Ending ExplainedThe Forbidden Flower Ending Explained

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained

Forbidden Flower was a bittersweet drama that starred Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han. Both of them displayed great acting and chemistry. This 24 episodes drama on WeTV, was based on a novel. Some people say that the novel’s ending was heart-wrenching. But what about the ending of this novel adaptation? Let’s find out on this The Forbidden Flower ending explained. I will explain about the detail of this drama ending. Happy reading guys!

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The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained

What Happened to He Ran?

He Ran always felt that her illness was burdensome for everybody around her. She knew that her cancer relapsed, but kept everything that happened to her a secret. Even Xiao Han did not know anything about her. One day she had a very high fever for days and only took antipyretics. Ran’s mother was busy and her nanny took leave because she was getting married. Xiao Han called her and He Ran asked him whether he could come to her house.

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained - What Happened to He Ran?
The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained – What Happened to He Ran?

Under the heavy rain, Xiao Han came and they slept on the same bed that night. In the middle of the night, He Ran had a high fever. Xiao Han took her to the hospital. The doctor was suspicious and wanted her to take a blood test but He Ran refused. She only asked for antipyretic medicine and they left the hospital.

He Ran knew all along that her illness was relapsing. She started to get toothache and dizziness. He Ran did not let anybody know including her mother. When she met Qin Zhao who was about to steal Xiao Han’s painting, she fainted. At the same time, Han Yu called her. Qin Zhao answer the call and told him that she fainted. And now everybody learned that her illness relapsed. Everybody, except Xiao Han.

Because of her condition, He Ran decided to leave Xiao Han again without saying goodbye. She went to Xijing to get treatment and never answered his call. Days went by without any news from her. One day her nanny picked up a call from Xiao Han. He decided to break up with her. It was the saddest day of He Ran’s life.

The only person who always came to visit her was Han Yu. He often came to check up on her. One day he brought a lot of food ingredients including a soft shell turtle. He was determined to cook and as result, he got food poisoning. Thank goodness He Ran did not even try to taste that food.

They went to the hospital, and when they returned, He Ran saw a glimpse of Xiao Han. She chased after him but failed. When she cried incessantly, Han Yu came and comforted her. She told him to find a girlfriend but he refused. They did not know that Xiao Han listened to their conversation in the dark.

He Ran returned to the dormitory where she lived with three roommates. One of them was Ding Xiao Ran. One day she talked about a very handsome man who worked as a florist in a flower shop near their university. He Ran’s relationship was starting to warm up to them when she learned that the man was Xiao Han. She was jealous when she heard Ding Xiao Ran mentioned Xiao Han.

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When Ding Xiao Ran went to the flower shop, she followed her and in front of her, He Ran and Xiao Han argued. Ding Xiao Ran was angry at her. He Ran told her that Xiao Han had a 9-year-old daughter and she was her painting teacher. Their roommates tried to put some sense in Ding Xiao Ran and told her that He Ran and Xiao Han must have had some unfinished business and told her to stay away from them. But fate brought them together again.

At Zhang Yuan Qi’s graduation dinner, they met again. Xiao Han had to sit between them because it was the only empty chair. Ding Xiao Ran gave him food and it ignited He Ran’s jealousy. She made Xiao Han’s chopstick fall to the floor and held his hand so he could not eat any food from Ding Xiao Ran. The dinner ended when the angry Xiao Han pulled her out of the room and took her to a hotel.

They almost had sex but Xiao Han stopped when He Ran could not answer his question about whether she loved him or not. He Ran sat by the bathtub, she cried in silence. Xiao Han returned and talked about the chrysanthemums. He said that chrysanthemums always bloomed later than other flowers. For him, He Ran would always be his last woman.

No matter how many times she left him, he would wait for her no matter how long it takes. They spent the night together. The next day, He Ran woke up in happiness. But it did not last long because her nose started to bleed and her hair fell. She panicked and left the hotel room.

He Ran picked up a call from her mother who was currently in the USA to find an expert to treat her. He Ran reassured her mother that she was fine and told her mother that her life should not only consist of two cancer patients. Qiu Jia Rong was a woman and she had to have a life of her own.

