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"The story was intriguing and the acting was impeccable."

Lost Track Of Time Drama Review

  • Title: Lost Track Of Time
  • Also Known As: 覆流年, Fu Liu Nian, Overwhelming Years
  • Director: Yi Jun
  • Screenwriter: Xu Yan, Chen Yao, Tian Xue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 30
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Mango TV
  • Where to watch: Mango TV, WeTV

Hello dear readers, how are you today. Hope you all doing great. Today I wrote about Lost Track of Time drama review. Hope you like my review, so here we go. We start with the synopsis first.

Lost Track Of Time Synopsis

Lost Track Of Time was a Chinese romance drama, released in 2022. It has total of 30 episodes. The story was about Lu Anran, who lived a good life. She was born as the first daughter of the first wife. Her identity as the legitimate daughter plus her talent for managing business has made her as the best choice to become the head of the prestigious Lu family.

Before she held the position, Lu Anran had already contributed to expand the family business. She embarked on expeditions to find new places and open new routes. Lu Anran also helped the government to manage the waterway. The prosperous business of the Lu family made them like a big piece of pie in the eyes of the imperial family.

Lost Track Of Time review - Jing Chao, Xing Fei, and Zhai Zi Lu as Mu Ze, Lu Anran, and Mu Chuan

Lu Anran fell in love with Mu Ze or Prince Qing. They happily married for 10 years, until she found out the hard truth. All this time, Mu Ze used their marriage to control the Lu family and their business. When Lu Anran lost her son because of a concubine’s plot, the death of her son made her devastated and drift away from Mu Ze. She spent most of her time in the warehouse inventing a wheeled boat. But little did she know that her husband was aware of the plot. However, he did not punish the concubine because he still needed her clan to support him.

When Lu Anran found out that Mu Ze wanted to wipe out the Lu Family, she was too late. Lu Anran’s brother had already been killed. Her father and other relatives were executed. The only thing left was her half-sister, who turned out to be a traitor. Brokenhearted, Lu Anran decides to kill herself in a fire.

But the fire didn’t take her to the underworld. Instead, she was returning to the time before her first encounter with Mu Ze. She racked her brain to take him down and avenged him for all the calamity of her previous life.

On her revenge journey, she meets again with Mu Chuan, the gentle and soft-hearted brother of Mu Ze. This time, she realized her feelings for him. However, she had to choose between starting over her life or avenging her loved one. Which one would Lu Anran choose?

Lost Track Of Time Review

I was a bit hesitant to watch this Lost Track of Time drama. I do love time travel drama, but I tend to avoid a revenge plot because sometimes it is too cruel and I could not stand the angst. And Lost Track Of Time got me trapped. Now I realize the phrase “Curiosity kills the cats” could be applied to my situation. But relax, I still enjoy writing this drama review.

Just Can’t Stop

I wanted to stop after 15 episodes, but too many questions needed answers. What would happen to Lu Anran? Will she ever be happy? How about Mu Chuan? Could he avoid the fate of dying at the hands of his second brother? How about Mu Ze And his obsession? What will happen at the end?


So, I set my mind and watched the last 15 episodes. I have sacrificed my beauty sleep for this drama, and my eyebag was so black it made me look like a raccoon.

Lost Track Of Time’s story was written very well. I could not guess the plot. Very intriguing, isn’t it? Oh, I managed to guess it was going to rain when Lu Anran was kneeling in the courtyard. And it was raining! But after that, I failed again and again…😂

This drama took me outside my comfort zone. There was not much romance in it. Lu Anran’s relationship with Mu Chuan was snail-paced. As a matter of fact, i didn’t see any kissing scene between our main leads, except a peck on a forehead. 🤔

The costumes were not to my liking. Lu Anran’s clothes were too casual and plain for me. The wangfei’s costume was nice and elegant. But after I indulged my eyes with Love Between Fairy and Devil (I also wrote Love Between Fairy and Devil drama review and Love Between Fairy and Devil episode recap, don’t forget to visit 😉), the costume in this drama was so.. ordinary.

The visual effects were disappointing. Especially on the rice field scene. But you must not overlook Lost Track Of Time. The cinematography was definitely not their forte, but the story is.

