Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 9-10 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 9-10 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hello readers! It’s time we continue Unchained Love episode recap. After heartbreaking episodes last time, I sympathize with the pitiful concubines of the late emperor. Let’s see what Bu Yin Lou had up her sleeves in these episodes 9 and 10, will she be able to save them?

But first, let’s meet new characters!

New Characters Appearance

Bu Yin Ge

Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap - Bu Yin Ge
Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap – Bu Yin Ge

The legitimate daughter of Bu Yu Lu, born from Madam Bu. She was Bu Yin Lou’s stepsister. She was pretty but her heart was full of jealousy and hatred towards Bu Yin Lou. She wanted to be an Empress and Bu Yin Lou had stood in her way.

Steward Zheng

Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap - Steward Zheng
Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap – Steward Zheng

Steward Zheng was the one who managed the Xiao Residence. He was a man of a few words but he managed the residence in the most effective and efficient way.

Madam Chen

Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap - Madam Chen
Unchained Love episode 9-10 recap – Madam Chen

She was The Emperor’s wet nurse and the servant of the late Concubine Jing, Murong Gao Gong’s birth mother. She was famous for her teaching about palace etiquette. She was a strict person and was highly respected in the palace.

Episode Recap

Episode 9

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(1)

Tong Yun had a fever and cough. She sat on the floor pitifully when Bu Yin Lou came. Tong Yun reported that Eunuch Liu had taken all her valuables. Bu Yin Lou was angry and went to find Eunuch Liu. With a little drama, she managed to show him Xiao Duo’s seal. Eunuch Liu immediately recognized the seal came from Xiao Duo’s thumb ring and his attitude instantly changed. He even got some cold medicine and fruits delivered to her room. All the valuables were also returned to her room. Eunuch Liu who was arrogant suddenly became humble…😅

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(2)

Li Ping Ru had become Eunuch Liu’s lover and was given a task to find out the truth behind Xiao Duo’s seal on Bu Yin Lou’s amulet. Eunuch Liu was still suspicious about the seal. He did not want to be tricked by Bu Yin Lou.

At the capital, Xiao Duo used the Yuwen jade pendant in a restaurant where Yuwen Liang Shu’spies hide. Previously, he had She Qilang check all the potential locations where the spies of the Prince of Nanyuan hide. After they confirmed the locations, he would put some of his men to spy on the spies.

Cao Chun’ang came to the restaurant with a long face, he put several account books sent by Eunuch Liu. The account book listed many of Bu Yin Lou’s requests for extravagant food, drinks, and trinkets.

Xiao Duo opened the book with an indifferent attitude while Cao Chun’ang seemed about to burst from anger. Xiao Duo asked how did his identity got revealed and Cao Chun’ang pointed out that it must be Bu Yin Lou who disclosed his identity. Even Eunuch Liu hinted in his letter that Bu Yin Lou was Xiao Duo’s lover.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(3)

Xiao Duo immediately stood up and left for the Imperial Mausoleum. Cao Chun’ang tried to stop him and Xiao Duo had to explained to the flustered Cao Chun’ang that if Bu Yin Lou used his name to flaunt around, then it meant that she was in trouble. Still… Cao Chun’ang thought that she was the real trouble…😅

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(4)

Li Ping Ru was jealous of Bu Yin Lou’s good life. She stood near Bu Yin Lou and Tong Yun, and heard Tong Yun said something about Bu Yin Lou lying to Eunuch Liu. Bu Yin Lou nonchalantly answered that Eunuch Liu deserved to be tricked. He a pervert who thought that everybody was like him. Bu Yin Lou stated firmly that she was not cheap enough to sell herself to a eunuch. Li Ping Ru heard all her words, got angry over the words, and reported them to Eunuch Liu.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(5)

Eunuch Liu came with several eunuchs to arrest Bu Yin Lou and Tong Yun. He took the amulet and wiped the seal. He asked Bu Yin Lou how could she dare lie to him. Of course, our girl refused the accusation. She said that Xiao Duo personally stamped the seal on her amulet. Eunuch Liu said that he no longer believed that there was something between her and Xiao Duo and slapped her hard.

