Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 17-18 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 17-18 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On the last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Dahai was captured by the police and was about to be made into a scapegoat for all the unsolved missing person cases in Yingdu. Deng Deng came to turn herself in and offered her help as a spirit hunter to the police chief. Let us see how Deng Deng will get herself out of this trouble in this episodes 17 and 18.

Episode Recap

Episode 17

The skeptic police chief doubted Deng Deng’s ability and credentials. But in the time he spent mocking Deng Deng, she has already unlocked the handcuffs binding her hands. Everyone was on the alert towards Yu Deng Deng.

Then, counting on Lu Yan’s help, Deng Deng held her wooden hairpin and swung it around the room. It managed to magically lift all the items pointed in the air, including the police chief’s handgun.

After mulling it over with the police captain, the police chief finally agreed for Yu Deng Deng to help him with the case. The 180 degrees change in his attitude was truly vomit inducing haha.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 police chief

As Deng Deng now had the upper hand, she was able to negotiate that she would solve the case within 7 days, after which Dahai will be released by the police. In the meantime, they were to make sure Dahai was treated very well while in their custody.

The police chief immediately scolded the one who illegally beat Dahai into a pulp, then ordered two roasted chickens for Dahai to eat (>▽<).

Nevertheless, the police chief did not let his guard down and offered Deng Deng to stay over at his mansion during the solving of the case. This was his way of monitoring Deng Deng. Despite knowing his true intention, Deng Deng agreed to his request.

Before she left with the police chief, she went to check up on Dahai. She gave him his favorite snack and assured him that she will definitely be able to get him out.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Dahai

The police chief also prepared a horse carriage for Deng Deng, making sure she was under his monitoring at all times.

On the carriage, Deng Deng pulled out the wooden hairpin and called out to Lu Yan. She didn’t really expect him to appear all of a sudden, but he answered her call and materialized inside the carriage. She was curious as to how Lu Yan was able to help her in the interrogation room.

Seeing that Yun Xi’s energy is within Deng Deng’s body, all Lu Yan needed to do was awaken that energy. However, just when Deng Deng asked him to teach him more magic, Lu Yan requested Deng Deng to fulfill her promise of repaying him 10 times for his help. He has helped her earlier, so it was now Deng Deng’s turn to repay him.

Lu Yan left after pointing this out.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Deng Deng Lu yan

The carriage arrived at the Bai Mansion. Deng Deng was escorted to her room which was luxurious. She was treated like a guest and also like a prisoner, with servants everywhere watching her every move.

Meanwhile, Gu Bei Xi arrived outside of the Bai Mansion and was looking for opportunities to sneak inside.

Scanning around her room, Deng Deng found she was tightly guarded. She would not be able to escape even if she had wings. So Deng Deng laid down on the big bed and called Lu Yan while holding on to the hairpin. She asked what reward Lu Yan wanted her to give. He said he wanted to meet her 10 times.

Deng Deng found Lu Yan’s request outrageous. She wondered if Lu Yan was still the same Lu Yan she knew before. He seemed so proactive nowadays, which made her happy.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 happy Deng Deng

Bai Shi Qi was in her room when her maid came and told her that someone threw a pendant in the garden when she was feeding the cat. She recognized the pendant to be Gu Bei Xi’s. But the maid thought that it was meant for the last concubine and there was a man who was pursuing her.

Shi Qi told her not to say nonsense and not to tell this to anyone. She would keep the pendant for now. The maid also told her that a woman, one of the wanted people for kidnapping, was brought into their Mansion. Shi Qi decided to go to her father to inquire further.

She brought a bowl of mung bean soup and went into his study. Police Chief Bai seemed to dote on his daughter, he happily ate the mung bean soup she gave.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Bai Shi Qi

Not wasting any time, she asked her father the questions she wanted to know right away. From what he told her, she was able to know that the woman brought to the mansion was Yu Deng Deng, and one of her friends was captured. Leaving 1 accomplice left still on the loose.

On the other hand, the father then quickly interrogated her about the time she was seen together with Gu Bei Xi. Bai Shi Qi lied and told him that Bei Xi was the brother of her classmate who was visiting Yingdu.

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Police Chief Bai then warned her to know boundaries. He reminded her that she was engaged to the son of the Nanfeng household village chief. Shi Qi smiled and felt happy when she heard this.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Bia police chief

Police Chief Bai wanted to hold the wedding between Bai Shi Qi and Gu Bei Xi as soon as possible. Hence, he thought it was time to arrange a meeting with Gu Bei Xi. Unfortunately, since the Nanfeng household never replied to any of his letters with regards to the marriage, he felt dissatisfied and thought of beating Gu Bei Xi up when he arrived in Yingdu.

