Drama RecapLove Between Fairy and DevilLove Between Fairy and Devil (Episode 34-35 Recap)

Love Between Fairy and Devil (Episode 34-35 Recap)

  • Title: Love Between Fairy and Devil
  • Also Known As: 苍兰诀, Cang Lan Jue, Parting of Orchid and Demon king
  • Director: Yi Zheng
  • Screenwriter: Bai Jin Jin
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, XianXia, Comedy
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the novel “Cang Lan Jue” (苍兰诀) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

List of Recap:

Dear readers, only 3 episodes before this wonderful drama would end. But I would do the recap for 2 extra episodes after the finale. This time, Dan Yin and Jieli finally learned what it feels to be sisters who relied one another. The episodes 34 and 35 were full of tears. I was crying ugly when I wrote this recaps. Without further ado, let’s go. Happy Reading!

Episode Recap

Episode 34

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (1)

Chidi Nüzi saw Dan Yin fell to the floor with her eyes open and blood splattered everywhere. When she realized that it was just an imagination, her body stiffened. Dan Yin did not realize Chidi Nüzi’s restlessness. She kept talking about how she admired her and wanted to gain some enlightenment from Chidi Nüzi, the First God of War. Chidi Nüzi could not hold the urge to kill and yelled at Dan Yin, telling her to get out.

Dan Yin who was confused followed her order. That night, Chidi Nüzi’s hall was a mess. She was not in the right state of mind because the voices inside her head were screaming and yelling at her. They were full of hatred and anger.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (2)

A group of Shuiyuntian guards who were on patrol came. They heard noises from her palace and came to check up on her. Nobody expected that Chidi Nüzi would come out with red eyes and a strange aura emanating from her. She seemed to have lost her mind. When her conciousness returned, she was surrounded by dead people. The bodies of the patrol guards strewn all over her place. She was shocked for a while before she suddenly went into Tai Sui’s realm.

Chidi Nüzi recognized him immediately. She accused Tai Sui had bewitched Rong Hao. Tai Sui mocked Chidi Nüzi because now her hands were stained with innocent lives. And sooner or later, he would take her golden body as his. When she woke up from the stupor, Chidi Nüzi screamed that Tai Sui would return and the three realms would be doomed.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (3)

The Heavenly Emperor, Lord Yunzhong and Changheng were discussing Chidi Nüzi’s words about Tai Sui. According to the report, Chidi Nüzi’s primordial spirit was damaged and her soul was broken. Lord Yunzhong believed that everything she said was just spoken nonsense and not a warning. Changheng thought otherwise because everything that related to Tai Sui was not a trivial matter. They must take precautions about it.

However, Lord Yunzhong never took Changheng’s words seriously. For him, Tai Sui’s power was always sealed by various goddesses. Furthermore, the Goddess of Xishan has just been reborn, there was nothing to be afraid of. Right now they only had to concentrate on one thing, The Moon Tribe. Although there was a truce between Shuiyuntian and The Moon Tribe, it was temporary. The real threat was the 100,000 demon soldiers that were unsealed.

Before he left, Lord Yunzhong told Changheng that he need not think about Shuiyuntian. All he needed to do was to prepare for his wedding with Goddess Xi Yun.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (4)

At the court, some immortal demanded Chidi Nüzi be executed while Li Yuan and Shang Sheng defended Chidi Nüzi because of her merits as the savior of the Shuiyuntian people. But nobody could shake Lord Yunzhong’s decision. He ordered Chidi Nüzi to be executed the next day. Die Yi passed the news to Rong Hao.

That night, Li Yuan came to Dan Yin’s room. She was asleep but woke up when she saw her father coming. Dan Yin was curious because Li Yuan dressed neatly that night. Li Yuan told her that he must go to Yunzhong Water Pavillion because something happened. Dan Yin asked him some questions that occupied her mind.

