Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 37-38 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 37-38 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

It’s a special day and it’s time for Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you, dear readers. Starting today, every recap post would be a 2 episodes recap for every post. Right now we continue to episodes 37-38. But don’t worry, I’ll compensate with more pictures for you…😉

These episodes recap are mixture between angry (for the 5th Princess and the Crown Princess) and happy (for Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi). There was no new characters today, so… let’s get started!

Episode Recap

Episode 37

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-1

Shao Shang and the 5th Prince walked together from Jingxin Lake. Shao Shang offered the drenched 5th Prince to change at the Changqiu Palace, but he refused. He was worried that people might see them together and make speculations about them. Shao Shang, who was still ignorant about the palace plot, didn’t feel a slight worry because they didn’t do anything shameful, while the 5th Prince said that people might not believe them.

Suddenly, they heard the 5th Princess shout at them. She said that they were caught red-handed for having a tryst. Shao Shang and the 5th Prince saw the monarch, followed by many, including Ling Bu Yi, walking towards them.

The 5th Princess immediately threw accusations at them. The Prince and Princess were engaged in an argument. It made the Empress disappointed, so she immediately left them.

When Ling Bu Yi came to Shao Shang, she asked him whether he believed her or not. Because for her, that was all that mattered. And, of course, our general said that he believed in her.

Early in the morning, Shao Shang was seen leaving her room. Her face was solemn and cold.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-2

The Emperor, who spent the night at Changqiu Palace, comforted the Empress, who looked pale because she didn’t have a proper rest that night. Yesterday, the matter was still weighing on her mind. The monarch saw Shao Shang and called her. The Empress told her to pack her things and go home. But before she could walk away, all of a sudden, the 5th Princess barged in and shouted that she was going to kill Shao Shang.

The monarchs were stunned to see her appearance. The 5th Princess was wet and dirty. She demanded justice from the monarch, saying that Shao Shang had put a trap for her and her entourages in Longyuan Garden. She poured them with wastewater, mugwort ashes, and many twigs. In the whole palace, only Shao Shang could pull this kind of trick. She also said that a servant from Longyuan Garden saw Shao Shang there early in the morning.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-3

The 5th Princess shouted and complained about Shao Shang. She didn’t even care that her words would make her parents angry. She even defied and accused them of being partial to an outsider like Shao Shang. The arguments between parents and daughter intensified when Noble Consort Yue came.

The elders were fuming because the 5th Princess was very arrogant and had no fear towards the Emperor. Even after she was slapped by Noble Consort Yue, it didn’t make the Princess realize her mistakes. Instead, it was like adding fuel to the fire because she was getting hysterical.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-4

When Ling Bu Yi and the 5th Prince came and brought a witness to the Jingxin lake incident. Under the scrutiny of the Princess, the young lady could not say anything and fainted on the spot. The Prince mentioned Shao Shang being pushed into the lake. His words stunned everyone, including Ling Bu Yi and the 5th Princess herself, because she thought the 5th Prince wouldn’t dare to reveal the incident.

Shao Shang had no choice but to admit her wrongdoings. She told the monarch that she was avenging herself because the Princess pushed her into the lake and threw rocks at her. She didn’t mention the snake, though. The Princess revealed it herself.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-5

The Emperor and Empress were fuming because of anger. Ling Bu Yi threatened the Princess, but she didn’t even flinch. The Emperor sent the Princess to the imperial mausoleum to repent and grounded her in the mansion. Only then did this arrogant princess scream that she was framed.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-6

I have to give applause to the 5th Princess because her arrogance was second to none. And I feel sorry for the monarchs. They might be the most important people in the whole country. The people would bow at them and treat them like a god. But that glorious positions did not make them become great parents. On the contrary, they failed.

Ling Bu Yi was angry too. We could see he suppressed his emotions when he spoke to Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-7

He asked Shao Shang why she didn’t tell him anything, why she didn’t regard him as someone close to her. Ling Bu Yi was worried because they were in the imperial palace, a dangerous place. One reckless step and Shao Shang could lose her life.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-8

But Shao Shang didn’t understand his intentions. She keeps on mentioning that it was Ling Bu Yi who dragged her there. And her dispute with the Princess was something she could handle by herself. She didn’t need to be saved by Ling Bu Yi.

