Ending ExplainedSnow Eagle Lord Ending Explained

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained

Holla readers, this is the Ending Explained post of Snow Eagle Lord drama. If you were eager to know about the ending, I gladly give you some spoilers of this fascinating drama. Don’t worry, the ending was a happy ending, although you have to brace yourself for an inevitable death. Happy reading!

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained

What Happened to Dongbo Xue Ying?

Dongbo Xue Ying realized that he should give up marrying Yu Jing Qiu if he wanted to keep her alive yet his heart could not bear to. He came up with a plan to give Yu Jing Qiu a poisoned nuptial wine. It would not kill her, only made her asleep, so Xue Ruo Shan could take her to Moxue Empire.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened to Dongbo Xue Ying
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened to Dongbo Xue Ying?

Dongbo Xue Ying still gave Yu Jing Qiu a grand wedding. His intention was clear, Dongbo Xue Ying did not want to marry anyone else besides Yu Jing Qiu. His plan worked well. Yu Jing Qiu hated him and went back to Moxue Empire.

To relieve his sadness, Dongbo Xue Ying focused on how to deal with the Demon Clan. But when Dongbo Xue Ying and his friends fought the Demon Clan, he fell into a trap and was stabbed by a poisoned spear. Pu Yang Bo and Kong You Yue could not help him. While Situ Hong, Moyang Chen, and Ao Lan laughed at Dongbo Xue Ying. His condition worsened but Chi Qiu Bai appeared to pull the spear.

However, they had to learn the cold truth that Chi Qiu Bai had learned demonic techniques and turned to the other side. On that day, Dongbo Xue Ying and his friends also lost two important figures, Sikong Yang and Yi Mei.

Saddened and down because he lost all his power, Dongbo Xue Ying felt that he was no longer useful for their fight against the Demon Clan. Yu Jing Qiu told him the story about the armor of the Dragon Mountain Emperor that would make the person who wear it invincible.

To get the armor, Dongbo Xue Ying, Yu Jing Qiu, Kong You Yue, and Pu Yang Bo went to Red Stone Mountain. They got separated midway. Dongbo Xue Ying and Yu Jing Qiu found the bodies of the Emperor and the Empress of the Moxue Empire. Yu Jing Qiu was shocked to see her parents’ bodies preserved there.

Dongbo Xue Ying entered a portal leading to a parallel universe where he could find his whole family living a happy life. His parents, uncles, brother, and even Yu Jing Qiu were there too. But he soon realized that it was not real and he could not deceive himself anymore. When he finally got a strong determination to return, armor appeared in front of him. Dongbo Xue Ying got to see the past when he touched the armor.

He saw Yu Jing Qiu cry for her parents and his mother, Moyang Yu used her Ancient Bloodline to send the coffin of Du Er Hao back to the abyss. Later he saw Yu Jing Qiu’s father entrusted their daughter to the Red Stone Mountain Master before he died.

Dongbo Xue Ying suddenly got enlightened with a new comprehension. They have to rely on their strength to face the enemy. And even if they fail, they would not give up. Then the armor dissipate into golden dust that merged inside his body.

When he returned to the real world, Yu Jing Qiu had been waiting for him. Dongbo Xue Ying had become the first person who walked out of the Red Stone Barrier. The Master said that Dongbo Xue Ying had been reborn. His poison was gone and his mental block had been resolved. And now, Dongbo Xue Ying’s cultivation level had far surpassed the Demigod level. He had a breakthrough and reached the Spiritual God level.

Dongbo Qing Shi led the Xia clan people in a final war between the Xia Clan and The Demon Clan in Tiger City. Their power could not defeat General Nuo Nuo An and her puppet army. Suddenly Dongbo Xue Ying and Yu Jing Qiu appeared and joined the war. Due to his new level of cultivation, Dongbo Xue Ying was able to defeat Nuo Nuo An with one strike. But then he had to fight his own teacher, Chi Qiu Bai.

