Ending ExplainedThe Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained

If you are reading this post, you are likely curious about the ending of The Legend of Shen Li. This post will reveal Shen Li’s identity, the conclusion of their love story, and an episode dedicated to Ms. Jin, the Golden Serpent. Without further ado, let’s get started. Enjoy the post!

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained

What Happened to Shen Li?

Shen Li finds out the secret of her birth through the painting scrolls in The Extranatural Heaven. She learns about her enemy, Liu Ming, who happens to be Mo Fang’s real father, and how Liu Ming is related to her birth.

Liu Ming rules the Immortal Realm, but he has long been dissatisfied with the Gods and Diviner. This dissatisfaction has turned into hatred and obsession to destroy the Gods and rule the Three Realms. To achieve his goals, Liu Ming created Chimei. However, he was not powerful enough to control them. Therefore, he created a special one, by adding the power of the Phoenix, and that special one is the King of Chimei.

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Li
The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Li?

Liu Ming had two disciples at that time, Shen Mu Yue and Liu Yu. They knew the evil nature of their master and tried to prevent him from harming the realms. Shen Mu Yue planned to rebel, while Liu Yu tried to change the nature of the King of Chimei, or Feng Lai.

After Feng Lai was created, Liu Yu begged her master to let her train him. Instead of teaching him to be cruel, Liu Yu tried to instill empathy and kindness in Feng Lai. They lived together for a month before Liu Ming sensed that his creation was corrupted. When Feng Lai fell into Liu Ming’s hands, Liu Yu saved him.

They lived in seclusion for months and gradually fell in love with each other. Their quiet life ended when Shen Mu Yue arrived with bad news: Liu Ming had released all the chimei, and the only way to stop them was to use the fire seal, which is Feng Lai.

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained - Feng Lai
The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained – Feng Lai

I need to put this picture here… Xu Hai Qiao as Feng Lai is a pleasant surprise for meβ€¦πŸ˜

Liu Yu and Feng Lai had to give up their peaceful life. After a heart-wrenching goodbye, Feng Lai flew into the Xutian Abyss and became the last seal that kept the chimei inside. Liu Yu gave birth to a daughter and died shortly thereafter.

Before her death, Liu Yu entrusted her child to Shen Mu Yue and gave the baby her inner core to protect her until she grew up. She also gave the baby’s inner core, the Azure Sea Pearl, to Shen Mu Yue to keep. The small baby is Shen Li. Shen Li is strong because she is half Chimei and her father is a powerful chimei.

Shen Li discovered how to breach Xing Zhi’s seal. As she was about to leave, Youlan arrived with her Red Plum Spear. Shen Li quickly joined Shen Mu Yue, who was engaged in battle with Fu Sheng. However, Shen Li was pulled into the Xutian Abyss, causing Shen Mu Yue to frantically call out her name.

Inside the Abyss, Shen Li saw her father chained to a stone platform. Liu Ming convinced Feng Lai that Liu Yu’s death was caused by Xing Zhi and urged him to seek revenge. Feng Lai broke free from his chains in a fit of rage. Shen Li, torn between holding the collapsing Abyss and helping Xing Zhi, ordered her spear to hold the Abyss and buy her time.

Once outside, she found Xing Zhi already severely wounded. Shen Li then fought her own father, who was stronger than she was. When she could barely hold on, Xing Zhi stood in front of her to protect her. Together, they purified Feng Lai. When Feng Lai regained consciousness, he remembered Liu Yu and flew to find her.

Shen Li and Xing Zhi returned to the Xutian Abyss because the spear could no longer hold it. Xing Zhi told her that she had to make a decision. Xing Zhi planned to take the four seals of the Xutian Abyss and link them to the Extranatural Heaven. This idea could solve both crises simultaneously.

However, when Xing Zhi connected them, the fire seal had to hold firm. The Xutian Abyss and the Extranatural Heaven would vanish, while the Immortal Realm and the Divine Realm would remain intact.

Shen Li did not hesitate to take on the task of the Fire Seal. Xing Zhi watched as she flew to the stone platform and was chained there, his heart aching. Xing Zhi stated that he would accompany her once he finished his task. Both of them would end up in death, but they would be together in the end.

Meanwhile, Feng Lai traced Liu Yu’s presence to Lord Bi Cang’s Mansion, but he could not find her. The courtyard was no longer the same. Shen Mu Yue told Feng Lai that Liu Yu left a daughter before she died. It was Shen Li’s presence that he felt. And since Feng Lai was outside at that moment, it meant that Shen Li had taken his place as the Fire Seal.

Feng Lai flew back to the Xutian Abyss and saw her daughter and Xing Zhi. He threw Xing Zhi to the wall and went to take a good look at Shen Li. Feng Lai did not forget to praise Xing Zhi as good enough.