Li Yuan said that he could not always keep her company and if he passed away, she must take care of Jieli. Dan Yin suspected Li Yuan hid something from her. After Li Yuan left, Dan Yin woke Jieli up. Dan Yin asked Jieli if she knew where their father went to. But Jieli did not know anything.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (5)

Li Yuan went to prison to interrogate Rong Hao. He said that the interrogation was confidential and dismissed the guards. When he met Rong Hao, Li Yuan said that he would free him, on one condition: he wanted Die Yi. Li Yuan said that if Jieli was completely detoxified from the poison, he would kill her so Die Yi would never hurt Jieli again. Rong Hao agreed to his condition. When Li Yuan use his seal to open the prison, Dan Yin stopped him. When Li Yuan was busy with Dan Yin, Die Yi took the seal and opened the prison door.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (6)

Rong Hao walked out of the prison and with the power of his evil spirit, he attacked Dan Yin and Li Yuan. Li Yuan was severely injured because he shielded his daughter. Dan Yin tried to stop Rong Hao but failed. Rong Hao ordered Die Yi to kill Li Yuan before he left the prison to find his master. Die Yi took Li Yuan as a hostage so Dan Yin would stop chasing Rong Hao.

Jieli appeared at the prison. Die Yi tried to manipulate Jieli so she would kill Li Yuan. Die Yi did not expect that Jieli would stab her with a sword. Jieli had chosen to die because of the poison rather than live under Die Yi’s control.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (7)

Jieli and Dan Yin took Li Yuan back to their home. He told his daughter to go inside and pretended that they knew nothing about what happened in the prison, while he would turn himself to Lord Yunzhong. Dan Yin tried to stop him, but Li Yuan also persisted. Jieli struck Dan Yin and made her faint before took her to the bedroom. Li Yuan looked at his long-lost daughter with teary eyes. Jieli was also the same. That night would be the last time they saw each other.

When Dan Yin woke up she vented her anger on Jieli. Jieli told her that she was just being grateful for Li Yuan’s kindness, and that was why she helped him. Jieli told her that she did not want to be under Die Yi’s control anymore. She chose to die because she thought that without her, everybody would have lived a good life. Dan Yin was stunned when she heard Jieli’s words. Not long after that, the poison in Jieli’s body flared up and she fell to the floor.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (8)

Dan Yin took Jieli to the holy land of Xishan where Xi Yun lived. She would plead for Jieli so Xi Yun could help to detoxify the poison inside Jieli’s body. Jieli was reluctant and too weak to walk. But Dan Yin was determined and in the end, she carried Jieli on her back. They met Shang Que at the front door. Shang Que was surprised to see Jieli, but he did not say anything.

Xi Yun was willing to help Jieli. The goddess said that she did not remember anything from the past. She also told Jieli to stay at her Arbiter Hall. She would detoxify and extend her life. Because Changheng was there too at that time, Dan Yin reported about Rong Hao who escaped from the prison, and Chidi Nüzi’s words about Tai Sui. Her report alerted Xi Yun and Changheng.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (9)

Dan Yin and Jieli were confused because Xi Yun was similar to Xiao Lan Hua, but they could not sense Xiao Lan Hua on her. Dan Yin even feel nervous when she was around Xi Yun. Shang Que tried to ask Jieli about her well-being. But she treated him coldly. Dan Yin who saw it asked her what had happened between them.

Jieli said that she did not deserve Shang Que. Dan Yin rebuked her. She said that since Jieli was her younger sister, even the heavenly emperor deserved her. Let alone a small black dragon like Shang Que. Jieli said that such things as eternal love and trust would never be hers. Even if she had it in her hand, it would be lost eventually.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (10)

Shang Que and his master talked about feelings. Shang Que wanted to use a love candle for Jieli. He wanted to rekindle their love. Dongfang Qingcang reminded him that Jieli was a spy from Haishi City from the beginning. Everything she said or did was just a disguise. He should just accept the reality.

