Ending ExplainedThe Ordinary Road Ending Explained

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained

Hola readers… this is the Ending Explained post of The Ordinary Road or The Road to Ordinary drama. I was satisfied with the ending because the screenwriter wrote a happy ending. Nobody was left out and I was content with every closure for the cases. So, without further ado, let’s read!

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained

What Happened to Pan Yan?

Pan Yan sharpened his skill in the court by following his mentor, Yi Fan or Lawyer Yi. They won an arbitration contract dispute while taking care of Zhu Xin Xin’s case. Pan Yan also helped her mother when Tang Mei Yan was sued by a wedding photographer because she scolded his studio over ugly wedding photos.

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained - What Happened to Pan Yan?
The Ordinary Road Ending Explained – What Happened to Pan Yan?

Pan Yan secretly used the chance to scare his mother because Tang Mei Yan often scold people on her WeChat Moments. When they went to the court, Pan Yan managed to secure a deal with the photographer. He asked him to retake the wedding photos (apparently, the ugly photos were taken by an intern who lacked experience). In return, Pan Yan promised that Tang Mei Yan would promote his studio to her taxi passengers.

Pan Yan also promised that whenever the photographer had a problem, he would give him a free consultation. The photographer agreed and promised that he would personally take Tang Mei Yan’s wedding photos.

Pan Yan pick a client for Zuo Na after she received her license. The client was an elderly couple, Mr. And Mrs. Gao, who just lost their son, Gao Wen Da to a terminal illness. However, the son left a will that stated his assets would be given to his girlfriend, Miss Qian, including his house. The problem was, the house was given to him by his parents. The girlfriend refused to give the house back because Gao Wen Da pledged that everything that belonged to him would be hers too.

Pan Yan worked as Zuo Na’s assistant in this case. And because of his speech, the judge offered an option. The house would be returned to the Gao because Mr. and Mrs. Gao did not have a place to stay. Meanwhile, the rest of Gao Wen Da’s assets would be given to Miss Qian according to the will. It was a good deal because the Gao only asked for the house. Pan Yan had helped Zuo Na win her case.

Tang Mei Yan remarry her ex-husband, Pan Qi Zhi. At their wedding, Pan Yan walked his mother down the aisle as a replacement for his deceased grandfather. The wedding was attended by everybody in Rongke Law Firm, including Zhu Xin Xin.

What Happened to Zuo Na?

Zuo Na’s family matters had become bigger when her mother filed for a divorce and assets preservation. Lao Chun Xue did it because Zuo Da Jian had used their money to support his mistress, Cai Xiao Lei. To deal with the lawsuit, Zuo Da Jian choose Rongke Law Firm as his legal representative and Du Fei Yu would be his lawyer.

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained - What Happened to Zuo Na?

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained – What Happened to Zuo Na?Cai Xiao Lei also choose a lawyer, because she wanted to protect her assets which were given by Zuo Da Jian. And she chooses Liao Song Ting. Zuo Da Jian and Cai Xiao Lei’s intention when they choose Rongke and Lawyer Liao was clear. They wanted to use Zuo Na to go against her mother. They even made Lawyer Du sign a confidentiality agreement to hide it from Zuo Na.

However, Pan Yan secretly told Zuo Na about it. In fact, Shu Yi Nan and Pan Yan thought that Zuo Na must know that their law firm took her father as a client, but Lawyer Du hesitated. But when they meet with Cai Xiao Lei and Lawyer Liao, Lawyer Du’s hesitation increased.

Cai Xiao Lei wanted to hire internet water armies (people who were paid to post online comments in China) to smear Lao Chun Xue’s reputation. Zuo Na was disappointed and decided to resign from Rongke because she could sense that Zuo Da Jian was going to use her and she did not want to be a pawn.

Zuo Da Jian was angry when Lawyer Du told him that Zuo Na knew about the lawsuit. He was dissatisfied with his job. Thus, Lawyer Du use it as the reason to withdraw from the case and took a leave. Lawyer Yi and Lawyer Shang took over the case. Zuo Na told Lawyer Shang that she will be her mother’s lawyer and asked for 20% of Zuo Da Jian’s annual income as a condition of the settlement.

