Ending ExplainedThe Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained

Dear readers… This is the Ending Explained of The Princess and The Werewolf drama. This post was written for those who wondered about Qi P and Kui Mulang’s relationship as well as their side couples. Fret not, the closure of this drama was a happy ending, even though there was an inevitable death at the end. Who was it? Let’s find out. Happy reading!

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained

What Happened to Qi Pa?

Qi Pa was angry when she learned that Li Xiong and Kui Mulang were the same person. She felt that she had been deceived and determined to return to Daxia. However, Qi Pa overheard that Kui Mulang needed the Holy Pearl inside her or else he would die. With inexplicable feelings, Qi Pa stormed into Kui Mulang’s room and kissed him to give him the Holy Pearl.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Qi Pa
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Qi Pa?

Yet, Kui Mulang told her that without love, the kiss was futile. When he asked whether Qi Pa ever love him or Li Xiong, Qi Pa answered that she never feel love for them and all this time, she only wanted to return to Daxia. Kui Mulang was taken aback by her answer. Qi Pa regretted her words, but she already say it. Kui Mulang answered that he did not need her pity and sympathy.

Qi Pa left the Palace after she talked to Hongxiu and Liu Jun. Before he opened the portal, Kui Mulang wished her to return to Daxia and forget about The Beast Tribe and him. From behind the portal, she bid goodbye to him unaware that Kui Mulang passed out after that.

Qi Pa woke up in her bedroom and was greeted by familiar people around her, but she did not feel happy at all. She busied herself with spa schedules or on shopping sprees. Her maidservant Ehuang asked whether she was brokenhearted, Qi Pa denied it, but deep down inside she knew that Ehuang was right.

Qi Pa still thinking about Kui Mulang and how he survive without the Holy Pearl. That night she sensed that Kui Mulang had visited her. But he hide himself well, so Qi Pa had to make a plan to catch him. Kui Mulang showed himself when Qi Pa pretended to fall. Qi Pa regained her courage after Xing Ping urged her to be together with Kui Mulang. Qi Pa told him that she wanted to go back to the Beast City. She was accompanied by Ma Yingxiong who missed Chun’er greatly.

Qi Pa and Kui Mulang restarted their relationship. It was awkward at first, but it gets better afterward. They even spent some time at the lantern festival. But when they turned around, a woman was waiting for them. Well, waiting for Kui Mulang to be precise. Kui Mulang and Liu Jun were shocked to see Su He, whom they thought to be dead five years ago,

Qi Pa could sense that Su He was up to no good. She pretended to be weak but hide a bad intention in her heart. She confirmed it when Su He went to her chamber one day and told her to leave Kui Mulang. Yet, Qi Pa was prepared for it and did not lose her temper. Later there was a rumor circulating in the palace that Qi Pa was a third person standing between Kui Mulang and Su He. Qi Pa fight back and wrote a book titled The Princess and The Werewolf.

It was a poignant love story about her, Kui Mulang, and a bad woman whom she addressed as Femme Fatale. The book become a hit in the palace and everybody talked about it. Even the Elders read the book. Su He was angry because now everybody in the palace was against her.

After Su He gained extra power from the Blood Scorpion, she went to Yaohua Palace. When Qi Pa opened the door, she was sent flying by Su He. She walked to Qi Pa who sprawled on the floor and sneered at her before she injected venom into Qi Pa’s body. Shortly after that, her body discharged the Holy Pearl.

Su He was ecstatic and took the pearl. Before she could do anything, Kui Mulang suddenly appeared at the door and went straight to Qi Pa. He was furious because Su He hurt her. Because everybody in the palace was already drugged, Kui Mulang took her to the forest, where they met Ma Yingxiong.

Qi Pa woke up and realized that Kui Mulang had sucked the poison into her body. She was worried about his condition. To divert her attention, Kui Mulang took her to the cave to see the constellation. Under the starry sky, they kneeled to heaven and earth one more time. Qi Pa and Kui Mulang repeated their marriage ceremony, but this time with all the love and sincerity they had.

When they return to the forest, Kui Mulang wanted to send her back to Daxia, but she refused. Qi Pa lost her consciousness after Kui Mulang, who lost her insanity due to the full moon, strangled her. Her blood magically returned to Kui Mulang’s consciousness. However, she passed out shortly after. When Su He and Xiniang came, Su He almost killed Qi Pa. However, Xiniang stopped her and take them to the prison.

In the prison, Qi Pa begged Su He to let her live because she did not want to die. Kui Mulang stared at her. It seemed that he believed that Qi Pa would abandon him. On the execution day, Su He ordered Qi Pa to kill Kui Mulang. He told Qi Pa that he was bound to die anyway.

