Ending ExplainedThe Blue Whisper Ending Explained

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained

Hola readers… Did you ever wonder what happened at the end of The Blue Whisper drama? You’ve already watched it, but it still left you with questions unanswered? Then let me help you with The Blue Whisper ending explained. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s Go!

Let me remind you that at the end of The Blue Whisper Part 1, Ji Yunhe revealed her nine-tailed fox figure (did it remind you of Bai Fengjiu of Ten Miles of Peach Blossom?) in front of Shunde. After that, she was taken as a prisoner at Congji Prison. However, Chang Yi rescued her and took her to the North Abyss. But it was not the freedom that she has been yearning for. It was just another prison for her, because Chang Yi will make her pay for the lies she told him.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Dilraba Dilmurat as Ji Yunhe, Ah Ji
Dilraba Dilmurat as Ji Yunhe, Ah Ji

In the war between the Spiritual Masters and North Abyss people, Ji Yunhe sacrificed herself to help the spiritual master who suffered from the Frozen Marks. She died in Chang Yi’s arms, made him regretted everything he did before, and shed a red pearl. However, Lin Haoqing knew a secret that nobody knew before.

He knew that there were two veins in Ji Yunhe’s body. When she died, her spiritual master’s vein vanished. Only the beast vein was left in her body and it saved her life. Since then she is no longer a spiritual master but a fox. Her memory as a spiritual master is also gone. Lin Haoqing found her as a weak and small fox in the forest. He took her with him and cultivated her into human form and named her Ah Ji.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained

What Happened in The North Abyss?

Ah Ji grew up a short time at her old lodge at Wanhua Valley. Completely hidden from the world. She only knew two people, her master Lin Haoqing and Si Yu. When the Immortal master summoned Lin Haoqing to the Immortal Master manor, Lin Haoqing put an illusion spell on Ah Ji. He told her to roam the world but warned her not to go to North Abyss because he was afraid it would awaken her old memories. Lin Haoqing feared that if he let Ah Ji stay at Wanhua Valley, the Immortal Master would find out that Ji Yunhe was alive.

During her journey, Ah Ji helped Ji Ning, an immortal who was chased by the North Abyss people, and she got captured afterward. When Chang Yi caught her, out of habit Ah Ji called him Big-Tailed Fish, and it made Chang Yi suspicious of her. Ah Ji revealed her real face when she was chased by Qi Feng’s lackeys.

Chang Yi saved her and took her back to his house. Kong Ming explained Ji Yunhe’s two veins to him. Chang Yi treated Ji Yunhe nicely because he wanted to restart their relationship in a good way, although she did not remember him. However, Ji Yunhe still wanted to leave the North Abyss.

Lin Haoqing found Ah Ji and scolded her for going to North Abyss. Then he took Ah Ji to leave the North Abyss but she hesitated to leave because she was reluctant to part from Chang Yi. But suddenly the earth beneath their feet shook. Si Yu came and informed them that the Immortal Master had awakened the Thunderfire Veins. The veins had been dormant for millions of years, but Zhu Ling, Shunde’s subordinate, used his power to activate the veins.

Zhu Ling found Lin Haoqing, Ji Yunhe, and Si Yu. He was determined to catch Ji Yunhe and informed Shunde about her. Lin Haoqing told Ji Yunhe to go and do what she wanted to do. He did it to prevent Ji Yunhe from being captured by Zhu Ling, and he also realized that it was useless to separate Ji Yunhe from Chang Yi.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Ren Jia Lun as Chang Yi
Ren Jia Lun as Chang Yi

Meanwhile, Chang Yi used the Water Sceptre of the East Sea to abate the lava. He was ready to die because he knew that his power alone would not able to do that. When Ji Yunhe came to help him, Chang Yi harshly told her to leave, his emotional fluctuation broke the red pearl and unseal Ji Yunhe’s old memories.

In a short time, she remembered all the forgotten past. Ji Yunhe immediately released her fox figure and helped Chang Yi with her power. Chang Yi was stunned for a while when he saw her. They worked together to prevent the calamities. Ji Yunhe passed out because she used too much power afterwards.

Chang Yi took her back and used his power to heal her. When Ji Yunhe woke up, she asked him to take her to see the scenery. At the highest place in North Abyss, the two lovers reconciled after Ji Yunhe said that she wanted to be with him. Finally Ji Yunhe understood the meaning of freedom that she always sought after.

After Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi attacked the Immortal Master and destroyed Zhu Yan, Chang Yi was badly injured. Kong Ming was helpless because he could not do anything to save him.This time, Chang Yi was devoured by Zhu Yan cold-aura and only had a short time before he would be completely frozen and turned into ice. After Ji Yunhe learned about what would happen to Chang Yi, she asked him to marry her.

Chang Yi refused her request because he did not want her to marry him and become a widow soon. But Ji Yunhe was determined, she did not want to regret her life and waste her time. She always wanted to be Chang Yi’s wife. Chang Yi was touched by her words and agreed to her request. He also realized that he also wanted to marry her. They decided to hold the wedding three days later.

