Ending ExplainedGovernor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained

Dear readers… I’m sorry for the long wait of post of ending explained for Governor’s Secret Lover. I hope you won’t mind. I was too engrossed in my binge-watching time. However, the wait is over now. Here is the Ending Explained for Governor’s Secret Lover drama. I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained

What Happened to Yun Jiao?

Yun Jiao’s true identity is far more shocking because she is not the real daughter of the Duke of Defender. Rather, she is the daughter of the late Empress. At that time, the late Empress and Lady Shu, the Emperor’s concubine, were to give birth at the same time.

The Duke believed that if Lady Shu gave birth to a boy, he would pose a threat to the throne and the glory of their Liu family. Therefore, he hoped that the late Empress’s baby would be a boy.

But as he feared, the late Empress gave birth to a girl while Lady Shu gave birth to a boy. The Duke had always regarded his sister as a pawn to achieve his ambition for power. To preserve the glory of their family, the Duke snatched Lady Shu’s baby boy and killed her. He swapped the late Empress’s daughter with the boy.

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained - What Happened to Yun Jiao?
Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained – What Happened to Yun Jiao?

Then the Duke took the Empress’s baby and raised her as his own daughter. Physician Mu witnessed the Duke taking the baby boy and killing Lady Shu. Thus, the Duke threatened the doctor to keep his mouth shut. However, this still resulted in the Mu family massacre. Devastated, the late Empress committed suicide. She left a letter for her brother and asked him to treat Xue Qing as his daughter and not use her as a pawn.

However, since the late Empress’s death, the Duke has been living with regret. He realized that he had mistreated his sister and was willing to sacrifice himself to free Yun Jiao when she was arrested by the Emperor.

Yun Jiao was unconscious for several days due to the torture she endured in prison and was unaware that the Duke was facing a death sentence. When she woke up, the mansion was in chaos. Yun Jiao was told by Xue Qing that the Duke had confessed to all of his crimes in order to save her life. She visited him in prison before he died and finally realized that, despite his wrongdoing, the Duke truly loved her. When Yun Jiao called him ‘father’, the Duke’s eyes filled with tears.

Upon Murong Cang’s return from the border, he refused to see Yun Jiao. However, he still covered her with his cloak to keep her warm and returned the golden needles. Yun Jiao realized that their relationship could not return to the way it was. She put back the cloak and golden needles before leaving the mansion.

A year later, Yun Jiao still lived in the capital. She remained friends with Xue Qing and often visited her to eat a bowl of wontons. It was during a conversation with Xue Qing that Yun Jiao overheard that a chief eunuch surnamed Murong was going to be beheaded at the Longevity Shrine. Xue Qing urged her to go and see him.

Despite Yun Jiao’s previous nonchalant attitude towards Murong Cang, she still had feelings for him, and the news made her nervous. Yun Jiao rushed to the Longevity Shrine, and there she met Murong Cang, who was alive and well. He gave up his position as the Chief Eunuch and his identity as Murong Cang to be with Yun Jiao. Now that the world is at peace, they can finally be together again.

What Happened to Murong Cang?

Although Murong Cang succeeded in killing General Hu, they still lacked the evidence to bring down the Duke. The Emperor planned to use Yun Jiao. However, Murong Cang refused and insisted on keeping her away from their plan. The Emperor grew angry as they were only one step away from their goal. If Murong Cang continued to refuse, they would hit a dead end.

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained - What Happened to Murong Cang?
Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained – What Happened to Murong Cang?

To make amends, Murong Cang offered to go to the border and seize the Duke of Defender’s military power. He promised to return with the tiger tally. Although the Emperor did not agree, Murong Cang chose to act on his own. He only asked that if he succeeded and managed to return alive, the Emperor would grant Yun Jiao a free life away from the capital. Murong Cang believed that the Emperor would agree to his request.

However, the Emperor proved to be more cunning than Murong Cang had anticipated. As Murong Cang prepared to depart for the border, the Emperor captured Yun Jiao and coerced the Duke into confessing to his crime of switching the Imperial heir.

The Duke could not avoid the crime because the Emperor had the evidence. It was Yun Jiao who had found the letters written by the late Empress for the Duke. The letters contained information about the baby swap, the true identity of Yun Jiao, and the death of Lady Shu.

