Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 49-50 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 49-50 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Dear readers, it’s time for another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap. Finally, we uncover the secret identity of Ling Bu Yi. However, for his new identity, Ling Bu Yi must pay a hefty price. I was bawling my eyes out when I watch these episodes. Well… I had to admit that I’m a crybaby every time I watched dramas. But I’m sure you would feel the same as I did. Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the episodes 49 and 50 recap! But first, a new character!

New Character Appearance

General Huo Chong

Love Like The Galaxy recap - General Huo Chong
General Huo Chong

General Huo Chong was the head of the Huo family. He was the sworn brother of Emperor Wen. Both of them were inseparable, and General Huo was loyal to Emperor Wen. General Huo’s sister was Huo Junhua. He was the biological father of Zisheng (Huo Wushang’s courtesy name). General Huo and his family died when he was guarding Gu City.

Episode Recap

Episode 49

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-1

When Shao Shang open the door, she was greeted by a bloody sight. Ling Bu Yi turned his bloody face. With a weak voice, he said that she should not be here. Shao Shang looked at him and asked who was he. Was it Ling Bu Yi or Huo Wushang? Ling Bu Yi did not answer her question. He only stated that regardless of who he was, his feeling for her would never change.

Shao Shang cried and asked why everything must happen today and why he refused to tell her everything. Ling Bu Yi explained that he had to avenge the Huo clan. If he did it after they got married, it would implicate the Cheng family, something that he avoided.

What he had done was an unforgivable sin, however, he had to do it because he had no way out. Ling Bu Yi cut their relationship and bid her farewell. The Liang duo wanted to stand up to help their master. But Ling Bu Yi hold Qiu Qi’s shoulder and told them to stay alive. Ling Bu Yi left the crying Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-2

Ling Bu Yi went outside and General Zuo’s voice commanding the troops to arrest Ling Bu Yi was heard. With limp feet, Ling Bu Yi stands in front of the entrance door. An armed troop had waited for him. General Zuo shouted that he was there to bring justice and threatened to kill him if he took another step. However, Ling Bu Yi did not yield. He still walked. Two arrows were shot at him. One hit his left shoulder, and the other hit his right leg.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-3

At the corner, the whole Cheng family was tied with ropes. Father and Mother Cheng stared at Ling Bu Yi intently. When General Zuo shouted his command, suddenly a horse was running towards Ling Bu Yi. Simultaneously, the Liang Duo ran to hit general Zuo’s horse.

The horse was startled and General Zuo fell to the ground. Shao Shang stretched her hand and pulled Ling Bu Yi onto the horse. Under the snow, the two galloped into the suburbs. However, they were cornered at a cliff.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-4

Shao Shang had nowhere to go while Ling Bu Yi was weak because of his injuries. General Zuo keeps shouting about Ling Bu Yi’s crimes: killing his father, deploying the army unauthorized, and stealing the tiger seal. He demanded them to surrender, but at the same time ordered his troops to release the arrow and killed them.

Shao Shang was ready to live and die with Ling Bu Yi. However, Ling Bu Yi was still adamant to make her leave him. He stated that he should walk this path alone. Sadness enveloped them, Shao Shang asked him if he ever considered her as his companion, why did they have to make an oath in front of his mother’s coffin. Shao Shang reminded Ling Bu Yi that he was not alone. Even that night, when he was desperate and cannot find another way out, she and the rest of the Cheng family had come to save him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-5

Shao Shang still asked why he couldn’t let go of his hatred and be considerate of her. Ling Bu Yi sobbed that he could not let go and would not let go of the hatred because it had deeply etched on his heart. A heavy burden that he could not let go of because he personally witnessed his whole clan massacred. Ling Bu Yi cried and told her that he had let her down.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-6

Shao Shang sobbed and vowed that if Ling Bu Yi abandoned her, she would not forgive him for the rest of her life. But Ling Bu Yi said that their fate was over. At the same time, General Zuo had lost his patience and ordered the archers to release arrows and kill both of them.