Bu Yin Lou held her anger and asked him to talk about it nicely. The perverted eunuch laughed hard. He told Bu Yin Lou that she could not dream to be a mistress because, in the Mausoleum, he was the master. Bu Yin Lou kicked him hard and yelled that she was not a mistress but nobody could become her master. They fought when suddenly they heard somebody stopped them.

Eunuch Liu trembled and immediately kneeled, Bu Yin Lou also followed suit when she saw The Emperor and the imperial guards came. The Emperor immediately ordered his guards to flog Eunuch Liu and his accomplices.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(6)

Right after the Emperor gave out his order, Xiao Duo and the Zhaoding Bureau guards came. Xiao Duo helped Bu Yin Lou to stand up and told the Emperor that he should not stain his hand doing dirty work. He would handle all of it.

I could not imagine how he would punish Eunuch Liu because he laid his hands on Bu Yin Lou…😣

The Emperor asked Xiao Duo why he was there and Xiao Duo responded that he got a report about Eunuch Liu bullying the concubines. He was there to investigate the truth. The Emperor regretted his decision to send Bu Yin Lou to the Mausoleum and ordered Sun Tai Qing to arrange so Bu Yin Lou could return to the palace with him.

Bu Yin Lou frantically stopped him. She said that the Emperor had promised to let her go. Murong Gao Gong quibbled that he just promised to send her to the Mausoleum and never said that he would not take her back. Sun Tai Qing came forward to remind Bu Yin Lou that the Emperor’s words were a decree and all she had to do was to thank him. Bu Yin Lou swallowed her anger.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(7)

Xiao Duo told the Emperor that Bu Yin Lou might be frightened and suggested the Emperor take her for a walk. Bu Yin Lou followed the Emperor. But before she left, Xiao Duo squeezed a leaf card into her hand. It was Bu Yin Lou’s card. He gave her the card to encourage her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(8)

Bu Yin Lou took the Emperor to the pavilion near the nameless graves. She told the Emperor that she wanted to play cards there because playing mahjong in the cemetery would bring good luck, the weather was fine so it was a good day to play cards. Bu Yin Lou invited the concubines and they played as carefree as they always were.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(9)

The Emperor and Sun Tai Qing were dumbfounded to see how happy Bu Yin Lou and the concubines were. Only Xiao Duo flashed an approving smile.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(10)

Bu Yin Lou’s act completely baffled the Emperor and Sun Tai Qing. The Emperor never imagined that Bu Yin Lou who came from a noble and educated family could act like a shrew. They did not realize that Bu Yin Lou did it intentionally. Sun Tai Qing conveyed his opinion regarding Bu Yin Lou’s mannerisms. With those kinds of behavior, he was afraid that Bu Yin Lou would never gain approval from the court to lead the harem and served on The Emperor’s side.

Xiao Duo had the plan to bring Bu Yin Lou out of the Mausoleum. After that, she would be placed in a residence outside the palace to learn about palace rules and etiquette. Xiao Duo also reminded the Emperor that many people cast their eyes on him, waiting for his downfall. If the Emperor acted recklessly, they could not ensure Bu Lou’s safety. The Emperor agreed to his idea and even told Xiao Duo to take Bu Yin Lou to his residence because he only trusted him. Xiao Duo smirked after the Emperor left.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(11)

Bu Yin Lou was anxious to hear the result of her actions. She thought that her good days were over. Bu Yin Lou was relieved when he said that the Emperor would not force her to return to the palace. However, everything came with a price. Xiao Duo asked Bu Yin Lou to come with him to his residence as a compensation for ruining his reputation and the loss of a hefty amount of money to pay her debt to the Imperial Mausoleum as the result of her extravagant lifestyle.

Althought Bu Yin Lou was reluctant to follow Xiao Duo’s plan which she had to carry the late Emperor’s robe, she was ecstatic when she heard that she did not have to return to the palace.

