Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 19-20 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 19-20 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Dear readers, this is another Unchained Love episode recap for you. In these episodes 19 and 20, the sad part of Xiao Duo and Ah Duo’s past was revealed. A happy occasion for Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo did not last for a long time because of the Emperor. What would happen to the lovebirds? Let’s find out!

New Character Appearance

General Zhao Lan Zhou

Unchained Love episode 19-20 recap - General Zhao Lan Zhou

General Zhao Lan Zhou was the leader of the West Shu’s army. Although his position was below the Prince of Nanyuan, he had some dissatisfaction with him.

Episode Recap

Episode 19

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(1)

Cao Chun’ang found out that the people behind Qiu Yuebai were Empress Rong’an and the Prince of Nanyuan. He also reported that The Prince of Nanyuan had sent his people to contact Qiu Yuebai. Xiao Duo contemplated the news and told Cao Chun’ang to let Qiu Yuebai meet those men.

Qiu Yuebai met Rong Bao at the Mingding Tower. She whined about how cold Xiao Duo treated her. Rong Bao sighed and offered to take her away from the mansion, but Qiu Yuebai refused. She wanted him to help her turn over the situation. She said that Ah Duo was the only person in the world that she could rely on. Rong Bao gave her the drug and told her to put it in Xiao Duo’s food. He promised that the drug would make Xiao Duo fall in love with her. Meanwhile, from the opposite room, Lian Cheng stared at Qiu Yuebai from behind the door.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(2)

Bu Yin Lou wanted to run away from the mansion when she heard that Qiu Yuebai made some food for Xiao Duo. She peeked from between the doors to witness Qiu Yuebai pour a drug over Xiao Duo’s food. When Qiu Yuebai almost fed the dessert soup to Xiao Duo, Bu Yin Lou barged in and stopped her.

Bu Yin Lou told Xiao Duo that the bowl was drugged. She almost poured it away when Xiao Duo held her hand. He coaxed Bu Yin Lou by telling her that it was only a dessert soup. But because Bu Yin Lou did not want to let go of the bowl, they tugged it back and forth.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(3)

Bu Yin Lou managed to take the bowl after she pinched Xiao Duo’s hand. She immediately drank the soup. Nothing happened for some time and when Xiao Duo was relieved, Bu Yin Lou fainted.

Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang immediately went to call a doctor. Qiu Yuebai was stunned to see how panicked Xiao Duo was. Everybody was busy and no one noticed that Rong Bao peeked through the window.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(4)

Xiao Duo was very angry because Bu Yin Lou was still unconscious. The doctors ran out of the mansion in fear. They were confused because the man’s wife (Bu Yin Lou) was not poisoned. She only stiffened because of acupuncture. They ran away quickly, even one of the doctors left his medicine box in Bu Yin Lou’s room.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(5)

Xiao Duo sat on the bed with a bleak expression. He held Bu Yin Lou tightly in his arms. He told Cao Chun’ang and Tong Yun to leave the room. The mishap which befallen Bu Yin Lou made Tong Yun realized Xiao Duo’s feelings for her mistress were deep. Meanwhile, Xiao Duo took care of Bu Yin Lou that night. He waited for her by the bed and reminisced all the memories with her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(6)

Meanwhile, at the Mingding Tower, Lian Cheng was playing the zither. He recalled when he purposely bumped Qiu Yuebai to swap her bottle. The one in Qiu Yuebai’s hand contained a strong tonic powder instead a toxic drug. He already prepared the bottle because he did not want the Prince of Nanyuan to kill Xiao Duo. If he died, Lian Cheng knew that Bu Yin Lou would be very sad. Lian Cheng did not know that he had saved Bu Yin Lou’s life.

Xiao Duo’s indifferent attitude vanished after the incident. He took care of Bu Yin Lou meticulously and even carried her to walk around the water wheel. Xiao Duo apologized to Bu Yin Lou about the drug, Qiu Yuebai, and the Prince of Nanyuan. He told her that when he saw her drink the soup he was worried. He did not know that the soup was not poisoned and he did not mean to prick her with a needle.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(7)

OH MY GOD!!! It was he who made Bu Yin Lou suffer from the acupuncture!!!🤣🤣

Xiao Duo told her that if she stayed with him, she would be involved in danger. And those thoughts frightened him. He was sure that if she died, he would go mad. Yet Bu Yin Lou reassured him that she did not die. Xiao Duo smiled and said that whatever happened, he could not escape from her. Hence, he asked Bu Yin Lou to not let him off and promised that he would carry her on his back for the rest of his life.

