Ending ExplainedUnchained Love Ending Explained

Unchained Love Ending Explained

Hola readers… have you read my drama review about Unchained Love? In this post, I wrote about the ending. The roller coaster story of Unchained Love made me a little bit pessimist about the ending. At first, I thought it was going to be a bad ending, but it turned out to be a happy-yet-open ending.

Although in some aspects you need to use your imagination. Such as, did Murong Gao Gong live or die? If he lived what would happen to Great Ye? And if he died, who’s going to be the successor? Was it Murong Wan Wan, since she was more capable to govern the country?

Well.. enough with the chit-chat. Let’s get started. Happy reading!

Unchained Love Ending Explained

What Happened to Bu Yin Lou?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Bu Yin Lou?
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Bu Yin Lou?

After she visited Xiao Duo in prison, Bu Yin Lou lost her mind. She did not remember days and only remembered that the day before she almost died as a Tribute lady. Her maid, Bao Zhu, reported to the Emperor. However, The Emperor did not believe it and thought that Bu Yin Lou played some tricks on him.

After the coronation, Bu Yin Lou paraded in the city. Xiao Duo disguised as one of the Imperial Guard. At the designated place, Xiao Duo assisted by She Qilang and their fellow brother, attacked the imperial guards.

However, they were tricked by the Emperor. The one who rode the Empress’ carriage was Bu Yin Ge, while Bu Yin Lou was lying unconscious in the Emperor’s carriage. Xiao Duo was hit by an arrow and was arrested. The Emperor forced Bu Yin Lou to see Xiao Duo who was almost dismembered by 5 horses in the middle of the road. Bu Yin Lou was shocked and lost her mind again.

Yuwen Liang Xu started to yell that Murong Gao Gong was without benevolence and virtue. He had killed Prince Rong and usurped the throne. She Qilang and the others followed his words. Soon after that, the word was spread among the citizen. They criticized the Emperor and made him panic. The Emperor ordered Yu Zun to kill every citizen who listened to the words. Commander Yu Zun was shocked by the order but he could not disobey it.

The next day, Empress Dowager ordered Bu Yin Lou to be confined at the Fugu Temple. Bu Yin Lou continued to pretend to be crazy. The Emperor was not convinced by her acting until Princess Hede visited Bu Yin Lou, and she still acted the same. He was shocked when he realized that he was the one who drove Bu Yin Lou into a crazy state.

On Lantern Festival, The Emperor visited her once more. He reminisced about their last lantern festival when he set up a courtyard full of lanterns. He told her that he had decided to keep her by his side forever. The Emperor ordered Yu Zun to seal the chamber. He intended to let Bu Yin Lou die inside the chamber.

The Emperor did not know that Xiao Duo already had the plan to save Bu Yin Lou. When Princess Hede visited Bu Yin Lou, she brought Bu Yin Lou’s Fish Immortal necklace. Inside the jade, there was a letter from Xiao Duo. Bu Yin Lou followed his plan and on the Lantern Festival, she set the chamber on fire and waited for Xiao Duo to save her.

Their plan was successful. When the Emperor rushed to the Fugu Temple followed by the people, Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo had already run from the Imperial Palace hand in hand. This time, they were able to run away forever.

What Happened to Xiao Duo?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Xiao Duo?
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Xiao Duo?

Xiao Duo was brokenhearted and sad when Bu Yin Lou returned to the capital. He wanted to see Bu Yin Lou so badly. When he finally returned, he sent her a plate of cherries to tell her that he was back. The Emperor dismissed Xiao Duo from Zhaoding Bureau and send him to serve Empress Rong’an.

Xiao Duo learned the truth from Tong Yun about the reason why Bu Yin Lou was sent to the Deer Reed Residence. She also told him about what happened at Yuguo Mountain and why Bu Yin Lou kidnapped Empress Rong’an. Not long after, Xiao Duo secretly plotted Bu Yin Lou so they could meet on a boat. Bu Yin Lou was afraid they would get caught, but Xiao Duo calmed her down. They consummated their marriage on that boat.

When Empress Rong’an tried to frame Bu Yin Lou with witchcraft, Xiao Duo set her up and arrested Empress Rong’an. Empress Rong’an told him that the one who killed Ah Duo was Bu Yu Lu. The truth put Xiao Duo into a dilemma. He had spent many years to find the killer, but then the killer was Bu Yin Lou’s father.

