Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 21-22 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 21-22 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hola Readers! In today’s Unchained Love episode recap, Bu Yin Lou lost all her hard-earned money. She was back to square one as a poor concubine who lived behind the tall palace wall without anyone to rely on. Would she be able to face the hardships? Let’s find out in these episodes 21 and 22 recap! Happy reading!

New Characters Appearance

Yu Zun

Unchained Love episode 21-22 recap - Yu Zun
Unchained Love episode 21-22 recap – Yu Zun

Yu Zun was the late Consort Jing’s (the Emperor’s birth mother) most trusted subordinate. He was recommended by Sun Tai Qing. Yu Zun was a skilled soldier and he was a trained killer. The Emperor summoned him to the palace because he was worried about Xiao Duo’s power.


Unchained Love episode 21-22 recap - Suhuai
Unchained Love episode 21-22 recap – Suhuai

Suhuai was the Head Maidservant of the Deer’s Reed Residence. She was sent to watch over Bu Yin Lou. She looked friendly, but in reality she could not be trusted.

Episode Recap

Episode 21

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(1)

Xiao Duo’s back was bleeding because of the punishment from the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou was worried about him, but before she could talk to him properly, the Emperor called him.

The Emperor was angry because he found out that Bu Yin Lou had a nickname. He read her name, Zhou Ying, which was written in the books that were brought by Lian Cheng’s servant. The Emperor accused her to have an improper relationship with her cousin.

Moreover, the Emperor heard that Bu Yin Lou used to act as a couple with a man. She also went to Mingding Tower several times to meet Lian Cheng and he also visited her at the mansion several times. The jealous and angry Emperor made Bu Yin Lou’s heart trembled in fear.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(2)

Xiao Duo came to plead for her. Yet he was scolded by the Emperor and he was punished to subdue bandits in West Shu. And as long as bandits still appear, he must not returned to the capital. Bu Yin Lou also was forced to return to the capital with him, no matter what Xiao Duo said.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(3)

Late at night, Xiao Duo entered Bu Yin Lou’s room. She was frantic and tried to drive him out because she was afraid the royal guard would catch Xiao Duo but he was adamant to stay. Xiao Duo asked Bu Yin Lou to elope with him. He had arranged to pick her up at Yuguo Mountain. Bu Yin Lou just needed to find an excuse to get off the carriage.

He would pick her up and take care of the rest. Bu Yin Lou thought that the plan was too risky. But Xiao Duo was at his wit’s end. He could not let his wife be taken away and be somebody else’s woman. After Ah Duo died, she was the only person that he had. He was afraid Bu Yin Lou would disappear just like Ah Duo.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(4)

Bu Yin Lou could not let him be desperate like that. She agreed with his plan and told him to be careful. Her heart was not at ease when she watched him leave.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(5)

The Emperor used the chance to send Xiao Duo away from the capital. And sent one of his men to watch Xiao Duo and his Zhaoding Bureau left Jinguan city.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(6)

Bu Yin Lou asked Tong Yun to prepare soup for the Emperor. She felt something was amiss and wanted to dig some information from the Emperor. When she arrived at the Emperor’s room door, she overheard that he had planned to make an ambush for Bu Yin Lou’s man.

The Emperor called a very skilled assassin named Yu Zun. At the moment Yu Zun has already killed many Zhaoding Bureau guards that was left behind to guard the mansion after Xiao Duo left. The Emperor planned to have Yu Zun take the position of the Imperial guard’s leader and guard them on the way to the capital.

He also had paid attention to Yuguo Mountain. Because it was the most suitable place if Bu Yin Lou wanted to run away with a man. The Emperor had orderd that whoever the man was, Yu Zun had to kill him on the spot.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(7)

Bu Yin Lou shuddered when she heard the Emperor’s words. She immediately returned to her room. Tong Yun saw her state was not good and asked what happened. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It was Sun Tai Qing relaying a message that Bu Yin Lou should pack her things because they would depart as soon as possible.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(8)

Inside the carriage, Bu Yin Lou told Tong Yun a story about Queen Dowager Zhao and a fake eunuch named Lao Ai. They had an affair and when the late Emperor find out about it, he punished them with a horrible death. From the book Bu Yin Lou learned a saying, “One shall not violate the divine powers. Those who violate shall die.”. Bu Yin Lou had decided that this time, she would be the one who protect Xiao Duo.

