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"Everyone Loves Me is a feel-good drama that is suitable for those seeking light entertainment."

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review

  • Drama Title: Everyone Loves Me
  • Also Known As: 别对我动心, Falling in Love, Only for Love, Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin
  • Director: Yu Chung Chung, Lee Ching Jung
  • Cast: Lin Yi, Zhou Ye
  • Screenwriter: Xu Ting, Zhao Cong
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Date of Release: March 1, 2024
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki
  • Adapted from the novel: “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Yao

Dear readers, I hope you are doing well. As spring begins, take some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. However, if you choose to stay at home and need some light entertainment, I think this drama is perfect for you. When you decide to watch this drama, you will also get some bonuses: Lin Yi and Zhou Ye’s beautiful appearance to satisfy your eyes. Oh well, if I still need to convince you about this drama, you’d better go straight to this review. Happy reading!

Everyone Loves Me Synopsis

Yue Qian Ling is a talented animator who works on a game company. However, she was dissatisfied with her work and decided to resign. But on the day she submitted her resignation, she met Gu Xun, her crush who just entered the company. Unwilling to lose the chance to be with him, Yue Qian Ling decided to return to the company.

Gu Xun never like Yue Qian Ling. In his opinion, she is a pretentious girl and he always avoided her at all costs. The reason why he did not like her was because Gu Xun already liked a girl, although he refused to admit the feeling. The girl is his online friend nicknamed Sticky Dough Twist. He likes her because Sticky Dough Twist is brave, bold, and possess an amazing skill in game. So, when Yue Qin Liang confessed to him, he harshly rejected her on public.

Yue Qian Ling had been fallen in love with Gu Xun for a long time. To get him as her boyfriend, she’s been following her online friends advises on how to attract the opposite sex. The online friend, nicknamed Campus Hunk then encourages Yue Qian Ling to confessed to Gu Xun.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling
Everyone Loves Me Drama Review – Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling

So, on their graduation day, Yue Qian Ling mustered her courage to confess. But the answer was beyond her imagination. Yue Qian Ling was rejected harshly. Broken hearted, Yue Qian Ling decided to move on and forget her love.

Gu Xun learned from Sticky Dough Twist that her confession was rejected by his crush. He was happy until he heard that Sticky Dough Twist’s crush name is Gu Xun. Only then he realized that Sticky Dough Twist real identity is Yue Qian Ling whom he despises in real life.

After the confession, the table turned. Yue Qin Liang who always keep a sweet and naïve girl façade in front of Gu Xun started to display her bold personality and no longer tried to impress him. Because they were colleagues, Yue Qian Ling only talked to him when it concerning work matters. Meanwhile, Gu Xun now tried his best to apologized and fix Yue Qian Ling’s impression about him.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review

Have I told you that I have many methods for choosing my dramas? Firstly, I select them based on the actors or actresses who star in them. Secondly, I choose based on the hype or if they are trending. Thirdly, I choose based on recommendations from Google.

Lastly, I use a random method, usually based on the poster or title. Currently, I seldom use the third and fourth methods because there are plenty of good dramas available. At present, I have a long list of must-watch dramas on my desk.

Everyone Loves Me is on my watch list for two reasons: Zhou Ye and Qiao Yao. I added Zhou Ye to my watch list after seeing her on Back from the Brink drama, Word of Honor, and Scent of Time (which is my favorite). Her acting has improved with each drama I watch.

Everyone Loves Me is her first drama in 2024, and I expect nothing less from her. Qiao Yao is the original creator of Everyone Loves Me. She is also the writer of the novel Accidental Love, which was adapted into a 2023 drama titled Only for Love, starring Dylan Wang and Bai Lu. Qiao Yao always writes sweet and simple stories, and I love her novels. Everyone Loves Me is another adaptation of a novel titled ‘Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin‘.

This drama was one of the new Chinese dramas premier in March 2024, and ended a few days ago. Story-wise, Everyone Loves Me is a simple drama about a couple of young adults who turn their online romance into a real romance. Although there are many misunderstandings and lies throughout the drama, it leans more towards comedy than angst.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - poster 2

The male lead, Gu Xun, is portrayed as cunning, but the lies in the story are a result of his own stupidity. This drama is perfect for a weekend binge-watch, as it is sure to give you a good laugh.

In my opinion, this drama has a better story compared to Only for Love. Only for Love portrays Shi Yan as a powerful character with only a few flaws, while in this drama, Gu Xun is not only a genius programmer but also a normal person who often makes mistakes in his social life.

As someone who has spent a long time in the Cdrama and Cnovel worlds, I have come across many Overpowered (OP) characters who are invincible in life and excel in everything they do.