Shang Que refused to agree. He said that Dongfang Qingcang also did not want to accept reality. He immediately stopped his words when he realized he was being disrespectful. However, Dongfang Qingcang was not angry at all.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (11)

Xi Yun and Changheng went to the cave where Tai Sui was prisoned. But it turned out that he escaped. Xi Yun guessed that Tai Sui broke the seal when she sacrificed herself in the Xuanxu realm. Because Tai Sui did not have a body, he could be anywhere, including in someone’s mind. Someone who was bewitched by him and could do Tai Sui’s evil deeds. This time, Xi Yun determined to destroy him completely.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (12)

Changheng met Dongfang Qingcang to tell him that he was going to marry Xi Yun. Although he said that he would not forget Xiao Lan Hua but Xi Yun was his fiancee and they were fated to be together. However, there was no mirth on Changheng’s face. When Dan Yin asked him about the marriage, Changheng only said that he would accept his fate. Regardless of how bitter his fate was.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (13)

A group of people walked past a forest. They took a rest under the tree. Not far from there, Rong Hao watched them secretly.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 34 (14)


Episode 35

Rong Hao killed the people and absorbed their spirits. He refined those spirits into evil spirits and gave them to the red-eyed Chidi Nüzi. The evil spirits was just like her food. When she was full, her conciousness came back. However, when she realized what had happened, she was in despair and fainted. Rong Hao took her to a courtyard and went to find Tai Sui.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (1)

Rong Hao questioned why his master became miserable and insane. Tai Sui answered that he was the one who asked for it. Chidi Nüzi’s primordial spirit has been nourished by evil spirits for 30,000 years and it was gravely damaged by the evil spirits. And if Chidi Nüzi wanted to be alive, she must keep on absorbing the evil spirits, until all her primordial spirit was occupied by the evil spirits.

By then, she would lose all her power, memory, and consciousness. And Chidi Nüzi would turn into a monster that was worse than animals. Rong Hao felt that he had been deceived. He had found the Goddess of Xishan for Tai Sui because he believed that Tai Sui would help him. It turned out that Tai Sui wanted to acquire Chidi Nüzi’s immortal body and merged his primordial spirit with her primordial spirit.

Tai Sui reassured him that although they were merged, she would still be Chidi Nüzi who remembered her past and they could live together in seclusion. However, Rong Hao said that he would never trust him again.

Chidi Nüzi saw her reflection in the mirror when Rong Hao combed her hair. She pleaded with him to end her pain. Rong Hao did not answer her plea and acted like he did not hear a thing. He said that he would refine evil spirits for her just like what he did for the past 30,000 years. Chidi Nüzi’s tears fell when she heard his answer.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (2)

Rong Hao recalled what happened after Tai Sui told him that he wanted to acquire his master’s body. Rong Hao asked Tai Sui if he merged with Chidi Nüzi, would it end her suffering? And would he get to stay by her side forever? Tai Sui promised that Rong Hao would get what he wanted.

Chidi Nüzi almost killed herself when she heard Rong Hao’s explanation. But Rong Hao tossed the sword away. Chidi Nüzi said that Rong Hao’s worldly desires were too strong that Tai Sui could manipulate him and deny the fate of life and death. Rong Hao rebuked her words. He said that he was a mortal to begin with. She would not understand his grievances because Chidi Nüzi was born as a Goddess. There were only the people and the three realms in her heart.

All this time, Rong Hao only wanted his master to live forever and never leave him. It was a small and insignificant wish, but it still could not be realized. His eyes were all teary when he said these words. Rong Hao really loved his master dearly.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (3)

Chidi Nüzi told him that her worldly desire was moved once. It was when she saw a blind boy who played the flute on snowy days. For him, she sat by the windows for three days straight. When he died, she took him to the Arbiter Hall and asked Si Ming to change his fate.

Si Ming reminded her that every living thing has its fate and it could not be changed. And if someone did that, the consequence was disastrous. Although she was a goddess, Chidi Nüzi could not shy away from it. But Chidi Nüzi was determined to save Rong Hao, whatever the price was.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (4)

Rong Hao was stunned when he heard the story. He could not believe that all this time, his master loved him very much. He was very happy that he laughed. Rong Hao took Chidi Nüzi in his arms and hugged her tightly before he stabbed her in the back. Chidi Nüzi was shocked but then she smiled because Rong Hao has freed her from her suffering. Rong Hao entered his mind to meet The Evil God.

