Ending ExplainedThe Starry Love Ending Explained

The Starry Love Ending Explained

Dear readers… all of you must be curious about the ending of this The Starry Love drama. Fret not, I’m ready to help you with that, and for your information… the ending could be considered an open ending. But, I guess it was better than a sad ending.

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So, without further ado, I will explain it to you about the ending. Let’s go!

The Starry Love Ending Explained

What Happened to Li Guang Ye Tan in The End?

Ye Tan was heavily injured because of The Heavenly Emperor. Su Zhi took her back to the Human realm’s palace. When she woke up, Ye Tan was hysterical because she could not accept that Qing Kui had died. Her sadness and anger welled up inside her and she was determined to avenge her death.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - Li Guang Ye Tan
The Starry Love Ending Explained – Li Guang Ye Tan

Ye Tan seeks a way to resume her flower power. Su Zhi showed her the way of using the remnant of Ganoderma Vein’s root. However, the process was painful and dangerous. With the help of Su Zhi, she was able to avoid calamity and as a result, Ye Tan’s flower power returned and a blue flower bloomed on the black root. The flower was Qing Kui’s flower spirit.

Now Ye Tan was invincible. She went to the Void realm and saved Chao Feng from Zhu Duan Shan’s torment. She killed Zhu Duan Shan and fought with the Void Tyrant. Ye Tan won and took over the throne and became the ruler of the Void realm. The Heavenly Emperor heard about what happened to the Void Tyrant and sent You Qin to kill Ye Tan.

Ye Tan learned that You Qin has lost his memories. But during their fight, You Qin’s memories started to awaken when Ye Tan said that she was his wife. Ye Tan almost lost her life but You Qin could not bear to kill her in the end.

After You Qin regained his memories, Ye Tan went to the Heavenly realm to fight the Heavenly Emperor. At the crucial moment, Su Zhi begged her to kill the emperor, but Ye Tan spared him and only destroyed his cultivation. Although she had avenged the death of Qing Kui, Ye Tan was still feeling down. Until she dreamed of Qing Kui who came and consoled her.

Since then, Ye Tan moved on with her feelings. She asked Chao Feng to release Wudai because she no longer wanted to be the ruler of the Void realm. She made a plan to roam the world with You Qin and asked Su Zhi to come with her. But Su Zhi refused because she wanted to return to Dongqiu. Ye Tan promised that she would send Su Zhi home.

When they arrived at Dongqiu, Su Zhi took Ye Tan to the cliff near Guixu Sea and stabbed her with the root of the Ganoderma Vein. Ye Tan could not do anything when Su Zhi took her to jump into Guixu. Su Zhi tried to open Chaos’ seal. But before she succeeded, she died. At a crucial moment, You Qin arrived at Guixu.

He tried to save Ye Tan but Chaos hindered him. Suddenly Qing Kui’s flower spirit emitted a blue ray. It was Qing Kui who used her spirit to show Ye Tan the edict left by the Grand Empyrean. It was said that the Ganoderma Vein was planted by the Grand Empyrean as a gift for the world.

The twinflower that bloomed from the tree was not a flower that would destroy the four realms. Their duty was to keep Chaos at bay and purify the Guixu. Their duty shall end when the Guixu was purified.

Ye Tan realized that all this time, it was her duty to protect all beings. She let You Qin took her to the surface and tossed him aside. She prevented him from entering the Guixu. With teary eyes, she explained that she had to combine her flower spirit with Qing Kui, so they could use the power of Ganoderma Vein to contain Chaos.

She had to do that even though she would lose her life. Ye Tan combined her flower spirit with Qing Kui’s and her body emitted light that absorbed Chaos. Then her body perished into a purple ray. The Guixu Sea calmed down and the Chaos vanished.

A year later, under the care of You Qin, Chao Feng, and all the immortals of the four realms, the Ganoderma Vein and the twin flower regrew at Dongqiu.

What Happened to Li Guang Qing Kui in The End?