The Casts and Characters

Lu Anran

Xing Fei acted as the smart Lu Anran. I used to see her in The Moon Brightens for You. Her acting was so good, that it made me feel depressed for the second half of the drama. There was too many sad expression displayed on her face.

Lost Track Of Time review - Xing Fei as Lu Anran
Xing Fei as Lu Anran

Lu Anran was a strong and calculative businesswoman. But I was a bit disappointed. As the head of the Lu family and the holder of the Double Fish Order to control 36 ports in Dahan Country, Lu Anran seemed too embroiled in her revenge. It was rare to see her busy with business.

I did not know why the director and screenwriter wrote her as a businesswoman, but there were only a few scenes of her doing business.

And although I said that her costume was too casual and not my cup of tea, I have to admit that it suited Lu Anran’s character and her life.

Mu Ze or Prince Qing

Jing Chao acted as the villain, Mu Ze or Prince Qing. However, I have always waited for his scene because I was quite fond of him. His acting amazed me, and his presence was impactful. Jing Chao also plays a part in my favorite drama, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace drama. He acted as Ruyi’s palace guard, Li Yunche.

Lost Track Of Time review - Jing Chao as Mu Ze
Jing Chao as Mu Ze

Mu Ze was a man of his word, and he lived up to expectations. He was cunning, cruel, and an excellent strategist. He could see through other people’s thoughts and actions. As a ruler, he was decisive, and he put his objectives above everything. He threatened Anran, again and again, to make her submit to him.

Mu Chuan or Prince Qi

Mu Chuan or Prince Qi was the first main lead of this drama. His face and character were the total opposite of his brother, Mu Ze. If Mu Ze exude authority, and power. Mu Chuan exudes serenity and love. This Ninth Prince was famous for being a rice hermit. He was a kind of scientist in the modern era. Mu Chuan devoted himself to finding the perfect rice for the people of Dahan.

Lost Track Of Time review - Zhai Zi Lu as Mu Chuan
Zhai Zi Lu as Mu Chuan

He fell in love with Anran when they met at the rice field. He was not a pushover, he patiently waited for Lu Anran.

Zhai Zi Lu played the soft-hearted Mu Chuan. His acting was good, even though, in my humble opinion, Jing Chao was more attractive. I used to see his acting in the Oath Of Love and Jiu Liu Overlord.

The Ending (spoiler alert)

Lost Track Of Time review - poster
Xing Fei and Jing Chao as Lu Anran and Mu Ze

I watched a revenge drama, and I feel pity for the villain…🤦🏻‍♀️

Mu Ze was the victim of bad parenthood. His mother was too weak to retaliate, his fostermother was too cruel to make the young Mu Ze kill his biological mother, and his father Emperor was too selfish and hateful.

Mu Ze always longed for a family, and Mu Chuan was the only one he held dear in his heart. But Mu Chuan was way much younger than him. Mu Chuan relied on Mu Ze and Mu Ze also protected him. Mu Chuan saw him as a father figure. He loved, believed, and respected Mu Ze. But how about Mu Ze?

He got nobody to rely on, nobody to protect him, and nobody to teach him how to love. All he knew was how to gain imperial favor from his father, the Emperor. If he gains merit, he will compliment him and shower him with attention. If he didn’t, all he got was being scolded and ridiculed by his father, who looked down on him and played favoritism.

Lost Track Of Time review - Xing Fei, and Zhai Zi Lu as Lu Anran and Mu Chuan

When he saw Lu Anran, he calculated and weighed her Lu family, whether they could benefit him or not. And when they did, Mu Ze used every means to make Lu Anran fall in love with him. Lu Anran sparked his curiosity, and it grew into love. Mu Ze never realized that he loved her until Lu Xinran pointed it out to him. He realized that he always kept Lu Anran in his mind. He thought that it was for business only.

Mu Ze never realized that it was his love for her. It was too bad that Lu Anran never knew his feeling for her until he was gone. Mu Ze died with a broken heart and disappointment. He was brokenhearted because Lu Anran betrayed him and disappointed because his dream of giving his mother an identity, which could only happen if he was an emperor, had failed. Until his last breath, Mu Ze chose not to betray himself and decided on his own fate.