Ling Bu Yi was disappointed because of her. He regretted making her stay. After saying that, he left. Shao Shang was frantic. She tried to stop him, but she failed. She also regretted her words. Shao Shang was too afraid of losing her identity. She didn’t want to be known only as Ling Bu Yi’s fiancee.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-9

However, deep down inside, Shao Shang regretted everything…

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-10

Shao Shang kneeled in front of the Emperor and Empress. They tried to put some sense into her. The Empress taught her that if she regarded Ling Bu Yi as her loved one, then the monarch could be regarded as her parents-in-law. She could tell them if she was being bullied instead of acting willfully. And if she didn’t (like what she did just then), she made them bitterly disappointed. Shao Shang regretted everything that she did.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-11

When the Empress asked the Emperor what he would do to the noble ladies that were involved in the incident, the Emperor decided to investigate their fathers and brothers. If a young lady could do an atrocious deed, then her family might do the same. This time, Shao Shang learnt another lesson. A wrong move from her could affect her entire family.

Ling Bu Yi was waiting for the 5th Prince. He asked for his help to find all the noble ladies who hurt Shao Shang. The Prince happily complied with his request.

Ling Bu Yi brought a lot of black-armored guards, including the 5th Prince and Yuan Shen, to punish Lord Zao by tying him to the gate of the Censorate while his daughter kneeled with a leash on her neck. The Emperor was right. The father, Lord Zuo, was equally arrogant as his daughter, Lady Zuo.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-12

When he accused Ling Bu Yi of only bullying him, Liang Qiu Qi told him that Ling Bu Yi already punished another 7 officials whose daughter was also involved in the incident. They were beaten harshly, and in a disheveled appearance, those officials were paraded in the city as an example of someone who didn’t discipline their children.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-13

This incident helped Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen to form an unlikely friendship between them when Yuan Shen and he did good teamwork in punishing Lord Zao… 🤣.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-14

Eunuch Cao was waiting for the 5th Princess in front of her mansion. From her arrogant speech to Eunuch Cao, it seemed that the Princess was not repenting at all. Until she opened the door and saw her aides were turned into corpses. Eunuch Cao was there to deliver the Emperor’s verbal decree to remind the princess that she must be an example of filial piety for the world. And if she failed to reflect on her mistakes, the Emperor might kill her too. Finally, the 5th Princess shows some fear and obeys her father’s order.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-15

Ling Bu Yi used this incident to spread the news about the 5th Princess keeping men. Therefore, it would ruin the reputation of Marquis Yue as her future father-in-law.

The Crown Prince, Crown Princess, and Shao Shang accompanied the Empress. She was not in a good condition after the 5th princess incident. The Crown Princess tried to comfort her, but her words were a bit off. She talked about many things, mainly admonishing the 5th Princess and her wrongdoings. The Crown Prince reprimanded her for speaking carelessly. Shao Shang also told her to stop talking, because her words didn’t bring any comfort to the Empress.

At the Eastern Palace, the Crown Prince scolded his wife again. She defended herself by saying it was just a slip of tongue. (I’m rolling my eyes right now. It was not a slip of tongue, her tongue has always been a snake! 🤬)

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-16

She also mentioned Qu Lingjun, who made her lose her child. She still kept her jealousy after she saw Qu Lingjun at the birthday banquet. The Crown Prince was angry. He said that the Crown Princess had ruined the image of someone innocent. He also said that all this time, nobody resented the Crown Princess because of her low birth. It was herself who despised her origin. He cut off the arguments and left his wife who still fuming with anger and jealousy.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 37-17
This episode was quite intense, so here’s an eye candy for you, dear readers…😘

Episode 38

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-1

The Empress and Shao Shang were having a conversation in the Empress’s room. The Empress explains to her about the Crown Princess’s careless behavior. She said that the Crown Princess could stay calm toward Shao Shang. However, it was different with the 5th Princess, who always looked down on her. And recently, the Crown Princess saw Qu Lingjun at the Empress’s birthday banquet. The Crown Princess saw that Qu Lingjun surpassed her in terms of grace and it made her worried.

