Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 1-3 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 1-3 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Number of Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Number of Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

List of Recap:

Part 1

Part 2

Hola! Love Like The Galaxy is another trending Chinese drama with our favorite actors as the main casts, Zhao Lu Si and Leo Wu. In this post, I wrote Love Like The Galaxy episode recap and it started with episode 1-3.

The story is interesting because, although it was a romance troupe between a cold-faced general and a witty girl, it has a different approach about the character. By the way I also wrote Love Like The Galaxy review, you can read it too, I will much appreciate it 😊.

The cold-faced general is not just another godly general. In this Cdrama, we can see his humane side. And the girl was more interesting. Aside from her pretty face (our Lu Si indeed 😍), she was a wild girl who almost illiterate and lacked of talent, especially the four arts (music, calligraphy, chess, and paint). But she was a natural-born engineer.

I will start with the characters first. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Love Like The Galaxy Characters

Main Characters

Cheng Shao Shang / Niao Niao

Cheng Shao Shang or Niao Niao is the only daughter of General Cheng Shi and his wife, Xiao Yuan Yi. She has two elder brothers and a twin brother. Because of her Second Aunt’s instigation, Shao Shang was abandoned by her parents when she was an infant.

Love Like The Galaxy - cheng shao shang
Cheng Shao Shang / Niao Niao

Hence, she grew up under the care of a selfish grandmother and cunning aunt. Shao Shang never learned to write and read also never learned manners or the four arts. Although she lacks many talents, she has special intelligence and was born as a natural engineer. She was curious about buildings and mechanical instruments.

Shao Shang lacked of love. She resented her parents, especially her mother, because she was too strict on her, while the only thing she desired was a warm protective familial love.

Ling Bu Yi / Zhi Feng

Ling Bu Yi, with a courtesy name Zhi Feng, was a cold faced general. His uncle, General Huo, was the emperor’s sworn brother. When General Huo and his family perished in a war, Ling Bu Yi was the only descendant of the Huo family. Even though his parents were still alive, the emperor took him as his foster son.

Love Like The Galaxy - ling bu yi
Ling Bu Yi / Zhi Feng

Ling Bu Yi has an estranged relationship with his father. His mother has unstable mental because she was abandoned by her husband. Ling Bu Yi’s family attitude was the complete opposite to the emperor’s. He was doted on and spoiled by him. To repay the emperor’s kindness, Ling Bu Yi joined the military and thus his life was devoted to the country.

As a general, Ling Bu Yi was a straightforward man. He was astute, disciplined, strict to his soldiers and even more harsh to himself.

Side Characters

The Cheng Family

Cheng Shi (Shao Shang’s Father) and Xiao Yuan Yi (Shao Shang’s Mother)
Father Cheng or General Cheng Shi was born into a countryside family. He joined the military and earned some merits. Father Cheng was a simple, honest, and soft-hearted family man.

Love Like The Galaxy - cheng shi & xiao yuan yi
Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuan Yi

Mother Cheng or Xiao Yuan Yi is also a military officer. She was more clever, astute, and always one step ahead than Father Cheng. Although she always looked stern, she was a kind-hearted mother. She hates calculative people such as Madam Ge.

That is why she resolutely wanted to discipline Shao Shang because she saw her as a calculative person too. Perhaps she had forgotten that Shao Shang grew up under Madam Ge and Old Madam Cheng. Shao Shang only know that in order to survive, she must become a calculative person, and she didn’t know any other way.

Old Madam Cheng

Old Madam Cheng used to be a farmer. Her husband passed away early and left her to support their sons. Her hard and bitter past shaped her to be a petty, small-minded, and avaricious person.

Love Like The Galaxy - old madam cheng
Old Madam Cheng

Old Madam Cheng gave birth to three sons. The first one is Cheng Shi, Shao Shang’s father. The second one is Cheng Cheng, a scholar and Cheng Yang’s father. Cheng Cheng didn’t participate in any military or government position because of his weak health. And the third one is Cheng Zhi, a promising official. Old Madam Cheng is a partial mother. She only dotes on her first and third sons. This instigates the jealousy of Madam Ge, her second daughter-in-law.

Cheng Second Branch (Cheng Cheng, Madam Ge, and Cheng Yang)

Love Like The Galaxy - cheng cheng & madam ge
Madam Ge

Madam Ge is Shao Shang’s second aunt. She was a shrewd, cunning, and jealous person. Madam Ge married Old Madam Cheng’s second son, the unfavored Second Uncle Cheng Cheng, and gave birth to Cheng Yang, a submissive and meek girl.

Love Like The Galaxy - cheng yang
Cheng Cheng & Cheng Yang

That’s all about the characters. Now let’s talk about the episodes.

Episode Recap

Episode 1

Somewhere near Ruyang City gate.