Meanwhile, at the villa, Yuwen Liang Xu stared at a pot of flowers while recalling the Cuju tournament with Princess Hede. He explained to She Qilang that he was weak every time he saw his love interest. All of a sudden, Princess arrived to deliver the Yuwen jade. She said she could not take it because it was too precious. She also teased the young prince and told him that that flower matched his robe. Yuwen Liang Xu grinned from ear to ear.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(12)

Bu Yin Ge, the legitimate daughter of the Bu residence was furious when she heard that Bu Yin Lou was able to receive the Emperor’s favor. Her mother, Madam Bu, coaxed her that Bu Yin Lou was only a plaything for the Emperor. She had nothing to worry about, it was impossible for Bu Yin Lou to enter the palace with a proper title. Bu Yin Ge ordered her mother to handle Bu Yin Lou because she was worried that Bu Yin Lou would tell tales about them to the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(13)

Madam Xu came to the Mausoleum and heard the maid gossiped about Bu Yin Lou, Li Ping Ru, and the dead Eunuch Liu. She saw a chance to deal with Bu Yin Lou without lifting a finger. Madam Bu talked to Li Ping Ru and incited her fear of Bu Yin Lou. This Madam Du was able to guess that Bu Yin Lou would carry the Emperor’s robe to the Sacrifice Ceremony. She asked Li Ping Ru to help Bu Yin Lou, while in reality, she wanted her to ruin Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(14)

On the ceremony day, Bu Yin Lou walked through the stairs with the late Emperor’s robe in her hand. The concubines kneeled on both sides of the stairs. And Xiao Duo stood to supervise the ceremony. When Bu Yin Lou walked in front of Li Ping Ru, she used her hand to trip Bu Yin Lou.

However, Bu Yin Lou and the Emperor’s robe were saved thanks to Xiao Duo. Li Ping Ru saw that she lost her chance to kill Bu Yin Lou and lost her mind. Li Ping Ru charged with a sharp hairpin on her hand, wanting to kill Bu Yin Lou. Cao Chun’ang and the guards of Zhaoding Bureau immediately took her down and the ceremony continued.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(15)

After the ceremony was over, Li Ping Ru was taken to the forest. Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo were there to interrogate her. Li Ping Ru said that since Bu Yin Lou had a powerful person behind her, she already had no hope to live. Eunuch Liu was already dead because he offended Bu Yin Lou, hence, she could only wait for her turn. Li Ping Ru hated Bu Yin Lou because she abandoned her and made her trample upon others.

Li Ping Ru’s character was too weak that she thought Bu Yin Lou owed her because Bu Yin Lou had a better life than her. Li Ping Ru exclaimed that Bu Yin Lou should not care for her in the first place if she could not protect her. Bu Yin Lou could not understand Li Ping Ru’s way of thinking because she always relied on herself. However, she still apologized to Li Ping Ru and told her that she was not an invincible person who could always be there for her all the time.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(16)

Bu Yin Lou put on a fierce expression and dragged the frightened Li Ping Ru and threw her next to the carriage. She said that Li Ping Ru should just disappear. Three miles ahead, Li Ping Ru’s mother and younger sister were already waiting for her. Bu Yin Lou’s words shocked Li Ping Ru.

She thought that Bu Yin Lou would kill her just like what happened to Eunuch Liu. Because Bu Yin Lou did not want to hear her words anymore, Li Ping Ru could only say thank you and warned Bu Yin Lou to be careful of her legitimate mother. Bu Yin Lou watched the carriage depart and Li Ping Ru who also stared at her from the carriage window.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(17)

Xiao Duo asked Bu Yin Lou why she let Li Ping Ru go even though she wanted to kill her. Bu Yin Lou said that she remembered the nameless graves of the lowly rank concubines. She did not want to end up there and also did not want any woman to experience the same.

