Ending ExplainedOnly For Love Ending Explained

Only For Love Ending Explained

Finally, after the dragging plot in the middle of the drama, the story of Only for Love improved in the end. There were lots of dynamics that kept me from getting bored, especially after the story emphasized Shi Yan’s business crisis. The Only For Love drama finished with a happy ending, followed by a special episode that made me even happier. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Only For Love Ending Explained

What Happened to Zheng Shu Yi and Shi Yan?

Since the breakup, Zheng Shu Yi has been in a bad mood. She withdrew from the Yunchuang special in-depth article collaboration, and Tang Yi allowed Xu Yu Ling to continue with the project. Meanwhile, Zheng Shu Yi interviewed Yi Yang, a newcomer in the technology industry. Yi Yang showed a clear interest in Zheng Shu Yi and tried every means to pursue her. He was rejected several times, but still never gave up.

Only For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Zheng Shu Yi and Shi Yan?
Only For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Zheng Shu Yi and Shi Yan?

After Xu Yu Ling failed to continue with the interview, Tang Yi decided to reinstate Zheng Shu Yi in the project. This troubled Zheng Shu Yi because she was not ready to meet Shi Yan, but she could not reject the job. However, when she went to see Shi Yan to discuss work, she was kicked out of his office.

Shi Yan was disappointed because he had hoped that she would talk about their relationship instead of work. Whereas Zheng Shu Yi, had already thought that Shi Yan hated her. He did not show up at the aquarium and he blocked her on We Chat.

Shi Yan and Zheng Shu Yi have their own assumptions about their relationship problems. To make Zheng Shu Yi realize what he wanted from her, Shi Yan told reporters that he could not accept someone who could not stand firm and ran away instead of looking for a solution. But his words made Zheng Shu Yi become broken-hearted because she thought that Shi Yan was rejecting her. Zheng Shu Yi decided to delete his contact on WeChat.

Shi Yan believed he had given Zheng Shu Yi a sign that they should talk about their situation. That night, he messaged her to ask if she wanted to have noodles but discovered they were not friends on WeChat.

Yi Yang continued to actively pursue Zheng Shu Yi. When she needed new luggage, Yi Yang accompanied her to the store. Later, they had a meal with Qin Shi Yue and Yu You, whom they accidentally met. During the meal, Qin Shi Yue texted her uncle to urge him to take action because she noticed how attentive and proactive Yi Yang was. She was worried that Zheng Shu Yi might develop feelings for Yi Yang.

Her messages succeeded in making Shi Yan jealous. He left the house and drove to Zheng Shu Yi’s place. After waiting for a couple of hours, he saw Zheng Shu Yi leave the house in the pouring rain. Zheng Shu Yi was not feeling well and had to go to the hospital due to a fever. Shi Yan took Zheng Shu Yi to the hospital. He was quite attentive, despite the fact that he kept his sour face on all night, making Zheng Shu Yi feel uncomfortable.

The following day, Zheng Shu Yi returned to the hospital for another IV treatment. Shi Yan found out about it from Qin Shi Yue, who spoke to Zheng Shu Yi on the phone. He went to the hospital to keep Zheng Shu Yi company while she slept. After the IV treatment was finished, Zheng Shu Yi was too dizzy to walk, so Shi Yan had to carry her.

Zheng Shu Yi finally admitted that she had been pretending in front of him for a long time. But later on, she really fell in love with him and wanted to have a perfect ending with him. Zheng Shu Yi was dumbfounded when Shi Yan replied that it all depended on her performance.

Before she left the car, he revealed that they had first met long before Guan Ji’s party. Yet, Zheng Shu Yi could not remember it.

While their relationship improved, Yunchuang faced a problem with its investment in Le’an Technology. The shareholders attempted to persuade Shi Yan to withdraw their investment, but he still had high hopes for Le’an and Chen Kang. Meanwhile, Yi Yang also encountered a problem.

Bruce required more time and additional team members to make a breakthrough in their project. Yi Yang approached Chen Kang and Shi Yan to talk about acquiring Le’an. Chen Kang was very upset by his idea.

In the meantime, although their relationship was stable, Zheng Shu Yi still felt insecure. She still felt guilty for her deception and was afraid that Shi Yan would take revenge on her. Shi Yan assures her that he has put the past behind him and she should do the same.