Although, Ji Yunhe said that they had already married according to the Merman clan’s custom when he gave her the Merman mark. They consummated their marriage a few days before the wedding.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe's Wedding
Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe’s Wedding

The Big War

The North Abyss people set up a big barrier in the North to prepare for a big war with Fairy Shunde and the spiritual masters from Heavenly Palace. However, they still cheer for their master’s marriage. There was a person who was sad during the wedding. It was Kong Ming. He knew that Chang Yi would be completely frozen on his wedding night. Another man who was sad on the wedding day was Lin Haoqing. However, he still congratulated her from afar and wished her happy and peaceful marriage.

On their wedding bed, Ji Yunhe tried so hard to suppress her tears. Chang Yi did not want her to see him frozen, hence he told her to sleep. But Ji Yunhe still wanted to hear his voice, so he sang to her a merman song. Chang Yi died after the song finished. Ji Yunhe cried profusely when she could no longer heard his voice. She felt her heart break into pieces.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Ci Sha As Li Shu
Ci Sha as Li Shu

Li Shu found the courage to face his fate as the strongest descendant of Lu Wu after he saw the frozen Chang Yi. Everyone sacrificed themselves for the greater good, and he could not just think about himself and watch the world fall apart. Therefore, he bravely went to the Ninefold Thunder Sea and obtain the Infinite Heavenly Fire to light the lantern. The lantern was the only way to save the world from evil. He sacrificed his life and left Xue Sanyue a message inside a hairpin.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Fan Zhen as Xue Sanyue
Fan Zhen as Xue Sanyue

The war day has come. Shunde came with an army of immortals and spiritual masters from Wanhua Valley. Si Yu, and several Wanhua elders were among them. All of them were possessed by Shunde’s black power. The North Abyss people led by Ji Yunhe. They set up a barrier to protect the North Abyss.

Shunde threw her spears to break the barrier, and when it broke, Shunde’s army ran through the crack and attacked the North Abyss people. Ji Yunhe flew past them to face Shunde head-on.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Cristy Guo as Shunde, Ning Xiyu
Cristy Guo as Shunde, Ning Xiyu

When Shunde saw Ji Yunhe, she immediately attacked Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe lured her into a formation, but Shunde found out about it beforehand. Shunde’s power was higher than Ji Yunhe’s, so she could not avoid Shunde’s attack and was strangled by her. Ji Yunhe almost lost her breath when a blue light appeared and hit Shunde. The blue light was Chang Yi. He was alive.

Ironically, Shunde was the one who helped Chang Yi back from death. The Heavenly Emperor gave Bodhi fruit from the Bodhi tree to Chang Yi. The tree bore the fruit after Shunde took care of The Heavenly Emperor for 100 years. Since then, the Heavenly Emperor always carries the fruit as a remembrance of his sister’s kindness.

The fruit would unfreeze Chang Yi’s body and wake him up. But there was one problem left, the Emperor himself did not know when he was going to wake up. However, Ji Yunhe believed that Chang Yi would not let her suffer. Therefore, he would wake up at the right time.

When Chang Yi woke up, it seemed that the Bodhi fruit had given him a new life. He obtained his tail back, and it means that his power also returned. Shunde found it out when Chang Yi freeze her golden bell. She was shocked because she did not know that Chang Yi had his tail back. Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe fought her and were able to snatch the golden bell. Ji Yunhe destroyed the bell, and it made Shunde’s army regain their conscience.

While the golden bell controls the army, Shunde had another secret weapon. The black bell that control Lin Haoqing. And at that moment, Lin Haoqing was behind the Heavenly Emperor, ready to kill him. The Heavenly Emperor was in another place to activate the lantern. He must not be disturbed. If he failed to activate the lantern, the formation was also disturbed and they could never defeat Shunde.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Xiao Shun Yao as Lin Haoqing
Xiao Shun Yao as Lin Haoqing

Ji Yunhe immediately flew to the Emperor’s side. She shielded him from Lin Haoqing’s attack. Ji Yunhe realized that he was possessed by Shunde’s evil power. Therefore, she called Lin Haoqing, again and again, to make him regain consciousness. But it was useless, until the swords were head-on. Ji Yunhe was shocked when Lin Haoqing’s sword missed her while her sword pierced his chest.

It showed that deep down inside, Lin Haoqing still possess his mind. Lin Haoqing pulled her hand to make her sword pierce through his body and then throw himself into the abyss. He sacrificed himself for the world. Ji Yunhe cried for her beloved senior and master.

Because Ji Yunhe shielded him from Lin Haoqing, the Heavenly Emperor could activate the formation to trap Shunde inside it. Chang Yi used his tail to throw Shunde inside the formation. However, the evil power was very powerful, although Shunde had dispersed, the black mass still lingered in the formation and refused to be absorbed by the lantern. It needed a container to seal its power.

Ji Yunhe jumped into the formation of her fox figure and absorbed all the black mass. Chang Yi could not stop her at all. Ji Yunhe flew to the center of the volcano. She chose the volcano so the lantern would always be lit and destroy the devil. Chang Yi tried to stop her, but she was determined to sacrifice her life. When he wanted to accompany him, Ji Yunhe refused.