Qing Kui learned from Su Zhi that if she and Ye Tan were separated by death, the flower spirit could be removed from their body. The idea was engraved in her mind when she thought about Ye Tan and their flower power. Qing Kui and Ye Tan went to the Heavenly realm to make a deal with The Heavenly Emperor and The Void Tyrant. They asked for 2 things from the rulers.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - Li Guang Qing Kui
The Starry Love Ending Explained – Li Guang Qing Kui

First, The Heavenly Emperor and Void Tyrant must rescind their order to destroy Ganoderma Vein and stop sending an army to chase after them. And the second was to announce to the world that the Dongqiu people never had any intention to destroy the world.

Su Zhi also asked the Heavenly Emperor to return the Soul Gathering lamp so they could revive the life of the Dongqiu people. And if The Heavenly Emperor and Void Tyrant did not fulfill their request, Qing Kui and Ye Tan would not hesitate to use their power.

Qing Kui and Ye Tan went to Dongqiu to revive the life of the Dongqiu People. However, they fell into The Heavenly Emperor and Void Tyrant’s trap and were almost killed by them. Qing Kui made a deal with The Void Tyrant and The Heavenly Emperor to save Ye Tan. She said that if she died, then Ye Tan’s flower power would disappear.

Ye Tan would return to be a mere mortal. So to save her dear sister and Su Zhi’s life, Qing Kui killed herself. After she died and turned into glittering dust, the Heavenly Emperor released Ye Tan. Qing Kui’s death made Ye Tan and Chao Feng devastated.

After Ye Tan resumed her power, Qing Kui’s spirit turned into a blue flower that bloomed on the remnant of Ganoderma root. Qing Kui still showed up in Ye Tan’s mind when she was sad. She calmed Ye Tan down in the Void realm and helped her to return to herself once again.

What happened to Shao Dian You Qin in The End?

After the fall of the Heavenly Emperor and The Void Tyrant in Dongqiu, You Qin was captured and taken to the Heavenly realm. When he was unconscious, the Heavenly Emperor put a magical artifact inside his head to seal his memories about Ye Tan. You Qin turned into the former him who was strictly abiding by the law and emotionless.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - Shao Dian You Qin
The Starry Love Ending Explained – Shao Dian You Qin

The Empress, his siblings, the deities, and his attendance were worried about him. They prefered You Qin to be the person who has emotions because he was happier after he met Ye Tan. Although the Heavenly Emperor kept a tab on You Qin, they tried hard to make him remember Ye Tan.

You Qin’s memories started to awaken when he went to the Void to kill a demoness. He felt a familiar feeling when he fought with Ye Tan. In the last move, he stopped because he remembered Ye Tan’s words that she was his wife.

You Qin regained his memories after Ye Tan sent him the Rooftop Swallow Mansion, a star that he gave her when they went on a date. With the help of Qing Heng and Di Lan Jue, You Qin and Ye Tan devised a military strategy to defeat the Heavenly Emperor.

You Qin followed Ye Tan to the Void realm. He was always beside her to make up the time when he was not around. He felt guilty because he was not there when Ye Tan needed him the most.

When You Qin heard that Su Zhi has taken Ye Tan and Qing Kui’s flower spirit to Guixu, he went there and jumped into the Guixu. He fought hard, but in the end, it was Ye Tan who protected him. You Qin could not do anything when he saw Ye Tan’s body perish into a purple ray.

You Qin‘s hopes returned when Heavenly Emperor said that he knew a way to regrow the Ganoderma Vein. As long as they rebuilt Dongqiu, there would be a chance for Ganoderma Vein to regrow. You Qin left the Heavenly realm and stayed at Dongqiu. He had promised to wait for his love to return even though it would take forever.

What Happened to Chao Feng in The End?

Chao Feng lost his will to live after Qing Kui’s death. He let himself suffer in prison and regretted the fact that Qing Kui was dead while he was still alive. Consort Xue was worried about him and returned to the Void. She was sad to see her son brokenhearted.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - Chao Feng
The Starry Love Ending Explained – Chao Feng

Chao Feng almost died when the Empress and Zhu Duan Shan came to torture him. They wanted to avenge the death of Ding Yun. Chao Feng almost died if Ye Tan did not suddenly appear and saved Him.