The Emperor and Bu Yin Lou left for the capital that night. Xiao Duo and his men were ready to wait for Bu Yin Lou at Yuguo Mountain. Cao Chun’ang reminded him again about the risk of their plan. Xiao Duo was unsure about his plan, yet he felt that he had to fight for Bu Yin Lou’s freedom. He already prepared for her and if he died, Cao Chun’ang must live for him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(9)

The carriage passed the designated place. Bu Yin Lou sat with the Emperor in one carriage. The other carriage was full of imperial guards. They were ready to release the arrows. The Emperor seemed to sleep, but he casted a glance at the nervous Bu Yin Lou. In the last minutes, Bu Yin Lou decided not to get off the carriage. Xiao Duo was confused when he saw those carriages pass. He got anxious and wanted to chase after them. But She Qilang and Cao Chun’ang held him down.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(10)

The Emperor asked Bu Yin Lou whether she wanted to get off the carriage to test her. Bu Yin Lou refused his offer. The Emperor took her hand and told her that since then, he should be the only one in her heart and the only man she could rely on. Bu Yin Lou half-heartedly agreed to his words.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(11)

After she returned to the Imperial City, Bu Yin Lou now resided at Yongze Palace. She had a nightmare about herself leaving the carriage at Yuguo Mountain and find the dead Xiao Duo on the ground. Tong Yun comforted her and asked her to let bygone be bygone. Yet Bu Yin Lou answered that she could not live in peace. Since she betrayed Xiao Duo, he must have hated her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(12)

Bu Yin Lou still wanted to do something for him: to find Ah Duo’s killer. Tong Yun reminded her that it was not a small matter that a woman like her could be involved with. The Zhaoding Bureau had worked on it for years but they still hit a wall. How could she possibly do that as a woman? However, Bu Yin Lou believed that the Zhaoding Bureau had looked at the case from the wrong angle.

Bu Yin Lou analyzed the case. Since the time when the carriage left Ruyi Alley and the time of the Prince’s return were not matched, then there would be one possibility left. The Prince must have told the truth, but he did not say the whole truth. There might be a possibility that there was more than one carriage entering the residence at that time. There must be someone who was related to the Prince of Nanyuan that year. That person must be the last resort that the Prince had to protect.

If her analysis was right, then at that time, that person used Nanyuan carriage because they wanted to protect his/her identity. However, Xiao Duo had eliminated the Prince of Nanyuan’s subordinates in the capital except for Empress Rong’an. Hence, Bu Yin Lou would start her investigation from her. Tong Yun reminded her that they had a grudge against her.

It was already a good thing if Empress Rong’an did not make trouble for them. When Bu Yin Lou said she wanted to use the money to bribe the person who was close to the Empress. Tong Yun’s face instantly paled.

Bu Yin Lou’s anger flared up when she saw her boxes of valuables were empty. Tong Yun has used up all the money in the boxes to reward people who came to congratulate her mistress. That silly girl thought that her mistress would easily find another way to replace all the money.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(13b)

Tong Yun still did not understand why her mistress chose to do a dangerous thing for Xiao Duo. He was extremely intelligent. Therefore he must have thought what her mistress thought before. She was afraid that Bu Yin Lou did all these things for nothing. Bu Yin Lou explained that there were things that she did not want to do, but she had no choice but to do them.

Since she returned to the palace, she had cut ties with him. They could not be together again and their past relationship had to be erased completely. To find Ah Duo’s killer was the last thing that she could do for him and it was the only relationship that she could have with him.

Sun Tai Qing came to Yongze Palace to announce that the Emperor would spend the night at her palace. He reminded her not to act frivolously and make the Emperor disappointed.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(14)

Ruolan, Princess Hede’s maid reported that Yuwen Liang Xu was in deep trouble. He fought with the Imperial guards because he insisted to return to West Shu. Princess Hede immediately went to see him but she could not enter the residence where he was held under arrest. She stared in horror as the guards dragged the bloody Yuwen Liang Xu back to the mansion.