A young soldier riding a horse, looking exhausted and disheveled. He looked like he was about to faint when suddenly he sat up straight and kicked his horse to run into the city gate. He brought good news to the emperor, that West Longshan had won the war.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 1

A few days after the messenger arrived, the whole battalion of the Ling Army arrived in the city. They were received grandly by the emperor’s most trusted aide, Eunuch Cao. His expression is just like a proud father looking at his accomplished son.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 2

After the welcoming ceremony and decree announcement (of course, our general has got some reward and promotion from the emperor), Eunuch Cao intends to bring him to the palace where the emperor is holding a welcoming banquet. But, he can’t do that because our handsome general had already fled to investigate a case. Leaving our poor Eunuch Cao with a puzzled expression… 😅

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 3

Meanwhile, the Ruyang City was bustling with the victory, somewhere in a village, several maids were banging on the door of a shabby courtyard. They were led there by the Cheng’s family Housemaid Li to bring back the Cheng’s family Fourth Miss, Cheng Shao Shang. Our witty Fourth Miss finally makes some appearance. Unfortunately, she looked hungry and weak. She’s been sick for the past months, but the Cheng family refuses to take care of her. Her maid, Lian Fang, believes that they were intentionally neglected, so they would slowly die there.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 4
Our dear Cheng Shou Shang was so hungry… poor girl…

After playing a little trick to get back at the arrogant Housemaid Li, Shao Shang agreed to go back to Ruyang with them. But before she entered the carriage, she noticed footsteps leading up to the haystack. Housemaid Li saw her curiosity and urged her to enter the carriage and set out as soon as possible.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 5

Unbeknownst to them, Ling Bu Yi and his guards was standing in the cliff observing them.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 6

When Shao Shang and her entourage set out, their carriage was blocked by Ling Bu Yi’s black armored soldier. They were intended to search the carriage.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 7
Meet my favorite entourage…😆

Shao Shang gives him some hints to burn the haystack next to her house. Ling Bu Yi seemed mesmerized by Shao Shang’s hand that pointed out the directions…. 😍

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 8

Ling Bu Yi successfully caught the suspect, who turned out to be Shao Shang’s granduncle. Housemaid Li was fuming because she failed her mission to hide Uncle Dong in the village. To vent her anger, Li threatened Shao Shang that her parents would not be back until the next two weeks. Therefore, Shao Shang must prepare to shoulder all the blame and punishment from her grandmother and second aunt.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 10

Back in the city, Madam Cheng, Shao Shang’s grandmother, and Madam Ge, Shao Shang’s Second Aunt, were discussing (more like gossiping) Shao Shang’s temper. Suddenly a maid announces the arrival of Colonel Cheng Shi and his wife Xiao Yuan Yi. The Old Madam was ecstatic to hear that, but Madam Ge was in panic mode. They were supposed to be arriving two weeks later. It turned out that Mother Cheng already had a suspicion and she intentionally said the arrival date two weeks later…

After a little mother-son affectionate time, Mother Cheng asked about Shao Shang, and why she didn’t come out to greet them. A little reluctant, Old Madam Cheng answered that Shao Shang was not at home.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 11

Several days later, Housekeepers Li and Shao Shang finally arrived. In the front yard, she shouts and screams about bad news and curses Shao Shang for harming her granduncle. Father and Mother Cheng was angry after listening to a maid bad-mouthing their daughter.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 12

They hurried into the front yard and saw the sickly pale-looking Shao Shang. The Old Madam Cheng started to make a scene, screaming, accusing, and finally pretending to have a heart attack so she could escape from Mother and Father Cheng’s anger. But our Shao Shang was more clever. She was also pretending to faint. Of course, Father and Mother Cheng would choose their daughter, whom they finally met.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 13

But, the sharp-eyed Mother Cheng caught her peeking, and she began to suspect that her sickly pale-looking daughter was playing a trick. There is nothing that can escape her eye. She was a war general, of course, she could see behind that small trick…🤦🏻‍♀️

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 14

What can I say? That was to obvious…😅

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 15
A glimpse of sharp-eyed Mother Cheng.

In the middle of the commotion, our cold general is visiting the Cheng residence. Ling Bu Yi came to investigate his suspicion of why the fourth miss of the Cheng family willingly helped him to catch her granduncle. But it turns out that her father has the same standing as her. He spoke righteously about his resentment towards people who steal from the army, without knowing that the thief was his uncle. It was funny to see the similarities between Shao Shang and her father.