He Ran met the disheveled Xiao Han at her campus. He said that he loved her and wanted to take care of her. He Ran gave up and they got together again. They cherished their time together. They walked on the beach, went to buy dresses, and played with fireworks. Xiao Han proposed to her in Xiaozhou village. They got married at Chunxi. Xiao Han gave her a grand Qiong wedding.

They had a heart-wrenching goodbye near the lake. It was a snowy day and everything was covered in white. They laid on the snow before He Ran slowly closed her eyes.

What Happened to Xiao Han?

Xiao Han was left in the dark when it came to He Ran’s illness. He never got the chance to know because He Ran never let the secret leaked. When she had a high fever, Xiao Han took her to the hospital. The doctor wanted her to take a blood test, but He Ran was adamant to refuse.

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained - What Happened To Xiao Ran?
The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained – What Happened To Xiao Ran?

She said that she knew her body well and she only needed an antipyretic medicine. Xiao Han took her home. Inside the taxi, Xiao Han held He Ran very tight and told her not to frighten him.

Qin Zhao kept the fact that He Ran was sick from Xiao Han. He was also busy with his job at the construction site that he could not come to see her. When he was not at home and He Ran was in the hospital, Qin Zhao tried to steal the painting again. This time she succeeded. She took the painting to the buyer that turned out to be Uncle Han. He asked where did she get the painting and knew that Qin Zhao lied.

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Uncle Han told Qin Zhao that the painting was fake and sent one of his men to follow Qin Zhao and made sure the painting was returned to its original place. He did not say a word to Xiao Han because he knew that Xiao Han only liked the painting without knowing that the painting was worth a fortune.

Xiao Han was busy making money when suddenly He Ran never appeared at his house. He called her and she promised to come, but she never did. After that, He Ran went missing. She never answered his call, until one day when her nanny picked up the call. With a desperate voice, he broke up with her. In his eyes, He Ran was never sincere. She kept many secrets from him. Her identity was fake, her feelings were fake, therefore their relationship must be fake too.

Xiao Han left his rented house in Xiaozhou village and went to Xijing. He opened a flower shop near Xijing University. One day He Ran followed her friend Ding Xiao Ran and barged into the flower shop. She was angry and jealous because her friend liked him. After she left the shop, He Ran cried by the side of the road. Zhang Yuan Qi picked her up and they left. Xiao Han found an empty medicine bottle near that place. He took it and kept it.

They met again at Zhang Yuan Qi’s graduation dinner. During the meal, Xiao Han sat next to He Ran. Ding Xiao Ran kept giving him food and He Ran did the same, but he could not eat because He Ran held his hand and refused to let go. He got angry and the emotion that had welled up inside him exploded. He pulled her from the dining room and took her to the hotel.

Xiao Han thought that He Ran always acted flirtatiously with him. If she wanted to have sex with him, then so be it. But he stopped after he asked He Ran whether she loved him or not and she could not answer the question. Xiao Han left the hotel room but returned and they spent the whole night in bliss.

The next day, He Ran was gone but Xiao Han found a clump of hair on the bed. He got panicked when he found more hair. Xiao Han took the bottle pill from his pocket and cried. I assumed he had guessed He Ran’s condition when he remembered He Ran’s dizziness, her high fever and determination to refuse the blood test, and her wish to live in health.

Xiao Han went to Uncle Han and asked for the truth. Uncle Han asked him whether he would leave her, and Xiao Han said he wouldn’t. The next thing he did was to call Qiu Jia Rong. He asked her permission to take care of He Ran. Qiu Jia Rong explained that she believed in He Ran’s judgment and let him take care of her.

Xiao Han waited for He Ran at the university. He told her that he loved her and explained everything. He intentionally went to Xijing after he saw the words that she drew on his t-shirts. They got back together after that. Xiao Han proposed to He Ran and gave her a grand Qiong wedding in his hometown.