Later in the evening, Bai Shi Qi used the excuse of buying lip powder to leave the house. She was planning to meet Gu Bei Xi, as implied from the pendant thrown in the garden. However, before she was able to approach him, she was captured by a group of dirty looking thugs.

They were runaway criminals who wanted to exact revenge to police chief Bai.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17thugs

Just as they were about to take Shi Qi away, Gu Bei Xi stopped them and rescued Bai Shi Qi. The ruckus of the fight invited the unwanted attention by the police. Since Gu Bei Xi was a wanted man, they had to make a run for it and hide from the police.

Fortunately, they were able to escape. Gu Bei Xi felt apologetic for having to put her in harm’s way, especially since it was because of his request. But he was impressed by her bravery.

He then asked her to look out for Deng Deng, as he felt she might be in danger in the Bai Mansion. Shi Qi seemed to realize the special feelings Bei Xi had for Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Bei Xi's request

Bei Xi told her that though they were only friends, he hoped Deng Deng would be his wife soon. He knew he had a fiancé, but he did not want to marry someone he doesn’t like. Bai Shi Qi was upset when she heard this.

Nevertheless, she was still willing to help Gu Bei Xi. He then offered to walk her home.

Meanwhile, Lu Yan was looking through the memory that he was able to extract from the Butterfly lady. It confirmed that the one who was behind all the attacks to Deng Deng was indeed Zhu Rong. His plan was now to retrieve Yun Xi’s energy core.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 Zhu Rong

Realizing Deng Deng was in danger, Lu Yan went to meet Gu Bei Xi. He warned Bei Xi that a spirit clan was planning to harm Yu Deng Deng. He asked Bei Xi to leave town so as not to create any more trouble for Deng Deng. He would then take care of the rest.

Gu Bei Xi naturally refused. Burned by jealousy, he was sure be able to protect Yu Deng Deng in more ways than Lu Yan ever could.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 jealous Gu Bei Xi

The following day, Deng Deng started her investigation on the missing person cases, starting from someone called Cao Da Fa from the steam buns store.

One morning, he went missing with only his set of clothes found scattered on the kitchen floor. Some mysterious goose feathers were also found, left behind in the kitchen. Deng Deng suspected Cao Da Fa has turned into one of the gooses in the backyard.

She asked the police captain to bring back that particular goose. Of course, the police captain was skeptical of her decision. But she just went ahead with it and also asked them to get the big pig with black ears at Beisan Lane she saw the other day.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 goose

By the end of the day, Yu Deng Deng’s yard at the Bai Mansion was filled with all kinds of farm animals: geese, chickens, pigs, etc.

When she returned to her room, she found the mansion’s maid was preparing a second quilt for her. She said that Deng Deng’s husband came to help her and he was currently downstairs.

Turned out, it was Lu Yan. He planned to protect Deng Deng from Zhu Rong’s attack. He has even asked permission from police chief Bai. After arguing back and forth, Deng Deng could only resign to Lu Yan’s wishes and allowed him to stay.

She then remembered the aloof Lu Yan in the past. The Lu Yan she knew was distant, irritable and dislike intimacy.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 aloof Lu Yan

Therefore, Deng Deng tried to make Lu Yan felt so disgusted that he would leave, starting by getting all touchy feely with him. Unfortunately, this trick backfired on Deng Deng. Instead of feeling repulsed, Lu Yan even pushed her to the bed and threatened her to do even more intimate things with Deng Deng.

I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. It was all very exciting and shocking at the same time.

Deng Deng was horrified, and she finally let him to stay.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 weak Yu Deng Deng

The next morning, Deng Deng showed Lu Yan what she found in her investigation. Lu Yan told her that all the animals she found were spirit clansmen who were currently drained of their energy, hence they were unable to turn into their human forms at the moment.

Deng Deng then realized that this meant the Bai last concubine must have been a spirit clan as well. Lu Yan explained to her that by hiding within the human race, was the way for the spirit clan to live. Not many of them would confess their true identity to the humans. Deng Deng found this way of life, pitiful.

Thousand Years For You Episode 17 spirit clan

Lu Yan examined the carriage that was last used by the last concubine of the Bai Mansion. From what he was able to sense, it did not seem she was attacked but she went through a transformational change.

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Deng Deng then checked her room to see if they can find any more clues. Balls of yarn were found scattered on the floor of her room.

Episode 18

A group of sumptuous women suddenly came into the room and surrounded the handsome Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 bai womein

They were the concubines of the police chief Bai who were interested with Lu Yan’s beautiful appearance. They coquettishly fought for Lu Yan’s attention. Seeing that Lu Yan was preoccupied, Deng Deng used this opportunity to return back to her room.