Bu Yin Lou hated that she could not do anything to change it, but to let Li Ping Ru free felt like a victory for her. Xiao Duo told her that he would always be by her side. Bu Yin Lou stared at him and said that the sentence “I am here” could not be said recklessly. She was afraid that she would be like Li Ping Ru who was reliant on other.

Unchained Love recap - episode 9(18)

But for now, Bu Yin Lou wanted to avenge her legitimate mother. Xiao Duo smiled and said that he was willing to join her to pick a fight with her legitimate mother. However, he reminded Bu Yin Lou that she had to enter his residence, under the pretense of a relative. Bu Yin Lou smiled and said that because they were related, he just called her by her name. Xiao Duo also smiled and called her Yin Lou.

Episode 10

Bu Yin Lou and Tong Yun were shocked to see how grand Xiao Duo’s residence was. Xiao Duo introduced her to Steward Zheng who took care of the residence. Bu Yin Lou was stunned that to enter the residence, she also needed to ride in a sedan. The Xiao residence was full of luxury that even she, a concubine of the Emperor, never saw before.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(1)

On the way to her courtyard, Bu Yin Lou stopped because she saw a familiar tree in a garden. It was the same tree that grew near the Zhaoding Bureau. Xiao Duo had his people move it from the palace to accompany her. Bu Yin Lou saw that there was a bud in the tree. When she touched the bud, a flower fell and landed on her head. Xiao Duo told her to stand still and took the flower from her head. This was an intimate gesture between a woman and a man.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(2)

But the harmonious atmosphere was ruined by Cao Chun’ang who came to report that the banquet was ready. Tong Yun was excited and urged Bu Yin Lou to attend the banquet. After she left, Cao Chun’ang reported that the Emperor had learned about Bu Yin Lou’s arrival in the capital. Xiao Duo ordered Cao Chun’ang to enter the palace and invite Princess Hede to come to his residence.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(3)

Inside the palace, the Emperor was excited to know that Bu Yin Lou had arrived at Xiao’s residence. Sun Tai Qing used the chance to interfere in Bu Yin Lou’s etiquette lessons. He said that Xiao Duo was a busy person therefore he asked for the Emperor’s approval to let him handle the matter. But the Emperor disagreed.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(4)

Cao Chun’ang reported that Yuwen Liang Xu has sneaked into Princess Hede’s carriage. Cao Chun’ang was suspicious that Yuwen Liang Xu had come for Xiao Duo. He might pretend to be dumb but worked for his brother secretly. Xiao Duo ordered She Qilang to only keep an eye on Yuwen Liang Xu. He wanted to know Yuwen Liang Xu’s intention to enter the Xiao Residence. A few moments later, Steward Zheng came to announce Princess Hede’s arrival.

After she heard Xiao Duo’s explanation, Princess Hede understood that he wanted her to stop the Emperor from taking Bu Yin Lou as his consort because it was inappropriate due to her position as the late Emperor’s concubine. From the corner of his eyes, Xiao Duo saw a suspicious maidservant among Princess Hede’s maids. The maidservant was taller than the average maid and she kept her head down low. The maid was Yuwen Liang Xu.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(5)

Yuwen Liang Xu felt the urge to go to the toilet, but Xiao’s residence was too big that he could not find one. Instead, Steward Zheng found him and ordered the guard to catch him. Yuwen Liang Xu ran and hid in a room. He would have succeeded if Bu Yin Lou had not hit him in the head.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(6)

Xiao Duo took Yuwen Liang Xu to a room and interrogated him. It turned out that Yuwen Liang Xu did not have any intention toward Xiao Duo. But he had an ulterior motive toward Princess Hede because he was attracted to her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(7)

Bu Yin Lou and Princess Hede who eavesdroped at the door were stunned. The Princess entered the room furiously but Yuwen Liang Xu blushed when he saw her. Yuwen Liang Xu said that his head was full of Princess Hede and he wanted to see her. He had been impressed by her since they met at the cuju field because Princess Hede was a strong woman and Yuwen Liang Xu never met a strong woman other than his mother. He also said that Princess Hede could keep the jade pendant because his family heirloom was supposed to be given to the person he loved.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(8)

Princess Hede told him that she returned the jade pendant on Xiao Duo’s behalf. Yuwen Liang Xu was irritated when he heard that. He asked Princess Hede why she went to Xiao Duo’s residence and whether she was close to him. He reminded her that Xiao Duo was a cunning eunuch and Princess Hede must not be fooled by him. Bu Yin Lou tried to calm Princess Hede down but her word incited her anger toward the prince.