Murong Cang had been preparing for a tough battle, but in the middle, he received news that the Duke had already renounced his military power and his private army had been disbanded. So it was easy for him to get the tiger tally back. When the Emperor told Murong Cang about the Duke’s execution, he was shocked. The Emperor advised Murong Cang not to see Yun Jiao again and promised that no one could disturb her.

Murong Cang relented. When Yun Jiao came to look for him, he refused to meet her. Yun Jiao waited for Murong Cang all night. In the morning, she found his cloak on his body and the golden needles next to her. She left them behind when she walked away from Murong Cang’s mansion.

After the world was at peace, Murong Cang gave up his position and identity to become a commoner. He asked the Emperor to kill “Murong Cang” so that the Secrets would disappear with him. The Emperor granted him a glass of wine. Murong Cang believed the wine was poisoned, but the Emperor proved otherwise.

The Emperor announced that he would punish Murong Cang with a death sentence. The punishment would allow Murong Cang to start a new life. After meeting Yun Jiao, Murong Cang admitted that he was Mu Tou, who raised Yun Jiao and fed her flatbreads. He also mentioned being unemployed and asked if her marriage proposal was still valid. He was glad to know that they would be together again. Murong Cang and Yun Jiao eventually shared a kiss as the rain fell.

What Happened with the Emperor?

The Emperor intercepted Yun Jiao’s letter to Murong Cang, which stated that she had found the evidence of the Duke of Defender’s crime. Yun Jiao asked Murong Cang to meet her at the Longevity Shrine. But when the time came, it was the Emperor who showed up.

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained - What Happened with the Emperor?
Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained – What Happened with the Emperor?

Despite the Emperor’s demands, Yun Jiao refused to hand over the letter to anyone other than Murong Cang. As a result, the Emperor had her imprisoned and tortured.

Murong Cang chose to go to the border to take away the Duke’s military power. However, he was unaware that Yun Jiao was in the Emperor’s custody. The Emperor used Yun Jiao to pressure the Duke into a corner. In order to save his sister’s only daughter, the Duke surrendered and admitted to all his crimes.

The Emperor considered Murong Cang to be his only friend and ally and was disappointed when he chose Yun Jiao over their long-term plan. After Murong Cang returned from the border, the Emperor fulfilled his promise to give Yun Jiao a free life. He assured Murong Cang that nobody would disturb her but requested him to stay away from her.

Together, they continued to work to build a peaceful world. A year later, Murong Cang requested to be relieved from his position. The Emperor feels sad because he lost a friend. However, he was still willing to let him go and instructed Murong Cang to find Yun Jiao.

What Happened to Xue Qing?

After the Duke of Defender was sentenced to death. Xue Qing lost her mind. She climbed up the tower and prepared to jump. Yun Jiao rushed to see her and Xue Qing talked about her wishful thinking of winning the Duke’s love. Xue Qing had longed for parental love from the Duke, but he only saw her as a pawn. Now, he was willing to be executed for Yun Jiao’s sake, and it made Xue Qing feel that her life was worthless.

Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained - What Happened to Xue Qing?
Governor’s Secret Lover Ending Explained – What Happened to Xue Qing?

Xue Qing jumped off the tower, but Yun Jiao saved her. She continued her life as a businesswoman. With her maid, Ya, Xue Qing started a wonton stall and wrote a novel called “A Mad Eunuch Falls in Love with Me” for her customers.

When Yun Jiao visited her stall, they talked about Murong Cang. Xue Qing told Yun Jiao that she might have misunderstood Murong Cang this whole time. However, Yun Jiao did not believe her. All of a sudden, they overheard people talking about Murong Cang going to be beheaded by the Emperor.

Xue Qing urged Yun Jiao to go and see him one last time. After Yun Jiao left, she bumped into a man who resembled Murong Cang. The man had also read the same novel. When he asked for her name, Xue Qing replied that she did not have one and requested that he give her a name, her own name.

My Musing

The ending of Governor’s Secret Lover feels rushed. It is unclear what happened to her after the breakup, and there is no indication that she had any contact with Murong Cang. It is possible that Yun Jiao was living in the capital under a different identity.

In addition, the reason why the Emperor forbade Murong Cang to find Yun Jiao after he returned from the border was because he wanted to protect her life from people who might want to use her. It is unlikely that the Emperor would harm his own sister.

Well… the story ends here. It’s time to find another drama to watch. Don’t forget to check out my review of Governor’s Secret Lover. It’s a really good drama that you should not miss. I’ll see you in another post of ending explained, dear readers. Bye!

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