She met Bai Shi Qi on the way back. Shi Qi told her that Bei Xi asked her to look out for Deng Deng in case she needed any help. Deng Deng finally realized that Bai Shi Qi was exactly the fiancé of Gu Bei Xi from the Bai family.

Deng Deng felt that Bei Xi was very lucky to have a fiancé as beautiful as Bai Shi Qi. Moreover, that he didn’t even cherish this wonderful luck and even disdained to marry her.

Bai Shi Qi then asked her about the identity of Lu Yan who came to their mansion the day before. Deng Deng explained to her that her marriage to him was a doomed love.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 husband

Nevertheless, Deng Deng reminded Bai Shi Qi that it might be troublesome if the police chief Bai realized that his son in law to be was a wanted man. But Bai Shi Qi assured her that she would find ways to help both Gu Bei Xi and Yu Deng Deng.

When Yu Deng Deng returned to her bedroom, she found A Xin was preparing a separate bed for Lu Yan to stay inside the room. At first, Deng Deng rejected the new sleeping arrangement. But A Xin persuaded her touchingly. Finally Deng Deng agreed as long as they did not bring any trouble to her.

She then proceeded to complain about him being surrounded by all the Bai concubines. A Xin slipped away as soon as he saw a chance.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 jelaous Deng Deng

Meanwhile, Gu Bei Xi was lurking outside of the Bai Mansion’s compound, trying to lure Bai Shi Qi’s attention. When they were able to meet privately, Bei Xi asked her about Lu Yan. Bai Shi Qi told him that she knew about Lu Yan being the husband of Yu Deng Deng.

Gu Bei Xi then asked her to help him meet her father, the police chief Bai.

He met police chief Bai and admitted his true identity and acknowledged his engagement with Bai Shi Qi. He explained his situation and how Yu Deng Deng and her friends were wrongly accused in this case.

At first, the police chief reprimanded him for not having replied to a single letter he has sent. But Bei Xi said he never received any letter from him. Police chief Bai grudgingly believed him. It was also at this time that Gu Bei Xi finally realized that he was actually engaged to none other than Bai Shi Qi, whom he has somewhat befriended.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 Gu Bei Xi

Jealous Deng Deng vented her anger by training in her yard. Coincidentally, Lu Yan was coming over to see her. Under the guise of practicing, Deng Deng tried to beat up Lu Yan. Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed as Lu Yan’s fighting skill was better than hers.

Knowing she was restless, Lu Yan offered to teach her the Spirit Clan technique, as long as she behaved. Reluctantly, Deng Deng agreed.

The police captain suddenly came at this time and reported to her that the police chief has moved the deadline to 5 days. By then, Deng Deng must be able to solve the case and find the last concubine.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 police captain

In the Bai mansion, Gu Bei Xi met Bai Shi Qi and awkwardly greeted her after knowing her true identity. Bai Shi Qi did not mind his behavior towards her and even admitted that she liked him.

But Bai Shi Qi understood that the one Be Xi liked was Yu Deng Deng, although she was married. But she did not blame him and also did not want him to feel bad for her. Ugh, but I do feel bad for you Bai Shi Qi (╯╭╮╰).

But she reminded him not to let her father knew of his true thoughts. Gu Bei Xi promised her that once he has helped Deng Deng solved the case, he would make everything clear with police chief Bai. However, Bai Shi Qi wanted a chance to also pursue the man that she liked. Waaa such a straightforward young lady.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 Bai Shi Qi

In Deng Deng’s yard, Deng Deng and Lu Yan found the last concubine’s calico cat. After probing the cat with his power, Lu Yan understood that the last concubine was able to control this cat. He also detected something alive within the cat’s stomach. Turned out it was the last concubine!

From the last concubine, they were able to gather information about the missing people in Yingdu. All who were missing were actually spirit clansmen. Not long before the incident, they heard of the existence of spiritual worms sold in the market. It had the benefits of increasing the spirit clansmen energy when they consume it. It also had the benefit of keeping one young and beautiful forever.

But what happened afterwards was they began to lose their energy and can only communicate with one another using animals. Only a handful of spirit clansmen knew the technique of living inside animals as their power diminished. Meanwhile, many of them had perished.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 the last concubine

She told them that she bought the spiritual worms from a tavern in Mysterious Market, but she did not know the seller.

Deng Deng then asked Lu Yan if he could help take out the spiritual worm from the last concubine’s body, but he was not able to. The worm would just absorbed the energy he poured in.

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The last concubine’s spirit began to flicker. She begged Deng Deng and Lu Yan to quickly find the solution to them as they were running out of time. She then vanished, leaving the calico cat behind.