The Empress also tells Shao Shang the story of the Crown Prince and Qu Lingjun. They used to be childhood friends, and Qu Lingjun was someone the Crown Prince liked back then. Although they had feelings for each other, the Emperor had already made a marriage back in the village, and he had to fulfill his promise. Ling Bu Yi used to advise the Empress and the Emperor that the marriage should not happen and that it would harm the Crown Prince in the future. Ling Bu Yi also advised the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess. But it was for naught because the marriage still took place.

The Empress also asked Shang Shang about her feelings for Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang said that she liked him more now. The Empress was happy to hear that. When they were still conversing, Madam Zhai said that the Emperor intended to punish Ling Bu Yi because he had beaten officials whose daughter harmed Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-2

Shao Shang ran into Xuanming hall. Eunuch Cao had been waiting for her. He explained that Ling Bu Yi had beaten eight families to avenge her, and now the Emperor was furious because of his reckless behavior. But Shao Shang still thought that Ling Bu Yi was doing the right thing and he should not be punished…🤦🏻‍♀️

Eunuch Cao was stunned to see her reaction. He tried hard to make Shao Shang understand that Ling Bu Yi’s behavior was against the law. But of course, he failed…😆

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-3

The Emperor overheard their conversation and it intensified his anger by a few degrees. He shouted at her to protest to him directly. Shao Shang was dumbfounded. She even asked Eunuch Cao, “Why wasn’t the door soundproof?”…🤣.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-4

Inside the hall, Ling Bu Yi was kneeling while the 3rd and 5th Princes were also present. Shao Shang’s attempt to defend Ling Bu Yi was rejected. Ling Bu Yi said he didn’t need anyone to worry about him. He had his revenge and would accept the punishment himself.

Shao Shang asked why he did that. Ling Bu Yi said he wanted to live in seclusion in the countryside, which she always talked about, and he intended to resign from his position. Shao Shang was taken aback to hear his reason.

The Emperor was fuming right after he heard the reason. He told Ling Bu Yi that if everybody did the same thing as him, they would not need the law. He also called Ling Bu Yi for not respecting the law, knowing no restraint, and being arrogant. In short, the Emperor said that Ling Bu Yi was mad.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-5

Shao Shang was stunned. She realized that Ling Bu Yi suddenly did a such preposterous thing because of her. She admitted to the Emperor that Ling Bu Yi did that because they quarreled previously, and he did that to vent his anger. Ling Bu Yi accepted every punishment from the Emperor. So the Emperor ordered him to get 100 beatings before exiling him. Cheng Shao Shang tried to stop the punishment, but Ling Bu Yi had already accepted the punishment.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-6

Therefore, Ling Bu Yi was punished by the Emperor. Two burly soldiers held a paddle to hit him while the 3rd Prince kept tabs on the punishment.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-7

Shao Shang still tried to reason with the Emperor, but he refused and reminded Shao Shang that Ling Bu Yi got beaten because of her. She kept on grumbling about the punishment. The Emperor told her to go because she was annoying.

Shao Shang ran onto the platform where Ling Bu Yi was beaten. But soldiers prevented her from getting close to the platform. Shao Shang was getting frantic. She keeps on calling Ling Bu Yi. She protested to the Emperor for punishing Ling Bu Yi. The 3rd Prince, who reprimanded her for questioning the Emperor’s decision, was also scolded by the hysterical Shao Shang. Unbeknownst to her, the Emperor was overseeing everything with great interest. It turned out that he deliberately arranged the punishment to make Shao Shang realize her mistakes and her feelings for Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-8

The Empress and Noble Consort Yue, who joined the Emperor, had a different reaction. The Empress was worried because the Emperor lied to Shao Shang. But the Emperor comforted her. He said that later when Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang were married, they would be grateful for his lies. While Noble Consort Yue was also worried, she could read the Emperor’s scheme for Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-9

Shao Shang was finally able to get close to Ling Bu Yi with great difficulty. She shoved the soldiers who beat Ling Bu Yi. While crying profusely, she promised him. That she would not act recklessly, they should act as husband and wife, and she promised to give him her heart. Shao Shang also confessed that she fell in love with him back then, before she hugged him. Ling Bu Yi stays quiet all the time.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-10

The act was over after Shao Shang hugged Ling Bu Yi. The Emperor order the 3rd Prince to stop the punishment. He also ordered the eunuch to brought back Ling Bu Yi to Changqiu Palace and treat his injuries.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-11

The 3rd Prince saw them while holding back his smile. Well, suddenly I love this man…😍.