Dongbo Xue Ying and Da Er Hao engaged in a fight. While Chi Qiu Bai also fought Da Er Hao in his mind. Chi Qiu Bai died after he told Dongbo Xue Ying that he pretended to join the Demon Clan to protect everyone in Xia Clan, including his students.

After Chi Qiu Bai passed away, Da Er Hao regain a new body. Ao Lan swore to assist Da Er Hao and turned himself into Ling Demonic Flower, a giant flower that swallowed Dongbo Xue Ying.

Yu Jing Qiu fought with Da Er Hao while Pu Yang Bo, Kong You Yue, and Dongbo Qing Shi attacked the flower. Dongbo Xue Ying could feel that his friends were fallen one by one and Yu Jing Qiu was badly injured. His willpower doubled and his Ancient Bloodline was stimulated again for the second time. Dongbo Xue Ying managed to destroy the flower and defeated Da Er Hao in just one strike.

The Xia Clan won the war with so many casualties. Dongbo Xue Ying finally understands his father saying, that only if you have the responsibility and commitment to protect others, will you achieve yourself on the path of cultivation.

Ten years later after the Demon Clan was completely defeated, they all live well. The Xueying Territory was livelier than before. Dongbo Xue Ying and Yu Jing Qiu already had a son named Dongbo Nian Bai who was as vigorous as his father.

When his son was after a fawn, Dongbo Xue Ying told him the same sentence that his father told him back then. Dongbo Nian Bai grew up with a belief that to achieve Transcendent Power, as long as he believes in himself, he has already embarked on the journey.

What Happened to Yu Jing Qiu?

Yu Jing Qiu saw that Dongbo Xue Ying was suffering. She never forgets him and always misses him. So Yu Jing Qiu begged Xue Ruo Shan to give her a way out so she could stay by his side. By using The Deboning Formation Spell, Yu Jing Qiu took out the divine power inside her. And after it finished, she would no longer be a goddess but an ordinary human.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened to Yu Jing Qiu
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened to Yu Jing Qiu?

Yu Jing Qiu was willing to do it for the sake of her love. She went to great lengths to get the Bitter Hundred Times herb that could help Dongbo Xue Ying maintained his Dou Qi. When Dongbo Xue Ying opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Yu Jing Qiu. He thought it was a dream, but Yu Jing Qiu said she would be staying with him forever and to prove it, she kissed him. Dongbo Xue Ying saw her injured hand, but Yu Jing Qiu keep it a secret.

But no matter she tried to cover it, Dongbo Xue Ying finally learned about Yu Jing Qiu’s damaged divine veins. She explained that she had to choose if she wanted to be by his side forever. Dongbo Xue Ying felt sorry for her.

Yu Jing Qiu finally found her parents when they went to Red Stone Mountain. She wanted to take the bodies away, but Dongbo Xue Ying told him that if they made a careless move, the bodies could vanish. So they decided to let the bodies stay where they are and later they would return to take them.

But before they could do it, Chi Qiu Bai and the Ao Lan found the bodies of Yu Jing Qiu’s parents and took them away. Yu Jing Qiu could not do anything about it and she also have to wait for Dongbo Xue Ying to come out from the world behind the Red Stone Barrier.

Yu Jing Qiu and Dongbo Xue Ying joined their friend in the final battle against the Demon Clan. When Dongbo Xue Ying was swallowed by the Ling Demonic Flower, Yu Jing Qiu fought Da Er Hao but she suffered from his attack. Yet, when Dongbo Xue Ying emerged from inside the flower, Yu Jing Qiu covered him from Da Er Hao’s strike. He put her down on the ground and promised that he would return after he fought Da Er Hao.

Yu Jing Qiu saw Dongbo Xue Ying defeat Da Er Hao with his Ancient Bloodline. After the war, Yu Jing Qiu and Dongbo Xue Ying returned to Xueying Territory where he gave birth to a son named Dongbo Nian Bai.

What Happened to Dongbo Qing Shi and Ji Rong?

