Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 19-20 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 19-20 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Deng Deng was able to meet with her father again. He was found at Changle tavern, suspected to have killed the owner. When Paralyzed Yu found out Yu Deng Deng was married to Lu Yan, he was not satisfied and asked her to divorce him.

But Deng Deng immediately asked him why he was at Changle tavern. At first she thought he was there to investigate the missing people case. But he said he was targeted by the spiritual worms.

Episode Recap

Episode 19

Lu Yan implored Paralyzed Yu to share any information he had on the spiritual worms in order to solve the case, and also to help Peng Dahai cleared his name.

Stubbornly, Paralyzed Yu only wanted to say anything if Lu Yan was out of the room. Lu Yan agreed and left.

Immediately after Lu Yan left the room, Paralyzed Yu began to tell Yu Deng Deng of how some spirit clansmen came to him for help. They told him that many among them went missing.

One day, Paralyzed Yu found a spirit clansman whose body has been consumed by the spiritual worms. The spirit clansman was very weak. Although Paralyzed Yu tried to help him regain his energy, but it was to no avail.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 spirit clansman

He discovered that all the missing people were not kidnapped but they were all spirit clansmen who were devoured by the spirit worms.

Following the clues, Paralyzed Yu traced the case all the way to Changle tavern in the Mysterious Market. The owner of the tavern was the one who sold the spiritual worms.

The night the owner of Changle tavern was murdered, Paralyzed Yu was setting up an ambush for the tavern owner’s supplier. He saw the tavern owner hung a blue lantern after the tavern was closed. Not long after, he saw a man in a trench coat and a hat came into the tavern and closed the tavern doors.

Then he heard the sound of gunshot.

Paralyzed Yu barged into the tavern and saw the tavern owner was dead. He then tried to fight the murderer, but after several blows, the murderer ran away.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 tavern murder

When Paralyzed Yu was checking through the notebook on the tavern owner’s person, that was when Lu Yan came and overtook him.

Paralyzed Yu was certain that Lu Yan was also a part of the group that killed the tavern owner, but of course Deng Deng did not believe his nonsense. She asked him to first take a shower, as he felt his body was itchy all over, while she went to Lu Yan and asked for more information.

Deng Deng found Lu Yan in their room and quickly apologized to him for her father’s action.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 tavern murder

Before Deng Deng had a chance to start explaining to him the information she found from Paralyzed Yu, Lu Yan already said that he heard them all. He passed her the notebook that was found on the tavern owner’s body. It was an account book.

It seemed that other than the tavern owner, there were others who were also selling the spiritual worms. Hence, they were planning to return to the Mysterious Market and looked for shops that hung the blue lantern after 11 pm. This must be their signal to meet their suppliers.

This was their big chance to clear Dahai’s name.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 tavern murder

While having his sumptuous dinner, Paralyzed Yu asked Deng Deng to meet with him. He wanted to know about Lu Yan and whether it was true as Gu Bei Xi has said, that Lu Yan had initially wanted to kill Deng Deng.

Deng Deng then told him about Yunxi’s energy core in her body. Lu Yan said that she was a golden crow saintess. But Paralyzed Yu denied this vehemently, saying that she was her daughter.

Deng Deng then spread out her palm and showed him the energy core inside her body. Paralyzed Yu could no longer cover up his lies. So, he told her everything that happened in the past.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 energy core

That year, Paralyzed Yu and his wife found her all alone at the foot of the Qingquan Mountain. Since their own real daughter has passed away, they decided to adopt her.

From that time on, Paralyzed Yu and his wife brought up Deng Deng with so much love. But they never told her about her true origin, hoping that she would be able to grow up safe and could get married one day.

Deng Deng then assured him that whatever her true identity was, she would always be his daughter. Meh, this scene made me cry (ʘ̥﹏ʘ̥).

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 Deng Deng and dad

After confirming what she wanted to know, Deng Deng left to investigate the case at the Mysterious Market. Lu Yan and A Xin were coming with her this time.

As they were walking the streets near the Bai mansion, Deng Deng saw Daqian from her Qingquan village. He was turning into a quiet alley and behaving inconspicuously. At a quiet corner, he began to make some kind of signal noises. Then the entire Qingquan village people, including Lu Er, suddenly all showed up!

Lu Er then asked Daqian what information he was able to get with regards to the Bai Mansion’s weapons and guards. It seemed they were preparing to attack the Bai Mansion, but unfortunately their weapons and numbers were not comparable to that of the Bai Mansion.

Lu Er was downhearted.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 Lu Er

Nevertheless, they decided to use the element of surprise and charged into the Mansion anyway. Lu Er asked them all to put on his homemade bullet proof vest. Fortunately, Deng Deng found them at this time.

