Ending ExplainedEveryone Loves Me Ending Explained

Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained

Dear readers… Good For those who do not have a Youku or Viki account, good news: you can now watch Everyone Loves Me on Netflix. This Everyone Loves Me drama is so cute that you’ll love it right away. This post is for those of you who were curious about Everyone Loves Me ending. You might have a lot of questions in your mind.

Will HC Games be saved? Will Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun have a wedding? Or maybe you wondered whether Jiang Jun Nan would end up with Chen Xin Yi. Fret not! This post has all the answers you seek. Happy reading!

Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained

What Happened to Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling in the End?

After resolving the copyright issue, Gu Xun returned to his daily routine in the 9th Business Unit. When Jiang Jun Nan found Yue Qian Ling at his house, Gu Xun decided to be honest about their relationship. Jiang Jun Nan was not surprised, as he had already predicted it.

Huang Jie, Wei Han, Fan Xing, and many more have also suspected that Gu XUn and Yue Qian Ling were dating. Huang Jie even went the extra mile to support their relationship by purchasing a chemise for Yue Qian Ling to wear.

Yue Qian Ling tried on the chemise that night when Fan Xing called her to send some files. However, she had left her laptop at the office and asked Gu Xun to borrow his. She went to his apartment still wearing the chemise. While she was busy transferring the files, Gu Xun’s mother walked in and was surprised to see a girl in a sleepwear at her son’s apartment.

But Gu Yun Ping remained calm and was able to guess Yue Qian Ling’s identity. She didn’t mind seeing Yue Qian Ling and even asked if they were living together and whether Yue Qian Ling was willing to settle down with Gu Xun. The two got along pretty well.

When he got home, Gu Xun frantically hid everything related to games so his mother wouldn’t see it. He also told Yue Qian Ling to lie about where she worked. He didn’t want his mother to know that they both worked for a game company.

However, Gu Yun Ping already found out about everything and was furious when she found out that her son was following the same path as her husband. In an attempt to ease the strained relationship between Gu Xun and Gu Yun Ping, Yue Qian Ling pretended to break up with Gu Xun to gain her sympathy, but failed.

Gu Xun showed his father’s journal to Gu Yun Ping, in which he expressed regret for neglecting his family. Gu Yun Ping’s tears flowed down after reading it. She then explained to Gu Xun why she was against his decision to work for a game company.

Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling in the End
Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling in the End?

Gu Xun’s father died due to overwork, and Yue Qian Ling was afraid the same would happen to her son. Gu Xun promised to take care of himself, and Yue Qian Ling promised to look after him. Although she seemed angry, Gu Xun understood that Gu Yun Ping had forgiven him.

At work, another problem arises because the Hero’s Path has not generated any income. CEO Wang criticized Gu Xun and suggested a pre-sale for the game. Gu Xun refused the idea, and Stella agreed with his decision. Later, CEO Wang approached other members of the Board of Directors and expressed his desire to sell HC to Walter Games. Mr. Zhao was hesitant, but CEO Wang continued to persuade him.

Mr. Zhang, from Walter Games, came with the intention of acquiring HC Games. The shareholders agree, except for Stella. They wanted to do it because they were not optimistic that their games could be released. Meanwhile, Walter wanted to buy HC to recruit Gu Xun. So, Gu Xun made a deal with Mr. Zhang to pay his compensation for breaching the contract with HC, and he also asked for a share clause.

However, Gu Xun’s decision made everyone in HC displeased. Yue Qian Ling attempted to change Gu Xun’s mind, but he remained resolute. This created tension in their relationship. But after Yue Qian Ling saw CEO Wang and Mr. Zhang in a private meeting, she realized Gu Xun was pretending to agree with Walter to stall time.

Gu Xun approached Jiang Yi Shi and requested his cooperation in preventing Mr. Li from selling his share in HC. Although Jiang Yi Shi did not speak, Gu Xun understood him well. He stated that Jiang Yi Shi was just as devoted to games and HC as he was.

During the meeting with Stella, Gu Xun, and Mr. Li, Jiang Yi Shi offered his business units and dividends as a bargaining chip. Mr. Li was pleased with the offer and ultimately decided to keep his share in HC. This cleared the obstacle between them.

Back then, Jiang Yi Shi was angry at Gu Xun because he thought that Gu Xun was wasting his talents on Triple A games. However, Jiang Yi Shi now believes that if there is anyone who can build a Triple A game in China, it must be Gu Xun.

Gu Xun and Jiang Jun Nan were busy looking for an investor for HC Games, while Yue Qian Ling and Chen Xin Yi were racking their brains to find out CEO Wang’s intention. They found a way through CEO Wang’s chauffeur, Mr. Xu. Yue Qian Ling and Chen Xin Yi discovered that CEO Wang had been conducting dubious business by borrowing Mr. Xu’s name.

Yue Qian Ling and Chen Xin Yi also suspected that CEO Wang’s plan to sell his share in HC Games was also a scheme to flee with the money he gained. However, Mr. Xu remained silent and left.

The situation became more complicated when Mr. Zhao decided to sell his share to Walter, which made the situation worse for HC because now Walter’s share would exceed Stella’s and Mr. Li’s share altogether. Gu Xun found another investor for HC, Lu Xin, who offered a better agreement than Walter, tempting Mr. Wang and infuriating Mr. Zhang.

Lu Xin showed an old picture of himself, Gu Xun’s father, and Wheat’s father, revealing that he was an old friend of Gu Xun’s father who also dreamed of making a Triple-A game. Lu Xin helped HC Games in hopes that Gu Xun could fulfill their unfulfilled dreams.