Princess Hede went to find her brother, the Emperor to ask for his help. She wanted him to send an imperial physician to treat Yuwen Liang Xu’s wound. But she did not get what she wanted. The Emperor rebuked her and punished her. Princess Hede shall not enter his Shangqiong Palace without his permission.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(15)

Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou was outraged. She felt that people had always wanted to control her life. The family wanted her to enter the palace to replace Bu Yin Ge. They also wanted her to accompany the late Emperor in death. And now she had to lie down obediently to sleep with someone that she did not love. Bu Yin Lou was not content with those arrangements.

Princess Hede came to ask for her help for Yuwen Liang Xu. Bu Yin Lou agreed to her request under one term.

When the Emperor arrived, Bu Yin Lou had adorned herself. The Emperor was delighted to see her. Bu Yin Lou had prepared a table full of food for him. Including a special steamed egg that reminded him of his mother. Bu Yin Lou watched attentively when he took a bite and admitted that she had asked Princess Hede to make it for him.

The Emperor was not happy with Princess Hede’s presence. He rebuked her for having ulterior motives. However, he still remembered that Princess Hede was the only one who always helped him when he was bullied by others. The Emperor’s heart soften and asked Princess Hede to join him at the dining table. They started to talk about the past and the heavy atmosphere was eased.

Unchained Love recap - episode 21(16)

Bu Yin Lou told the Emperor that only the most familiar person could remember the smallest thing that they had been through together. Compared to her relationship with Bu Yin Ge, it was a good thing that the Emperor could get close to Princess Hede. After he heard Bu Yin Lou’s remark, the Emperor decided to lift Yuwen Liang Xu’s confinement order and told Princess Hede to find a physician for him.

Princess Hede was elated and after she thanked the Emperor, she immediately left the hall. The Emperor scolded her for leaving after she gets what she wanted. But this time, the Emperor was smiling.

Episode 22

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(1)

The Emperor was happy because he knew that Bu Yin Lou helped him to reconcile with Princess Hede. But then, her next words rendered him speechless. Bu Yin Lou said that the Emperor and Princess Hede were like siblings to her. The Emperor turned around and stared at her intently. Bu Yin Lou put on a bashful expression and told him that he had been very good to her.

However, she was the late Emperor’s concubine and because she entered the harem again, it caused troubles for the Emperor. Later, Bu Yin Lou wished to serve the Empress Dowager. She did not mind spending the rest of her life praying and reciting sutras for the Emperor.

The Emperor’s anger started to flare up. He was angry because she still refused to be his woman. He accused Bu Yin Lou to have someone inside her heart and suspected the person was her cousin. He shouted that no matter what, Bu Yin Lou would never be able to leave him. The Emperor ordered the servants to help her bathe and changed. The sign was clear, he would spend the night with her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(2)

Bu Yin Lou racked her brain. She sat by the bed and refused to meet the Emperor although he was waiting outside the hall. Tong Yun was nervous because she knew her mistress was not willing to sleep with the Emperor. She even offered herself to be her substitute.

Bu Yin Lou rebuked her, she would never let Tong Yun to sacrifice her life for her. She took a bottle from her bed. It contained a drug that she asked Princess Hede about earlier.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(3)

Back then, the Princess was shocked when Bu Yin Lou asked for the drug from her. It was a drug that could disfigure one’s face. Bu Yin Lou said that she needed it to avoid the Emperor’s favor. The Princess was confused. Her brother really loved Bu Yin Lou, but she was not moved by his attention . Bu Yin Lou said that she did not feel anything for the Emperor, and was scared to be around him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(4)

Bu Yin Lou used the drug as a term that she asked Princess Hede in exchange for helping Yuwen Liang Xu. The drug was often used in the Inner Court by the Noble Empress Shao when she fought for The Emperor’s favor. Bu Yin Lou hoped that after her face was disfigured, nobody would care for her anymore.

Since she had met someone she loved, she could not return to her past, as a woman who was weak and controlled by others. With a strong determination, Bu Yin Lou put the drug in the wine jar and ready to drink it. But Tong Yun took the wine jug. She could not bear to see her mistress suffer. Suddenly the guard announces the Emperor’s arrival.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(5)

The sullen Emperor strode into the hall. He had been waiting for a long time for her. Bu Yin Lou quibbled that she was nervous and needed a drink. She told Tong Yun to pour the wine, but Tong Yun hesitated so she took the wine jug and fill the cup herself. The Emperor was suspicious of Tong Yun’s behavior. He took the cup from Bu Yin Lou’s hand and pretended to drink it, while his eyes never leaving Tong Yun’s face.