Ling Bu Yi told Shao Shang to live well before he threw himself off the cliff. Shao Shang’s eyes widened when she saw the love of her life slowly falling into the black abyss. She jumped off the horse and screamed his name over and over again before she fainted.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-7

The next day, the Marquis Quling’s residence was quiet. Shao Shang was sick and unconscious. Father Cheng, Mother Cheng, and Shao Shang’s brothers gathered in her room. All of them were nervously staring at her. They cursed Ling Bu Yi for making her fall into such a state.

All of a sudden, Qing Cong came and reported that the 3rd Prince brought troops to their residence and practically killed his way in. He wanted to take Shao Shang away, no matter what her condition was.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-8

The Chengs turn on their combat mode and run outside to protect Shao Shang. Mother Cheng questioned The 3rd Prince why he wanted to break in into a young maiden’s room. The prince said that he was in an urgent situation and had to meet Shao Shang. If she refused to come out, then he refused to go.

Shao Shang had to help Ling Bu Yi once more. The Chengs and the prince argued in front of the door. Meanwhile, Shao Shang had a dream about Ling Bu Yi. When she opened her eyes, she heard the dispute. Shao Shang dragged her weak body to go outside and met the distinguished guest.

Shao Shang’s complexion was pale and wan. She could not stand too long, therefore she sat on the steps. She asked the 3rd Prince what has going on. The 3rd Prince sighed and told her that this morning 18 court officials have vouched to execute Ling Bu Yi because of his crime. He needed her to help Ling Bu Yi there. Shao Shang said that although the 3rd Prince didn’t come, she would still go to the palace.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-9

Father Cheng and Mother Cheng did not agree with her decision because Shao Shang was still weak. However, Shao Shang calmed them down, she told them that the 3rd Prince needed her to help him in the court, so he would take care of her.

At the Palace, Shao Shang probed about the relationship between the 3rd Prince and Ling Bu Yi. The prince admitted that they were not in disagreement just like others thought. They had been friends since childhood. They found similarities in their traits: both of them were introverted and asocial.

Shao Shang guessed right that the people in Yanhui Tower were them. She thought that it was only 2 people there, but actually were 3 people. The last one was Ling Bu Yi. She found out about it when she took care of Ling Bu Yi when he caught a fever because of the almond cake. She saw her jade pendant that was missing in Yanhui Tower. The 3rd Prince said that Ling Bu Yi hide it from her because he didn’t want to hurt her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-10

Shao Shang revealed to the 3rd Prince that she understand why Ling Bu Yi took the tiger seal and deployed the army. Ling Bu Yi was stationed under the Crown Prince. If he made mistakes, the Crown Prince would also be implicated. All this time, Ling Bu Yi and the 3rd Prince joined hands to depose the Crown Prince.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-11

Shao Shang stated her stance to the 3rd Prince. She was angry and disappointed because Ling Bu Yi was not sincere with her. He never treated her wholeheartedly while she was ready to cut her flesh and showed him her heart. The 3rd Prince was worried that in her emotional state, Shao Shang would not be able to defend him.

However, Shao Shang emphasized that Ling Bu Yi was the only person she loved the most. Ling Bu Yi saved her life, so, she would return it with her life. If Shao Shang failed to save Ling Bu Yi today, she might as well died with him. The 3rd Prince was stunned by her words.