Xiao Duo asked Bu Yin Lou why did she provoke the princess. She responded emotionally that Yuwen Liang Xu had talked badly about Xiao Duo. Bu Yin Lou told him that she liked him the most and if somebody bullied him, she would give them a lesson.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(9)

Xiao Duo was elated to hear her word until she continued the praise. Bu Yin Lou said that with his beautiful appearance and bearing, he should be a perfect match for the Princess. It was a pity that he turned into a eunuch. If he was a normal man, Yuwen Liang Xu would never get a chance to be arrogant in front of Princess Hede. When she saw Xiao Duo was unhappy, Bu Yin Lou immediately left the room.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(10)

Bu Yin Lou asked Cao Chun’ang several questions about Yuwen Liang Xu. Cao Chun’ang explained that Yuwen Liang Xu was the brother of Yuwen Liang Shi, Xiao Duo’s mortal enemy. He also told her that when she was locked up by the Empress, Xiao Duo almost caught him alive. Yet, he had to hurry back to the capital to save Bu Yin Lou. Cao Chun’ang reminded her that she should stay away from Yuwen Liang Xu. Cao Chun’ang made her realize the reason why he was so bad-tempered back then was because she had ruined his plan.

Princess Hede went to see her Emperor brother. In a roundabout manner, she persuaded her brother to give up on Bu Yin Lou because she was not suitable for the Imperial City. The Emperor asked her whether it was Bu Yin Lou who asked her to tell him about it. The Princess said that it was her opinion. Murong Gao Gong was not happy with her words.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(11)

He told Princess Hede that he had been a loser for all his life, and he also realized that he was not fit to be an emperor. But he did it for Bu Yin Lou. For him, Bu Yin Lou was his only light in the dark Imperial City. Then Murong Gao Gong lamented about his miserable life.

He was so sad that to coax him Sun Tai Qing asked Princess Hede to promise that she would help her brother and bring Bu Yin Lou to the palace for him. Princess Hede knew that her brother was not a fortunate person. She immediately agreed to Sun Tai Qing’s request and promised that she would bring Bu Yin Lou to the palace.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(12)

Sun Tai Qing secretly sent a palace lady named Madam Chen to teach Bu Yin Lou about palace etiquette. His senior eunuch tried to remind him that the Emperor might be upset if he did it behind his back. Yet, Sun Tai Qing only said that as long as Bu Yin Lou could learn about wisdom and virtue as soon as possible, the Emperor would be happy.

Xiao Duo planned to arrest the West Shu’s spies and he would do it himself. Before he left, he told Cao Chun’ang to stay at the residence and keep it (and Bu Yin Lou) safe.

A few moments after Xiao Duo left, Madam Chen appeared. Cao Chun’ang could not keep her from entering the residence. He reported to Bu Yin Lou that someone from the palace was there to teach her palace etiquette. Cao Chun’ang reminded Bu Yin Lou that she must be extra careful and not let Madam Chen caught her mistake. But the moment Madam Chen saw Bu Yin Lou’s hand on Cao Chun’ang’s arm, she immediately took a stick to hit her. Bu Yin Lou dodged the hit and it angered her even more.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(13)

Cao Chun’ang went to find Xiao Duo and told him about Madam Chen. And when Xiao Duo was about to return to the residence, Ruolan came with an invitation from Princess Hede. The Princess apologized that she could not accomplish the thing that he asked her to do.