Xiao Duo decided that he would tell her everything. He said that he was not involved with Qiu Yuebai because he was not Xiao Duo. His real name was Xiao Cheng, and he was Ah Duo’s older brother.

Xiao Duo was astounded to see Bu Yin Lou’s unperturbed expression. He asked her why she was not surprised when she heard the story. Bu Yin Lou said that she knew about it for a long time. She deducted from Xiao Duo’s story before. He hated the Imperial City and Zhaoding Bureau. Yet, he still took his identity and joined Zhaoding Bureau because he wanted to use Zhaoding Bureau’s power to avenge his brother’s death. Bu Yin Lou said that kind of plot was written on the novels that Princess Hede lent her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(8)

It seemed that Bu Yin Lou did not like to show her sharpness even to Xiao Duo. She did not tell him that she only deduced the story behind Qiu Yuebai and Ah Duo a few days earlier.😉

Xiao Duo told Bu Yin Lou what happened on the day his brother died. Back then, Ah Duo left the palace to run errands and never went back to the palace. Xiao Duo searched for him everywhere. When he arrived at Ruyi alley, he saw a glimpse of a luxurious carriage with a Nanyuan emblem. He believed that the carriage belonged to the Prince of Nanyuan.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(9)

Xiao Duo was shocked when he found his brother lying cold on the ground. In his hand, Ah Duo held tight to a luxurious silk pendant. It seemed that the silk pendant belonged to the killer. And when Xiao Duo checked, the only carriage that passed Ruyi Alley was The Prince of Nanyuang’s carriage.

Xiao Duo had tried to go to the magistrate but it was to no avail because the official refused to investigate. He also tried to assassinate the prince but he was highly guarded. Hence the only thing he could do was enter the palace with his brother’s identity.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(10)

Living inside the palace was not easy. There were many bullies and crooks there. As a eunuch, there was only one way to live a decent life: Zhaoding Bureau. Therefore Xiao Duo paved his way into the bureau. Even though the way was not easy.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(11)

Bu Yin Lou listened to his story with a concerned expression. She went up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. Bu Yin Lou said that for the past few years, his life must be hard and painful. Xiao Duo felt exactly like that, but he was also grateful because his hard life led him to find her. Bu Yin Lou looked at him in the eyes and said that he belonged to her. In the future, Xiao Duo was not allowed to be sad anymore because it would make her sad.

The Prince of Nanyuan felt something was off because Bu Yin Lou was still alive after she drank his drug. Rong Bao mentioned that he gave the bottle to Qiu Yuebai in person. But then he remembered that he saw Lian Cheng at the Mingding Pavillion. They suspected that Lian Cheng worked for Bu Yin Lou. The prince gave the order to kill both Lian Cheng and Qiu Yuebai.

Xiao Duo was one step ahead. He sent Qiu Yuebai out of the country and told her to never return to Great Ye ever again. As a way to respect Ah Duo’s relationship with her, he also provided her with money and protection to ensure her life. Qiu Yuebai could guess that Xiao Duo was not Ah Duo because she knew that Ah Duo could not eat spicy food due to a bad stomach. After she knew what had happened to Ah Duo, she finally found the closure that she needed and wished Xiao Duo and his beloved a good life together.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(12)

Other than Qiu Yuebai, Xiao Duo also took Lian Cheng with him. Yet, he was not so kind and gentle with him. Xiao Duo asked him about the Prince of Nanyuan’s weapon business. After he threatened Lian Cheng with Bu Yin Lou’s name, Lian Cheng told him that he used to see the Prince of Nanyuan sending weapons to the West Shu army. After he heard the confession, Xiao Duo sent She Qilang to investigate.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(13)

Bu Yin Lou saw Lian Cheng kneel. She barged in and wanted to assault him. Bu Yin Lou wanted him to pay for making her suffer from the tonic…🤣🤣

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(14)

Xiao Duo had arranged for Lian Cheng to leave West Shu. He had prepared a carriage and got Lian Cheng’s indenture stolen from Mingding Tower. Lian Cheng surrendered and asked Xiao Duo to take care of Bu Yin Lou. When Lian Cheng left, Xiao Duo called him brother-in-law.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(15)

Empress Rong’an got a report about Bu Yin Lou’s poisoning. She was angry because Xiao Duo spent the night taking care of her. Empress Rong’an was jealous because Xiao Duo never slept in her palace. She cursed Xiao Duo for breaking her heart.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(16)

Sun Tai Qing heard the maidservant talk about Bu Yin Lou getting poisoned in West Shu. He immediately reported it to the Emperor who got anxious and decided to go to West Shu personally. They did not realize that the news was purposely leaked by Empress Rong’an.