At the court, Marquis Cui pleaded with the Emperor to forgive Ling Bu Yi. While minister Zuo kept on pressuring the Emperor to punish Ling Bu Yi. Yuan Shen also defended Ling Bu Yi, but the Crow Prince stayed silent the whole time. The Emperor’s expression was dismayed. He did not know what to do to help Ling Bu Yi and answered the Huo Clan.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-12

Shao Shang came in time when Minister Zuo accused Ling Bu Yi of patricide. Shao Shang snapped that he was wrong. Ling Bu Yi never killed his father because Ling Yi was not his biological father. Ling Bu Yi was the son of the late General Huo Chong, Huo Wushang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-13

Everybody was shocked to hear her statement. The one with the most shocked expression was the Emperor, next to him was Marquis Cui. Oh… the 3rd Prince was shocked too. The Emperor stammered and asked her was everything she said the truth.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-14

Shao Shang explained that she started to suspect something since Ling Bu Yi was down with a fever and had rashes on his body after he ate an almond cake from Huo Junhua. He was allergic to almonds, while the real Ling Bu Yi should not have had an allergic reaction. She confirmed her suspicion at the Marquis Chengyang’s banquet when Ling Bu Yi revealed to her that he was Huo Wushang.

Therefore, since Shao Shang had confirmed his identity. I would change the way I addressed our dear general to his courtesy name, Zisheng, to avoid confusion. I might change his name again later, but… not now. Let’s stick to Zisheng for a while, ok? 😉

Furthermore, Shao Shang continued that Ling Yi was the one who opened the gate of Guo city and the culprit behind General Huo’s tragic death. All Zisheng did was avenged his father.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-15

Minister Zuo tried every possible way to question Zisheng’s identity. He questioned whether Ling Yi and Huo Junhua didn’t recognize their son. Or whether Shao Shang had proof to identify Zisheng. Although Marquis Cui could attest to them with what Huo Junhua said on her deathbed, it was a piece of weak evidence.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-16

Zisheng had no proof whatsoever to claim his identity as Huo Wushang or to drag Ling Yi in front of the law. Ling Yi had killed the last person linked to the Gu city case, Peng Kun. Zisheng was desperate and had no way out. That was the reason why the cold-headed Zisheng decided to take extreme measures to kill Ling Yi.

However, the Emperor has his way to prove Zisheng as Huo Wushang. He knew that Huo Wushang had a special birthmark on him. Shao Shang answered precisely that the birthmark was a tiger head with three ears located half an inch beneath Zisheng’s waist. She saw it when she wiped his body when he was unconscious.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-17

The Emperor’s eyes widened. He frantically ordered to lift Zisheng from the bottom of the cliff. He also told them to bring physicians and food. After he recovered, the Emperor would take him to his father’s grave and beat him because he had been so obsessed and took drastic action when they could talk about it.

Shao Shang, Marquis Cui, and the 3rd Prince were finally able to breathe because Zisheng was saved from execution. Shao Shang told the 3rd Princess about General Zuo. The prince reassure her that he would take care of him. He also told her that he would make sure that Zisheng would apologize to her and listen to her from now on. Shao Shang only smiled at his remark.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-18

At the cliff, Zisheng was saved by his Shao Shang string (A guqin string which Shao Shang use to pull an arrow from Ling Bu Yi’s chest back then in Hua County in episode 12. He used it on his wrist, ever since). Zisheng looked at his wrist, called Shao Shang, and close his eyes.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 49-19

Episode 50

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-1

the 3rd Prince brought General Zuo and his troops to save Zisheng. He was lifted from the cliff using a stretcher. Because Shao Shang had warned The 3rd Prince, he was wary of General Zuo’s attitude. He caught him red-handed when the General almost cut the rope with a knife. The prince orders him to be detained in a prison and tortured.

Zisheng was saved that day. He was alive but unconscious. His face was pale as if no blood running through his vein. The 3rd Prince brought his brother to Changqiu Palace to be treated.