Ling Bu Yi caught Shao Shang peeking on the balcony, but he didn’t expose her. Instead, he praised her for being a righteous person who put the country above her family. He also said that her future would be bright and her capabilities should not be underestimated. It’s too bad that Shao Shang thought his words has some hidden meaning. But in reality, he already fallen for her and that was his first praise for her…😁

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 1 pic 16

Episode 2

Ling Bu Yi and his entourage walk inside the palace wall while discussing the armament case. The Emperor told him to stop investigating the case, but Ling Bu Yi refused to do so.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 1

I really like his entourage, Liang Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi. Qiu Qi is the one who keeps a cold face everywhere and Qiu Fei is the one who is always a bit naïve. Together, they always make a funny scene.. 😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 2

Back at home, Father Cheng, Mother Cheng, Old Madam Cheng, and Madam Ge were talking about Uncle Dong’s case. Old Madam Cheng was making a scene. She wanted her son to make a plan to save her brother. She also threatened her son. Father and Mother Cheng tried to put some sense into her, but it was for naught because Madam Ge was provoking and giving Old Madam ideas. I really had an urge to slap her hard…😡

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 3

In her room, Shao Shang tries to create a fake sickly face by dabbing malt sugar on her lips to make it look like a cracked lip. But Mother Cheng recognizes her trick. Shao Shang finally realizes that her mother has seen all her tricks and had an intention to discipline her. She resent Mother Cheng because even with her parents at home, she still has to rely on herself.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 4

Shao Shang was poking her ear to eavesdropping her parents questioned Lian Fang. They wanted to know why Shao Shang was sent to the village. After listening to Lian Fang story, Mother Cheng was able to figured out the reason. It was because she was plotting against her cousin and made him stung by bees.

Shao Shang made a conclusion after she overheard the conversation between Mother Cheng and Qing Cong, her sworn sister. Her mother actually know about her situation at home. Old Madam Cheng and Madam Ge bore a grudge against her and venting the anger towards Shao Shang.

That’s why they mistreat her for years. Shao Shang was angry because her mother intentionally let her suffer for years in order to make father Cheng has a fall out with his mother. My heart was aching at this scene…😫

Poor Shao Shang, she expected her parents to uphold justice for her, but her mother had another thought. And even her father was kind and loved her, he was weak and always obeyed her mother. Nobody was trying to make the situation clear or even comfort her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 5

In the Ling manor, Ling Bu Yi received a package from Shao Shang. It was another hint for him. Ling Bu Yi understands the clue. Several days later, he raided Madam Ge’s fabric store and found the evidence that would drag Uncle Dong deeper into the armaments case. He used the evidence to extort a confession from Uncle Dong.

The weak Uncle Dong finally confessed everything. Mother Cheng found a way to stop the coercion from Old Madam Cheng and Madam Ge. She wanted Old Madam Cheng to realize that she has been deceive by Madam Ge and Madam Dong (Uncle Dong wife). Her method was working. Old Madam Cheng finally stops pestering Father Cheng and Mother Cheng.

Meanwhile, Shao Shang’s relationship with her mother was getting worse. Mother Cheng caught her red-handed gossiping about her elders with Lian Fang and punished her. Qing Cong tried to clear up the misunderstanding. But it was too late.

The only person whom she held in her heart was only Father Cheng, who was always kind to her. I feel sorry for her. Her mother felt guilty because she abandoned her when she was a baby. But she only knew how to discipline a soldier. She didnt know how to raise a girl. My heart goes for Father Cheng. He is a sweet father.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 2 pic 6

Episode 3

Our cold General Ling Bu Yi was still investigating the armament case. Right now, they have another clue, thanks to Uncle Dong, that lead to a man named Xu Jin Zhong. He was the one who had been bribed by Uncle Dong all the time. Ling Bu Yi said, since the world is at peace, there must be another reason of why somebody want to buy the armaments.

Ling Bu Yi also decided on Uncle Dong’s punishment. Since he was only accepting a bribe and didn’t involve too deep, he was spared from a death sentence but still had to be banished to the border. And due to Shao Shang’s good corporation, he decided to return the favor by letting Uncle Dong return to The Cheng Manor before he was sent to the border.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 1

As usual, Qiu Fei made a stupid remark about their young master. Qiu Qi needs to give him another good slap before he realized his mistake. Boy, those two were clowns! I wonder how they survive countless wars…😅.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic2

At home, Qing Cong showed Shao Shang a table full of beautiful jewelry. She said all the jewelry was collected for her by Mother Cheng over the years. Shao Shang got more excited and asked for another interesting object. At the same time, the Mother and Father duo came and brought her a pile of scrolls. Mother Cheng told her to read some characters. But our dear Shao Shang was illiterate. She was able to recognize some characters, and all of them was wrong…🤦🏻‍♀️

Driven by guilt, Mother and Father Cheng tried to comfort her, but Shao Shang was already desperate. She hated to study.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 3

Cheng Yang or Yang Yang, Shao Shang’s cousin finally made an appearance. She was a gentle and meek girl. She came late to the family meeting because her teacher was giving her a lot of homework. Cheng Yang was grown up outside Cheng Manor, at her uncle’s house.