Xiao Duo knew that if he killed Bu Yu Lu, Bu Yin Lou would be sad. But if he did not kill him, it means he failed to avenge Ah Duo. In the end, because of his love for Bu Yin Lou, Xiao Duo let Bu Yu Lu go.

Xiao Duo was arrested and imprisoned after the Emperor found out about his relationship with Bu Yin Lou and his secret as a fake eunuch. He was tortured in the prison and the Emperor took Bu Yin Lou to see him. With the help of his fellow from Zhaoding Bureau, Xiao Duo escaped from the prison.

Princess Hede finally admitted that her brother was a tyrant. She offered a hand to help him save Bu Yin Lou from Fugu Temple. Xiao Duo, Princess Hede, Yuwen Liang Xu, Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang made a plan to save Bu Yin Lou at the Lantern festival in the palace.

On that night, they hid inside Meng Jieyu’s lantern. When they entered the palace, Xiao Duo rushed to the Fugu tower alone, while the others stood guard at the palace pretending to be eunuchs. Xiao Duo broke the door when Bu Yin Lou’s chamber was burned. Before they left, he threw his double sword Dengguo into the burning chamber.

When they ran, they passed the Imperial Guard. Yu Zun saw them, but he let them go. Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou were finally able to leave the Imperial City and ran into their future.

What Happened to Murong Gao Gong?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Murong Gao Gong?
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Murong Gao Gong?

Murong Gao Gong, The Emperor, was heavily injured when he fell down the cliff. The doctor diagnosed that in the future, the Emperor would be unable to walk freely or have a child. The diagnosis shocked the Emperor. He became depressed and more paranoid.

Bu Yin Lou spent her time taking care of The Emperor because she pitied him. Her care sparked happiness inside the Emperor’s heart. But then he accidentally found out Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo planned to escape from the Imperial City. He felt betrayed when he knew that Xiao Duo was a fake eunuch and promised to make them suffer.

Xiao Duo was arrested and sent to prison and Bu Yin Lou was under house arrest. The Emperor schemed on Bu Yin Lou and used Bu Yin Ge as a decoy. He made the Empress Dowager and the court officials agreed to confer Bu Yin Lou as an empress. The reason why Murong Gao Gong did it was not because of his love for Bu Yin Lou or his consideration for the country. He did it because he wanted revenge and to make Bu Yin Lou unable to leave him.

The Emperor started to get addicted to tonics and drugs. He often dreamed of Prince Rong and he could not think clearly. The Emperor killed one of his important ministers, and also his most loyal servant, Sun Tai Qing. The latter tried to remind him to stop making mistakes and then The Emperor nonchalantly stabbed him. When Bu Yin Lou was confined in the Fugu Temple, he always visited her every day. The Emperor believed that Bu Yin Lou pretended to be crazy.

The Emperor was still trapped in his obsession to keep Bu Yin Lou by his side. Later he ordered Bu Yin Lou’s chamber to be sealed up. Yu Zun reminded him that if he did that Bu Yin Lou would die. When the tower was burned down, The Emperor rushed to the temple. Yu Zun already knew that Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo escaped from the Fugu Temple.

Yet, he reported that he had found Bu Yin Lou’s body inside the burning chamber. The news of Bu Yin Lou’s death snapped the only consciousness left inside. The Emperor lost his mind and fell to the floor.

What Happened to Empress Rong’an?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Empress Rong’an?
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Empress Rong’an?

Empress Rong’an used many ways to try and kill Bu Yin Lou. She had tried to poison her, kidnap her, and also frame her with murder and witchcraft.

The case of the fox demon was her last resort. Because obsession and jealousy had blinded her, Empress Rong’an lost her common sense and used a risky path. Yu Lin has begged her mistress to think twice about the plan. But Empress Rong’an did not want to listen to her. She said that she had learned from her childhood that if she wanted something she must vie for it. If she wanted a peaceful life she must fight for it. And if she wanted power, she must grab it.

However, she failed with Xiao Duo. Empress Rong’an could not understand why Bu Yin Lou could make the cold Xiao Duo fall in love with her.

To suppress Empress Rong’an, Xiao Duo took over the case and told the Emperor that if he could not solve it, the Emperor could behead him. Empress Rong’an was stunned because Xiao Duo tricked Empress Rong’an to use the poisonous rouge that she used to kill people. Empress Rong’an was shocked and immediately went to drink the antidote. Xiao Duo saw his evidence and struck her faint. The Emperor arrived not long after. He granted Empress Rong’an a death with poisoned wine.