Tai Sui was angry because Rong Hao lied to him and destroyed his plan. Rong Hao had planned to kill himself with Tai Sui in his mind. He blew up his primordial spirit and died. However, they needed the power of a Goddess to destroy Tai Sui. Although Rong Hao was dead, the Evil God remained free. At the Arbiter Hall, Xi Yun could feel Tai Sui’s anger and knew that something had happened.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (5)

Changheng took Xi Yun and Dongfang Qingcang to visit Rong Hao and Chidi Nüzi’s graves. They pour the wine and light the incense. Changheng promised to bring more wine for Rong Hao when he came again next time.

Even Dongfang Qingcang also poured a glass of wine to honor Chidi Nüzi, the only opponent in his life. Xi Yun stared at the graves and said that Tai Sui had wreaked havoc everywhere. She called Changheng and told him, the thing they needed to do could not be delayed anymore.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (6)

Changheng recalled the night when he was alone with Xi Yun. At that time, he was staring at the magical firefly stone. Xi Yun came up to him and told him that once she thought that it would be nice if she could pick a star from the sky and carry it as a lantern at night. Then an old friend told her that the Firefly stone from the Northernmost Ocean was like a star.

Changheng was bewildered when he heard that. He asked her whether she was Xi Yun or Xiao Lan Hua. Xi Yun answered that she was both of them because she carried all her memories as Xiao Lan Hua. Changheng asked her since she remembered everything, why she agreed to marry him. Changheng had a slight of hope about Xi Yun loving him.

But when she was just silent and did not answer his question, Changheng knew that she loved Dongfang Qingcang and not him.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (7)

Xi Yun told him that Lord Dong, the creator, used to make a covenant with Xilan Clan. Their marriage would activate the godly power that they need to protect the three realms. It was their fate, the sole reason why they were betrothed to each other.

At this time, Tai Sui has broken his seal and the three realms were in danger, she needed the ultimate power to destroy him completely. Her words made Changheng realize that after Xi Yun destroyed Tai Sui completely, she would die. Now Changheng guessed that it was the reason why she pretended to forget her memory as Xiao Lan Hua.

She did not want Dongfang Qingcang to be sad when she died. But Changheng felt that it was unfair to him. Dongfang Qingcang loved Xiao Lan Hua, but he also loved her deeply. He did not want to marry her and then watched her die. But Xi Yun pleaded for him to help her.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (8)

After they left the graves, Changheng told Xi Yun that since Chidi Nüzi was dead, the only immortal body that was suitable for Tai Sui was Dongfang Qingcang’s body. Xi Yun already knew about it and she was determined to sacrifice her life. Not only for the people but also for the one she loved.

The day before the wedding, Dongfang Qingcang came to Xi Yun. He said that he already figured out that Xiao Lan Hua was really gone and he would not bother her anymore. But he asked her one favor.

Dongfang Qingcang took Xi Yun to the bridge where they were supposed to meet on the festival night. He asked her to come because he wanted to hang the love lock on the bridge. Xi Yun refused. She said that since Xiao Lan Hua was gone, even if the lock was hung, it would be meaningless.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (9)

Dongfang Qingcang said that he would never forget her and would keep their memories as a way of being together. Xi Yun stared at him and said that he still had a long future lay ahead of him. There were countless beauties in the three realms for him. But Dongfang Qingcang said that he would never love anyone else in his lifetime, only her.

Many people feared or admired him. But Xiao Lan Hua was the only one who loved him. He said that he wanted Xiao Lan Hua to know that he was not the same person that he used to be. This time, he would love her, protect her, and would not let her suffer anymore. Dongfang Qingcang’s words broke down Xi Yun’s facade when her tears started to fall.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (10)

When Xi Yun left the bridge. Dongfang Qingcang talked to himself as if he talked to Xiao Lan Hua. He told her that the bone orchid has absorbed her primordial spirit. And the only way to save her and break the bracelet was to make her stop loving him. That was the reason why he lied and hurt her. Dongfang Qingcang regretted that she still loved him before she died. Xi Yun who stopped to listen to him silently cried.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (11)

Dongfang Qingcang bid Xi Yun goodbye at the Arbiter Hall. Before he left, she stopped him and touched the corner of his mouth. It was an intimate gesture between Xiao Lan Hua and Dongfang Qingcang. When Xi Yun realized her mistake, she immediately retracted her hand. But it was too late because Dongfang Qingcang has already realized that she might remember her past. When Xi Yun turned her back, he pulled her and asked why. Xi Yun did not answer his question and left.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (12)

Dongfang Qingcang returned to his room and took Xiao Lan Hua’s destiny book that he got from Si Ming. He recalled everything Si Ming said to him about Xiao Lan Hua’s fate. Si Ming explained that Xiao Lan Hua’s clansmen sealed her into a seed. She only could help Xiao Lan Hua forged a body, but she could not shake her fate.