For example, there are many characters in the Cnovel world who are portrayed as genius doctors working in hospitals during the day and professional hackers at night. This is difficult to believe. Therefore, I prefer to read or watch stories about normal characters who make mistakes like ordinary people.

Ad Additionally, many youth dramas feature fast-paced relationships, such as Amidst a Snowstorm of Love drama. Lin Yi Yang and Yin Guo became a couple in the 6th episode, with their first kissing scene in episode 9. If you are expecting that kind of pace, then be prepared to be disappointed.

In contrast to the aggressive characters of Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun, this drama is a slow-burn romance. Thus, when they finally get together and the romantic scenes begin to happen, we are nearly at the end of the drama.

I know I should not put too much hope in Cdramaland…*sigh*

But I still had a good time watching this drama mainly because of the comedy and the costumes. The humor was scattered throughout the show, but it was enough to make me laugh and bring some much-needed happiness. Additionally, the game scenes, particularly the one featuring Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun, gave me a sense of déjà vu.

The neon line reminded me of Tron: Legacy, a 2010 Hollywood sci-fi movie starring Olivia Wilde, Garret Hedlund, and Jeff Bridges. I’m sure you would feel the same way. The neon line effectively distinguishes the real world from the game world. I like that the way they communicate in the game world is the same way they communicate in the real world. It’s also fun to see their expressions, especially when they get shot by the enemies.

Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun both attended the same university and later reunited at HC Game, a company in the gaming industry. Currently, the Chinese gaming industry is developing. There are many good games made by Chinese companies, even on my computer, you could see that Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail were downloaded along with The Sims, Valorant, and Dota 2. I should have also mentioned that I have three versions of Candy Crush, but let’s keep it a secret between us.

Triple-A games were mentioned several times in this drama because Gu Xun dreams of creating the first 100% Chinese Triple-A game. As an ordinary gamer, I was unfamiliar with the term and had to Google it to understand its meaning.

For those in the same state, Triple A is a classification used for high-budget and high-profile games. Triple-A games are mostly produced by giant companies such as EA, Capcom, Nintendo, or Ubisoft. These games are often listed as blockbuster games due to their extreme popularity in the gaming world. Examples of this classification include Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and The Last of Us. However, until I wrote this review, China still did not have any Triple-A games produced in the country. This condition became the basis of Gu Xun’s dream.

Gu Xun is a visionary person who persistently pursues his dream. Meanwhile, Yue Qian Ling is a supportive girlfriend and colleague. Of course, there was going to be a conflict arisen which would become an obstacle for Gu Xun, such as the animation, copyright, and production budget. However, they were not too complicated to understand.

Despite these obstacles, the plot of Everyone Loves Me is mainly about romance. Initially, the story focused on Yue Qian Ling’s unsuccessful attempts to catch Gu Yun’s attention. It was amusing to watch how Yue Qian Ling tried hard to change her personality from a straightforward and bold person to a shy, sweet, and naive girl for Gu Xun’s sake.

However, Gu Xun disliked this type of girl and preferred someone who was forthright and confident. So, whenever Yue Qian Ling’s sweet girl mode was turned on, I think I could see that he got goosebumps.

During this period, I really despise Gu Xun. He is a mean person. And Gu Xun justified his action by claiming he already liked someone else. Can somebody tell him that being nice to others is something that we learn since we were in kindergarten? It’s a part of manners and as an adult, he should know it by heart.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - poster 3
Everyone Loves Me Drama Review – poster 3

So, when Yue Qian Ling found out that he was Campus Hunk, she was feeling wronged. What Gu Xun did to Yue Qian Ling is like playing a blatant joke on her. I somehow understood how Yue Qian Ling felt by then. As someone who valued honesty, what Gu Xun did was disrespectful to Yue Qian Ling. Watching Gu Xun struggling to appease Yue Qian Ling made me want to look at him and chuckle, “Serves you right…”

Gu Xun tried to win back Yue Qian Ling’s love throughout most of the episodes. However, there was another problem in their lives when Gu Yun’s Hero’s Path games were accused of copyright infringement. Somehow this case is related to Gu Yun’s late father. It was later revealed that his mother was also against his career as a game developer.

The main conflict should have occurred near the end of the drama when the main leads’ emotions were stirred up completely. However, this did not happen in Everyone Loves Me. The copyright infringement that led to the family conflict should have a more prominent role in this drama. It has the potential to be a serious problem that could change Gu Xun’s life, shatter his dreams, and jeopardize his relationships (YES, I KNOW that I’m being too dramatic here. Forgive me for the offense).

However, the problem seems like an addition to the romance. A small part that serves as a distraction from the romance, so that the viewer will not get too bored watching Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling’s relationship progress.