She said that she needed him to seal the volcano with his power. Ji Yunhe promised him that she would find her way back to him after the devil perished. Chang Yi gave her his merman pearl to keep her safe and sealed the volcano with Ji Yunhe inside it. He asked the Heavenly Immortal to open the East Sea and resigned from his position as the Master of North Abyss. He would roam the world just like what Ji Yunhe told him to do.

The Happy Ending

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Wang Zi Teng as Kong Ming
Wang Zi Teng as Kong Ming

We can say that this The Blue Whisper drama had a happy ending. Three hundred years later, everything was back to normal. Kong Ming now became the immortal master and married Luo Luo, who was pregnant at the moment. Lin Haoqing was still alive but was bound to a wheelchair. He was crippled after he jump into the cliff at the big war.

Lin Haoqing found Li Su’s reincarnation and took him to be a mortal disciple of Wanhua Valley under Xue Sanyue. Qing Yao now was the Master of the North Abyss. While Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe were spotted sitting on an edge of a cliff. They recalled their story before jumping into the sea and revealed their tails.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Hu Yi Xuan as Luo Luo
Hu Yi Xuan as Luo Luo

The Ending of Ning Qing (The Immortal Master)

After Chang Yi told Lin Haoqing about the connection between Zhu Yan and the Frost Marks. Lin Haoqing realized that to get rid of the frost mark was to kill Zhu Yan. He worked together with Qing Ji to destroy Zhu Yan and Ning Qing (the Immortal Master). Qing Ji lured Ning Qing while Lin Haoqing used up almost all of his power to destroy the painting of Ning Xiyu, where Zhu Yan resided. Both of them failed.

Zhu Yan still had his power, although some of them were destroyed by Lin Haoqing. Qing Ji was defeated by Ning Qing due to his extra power from Zhu Yan and ended up in the Chongji Prison. Zhu Yan came to her to trick her so she would seal a contract with him. However, Qing Ji managed to trick him back and destroyed most of his power at the cost of her life. And what had been left of Zhu Yan flew back to Ning Qing’s ring. The ring was the last place where Zhu Yan put his power.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Wang Dong as Ning Qing (Immortal Master)
Wang Dong as Ning Qing (Immortal Master)

Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi flew to the Heavenly Palace and managed to trap Ning Qing inside a barrier. Ji Yunhe took Ning Qing to her dream and let Ning Xiyu talk to him. Ning Xiyu reminded him of his sins. It was Ning Xiyu who started all the chaos in the world.

Ning Qing was afraid that Ning Ruochu and Qing Ji’s relationship would destroy the balance of the world. He reported it to the elders of Wanhua valley which led to the death of Ning Ruochu. Ning Xiyu stepped out from her position as the Master of Wanhua Valley to protect Ning Ruochu and Qing Ji, after that she took Ning Qing out of the valley and roam the world. As time goes by, Ning Qing became more and more violent when he subdued beasts.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Tong Lei as Qing Ji
Tong Lei as Qing Ji

His violence ignited the hatred of the beasts. They attacked them and ended up in Ning Xiyu’s death. Ning Qing was brokenhearted and burned with hatred. And those feelings made him blind. He killed everybody who was related to Ning Xiyu’s death. However, deep down inside, Ning Qing realized that he was the source of the calamities. To ease the guilts he killed many people to erase the past.

After he remembered everything, Ning Qing tried to put some sense into Shunde. But she refused. She was jealous of Ning Xiyu and contemptuous towards Ning Qing for making her a substitute for Ning Xiyu. Ning Qing tried to break the contract with Zhu Yan but failed. Zhu Yan left the ring.

When Zhu Yan was in a weak condition, Chang Yi used his heart’s blood to form a sword to destroy Zhu Yan, but unfortunately, Zhu Yan could not be destroyed completely. Shunde absorbed the remnants of Zhu Yan’s power and attacked Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe.

Ning Qing blocked the attack and used his remaining power to send Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe back to the North Abyss before he killed himself afterward. Shunde took over the position of the Master of the Heavenly Palace and swore to kill Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe.

My Two Cents

Well… This is the ending explained of The Blue Whisper drama. It may have many twists and turns, but fortunately, Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe managed to have a good ending. The story did not explain why Ji Yunhe, a fox, could suddenly have a merman tail. However, it might have something to do with the merman pearl that Chang Yi gave her before she jumped into the volcano crater.

The Blue Whisper Ending Explained - Xiao Shun Yao and Chen Guan Hong as Lin Haoqing and Si Yu
Xiao Shun Yao and Chen Guan Hong as Lin Haoqing and Si Yu

I was glad that everybody have a good ending, including Lin Haoqing. Because I thought he was dead already and it broke my heart. Thankfully, he was alive and able to return to the Wanhua Valley and lived a good life accompanied by Si Yu, who finally, got herself another hairstyle (wow.. good for you sister! 😆).

Dear readers, see you at another Ending Explained post 😊.

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  1. The blue whisper drama 2023 is one of my favorite drama. This drama story is very unique and I fall in love to see this. Ji Yun He is leading role in this drama which is very talented spiritual master from thousands flower valley. The all are spiritual masters are suffering from frost poising and mark.


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