Zheng Shu Yi injured her right hand and cannot use it for a while. She went to Yunchuang to complain about the pain and her inability to use her hand. Shi Yan used the injury as an excuse to invite her to move in with him. After some thought, Zheng Shu Yi agreed. Due to this arrangement, someone’s niece was kicked out of the house. 😂😂

Since the first night they share a bed, Zheng Shu Yi has been anticipating that Shi Yan would make a move on her, but it did not happen as she expected. Shi Yan only held her at night for several days in a row. Zheng Shu Yi began to think she was not attractive enough.

One night, Zheng Shu Yi was talking to Shan Shan about the zero possibility of her and Shi Yan sleeping together that night. Zheng Shu Yi replied that there was nothing wrong with her, so there had to be something wrong with Shi Yan. The conversation was displayed on her computer screen and Shi Yan accidentally saw it. To prove that there was nothing wrong with him, Shi Yan decided to make that night unforgettable for Zheng Shu Yi.

Chen Kang decided to consider the cooperation between Le’an and Yi Yang’s Dark Horse. However, Shi Yan needed to find an alternative to acquisition since both companies needed each other but were not suitable for a merger. Yi Yang agreed to the cooperation and asked Zheng Shu Yi to report it, but she refused.

This moment was the most critical time for the cooperation between Le’an and Dark Horse. Shi Yan faced pressure from shareholders. They advised Shi Wen Guan to let Qin Xiao Ming take over Yunchuang. However, Shi Wen Guang refused because he believed in Shi Yan’s ability.

After some thought, Zheng Shu Yi decided to write an article about cooperation from a different perspective. The article changed many people’s opinions about the cooperation between Le’an and Dark Horse. The shareholders and the readers started to have a positive reaction towards the cooperation.

Financial Introduce launched a digital magazine, and Zheng Shu Yi was chosen as the lead. However, the Chief Editor did not choose Zheng Shu Yi to become the head of the department because he felt that Zheng Shu Yi was too young for the position.

Despite her disappointment, Zheng Shu Yi accepted the decision. A year later, she secured the position, won an award for her article, and became engaged to Shi Yan.

At Tang Yi and Guan Xiang Cheng’s wedding, Zheng Shu Yi becomes a bridesmaid while Shi Yan becomes the best man. At the wedding reception, Qin Xiao Ming asks when Guan Ji will get married and he replies that he is ready but it would depend on his girlfriend.

Shan Shan replied that she was always in sync with Zheng Shu Yi and asked Shi Yan when he planned to marry Zheng Shu Yi. Shi Yan told Zheng Shu Yi to pick a day. Then Zheng Shu Yi threw another question to Yu You, who was the eldest among the three of them, when would he hold a marriage with Qin Shi Yue.

Yu You said he has to wait for the family’s approval. When Guan Xiang Cheng suggested a group wedding for the boys, the girls said they were not in a rush. However, each of them had planned to catch the wedding bouquet.

What Happened to Bi Ruo Shan and Guan Ji?

Guan Ji was finally able to persuade Shan Shan to be his girlfriend. However, they are still hiding their relationship from Zheng Shu Yi because she is still heartbroken over Shi Yan. Meanwhile, Guan Xiang Chen is still waiting for Tang Yi to willingly talk about their relationship openly.

Only For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Bi Ruo Shan and Guan Ji?
Only For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Bi Ruo Shan and Guan Ji?

Guan Ji knows about his father’s affection for Tang Yi and has decided to persuade her himself. They met and had a deep conversation about Guan Xiang Chen. Guan Ji realized that his father still thought that he owed him a lot and Tang Yi cared about it.

However, Guan Ji reassured Tang Yi that Guan Xiang Chen did not owe him anything. Instead, Guan Xiang Cheng had already given him a lot of love and the best education. Guan Ji hoped that Tang Yi would give his father a chance.

Guan Jia and Shan Shan kept the relationship a secret until the night when Qin ShiYue was admitted to the hospital due to a car accident. Zheng Shu Yi finally met Song Le Lan, but she was embarrassed because Song Le Lan caught her gossiping about her news. Zheng Shu Yi was angry because Shi Yan never told her about his sister. She decided to return to her apartment but forgot to bring her key.

As a result, she went to Shan Shan’s apartment and was surprised when Guan Ji opened the door wearing the same set of pajamas as Shan Shan. After this incident, Guan Ji and Shan Shan decided to openly announce their relationship.

What Happened to Qin Shi Yue and Yu You?