The Emperor supervised the treatment himself. He was anxious and kept on yelling at the physician to treat Zisheng. The physician could not treat the wound on Zisheng’s wrist. He hold his hand tightly and refused to let go. Another physician also could not feed him medicine because he refused to open his mouth.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-2

The 3rd Prince said that Zisheng would not allow anybody to touch the string on his wrist, even if he was in an unconscious state. The Emperor was angry and told Eunuch Cao to call Shao Shang who was waiting outside the room. Suddenly they heard Shao Shang’s flute. Zisheng also hears the song. In his dream, he recalled the memories of her. Slowly his grip was loosened. The physician exclaimed, now they could treat the wound and feed him medicine.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-3

The exhausted Shao Shang went back to her room to rest. When she woke up, the Empress was wiping her sweat. It seemed that she had a fever that night. The Empress reprimanded Shao Shang because she did not take care of herself well. Zisheng would be worried if he knew she was sick. Shao Shang whispered that the relationship between Zisheng and her was over.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-4

The Empress asked whether Shao Shang was angry because Zisheng hid the Gu City story from her. However, that was not the case for Shao Shang because she could understand everything Zisheng did for the victim of Gu City. She would not blame Zisheng because she would make the same decision too.

Shao Shang whispered that she did not know when Zisheng was sincere to her and when he tricked her. She had helped him in the tiger seal case and Shao Shang felt guilty because she had implicated the Empress and the Crown Prince. However, the Empress said that she understood and never blamed her.

Shao Shang said that she was not as tolerant as the Empress. If Zisheng wanted to kill the enemy, he could let her know. She was willing to go with him even if it was dangerous. However, she could not forgive him because he abandoned her, even if he said it was for her sake. Shao Shang felt that Zisheng never treated her wholeheartedly because he hid so many things from her. Meanwhile, she had treated him wholeheartedly.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-5

Abandonment was always a piece of emotional baggage for Shao Shang. She had been abandoned by the most important people in her life, her parents. It had always been a wound inside her heart. Therefore, when Zisheng abandoned her, she could never forgive him for making her felt the pain once more.

The Empress asked Shao Shang whether she was sure about her decision and did she want to know the truth. The Empress also told her to go out and investigate the case. Whatever Shao Shang’s decision was, she would always support her. Shao Shang sobbed because the Empress was very kind to her. She would never ever able to repay her kindness. The Empress said that she should live a good life for her sake because her life was not pleasant. Inside her heart, the Empress said that she had learned to be brave from Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-6

Shao Shang went to the Ministry of Justice’s prison accompanied by Yuan Shen. They come to visit Madam Chunyu who was pronounced mad after she witnessed the bloodbath at Marquis Chengyang’s residence.

Shao Shang said that she did not believe that Madam Chunyu was mad. It was only a farce. She was there to clear her doubts because she used to see Madam Chunyu and Ling Yi’s interaction. They were not like a loving couple and Ling Yi must not be someone who risked his reputation for her. Therefore, Madam Chunyu must hold Ling Yi’s weakness.

Shao Shang told Madam Chunyu that if she was willing, to tell the truth, the Emperor might have mercy on her. Shao Shang revealed that Madam Chunyu was foolish if she thought that by holding the evidence of Ling Yi’s collusion with Peng Kun, she could live freely as the Marchioness Chengyang.

Ling Yi had hidden the fact that he was behind Madam Chunyu’s miscarriage. Ling Yi did not want her to have something that could be used to threaten him. He wanted her to live alone for the rest of her life.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-7

Madam Chunyu cried when she heard Shao Shang’s words. She could not stop acting like a mad woman because she knew that it was the only way to live. So she shouted Sancai Temple and Nuwa, in her gibberish. Shao Shang catches the clue. She took Yuan Shen to Sancai Temple. She guessed that Madam Chunyu must have sent something to Princess Ruyang recently.