When Ye Tan absorbed the soul of The Void Tyrant, Chao Feng wanted to stop her. Although he was a cruel man, the Void Tyrant was still his father. But his hope faded when he asked the Tyrant whether he had any feeling towards him and his mother. The Void Tyrant laughed and mocked him. He said that Chao Feng and his mother were only slave and prisoner. And they had no right to receive his feelings. When Ye Tan killed the Tyrant, Chao Feng did not stop her.

Chao Feng’s heart had slightly become better after Ye Tan gave him the Ganoderma Vein root with a blue flower in it. Just like Ye Tan, he believed Qing Kui could hear everything they said to her. Chao Feng finally regained his spirit and health. But then he become addicted to reading and learning. He went through many ancient scrolls to find a way to revive the twin flower.

When Su Zhi came and told him that she had a way to nourish flower spirits, Chao Feng became ecstatic and left Su Zhi alone at the cave. He only realized that Su Zhi has swapped the flower when he dreamed of Qing Kui screaming for help. Chao Feng immediately went to chase Su Zhi to Dongqiu. He sent Haichao to inform You Qin. He witnessed Ye Tan perished in the air.

Chao Feng returned to the Void, but he still tried to find a way to revive Qing Kui and Ye Tan. He reconciled with Wudai and helped him with his task. When he learned that the Heavenly Emperor knew a way to revive Ganoderma Vein, he left the Void to stay at Dongqiu. He spent the day bickering with You Qin while waiting for the flower to appear. Just like You Qin, Chao Feng had promised that he would wait for his Qing Kui, forever.

What Happened to Su Zhi (Hu Sui) in The End?

When Zhu Duan Shan attacked Ye Tan and Qing Kui, Su Zhi used the remnants of Ganoderma Vein to wake their power. She told Ye Tan to grab Zhu Duan Shan’s arm. When she did that, Ye Tan was surprised when Zhu Duan Shan’s soul was absorbed by her. Zhu Duan Shan recognised the Dongqiu magic and Ye Tan’s power. He immediately ran and reported his findings to The Void Tyrant and Empress.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - Su Zhi (Hu Sui)
The Starry Love Ending Explained – Su Zhi (Hu Sui)

After the funeral of Man Man, Ye Tan asked what Su Zhi did to her back then. Qing Kui also felt that something happened inside her body. So Su Zhi told them everything. She said her real name was not Hu Sui, but Su Zhi. She was the last member of the Dongqiu Tribe. Su Zhi also said that Ye Tan and Qing Kui were the reincarnation of the twin flower of Ganoderma Vein, the sacred tree of Dongqiu.

When her tribe was massacred, her parents hid her. She witnessed the tree vanish and her clansmen died in the hands of the Heavenly Emperor and The Void Tyrant’s army. Su Zhi’s father saved the soul of their clansmen inside a Soul Gathering Lamp.

However, some guards saw them and killed Su Zhi and her parents. The Soul Gathering lamp was taken back to the Heavenly realm by the Jade Deity. Now after she was reborn, Su Zhi was determined to revive her clansmen. She had to wake the power inside Ye Tan and Qing Kui because they must live.

Su Zhi was not a good person. She pretended to be good to Ye Tan and Qing Kui but in reality, she manipulated them. Su Zhi wanted to make use of Ye Tan due to her destructive power. And if she had Ye Tan in her palm, Su Zhi could destroy the four realms to avenge the death of her parents and clansmen.

Her first move was to make Qing Kui believed that she could protect Ye Tan if she died. Qing Kui should die because her kind nature would hinder Su Zhi’s plan.

When the Heavenly Emperor returned the Soul Gathering Lamp, Su Zhi found there were no souls inside the lamp. The late Heavenly Emperor had destroyed all the souls of the Dongqiu people to prevent them from being reborn. Su Zhi was furious and wanted to kill him.