Deng Deng picked up the cat and placed it along with the other farm animals she found during the case. They understood that all these animals had the victims’ souls inside them. Hence to protect them from losing more of their energy, Lu Yan put up a barrier to buy them some time.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 Lu Yan

Seeing how useful the Spirit Clan technique was, Deng Deng now honestly wanted to learn. This was so that she could also share Lu Yan’s burden.

Lu Yan agreed, especially since Yun Xi’s energy was within Yu Deng Deng. Once she learnt the technique to control the energy, she would be as strong as Lu Yan.

And then we were treated with some romantic moments as Lu Yan taught Yu Deng Deng 〖≧◡≦✿〗.

Perhaps motivated by the power of love, Deng Deng was able to learn the Spirit Clan technique to put up a barrier in no time! Deng Deng was excited and confident that now she was able to protect the spirit clansmen within the barrier. Therefore, it was up to Lu Yan to go and solve the case and prove Dahai’s innocence!

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 excited Deng Deng

Lu Yan left into the night after Deng Deng reassured him that she would let him know through the hairpin if anything went wrong. He went through a portal to the Mysterious Market and went to Changle tavern.

Someone has attacked the tavern’s owner and was going through a notebook in his hand. Lu Yan strike at him and took the notebook.

On the other hand, Deng Deng was diligently looking after the farm animals, plus the cat. She assured them that Lu Yan would help them find a solution to their problem.

Police chief Bai along with several officers came at this time. He came to berate Yu Deng Deng for collecting farm animals and dumping them all in his mansion. He even commanded his officers to get rid of them.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 police chief Bai

Yu Deng Deng stepped in and explained to him everything she has learnt from the last concubine. She also mentioned to the police chief that Lu Yan was currently investigating the matter at the Mysterious Market, and she expected for him to return with the solution within a day’s time.

The police chief naturally did not believe her and even mocked her explanation. As he was about to command the officers to get rid of the animals, he noticed the last concubine’s cat was among the farm animals inside the fence.

Out of concern, he took the cat out but immediately he noticed the cat did not look well as soon as it was outside of the fence. Deng Deng explained to him that the cat could not leave the barrier. Deng Deng offered to prove her words to the police chief. But as the matter was extremely important, she could only show it to the police chief. She asked him to let the officers to leave them alone.

Afterwards, Deng Deng apologetically made the last concubine to show her true form to the police chief. He was shocked when he saw her transparent soul. He then wordlessly fled the yard. The last concubine was sad.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 police chief Bai saw spirit clan

Gu Bei Xi and A Xin happened to see the police chief and several officers behind him came out unhappily from the direction of Yu Deng Deng’s yard. Worried that Deng Deng has been bullied, they immediately went to her place.

Of course, Deng Deng assured them that she had the situation under control.

Not long after, they noticed the servants were busy with preparation for Bai Shi Qi’s birthday, which will be held the following day. A Xin teased Gu Bei Xi of how he was not even aware of his fiancé’s birthday. But Gu Bei Xi said that he was there to cancel the engagement. At this, Yu Deng Deng reminded Gu Bei Xi to treasure the blessing that he had and not throw it away ignorantly.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 Gu Bei Xi blessing

Inside the mansion, police chief Bai went inside the last concubine’s bedroom, filled with sadness. He reminisced of their sweet moments together and felt even sadder. Such a rare moment to see this seemingly cunning and hardened man to be so vulnerable.

Lu Yan came back to Deng Deng’s yard at this time and reported to her that the tavern owner was dead. He has also captured the culprit and tied him up in the storage room. Yu Deng Deng and Gu Bei Xi readied their weapons and prepared to interrogate the captured villain.

However, when they uncovered the black cloth covering his head, it was Paralyzed Yu! Paralyzed Yu was Yu Deng Deng’s father. Gu Bei Xi even knee kicked him on the chest before he uncovered the black cloth on his head.

Thousand Years For You Episode 18 Paralyzed yu

Can’t imagine how Gu Bei Xi was feeling, but however it was, Lu Yan was feeling 10 times worse ⅽ(ᗒᗨᗕ)ↄ.

Paralyzed Yu was very unhappy after finding out the one who captured him was actually his son in law. He persuaded Yu Deng Deng to divorce him and find a better man. But of course, Yu Deng Deng refused. She said that there was no one better than Lu Yan. And they were a perfect match in harmony.

Paralyzed Yu was livid. Gu Bei Xi came and even made the situation worse, but Deng Deng redirected their attention by asking Paralyzed Yu the reason why he was at the Mysterious Market.

He said he was there because of the spiritual worms.

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