Turned out the group was getting ready to save her from the Bai Mansion! They heard she was captured by the police and was detained at the Bai Mansion.

Deng Deng immediately told them that she found Paralyzed Yu. As she was busy with the investigation of her case, she told them to find Gu Bei Xi at the Bai Mansion. As the future son in law of the Bai household, he would be able to help the group from Qingquan village.

Though they were disappointed that they will not be able to help Deng Deng on her case, but they had to listen to the village chief! So, they could only wave her goodbye and asked her to be safe. I can see Lu Er was so tenderhearted when he met Deng Deng again ( ˆ⌣ˆ).

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Thousand Years For You Episode 19 qingquan village people

At the Mysterious Market, Deng Deng, Lu Yan and A Xin were looking out for shops that took out the blue lantern as signal to call spiritual worms’ supplier. While they were sitting at a cafe and waiting together, A Xin was able to observe how similar both Deng Deng and Lu Yan were. No wonder they were a match.

As the night was getting late, the cafe owner came and told them he was closing the cafe. Coincidentally, the shop owner across the street came out and hung a blue lantern outside his shop. Deng Deng and her group decided to make a move.
Upon observation, they saw that the spiritual worms’ supplier was in the form of a small boy. Deng Deng suspected that it was a disguise.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 spiritual worms supplier

Following the little boy, they found that the real dealer was a medicine shop located at the center of town. This did not seem like a one-man operation. They decided to investigate further before they did anything rash.

They decided to capture the dealer at the medicine shop.
Transporting himself into the medicine shop, Lu Yan snooped around the many medicine cabinets, while the shop owner hid himself. But as the shop owner was going to make a run for it, Lu Yan captured him and strangled him with his energy.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 dealer

The medicine shop was connected to a huge warehouse at the back. As Lu Yan was interrogating the dealer, a fire broke out and so they decided to bring the dealer back to the Bai Mansion to interrogate him further.

Back at the Bai Mansion, it was Bai Shiqi’s birthday. The police chief was in a good mood since he thought the missing people case were soon about to be brought to a close. Since he was feeling that today was a lucky day, he suggested to make Bai Shiqi and Gu Bei Xi’s engagement official.

However, to his surprise, Bai Shiqi refused her father’s suggestion. Police Chief Bai suspected that Bai Shiqi was ignored by Gu Bei Xi, hence she felt sad and refused to marry him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 police chief Bai

Hearing her father say that he was going to teach Gu Bei Xi a lesson, Bai Shiqi could not help but to tell him the truth; Gu Bei Xi was in love with someone else. This way she was also helping Gu Bei Xi to break their engagement.

After that matter was settled with the police chief, Bai Shiqi met with Gu Bei Xi. He told her how Deng Deng has always been in his heart since they grew up together. There was no place for another person. He apologized to Shiqi and also thanked her for her help.

Naturally, Bai Shiqi did not feel Gu Bei Xi has wronged her, hence no apology was needed. Bei Xi then told her that he will leave the Bai Mansion the following day. He asked her to forget him and start a new life.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 forget Bei Xi

The Bai Mansion invited many guests for Bai Shiqi’s birthday party. Lu Yan, Deng Deng and A Xin came back at this time, bringing with them the dealer from the medicine shop.

Police chief Bai approached them and so Deng Deng was able to show him the dealer who was a spirit clansman and told police chief Bai everything that they were able to solve with regards to the missing people case.

Deng Deng then naturally requested for Peng Dahai to be freed and have his name cleared.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 police chief Bai confuse

But police chief Bai refused, saying there was no evidence. How was he supposed to explain and proof anything to the County Magistrate? Lu Yan then asked him to provide them a room for interrogation. They will interrogate the criminal until he confessed to his crimes. Deng Deng promised to deliver to him all the evidence and confession needed before the birthday party ended.

Police chief Bai agreed to their request. He promised to free Dahai once he has gotten the evidence required and able to proof everything to the County Magistrate. Deng Deng was perplexed with his attitude but had no choice but to follow along.

In a room inside the Bai Mansion, Deng Deng prepared all her tools to interrogate the dealer. She used one tool after another, even Gu Bei Xi also helped her at some point, but the dealer kept saying he did not know of any spiritual worms.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 interrogation

Even when he finally could not take the punishment any longer, he only said that he only had heard of spiritual worms being sold in the Mysterious Market. But he insisted that he was not a part of it at all. He was certain that Deng Deng and her friends had caught the wrong person. Now that the medicine shop was burnt down, no one could get any evidence on him anyway.