Shen Li stared at her father in a daze, tears flowing down her cheeks. Feng Lai recognized Liu Yu’s eyes on their daughter. The father and daughter’s reunion only lasted for a short while before Feng Lai sent Shen Li out of the Xutian Abyss. Feng Lai then took over the task as the fire seal, all for the sake of Liu Yu and their daughter.

Having exhausted his strength, Xing Zhi died in Shen Li’s arms. When the diviners and immortals came to bid farewell to the last ancient god, the Heavenly Lord wanted to take Xing Zhi’s body back to the Divine realm, but Shen Li refused to let him go. She held him and grieved for days until Shen Mu Yue came to console her.

Shen Li mourned that she had lost two people she shouldn’t have (Xing Zhi and Mo Fang). She then moved Xing Zhi’s body to Xueji Palace (the same place she was imprisoned after she escaped to the mortal realm and met Xing Yun). Shen Li often spends her time in that cold place, staring at the frozen Xing Zhi.

The divine realm and the immortal realm now work together to guard the three realms. Shen Mu Yue and her generals train the divine soldiers. The relationship between the Heavenly Lord and Shen Mu Yue seems to be improving a lot. The Heavenly Lord even tries to get Shen Mu Yue interested in his hobby of rubbing a piece of jade.

Watching the two of them talking is just like watching two Sims talking on the street with their exaggerated gestures. πŸ˜‚

One day, after she received a new book from Fu Rong, Shen Li went to Xueji Palace and found it empty. She smiled widely when she realized that Xing Zhi had returned. When Ruo Ya reported a snow demon on the street, Shen Li rushed there and saw Xing Zhi with his white hair, alive and well.

What Happened to Xing Zhi?

Xing Zhi began losing his divine power and was unaware that Shen Li had taken back the spears and left. Upon seeing the collapsing mountain, Xing Zhi attempted to hold it back. In the Immortal Realms, Shen Li fiercely battled Fu Sheng, who was using Mo Fang’s body.

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained - What Happened to Xing Zhi
The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained – What Happened to Xing Zhi?

Despite his efforts, Xing Zhi was unable to hold the realm and asked the Natural Law if he was unfit for the role of god. Xing Zhi decided to compete with the Natural Law and descend into the Immortal Realm. He descended into the Immortal Realms and used his power to keep the barrier of the Xutian Abyss intact.

Feng Lai fled from the Xutian Abyss and assaulted Xing Zhi in an attempt to avenge Liu Yu’s death. Feng Lai believed that Xing Zhi was responsible for Liu Yu’s death.

As things escalated, the Heavenly Lord also joined the battle. Xing Zhi worked the hardest as he had to keep the seal intact while also blocking Feng Lai’s attack.

Xing Zhi had lost most of his strength and could barely withstand Feng Lai’s power. In his dire straits, Shen Li appeared. Xing Zhi complained to Shen Li that he had been severely beaten by his father-in-law.

Xing Zhi still made a funny remark albeit of the situation and condition. πŸ˜†

Xing Zhi learned about Shen Li’s true identity a long time ago, after she gave Xing Yun 500 years of her cultivation. Although Xing Zhi knew her identity, he did not care about it. What mattered most to Xing Zhi was that she was Shen Li. He didn’t care if she was a chimei or something else. Listening to Xing Zhi’s words, Shen Li felt grateful to have met him in her life. She told him that he was everything she needed.

Xing Zhi planned to take the four seals of the Xutian Abyss and link them to the Extranatural Heaven. This would solve the crisis in the Xutian Abyss and prevent the collapse of Extranatural Heaven. However, his plan would cause the abyss and the Extranatural Heaven to vanish, which was the price of keeping the Divine realm and Immortal realm intact. Unfortunately, it also cost Shen Li’s life.

Xing Zhi chose to end his life as well because he could not imagine the world without Shen Li. The lovers bid farewell with smiles on their faces as if it were a normal day.

With his last power, Xing Zhi linked the Extranatural Heaven with the Xutian Abyss. When he used his power, his fellow gods gathered around him to support him. After the task was completed, they saluted Xing Zhi. Xing Zhi could no longer hold on. He returned to the Xutian Abyss to visit Shen Li. Xing Zhi promised to accompany her until the end of their lives.

Later, Feng Lai returned and resumed his duties as the Fire Seal, and Xing Zhi followed Shen Li out of the Xutian Abyss. He was on the verge of death, and Shen Li had to support him because Xing Zhi no longer had any strength. He stated that gods no longer had a reason to exist in the world since nothing else could threaten the three realms.

Shen Li begged him to stay alive, not as a god, but as Xing Zhi. He stared into Shen Li’s eyes and said she was his reason to live and he wanted to take care of her. With a broken heart, Shen Li could only watch as his life slipped away.

The ancient gods use their last strength to save him from the Natural Law. After going through life and death, Xing Zhi realizes why the Natural Law gives the ancient gods human form. It wanted the gods to make mistakes and lose their divinity so that human nature would emerge.