During the meeting where CEO Wang was ready to sign the agreement with Lu Xin, Yue Qian Ling barged in and presented evidence of CEO Wang’s illegal business. She also brought Mr. Xu as a witness. Mr. Zhao also came to cancel his decision to sell HC shares. As a result, HC Games was finally rescued, and the employees were very happy.

Gu Xun was disappointed when Yue Qian Ling told him that he would not be meeting her parents during the Chinese New Year celebration. However, their plans had to change when Yue Qian Ling’s cousin exposed their relationship. Gu Xun was added to Yue Qian Ling’s WeChat family group, but she forbade him from answering any questions. So whenever someone asked about him, Gu Xun just replied with New Year’s greetings and red packets, making everyone happy.

On New Year’s Day, Gu Xun appeared unexpectedly at the Yue family’s house. Father Yue made things difficult for him because he wanted to test Gu Xun’s sincerity towards Yue Qian Ling. That night, Gu Xun slept on the couch. Early the next morning, Father Yue was already waiting for him to practice sword dance.

Later, Gu Xun cooked breakfast with Mother Yue, fixed a chair, changed a light bulb, repaired the toilet, changed the sheets, and took a morning stroll with Father Yue. The parents’ meeting ended successfully.

One year later. Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling were busy wrapping candies and preparing invitations. Later, they were busy accepting the guests. Are they going to get married???

No!!!! They were getting ready for a celebration of Hero’s Path’s success of reaching 10 million copies. As for the couple, let’s just wish them a happy life.

What Happened to Jian Jun Nan and Chen Xin Yi in the End?

Jiang Jun Nan and Feng Ruru have broken up. Chen Xin Yi forgot to cancel a bouquet order for Feng Ruru’s birthday. Later, when Feng Ruru called Jiang Jun Nan to tell him not to send her gifts anymore. Jiang Jun Nan clarified that he did not have any ulterior motives in giving her flowers and assured Feng Ruru in advance that he would not do it again.

Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Jian Jun Nan and Chen Xin Yi in the End
Everyone Loves Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Jian Jun Nan and Chen Xin Yi in the End?

Jiang Jun Nan asked Chen Xin Yi if she had anything regarding Feng Ruru that she had not canceled. Chen Xin Yi admitted that she had forgotten to cancel a restaurant reservation. Jiang Jun Nan took her to the restaurant, and they enjoyed a feast and wine.

While under the influence of alcohol, they began to talk. Jiang Jun Nan said that Chen Xin Yi knew him very well and asked in a joking tone whether Chen Xin Yi liked him. Chen Xin Yi did not answer the question. Judging from her awkward state, Jiang Jun Nan realized that she did like him.

Overwhelmed by the truth, Jiang Jun Nan ran away from the restaurant by pretending that his mother was waiting for him at home.

Jiang Jun Nan hurried to Gu Xun’s house and met Yue Qian Ling. He asked for their opinion on his situation with Chen Xin Yi. Yue Qian Ling (and Gu Xun) scolded him harshly for his cowardice.

Chen Xin Yi and Jiang Jun Nan were very awkward when they met at the office. Later, when they had a chance to talk alone, Chen Xin Yi informed Jiang Jun Nan that her feelings for him had vanished and that she only respected him as a boss. However, rumors began to circulate after Wei Han saw them together in the copier room.

When Walter Games planned to purchase HC Games, Yue Qian Ling was not the only one disappointed in her loved one. Chen Xin Yi also feels the same way about Jiang Jun Nan. Their previously restrained relationship has become more distant.

One day, Chen Xin Yi announced her resignation in front of their colleagues. Jiang Jun Nan was shocked to hear this. He got angry, but Chen Xin Yi determined that she did not want to go to Walter Games. So it was best for her to resign early. Chen Xin Yi then decided to apply for a position in Project Department 1. Jiang Jun Nan was angry and tried to drag Chen Xin Yi out of Jiang Yi Shi’s meeting room.

However, Jiang Yi Shi assured Jiang Jun Nan that he would keep an eye on Chen Xin Yi for him. Chen Xin Yi had another intention to move to Project Department 1 because she realized that she could not stay under protection forever.

Jiang Jun Nan realized that he felt something was missing after Chen Xin Yi left. After the situation with HC Games investors settled, Jiang Jun Nan asked Chen Xin Yi to return, but she refused. Jiang Jun Nan apologized to her and promised to tell her everything in advance. Chen Xin Yi said she would reconsider.

Jiang Jun Nan also surprised her with a turtle as a friend for Coconut and a new place for them to play. He hoped the turtles would become a couple. However, it turned out that both turtles were male. Jiang Jun Nan asked to be Chen Xin Yi’s boyfriend and offered a three-month probation period. Chen Xin Yi agreed to give him a chance.

A year later, they are still together.

My Two Cents

Arrgghh!! I was disappointed when I saw Everyone Loves Me drama ending, I thought I was going to see a wedding scene. But it turned out to be a company celebration.

I wondered when Gu Xun told Stella about his plan regarding Walter Games since it was not mentioned in the drama. So I was kinda lost when I saw Stella, Gu Xun, and Mr. Li’s meeting. Did anyone else notice?

However, I was satisfied with the Everyone Loves Me ending, and I really liked Yue Qian Ling’s parents. Especially her father. Shi Zu is a seasoned actor who also played Yin Guo’s father in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love, but I always remembered him as Sun Tai Qing who died tragically in Dylan Wang’s Unchained Love drama. These dramas are so good that I recommend you watch both of them.

Well, that’s all for today. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this post. Don’t forget to check out our reviews and ending explained posts. I’ll see you another time, Good Bye!

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