believed he had stolen the CEO position from Shi Yan, but Shi Yan insisted that Qin Xiao Ming deserved the role due to his abilities. Shi Yan only has one niece, Qin Shi Yue. Although he appears cold and cruel to her, Shi Yan dotes on and cares for his playful niece.

Shi Yan fell in love with Zheng Shu Yi at first sight. Her beautiful appearance and her smart brain attracted him. However, he never admitted his feelings to her, allowing her to believe that she had fallen in love first.

Shi Yan is an overbearing, arrogant, and possessive person in his relationship. He can be narrow-minded at times, but he covers it up well, with the exception of his assistant Chen Sheng who notices. Despite occasional cluelessness, Shi Yan is a caring and attentive lover to Zheng Shu Yi.

Qin Shi Yue

Qin Shi Yue (played by Shen Yu Ji), Shi Yan’s niece, was used to a luxurious lifestyle. Despite having a journalism degree from a university, she preferred leisure over work. Since Shi Yan did not like to see her hanging around and spending money, he sent her to Financial Introduce and she ended up being Zheng Shu Yi’s junior intern.

Only For Love Drama Review - Shen Yu Jie as Qin Shi Yue
Only For Love Drama Review – Shen Yu Jie as Qin Shi Yue

Initially, there was a misunderstanding between them, Zheng Shu Yi is a dedicated writer who puts 100% focus into her articles. She wore noise-cancelling earphones and didn’t hear Qin Shi Yue’s calls. Qin Shi Yue thought she was being rude and complained to Shi Yan, who punished Zheng Shu Yi.

Later, Qin Shi Yue realized her mistake and tried to make it up to Zheng Shu Yi by going shopping. While shopping, Qin Shi Yue helped Zheng Shu Yi vent her anger to Yue Xing Zhou and Qin Le Zhi.

Qin Shi Yue never seriously considered her future. So she simply goes with the flow and often relies on Shi Yan or Guan Ji for help. Unfortunately, she does not always consider the consequences of her actions.

Despite this, Qin Shi Yue is a good person who is both stubborn and persevering. She joined Yu You’s class with the intention of seeing him. However, she still works hard to understand the materials. Qin Shi Yue comes from a wealthy family, but she is not an arrogant person.

Bi Ruo Shan

Bi Ruo Shan (played by Jiang Pei Yao), also known as Shan Shan, was Zheng Shu Yi’s best friend from school. Shan Shan worked as a reporter. Unlike Zheng Shu Yi, Shan Shan was carefree and daring, enjoying a life of freedom and surrounded by many people. Although she had many admirers, none of them could truly capture her heart, at least not until she met Guan Ji.

Only For Love Drama Review - Jiang Pei Yao as Bi Ruo Shan
Only For Love Drama Review – Jiang Pei Yao as Bi Ruo Shan

Shan Shan may appear cold and detached, but she is warm and friendly towards Zheng Shu Yi. She spends time with her and cares about her well-being. Apart from Zheng Shu Yi, Shan Shan also had many friends waiting for her at her favorite bar.

Although she is a relationship expert, Shan Shan is afraid of commitment in real life. She does not believe in long-term relationships and prefers casual relationships with men. Her relationship with Guan Ji is also in the form of friends with benefits. They spend many intimate nights together, but the next day, they pretend they are not acquaintances with each other.

Guan Ji

Guan Ji (played by Liu Dong Qin) is a close friend of Shi Yan and they appear to have a familial relationship. He is also a second-generation businessman, as his father, Guan Xiang Cheng, is a well-known figure in the investment industry. Guan Xiang Cheng established his own investment company, Guan Capital, which is now run by Guan Ji. He has become Shi Yan’s business partner, and Guan Capital is now backing Yunchuang.

Only For Love Drama Review - Liu Dong Qin as Guan Ji
Only For Love Drama Review – Liu Dong Qin as Guan Ji

Guan Ji was famous not for his business acumen, but for being a playboy. He frequented bars with many female companions, which drove Shan Shan away. Like Shan Shan, Guan Ji enjoyed his freedom and had commitment issues stemming from his parent’s divorce years ago.

Yu You

Yu You (played by Wei Zhe Ming) holds dual Ph.D. degrees in Finance and Economics and is the youngest professor at the University of Finance and Economics. He recently returned from abroad and joined Guan Ji and Shi Yan as their strategic advisor, bringing valuable expertise to Yunchuang.

Only For Love Drama Review - Wei Zhe Ming as Yu You
Only For Love Drama Review – Wei Zhe Ming as Yu You

Unlike Shi Yan and Guan Ji, who exudes a powerful aura, Yu You is gentle, friendly, and kind. Qin Shi Yue is completely attracted to his gentleness. Yu You, who is already 30 years old, is facing a common dilemma: marriage. His mother is eager for him to marry Zheng Shu Yi, as their mothers know each other and believe that being in-laws would be a good idea. However, despite Yu You’s interest in her, Zheng Shu Yi only sees him as a friend.

Despite his refined appearance, Yu You enjoys speeding on his black sports motorcycle. Yu You came from an ordinary family, so he chose basketball instead of horseback riding, which Shi Yan and Guan Ji love.

Xu Yu Ling

Xu Yu Ling (played by An Yue Xi) is a colleague of Zheng Shu Yi in Financial Introduce. She can be considered as Zheng Shu Yi’s main competitor. They compete for the top spot in the magazine, and Xu Yu Ling often loses to Zheng Shu Yi.

Only For Love Drama Review - An Yue Xi as Xu Yu Ling
Only For Love Drama Review – An Yue Xi as Xu Yu Ling

Although Xu Yu Ling may not be as talented as Zheng Shu Yi, she still works hard and is a valuable member of the team. She often uses every possible method to secure a good interview, but in the end, no matter what she does, Zheng Shu Yi always wins. This makes her feel hatred and jealousy towards Zheng Shu Yi.

‘The Conclusion

Only For Love was a good drama if you came to admire the visuals. However, if you are looking for a drama with a more serious storyline, you might want to skip this one. Despite that, I must say that I am enjoying every scene with Dylan Wang and Bai Lu. They make a great couple.

This drama may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you choose to watch this drama to warm up your cold night, remember to watch it in daily doses. This is better than spending hours binge-watching the whole episode, as you are less likely to get bored. Well, dear readers, I hope this review helps. Also, don’t forget to read my post on Only For Love Ending Explained. I’ll see you in another drama review. Bye!

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"Only For Love was a good drama if you came to admire the visuals."Only For Love Drama Review
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