A few days ago I wrote a review of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love. This drama also has romance as its main dish, followed by sports. However, the director and screenwriter maintained a perfect balance between them. Although the romance was enjoyable, the sports aspect played a significant role in their lives. This is where I’m sorry to say that I’m a little disappointed with Everyone Loves Me.

The ending of this drama was a predictable happy ending. You can read it on Everyone Loves Me ending explained post. Well, this kind of ending is typical for the youth romance genre. For instance in Hidden Love ending, When I Fly Towards You ending, Exclusive Fairy Tale ending, or Our Secret drama. The only one that stood out is Shining for One Thing ending. You should try to watch this one, it’s a good drama with a good story plot.

In Everyone Loves Me, Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun may be the main characters, but my favorite is Chen Xin Yi. She has undergone significant changes, transforming from someone who suffered from social anxiety to someone who is brave and confident. Her story proves that it is beneficial to be surrounded by positive people.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - poster 4

Jiang Jun Nan has many flaws, but his attitude toward his team members is very good and supportive. Jiang Jun Nan treated Chen Xin Yi with utmost sincerity and patience. His presence inspired Chen Xin Yi to become a better person.

Yue Qian Ling also provided positive feedback, motivating and helping Chen Xin Yi to grow and improve herself. Yue Qian Ling proved herself to be a good friend, providing support and helping Chen Xin Yi boost her confidence. Chen Xin Yi has a lot of potential, she just needs to realize it.

However, the relationship between Chen Xin Yi and Jiang Jun Nan progressed at a snail’s pace, just like Gu Xun and Yue Qian Ling. Even though they were adorable together, it is unclear whether or not their personalities were compatible with each other. Maybe I am overanalyzing, but if Chen Xin Yi and Jiang Jun Nan got together one of them would be suffered in their relationship. I do hope it will be Jiang Jun Nan. LOL

Regardless, Everyone Loves You offers a clean and simple story. There was a third party in Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun’s relationship. However, Su Zheng did not have a chance against Yue Qian Ling and Gu Xun’s strong feelings for each other. Nevertheless, his presence made Gu Xun realize that he needed to treat Yue Qian Ling well, or someone else would. It was satisfying to see Gu Xun swallow his pride due to jealousy.

I noticed that Ling Yi’s acting in this drama, Everyone Loves Me, is much better than his previous drama, Derailment, which ended last January. In Derailment, his acting felt stiff and lacked expression, but in Everyone Loves Me, he displays more natural movements and facial expressions.

Although I initially disliked his character, Gu Xun, I later found him to be cute and different from all the other genius characters in Cdramaland. I have already started watching Lin Yi’s other drama, Angel Fall Sometimes. And I think I could put a high expectation in that one.

The Characters

Gu Xun (played by Lin Yi)

Gu Xun is a talented programmer with a dream to create a triple-A game in China. He refused an offer from a gaming company because he knew that the work would not be 100% funded and created by Chinese people. He is known for his intelligence, pride, and stubbornness. His character underwent a drastic change after he realized that he had fallen for Yue Qian Ling.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Gu Xun (played by Lin Yi)
Everyone Loves Me Drama Review – Gu Xun (played by Lin Yi)

In addition to his intelligence, Gu Xun is a cunning person. He often comes up with ideas to sabotage Sticky Dough Twist’s relationship because he secretly harbors romantic feelings for her. Later, he was afraid to confess that his real identity was Campus Hunk, so he pretended for quite some time while pursuing Yue Qian Ling in real life.

However, when his identity was revealed, he had to face Yue Qian Ling’s wrath. In order to win her over, Gu Xun had to fight a strong opponent, Su Zheng. It was then revealed that Gu Xun was not only a lovelorn man, but also a jealous lover and a petty man when it came to love. Gu Xun believes that all is fair in love and war, which justifies his aggressive approach towards Yue Qian Ling.

Yue Qian Ling (played by Zhou Ye)

Yue Qian Ling is no ordinary girl. She is considered to be the prettiest girl in the university, but she is much more than that. Yue Qian Ling is a dedicated gamer who has made a name for herself in the online world and in the arcades. She has made online friends such as Campus Hunk, Camel, Wheat, and The Dream of 900 Million Girls.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Yue Qian Ling (played by Zhou Ye)

After studying art, Yue Qian Ling became an animator and often shares her artwork on her blog, where she has gained a considerable number of fans. Yue Qian Ling is a talented individual with nimble hands and a creative mind. She is also hard-working. She left the company because her group leader was horrible. Her return to HC was not solely because of Gu Xun, but also because she enjoys her job and the environment.