The Emperor gave the cup to Tong Yun and ordered her to drink it. Tong Yun could not take it anymore and confessed that she was guilty. The Emperor thought that there was poison inside the wine jug. Bu Yin Lou had no choice but to admit that she put a drug to disfigure her face inside the wine jug.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(6)

Bu Yin Lou’s words shocked everybody. The Emperor looked at her in disbelief. He ordered his people to punish Tong Yun with thirty flogs and she would be sent to Dyeing Workshop. Bu Yin Lou tried to stop people from taking Tong Yun away but the Emperor pulled her. He snapped at her, she was the only person who he ever fell in love with. But she would rather have her face disfigured to keep her chastity for another man.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(7)

The Emperor took her and pressed Bu Yin Lou onto the table. He forced himself to Bu Yin Lou, but she refused. Bu Yin Lou pushed and kicked the Emperor as hard as he could. The Emperor got injured on his head. When he felt the pain, he finally got off of her body. Bu Yin Lou immediately kneeled and asked for punishment. However, the Emperor knew that Bu Yin Lou asked for punishment because she wanted to avoid him. So instead of punishment, the Emperor issued a decree that praised her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(8)

He said that Bu Yin Lou had served him well and pleased him. Hence, she would be conferred the title of Consort Duan. Sun Tai Qing tried to remind the Emperor that his action would create more trouble. But the Emperor was determined. He told Bu Yin Lou that he wanted the whole world to know that she belonged to him. Bu Yin Lou sat on the floor listlessly. Tears started to fall from her dull eyes. Her red lips muttered Xiao Duo’s name.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(9)

Faraway in the West Shu, Xiao Duo woke up from his dream. He missed Bu Yin Lou. Xiao Duo went to her room and quietly laid on her bed. He had made a plan to return to the capital. Xiao Duo spread the news that he was injured because of the bandits, then he ordered Cao Chun’ang to find a substitute that looked like him.

Princess Hede was taking care of the feverish Yuwen Liang Xu. Her maid, Ruolan, saw her wiping Yuwen Liang Xu’s hand with great care. She reminded her mistress that she should not fall in love with Yuwen Liang Xu. Now the Prince of Nanyuan was imprisoned and the Yuwen family was fated to decline. The Emperor would never let her marry the prince.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(10)

Princess Hede understood her situation. Yet, she wanted to be reckless and helped him. Ruolan asked her mistress what would she do if the Emperor found out she had given the drug to Bu Yin Lou. Princess Hede told her that she already had no strength and patience left. Yuwen Liang Xu and Bu Yin Lou were innocent, therefore she had to save them. Princess Hede and Ruolan did not know that during their conversation, Yuwen Liang Xu had woken up and listened to them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(11)

Empress Rong’an was happy when she heard that The Emperor was angry towards Bu Yin Lou. She immediately went to see the Emperor and add some fuel to his anger.

Just like Sun Tai Qin’s predicted, Bu Yin Lou’s title made an uproar in the court. The Emperor was displeased with the official and carelessly dismissed the morning court. He was angry because everybody made things difficult for him, including Bu Yin Lou. Sun Tai Qing told the Emperor that Bu Yin Lou did not seem to want to accept his kindness. The Emperor angrily told Sun Tai Qing that Bu Yin Lou must have done it because of her cousin. He ordered Yu Zun to capture Lian Cheng alive.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(12)

Empress Rong’an came to give him a white lantern and told the story behind the lantern. It was about an ungrateful little fox and a young master who wanted to tame it. Empress Rong’an indirectly suggested the Emperor punish Bu Yin Lou. She explained that an ungrateful person would only be tamed if they felt the pain and suffering. Bu Yin Lou must know that without the Emperor, she was nothing.

She advised the Emperor to send Bu Yin Lou to a royal residence outside the palace. The Emperor could send someone to watch over her and cut off all the information from the outside. A delicate girl such as Bu Yin Lou would not stand the loneliness. Empress Rong’an also promised that she would make Bu Yin Lou obey the Emperor. The Emperor agreed and asked for her reward.