Out of everybody’s expectation, Qi Pa slashed Kui Mulang’s hand and then she cut her palm. She transferred her blood through the wounds. She was sure that her blood would definitely help Kui Mulang recover. Qi Pa kissed Kui Mulang before she passed out.

When she woke up, everything was over. Hongxiu has returned to her normal self. Su Daqiang and Xiniang had been executed. Kui Mulang had taken the Holy Pearl and his condition had greatly improved. However, Qi Pa was sad when she heard that Ma Yingxiong died for them.

Qi Pa and Kui Mulang lived a happy life. They went to Daxia to visit Qi Pa’s family and proceed with a trip to Europa as their honeymoon.

What Happened to Kui Mulang?

Kui Mulang was anxious about how to explain the special identity of Li Xiong to Qi Pa. He was not ready for that when Jing Muhan spill the beans and Qi Pa caught him turning into Li Xiong red-handed. Yet, he loved her more than anything in the world, including his life. So Kui Mulang let her return to Daxia. He was silent when he took her to the border. Only after the portal was closed and Qi Pa was no longer seen, he coughed blood and passed out.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Kui Mulang
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Kui Mulang?

Kui Mulang’s power was depleted greatly. Yet he tried to survive for his tribe. Liu Jun tried to urge him not to give up on the Holy Pearl and Qi Pa. However, Kui Mulang had made up his mind. He called the Elders and told them that he was going to abdicate from his position as the King of the Beast Tribe. He said that since his Queen was gone, he could never have an heir.

So it would be better for the tribe if the Elders start to find another King. The Elders tried to make Kui Mulang change his mind, but he insisted so they could do nothing but obey. After the Elders were gone, Kui Mulang planned to go to Daxia and see Qi Pa.

When Kui Mulang heard that Qi Pa wanted to return to The Beast City, he could not hide his happiness. So the three of them (Kui Mulang, Qi Pa, and Ma Yingxiong) returned to Beast City. Kui Mulang was troubled because Qi Pa said she missed everyone except him. Liu Jun advised him to swallow his pride and apologized to her.

Their relationship progressed a lot and they went to see the lantern festival. But after they watch the lantern and turned back from the river, Kui Mulang, and Qi Pa were stopped by the sight of Su He. Kui Mulang and Liu Jun were shocked because they firmly believed that Su He died five years ago.

Su He told Kui Mulang that she was saved by a granny and lost her memory until two days ago. She went to the river, hoping to see Kui Mulang. Su He did not ask for any reward, she only wanted to be allowed to be beside him. Kui Mulang told her that five years ago, he only saw her as a subject. And now he already has a queen and did not need anyone else.

After Kui Mulang heard the story of The Princess and The Werewolf, he was ecstatic and took advantage of the situation to confess his love. Qi Pa asked him about Su He and Kui Mulang said that he only had a gratitude feeling for her and never had romantic feelings towards Su He. Qi Pa was satisfied and accepted his confession. After he made clear to Su He about his feelings, Su He was deeply disappointed by his words. She decided to follow his father’s arrangements.

Kui Mulang was unaware that everybody in the palace was drugged. When opening the door, Liu Jun attacked him but Kui Mulang could tackle him easily. He could smell that Liu Jun was under some kind of herb that smell the same as five years ago.

Immediately he knew that something was wrong and rushed to Yaohua Palace only to see Qi Pa sprawled on the floor. He was furious when he learned that it was Su He who injured her. Su He was trembling at the sight of him and fled. But she returned with a group of guards, including Bai Ke, Hu Die, and Haonan. Kui Mulang flew to the forest with Qi Pa in his arms. They met Ma Yingxiong who was lost after he collect the mushroom.

Kui Mulang sucked the poison out of Qi Pa’s body even though it put him at great risk. He pretended that everything was fine because he did not want to make Qi Pa worried about him. They went to the cave to see The Kui Mulang constellation and perform the marriage ritual once more.

The next day, Kui Mulang wanted to send Qi Pa back to Daxia, but she refused and choose to be with him. Kui Mulang was waiting for Ma Yingxiong to return from the palace, unaware that he was already dead in the prison. When he realized that the night has already come and the full moon was seen, he got possessed in front of Qi Pa.

Kui Mu Lang who lost his sanity and almost killed her if Qi Pa’s blood did not drip on his hand. The blood brought the same effect as the Holy Pearl to him. It instantly clears up his mind. But then Su He and Xiniang came to arrest Kui Mu Lang and Qi Pa.

In the prison, Su He came and offered the Holy Pearl if he was willing to marry her. Of course, Kui Mulang would refuse, but Qi Pa had another idea in her mind. She made a deal with Su He and asked to be released so she could return to Yaohua Palace.