Yue Qian Ling has been in love with Gu Xun for a long time and admires his handsome and symmetrical face. Well, art students see beautiful things from a different angle. However, Gu Xin did not have a good impression of her.

To change Gu Xin’s opinion about her, Yue Qian Ling sought advice from Campus Hunk, who told her to change her personality into a sweet and naive girl. Yue Qian Ling believes him. She was unaware that Campus Hunk attempted to sabotage her relationship.

In reality, Yue Qian Ling’s personality was far from sweet and naive. She is a brave and straightforward person who always speaks frankly because she values honesty. She praises those who deserve it and criticizes those who don’t. Gu Xun was drawn to her personality and began to admire her, which eventually turned into love.

Chen Xin Yi (played by Melody Tang)

Chen Xin Yi is a shy person who has social anxiety. Chen Xin Yi needs to write a script and memorize lines whenever she talks to someone. She often makes mistakes when interacting with others. However, when she works alone, she is smart and efficient.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Chen Xin Yi (played by Melody Tang)

On the interview day, she met Jiang Jun Nan for the first time. Despite some funny misunderstandings, Jiang Jun Nan was impressed by her and welcomed her in a friendly way. Chen Xin Yi admired Jian Jun Nan, but she always kept her feelings to herself.

Despite her quiet appearance, Chen Xin Yi is a unique girl. As a child, she enjoyed watching Detective Conan and was particularly fond of the character Ran. She even took karate classes because of Ran’s proficiency in the martial art. Now, Chen Xin Yi not only excels in karate but is also very strong. She once lifted a photocopier machine with one hand, leaving Jian Jun Nan flabbergasted. In her spare time, Chen Xin Yi enjoys tidying up, sewing, and making costumes.

Jiang Jun Nan (played by Jiang Yi Ming)

Jiang Jun Nan and Gu Xun have been best friends since college. Jiang Jun Nan is kind and friendly but can be reckless and simple-minded at times. Like Gu Xun, he is a workaholic and dedicated gamer.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Jiang Jun Nan (played by Jiang Yi Ming)

Jiang Jun Nan believes in Gu Xun’s vision and is willing to follow him to HC. As a loyal friend, he always tries to help Gu Xun with his problems, including matters of the heart. Unfortunately, his advice often led nowhere.

Jiang Jun Nan fell in love with Feng Ruru at first sight. As someone who had never been in love before but always admired beautiful faces, Jiang Jun Nan knew nothing about being in a relationship. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he eventually broke up with Feng Ruru. In fact, most of the time, it was Chen Xin Yi who sent romantic messages, chose gifts and booked the restaurant for a dinner date. Jiang Jun Nan’s part was clear: to pay the bill.

Su Zheng (played by Zhan Yu)

Su Zheng is Yue Qian Ling’s fellow animator in the company. He previously worked in the Project 1 Department with Yue Qian Ling. He is full of ideas because he loves to read books. Su Zheng was raised by his father who worked as a librarian. Therefore, Su Zheng had a vast knowledge of many things.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Su Zheng (played by Zhan Yu)

Su Zheng fell in love with Yue Qian Ling because she was beautiful, lively, cheerful, and friendly. He started to notice her when Yue Qian Ling played games with him in the game room. Su Zheng is kind, and attentive, but also a decisive person. Therefore, he became a strong competitor for Gu Xun in pursuing Yue Qian Ling.

Jiang Yi Shi (played by Hong Yao)

Jiang Yi Shi is a senior and an old friend of Gu Xun’s from their college days and used to work with him to create games. The project has been stopped because of a conflict. When they met again at HC, a tense and competitive atmosphere arose between them. Jiang Yi Shi manages the Project 1 Department where Yue Qian Ling works as an animator.

Everyone Loves Me Drama Review - Jiang Yi Shi (played by Hong Yao)

Jiang Yi Shi always maintains a serious expression. Although not particularly kind, Jiang Yi Shi is attentive to his job and always strives for perfection. He can be easily spotted with his metal glasses and neat appearance. Unlike Gu Xun, who prioritizes his ideals, Jiang Yi Shi focuses more on generating money for the company.

The Conclusion

Everyone Loves Me is a feel-good drama that is suitable for those seeking light entertainment. If you are tired of the real world, you can wrap yourself into a cocoon in your room and watch this drama. The story is cute and funny enough to make you laugh. It is simple and clean, so you won’t invest too many emotions like when you watch a harem drama.

Don’t forget to have some healthy snacks and keep yourself hydrated during the binge-watching time. I hope you have a great time watching this drama just like me. Have fun watching!

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"Everyone Loves Me is a feel-good drama that is suitable for those seeking light entertainment."Everyone Loves Me Drama Review
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