Bu Yin Lou checked the map to see how the Prince of Nanyuan could move the witness from the mine. Xiao Duo reminded her that he could not deploy troops without the court’s permission. When Xiao Duo was with Bu Yin Lou, Cao Chun’ang came to remind him about “the time of the month”. Bu Yin Lou was curious and followed them. She saw Cao Chun’ang persuaded Xiao Duo to eat medicine.

Unchained Love recap - episode 19(17)

Episode 20

Bu Yin Lou felt something was not right after she saw the medicine. She ordered Tong Yun to use her bravery, beauty, and brain to find out about it from Cao Chun’ang. The cute Tong Yun used a cleaver to threaten Cao Chun’ang. Cao Chun’ang told her that the medicine was a tonic for the spleen and stomach.

She asked Cao Chun’ang whether Xiao Duo would die if he did not take the medicine. Cao Chun’ang only nodded his head. When Tong Yun was stunned, he used the chance to run away from her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(1)

Tong Yun reported it to Bu Yin Lou. She panicked and thought that Xiao Duo was ill. Bu Yin Lou wanted to steal the medicine but Tong Yun was a step ahead of her. She already took it from Cao Chun’ang. Bu Yin Lou was grateful to have an intelligent maid like her. 😆

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(2)

Dressed as two young men, Bu Yin Lou and Tong Yun went to a pharmacist to find out about the medicine. The pharmacist told them that the medicine would suppress the beard growth and soften a man’s appearance. Bu Yin Lou was confused because why would a eunuch grow a beard? She asked Tong Yun whether Xiao Duo had something that Cao Chun’ang did not have. Tong Yun was confused about that something. Yet, Bu Yin Lou also could not say what it was…😂

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(3)

She Qilang came with a report that they were late and the Shu Army had already moved the metalworkers. Xiao Duo was not surprised by the report. He knew that the Prince of Nanyuan was bold that he dared to deploy the army without permission.

Xiao Duo decided that they would not play nice anymore. He had to get rid of the General of the Shu Army, Zhao Lan Zhou. Xiao Duo planned to make the Prince and his General fight each other. Xiao Duo ordered She Qilang to leak a piece of news to General Zhao Lan Zhou. He wanted the General to learn that Lian Cheng confessed that Xiao Duo was poisoned by the General. While Cao Chun’ang was ordered to visit the prince of Nanyuan.

Yuwen Liang Shi, the Prince of Nanyuan was going to meet General Zhao. They met Cao Chun’ang who brought a group of dancers and musicians. Cao Chun’ang was very good at speaking. He explained Xiao Duo’s “goodwill” without giving the Prince of Nanyuan a chance to refuse. The Prince believed that Xiao Duo already knew his plan so he had no choice but to cancel the meeting.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(4)

Inside a room in Mingding Tower, General Zhao Lan Zhou had been waiting for the prince for days. His assistant reported that the Prince and the people from the Zhaoding Bureau had been drinking and partying for nights. The General was confused because the Prince said that he wanted to get rid of the Zhaoding Bureau.

The assistant also told him the news about Lian Cheng which enraged the General. The General concluded that the Prince of Nanyuan failed to kill Xiao Duo. At that moment he tried to win Xiao Duo over and casted the blame on him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(5)

When the General was still mulling things over, a man attacked him. He was She Qilang. They fought for a while but the General was unscathed and She Qilang ran away. The General believed that The Prince of Nanyuan tried to silence him.

The Prince of Nanyuan wanted to sneak out of the mansion. But Cao Chun’ang stopped him. Before he finished reprimanding Cao Chun’ang, General Zhao Lan Zhou broke into the mansion and attacked the Prince.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(6)

The Prince accused the General of deploying the army without permission. While the General told him that he knew nothing about the army. The Prince got to order him around only because he was born into the right family. While they were fighting fiercely, the Zhaoding Bureau guards shot arrows at them. The Prince told the General that he fell into their trap. The Prince of Nanyuan managed to dodge the arrow but the General was shot.

