Ending ExplainedA League of Nobleman Ending Explained

A League of Nobleman Ending Explained

Dear Readers, this is the ending explanation of A League of Nobleman drama. The story was quite complicated. Yet, it was fun and exciting. The mystery was well-written, and the most important, A League of Nobleman had a happy ending. I’m so glad with it.

A quick note, if you want to read this drama review, you can check it on A League of Nobleman drama review post. I wrote it a few days ago.

Okay, without further ado, happy reading!

A League of Nobleman Ending Explained

What Happened to Lan Jue?

To investigate Xuan Ji, Lan Jue and Zhang Ping went to the Department of Incantation ruins. They were poisoned and Gu Qing Zhang helped them. Gu Qing Zhang was an old friend of Lan Jue. They met years ago when he was selling calligraphy and paintings. Gu Qing Zhang understood his poems and praised his writing style. Since that day, Lan Jue and Gu Qing Zhang formed a close bond.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Lan Jue
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Lan Jue

The time he spent with Gu Qing Zhang was the time when Lan Jue felt the happiest in his life. However, they parted after Lan Jue and Gu Qing Zhang argued. Lan Jue was depressed because he thought that he could not pass the exam and almost killed himself. Gu Qing Zhang once again appeared to console him and changed his poisoned wine. The next morning, Gu Qing Zhang was already gone.

Lan Jue trusted Gu Qing Zhang. When Zhang Ping told Lan Jue about his suspicion that Gu Qing Zhang might be Mr. Jinghu, he did not take his words at all. But then Lan Jue started to be suspicious because Gu Qing Zhang wanted to enter the palace to become Empress Dowager’s physician.

Gu Qing Zhang knew that Lan Jue investigated him and decided to tell him the truth about his real identity as the biological son of the Empress Dowager. And he also told Lan Jue that he was switched when he was a baby. Gu Qing Zhang asked Lan Jue to join him and avenged the Empress Dowager.

Lan Jue realized that Gu Qing Zhang’s plan was going to bring chaos to the world. Then he worked together with Zhang Ping and General Cao from the Imperial Guard to prevent Gu Qing Zhang’s plan for the burial ceremony. He almost killed Gu Qing Zhang as his last resort. But then Zhang Ping came and revealed the mystery behind the death of the Empress Dowager.

After the deadly night ended and the Emperor returned to the capital, Lan Jue finally had his peaceful day. His father and the Lan residents’ name has been cleared. Xu Dong advised him to bring back the young master, Lan Hui, from the countryside. It turned out that Lan Jue was married (!!!).

His wife’s name was Cong Rou and she has already passed away. Lan Jue sent his only son to the countryside because he had to clear his father’s name and was afraid that his son would be involved in his mission.

Lan Jue was getting promoted to Governor. His main job was to patrol all around the kingdom on behalf of the Emperor. He delivered an imperial edict, praised virtue, and punished vice. He also inspected the people’s livelihood, helped with the county’s development, and solved neglected cases.

What Happened to Zhang Ping?

Zhang Ping must hide in the house because the Imperial Guard started to search for a person who had the water bowl of the Moluo Clan. Zhang Ping was sure that he was careful enough. But the Imperial Guard found his house and barged in. His master sacrificed his life to buy him some time to run away.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Ping
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Ping

Zhang Ping left the city after the death of his master. He went to find Moluo Village to find out the truth. After a long arduous journey, he arrived at the forest near Moluo Village. His old memory became clear. He remembered everything when he arrived at the village. Zhang Ping’s real name was Ku Ruo and his mother was the woman from Moluo Village who came to Lan’s mansion.

Zhang Ping’s mother hid the secret that could shake the world. She knew that the Emperor was not the biological son of the Empress Dowager, because she saw the Emperor was switched when he was a baby. She was the one who saved the real prince and raised him as her godson and named him Qing Zhang.