The Emperor was happy to see them. But the Empress was not. She leaves after calling him shameless, followed by Noble Consort Yue. Once again, the Emperor was left alone by his wives.

The worried Shao Shang was comforted by the Empress. Seeing her being so restless, the Empress orders Madam Zhai to prepare medicine and to calm her down. The Empress was soooo kind. I like her.

Shao Shang tried to rest, but she couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Ling Bu Yi was lying on his stomach alone when Liang Qiu Fei arrived. It seemed that Ling Bu Yi was waiting for someone else and he was disappointed to see Liang Qiu Fei.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-12

Another person knocked on the door. It was Shao Shang, covered with a thick blanket. She prepared the blanket for Ling Bu Yi because she was afraid he’d freeze because of a thin blanket. Seeing her around, Ling Bu Yi told Liang Qiu Fei to go back to the residence. Liang Qiu Fei was reluctant because he came to the palace in a great effort to avoid the palace guards. But after Ling Bu Yi look at him with a deadly stare, he return to the residence.

Shao Shang took good care of Ling Bu Yi. Ling Bu Yi said that he was very lucky to have her sympathy. Shao Shang kissed his forehead, and after another scene of staring at each other, they kissed a slow and sweet kiss.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-13

But then Ling Bu Yi said, “ Aren’t we supposed to do this after we get married?”. Shao Shang protested because it should be her line, not his. When Ling Bu Yi wanted to kiss her again, she dodged. Both of them grinned from ear to ear.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-14

Shao Shang played the flute for him. They also spend the night talking about the first time they met. Ling Bu Yi told her he saw her for the first time at the Lantern festival. She looked captivating that he was mesmerized by her. Shao Shang also remembered him when Ling Bu Yi saved her from the falling lanterns that night. Shao Shang promised him that if he didn’t leave her, she would not let him down too.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-15

While the lovebirds were in a good mood, Mother Cheng was in a bad mood. Apparently, she missed her daughter. Mother Cheng protested that Shao Shang should have returned after the birthday banquet, but she still had not shown up yet. She knew that back then her method to educate Shao Shang was too strict, but Shao Shang shouldn’t forget her birth mother after she met the Empress. Father Cheng laughed at her. Finally, his wife realized how important Shao Shang was to them.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-16

Father Cheng praised Shao Shang because she was a sensible daughter, unlike the young girls that always hung around the 5th Princess. But Mother Cheng rebuked him. She said that all this time, she hoped Ling BuYi could take care of Shao Shang, but who would think that Ling Bu Yi was also unruly by beating those families? He was crazier than Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-17

There was something that Ling Bu Yi hid from everyone around him, except to Ling duo. He targeted Lord Zuo not only because his daughter was involved with the 5th Princess, but because he intended to take documents regarding the Yue army from the Censorate. Therefore, he destroyed the Censorate so the Emperor would order him to repair the building, and Ling Bu Yi could secretly take the documents.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-18

Ling Bu Yi could resort to those ideas to gather evidence of Marquis Yue’s involvement in the Gu City massacre. Although Marquis Yue was a greedy person, Noble Consort Yue was an upright person. Therefore, the Emperor would protect the Yue family for the sake of the Noble Consort.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 38-19

But they couldn’t find the evidence because Marquis Yue was always careful about handling things. They should find another way to make him confess his crime.

Well… Well… Our dear General was quite good at scheming. I just hoped that everything he felt and did for Shao Shang was real.

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  1. Thanks very much for recapping ‘Love Like The Galaxy’! I’m currently binge watching this series and relying on your recaps to fill me in. As I intend to rewatch all episodes later, I’ll be on looking out for what I’ve missed during the first round of this drama.

    Based on episode 38, Mother Cheng can stop worrying about Shao Sheng being bullied in the future. Ling Bu Yi has clearly demonstrated that he would go all out for his beloved and protect her to the death. Such an awesome future son-in-law! What more could the mother-in-law-to-be ask for?

    Okay, it’s back to watching the remaining episodes and reading the following recaps 🙂


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