Dongbo Qing Shi joined his brother and friends when the demon attacked Dragon Mountain Mansion. The Demon clan attacks the innocent through the Black Iron Order. Everybody who carries the token would be poisoned. Dongbo Qing Shi almost lost his life if his uncle Zong Ling did not come to help him. Zong Ling sacrifice his life to fulfill his promise to protect Dongbo Qing Shi, whom he regarded as his son.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened to Dongbo Qing Shi and Ji Rong
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened to Dongbo Qing Shi and Ji Rong?

Ji Rong was on the run when Chi Qiu Bai attacked her. To enhance her power, Ji Rong took the pill from Ao Lan. She was surprised that the pill was actually poison. Chi Qiu Bai had to kill Ji Rong because she recognize his demonic technique. Bai Yuan Zhi stopped Chi Qiu Bai and begged for mercy. Ji Rong was Bai Yuan Zhi’s disciple and he could not bear to see her die in the hand of Chi Qiu Bai. He promised that he would deal with her properly.

Chi Qiu Bai had to agree to his request because he saw Bai Yuan Zhi’s life was on the edge. Bai Yuan Zhi encourage Ji Rong to forget past grudges and lived a good life as a human. Only after he said all he need to say, Bai Yuan Zhi closed his eyes and died peacefully.

Lord Si An knew that his life was on the verge of dying, so he entrusted the Dragon Mountain Mansion to Dongbo Qing Shi. A black token emerged from Lord Si An’s body and entered Dongbo Qing Shi ’s. It was the token that passed through generations and was proof that he was the master of Dragon Mountain Mansion.

After he gained the token, Dongbo Qing Shi was now able to destroy the Heixuan machine that control the Black Iron Order. He was shocked when he find out that the one who tampered with the machine was Ji Rong. Dongbo Qing Shi ’s heart ached when he realized that the person he loved the most has deceive him and killed many innocent people, including his uncle Zong Ling. When he saw Ji Rong, Dongbo Xue Ying did not hesitate to attack her.

Ji Rong uses all her power to fight back. But her heart was already weakened. Ji Rong remembered all the love and friendship they shared. Her tears fall when she realized that she had disappoint everyone. Ji Rong surrendered and take all the strikes. Dongbo Qing Shi saw her sorry state and remembered their memories. He ceased his attack and took Ji Rong in his embrace. Ji Rong regretted her life. Dongbo Qing Shi wanted her to hold on but in the end, Ji Rong died.

Dongbo Qing Shi took over the Dragon Mountain Mansion and become a good leader that everybody need. He took the lead of the people when they marched to Tiger City to fight the Demon Clan. He survived the battle and returned to the Dragon Mountain mansion.

What Happened Chi Qiu Bai / Du Er Hao?

The priests of the Demon Clan questioned his attempt to help Dongbo Xue Ying. Chi Qiu Bai admitted that even though he joined the Demon Clan, Dongbo Xue Ying was his disciple and he could not bear to see him die.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened Chi Qiu Bai / Du Er Hao
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened Chi Qiu Bai / Du Er Hao?

All this time, the Great Demon God was hiding inside Moyang Chen’s body. By absorbing the power from the Emperor and Empress Moxue Empire’s bodies, Da Er Hao (the Great Demon God) had the power to recreate his body. And the chosen body was Chi Qiu Bai’s. Chi Qiu Bai was not willing and struggled with all his might. But he was lost and Da Er Hao successfully sealed his mind and occupy his body. He almost absorb all the power inside Situ Hong’s body if Zhou Yi did not disrupt him.

Chi Qiu Bai’s consciousness struggled to break free from Da Er Hao’s oppression, but he failed. Da Er Hao killed Situ Hong and absorb his remaining power. After he regain his strength, Da Er Hao’s black mark appeared on Chi Qiu Bai’s forehead.

General Nuo Nuo An of the Demon Clan returned and she brought her puppet army to fight the Dragon Mountain Empire. Da Er Hao had planned to build a Six-Pointed Star Fortress that could control the Dragon Mountain Empire.