On the execution day, Xiao Duo came to deliver the wine. Before Empress Rong’an drank the wine, he asked about what happened six years ago. Rong’an told him everything. Including the one who had killed Ah Duo. He was Bu Yu Lu, Bu Yin Lou’s biological father.

Xiao Duo was shocked but he did not want to believe it. Empress Rong’an was furious because even at the last moment, Xiao Duo refused to believe her. To prove it, she stabbed her chest with a hairpin and died in Xiao Duo’s arms.

What Happened to Bu Yu Lu?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What happened to Bu Yu Lu
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Bu Yu Lu?

Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou found out that Bu Yu Lu was the one who killed Ah Duo. But Xiao Duo did not kill Bu Yu Lu because he did not want to make Bu Yin Lou sad. Bu Yin Lou confronted her father and severed their familial relationship.

Bu Yu Lu had colluded with The Prince of Nanyuan. They plotted to rebel against the Emperor. The Prince of Nanyuan went to the capital and pretended to be a good guest while Bu Ying Ge must seduce the Emperor. She stole some of Bu Yin Lou’s clothes and used the same makeup and hairdo to imitate her. The Emperor took the bait and brought her to his bed.

Bu Yin Lou eavesdropped on Bu Yin Ge’s conversation with the Prince of Nanyuan. She learned that Bu Yin Ge was tasked to steal the Emperor’s commander’s seal. She went to report it to the Emperor but got refused by Sun Tai Qing. Then she looked for Princess Hede who immediately took action, but they were late. The seal was already in the Prince’s hand and the army was already moved away from the capital.

The rebellion was finally quelled after Bu Yin Lou went to deliver the edict for Yu Zun to return to the palace and stop the rebellion. The Emperor did not let Xiao Duo return, but he defied the order and returned to the capital to quell the rebellion. The Prince of Nanyuan was defeated by Xiao Duo and killed himself in exchange for Yuwen Liang Xu’s safety.

Bu Yu Lu was defeated by commander Yu Zun and was sent to prison. He was given the death penalty. Bu Yin Lou went to visit him and talk about her grievances as his daughter. She finally put an end to their relationship as father and daughter. Bu Yu Lu cried when he realized that the daughter he always abandoned still put him in her heart.

What Happened to Princess Hede (Murong Wan Wan) and Yuwen Liang Xu?

Unchained Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Princess Hede (Murong Wan Wan) and Yuwen Liang Xu?
Unchained Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Princess Hede (Murong Wan Wan) and Yuwen Liang Xu?

After Yuwen Liang Xu was demoted to a commoner, Princess Hede tried to plead for him but failed. Yuwen Liang Xu persuaded her to follow him to the West Shu. They could start a new life there and Princess Hede would be free from her crazy brother. But they did not know that the Emperor already laid a trap for them. Yuwen Liang Xu was able to run but Princess Hede was confined at her palace.

Yuwen Liang Xu cancelled his plan to return to West Shu and decided to help Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou. He also could not bear to leave Princess Hede alone in Great Ye. He stayed at his master’s place, The Dream House.

Princess Hede realized that her brother has changed drastically. He had become a tyrant who trampled on others. She tried to warn her brother to take care of his body and the country. Princess Hede took over her brother’s duty in governance. She visited the ministers to find solutions for state matters.

The governance had been stopped when the Emperor killed one of the important ministers and dismissed the morning court. Princess Hede’s anger and dissatisfaction erupted when she found out that the Emperor was addicted to drugs and did not care at all about the country and the people.

Princess Hede decided to help Xiao Duo so he could save Bu Yin Lou. She made arrangements at the Lantern Festival inside the palace to cover up the plan to save Bu Yin Lou from the Fugu Temple. When everybody left the Imperial City, Princess Hede had to stay. She could not leave her brother alone. Princess Hede did it for the sake of the country and the people.

My Musing

If the story continued, I guess that there was a possibility that Murong Wan Wan would take over the throne because she was more capable to govern the country than her brother. Murong Gao Gong had been insane for a long time since he was injured and if Murong Wan Wan let him govern the country, Great Ye would be destroyed in his hand. And I believe that Yu Zun would be her trusted subordinate.

This happy yet open ending aroused my curiosity. Thank goodness that this drama was based on a novel. I could try to find the novel and read it. Let’s just pray that it had been translated into English.😆

Well, readers… I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Do not forget to join our Cnovelholic forum. Ciao!

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