Zuo Da Jian was livid, he thought that Lao Chu Xua was a bitter person who use her daughter to deal with him and asked for a huge compensation. But he was stunned when Lawyer Yi told him that the condition came from Zuo Na. And Zuo Na did it after she heard Pan Yan’s advice which told her that if her parents did not care about money, there was someone who care a lot, Cai Xiao Lei.

In the end, Zuo Da Jian had to agree to the condition, because it was Zuo Na’s request and he did not want to see her daughter stand in court and fought with him.

Zuo Na had to accept when her mother was determined not to take her to court and choose her cousin Lao Xuan as the replacement. The reason why Lao Chun Xue did it was because she did not want to ruin the relationship between Zuo Na and her father.

A few months after the lawsuit, Zuo Da Jian was detained by the police because of embezzlement. He use the company’s money to buy Lao Chun Lei’s share in his company. He had to do that because his money was not enough after he had to pay huge alimony to Lao Chun Xue. Initially, Zuo Na did not want to help, but she changed her mind again because of Pan Yan’s story about him letting go of his hatred toward his father.

Zuo Na and her mother convinced Lao Chun Lei to return the money back to Zao Da Jian. Lao Chun Xue said that she could not be at ease if Zuo Da Jian was in trouble because of Lao Chun Lei. Zuo Na also helped his father to write a confession letter. Zuo Da Jian was stunned to realize that when he was in trouble, it was his ex-wife and daughter who come to the rescue.

Cai Xiao Lei also had her punishment. The baby died in her womb, only 20 days before the due date. And because Zuo Da Jian was in detention, all his private accounts and credit cards were frozen. So Cai Xiao Lei could not use his money. She send a voice message to Zuo Na telling her that she deserved all the punishment and now she was alone and wanted Zuo Na to talk to her again. Zuo Na did not reply to the message.

At the end of the drama, Zuo Na seemed to start to open up to Shu Yi Nan’s feelings for her.

What Happened to Shu Yi Nan?

Shu Yi Nan wanted to help Zuo Na with her family problem. He was worried because Zuo Na seemed to be troubled by her parent divorce. However, he could not do anything because Lawyer Du had chosen him to join his team as a representation for Zuo Da Jian.

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained - What Happened to Shu Yi Nan?
The Ordinary Road Ending Explained – What Happened to Shu Yi Nan?

Shu Yi Nan also had to face his first trial as a representative of Feng Xiao Quan. He was anxious because Feng Xiao Quan wanted to lose on the trial. Feng Xiao Quan and his ex-wife fought for the custody of their son. The ex-wife wanted to take custody of him and take care of the son. In reality, Feng Xiao Quan realized that his ex-wife could provide a better life for their son due to her stable job. Yet, he had to keep the custody for the sake of his old mother.

As someone who never failed in his life, Shu Yi Nan was in trouble because of the request. It was his first case, and if he lost, he was afraid that in the future, people would not choose him as their lawyer. But Pan Yan and his mother made him rethink his life value.

On the trial day, Shu Yi Nan in his defense told the Judge and everybody in the courtroom about his feeling as a perfect child. All of them thought that a good environment to raise children was one that could provide a good house and good education. Shu Yi Nan felt that he was superior compared to his friends. His parents used their money and time to provide him with high-quality education. His parents enrolled him in many classes. Shu Yi Nan got teachers at schools and tutors at home. After that, his parents would present for 24 hours for him.

But Shu Yi Nan meet a friend who came from a small family. His parents were divorced and he only lived with his mother who was busy at work and never had the time to take care of him. However, the mother gave him full respect and freedom so he grew up into a warm and positive person, while Shu Yi Nan grew up with tension and anxiety.

The situation made him have to reach the highest standards because he could not afford to let his parents down. Yet, Shu Yi Nan was not happy because he felt that his life goal was to be the person his parents wanted to be and not the person HE wanted to be. If he had a choice, Shu Yi Nan wanted to live a life that was not manipulated or defined. He wanted a real life.

Because of his defense, Shu Yi Nan and his team won the lawsuit. Shu Yi Nan, Zuo Na, and Pan Yan invite Feng Xiao Quan for a meal after the trial. They choose a small stall to celebrate the winning. In dejected faces, all of them take turns apologizing to Feng Xiao Quan. Much to their surprise, Feng Xiao Quan did not angry at all. He said he never won a thing in his life.