Therefore, he tasked Nuo Nuo An to collect Duo Qis that could strengthen the barrier. And if the Fortress had covered the Empire, Nuo Nuo An said that she wanted the connect the fortress to their abyss. Ao Lan immediately understood that by then, Dragon Mountain Empire would be like a fish in a bucket that they could play however they wanted.

When he fought Dongbo Xue Ying in Tiger City, Chi Qiu Bai’s consciousness also fought Da Er Hao. Chi Qiu Bai was determined to kill Da Er Hao before he died. With his last strength, Chi Qiu Bai took over his body and jumped into Dongbo Xue Ying’s spear.

Chi Qiu Bai died in Dongbo Xue Ying’s embrace. Before he close his eyes, Chi Qiu Bai told Dongbo Xue Ying that he pretended to join the Demon Clan to protect Xia Clan. But later Da Er Hao took over his body. In the final battle, Chi Qiu Bai chose to die as a member of the Xia Clan. He finally reunited with Bu Xiao Xi in the afterworld.

What Happened to Kong You Yue and Pu Yang Bo?

After all the life and death-situations they encountered together, Kong You Yue’s heart was dead set on Pu Yang Bo.

With the help of the Master of Red Stone Mountain, Kong You Yue, Pu Yang Bo, and Yu Jing Qiu could increase their cultivation level. Just in time when Tiger City was showing abnormalities. Pu Yang Bo and Kong You Yue went to the city to assist Dongbo Qing Shi . They fought with all their might.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened to Kong You Yue and Pu Yang Bo
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened to Kong You Yue and Pu Yang Bo?

Kong You Yue failed to defeat the Ling Demonic Flower, although she had used her strongest strike, the True Meaning of Visionary Kill to help Dongbo Xue Ying. Even though the Xia Clan won the war, Kong You Yue could not hold on and died in Pu Yang Bo’s embrace. Her body turned into plum blossom petals scattered in the sky.

Ten years later, Pu Yang Bo opened a weapon shop. Every year at the Lucky Reunion Festival, he would visit a plum blossom tree with a box of pastries as an offering for Kong You Yue. He would sit under the tree and talk to her with a sad face full of longing.

What Happened to Situ Hong?

Situ Hong realized that the Demon Clan did not trust him fully and now he was chased by the people from Yanhua Palace. Zhuo Yi asked him to run away with her. She persuades him to forget his grudges and obsession towards Dongbo Xue Ying, but failed. Situ Hong said that he could not turn back now. Even though he said that Zhou Yi believed that Situ Hong still have some kindness inside his heart.

Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained - What Happened to Situ Hong
Snow Eagle Lord Ending Explained – What Happened to Situ Hong?

Zhou Yi had known Situ Hong for a very long time since they were a teenager. Back then, Situ Hong showed his kindness to a beast man who wanted to kill him. Therefore, Zhou Yi believed that kindness never leave Situ Hong’s heart only covered by his obsession to defeat Dongbo Xue Ying.

The Demon Clan only used Situ Hong as a source of power when their Da Er hao awaken inside Chi Qiu Bai’s body. Shocked by the development, Situ Hong was unwilling to let his power be absorbed by Da Er Hao. He got help from Zhou Yi who suddenly appeared. Both of them had to use all their power to fight the Ao Lan and Da Er Hao (The Great Demon God).

But in the end, they failed when they had to fight Ao Lan. In her dying breath, Zhou Yi asked Situ Hong once again to go with her. This time he agreed and told her that they should be the protector of the Dragon Mountain Empire together. Situ Hong could not defeat Chi Qiu Bai who finally had the chance to absorb his remaining power. Situ Hong died near Zhou Yi’s lifeless body. Their stretched hands failed to connect.

The Musing

Finally, the story ended. I was baffled by the death of Kong You Yue. I thought she deserved to have a good life with Pu Yang Bo. Even though the Xia Clan won, I feel sad.

Anyhow, that was it… I hope you enjoy this Snow Eagle Lord ending explained post. If you want to read about this drama review and how I thought about it, you can read it on Snow Eagle Lord drama review.

See you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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