The Empress said that she wanted Xiao Duo. Sun Tai Qing reminded his master that if Xiao Duo colluded with Empress Rong’an, it would be troublesome for the Emperor. But the Emperor did not care at all. For him, Empress Rong’an was a woman from Inner Court. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(13)

Bu Yin Lou was officially conferred Consort Duan and moved to Deer’s Reed Residence. A woman named Suhuai was sent to be her maid.

Xiao Duo was determined to leave West Shu secretly. Cao Chun’ang reminded him again that if the Emperor found out, he would be executed. He also told him that Bu Yin Lou had served the Emperor in bed and conferred the title of Consort Duan.

Xiao Duo’s face hardened when he heard the news. He went back to his room and slammed the boots that Bu Yin Lou painstakingly made. He was frustrated because he thought that Bu Yin Lou did not trust him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(14)

Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou wondered about Tong Yun’s condition and how to get close to Empress Rong’an. When she stepped outside her room, Suhuai stopped her. She said that the Emperor has ordered that she could not leave the residence. She tried to persuade Suhuai and told her that she wanted to know how Tong Yun was doing. Bu Yin Lou also tried to bribe her, but it was all for naught. Suhuai only said that Tong Yun’s injuries were minor and she would recover in a few days.

Suddenly a familiar voice traveled to her ears. It was Empress Rong’an. Bu Yin Lou was ecstatic because she wanted to meet Empress Rong’an. Empress Rong’an saw Bu Yin Lou was happy to see her and it made her confused. Bu Yin Lou said that she did not know any single person in the residence, therefore she was happy to see a familiar face like hers.

After a short banter, Empress Rong’an realized that she could not defeat Bu Yin Lou’s sharp mouth. She started to rebuke her because she had touched her thing, which was Xiao Duo. Empress Rong’an warned Bu Yin Lou that she was there to teach her a lesson, and slapped her. Suhuai immediately kneeled to plead for her, but she got scolded.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(15)

When Empress Rong’an tried to slap her again, Bu Yin Lou caught her wrist and pointed her sharp hairpin at Empress Rong’an’s neck. Everybody was shocked. Bu Yin Lou dragged her to the room. Bu Yin Lou said that Empress Rong’an was no longer an Empress and there was no place for her in the Imperial City.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(16)

When the servants came with the guards. Bu Yin Lou stabbed her hand with the hairpin and stated that Empress Rong’an has assaulted her. Empress Rong’an was angry that she could not defeat Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(17)

Suhuai ran to chase Empress Rong’an and pleaded for her. The Empress stared at the maid and judged her. She gave Suhuai her jade bangle and told her to be her spy. Suhuai agreed and accepted the bangle.

Xiao Duo canceled his plan and ambushed a group of bandits. They won and captured the bandit leader. Now there was no bandit again in the West Shu and he could return to the capital.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(18)

It was dinner time in Deer’s Reed Residence. Suhuai came and served her food. Bu Yin Lou saw a familiar jade bangle on her wrist. It was the same bangle that Empress Rong’an wore previously. Bu Yin Lou touched the food carefully. She guessed that Empress Rong’an had eaten her bait and took a chance to take action.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(19)

When Suhuai returned, all the food was clean and Bu Yin Lou was sitting leisurely in her chair, munching on something. Suhuai was shocked to see her like that. She stared at Bu Yin Lou for a while before she left the pavilion. Bu Yin Lou followed her and saw Suhuai secretly meeting Yilan, Empress Rong’an’s maid.

Suhuai reported that Bu Yin Lou had eaten all the food but she was fine. Yilan was startled. The drug she used would make people severely ill if they ate it. Both of them did not know that Bu Yin Lou did not eat all the food. She just purposely left the plates empty.

However, because Bu Yin Lou was fine, she told Suhuai to give Bu Yin Lou another dose of the drug. She must put it on her meals, snack, and supper. Suhuai docilely agreed. Bu Yin Lou heard all the conversation. It made her wonder why Empress Rong’an was so concerned about her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 22(20)

My Musing

Xiao Duo definitely looked down on Murong Gao Gong. He never thought that after Murong Gao Gong ascenced to be the Emperor, he would become smarter and more cunning. It was quite confusing since Xiao Duo realized that the Emperor was wary of him, why could he not think that the Emperor would plot against him? He probably was too proud of his intelligence. 🙄

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