Zhang Ping’s mother kept the identity papers and genealogy papers that proved the prince’s identity. Zhang Ping’s mother thought that Qing Zhang was a prince and he must return to the place where he truly belonged. However, it could not be done rashly, hence she decided to ask the most righteous man that she knew. The man was Lan Lin, Lan Jue’s father.

Lan Lin and Zhang Ping’s mother believed that it was Xuan Ji who harbored evil intentions. Lan Lin informed Empress Dowager about Gu Qing Zhang’s whereabouts. Yet they did not know that it was Empress Dowager who wanted to kill her son. The Empress Dowager did not want to lose her power.

Hence, she rather killed her own son and the witness so she could still hold the highest power. Because of this secret Lan Lin, Zhang Ping’s mother along with the people in Lan’s mansion and the whole villager of Moluo Village died at the hand of the Empress Dowager.

After he was accused of killing the Empress Dowager. Zhang Ping concluded that the person who died was the fake Empress Dowager. To find the real one, Zhang Ping entered the tunnel with General Xiong and Chen Chao. But after he revealed the truth, Gu Qing Zhang knew that his plan was destroyed. He spread the red powder which created a deadly scarlet mist in the palace and the city.

That night, many people died including the Empress Dowager. Zhang Ping racked his brain and found a way to create rain that could dispel the scarlet mist. That night, he saved the capital and its people.

After the Emperor returned to the capital, Zhang Ping was sent to be the magistrate of Yiping County. The Emperor knew that Zhang Ping’s heart was clear and upright, he would be in danger if he lingered in the capital. Especially when remnants of the Empress Dowager were not eliminated and the aftermath was not over yet.

The Emperor trusted Zhang Ping and wanted him to be prime minister, but Zhang Ping was not happy with his offer. He opted only to be the Minister of the Court of Judicial Report.

Zhang Ping went to Yiping County with Chen Cao and was still selling noodles because it was his hobby.

What Happened to Gu Qing Zhang?

Gu Qing Zhang with the courtesy name Shu Lin was Lan Jue’s old friend. He disappeared for 10 years and appeared when Lan Jue and Zhang Ping were poisoned. His presence made Zhang Ping suspicious because he remembered Gu Qing Zhang’s voice exactly like Mr. Jinghu’s voice.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Qing Zhang
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Qing Zhang

Gu Qing Zhang’s past was unraveled when Zhang Ping found out the truth about Moluo Village. He was the biological son of Empress Dowager. Which meant he should be the Emperor by now. He was born with a weak constitution. The Empress Dowager (at that time still Royal Concubine Li) took him to the Department of Incantation to perform a ritual to cure his disease.

But the Empress Dowager secretly colluded with Xuan Ji to replace the sickly prince with another baby and claimed that the ritual had saved him. While the healthy baby was taken to the palace, Xuan Ji took the real prince to the forest and almost buried him. Zhang Ping’s mother followed after Xuan Ji took the prince to Moluo Village.

Gu Qing Zhang spent 10 years in the village. When the red powder killed the villagers, he was lucky that he was not there. When he returned to the village, everybody had died and the bad people were looking for him. Gu Qing Zhang went to find his biological mother in the capital where he met Lan Jue. Yet the meeting was designed by him because he wanted to investigate Lan Jue’s father.

After he revealed his secret to Lan Jue, Gu Qing Zhang went to the palace as Physician Gu. He worked together with Mr. Liu and made a plan to take back the throne. He used Zhang Ping to kill the fake Empress Dowager and made Lan Jue arrest Zhang Ping.

Yet, Zhang Ping and Lan Jue stopped him before he was enthroned as the new Emperor. They revealed his secret in front of the court officials. They also found the real Empress Dowager was hidden inside the sealed coffin. The fake one was used to create horror outside the hall. After his plan was destroyed, Gu Qing Zhang signaled his underlings to make the epiphyllum bloom and spread the red powder which was hidden inside the flower

Gu Qing Zhang only wanted his mother to apologize to him. However, there was no sliver of motherly love left for him inside The Empress Dowager’s heart. Gu Qing Zhang was sad and angry at the same time. He left the Empress Dowager tied in a chair and she died when the scarlet mist reached her.