The next day was the execution day. Kui Mulang was tied up with the freezing chain. Su He ordered Qi Pa to kill Kui Mulang. If she did it, her life would be spared. Qi Pa took the sword and slashed Kui Mulang’s hand before she cut her palm.

Qi Pa use the wounds to transfer her blood to Kui Mulang’s body so he could restore his power. Qi Pa’s idea worked. Kui Mulang regained his power and break free from the chain. His power sent everyone flying. Su He tried to attack him, but Kui Mulang killed her in an instant.

Kui Mulang has taken the Holy Pearl and restored the holy spring. Now his power had back to normal and his appearance did not change at night time. Kui Mulang finally was able to change his destiny and the destiny of the Beast Tribe. Kui Mulang and Qi Pa continued to live a peaceful and harmonious life.

What Happened to Su Daqiang and Su He?

Su Daqiang refined a green pill named the Soul-Driving Pill. With the pill, Su Daqiang could control others’ minds. After he tried the pill on Hongxiu and Huonan, Su Daqiang prepared for his big plan. He went to Su He and asked whether she still have lingering feelings for Kui Mulang. Su He wanted to drive away Qi Pa. And if the plan did not work and Kui Mulang rejected her, Su He would make a clean break with him.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Su Daqiang and Su He
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Su Daqiang and Su He?

Su Daqiang ordered Hongxiu and Hounan to put the Soul Driving Pills into the food in the Imperial kitchen. After they consumed the food, everyone in the palace was under Su Daqiang’s control.

Meanwhile, Su Daqiang gave Su He a Blood Scorpion. If the scorpion entered her body, it would merge with her. It would strengthen her power and venom. If Qi Pa get poisoned by the venom, her body would discharge the Holy Pearl and by then, Su He could take the pearl. And with the pearl in her hand, everybody in the Beast tribe would be at her feet.

Su He agreed to the arrangements and took the scorpion. It was agonizing to her body, but she endure it. And when the scorpion merged with her, Su He went to Yaohua Palace to attack Qi Pa. Su Daqiang never told Su He that after he took the scorpion, her life would only last for six months. In his eyes, Su He was not a daughter. She was just a pawn like anybody else.

Su Daqiang was ecstatic when finally control the palace. He let Jing Muhan feel proud of himself. But in reality, Su Daqiang had a different plan in his mind. Su Daqiang planned to dispose of Jing Muhan and all of Kui Mulang’s subordinates soon after he cultivate his confidante. But right now, he would let Jing Muhan think that he would become the King of the Beast Tribe.

When Kui Mulang was in prison, Su He showed the Holy Pearl to him. She said that if Kui Mulang was willing to marry her, she would give the pearl to him. She was rejected once again. After Kui Mulang regain his power back with the help of Qi Pa’s blood, Su He went forward to attack him. Yet, she failed after Kui Mulang shot him with a sword that killed her instantly. Su Daqiang and Xiniang were executed later on.

What Happened to Jing Muhan and Haitang?

Jing Muhan thought that he could make Su Daqiang his ally, but it turned out that Su Daqiang wanted him to be his subordinate. However, in the end, Jing Muhan agreed after he listen to Su Daqiang’s sweet words that promised Jing Muhan could be the ruler.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Jing Muhan and Haitang
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Jing Muhan and Haitang?

Jing Muhan was elated when Kui Mulang and Qi Pa were arrested. He went to Kui Mulang’s chamber and found the secret room. But the holy spring was already dried up. Jing Muhan wanted to know more about the holy spring so he went to the prison to question his brother.

Jing Muhan was shocked when he heard that Kui Mulang lost most of his power. All this time, Kui Mulang had to inject his inner power into the holy spring to keep the Beast Tribe from the plague. Jing Muhan refused to believe every word he said, even though his heart started to waver.

After everything was over and all the villains had been executed, Jing Muhan kneeled in front of Kui Mulang’s palace. He begged his brother to spare Haitang’s life. Although Jing Muhan had done many bad things, Kui Mulang still regarded him as his younger brother.

Finally, Jing Muhan realized that he had been jealous of Kui Mulang for years because their father choose him to be the king. In reality, their father favored him more because he let Jing Muhan live a longer and better life. He now understood that he must share Kui Mulang’s burden as the prince of the Beast Tribe.

Jing Muhan and Haitang had become an item, and when Kui Mulang and Qi Pa went on honeymoon, he had to replace him to solve the state affairs. Jing Muhan was not content because Kui Mulang left many works for him.

What Happened to Liu Jun and Hongxiu?