After Qin Shi Yue went missing for some time and never attended his classes nor accepted his meeting request, Yu You started to feel that he was missing something. When she finally returned to the classroom, Yu You was initially happy, but his mood quickly changed when he learned that one of his students had confessed his feelings to Qin Shi Yue.

Only For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Shi Yue and Yu You?
Only For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Shi Yue and Yu You?

Feeling jealous, Yu You hardened his heart and took her for a ride. They went to the cliff to see the city lights, and it was there that Yu You finally confessed his feelings to her. Qin Shi Yue revealed that there were many things Yu You didn’t know about her. For the first time, Yu You understood that he could not be too rational when it came to love. That night, the two of them finally became a couple.

The following day, Qin Shi Yue and Yu You went to a restaurant and met Zheng Shu Yi and Yi Yang. During their meal, Qin Shi Yue was busy texting her uncle. She asked Shi Yan if he wanted to keep his girlfriend or not because there was someone who was more proactive and considerate than him.

After Qin Shi Yue was involved in a car accident, Yu You panicked and went straight to the hospital. The accident revealed that Qin Shi Yue is the daughter of the famous singer Song Le Lan from her secret marriage with Qin Xiao Ming.

Due to the accident, Yu You finally met Qin Shi Yue’s parents for the first time. Her father was elated when he heard that Yu You managed to get Qin Shi Yue to attend classes. Furthermore, Qin Shi Yue was able to secure her first job in Financial Introduce after receiving a job offer.

What Happened to Xu Yu Ling?

Zheng Shu Yi withdrew from the Yunchuang in-depth article project, and Xu Yu Ling took her place. However, she was unable to finish the job because Shi Yan refused to see her, so Xu Yu Ling went to Yunchuang every day, wishing that Shi Yan would see her one day. Tang Yi scolded Xu Yu Ling for not completing the job, and she had to withdraw from the project because Tang Yi decided to reinstate Zheng Shu Yi.

Only For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Xu Yu Ling?
Only For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Xu Yu Ling?

Xu Yu Ling overheard a conversation between Qin Shi Yue and Zheng Shu Yi. Qin Shi Yue called Zhen Shu Yi with the appelation of “Auntie”. Qin Shi Yue also mentioned her uncle and Zheng Shu Yi’s relationship. Xu Yu Ling became suspicious because she believed that Qin Shi Yue’s uncle should be a middle-aged man.

Later, a rumor circulated at the office saying that Zheng Shu Yi dating an old man. Zheng Shu Yi confronted Xu Yu Ling about the rumor, but Xu Yu Ling refused to admit anything. The argument ended with Zheng Shu Yi injuring her hand after it got pinched by the emergency door.

Xu Yu Ling called Qiu Fu’s wife in Yunchuang and informed her that Zheng Shu Yi was having an affair with her husband. Mrs. Qiu refuted her words and revealed that Zheng Shu Yi was dating Shi Yan before hanging up the phone. Due to the rumor, the accident, and her previous offense of stealing an interview and outline, Xu Yu Ling was transferred to a branch office. However, she refused and chose to resign.

Special Episode

The special episode showed us the life after Tang Yi and Guan Xiang Cheng’s wedding.

Bi Ruo Shan and Guan Ji were at the ranch when Zheng Shu Yi sent Shan Shan pictures of wedding invitations and asked her to choose one. Meanwhile, Shi Yan faced a dilemma when Zheng Shu Yi wanted a pink wedding.

Only For Love Ending Explained - Special Episode
Only For Love Ending Explained – Special Episode

On the wedding day, Zhen Shu Yi finally had her dream pink wedding, with her idol Song Le Lan as the wedding singer. Shan Shan and Guan Ji served as bridesmaid and best man, respectively.

After sending all the guests home, Shi Yan revealed that he and Zheng Shu Yi had first met at the 8th News Award Ceremony, where she had won her first award. Shi Yan saw her talking on the phone with the award in her hand. He finally admitted that he had fallen in love with her for a long time.

My Two Cents

Only For Love’s ending was sweet and cute. On the wedding day, Zheng Shu Yi was walked down the aisle by her father. However, as they neared the altar, she ran to Shi Yan, leaving her father with a helpless laugh. It showed how lively and cute she was.

The wedding venue was not what I expected, but I would give it a 7-point rating. The production team could have done better with the venue.

Anyhow, what do you think about the drama, dear readers? Did the ending satisfy you? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box below. I’ll see you in another post of Drama Review and Ending Explained. Goodbye!

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