He Ran left Xiao Han in China and went to the USA to get her cancer treatments. She went there with her mother while Xiao Han went back to live in Xiaozhou village. One year later, a man came to his salon and asked about the flower painting on the wall. That time, Xiao Han realized that He Ran had changed the replica with the real one. After he learned about the real name of the painter, he realized that He Litao was He Ran’s father. Xiao Han still cried every time he remembered He Ran.

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When Xiao Han worked at the flower lake, a familiar voice called him. When he turned around, he saw He ran walking towards him in a polka dot dress. He reached out to embrace her a thin smile appearing on his face.

What Happened to Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuan Qi?

Qiu Jia Rong felt her life was torn. When she hesitated in her relationship with Zhang Yuan Qi, she learned that He Ran was secretly in a relationship with Xiao Han and did many things behind her back. And it was not over yet. Han Yu called her that He Ran was in the hospital. That night, she went to visit He Ran.

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained - What Happened to Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuan Qi?
The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained – What Happened to Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuan Qi?

They had a heart-to-heart conversation in the dark corridor. Slowly the mother and daughter regained their relationship again. Now He Ran could see her mother’s point of view and understood her fear and how important she was in Qiu Jia Rong’s life.

Qiu Jia Rong always put He Ran on her priority list. She went on a date with Zhang Yuan Qi and also went to his home. They had a great time Zhang Yuan Qi was very happy and Qiu Jia Rong always had a smile hanging on her lips. But then in his studio, when Zhang Yuan Qi was talking about their future, she decided to break up with him.

Qiu Jia Rong went to the USA to find an expert for He Ran. She asked Zhang Yuan Qi to come with her, but he decided to not go at the last minute. Zhang Yuan Qi sent Qiu Jia Rong a note and told her that he would be waiting for her until she was willing to be his woman again.

Zhang Yuan Qi spent his days in Xijing while waiting for his graduation. He met with He Ran again when he saw her sitting by the road crying and blood smeared on her face. They both laughed when they found out that they were brokenhearted.

On his graduation, He Ran met Xiaoli, Zhang Yuan Qi’s sister. She thought that He Ran was Zhang Yuan Qi’s girlfriend and told him not to be with her. Zhang Yuan Qi laughed and told her that He Ran was not his girlfriend.

A year had passed since Qiu Jia Rong went to the USA. Zhang Yuan Qi was a little bit mature right now. He had worked in another company. Qiu Jia Rong and Zhang Yuan Qi met again at a fried chicken restaurant. Qiu Jia Rong wore the pink dress that she used to wear on their last date.

Although Zhang Yuan Qi never mentioned it, he missed her. Qiu Jia Rong asked him whether he still wanted her to be his woman. He answered that he was always waiting for her. Both of them cried out their sadness and happiness that day.

That is it, I just gave you The Forbidden Flower ending explained. I hope my explanation can help you understand more about The Forbidden Flower ending, just in case you missed on something. Please comment below if you have some opinion it. See you on another ending explained post!

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  1. So……did He Ran die in the end? Was it Xiao Han imagination or wish full thinking…that she came to him and called out his name??? Or was she still alive after her treatment in the USA..??

    • Well, I really wished He Ran was still alive. She was able to cheat death before, then she must have been doing it again this time.

      Although the novel said she was dead (but I haven’t read it yet), the drama seemed to intentionally make the ending as such so the viewer would have multiple interpretations.

      So it was up to you how you want it to end.😉

  2. I think it portrays her death in the end, though I wish it didn’t. After the credits of the finale, Xiao Han hears He Ran calling him while he’s in a field of flowers working. The scene is blurry, like a dream, and when he turns to look at her, she’s smiling with her long wavy hair and wearing the same polka-dot dress she wore the day she covered him with the yellow umbrella years before. I think it was a beautiful memory of her that he was having and that’s all it was. It was heart wrenching.

  3. I believe she went with her mother to the USA and got help and when her mother can back she came back with her. Her mother went to the restaurant with the same clothes on and she the daughter went to see her husband with the same clothes on. Her mother didn’t seem like someone who lost a daughter, both of them was happy in the end.
    Beautiful drama.


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