Dongfang Qingcang stared at the leaf and suddenly the words appeared. He was shocked because it was written that Xiao Lan Hua’s fate was broken and changed. It was something impossible to happen because according to Xiao Lan Hua, the gods’ fate was the most stable. Dongfang Qingcang saw that Xi Yun was going to die together with Tai Sui.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (13)

He recalled when Si Ming said that the only one who could break the rules and change Xiao Lan Hua’s fate was Dongfang Qingcang. At that time, Si Ming told Dongfang Qingcang was yet to understand the meaning of her words. But he would when the time came. When Shang Que came to remind Dongfang Qingcang, that they had to leave and return to Cangyang Sea, Dongfang Qingcang finally understood what he must do.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (14)

The next day, was the wedding day between Xi Yun and Changheng. Xi Yun sat by the bed appeared to be dismayed while Dongfang Qingcang stood outside her room. Xi Yun sensed something and went out to search for him. Under the destiny tree, Dongfang Qingcang suddenly appeared behind her. Xi Yun turned her back and was shocked when Dongfang Qingcang suddenly kissed her passionately. But then, she responded to the kiss. When the surge of emotion ended and the tears started to fall, Dongfang Qingcang disappeared and left her brokenhearted.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (15)

After the kiss, Xi Yun and Dongfang Qingcang returned to their fate. She must prepare for her wedding with Changheng. The wedding that would changed the fate of the people in three realms.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (16)

Meanwhile, Dongfang Qingcang returned to the Cangyan Sea. Shang Que helped him to prepare his armor. This time, Dongfang Qingcang would go to the battle alone. When Xi Yun walked down the aisle side by side with Changheng, Dongfang Qingcang walked in a deserted place all alone.

Love Between Fairy and Devil recap - episode 35 (17)

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  1. Great recap! I wish we got to see what became of Danyin’s father, but I know they don’t tell us. It’s a shame because they could do it in a single sentence in the final episode.
    Also, Jieli is staying at the Xilan arbiter hall, yet we don’t get to see her in episode 35. I wish they’d given her even a quick appearance, maybe Orchid/Goddess telling her she can live there after she has married Chenghang or whatever. They could have had her get a message from Danyin about her father, too, and wrapped thar up, lol! Though I know it was all a time problem because there was so much to cover. They did wrap up Rong Hao really well – his story was more interesting to me this time around knowing how everything goes and being able to trace everyone’s fate and destiny back to Chidi saving a blind mortal boy. I really enjoy that, though, being able to find that one moment when everything changed. A lot of stories don’t bother with that, so I really love that this one did.
    And ugh! The first time I watched this I didn’t think how cruel it really was to Chenghang but I did this time. Poor guy. I also ugly cired at the bridge – again. I didn’t think I would and then bam! Waterworks.
    Though I do wonder why marrying Chenhang would activate her powers. She called Lord Dong (Chenghangs dad) the creator. I saw someone else say that his name was a bad translation and that Lord Dong I’d supposed to be the Chinese Sun God from mythology, or at least based on him. I’m not familiar enough to know much about him, so I don’t know if she meant Lord Dong created them all (like God) or if she means he is the creator of the alliance, and if he is, meaning he has been Emperor for a very long time, then.who married the previous goddesses? The current emperor is not married to one, and Chenghang has not been married before (though I don’t think he’s old enough to have been alive before this current goddess). Do they have other brothers, I wonder, or was there multiple generations of their family with Lord Dong being one in a long line – and also if so, did he mary a Xilan goddess then – the one that came before Orchid? If so would that Xilan Goddess have been Chenhangs mother? They never say what happened to her or the other goddesses, just that the first goddess died sealing taisui… hmmmm.


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