Fortunately, Lu Yan has kept a box containing a spiritual worm which he found at the medicine shop. With the evidence on hand, the dealer had no way of denying his crime.

However, he was still covering for the person behind him who ordered him to sell these spiritual worms.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 spiritual worm

Lu Yan suspected the dealer also had spiritual worms inside his body and he was under coercion not to reveal the person behind him. Lu Yan then told him that as long as he told them the information they needed, he was willing to help the dealer with the spiritual worm inside his body.

Under Lu Yan’s torture method, the dealer finally said that it was the work of the King of Worms. The King of Worms was able to control the spiritual worms as long as the distance was short enough.

Sellers like himself had no control over the worms and had to adhere to the rules of the King of Worms. When the tavern owner was killed the other day, it was because he broke the rules of selling the worms to a human.

Thousand Years For You Episode 19 the worms

As a seller, the dealer has never seen his face and he only appeared whenever he wishes. But whenever the King of Worms walked, there was always a strange noise around him. The dealer did not know anything else beyond this.

Lu Yan then let go of him.

Deng Deng felt that the dealer has told them everything he knew. It was best to give him to the police and let them deal with the dealer further.

Deng Deng and her friends went back to her yard. Paralyzed Yu and Lu Er were there seriously discussing about something. Both of them rejoiced when they saw Deng Deng came.

Deng Deng planned for all of them to return to Qingquan village after Dahai was released. But Lu Yan told her that he would need to stay to investigate the case further. He will return to Qingquan village after he was done with his investigation. Paralyzed Yu was still behaving coldly towards Lu Yan.

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Thousand Years For You Episode 19 Lu Er and Paralyzed Yu

He even told Lu Yan to forget his marriage to Deng Deng and pretend like nothing has ever happened. Then and there, Paralyzed Yu asked Lu Yan to write her a divorce letter.

Episode 20

Hearing Paralyzed Yu urging Lu Yan to write a divorce letter, Lu Er lost his cool and shouted at him. He could not believe what Paralyzed Yu was doing to his daughter’s marriage.

Deng Deng also insisted on staying with Lu Yan. If it wasn’t for Lu Yan’s protection, Yu Deng Deng would have died many many times. While Paralyzed Yu and obviously Gu Bei Xi were against the marriage, both Lu Er and A Xin were supportive.

They both brought up the fact that the dowries for Deng Deng and Lu Yan’s wedding were very expensive. Lu Er asked Paralyzed Yu mercilessly how he could afford to pay back the dowries. Everything amounted to 90 thousand taels! He wouldn’t be able to pay it back even if he paid it his whole entire life.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Lu Er

Regardless, Paralyzed Yu insisted the divorce letter to be written today. Deng Deng could only choose one between Paralyzed Yu or Lu Yan. In a heart beat, Lu Er told Deng Deng to choose Lu Yan, he will support her. Bahahahahhaa, I love Lu Er (つ≧▽≦)つ.

But then, Deng Deng turned around and winked to both Lu Yan and Lu Er. She then said that of course she chose her dad. She then calmly wrote the divorce letter but a clause saying ‘get married respectively’ (afterwards) was also included in it.

Lu Yan felt uncomfortable, but Deng Deng placed both hers and Lu Yan’s fingerprints on it. Once the letter was done, Deng Deng gave it to Lu Yan and left. The confused Lu Yan then chased after her.

Lu Er was furious and berated Paralyzed Yu for having separated such a nice couple like that.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 divorce letter

Lu Yan was upset and asked Deng Deng why she wrote the divorce letter just like that. Deng Deng then took out the letter which she has given to Lu Yan earlier and asked him to read carefully.

Turned out the acrostic of the letter (when it was read across/horizontally) it said that the divorce letter was invalid and that the divorce was fake. Lu Yan smiled when he saw it.

Deng Deng successfully coaxed Lu Yan and so she decided to stay with him for his investigation. Lu Yan told her that the reason for his stay was not only because of the worms but also for the animals with the spirit clansmen in them.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Lu Yan

In the nearby woods, Zhu Rong’s subordinate reported to him that Long Ears, the medicine shop owner, was captured. Zhu Rong was unhappy that Deng Deng and her friends has ruined the trade. He then gave some of his blood to the spiritual worm inside the subordinate’s body. Afterwards, he ordered him to bring trouble to Deng Deng and her friends.

At the Bai Mansion, the party was in full swing. Zhu Rong’s subordinate disguised himself as one of the photographers. I wonder what he would come up with to cause chaos there.