Later, Gu Qing Zhang thought that his revenge has succeeded. Yet, he was filled with remorse when he saw the confused and scared people. All he did was create chaos for the people that he should protect. Gu Qing Zhang killed himself by walking into the thick fog of scarlet mist.

What Happened to Wang Yan?

Wang Yan or Mowen always wanted to go to the battlefield instead of being a capital guard. He never had a chance until the Emperor decided to lead the soldier himself. On the day Wang Xuan announced his intention, Mowen was the only official who was willing to follow him.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Yan
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Yan

When Zhang Ping was lost on his way to find Moulu Village, he was rescued by Mowen and his troops. At that time Mowen and his troops were ordered by the Emperor to investigate their enemy, but then they were also lost in the jungle. When the enemy attacked, Zhang Ping led them to the Moulu Village which was hidden behind the waterfall.

They helped Zhang Ping to find the secret that his mother was hiding beneath Sheng Lake. Mowen was the first person who learned the truth from Zhang Ping. After they were saved and his troops’ wounds were healed, Mowen returned to the battle camp.

They won the war and Mowen also returned to the capital with the Emperor. He became the new minister of the Court of Judicial Review.

What Happened to Chen Chou?

Chen Chou was the most loyal friend of Zhang Ping. He was naïve and not as smart as Zhang Ping. Yet, he would be ready to help him with whatever it takes. When Zhang Ping and General Xiong went to the water tunnel, Lan Jue had him deliver Zhang Ping’s stuff. When he got there, he stubbornly wanted to follow suit. Zhang Ping took him and the three of them went inside the tunnel.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen Chou
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen Chou

As the scarlet mist was all over the city, Chen Chou managed to survive and also helped the people. When everything was over, he followed Zhang Ping to Yiping County and became his aide to manage the account.

What Happened to Emperor Wang Xuan?

After the Emperor received the report of the invasion, he wanted the Yong Kingdom to take action against the invaders from Nantong. But the Empress Dowager forbade him and the court officials refused his idea. They said that their country was too weak and would not win the war. They should negotiate because Nandong only wanted the Yong Kingdom to increase their tribute.

A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained - What Happened to Emperor Wang Xuan
A League Of Nobleman Ending Explained – What Happened to Emperor Wang Xuan

However, on the day of the Imperial Examination, The Emperor use the exam question as a solid reason to lead the troops. His speech that day touched the heart of Mowen and Zhang Ping. Mowen volunteered to follow the Emperor to the battlefield in his aging father’s stead. At that time, Empress Dowager also gave him her consent. Then after the exam finished. The Emperor marched with his troop to defend against foreign invasion.

The Emperor was away when the chaos made by Gu Qing Zhang happened in the capital. But the next day when the scarlet mist was gone, the Emperor galloped into the city with victory. He heard that the capital was in great chaos. Therefore, he returned early and led the elite troops to help. He asked the stunned Mr. Liu whether he was fine.

Mr. Liu stared at him before he kneeled to welcome the Emperor. Although the court official knew the true identity of the Emperor, the way they kneeled to welcome him meant that they still acknowledged him as the reigning Emperor of the Yong Kingdom.

My Two Cents

Well, dear reader, that was the end of A League of Nobleman drama. I was happy that it ended very well for all of them. But the last episode shocked me. How come Lan Jue was suddenly married and had a son? They never mentioned that before, and I thought that he also had an ambiguous relationship with Gu Qing Zhang… 😅

And how about you dear readers, do you have the same conclusion as me? Don’t forget to write a comment or join our forum for a better discussion. See you!

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  1. so sorry n sad for Shulin. He was the biological son of the evil empress dowager who showed no love for him and that he rather die than to live. He had a hard life growing up. He could have just exposed the empress cruelty and become the rightful king n then abdicate to lead a commoner life instead. This would be a better ending.


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