Meanwhile, at Chongde Hall there was a strange sighting. Two physicians were brewing medicine inside the hall. There was a wooden day bed. And Zisheng sat on it. Minister Zou protested that he was too much for brewing the medicine there. However, the Emperor snapped because it was his idea. Minister Zuo quickly shut his mouth…😅

Minister Ji called Ling Bu Yi. Since all the minister was present, they wanted to know the truth about what happened in Gu city. Zisheng said that his surname was Huo and not Ling. The Emperor’s eyes was teary when he heard his words.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-8

Zisheng recalled everything that happened that day. When he climbed the almond tree, he ruined his clothes. Ling Bu Yi said he had a strategy to keep Zisheng from being scolded by his mother. But they had to change their clothes and Zisheng must bring almonds for his parents as a gift. When Zisheng put the almonds in his father’s study, suddenly General Huo Chong and Ling Yi came. Zisheng immediately hid behind the screen.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-9

Ling Yi persuaded Huo Chong to retreat. He told him that the Wen family reinforcement would not come, and they likely wouldn’t last long too. Huo Chong refused to retreat and abandoned the city. He told Ling Yi that he would pretend not to hear those words. However, if Ling Yi mentioned abandoning the city again, he would kill him.

Who would have known that Ling Yi would stab Huo Chong to death after that?

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-10

Zisheng who saw and heard everything covered his mouth in horror. Huo Chong’s eyes widened. He never thought that Ling Yi would collude with the enemy. Ling Yi told Huo Chong that Emperor Li’s 200,000 troops were waiting outside the city. The reinforcement from the Xuan family and the Xue family wouldn’t come. If they had not retreated, they would die. Huo Chong died at the hand of someone he called brother-in-law.

The Emperor was furious when he heard how his sworn brother died. Zisheng continued the story. He told the Emperor and Ministers that Ling Yi colluded with someone else. However, he did not know his identity back then. Zisheng figured out the person when he investigated Shouchun. The traitor was Peng Kun.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-11

Peng Kun used the death of Huo Chong as a chance to annihilate the city. They also had to wipe out the entire Huo family and not leave a single soul. Otherwise, she/he could bring trouble for them in the future. Ling Yi agreed to his decision.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-12

The Emperor cried, regretting the defeat of Gu City where nobody survived. Meanwhile, Minister Zuo asked how Zisheng and Huo Junhua survived.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-13

Zisheng told them that Ling Yi and Peng Kun burned the house down, and then he passed out because of the smoke. Thankfully the rain stopped the fire. When Zisheng woke up, everybody was already dead. The city had become a dead city where bodies and blood were everywhere. Zisheng picked a broken sword. When he was in dazed, Huo Junhua found him. They hide between corpses for two days. When they left the city, they saw the heads of the Huo family member displayed at the gate. Among them was Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-14

Zisheng stood up from the daybed and knelt in the middle of the hall. He continued to tell the story. Since Huo Junhua saw Li’s head at the gate, her state of mind started to change. She kept calling for his son’s name and chanted “return to the capital”. Huo Junhua and Zisheng lived as beggars for two years before they return to the capital and met the Emperor.

Back then, when the Emperor asked for his name, Zisheng hesitated. Her aunt deliberately called him Li to save him from Ling Yi. Zisheng admitted that he was Ling Bu Yi. At that time he was just a child, and her aunt was crazy. Zisheng had no choice at all. He realized that no one would believe him if he told them the truth. Therefore, if he wanted to avenge his father, he had to switch his identity to Ling Bu Yi and address his enemy as his father.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-15

Zisheng’s voice was getting louder. You could hear the pain, helplessness, and anger in it. Zisheng wanted more than Ling Yi’s death. He made sure that everyone who was involved in the Gu city massacre was punished. But in the end, he was lost because Ling Yi killed everyone, including Peng Kun. All the witnesses and evidence had gone. Zisheng had no choice but to punish Ling Yi by himself. He had to resort to violence.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-16

The Emperor cried in silence. Then he walked to Zisheng. He wanted Zisheng to tell him his name again. Zisheng lift his head and with determination in his voice, he answered that his name was Huo Wushang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 50-17

I cried when I watched these episodes. Zisheng was really pitiful. His life was hard, no wonder he couldn’t let go of the hatred. The burden was indeed too heavy. I feel really sad for him. 😭

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