Meanwhile, with Dahai about to be released and everyone will then be able to go back to Qingquan village, Lu Er felt happy as he was wiping his wooden sword. It was a carved wooden sword that seemed to be of special purpose, such as fortune reading.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Lu Er's sword

However, Paralyzed Yu said that once that peach sword was drawn, something bad always happened. He then left to get some wine after he said this.

The Mansion was filled with guests. Paralyzed Yu helped himself to the lavish spread. Zhu Rong’s subordinate was then seen leaving the place after he gave a cunning stare towards the wine.

On the other hand, Deng Deng was currently with Lu Yan at the yard where the farm animals were. She was lamenting the pitiful lives of the spirit clansmen who could not reveal their true identity while living among humans.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Deng Deng

Deng Deng felt that the spirit clansmen were similar to humans. They also knew happiness, sadness, pain, gratitude and also yearned for an ordinary life with their loved ones.

Deng Deng decided to use the energy within her to help the spirit clansmen inside the animals.

Inside the Mansion, Paralyzed Yu was happily eating and drinking the questionable wine. Immediately, he seemed bewitched. Sharp claws grew from his fingers and veins popped out on his forehead.

With food still inside his mouth, Paralyzed Yu went to the interrogation room and attacked the medicine shop owner.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Paralyzed Yu

After he bit the neck of the medicine owner, Paralyzed Yu went on a rampage inside the Mansion. Running on all fours, he attacked all the guests at Bai Shiqi’s birthday party. He bit anyone he could get his hands on, including the County Magistrate.

The armed officers were called in to apprehend him. They surrounded him while the photographers took pictures. Deng Deng and Lu Yan came in at this time.

Seeing Paralyzed Yu surrounded, Lu Yan moved fast and grabbed him. A Xin then fetched the magical sedan chair, and they were ready to make an escape. Police chief Bai was furious when he saw the chaos and declared Deng Deng and her friends as monsters. He ordered them to be captured immediately.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 chaos

Lu Yan stopped everyone with his power to provide enough time for escape. Police chief Bai organized all his men to chase after Deng Deng and her friends. He had to appear dependable especially when the County Magistrate was there.

Deng Deng and everyone grabbed the farm animals in the yard and shoved them into the magical sedan chair. Lu Yan placed a barrier on the sedan chair so that the spirit clansmen inside the animals would be safe.

Deng Deng was confused with her father’s behavior. They planned to first go to a safe place before they could figure out what was wrong with him. As for Dahai, Deng Deng entrusted Gu Bei Xi to get him out of prison. They promised to meet up after Dahai was rescued.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Deng Deng entrusted Bei Xi

Dahai was bound and kept in a separate room inside the Mansion. A couple of officers were guarding him but they were unaware of the commotion outside of the room. Gu Bei Xi came in and lied, saying that he was there under the command of the police chief.

He subdued the two officers when they relaxed their guards. Gu Bei Xi then unlocked the handcuffs on Dahai’s hands and carried him out.

All over town, sketches of Deng Deng and her group were spread among the people. Making it hard for any of them to make a move within the city. Therefore, Gu Bei Xi got Dahai drunk so he could transform into a woman. He then disguised himself as a beggar with scars and covered himself from head to toe.

I have to say, the female Dahai is very attractive hahaa..

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Dahai

Dahai naturally was able to escape the police inspection, but Gu Bei Xi’s disguise was not enough for the police to let him pass. Fortunately, Bai Shiqi was there to help Bei Xi. She pretended to know him and called him ‘Mr. Scar face’. She told the officers that he once helped her.

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After a brief and weird introduction with Peng Dahai, Bai Shiqi drove them out of the city. As it was her first time driving a car, Dahai and Bei Xi were in for a wild and bumpy ride.

Meanwhile, in a deserted temple outside of town, Lu Yan probed Paralyzed Yu’s body. He was currently unconscious but seemed to be restless throughout. They found out his body had spiritual worms inside.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Deserted building

The weak Paralyzed Yu regained consciousness. He seemed to have no recollection of what had happened. The last thing he remembered was when he was eating and drinking at the Bai banquet hall.

Deng Deng entrusted Paralyzed Yu with Lu Er while she stepped outside with Lu Yan to discuss what had happened. Lu Yan guessed that the King of Worms must have used Paralyzed Yu to kill the medicine shop owner so as to cover his tracks.

Deng Deng was determined to trace the King of Worms and foil his plan as soon as possible. They decided to look for more clues at the Bai Mansion.

As they were discussing their next steps, Bai Shiqi and the others arrived in her car. They were all now finally reunited.

Back at the Bai Mansion, a doctor was treating the County Magistrate’s wound. The crazed Paralyzed Yu bit him when he was causing havoc at the Bai Mansion earlier.