Su Zhi’s resentment of the immortals grew deeper. Now she resents Ye Tan too because she thought Ye Tan has betrayed her promise to kill the Heavenly Emperor. She thought of a way to bring Qing Kui’s flower spirit and Ye Tan to unseal the force of Chaos.

When she and Ye Tan arrived in Dongqiu, Su Zhi stabbed Ye Tan with the Ganoderma Vein’s Root and took her into the Guixu Sea. Inside the Guixu bed, Ye Tan tried to make her realize her mistakes. She also mentioned Qing Heng’s love for Su Zhi. But Su Zhi was blinded by hatred and grudge. In the end, her soul perished because she could not withstand the power of Chaos.

What Happened to Other Characters in The End?

Man Man was a very loyal maid to Ye Tan. However, her fate was short. She died to protect Ye Tan and Qing Kui when Zhu Duan Shan attacked them. Man Man’s internal injury was too severe that Qing Kui could not cure her.

The Starry Love Ending Explained - poster

Emperor Tun was devastated when Qing Kui died and Ye Tan returned in a dire state. His body could not sustain the sadness and he got sick. However, he neglected his declining health and tried to be a strong supporter of Ye Tan. When Ye Tan perished, he was sad but he was proud of her. Emperor Tun’s heart was touched when he heard that his son-in-laws promised to wait for his daughters even though it took them forever.

Qing Heng took the role of the ruler of the Heavenly Realm. Although Qing Heng seemed weak and meek, he was a very good and wise ruler. He helped You Qin to rebuild Dongqiu so the Ganoderma Vein could regrow. Although he seemed fine, Qing Heng still mourned for Su Zhi because he truly liked her.

Ziwu and Di Lan Jue continued to be a couple. Di Lan Jue, who always pretended to be a hero was totally subdued by the gentle Ziwu. The couple lived a good life together. A year later, they stayed in the Beast realm and Ziwu was pregnant.

The Void Tyrant and Void Empress met their demise when Ye Tan, Chao Feng, and Consort Xue attacked the Void Realm. The Void Tyrant died in Ye Tan’s flower power. She absorbed all his soul and left him none. While the Void Empress died at the hand of Consort Xue.

The Heavenly Emperor had become a greedy person when he locked You Qin’s memories of Ye Tan using a magical artifact. He wanted You Qin to lose all his emotion and became his pawn to consolidate his throne.

In the end, The Heavenly Emperor regretted his fault. In front of the Empress, his children, and the deities, The Heavenly Emperor resigned from his position and chose Qing Heng as his successor. He also told You Qin the way to revive the twin flower.

My Musing

So… Finally, that was the end of The Starry Love. Are you satisfied with the ending? Can you guess how long You Qing and Chao Feng would wait for their loved ones? Will they have to wait for another ten millennia? If it would take that long, I wondered if they would make a drama about their brotherhood. It seemed it was a good idea… What do you think dear readers? Just put your comment below 😉

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  1. I really loved this drama other than some usual plot holes I thought they did a good job.
    Regarding su zhi tbh I really don’t think she started out as evil. I think it progressed as the story went on. If she didn’t awaken the powers they would have all died so in a way it was to protect the twins. Now if she leaked where they were then I can understand. I also don’t think she planned on telling Qing kui about how the power would be cut off. It seemed to be way too much trouble for her to do all that when she could have just leaked their location. But I was a bit thrown off at how they wanted to present this character. She wasn’t planning on meeting the twins from their tribe and I think she really did want to protect them.

    Of course towards the end because of her frustration and feeling of betrayal she did what she did. I mean the heaven emperor should have gotten a more severe punishment. He wanted to keep his high position so he sacrificed one of his sons to fight chaos. It would have been more justified if he did it himself.
    What really annoyed me was Qing Heng and I think it’s just that actor. For some reason ever since I saw jun jiu ling I’ve disliked him. He has his fake and pretentious aura of wanting to do good and follow the rules etc.
    Other than the usual chinese drama issues this was very fun to watch.


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