Later, Shen Li and Xing Zhi settled in the mortal realm. Although Xing Zhi may not be as powerful as before, he is still a god. Now they are back to living in Xing Yun’s courtyard, which is where they used to stay. The Diviner attempted to persuade him to take charge again, but Xing Zhi refused. Since they still disrupted their lives, Shen Li offered her spear as a sacrifice, and the Diviner finally stopped disturbing them.

What Happened to Mo Fang?

After Shen Li was dragged into the Xutian Abyss, Mo Fang entered it as well. Liu Ming tried to possess his body, and with his last bit of consciousness, Mo Fang begged Shen Li to kill him, but she ignored his plea.

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained - What Happened to Mo Fang
The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained – What Happened to Mo Fang?

Mo Fang told Shen Li that he had carried hatred throughout his life and lived only for others. He was unable to seek death. Shen Li witnessed Mo Fang stab himself and asked if she could forgive him. Although her tears pooled in her eyes, Shen Li said she couldn’t. She stated that he needed to make amends for his mistakes, but it was too late, Mo Fang’s life was already on the brink of death.

Mo Fang ended his life because he could no longer help Shen Li and to prevent Liu Ming from using his body. Shen Li turned back and saw Liu Ming’s lifeless body. Her tears finally flowed down as she remembered their past as friends and colleagues. She could not contain her anger because Liu Ming was heartless for not sparing his own child. After his death, Mo Fang’s face returned to normal without any black marks.

What Happened to Fu Rong?

Fu Rong found out about Mo Fang’s true identity and about Fu Sheng’s plan to release the Chimei. He quickly informed his grandfather and Shen Mu Yue in the Divine Realm and pleaded with his grandfather to allow him to leave the realm and assist Shen Mu Yue and the immortals. With the help of Yuolan, the Heavenly Lord is relented.

The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained - What Happened to Fu Rong
The Legend of Shen Li Ending Explained – What Happened to Fu Rong?

Fu Rong then worked to heal the wounded soldiers, purifying their injuries. When Fu Rong learned that to end the suffering is to fight, he made up his mind and joined the war. Fu Rong, who was once useless and weak, made a breakthrough in his life and became a war general. He led the divine soldiers in the fight against the chimei to protect the three realms.

Alongside his sibling Youlan, they fought fiercely. After Xing Zhi passed away, the heavenly Lord planned to take Xing Zhi’s remains back to the divine realm, but Fu Rong and Youlan begged their grandfather to spare Xing Zhi and let him be with Shen Li.

Later on, Fu Rong and Shen Li developed a strong friendship. Fu Rong mentioned that being her friend was much easier than marrying her.

What Happened in Episode 39?

Episode 39 of the drama focuses on Ms. Jin’s love life and how Shen Li and Xing Zhi helped her win the heart of Mu Zi Chun, the mortal cultivator. A bet was made with an ancient jaded pendant as the wager, which could help a god restore their power.

Ms. Jin had been pursuing Mu Zi Chun for 20 years, but he remained indifferent to her. Only after she promised to help his sect did Mu Zi Chun agree to marry her. Shen Li and Xing Zhi helped Ms. Jin prove that Mu Zi Chun did have feelings for her. He was just too pedantic to realize his feelings. Shen Li and Xing Zhi made Mu Zi Chun angry and jealous by pretending to deceive Ms. Jin’s feelings.

When they knocked on Ms. Jin, Mu Zi Chun thought that Shen Li and Xing Zhi tried to kill her and snatched her away. After finding out that Ms. Jin was safe, Mu Zi Chun was relieved and realized that he really loved her.

Shen Li and Xing Zhi won the bet and got the pendant. On their way home, Xing Zhi asked Shen Li if she wanted a wedding ceremony. He offered to arrange a grand one. Shen Li informed Xing Zhi that he had little time to arrange it because she would not look good in a wedding dress with a pregnant belly. Xing Zhi was stunned to hear that Shen Li was carrying their baby. He was too happy to speak.

My Two Cents

Fu Rong’s character development was impressive, as it took 35 episodes for him to change from a useless person to a reliable one. I used to dislike Youlan, but my opinion changed later. She is just a boring goddess who needs some entertainment. And Xing Zhi and Shen Li’s love life is the entertainment she could not possibly miss. 😁

This sibling is one of my favourite characters in this drama.πŸ‘

I enjoy seeing how she has become more feminine and less fierce since returning to the Xing Yun Courtyard. Falling in love seems to have softened her. However, in Shen Li’s opinion, they did live together in harmony as Yin and Yang. With Shen Li embodying the Yang (masculine) and Xing Zhi embodying the Yin (feminine). 🀣

Dear readers, how did you feel about the ending of The Legend of Shen Li drama? Did you enjoy it? I certainly did. The last episode was truly entertaining. The shameless couple really knows how to play with others. However, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with this drama.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that there will be another drama as good as The Legend of Shen Li. I hope you enjoyed this post, dear readers. I’ll see you in another post of drama review and ending explanation. Goodbye!

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