Xiao Duo’s presence shocked the Prince of Nanyuan and General Zhao Lan Zhou. Xiao Duo announced that The General had deployed the army without permission and tried to assassinate the Prince. Hence, he had to be sent to the capital for punishment. General Zhao Lan Zhou refused the accusation. He told Xiao Duo that the one who planned to kill him was the Prince.

He was scared that Xiao Duo would find out that he traded salt to fund the illegal weapons forging. The General also said that he kept ledgers and the weaponsmith in his mansion as evidence. After the confession, Xiao Duo announced that the Prince of Nanyuan had planned a rebellion. Hence, he took over the Shu army on behalf of the empire. And the Prince of Nanyuan was held under house arrest.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(7)

After everything was settled, Xiao Duo lit up incense for Ah Duo. Accompanied by Cao Chun’Ang, Xiao Duo told him that the day Ah Duo died was the day when he died too. The only one left was a half Xiao Duo. And that night, Xiao Duo had avenged both of them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(8)

Xiao Duo confronted the Prince for Ah Duo’s murder six years ago. When Xiao Duo took out the silk cord, The Prince said that the silk pendant was not his. It was part of a perfume sachet and he never wore any because he was allergic to them. He did go to Ruyi Alley but he did not stay long because he was tired.

The Prince panicked when Xiao Duo almost slashed his throat. He said that if Xiao Duo killed him, he was disrespecting the authority of the Emperor and Xiao Duo would not end well. Xiao Duo took back his sword calmly and hit the Prince’s chest with his sword’s hilt. He said that the crime of trading salt and weapon forging was enough for execution.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(9)

Bu Yin Lou sat in her bedroom in dismay. She went to Xiao Duo’s room only to find it was pitch black the whole night. The next day she waited at the pavilion and recalled that Xiao Duo admitted that he was not a eunuch. At that time, Xiao Duo also expressed his will to marry Bu Yin Lou. Yet, their future would not be an easy one and he would put her in danger. He added that if she waited for him at their house, he would always return as soon as possible.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(10)

When Xiao Duo appeared, he was upset. Bu Yin Lou took him to a flower field to comfort him. Xiao Duo was sad when he told her that the Prince was not the murderer. The silk pendant did not belong to the Prince and the time of murder did not match either.

Xiao Duo told her that he had been living a risky life for six years. When he thought that he finally could avenge Ah Duo, he found out that everything was back to square one. Xiao Duo narrated his past while Bu Yin Lou listened attentively.

Xiao Duo always felt that Ah Duo entered the Palace because of him. Back then, Ah Duo was in poor health so he was the one who searched for jobs. Yet, it was futile. One day, Xiao Duo stole a bun and got chased by people. When he returned, Ah Duo was already gone. Xiao Duo kept looking for him every day but it was pointless.

After a month, Ah Duo suddenly showed up and gave Xiao Duo half a tael and told him to keep it well. By that time Xiao Duo learned that Ah Duo was tricked to enter the Palace and was castrated. Xiao Duo was angry that he beat Ah Duo up. But after that, both of them cried together. Ah Duo got tricked because he wanted to make money to buy a roasted chicken for Xiao Duo. Since then, Xiao Duo always thought that if he did not steal the bun, Ah Duo would not enter the Palace and would not die.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(11)

Xiao Duo felt guilty because he was not by Ah Duo’s side when he was tricked and also when he was attacked. Bu Yin Lou tried to tell Xiao Duo that it was not his fault and she did not want him to give up. There were many things that people wish for but they could not get. However, the flower would bloom and then wither. Spring left and come again and the flower would bloom anew. It was how nature works. Therefore, she believed that someday Xiao Duo would find the truth.

Bu Yin Lou told Xiao Duo that he should not be too hard on himself. If he could not forgive himself, he should let her share the burden. They would get through it together and she would always be by his side. Xiao Duo was touched by her words. He took her hand, look her in the eyes, and said, “Let’s get married”. Bu Yin Lou was stunned for a second. Then Bu Yin Lou told him to get married right away. Xiao Duo nodded.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(12)

Meanwhile, at Jinguan City, The Emperor arrived at West Shu. Sun Tai Qin reported that the Prince of Nanyuan wanted to poison Xiao Duo but it was Bu Yin Lou who got poisoned instead. Xiao Duo hid the incident and it made The Emperor dissatisfied.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(13)

Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo decided to take an oath as a husband and wife in front of the Flower Goddess. Because she did not know how she should address Xiao Duo, she used Zhuo Ying and Fang Jiang as their name. They vowed to be husband and wife, stay together, and never betray each other forever. They kowtowed three times just like in a normal wedding ceremony.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(14)

Bu Yin Lu and Xiao Duo got married without any betrothal gift, Xiao Duo gave Bu Yin Lou his thumb ring. He told her to keep it well and never lose it. If someday they were separated, she could use it to command the Zhaoding Bureau. Xiao Duo asked her not to leave him behind, otherwise, he would go crazy. Bu Yin Lou also told him that she would always be with him. She would do whatever he told her to do, and together, they would find the person he wanted to find. They sealed their promise with a kiss.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(15)

The Emperor went to the Prince’s residence. After a brief courtesy, the Emperor mentioned all of the Prince’s mistakes that would get his entire family executed. The Prince kneeled and told him that the Emperor should not kill him for the sake of the country. He also asked the Emperor three questions.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(16)

The first question was who would benefit if the Emperor killed him. The second question was who had instigated the Emperor’s hatred toward him. And the third question was who Great Ye would belong to if he died. The Emperor responded that the questions pointed at Xiao Duo. The Prince obviously wanted to sow discord between The Emperor and Xiao Duo to save his own life.

The Prince of Nanyuan could guess that the Emperor had realized Xiao Duo’s ambition. He mentioned that Xiao Duo wanted to kill him because if he died, there would be no one else in Xiao Duo’s way. And in the end, Great Ye would fall into his hands. The Emperor ordered to confiscate the Prince of Nanyuan’s property. The Prince would be confined in his residence for good.

Sun Tai Qing asked the Emperor about his decision to spare the Prince of Nanyuan. The Emperor said that the Prince was no longer a threat to him and he believed in the Prince of Nanyuan’s words. He was sure that if The Prince died, Xiao Duo would be proud of his success. If The Emperor did not stop Xiao Duo, he would hold a bigger power than the Emperor. Sun Tai Qing did not understand why the Emperor believed the Prince’s words. Xiao Duo was only a eunuch while he was the Emperor.

The Emperor told his eunuch that after he ascended to the throne, he realized that his every step had been controlled by Xiao Duo. Even all the memorials had been through Xiao Duo’s hands first. The Emperor wanted to put some sense into Xiao Duo’s head so he realized that their life was still in the Emperor’s hands.

Sun Tai Qing reminded the Emperor that without Xiao Duo, there was no one that he could use. He advised the Emperor to train his own people so he could have someone who truly obeyed and was loyal to him. Sun Tai Qing mentioned a name, Yu Zun. The Emperor agreed to his advice. After everything settled, the Emperor went to see Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(17)

The Prince of Nanyuan was relieved that he was able to avoid a death sentence. He told Rong Bao that Xiao Duo was a good opponent. It was too bad that he already lost. The Prince was sure that Xiao Duo would be the next target of the Emperor. And when Xiao Duo was weak, he would rise again. The Prince wished all his friends in the capital to hide well and when the time came, they have to help him support the Emperor.

In front of Mengyun Mansion, The Emperor saw a young man begging the guards. The young man said that his master was Bu Yin Lou’s cousin and when he left in the hurry, the cousin forgot to give some items to Bu Yin Lou. He also mentioned that his master’s relationship with Bu Yin Lou was very close that he came to the mansion a few days ago. The Emperor frowned when he heard the young man’s words.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(18)

When Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou returned, they saw their assistants and guards kneeling in front of the mansion. Bu Yin Lou had a bad hunch and immediately let go of Xiao Duo’s hand. Inside the house, they saw The Emperor enjoying a cup of tea. They immediately greeted him. The Emperor told them that he already punished the Prince of Nanyuan. However, he had spared his life. He asked Xiao Duo’s opinion about it. Xiao Duo responded that the prince was guilty of treason and it was unforgivable. The Emperor said that Xiao Duo was fair and strict.

Therefore, he failed to protect Bu Yin Lou and would be punished with a cane. Before Bu Yin Lou could open up her mouth to stand up for him, Xiao Duo has already accepted the punishment. And right there, in front of his newly wedded wife and all of his assistants, Xiao Duo accepted the beatings.

Unchained Love recap - episode 20(19)

My Musing

Ahhhh… Everything started to get complicated. Who was the real murderer? I really had a bad feeling about it…😣

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