She also reminded Xiao Duo that his brother has become the emperor while all of them was just a subject. If Bu Yin Lou wanted to survive in the Imperial City, she must do whatever the Emperor told her to do. Xiao Duo said that he could not bear to see her lived like that. But the princess responded that even if he could not bear to, he could do nothing about it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(14)

Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou had to listen to Madam Chen’s lesson about meal etiquette. There were many rules that she must follow. Bu Yin Lou was angry towards Xiao Duo because she thought that Madam Chen was there because of his order. And it meant that he still wanted to send her to the palace. The naughty mistress and maid messed up with the lesson. While Bu Yin Lou ruined the food arrangement, Tong Yun ate the dishes. When she caught their misdeeds, Madam Chen was furious.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(15)

Xiao Duo arrived at his residence and saw Bu Yin Lou being chased by Madam Chen and her stick. Bu Yin Lou was happy to see him and wanted to hide behind his back but she fell down instead. Everybody was dumbfounded to see Bu Yin Lou on the floor. The aggrieved Bu Yin Lou started to cry and it made Xiao Duo more nervous.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(16)

The next thing that happened was Cao Chun’ang chased after Madam Chen. She was offended by Xiao Duo’s words and Bu Yin Lou’s rebellious behavior. Madam Chen returned to the palace in a flash.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(17)

Xiao Duo asked for Bu Yin Lou’s forgiveness with a pot of bruise medicine. Bu Yin Lou who was already angry blamed him for making her fall. Before the two finished their conversation, Cao Chun’ang announced the Emperor’s arrival. Xiao Duo ordered Bu Yin Lou to return to her room while he left to welcome the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou was angry because everybody always told her what to do. To vent her anger, she decided to do what they told her to do.

Meanwhile, Xiao Duo thought that the Emperor would be angry with Bu Yin Lou. He immediately looked for a reason to appease the Emperor. But he was wrong. The Emperor was not angry with Bu Yin Lou or him, but it was Eunuch Sun who apologized because he took liberties to send Madam Chen to the Xiao residence and disturbed the peace at the residence. Xiao Duo told the Emperor that Bu Yin Lou had suffered because of Madam Chen.

But when all of them arrived at the hall, they saw Bu Yin Lou diligently learnt how to place the food according to Madam Chen’s arrangement. When The Emperor helped her to get up, she let him touched her hand. This docile Bu Yin Lou made Xiao Duo felt unease at the sight of her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(18)

The Emperor apologized to Bu Yin Lou that she suffered because of the lesson. However, Bu Yin Lou talked indifferently that the reason why the Emperor had her stay at the Xiao Residence was to learn about palace etiquette. No matter who sent Madam Chen, it was her duty to learn about etiquette. Xiao Duo invited the Emperor to have a meal at his residence. Sun Tai Qing thought that it was a good idea since Bu Yin Lou could serve the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou agreed to the arrangement and it made Xiao Duo angry.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(19)

Bu Yin Lou served the Emperor meticulously. The Emperor was pleased to have her serve him and told her to eat with him. Bu Yin Lou refused his request. She said that Madam Chen told her that she should not seat at the same table with the Emperor because it would breach the etiquette.

No matter what the Emperor said to persuade her, Bu Yin Lou kept a straight face and refused to do that. When the Emperor wanted to feed her soup, she took a step back and repeated the rules that she could not eat with him. The Emperor stared at Sun Tai Qing with a displeased expression written on his face.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(20)

That night, after the Emperor left the Xiao residence. Sun Tai Qing told Xiao Duo that it was a good thing for him to have strict rules all the time. However, he must learn that men and women need not be too uptight. Sun Tai Qing mentioned a place called Dream House, the best brothel in the capital.

Unchained Love recap - episode 10(21)

My Musing

I have never thought about this before, but episode 9 made me wonder what kind of lipstick Bu Yin Lou used that it would last for months on the amulet? It was really long lasting and did not leave any mark on her dress. Did they still sell the lipstick nowadays? I got to have it! 😂😂

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