I didn’t get this family arrangement. Madam Ge was willing to take care of Shao Shang, regardless of her motives. But why does she have to let somebody else take care of her daughter?🤷‍♀️

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 4

In the middle of their conversation, Uncle Dong came. He looked like a mess, his hands were shackled and he was followed by two guards.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 5

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 6
Here comes another drama!! Shao Shang didn’t want to miss the fun, so she grab her cousin and drag her to watch the drama… 😂 Apparently, the hysterical thing was inherited… 😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 7

Uncle Dong and Old Madam Cheng were crying and screaming at the top of their lungs. They were lamenting their bad luck. Uncle Dong blamed Shao Shang and tried to assault her, but Father Cheng came to the rescue. Uncle Dong started to curse the Cheng family, including her sister. So there was another dramatic scene of siblings cursing each other.

In the middle of his anger, Uncle Dong disclosed the secret reason why Old Madam Cheng and Madam Ge have been abandoning and mistreating Shao Shang over the years. But to my dissatisfaction, Father and Mother Cheng kept silent even though they were surprised.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 8

Somewhere over the tall building, our cold general once again stood in a straight line with his entourage. They seemed to observe the commotion in Cheng Residence. Ling Bu Yi tells his entourages to keep investigating Xu Jin Zhong’s whereabouts.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 9

Finally, Uncle Dong’s problem resolved. But there was another problem that arose. Madam Ge was reluctant to leave the main house, even though she had no right to stay there. But this time, Old Madam Cheng told her to move because her third son, Cheng Zhi, and his wife were coming along with his grandsons, Cheng Song and Cheng Shao Gong. Chen Song is Father Cheng’s second son, and Cheng Shao Gong is Shao Shang’s twin brother.

Madam Ge was furious. She vented her anger to her husband, Cheng Cheng. She told him that he was a useless husband and had no achievements, the complete opposite of his brothers, Cheng Shi and Cheng Zhi. She also vented her anger to Cheng Yang and told her that the black-hearted Shao Shang was better than a coward like her. Cheng Cheng and Cheng Yang don’t say a word at all. They seemed to get used to Madam Ge’s hurtful words.

In a dispute about the main house, Shao Shang tricked Madam Ge to make an oath that she would not move from the Cheng Residence if she didn’t give birth to a son. Little does she know that Shao Shang already guessed why her mother was so lenient and let Madam Ge stay at the main house.

Eunuch Cao came to their house and announced a decree about reward and promotion for Father Cheng. Among many gifts, there was a new mansion for the Cheng family. Because of the oath, everybody was moving to the new house, except for Madam Ge.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 3 pic 10

Oh damn! My plan doesn’t work this time… what should I do?? (Madam Ge, on being left out alone in a big house)

My Impression

Wow!! I was instantly hooked by this drama. The story was promising, and the actors were amazing. I like that they put a hint of comedy here and there. I really couldn’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes. Zhao Lu Si’s rich expression was a perfect fit for Leo Wu Lei’s cold expression. I guess I will be glued at my couch for this whole week…😁😁😁

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  1. I think this is the best historical chinese drama that i have ever seen and I am not big fan of these type of dramas. Zhao Lusi is one of my favorite actress and I could see that she has grown in her acting skills by leaps and bound. Actor Leo Wu was never on my radar but he certainly is one of my favorites now! Watching snippets of the drama on facebook, I could tell that the story line is also very good plus the whole cast and locations and props were all very well done. Kudos to the director. BTW I think compared to some of the other historical dramas that I have seen , I think the wardrobe department here did a very good job as I find the costumes worn to be beautiful, simple and appropriate for every character. Overall this is one drama that I will recommend to all my friends…well done!

    • Hi Faridah… Thank you for the comment 😊

      And YES… I couldn’t agree with you more. This drama definitely would be one of my favorite of all time, just like Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. At the moment, I can’t wait for it to completed, but at the same time, I wish it wouldn’t be over soon 😅

      Lusi and Leo made a great couple in this drama, even though I’m starting to consider Li Yun Rui as my favorite because I love to see Yuan Shen Jia and Shao Shang bickers all the time.😆

      And another YES for the costumes. I agree that their costumes were beautiful, simple, and appropriate. I will talks about it in the drama review when Love Like The Galaxy already completed. My favorite is Shao Shang’s red gown at the Lantern Festival because I love to see Lusi in bright colors.

      How about you? Which costume was your favorite? And, what do you think would happen at the end? I’m so curious about Yuan Shen Jia’s love life. Do you have any thoughts?

  2. Thank you so much for your fantastic recaps!! i really enjoy reading them after ive watched the episode to clear up the story in my mind and see your thoughts on it! I agree, I really like this show so far!


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