Police chief Bai felt extremely embarrassed and apologetic for what had happened. He blamed Paralyzed Yu for suddenly turning crazy and attacked everyone.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Police chief Bai

With problems arising one after another, either caused by the Spirit Clan or Paralyzed Yu. On top of that, the medicine shop owner who was the prime suspect has also died, the County Magistrate was extremely unhappy with police chief Bai.

Panicked, the police chief begged to be given 3 days to solve the case and catch the perpetrators. The County Magistrate reluctantly agreed.

Back at the deserted temple, Deng Deng was asking Bai Shiqi if she has ever heard of anyone that fit the description of the King of Worms; he wore a windbreaker and he made a particular and strange sound when he walked. Bai Shiqi then thought of a journalist who was present at her birthday party.

She did not know him, but she saw him behaving very suspiciously during the party. Hence, she paid a closer attention. Bai Shiqi planned to check the register list for her party when she returned to the Mansion.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Bai Shiqi

Lu Yan told her that since the suspect made strange sound as he walked, it could be that he had artificial wooden limb. He gave her this clue so that she could narrow down the potential suspects once she had gotten a clue.

Bai Shiqi understood what she needed to do and was able to find out who the journalist was. She gave the address where the journalist lived to Deng Deng.

Deng Deng brought Lu Yan and A Xin to check out the address. It was a big, deserted house. It did not seem like anyone has been living in it for a very long time. However, they were able to find the room that the journalist used to develop films.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 journalist room

As the three were inspecting the room, a shadow crawled across the ceiling. It was the journalist who was ready to pounce on Deng Deng. Luckily, Lu Yan blocked his blow and counter attacked him. A fight ensued.

All over the walls and ceilings, there were cocoon looking nests which seemed to be the nests for the spiritual worms. The journalist then gathered the energy from the nests. He became stronger now and was able to take on Lu Yan.

Deng Deng attacked him with her knife. It stabbed his back but he was able to escape. Deng Deng calmly chased after him. She told A Xin that she has laced her knife with bone softening powder.

On their way chasing after the journalist, the passed the police captain and his troop. Naturally, they followed chase.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 pass the police

Running through alleys, the journalist started to become disoriented, thanks to the bone softening powder. Lu Yan caught up to him and was about to subdue him.

Deng Deng and A Xin suddenly came and shouted for Lu Yan to finish up with the fight. The police were chasing them closely behind. As Deng Deng and the others were cornered, the police opened fire.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Police open fire

Lu Yan easily redirected the bullets and at the same time counter attacked the journalist who sneakily tried to give him a blow from the back.

Lu Yan brought Deng Deng and A Xin with him and left the dead journalist to be dealt with by the police.

At the dilapidated temple, Lu Er was still wiping his wooden sword. Gu Bei Xi teased him while Paralyzed Yu was still lying unconscious by the side. But Lu Er said that the wooden sword was an ancient weapon called the Ying Dragon Seven Star Sword.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Lu Er and sword

Suddenly, Paralyzed Yu woke up and was thrashing all over, he seemed to be in pain. Deng Deng and the others came back at this time and Lu Er immediately dragged her in to have a look.

Upon closer look, Deng Deng could still see the spiritual worms inside Paralyzed Yu. It seemed the worms were not controlled by the journalist at all. Deng Deng was flabbergasted.

A Xin quickly discussed the situation with Lu Yan. Lu Yan had always felt that the control of the spiritual worms could not have been done by the King of Worms, but it was by Zhu Rong instead.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Lu Yan suspect Zhu Rong

Lu Yan decided to start investigation with the dead journalist. He entrusted the safety of Deng Deng and everyone to A Xin.

Just as Lu Yan was about to leave, the cat which had the Bai last concubine in it hinted that she wanted to speak. Lu Yan gave her some energy so she could materialize.

She felt that she was getting weaker and weaker. Therefore, she wanted Lu Yan to take her to the city so she could say goodbye to her husband, police chief Bai. Lu Yan promised to fulfill her request.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 Bai concubine

Back at the temple, Paralyzed Yu was still thrashing around and even tried to bite down his own tongue. Everyone tried to stop him, but his power was strong.

Deng Deng then asked everyone to hold him down while she transferred her energy into him. After several tries, Deng Deng’s energy was drained, and Paralyzed Yu did not look better. Lu Er begged her to stop before she hurt herself.

But Deng Deng was desperate, it has been so hard until she could finally find her father again. So, Lu Er asked the others to step out and continued to personally plead Deng Deng to stop.

Thousand Years For You Episode 20 everyone stepped out

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