So when they win the trial, it was his first time to taste the winning and Feng Xiao Quan likes the feelings. Everybody at the table was happy. Although now they have to find a way to make a win-win situation for their client.

What Happened to Zhu Xin Xin?

After Bei Le sent her a message, telling her that he was about to suicide, Zhu Xin Xin reconciles with him again and disregards all the advice from Zuo Na. But then Bei Le started to get jealous again. But this time, it got worse because he beat Zzhu Xin Xin and threw her out of the apartment.

The Ordinary Road Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhu Xin Xin?
The Ordinary Road Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhu Xin Xin?

When Zhu Xin Xin return to get her phone and stuff, Bei Le refuse and told her that she better be dead. Not long after, Zhu Xin Xin jumped from the rooftop of the building. Luckily, she did not die and only break her leg.

Bei Le accused Rongke of making Zhu Xin Xin depressed with long working hours and tasks. He manipulated Zhu Xin Xin’s mother, Mrs. Zhu, and guard the ward, so nobody from Rongke could communicate with Zhu Xin Xin. Pan Yan and Zuo Na worked together to help Zhu Xin Xin. They went to find where Bei Le worked and learned that he worked as an instructor for single males who wanted to find a girlfriend.

However, they not only teach how to flirt but also how to manipulate girls. And to reveal Bei Le’s real face, they made a plan to trap him. The plan worked and Mrs. Zhu saw Bei Le’s true face. Zhu Xin Xin and Mrs. Zhu went to the police station to report Bei Le.

Bei Le’s mother did not sit still when her only son was detained by the police. She went to Rongke to meet Zhu Xin Xin’s lawyer, Lawyer Yi, but got rejected by Pan Yan at the front desk. Bei Le’s mother also went to see Zhu Xin Xin at the hospital and begged her to forgive Bei Le. Because it did not work out, she made a trip to Pan Yan’s apartment.

Even though she was rejected, Bei Le’s mother shoved a paper bag full of cake to Pan Yan and immediately left. The paper bag was torn and the content fell to the floor. Pan Yan was shocked to see money in it. He put all the cake and money into another bag and chase Bei Le’s mother. He failed.

The next day, when Lawyer Yi and Pan Yan meet with Bei Le’s mother and his lawyer, Pan Yan brought the bag. Lawyer Yi put the bag on the table and sneered that Bei Le’s mother had to take back the bag. If the cake fall to the floor it becomes dirty and the money would dirty too. Caught red-handed, Bei Le’s mother was ashamed but it did not stop her from feigned cry.

Because of Zhu Xin Xin’s case, Mr. Zhu was bedridden because of shock. Zhu Xin Xin’s sibling could not go abroad to study, and Mrs. Zhu had to work to support the family. Zhu Xin Xin could not let her family suffer, so when Bei Le’s mother came up with an agreement to settle the case with money, she agreed. Zhu Xin Xin went to see Pan Yan and told him about her decision. Pan Yan was sad but he could not do anything.

Zhu Xin Xin, Lawyer Yi, and Pan Yan had a meeting with Bei Le’s mother and his lawyer to sign the agreement. She almost sign it when Mrs. Zhu barged into the room. Pan Yan immediately took the agreement before Zhu Xin Xin could sign it. Mrs. Zhu was upset when she found out that Zhu Xin Xin was willing to sign n agreement and receive money from Bei Le’s mother for her sake. In the end, Zhu Xin Xin’s mother sternly said that they would continue to sue Bei Le and demanded a heavy sentence.

Bei Le’s mother was angry because her plan was interrupted by Pan Yan. She wanted to bribe Pan Yan with more money, but Lawyer Si reminded her that some people could not be brought by money.

After the dispute was over, Zhu Xin Xin resigned from her job in Rongke and return to her hometown. Thus she opened a small hotel and asked her former colleagues in Rongke to come and stay there. This time, Lawyer Du was willing to pay for the trip.

My Two Cents

So, dear readers… What do you think about this The Ordinary Road drama ending? Was it satisfying you? I hope my explanation is clear. Please tell me your opinion in the comment box below.

If you want to read this drama review, you can read it on The Ordinary Road drama review. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained! Ciao!!

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