Lu Anran was able to protect her loved one. Although she lost her mother and Lingxi, her dear maid, because of Lu Xinran, she managed to secure the life of her father and brother. But Lu Anran missed the opportunity to have a blissful marriage with Mu Chuan, thanks to his father Emperor. She also managed to get her revenge on everybody who hurt her in her previous life.

Lu Xinran? Checked
Cai Wangjin? Checked
Xiao Jingque? Checked
General Xiao? Checked
Mu Ze? Also checked

But did she get the life she always wanted? A carefree life where she could enjoy the business that she strives hard to develop. A happy marriage with her loved one, and a child to accompany her just like Yu did. The answer is no. She did not get any of them.

Her Lu family business was handed over to the greedy emperor. She would never know how it feels to have a married life with Mu Chuan because the Emperor also ordered her to stay away from him. And she would never have a child because she drank an infertility drug.

After the death of Mu Ze, the Emperor pardoned everyone in Prince Qing’s mansion out of fatherly love. Lu Anran read a letter left by the late Mu Ze. He wrote that he only wished for her love.

Lost Track Of Time review - poster 2

Lu Anran got what she always wanted. An act of revenge. However, it didn’t make her happy. The wound was too deep that it could not be healed. Perhaps if she tried a different path, everything would be different.

In the end, Lu Anran goes back to her roots. She returned to Su City to live with her father and brother.

Mu Chuan used to live a carefree life as a Rice Fragrant Hermit.

Everything changed when he fell in love with Lu Anran. He got dragged into the chaos of the royal family. He was forced to accept the fate of a prince. Mu Ze used to tell him to keep his life as a hermit. But he refused because he had to save Lu Anran. As a matter of fact, Mu Ze said that for Mu Chuan’s good. He was not suitable for a tough life of a power struggle.

Mu Chuan belongs to the free world.

Mu Chuan realized that if he wanted to create a just and harmonious country, he must be willing to fight for the throne because that was where the absolute power lies. If he could become a king, he might be able to create the country that he always longed for. But the fight for the throne was never a smooth journey.

He must be cunning enough and cruel enough to be able to fight. But when he saw his Second Brother dead in his arms, he couldn’t stop crying and wailing. He was more than a brother to him. Mu Chuan was his protector and the one that he relied on in his life. He was more like a father to him. Whatever happened on the outside, there was still love for Mu Ze in his heart.

Mu Chuan rose to be the crown prince. He was just a step away from sitting on the throne. Lu Anran asked the rethorical question for him. “Did he really willing to be caged for the rest of his life?”

The Conclusion

Lost Track Of Time drama is really worthy of my time. The story was intriguing and the acting was impeccable. I feel so relieved and disappointed at the same time. I was relieved because the depressing atmosphere was finally over and disappointed because I realized that I still had some questions left. How did Mu Ze live after the death of Lu Anran? Did he really have no feelings for her?

Lost Track Of Time review - Jing Chao and Xing Fei as Mu Ze and Lu Anran

I wanted to recommend this drama to those who have a steady heart and are ready for thick angst. This drama would definitely be your cup of tea. And if you asked me, would I rewatch it? The answer is: Absolutely!

So don’t forget to free your agenda this weekend. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotion with this memorable drama, Lost Track Of Time. Hope this drama review helps.

Happy watching!

Iya Moyya
Iya Moyya
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  1. Justo quería verla, porque esta xing fei, pero no tiene un final feliz como acostumbro en un drama de ella, gracias el drama si qué es triste, gracias por salvarme de una depresión segura 😅

  2. I’m on ep 10 and stopped reading at “I feel pity for the vilain”. If you feel sorry for him, it means the end is gonna be what I expect, for I truly detest him 🤷‍♀️ I was so anxious, angry and outraged that I was thinking about dropping the drama. However, this piece of information made me change my mind. When I finish it, I’ll come back to read the rest 😊


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"The story was intriguing and the acting was impeccable."Lost Track Of Time Drama Review
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