After Qi Pa returned to Daxia, Hongxiu did not want to leave Youhua Palace. She insisted to stay there and waiting for her master to return. Liu Jun comforted her and said that Qi Pa would return. She was ecstatic when Qi Pa returned to the Beast City.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Liu Jun and Hongxiu
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Liu Jun and Hongxiu?

Later on, Hongxiu and Haonan fall into Xiniang’s trap ad got drugged by Su Daqiang. He ordered them to drug everyone in the palace. Especially for Liu Jun, Hongxiu had prepared a snack. Knowing that the food was given by Hongxiu, Liu Jun lowered his guard and ate the snack. Immediately he got drugged like anyone else. Liu Jun went to Kui Mulang’s place to kill him. Kui Mulang was shocked and immediately knew that something went wrong in the palace.

After everything was over, Liu Jun and Hongxiu finally made their feelings clear for each other. Liu Jun kissed Hongxiu and they lived a happy life. They followed Kui Mulang and Qi Pa to have a honeymoon after they got married.

What Happened to Hu Die and Bai Ke?

Hongxiu and Liu Jun were not the only ones who feel down after Qi Pa left. Hu Die and Bai Ke also feel the same. When Qi Pa returned to the Beast City, she brought a lot of nice things for Hu Die because Qi Pa knew that Hu Die loves to doll herself up. She also brought gifts for Bai Ke, two pots of Rogue, and perfume.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Hu Die and Bai Ke
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Hu Die and Bai Ke?

Although Qi Pa already hinted that he should use the gifts for a good thing and girls love those things, Bai Ke did not get the hint. He used it for himself and made Hu Die angry.

After everything was over, Bai Ke asked Hu Die whether he wanted to be his girlfriend. After bantering and bickering, Hu Die made herself clear and kissed Bai Ke’s cheek.

What Happened to Ma Yingxiong and Chun’er?

Ma Yingxiong and Chun’er cultivated their feelings almost every day. After being separated for a long time, Ma Yingxiong always followed her everywhere and almost spend all of his days in the kitchen with Chun’er. He proposed to her and Chun’er said yes. Ma Yingxiong also had chosen an auspicious day for their wedding, which was the 15th of the month.

The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained - What Happened to Ma Yingxiong and Chun’er
The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained – What Happened to Ma Yingxiong and Chun’er?

On the day when Hongxiu and Haonan drugged everybody in the palace with Soul-Driving Pill, Chun’er send Ma Yingxiong to find a mushroom in the forest. He went there looking for the mushroom for hours. Ma Yingxiong was shocked when he found Kui Mulang and Qi Pa in the forest. Their sorry state alarmed him.

Ma Yingxiong wanted to return to the palace and avenged Qi Pa but Kui Mulang forbid him from doing so. However, Ma Yingxiong still had to go there because Qi Pa needed food, drink, and medicine. Stealthily, Ma Yingxiong went to the palace kitchen to steal some food and medicine and returned to the forest. He also take a look at the vicinity and saw that most of the people were under the influence of drugs.

Ma Yingxiong refused Kui Mulang’s idea to send him and Qi Pa back to Daxia. He wanted to stay because Chun’er was still there and he could help Kui Mulang. Ma Yingxiong decides to go to the palace. He wanted to make sure that Chun’er was safe. However, Ma Yingxiong runs into a trap because Xiniang already sensed his presence. Ma Yingxiong was tortured in prison.

Su He forced him to reveal Qi Pa and Kui Mulang’s whereabouts, but he determined to keep it a secret. Only after Su He brought Chun’er to prison and threatened to kill him, did Ma Yingxiong wavered. But he rather kills himself than let Chun’er be tortured. Ma Yingxiong died on the 15th day of the month, in front of his beloved one.

After Ma Yingxiong died, Chun’er was brokenhearted and got sick. Her friend tried to cheer her up. Qi Pa and Kui Mulang made a lantern ceremony, so Chun’er could release the lantern and pray for him. In her prayer, Chun’er said that Ma Yingxiong had become a hero for her and everyone in the Beast Tribe.

My Musing

After 30 episodes, I still didn’t get the reason behind Su Daqiang’s determination to take over the throne. He did not seem to be the royal family member and he was only a pharmaceutical master. The ending of The Princess and The Werewolf seemed to be abrupt and lacked explanation.

Anyhow, The Princess and The Werewolf was quite enjoyable. You could see many faces of Chen Zhe Yuan, including when Qi Pa dressed Kui Mulang as a woman to deceive the city guard. I was laughing out loud to see his shy and nervous expression.

Well, that’s all folks. If you want to read about this drama review, you can read it in The Princess and The Werewolf drama review. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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